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					   Bond Portfolio Investments & Interest Rate Derivatives
                                                 5 days – July 26-30, 2010
                                                    XLRI Jamshedpur
Objectives : This programme is intended to analyze bond markets and their implications for investment. It will analyze the
market characteristics, instruments, selling techniques, pricing and valuation of different types of debt instruments (fixed, floating
Zero Coupon, corporate bonds), risk and return of fixed income securities investments, portfolio management techniques,
pricing corporate debt instrument, as well as interest rate derivatives such as FRAs, options, futures and swaps.

Participants work extensively on bond mathematics using Microsoft Excel Modeling. An exposure to Bloomberg
database will also be provided. An interesting feature of the programme will be the conduct a mock bond auction game
whereby participants will bid as well as experience When-Issued trade among themselves.

Methodology : Lectures, case studies, auction game, and extensive calculations of bond mathematics using Microsoft excel.

Expected Beneficiaries : Executives dealing with bond investments and their risk management, primary dealers(PDs),
executives managing fund raising, treasury and cash management functions, bankers in market risk & ALM functions, policy
makers involved in developing government debt markets and issuances, corporate executives involved in fund raising and money
management, etc.

Programme Contents
        Indian Bond Markets, instruments & issuers                              Bond Portfolio Constructions and Management
        Institutional Arrangements in Bond Markets                              Corporate Debt Valuation, Convertibles, Call Options
        Risk and Reward, Trading in Bonds, Repo Maths                           Credit Risk Analysis, Transition Matrix, Credit Metrics
        Government Securities Auction, When Issued Market                       Stripping of Debt Securities (STRIPS)
        Repo Markets and their Interactions                                     Fixed Income Derivative Markets and Risk Management
        Money market instruments, Linkages with forex markets                   FRAs, Interest Rate Options, Swaps & Futures
        Bond Mathematics : Price and Yield Conventions                          Value at Risk Measures of Bond Portfolios
        Term Structure of Interest Rates, yield Curves: ZCYC                    Innovations in Bond Markets, Securitisation, CDO’s
        Duration, Convexity, and Immunizations Strategies

Fee (per participant) : Rs 35, 000/- (Residential Twin Sharing) & Rs 28,000/- (Non-residential).
As per the Govt. policy, please add 10.3% to the Programme fee as Service Tax.
The fee is payable either by cheque of HDFC Bank/ICICI Bank only or by Demand Draft in favour of “XLRI Jamshedpur”.

(Please note: As this is a residential programme, accommodation will be provided by XLRI at Jamshedpur)

Programme Director : Dr. H. K. Pradhan (Prof. of Finance & Economics, XLRI, Jamshedpur)
Has over 25 years of teaching and research, with Ph.D (University of Pune), Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, New York
and worked as Debt Advisor for the Commonwealth Secretariat London, Chairperson, Financial Market Centre, XLRI.

Speakers: The programme Director and senior experts from leading institutions at Mumbai.

Duration : 5 days – July 26-30, 2010

Reporting:The sessions begin at 9:00 am on 26th July (please report at 8:30 am for registration)the first day.

Communication :

The Programme Director can be reached by email :             cell: 09430766635

Nominations: Please address your queries and nominations to:
MDP Officer                         Phone     : +91 657 3983329 or 3983330
XLRI                                Mobile    : +91 9835115262
Circuit House Area (East)           Fax       : +91 657 2227814
Jamshedpur-831035                   Email:    : |

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