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                    OF “RONADVANTAGES” PROGRAM

         RONAdvantages now offers a cash back of up to 5% on purchases
                    and up to 2X AIR MILES® reward miles

Boucherville, Quebec, April 1, 2010 – RONA Inc. (TSX: RON), the largest Canadian
distributor and retailer of hardware, renovation and gardening products, has launched a new
version of RONAdvantages, now one of the customer programs with the most benefits in the
industry in Canada. Consumers who purchase products or services for a renovation project
using RONA’s new private label credit card will enjoy a full range of benefits: they’ll be rewarded
with gift cards for up to 5% of their net annual purchase volume before taxes, more AIR MILES
reward miles, and other exclusive offers…plus they’ll have access to a variety of payment
options at very competitive rates.

A few days after the federal government unveiled its home renovation tax credit plan last year,
RONA launched the specific RONAdvantage program, which offered up to $1000 in RONA gift
cards to consumers purchasing materials or installation services at RONA to complete projects
eligible for the tax credit.

“Our complementary tax credit program, which ended in January, was very popular with
consumers doing renovation projects,” said RONA executive vice president of marketing and
customer innovations Claude Bernier. “Inspired by that success, we wanted to develop a
permanent program to recognize and reward consumers who put their trust in RONA for their
renovation projects. As an industry leader, we wanted to offer a range of benefits under a single,
simple program, to continue to help people carry on their projects.”

“That’s why we’re launching the new version of the RONAdvantages program, to support our
customers in their renovation projects by always guaranteeing the most affordable financing
options on the market and giving them rewards and exclusive offers,” Bernier said.

Annual cash back in RONA gift cards of up to 5%
People who use the new RONA credit card to make net annual purchases before taxes of at
least $2000 in RONA network stores will receive RONA gift cards worth up to 5% of the value of
their purchases, up to a maximum of $1000 in gift cards per customer annually. They’ll receive a
2% cash back for a total purchase before taxes volume of between $2000 and $5000, 3% for a
total between $5001 and $7500, 4% if they spend between $7501 and $10,000, and 5% if they
spend over $10,000. Customers will receive their gift cards once a year on their card’s
anniversary date.
Up to 2X the AIR MILES reward miles
RONAdvantages customers will also get more AIR MILES reward miles when they pay with
their new RONA credit card and present their AIR MILES Collector Card. Customers will earn
1 reward mile for every $20 before taxes in cumulative monthly purchases recorded on their AIR
MILES card, and 1 reward mile for every $20 in cumulative monthly purchases paid with their
RONA credit card. This means that AIR MILES customers can earn more reward miles and also
get rewards, for example by exchanging their AIR MILES for AIR MILES RONA reward
Interest-free and very affordable financing options
The RONA credit card carries no annual fee and gives cardholders access to three very
advantageous financing options with Accord D Desjardins for their purchases. There is an
option to pay in three months with no interest on purchases of $100 or more, an option to pay in
six months with no interest on purchases of $300 or more, and a multi-purchase financing plan.
This plan allows customers to make purchases for a renovation project over the course of two
months interest-free. The purchase total is then divided into 36 equal monthly payments, at an
annual interest rate as low as 6% for total purchases over $2500 and 13.5% for purchases
under $2500. Customers who pay the entire balance before the end of the two-month period will
not be charged any interest. They can also pay off the entire remaining balance at any time
during the 36-month period with no penalty.

Card accepted in all stores across the network
The RONA credit card can be used for any product or service purchases at all participating
RONA stores. A similar program, called “The Build up Plan,” is available in Réno-Dépôt stores
using the new Réno-Dépôt card for individuals, while the “TOTEM EDGE” program offers the
same benefits in TOTEM stores to customers using the new TOTEM Building Supplies card for
individuals. The full network coverage of the program means that RONA, Réno-Dépôt and
TOTEM cards are accepted interchangeably at all stores and banners, and the annual reward is
based on all purchases before taxes made on the card.

Take advantage
Applications for RONA credit cards can be approved and used on the day of application, subject
to credit approval. All the information about the program can be found at, where consumers can also apply for the card online. Cardholders will
also receive two editions of RONA Magazine or Magazine Réno-Dépôt at their home each year.

As an example, a customer who spends $8000 before taxes on a bathroom renovation at RONA
will receive:
     $320 in gift cards applicable to future RONA purchases (equivalent to a 4% rebate on the
     purchase of $8000)
     An advantageous financing plan for the renovation project, with an interest rate of 6%,
     payable in 36 equal monthly instalments after the initial two-month period
     Up to 800 AIR MILES reward miles if both cards are presented at the time of purchase
     And of course the valuable advice of an expert in the store on the best way to complete the

The RONA VISA Desjardins card will still be accepted in network stores, but it will no longer be
offered to consumers and it will not include the benefits of the RONAdvantages program, with
the exception of the financing options available within the Accord D financing limit. RONA VISA
Desjardins cardholders are encouraged to convert their cards to the new RONA card in order to
get all the RONAdvantages benefits.

About RONA
RONA Inc. is the largest Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware, renovation and
gardening products. RONA operates a network of close to 700 corporate, franchise and affiliate
stores of various sizes and formats. With some 30,000 employees working under its family of
banners in every region of Canada and more than 16 million square feet of retail space, the
RONA store network generates over $6 billion in annual retail sales. Please visit for

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