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									                                        Trading Places
                        Finance Final Paper: Netflix vs. Blockbuster
                          By Kimberly Wilde, Blair Griffin & Caitlyn Paige

        Hi Guys!
        Below I have created an outline for our final paper, it looks like a lot but this will make it
        easier to insure that we have all the necessary components. Please come to the meeting
        tomorrow at 5:00 with your portions written up so we can just combine everything and dust
        our hands off! I am going to work tonight to polish off the Blockbuster financials; I think we
        can all agree that it is more than a little confusing trying to decipher corporate jargon. I will
        do my best to get that sent out to you both by 8:00pm so you can use it for writing tonight.
        I will also attaché the graphs that we will need for analysis

I.   Introduction: (B) (1 pg~ maybe more)
        a. Industry Background
        b. Blockbuster History
        c. Netflix History
        d. Industry Prospects/Future
II. Financial Statements & Ratios (B/K) (4 pgs)
        a. Blockbuster 2006 & 2009
        b. Netflix 2006 & 2009
III. Company Comparisons
        a. Blockbuster 2006 to 2009 (K) (1-2 pg)
        b. Netflix 2006-2009 (C) (1-2 pg) --
        c. Blockbuster to Netflix 2006 & 2009 (B) (1-2 pg)
IV. Graphs
        a. Blockbuster Stock Prices 2006 & 2009 (B) (1 pg)
        b. Netflix Stock Prices 2006 & 2009 (B) (1 pg)
        c. Discussion of Stock Price Performance Compared to Ratio Analysis
                  i. Blockbuster (K) (½-1 pg)
                  ii. Netflix (C) (½-1 pg) ----
V. Impact of Current Financial Markets on Firms Performances (recession/recovery)
        a. Blockbuster (K) (1 pg)
        b. Netflix (C) (1 pg)
VI. Conclusion (B) (½-1 pg)

     Total Written Pages:
     Caitlyn: 2½-4
     Kim: 2½-4
     Blair: 2½-4
     Spreadsheets/Graphs: 6 pgs


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