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					                                         Leslie Goldberg
                                9101 Topanga Canyon Blvd., #221
                                     Chatsworth, CA 91311
                                        214-335-5214 cell


Lighting Technician                              Artist Management
       Event Lighting System Technician                 Production Assistant
       Tour Prep Technician                             Royalties Administrator
       Spotlight Operator                        Professional Stagehand
       Lighting console Operator                        Forklift Certified
Backline Technician
Audio Technician


I am a motivated professional technician with knowledge of all facets of entertainment production.
My qualifications include experience gained as an L2 or A2 on numerous events. I have also
assisted with video production set up.

Furthering my experience, I have worked for Christie Lites / Dallas doing tour prep on
conventional and intelligent lighting systems for many notable national touring acts and corporate
conventions. I have also been employed as a spot operator on many concert and corporate events
and am used to taking direction from a LD or producer.

I am a qualified backline technician, and specialize in touring drum and percussion systems. This
position requires a working knowledge of drum brands and hardware. In 2008, I joined Tour
Support Services, LLC in Nashville to provide quality backline and transportation to the local
touring acts. It was with this company I gained experience in operation of both lighting and audio

My general management background is built upon experience gained from holding the position of
production assistant. I have carried out management responsibilities including: arranging tour
transportation and accommodations, advancing tour dates, as well as general office management
and advanced bookkeeping skills.


North Valley Occupational Center                 Areas of Concentration:
Mission Hills, CA                                Bookkeeping

Trebas Institute of Recording Arts               Area of Concentration:
Hollywood, CA                                    Artist Management / Production

References are available upon request
                              CHRONOLOGICAL WORK HISTORY

LA STAGE CALL                                                    Present
Los Angeles, CA US
Production Technician
Lighting / Audio / Backline

TOUR SUPPORT SERVICES                                      2008 - Present
Nashville, Tennessee US
Backline Tech / LD & Lighting Tech / Audio Tech
Backline / Lighting / Audio

UPSTAGE CENTER                                             2008 - Present
Dallas, Texas US
Production Technician
Lighting / Spot Op / Backline / AV

CHRISTIE LITES                                             2007 - Present
Dallas, Texas US
Lighting Technician
Lighting / Spotlight Operator / Prep Tech

PRODUCTION RIGGING & RESOURCES                             2007 - Present
Dallas, Texas US
Production Technician
Lighting / Spotlight Operator / Backline / Audio / Video

SHOW MASTERS PRODUCTION LOGISTICS                          2007 - Present
Dallas, Texas US
Production Technician
Lighting / Spotlight Operator / Backline / Audio / Video

FREELANCE BACKLINE TECHNICIAN                              2006 - Present
Dallas, Texas US
Drum Tech
Various Bands including the Insiders

HARD KNOX ENTERTAINMENT                                    2006 - Present
Dallas, Texas US
Lead Drum Tech
Steve Percy, Bang Tango, Wednesday 13, Jackknife, etc...

LG MANAGEMENT                                              2005 - 2008
Dallas, Texas US
Management / Promotions / Bookings
Voodoo Witness / Will Crayton Band
DALLAS SOUND LABS                                                                           2005
Dallas, Texas US
Music Business Major

TONLES MANAGEMENT                                                                   2004 - 2005
Dallas, TX US
Management / Promotions / Bookings
Corpora / Southern Steel

SUGAR HILL RECORDS                                                                  1999 - 2000
Santa Monica, California US
Royalties Administrator

MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT                                                               1993 - 1999
Los Angeles, California US
Management Consultant / Producer
New Artists

BAILEY & THE BOYS                                                                           1992
Los Angeles, California US
Booking Representative
Southern California Area

RON RAINEY MANAGEMENT                                                               1991 - 1992
Beverly Hills, California US
Management Assistant
Duties included Client relations, Contract preparation, Show Advances, Booking radio interviews, Travel
Arrangements Worked with Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Marshall Tucker Band, Steppenwolf

STRIKE FORCE MANAGEMENT                                                               1990 - 1991
Hollywood, California US
Management Assistant
Duties included Client relations, Show advances, booking radio interviews, Travel Arrangements, Assisted
in Talent evaluation. Worked with: Sanctuary, Stevie Ray Vaughan, TSOL

TREBAS INSTITUTE OF RECORDING ARTS                                                   1989 - 1991
Hollywood, California US
Artist Management / Production / Audio

FREELANCE BACKLINE TECHNICIAN                                                         1984 - 1991
Los Angeles, California US
Stage Manager / Drum Tech / Bass Tech
Atlantis, Day One, Hit & Run, LA Guns, Loud, Poison

