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					Jim Haviland
421 Carolina Circle • Durham, NC 27707
(919) 824-5540 cell • (919) 402-8252 home •

I am seeking an leadership position where my skills and experience in developing and selling new technology-
enabled products and services can play a significant role in the success of the company.
     Self-motivated project initiator dedicated to unqualified success aligned with an organization’s vision and
     Innovative marketing and sales professional with national contacts in wireless data, IT services, medicine,
      media production services, entertainment, and advertising. 
     Confident, articulate communicator offering high-caliber presentation, negotiation and closing skills. 
     Insightful organization builder with a proven record of leading growth and change through innovation,
      operational excellence and team vision overseeing teams as large as 50 direct reports and budgets over $6MM.
     Technologist with broad capabilities, published research and experience in standards development in software,
      high-frequency radio circuitry, publishing, and optics.

 BizDevGuy, LLC; Durham, NC
 President & Project Lead                                                               2004-Present
    Founded this consultancy to take advantage of a number of project opportunities that presented themselves in
    conjunction with my relocation to the Raleigh-Durham area. This company offers packaged and consultative
    services primarily focusing on launching new products and services.

            Pyramis Studios; Durham,NC
            Business Consultant & Management Coach
            Contracted to coach a small educational software publishing firm with 4 years of break-even
            performance into a fundable consumer products company based on their educational products
            for computers and iPods. Developed strategy and negotiated terms with co-publishers.
            Developed business model, business plan, eCommerce and merchandising strategies. Outlined
            product and market segments. Developed PR and marketing plans. Negotiated a partnership
            with Apple Computer. Company is in final negotiations with investors on $3MM in capital.

            Duke University School of Medicine; Durham, NC
            Instructional Technology Consultant
            I was selected to complete a one-year study of technology in medical education including
            financial and technical analysis of the present Duke infrastructure, systems and procedures,
            competitive medical school analysis, and academic literature review. The final report,
            comprised of 250 pages of narrative, analysis tools and workflow diagrams, included
            recommendations on new metrics-based methodologies for determining the pedagogical and
            financial applicability of instructional technologies and prioritization of their implementation.
            These recommendations are presently being adopted.

            Mobility IT; Cary, NC
            Business Development Consultant, Mobile Data Products
            Contracted to expand this small affiliate working with Sprint, Nextel, and Good Technology.
            Designed financial analysis tools to quantify customer benefit. Opened new key accounts.

            KOYONO Company; Cleveland, OH
            Chief Experience Officer, Management Coach
            Engaged by this wearable technology, apparel and accessories manufacturer focused on men
            who carry gadgets to lead business and finance planning efforts. Expanded my responsibilities

Jim Haviland       1 of 5
           into developing a company eCommerce store, an electronic order processing system, and led
           merchandising efforts resulting in continuous double-digit growth and a leading position on
           Amazon in men’s wallets. Took ownership of marketing, PR, brand development and a
           discipline we refer to as customer experience. Established marketing programs that steadily
           advanced direct-to-consumer sales from $10K/yr to $500K/yr using email marketing, PR, and
           merchandising techniques developed from analysis of weblogs and sales trends. Established
           and executed a PR program that established KOYONO BlackCoat as a leading brand in
           articles covering wearable technology or pocketing. Automated order fulfillment functions
           and improved the quality and efficiency around a number of customer touch-points to reduce
           the average cost of a transaction by 30% and increase customer repetition by 25%.

 MCPc Computer Products & Consulting (formerly a division of MCSi, Inc.); Cleveland, OH
 Vice President of Marketing, Consulting & Data Management         2002-2004
 I was hired by Michael Trebilcock, then Chief Development Officer and President of the Midwest Region of
 MCSi, Inc. a $1B international information technology and audio-video systems reseller and consulting
 company with 200 offices worldwide, as Director of Consulting Services for the Midwest Region. I was
 assigned the P&L responsibility for all billable services (50 people) for their diverse portfolio of clients,
 including corporations like Timken and Parker Hannifin, schools like Case Western Reserve University, health
 care facilities like Cleveland Clinic and myriad government agencies. I established controls and processes for the
 creation of new technology practices, including hiring policies, sales process, sales training, proposal generation
 systems, service packaging, economic modeling and project management procedures. My efforts reduced the
 time required for a new roll-out from 12 months to 3 months. I developed new marketing and training collateral
 standards and web-based training systems that reduced sales training time from 6 months to 2 months. New
 practices were established in Voice over IP, Digital Signage, Enterprise Storage, and Output Management. After
 120 days my group was on track to add $10MM in sales to the region at twice the average margin of other

 In July 2002 a group of MCSi executives established MCPc, Inc. as a private company to be formed through a
 Management Buy-Out (MBO) of the computer technology division of MCSi. I was invited to join the executive
 team and serve as the VP of Consulting Services for this national company with 40 offices and $250M in
 projected annual sales. In this role I unified operational methodologies and business process automation
 platforms for pre-sales engineers (20), support technicians (40), design and implementation teams (20). These
 efforts eliminated $200K in projected development and maintenance expenses, which saved the projected profits
 from $4M in sales. I established new consulting practices with packaged offerings and strong partner support in
 mobile data services and Microsoft SME server products. The Mobility Practice, including phones, PDAs, data
 cards and services from Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile has since been the fastest growing product category for
 this company.

