7 Secrets to Fabulous Follow-up
                      Lunch & Learn Presentation

Expose people to new ideas about how to build lasting relationships with important
people in their lives, using the SendOutCards system.

Learning Objectives for Audience
   1. Understand the importance of being GREAT at follow-up and recommitting to this
   2. Identify at least one idea that you will implement in the next 24 hours.
   3. Learn a fun follow-up process that will save you time and money,
      generate more income, and foster better relationships.

60-75 minutes (depending on the amount of discussion you encourage)

Materials Needed
      7 Secrets to Fabulous Follow-up handouts (pg. 7)
      Sample SendOutCards greeting cards
      Bowl to collect business cards for drawing
      Certificate to send 10 free cards (pg. 8)
      Sign-up list with days and times already blocked out for people to schedule a GAW with
       you (pg. 9). NOTE: Write on this form the days and times you are available so they can
       plug themselves into your schedule.

 After you introduce yourself and share the learning objectives, ask each person to share their
 name, something they are grateful for, and what inspired them to attend this presentation. (If
 you have a large number of people, you can ask for three volunteers to share this.)
Outline of Presentation
Secret #1:Focus on building better relationships with your CURRENT
clients. You will have endless stream of repeat and referral business.
Who is investing time and resources to attract new business right now?

Did you know that 80% of sales are made on or after the 5th contact with a prospect?

The #1 reason customers stop doing business with a company is “perceived
indifference,” meaning they feel taken for granted and neglected.

     Tell one personal story about when this happened to you or someone you know.
     Ask the audience, “Who has a story to share?”

Customers who feel appreciated generate more referrals, which costs ZERO advertising
dollars and generates 80% more results than a cold call or following up with a lead.

Secret #2: How you follow up matters.
What are some ways you are currently following up with people? What are some of the
advantages and disadvantages of each of them?

• Email (filtered by spam, 87% is deleted)
• Direct Mail response rate used to be 2-5% but now it is 1/4-1/2%!
• Phone calls (Tip: always ask if this is a good time and make sure you are smiling on
  the phone. People on the other end can sense it.)
• Face-to-face
• Hand written cards (time/cost/we forget)

Which one do you think is PROVEN to be the most powerful form of follow-up? Which
one do you go for first?

HINT: What do you look forward to the most on a personal level? An email? A phone
call? A personal card in the mail?

(ANSWER: The handwritten greeting card is the most powerful form of follow-up!)

In fact, handwritten notes/cards get opened 95% of the time!

If your competition sends an email or a mass-produced flyer and YOU send a
handwritten card, who is most likely to be more effective in building the relationship?
People do business with people they know, like, trust and remember.

Tell the Joe Girard (car salesman) and Tom Hopkins (real estate) stories, or tell your
Secret #3: The more personalized the follow-up the better.
What are some ways you can personalize your follow-up? (Get them to answer and
share these if they are not mentioned)
• Include photos of yourself, your customers, your prospects, etc.
• Make it about them and their needs. Use “You” and “Your” instead of “I” in your
  language. Example: “You will receive…”, vs. “I will provide…”.
• Mention something specific about your interaction, event, or interests they shared with
• Make it fun

Secret #4: Find reasons to stay in touch.
What would be some great reasons to stay in touch with people? (Get them to answer
and share these if they are not mentioned)

•   Share an event you think they would want to know about.
•   Birthdays
•   Customer anniversary
•   Send articles or newspaper clippings or web links
•   Thinking of you
•   Nice to meet you
•   Thank you
•   An idea or resource that will fulfill one of their needs
•   Referral for them
•   Sympathy
•   Congratulations
•   Something fun
•   Customer welcome
•   Special Occasion
•   Holiday cards
•   Announcements of new products, events, discounts, etc.

Secret #5: Create and USE a simple automated stay-in-touch system – save
time and money
The word USE is highlighted because it is not enough to “create” the system if you don’t
USE it!

What system do you currently use?
• Reminders
• Database
• Automated
• Paper (3x5 index cards with 1-31 Jan-Dec.) or Electronic (contact manager)
• Follow-up form
• Online solution

What is your system currently missing that would help you be FABULOUS at follow-up?
I have great news for you… at the end of this presentation, I will show you a simple
system that will do that for you!
Secret #6: Appreciation Marketing
How many of you have heard of Appreciation Marketing?

People want to know you are thinking of them without trying to always sell them
something. This is the heart of appreciation marketing. Send your customers cards
WITHOUT your logo, mention of your sales, products, etc.

Give to GIVE, not to GET. Never mix a “just because” card with marketing.
    Birthday card with a 20% discount offer on their next visit. This is a Give to Get. If
       you choose to give a gift, GIVE them something with no expectation or need for
       them to buy something in order to receive it.
    Thinking of you card with a P.S. that says, “I love referrals.”

Can you think of a time when you didn’t feel appreciated and how that made you feel
about the other person?

Share a few of your personal stories, or ask if anyone has one they would like to share.

Was there a time when you should have thanked someone, but didn’t?

Expected thank yous are CRUCIAL. The unexpected thank you is what sets you apart.

Create the habit of sending a thank you note a day. This is a great way to begin your

Secret #7: Develop these powerful skills
What are some skills you think would be important to be FABULOUS at follow-up?
• Listening (does anyone remember what people shared at the beginning of our time
• Ask powerful questions to learn more about the other person.
• Be a resource for them, even beyond your business solutions.
• Be a collector of birthdays.

