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                Life Science
                Image Acquisition Software

                       Imaging Software
                       O R CA
                       O R CA E R
                       O R CA I I
                       O R CA I I E R
                       O R CA H R
                       O R CA B T
                       O R CA S C
     Acquiring and                            Digital CCD Cameras require software to
                                              control the camera and acquire images.
                                                                                             Next, the camera driver is plugged into an
                                                                                             image processing software environment
     Processing Images                        A simple, reliable software package that       to create the Wasabi! program. The image
                                              provides easy setup, image acquisition,        processing environment includes all the
     with Digital CCD                         and evaluation is an essential part of every   functions used for standard image
     Cameras                                  camera. All Hamamatsu ORCA series              processing tasks such as contrast
                                              cameras, and a few related cameras,            enhancement (both manual and automatic),
                                              include our Wasabi! program to meet this       filtering, image overlay, and accurate
                                              requirement.                                   spectral color assignment of fluorescent
                                              Focused on life science applications,          images. Simple image analysis and
                                              Wasabi! is a software package built on         statistics functions are included in the
                                              the latest technology, featuring modular       program. Data can be exported for
                                              software design.                               documentation and used to optimize
                                              First a camera driver is developed for         camera performance.
                                              each camera model. This driver supports        In addition to Wasabi!, Hamamatsu
                                              all the features of the particular camera.     cameras are supported by a number of
                                              Binning, subarray, analog and digital          major software producers who produce
                                              contrast enhancement, and fast frame rate      complete, user-friendly solutions for
                                              can all be confirmed and tested. Image         advanced applications.
q Easy to use                                 acquisition by manual or auto exposure
q 100% camera performance                     methods and even automatic white
  (full resolution, full dynamic range)       balance for color cameras is built in.
q Fast image processing
q Suitable for most microscopy applications
q Various ORCA type cameras are supported
Wasabi! Software   The Wasabi! software is an easy to use
                   stand-alone software for image acquisition
                                                                 Image contrast can be manipulated within
                                                                 a wide range and automatic contrast
                   and image processing of black and white       enhancement is included as well.
                   as well as color images.
                   In combination with a camera plug in,         Analytical functions include both point and
                   images can be acquired, all functions         area analysis functions. Measurement of
                   commonly required to process images are       area, intensity and statistical properties of
                   available.                                    the images provide data necessary to
                   Image overlay and correction of image         establish optimal camera operations.
                   registration can be automated to meet the     All functions are designed to maintain
                   needs of each experiment. Black and white     the full image quality from the camera
                   images can be colorized with virtually any    including the dynamic range and spatial
                   color (“tinting”) to match any commonly       resolution.
                   used fluorochrome.

                                                                         q Image acquisition including preview
                                                                         q Manual and automatic contrast
                                                                         q Smart image overlay functions
                                                                           including registration correction
                                                                         q Area intensity analysis

Camera Modules     Wasabi! supports numerous Hamamatsu
                   cameras with individual modules. Each
                                                                 simple applications and complete manual
                                                                 control for more experienced users or
                   camera module reflects the special features   more demanding applications.
                   of the camera and supports automated          A special Focus mode of operation offers
                   parameter setting wherever possible (e.g.     high frame rates for fast, convenient
                   automatic exposure control). This offers      optical adjustments.
                   easy image acquisition for new users or

                          q Automatic or manual exposure time control
                          q Focus mode for image preview with high frame rate
                          q Subarray and binning modes supported
                          q External trigger modes supported
                          q White balancing (with color cameras only)
Technical                                        1. Cameras and Interfaces
                                                 The following cameras are supported by
Information                                      Wasabi!
                                                 (Note: Additional camera driver modules are
                                                 continuously being developed. If you do not
                                                 find your camera listed, please contact your
                                                 local sales office.)

                               Camera version                 RS 422      RS 644      IEEE1394      Peripheral devices
                                                              interface   interface   (Fire Wire)
                                                                                                    RBG filter system from CRI allows color
                               C4742-95-12NR/NRG (ORCA)           q                       q         image acquisition with a b/w camera.
                               C4742-95-12ER/ERG (ORCA ER)        q                       q
                                                                                                    Trigger input/ trigger output to interface
                               C4742-98-1x (ORCA II)              q
                                                                                                    with external equipment.
                               C4742-98-1xER (ORCA II ER)         q                      q
                               C4742-95-12HR (ORCA HR)                        q
                                                                                                          q Use a CRI filter system for
                               C4742-98-1xK/H (ORCA BT)           q
                               C8000-10                                       q                              acquisition of true color
                               C8484                              q                      q                q Trigger signal for external
                               ORCA SC color camera               q                                          devices is possible
                               C7780-10 color camera                          q

                                                 2. Computer and Peripherals
                                                 Recommended configuration: PC with                 For cameras with RS422 or RS644
                                                 256 MB RAM, 19” monitor, Windows 98SE,             interface a Coreco PCDIG frame grabber
                                                 ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP.                      is required.
                                                                                                    (Note: SDKs are available for software
                                                                                                    developers who want to develop their own
                                                                                                    camera interface software.)

                                                                                                    Application example:
                                                                                                    q Rat Retina triple labeled with
                                                                                                      GFAP-- Cy3, S-100-- FITC, DAPI
                                                                                                    q Image acquired
                                                                                                      with the C7780 3CCD color camera,
                                                                                                    q Courtesy of Ward Peterson
                                                                                                    q Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Durham, NC

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