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Michele Morrow


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									       Michele Morrow
            SAG, AFTRA
Business Contact Number 323-605-3000

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                                                       Michele Morrow
                                                              SAG, AFTRA

Web Resume       Headshots   Audio Clips

Business Contact Number:                                323-605-3000

Physical Characteristics:
Gender: Female                    Height: 5' 8"                         Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Blonde                      Eyes: Green                           Dress Size: 2
Pant Size: 2                      Waist: 27"                            Hips: 28"
Bust/Chest: 34"
Body Type: Athletic, Slim, Thin
Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White

Microsoft (industrial)                         Supporting                           Brand New School
HP / iPod                                      Lead - 70's Girlfriend               MTV / SuperDelicious
ASHLEY'S ASHES +                               Supporting                           Dir. Christopher Hutson & Chris Kazmier / Fatkid Films
CHARM BRACELET +                               Lead                                 Dir. Jasper Jan / BCurious Productions
BASEMENT JACK +                                Lead                                 Dir. Michael Shelton / Island Gateway Films
THE SILO +                                     Lead                                 Dir. Derrick Mitchell / Pacific Ocean Films
BLED +                                         Lead                                 Dir. Christopher Hutson / Fatkid Films
STORY +                                        Supporting                           Dir. Charles Kaufman / Omni Films
THE SEER *                                     Lead                                 Dir. Luigi Desole / Nuragic Films
SLAUGHTERHOUSE of the RISING SUN **            Lead                                 Dir. Vin Crease DC Mann / Perceramborol Productions
SLIGHT OF LIFE                                 Supporting                           Dir. Jim Menza / Milknose Films
THE STACKS                                     Lead                                 Dir. Matt Lathrop
SEI JUNE                                       Lead                                 Dir. Max Space / AFI
TRUE LOVE                                      Day Player                           Dir. Henry Barrial / Antic Pictures
PURGATORY HOUSE ***                            Day Player                           Dir. Cindy Baer / Free Dream Pictures
ADVENTURES of BIG HANDSOME GUY &               Day Player                           Dir. Jason Winer /BigHandsomeProductions
+                                              Post Production                      +
*                                              Official Selection Estepona Film     *
                                               Festival, Spain, Winner Best
**                                             Official Selections: Fearless        **
                                               Tales, Denver Underground,
                                               Festival Du Film De Strasbourg

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                                                         Michele Morrow
                                                               SAG, AFTRA

***                                            Official Selection of 24 Film       ***
                                               Festivals, Winner of 11
SITCOMS BLOW: AFTERMATH                        Sketch Troupe                       The Sierra Stage
SITCOMS BLOW: SABOTAGE                         Sketch Troupe                       The Sierra Stage
MISS WORLD                                     Lead - Karina                       The Sierra Stage
SEASCAPES with SHARK & DANCER                  Lead - Tracy                        The Lillian Theatre
BRILLIANT TRACES                               Lead - Rosannah                     Hudson Backstage
THIS IS OUR YOUTH                              Lead - Jessica                      Hudson Backstage
CHEATERS                                       Lead - Michelle                     Hudson Backstage
ALIAS                                          Co-Star                             ABC
Voice Over
GAME SHOW INTRO                                X-Play                              G4 Media Inc.

Michele Morrow's Official Website
Michele Morrow Production
Michele Morrow's artwork:

Actor Bio:
Fervent actress/artist Michele Morrow grew up in the Pacific Northwest and received a Bachelor of Arts in Drama at the University of
Washington in Seattle before moving to the homogenized sunshine of Los Angeles. Upon arriving, Michele was immediately accepted to the
famed Second City Conservatory Program for improvisation. During this time she also worked as a writer and performer of the high-energy,
rebellious sketch comedy troupe SITCOMS BLOW.

It wasn't long before Michele transitioned from the stage to the screen, appearing in award winning films PURGATORY HOUSE and THE
SEER, an Italian feature, where her portrayal of a tormented young woman suffering disturbing visions gained her attention at the Estepona
Film Festival in Spain. Michele can be seen in several other independent films including CHARM BRACELET, THE SILO, STORY, and
SLAUGHTERHOUSE OF THE RISING SUN, as well as the critically acclaimed television series, ALIAS.

In the last year, Michele has delivered a string of deft performances, starring as the determined and vengeful Karen Cook in the soon to be
released BASEMENT JACK, helmed by director and noted FX artist Michael Shelton (Passion of the Christ, Exorcism of Emily Rose).
Michele also stars as the frightened and vulnerable Kerra in modern day vampire tale, BLED, directed by Christopher Hutson and produced
by Jeffrey Allard (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Hutson recently invited her back to play the role of Sezah in Fatkid Films' dark comedy,
ASHLEY'S ASHES, where she joins an all-star cast including Daniel Baldwin, Clint Howard (Apollo 13), Willy Garson (Sex & the City), and
Scott Michael Foster (ABC's Greek).

Besides acting, Michele is known for her coveted collage series, RECYCLED ROCK. She also owns production company, GLASS ONION

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                                                        Michele Morrow
                                                              SAG, AFTRA

with her business partner Katherine Randolph, and have together written a television pilot, a reality series, and the high-concept supernatural
thriller, APERTURE, which
they will produce in late 2008. Both are set to star.

Skills and Training:
Special Skills:
Bartender, Juggler, Photographer, Swimmer, Yoga
Professional Training/Education:
THE SECOND CITY Conservatory Los Angeles
CARTER THOR STUDIO Scene Study Los Angeles
LESLY KAHN STUDIO Auditioning/Comedy Los Angeles
GLORIA GIFFORD CONSERVATORY Scene Study/Audition Los Angeles
MARGIE HABER STUDIOS Auditioning Los Angeles
TAYLOR SHERRIDAN Private Coaching Los Angeles
BRUNO KIRBY Private Coaching Los Angeles
RICHARD BRESTOFF Acting for the Camera Seattle
CATHY MADDEN Alexander Technique Seattle
LAUREN ADAMS Commercial Intensive Los Angeles

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