Results you can expect in first year (if not sooner)
•   Increased top-of-mind awareness
•   Differentiation from your competitors
•   Building solid, positive relationships with your customers
•   Making your customers feel appreciated
•   Increased customer loyalty and retention
•   Increased referrals

Any effort--no matter how small--will make a difference in your business.
For the next 5 minutes write as many names as you can think of. Who needs to hear
from you and why?
    Who have you forgotten to thank?
    Who can you thank today?
    Who just pops into your mind for no reason at all? (This is called a prompting and
       you want to act on those!)
    Who has a birthday coming up?
    Who did you just meet?

After the 5 minutes…
    What was your experience with this activity?
    How many names did you come up with? More or less than you expected?
    What do you plan to do with these names?

Demonstrate sending a card using the SOC system
If you cannot demonstrate, tell them BRIEFLY about some sample cards you have
(pass them around in plastic sleeves to protect them and so they are less likely to be

Everyone who provides your name and email address will receive sample language on
what to say in a Thank You card and other general follow-up conversations.

If you want to win a prize:
To enter the drawing, include your business card with mailing address and zip code and
when you would like me to follow-up with you for a complimentary coaching session to
see how you are doing and what results you are getting. (1 week, 2 weeks, specific
date, etc.)

Drawing is for two gifts:
    Appreciation Marketing
    10 Free Greeting Cards Certificate

Schedule a time to send a card...
For those who are interested in sending 2 free cards to try out a solution that will save
you time, money and is SUPER convenient, you are invited to sign up for a 20 minute
call with me. During the call you will send a card to someone who needs to hear from
you, so be sure to be in front of your computer AND have handy the mailing address of
the person receiving the card.
What is one thing you learned today, and what is the next action you will take to put that
learning into action?

Thank you for your time and participation today. Please let me know how I can assist
you in reaching your goals.


After workshop
      Give Appreciation Marketing book to the winner of the drawing.
      Create Gift Account for winner of 10 Free cards, include 20 points and $4.40 and
       email instructions to winner.
      Enter everyone’s business card into your contact manager
      Send follow-up email (attached)
      Send follow-up card campaign
      Confirm with your GAW appointments, reminding them to have a mailing address
       of the person they want to send a card to.
           7 Secrets to Fabulous Follow-up
Secret #1: Focus on building better relationships with your CURRENT clients.

Secret #2: How you follow-up matters.

Secret #3: The more personalized the follow-up the better.

Secret #4: Find reasons to stay in touch.

Secret #5: Create and USE a simple system.

Secret #6: Appreciation Marketing

Secret #7: Develop these powerful skills

  YOUR NAME ~ YOUR PHONE ~ YOUR EMAIL ~ www.SendOutCards.com/xxxx
           You just won a way to make
                 someone’s day!

      10 Free Greeting Cards
    Send up to 10 Greeting Cards (including postage)
     using our online system at SendOutCards.com

                  Good for 60 Days
•      Give your contact information to (your name).
•      Look for an email with your username and password.
•      Go to www.sendoutcards.com
•      Watch Tutorials and Media videos under HELP to learn
         about advanced features like adding pictures to your
•      Send your cards and have fun!

        For questions, click on HELP or call (your name)
            at (your phone) or email xxx@xxxx.com

                       Valid until (date)
Date   Time   Name   Phone #
Email follow-up
Hello Fabulous Follow-upers! :-)

Thank you so much for your time, energy and contribution during the Lunch & Learn
yesterday. I left feeling very grateful because of you.

AND... guess what was waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home? A hand-written,
gratitude card. No kidding! One of the side benefits you can expect from sending *real*
mail, is you WILL get more of it, too!

I have included a few resources you may find helpful below.

What do you say in a card?
If you are like most people, knowing what to say in a card can be challenging.
Thankfully, one of my friends and mentors has created an amazing resource that you
will find helpful as you begin the journey of writing more handwritten and personalized
cards. The link includes some great card ideas, including suggested language written
by Tom Hopkins (you may recognize his name because he is the #1 Sales Trainer in
the world) at the bottom of the page.

What to say if you are following up on the phone
I also came across some funny scripts you can use when you follow up with someone
on the phone and keep getting voice mail...

    "Hey there! This is .... calling. Now I know there is a fine line between follow-up
      and stalking. If you ever feel like I am crossing that line, give me a call and let
      me know. Otherwise, I am just going to assume you are busy like most people
      and keep calling you until we get in touch. My number is…."

    "Hey there, this is ..... This is my second call to you. I just read in a book the other
      day that it takes an average of 5 calls to reach someone, so you know I will be
      calling you at least 5 times to get in touch with you. If you want to save me a few
      calls, you can reach me at…."

    Hi, this is ..... from.... I am calling to see if you know what you want to do, or if you
      need more time?

Use an approach that feels right to you.

Great books on the topic of expressing appreciation
    Appreciation Marketing, by Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey
    365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life, by
      John Kralik
    The Thank You Book: Hundreds of Clever, Meaningful, and Purposeful Ways to
      Say Thank You, by Robyn Freedman Spizman

As I come across other amazing resources, I will send them your way. If there is
anything I can do to support you, please let me know.

Warm regards,

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"Never ignore an opportunity to offer encouragement, offer sympathy or give a thank
you to someone or a congratulations for a job well done. Never miss an opportunity to
contribute positively to someone else's life" ~Dr Norman Vincent Peale

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