 I was asked to reorganize or reform a number of departments to quickly reduce costs, establish new disciplines,
 raise the overall staff quality and then hire long-term managers.
          eCommerce: I led development of all web domains including corporate site, customer portals
          and electronic procurement system. Established internal development team and development
          methodology, including new testing standards and practices, that shortened the average
          development cycle by 35% and saved $500K annually. Oversight included 10 internal and 5
          external team members. System improvements increased web sales from $9M/month to
          $12M/month during my tenure with 50% increase in profits on sales due to reductions in the
          cost of transaction and order errors.

           Internal IT: Developed and implemented company-wide project methodology. Established
           cost-benefit and financial analysis frameworks for internal IT projects and for customer
           proposals. Developed data warehouse for product information aggregation and transaction
           analysis. Led enterprise system development efforts from vendor selection through user
           training. Established the development map that is still being implemented including new ERP,
           VoIP, and CRM systems. Developed data schema and data processes for web procurement

Jim Haviland                                                                                                 2 of 5
        portals and electronic commerce systems (EDI, XML), including support and training of
        trading partners. These efforts eliminated 50% of the cost of 80% of transactions.

        Marketing: I established a new mission and vision, developed a new mark and branding
        guidelines, negotiated cooperative funding contracts and secured front-page press coverage in
        trade journals.

 I continued to work with MCPc on a consultative basis, both as a billable resource and on internal projects,
through July, 2004.

ScreenPlay, Inc., Seattle, WA
Vice President of Development                                                          1999-2001
CEO, Mark Vreiling, recruited me to join the executive management team, design a new technical infrastructure
and lead new product development for this industry-leading video promotional content and display company.
I directed the Internet products group, called eClips. I led product development, business development, and
marketing for an international audience. We produced video and web applications (streaming and kiosk) for
Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Disney, and Led internal and external software development
teams. Negotiated and managed business development relationships with Real Networks, Disney Internet Group
(DIG) and Video Software Dealers Association. Led mission vision definition efforts. Working with operations
and technical staff, we streamlined production workflow from 10 individual and incompatible systems to a
networked SAN architecture for all processes and added automation in many of the editing, mastering and
encoding processes, servicing video output to over 20 video formats for broadcast, kiosks and streaming.
The crash in Internet-related stocks ended our growth efforts and put many of our customers out of business,
turning our growth rate from 200%/yr to –50%/yr. Family issues requiring my presence in Cleveland, OH
resulted in my departure on good terms.

Studio Litho/Sound Vices, Inc., Seattle, WA
President/ Senior Producer                                                             1995-2000
Established two corporate structures with investors Stone Gossard of Peal Jam and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana
to handle two lines of business. Studio Litho was established as a production studio for Pearl Jam and other
music clients as well as being the production home for Sound Vices’ media offerings. Sound Vices continued the
new media production efforts I began at Bad Animals as well as the technical design and professional services
offering for media studios. I managed three divisions:

        Studio Litho; Seattle, WA
        General Manager
        I designed and oversaw construction of this recording facility designed specifically to provide
        the highest level of technical capability in a setting of discreet security. The clientele of top-
        selling music artists sought a comfortable setting where they were safe from press and fans.
        Studio was booked 40% more than industry average for the first 3 years in operation.
        Revenues grew 20% annually on sales of additional services to the same customers.
        Established development arrangements with producers and record companies, creating a
        portfolio approach to service and rental fees.

        AMPT Radio; Seattle, WA
        Produced under a partnership with Krist Novoselic from Nirvana, this syndicated radio
        program engaged young rock radio listeners in political activity and thought using a mixture
        of celebrity presence, immersive sound design, and historically-focused, but universally
        relevant, political content. At its peak the show played to 2 million listeners through over 25
           stations nationally, including stations in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and Seattle. The
           show had a market share greater than 12 in all markets and was top ranked in its time slot.

           SVI Technical Services; Seattle,WA
           Project Lead
           Designed and lead construction of over 100 digital production facilities including data centers,
           workstations, and infrastructure and maintenance. Hired and managed teams from 5 to 50 to
           provide project services or general technical support. Controlled 90% of new studio
           construction in the region and 50% of maintenance contracts by focusing on customer service
           and expertise in new technology ROI. Introduced the first SAN systems to media production
           in the area.

