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									Aimee Zenarosa
   Classic Mac OS
    The trademarked name for a series of
    graphical user interface-based operating
    systems developed by Apple Inc. (formerly
    Apple Computer, Inc.) for their Macintosh line
    of computer systems.
   Mac OS X
   Mac OS X is the newest of Apple Inc.'s Mac OS
    line of operating systems. Although it is
    officially designated as simply "version 10" of
    the Mac OS, it has a history largely
    independent of the earlier Mac OS releases.
   Mac OS                  Mac OS X
   1.0 - January 1984      10.0 “Cheetah”–March
   2.0 - April 1985
                            10.1 “Puma”-
   3.0 - January 1986       September 2001
   4.0 - January 1987      10.2 Jaguar-August
   5.0 - October 1987       2002
   6.0 - September         10.3 Panther-October
    1988                     2003
   7.0 - May 1991          10.4 Tiger-April 2005
   8.0 - July 1997         10.5 Leopard -Late
   9.0 - October 1999
   Plug & Play                    The biggest is usually software
   Adding Peripherals              compatibility. Windows applications
                                    do not work under Mac OS X, so your
   Driver Management               software library will be useless. That
   Integrated User Interface       is unless you have a non-OEM (i.e.
                                    from Microsoft, not a dell one or an
   No 'Mystery' Files              hp one, etc) version of windows
   More Versatile Networking       XP/Vista, then you can install it on
                                    your Mac and use both.
   Flexible Monitor Support       If you want to only use Mac OS X,
   Better Telephony Support        generally everything you can get in
   Easier Installation             windows there is a Mac equivalent
                                    for, except many games are not sold
   Ready for year 2000             to run on Macs (although two big
   No Registries                   game companies (ID and EA) have
                                    said they are planning to release a lot
   Boot from CD-ROM                of their new games for the Mac).
   Dependable Aliases
   Easier OS Management
   No DLL Problems

Advantages                      Disadvantages
   One of the major differences between the previous
    versions of Mac OS and OS X was the addition of the
    Aqua GUI, a graphical user interface with water-like
    elements. Every window element, text, graphics, or
    widgets is drawn on-screen using the anti-aliasing
    technology.[42] ColorSync, a technology introduced
    many years before, was improved and built into the
    core drawing engine, to provide color matching for
    printing and multimedia professionals.[43] Also, drop
    shadows were added around windows and isolated
    text elements to provide a sense of depth. New
    interface elements were integrated, including sheets
    (document modal dialog boxes attached to specific
    windows) and drawers.
   Apple and its Macintosh computers have been
    the subject of increasing attention, especially
    over the past few years. In fact, during that
    period many Windows and Linux users have
    purchased their first Mac. The trend has gained
    momentum over the past few years and Apple
    earlier this indicated that their tracking data
    shows that 50 percent of new Macs sold in Apple
    retail locations are sold to those who are New to
    Mac Why have Macintosh computer sales risen
    over the past few years?
   If you ask recent Mac purchasers, reasons for purchasing a Mac will
    range from an ever-growing frustration with Windows to reasons
    that say a Mac is elegant, it's hip, or it's just cool to own a Mac. Why
    have people come to accept the Mac with greater enthusiasm? All
    you have to do is read the latest headlines or visit a packed Apple
    retail location and you'll come to the realization that the Mac is
    becoming more popular with today's consumers. Another indicator
    would be to visit a local coffee shop, library, airport, or college
    campus and you'll see a higher concentration of Macs. Of course,
    many people in any given Apple retail store are there to purchase an
    iPod but you can't ignore the hard facts that Macintosh sales are on
    the rise. Apple's market share is on the rise and net data
    demonstrates that Safari use is climbing. Apple's upcoming October
    18, 2006 Q4 2006 earning announcement should provide additional
    insight into recent Mac unit sales.

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