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									CAB eBooks

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CAB eBooks
CAB eBooks provides a unique
opportunity to access CABI’s
prestigious titles in an easy-to-use
format. Books are indexed and
retrievable as chapters, ensuring that
a search of available titles will render
the most relevant results and save the
user valuable time.

ease of use
  •	 no Digital Rights Management
  •	 unlimited access to quality content
  •	 easy to use PDF files, no plug-ins needed
  •	 new innovative lease and purchase options allowing flexibility in the
     buying process
  •	 dynamic front file supplemented by older archive material available
     as a one-off purchase
  •	 all chapters and titles fully indexed and integrated within CAB Abstracts
  •	 eBooks displayed as easy-to-navigate PDF files

quality of content
  •	 high quality content written by world experts
  •	 the world’s applied life science literature at your fingertips
  •	 titles available and indexed as individual chapters
  •	 user-friendly search facility allows searching for individual terms
     and browsing by subject area
Building on our reputation for publishing
key works in the applied life sciences,
we are pleased to present CAB eBooks

                                                    Dynamic Frontfile

  CAB eBooks (2008 – present)
  Over 170 CAB eBooks are in the frontfile (that’s over 3,000 chapters).
  The full front file collection is constantly updated with new titles. In addition, CAB eBooks operates alongside CAB Abstracts
  – CABI’s leading abstracts database – which provides the ideal tool to search the rich content.
  The frontfile contains books published from 2008 to present and is available under CABI’s innovative lease purchase model.
  This model has been developed in response to librarians feedback on the acquisition of CAB eBook content, and presents
  the ideal mix of content ownership and subscription-like acquisition.
  If you continue to lease CAB eBooks content for the three years, ownership of the second archive will be transferred to you
  after your three year lease.
  Our three year lease cycle means that you can still continue to access new material, but this new content will not be available
  to own outright until the next three year archive is available.
  Contact CABI Sales for more information:


 The 2005 – 2007 Archive                                                   The 2000 – 2004 Archive
 The 2005-07 Archive is a 3 year block of CAB eBooks,                      The 2000-04 Archive of CAB eBooks, contains 258 titles
 containing 158 titles – it is available to own outright after a           (over 4,000 individual chapters). Purchasing the older archive
 3 year lease of CAB eBooks content, or to buy for a one-off               provides an opportunity to acquire a full set of valuable back
 fee as a stand-alone product.                                             list titles. ebooks
how it works
                                                             Easy-to-use search
                                                             facility areas or browse
                                                             across entire collection
                                                             or by subject area

                                                                   Recently published
                                                                eBooks are highlighted

the CAB eBooks platform
 •	 new user-friendly design
 •	 fully compatible with other CABI products: search
    eBooks and CAB Abstracts from the same platform
 •	 browse by chapter: access all books and any additional
    chapters that our subject experts have identified as
    relevant to your chosen subject area
                                   Access to entire book
                                   content or individual
                                   chapters ensures quick
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                                   access to the most
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                                   relevant content
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feugiam consequisisSan.

                              Easy-to-navigate PDF format for
                              readability and quick reference
access to CAB eBooks through CAB Direct

                                                    CAB Direct subscribers
                                                    can benefit from enhanced
                                                    CAB eBooks is fully integrated with CAB
                                                    Abstracts and employs its comprehensive
                                                    search tools

       Search results yield abstracts
   for book and individual chapters,
       with links to the eBook record

                                    Full abstract
                                      and link to
                                   eBook record
                                  indexing using
                             defined vocabulary
                              and CABICODES
                                                                                       sample titles

Subject area: Agriculture

African Smallholders: Food Crops, Markets and Policy
Edited by G Djurfeldt, University of Lund, Sweden, E Aryeetey, University of Ghana, Ghana and
A Isinika, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
African Smallholders documents the farm-level effects of agricultural policies, focusing on a variety of
themes including micro-credit, infrastructure, cash crop production and food security. To deepen our
understanding of agricultural development it discusses staple food production in sub-Saharan Africa and
its response to changing geo-political, macro-economic and agricultural policy. 2010 / 9781845937164

Subject area: Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Veterinary Treatment for Working Equines
by G R Duncanson, Equine and Farm Animal Practitioner, UK
Focusing on equines used to carry out working tasks such as pulling or carrying, this practical veterinary
text details the specific treatment requirements to improve welfare of working horses, ponies, mules and
donkeys. Chapters discuss diagnostic tests, equipment and medicines, anaesthesia, vaccines, nutrition,
dentistry and ophthalmology, and all common conditions including those of heart, hoof and limb.
2010 / 9781845936556

Subject area: Environmental Sciences

Agrobiodiversity Management for Food Security A Critical Review
Edited by J M Lenné, Consultant in Agricultural Research and Development, UK and Editor in Chief,
Field Crops Research, D Wood, formerly Agrobiodiversity International, Milnthorpe, UK
Drawing together perspectives from researchers and policy makers, this book explores how forests will
interact with the physical and natural world, and human society as the climate changes. Also considered
is how the world’s forests can be managed to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and to
maximize the full range of economic and non-market benefits. 2011 / 9781845937614

Subject area: Human Health, Food and Nutrition

Combating Micronutrient Deficiencies: Food-based Approaches
co-published with the FAO
Edited by B Thompson and L Amoroso, both FAO Italy
Micronutrient deficiencies have long-ranging effects on health, learning ability and productivity. This book
focuses on practical, sustainable actions for overcoming micronutrient deficiencies through increased
access to, and consumption of, adequate quantities and an appropriate variety of safe, good-quality
food. 2010 / 9781845937140

Subject area: Leisure and Tourism

Research Themes for Tourisms
Edited by P Robinson, University of Wolverhampton, UK, S Heitmann, University of
Wolverhampton, UK, P U C Dieke, George Mason University, USA
This textbook provides an overview of types of tourism, and common themes studied in courses to allow
undergraduate students to become familiar with a wide range of tourism topics, allowing them to make
an informed decision about their future studies and career. It will also be a useful text for providing a
broad brush introduction to the major topics that are covered in undergraduate courses.
2011 / 9781845936846

Subject area: Plant Sciences

Peppers: Vegetable and Spice Capsicums
Horticulture series
Edited by P Bosland and E Votava, New Mexico State University, USA
Aimed at advanced students and growers, this second edition expands upon topics covered in the first.
New material includes an expansion of marker-assisted breeding to cover the different types of markers
available, new directions, and trends in the industry, the loss of germplasm and access to it, and the long
term preservation of Capsicum resources worldwide. 2011 / 9781845938253
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