OMEN / LIZZY BORDEN                                                                   1982 - 1984
Los Angeles, CA US
Drum Tech
                                       SHOWS WORKED

                                      CORPORATE EVENTS

2007                                     2008                       2009

Cirque De Solie                          PWC                         Ford
Cognos                                   Return to Forever tour prep Novartis Harbor 1-3
Discovery Channel                        Wal-Mart / Keith Urban      Heli - Sikorsky Booth
Dish Network                             HPTF                        Home Depot
EDS                                      Miss Texas USA              Reaction Audio Visual
Frito Lay                                PartyLites                  BMS Broadcast Studio
Gaylord Hotel Christmas Ice Display      John Deere                  Blizz Con
GMC                                      Silpada                     Boy Scouts
Goodyear                                 Wal-Mart                    WWE
Home Depot Expo                          VM World                    CA Governor's Convention
Ice Tent                                 TMD
JC Penny - 3 Dog Night                   Blizz Con
LD Systems                               Fed Ex
Mercedes Benz                            Gaylord Hotel Christmas Ice Display
Odessa Christmas show                    Party City Annual Halloween Party & Award show
PPL OKC Arena                            WWE
Price Waterhouse
Sherwin Williams
Toyota Truck
Toys R Us
Vignette Village

2007                                2008                             2009

Alan Jackson / Brooks & Dunn        311                              Aerosmith / ZZ Top
Beyonce                             Avril Lavigne                    American Idol
Billy Joel                          Barry Manilow                    Brad Paisley
Blue Man Group                      Blue Man Group                   Coldplay
Brad Paisley                        Bon Jovi                         Cruefest
Dancing With the Stars              Brad Paisley & Jewel             Dancing With the Stars
Def Leppard / Foreigner / Styx      Cheeta Girls                     Dane Cook
Faith Hill & Tim McGraw             Cheryl Crowe                     Dave Matthews
Fallout Boys                        Coldplay                         Def Leppard / Poison
Family Values                       Cruefest                         Depche Mode
Goo Goo Dolls                       Dave Matthews                    Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood
Gwen Stefani                        Eagles                           George Michaels
Jennifer Lopez                      Foreigner & Bryan Adams          High School Musical
Linkin Park                         Janet Jackson                    Incubus
Motley Crue                         John Mayer                       Keith Urban
Ozzfest                             Journey, Heart & Cheap Trick     Marco Antonio Solis
Pro Bull Riders                     Juanes                           NKOTB
Rascal Flatts                       Judas Priest / Heaven & Hell     Rascal Flatts/ Darius Rucker
RBD                                 Martina McBride                  Star Wars in Concert
Revolve Tour                        Mary J Bligh & Jay-Z             The Fray
Rush                                Neil Diamond                     Toby Keith / Trace Atkins
The Police                          Nine Inch Nails                  Trans Siberian Orchestra
Trans Siberian Orchestra            Pro Bull Riding                  Van Halen
Velvet Revolver / Alice In Chains   Radiohead                        Vincente Fernandez
Warped Tour                         Rascal Flatts
                                    Roger Waters
                                    Steve Miller & Joe Cocker
                                    Stevie Nicks
                                    The Cure
                                    The Police / Elvis Costello
                                    Third Day
                                    Tina Turner
                                    Toby Keith / Montgomery Gentry
                                    Tom Petty
                                    Trans Siberian Orchestra
                                    True Colors
                                    Van Halen
                                       WORSHIP SHOWS

2007                                     2008                        2009

BGCT Youth Evangelism Conference         Revolve Tour                New Beginnings Church
Revolve Tour                             Woman of Faith              Revolve Tour
Woman of Faith                                                       Woman of Faith
Prestonwood Baptist Church Christmas

SPOT OP (2007 - 2009)                           BOARD OPERATOR (2008 - 2009)

Rush                                            Conventional Rig - Elation Controller
Goo Goo Dolls                                   Red Stone Thanksgiving show (2 nights)
Def Leppard                                     John Stone Band (Motorola Christmas party)
Foreigner                                       Collie Jones Band (New Years Eve show)
Alan Jackson                                    Conventional & Intelligent Rig - Pearl Diamond
Brooks & Dunn                                   Steppenwolf (Chumash Casino)
Velvet Revolver
Alice In Chains
Armenian Children’s Dance
Goodyear (Corp) - Leanne Rimes
Cognos (Corp)
Cindy Lauper
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Missing Persons
Fed Ex (Corp)
Linkin Park
Jim Belushi & Sacred Hearts
Rascal Flatts
Darius Rucker
Keith Urban
Toby Keith
Trace Atkins
New Beginnings Church (Worship)
Brad Paisley

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