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Google is an extraordinary site that offers educators an exciting range of possibilities for
classroom use. In the following exercise, click the links in this document and then answer the

Google Search :

Google utilizes a unique (patented) technology called PageRank, which allows Google to give
you only the most relevant hits for your search term. In the short time between the time you
enter your search term and the time Google displays a list of possible pages, PageRank takes
into consideration the number of times each page is linked from another page AND whether
the other pages linking to the it are highly ranked themselves! In addition, Google utilizes a
very complicated method of matching the text on the page to your requested term.

Google normally looks for webpages when you put in your search term; however, it will also do
a wide range of other things for you. Type
                                          Brighton High School TN
In the Search Box and hit <enter>. You will probably get about 172,000 hits.
The I’m Feeling Lucky means that you are fairly certain that the link to the site that would be
listed first in the list of hits will be the site you are looking for.

Now click across the next four links across the upper left area of the page: Images, Maps,
News, and Video.
Google Images is blocked through our filter, but this is what you might see at home if you tried
this exercise:

Try the other links, keeping in mind that many of the sites might be blocked. Apparently
Google acquired YouTube and many of the links on the Video link will be blocked; however,
there are several other video formats available from the Google Video link. Remember to
always test the video on the computer that you will be using to show the video in class; some
players for particular video formats must be downloaded to the laptops/desktops in order to
show the video.

Other Google Capabilities
Try these and record your results:
I tried: 398 - 351 = 47
Google can also do US to metric conversions.
I tried: 5 mile = 26400 ft
    1) Find a phone number: In the search box, type
        phonebook: April Howard TN . (If your home phone is listed under your spouse’s
        name instead of yours, you will have to type his/her name instead of yours.) Now take
        off the TN at the end of your search term.
        How many hits did you get? 4

   2) Definitions: Type define (word) in the search box.
      My word and definition: integrity= an undivided or unbroken completeness or
      totality with nothing wanting; "the integrity of the nervous system is required
      for normal development

   3) Weather: Type in      weather and the zip code (Ex: weather 38011)
      What place has zip code 98013 and what will be the high temp tomorrow?
      38015 current 68 degrees and overcast. / Vashon, WA 45
   4) Movies: go to and type your zip code in the US City or
      Zip box. Click the Reviews link to read national reviews of the movie.
      Local movie I would see: Tyler Perry’s Medea goes to Jail

   5) Questions: Have a question that you don’t know the answer to? Just type it into the
       Google search box. Ex: What is the capital of Alaska?
       My question and answer:
   What is a bird? Warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and
   forelimbs modified as wings

Other Google Searches:

Try Books, Scholar, Calendar, and Photos and be ready to report to the group what you found.

Shopping: could be used in class to find books to buy, or research price of something

Books: find books to buy or read if the are no longer copywrited

Scholar: looked up behavior, it gives scholarly links

Calendar: you can organize events and share with friends
Photos: blocked

Other Interesting Google sites: - How could this site be used in a classroom? Used to see
what is happening in the finance world. Such as market updates, current stock market - Be ready to explain one of the “ideas that aren't quite ready for
prime time.”

Picasa for Mac, picasa is already available to pc users and is a great tool for doing
minor editing to photos and sharing. Since google bought Blogger and has picasa you
can edit and upload straight to blogger account - Be ready to explain one of the “experiments.”
Looked at this


When using a search engine, the goal usually is to come up with the smallest number of the
MOST relevant hits. To do this, keep the following things in mind:
1) Be as specific as possible.
       Ex:    literature (748,000,000 hits)
              American literature (76,400,000 hits)
              American literature genres (2,890,000 hits)
              American literature genres US south (244,000 hits)
              "American literature" genres US south site:edu (19,800 hits)
              "American literature" genres US south site:gov (320 hits)
  Note 1: Putting quotation marks around phrases in your search terms will try to force Google
  to use that exact phrase in the search.
  Note 2: using site:edu , site:gov , site:com , etc., in the search box with your search term
  will give you a resulting list that is pulled ONLY from those type sites (edu = usually higher
  education, gov = government, com = business)

  Note 3: Use operators (+ and -) for terms that might refer to more than one thing.
     Example:     bears (127,000,000 hits)
                  bears +animals (6,830,000 hits)
                  bears –sports (81,000,000)
                  bears –sports +animals (40,2000,000 hits)
                  bears +animals –sports (4,540,000)
You just have to play with the terminology and arrangement to find the best fit.

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