 Bad Animals/Seattle and Studio X, Seattle, WA
 Chief Engineer/Creative Director                                                      1990-1995
 Recruited by President, Steve Lawson, to lead development and technical operations of this expanding
 professional audio studio complex involving rooms dedicated to award-winning audio post-production, scoring,
 music production and duplication.
 Joined executive management team in 1991. Initiated and led development of new categories of service that
 doubled sales to over $20M by 1993. New offerings included:
       $5M state-of-the-art music production facility built in partnership with Anne and Nancy
           Wilson of Heart; clients included REM, Nirvana, and the Neville Brothers. Nearly doubled
           sales volume within the first 9 months.
       Professional services division (BATS) that built and maintained media environments
           throughout the Pacific Northwest. Achieved 15% profitability in 6 months and contributed
           20% of new revenue.
       Designed curriculum and ran a college-credit internship program that became the primary
           source of new hires (90%) for the remainder of my tenure, including two particularly talented
           individuals that now own the business.
 By 1994 I had full P&L and staffing responsibilities for all new production and technical efforts,
       A new media publishing division that released the audio magazine Static and produced audio
           and sound effects for games and CD-ROMs including projects for Microsoft, Epcot Center,
           Humungous Entertainment and Corbis
           An offering structured to attract film and episodic television production that lead to work on
           The Ice Storm, Angel Eyes, and award-winning work for Disney on Bill Nye the Science Guy
           as well as a 20% growth in revenues derived from use of idle time and junior staff.
 In early 1995 Steve Lawson ended an effort to establish a professional management structure and rescinded an
 offer to include equity as part of compensation. I negotiated a spin-out of some of the operations I controlled and
 founded Sound Vices, Inc.

 Universal Recording, Chicago, IL
 Engineer                                                                              1989 - 1990
 Recruited by President Murray Allen to help create a studio-building team for this $50MM professional audio
 studio working in film, television, and radio. I accepted this non-managerial position because it also involved a
 75% pay raise, the opportunity to work with a well-respected team and the promise greater upward mobility. I
 took part in the design and construction of 20 new studios during my tenure. I was then recruited by a studio
 complex in Seattle as part of a nationwide search.

 Neotek Corporation, Chicago, IL
 General Manager                                                                       1987 - 1989
 Hired as Manager of Technical Support and Quality Control of this manufacturer of professional audio consoles
 with annual sales of $1M, reporting to General Manager, leading a team of 3 technicians. After shortening
 trouble ticket closure time by half and streamlining engineering change order system, I was promoted to General

Jim Haviland                                                                                                  4 of 5
 Manager, reporting to CEO and with full oversight of manufacturing. I shortened time of manufacturer by 25%
 and labor costs by 35% by establishing better fault rejection policies and streamlining test procedures. The
 shortened delivery times enabled sales to increase by 20% by eliminating the backlog. We achieved 100% on-
 time delivery of all consoles for the first time in company history.

 Space Physics Research Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
 Lab Engineer/Technician                                                         1984-1987
 Developed and implemented testing procedures for the Image Plane detector, a high-voltage photon special
 multiplying/counting tube used in the High Resolution Doppler Imager experiment that was launched aboard the
 NASA satellite Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS). I co-authored a paper on this optical device that
 was published in Applied Optics.

 University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA
 Certificate Program in New Venture Development (1998)

 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (1987)

 Professional experience employing an extensive array of tools, languages and platforms for business
 intelligence, production and productivity including:
     Windows, Mac OS, Linux (SUSE, RH), Unix, AS/400, PDP 11/23, RPG, HTML, XML, XSL, JAVA 2, J2EE/SOAP, SCORM, IEEE
     1484 Metadata, Reload, Miva, EndNote, ASP / IIS / SQL, PHP / MySQL, CGI, C++, Visual Studio (VB, VC, etc), FORTRAN , Perl,
     COM / DOM, BASIC, JavaScript/VB Script, VoIP, WAN/LAN/VPN, SAN / NAS / DAS, Fibre Channel, Office, MS Project,
     PowerPoint , Lotus SmartSuite, FileMaker Pro, Adobe Acrobat, JD Edwards, Visio, Siebel Sales, ACT!,, TrackIT, IBM
     iSeries, WebSphere, UML, ASC Sequel, Crystal Reports, VOIP, Authorware, UNSPC, Real Media / SMIL, Windows Media, QT
     Streaming, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Live Motion , Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Avid AudioVision , Avid
     Media Composer, Digidesign ProTools, Media 100, Final Cut Pro, DreamWeaver, Avid Film Composer, Flash, Sonic DVD Creator,
     Real Producer, Media Cleaner, Accom VideoCube

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