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NDA Brochure - Notre Dame Academy


									                              BE ChALLENGED • • • hAVE ChOICES

   See who
                              Each Young Woman Develops her Own Potential
   U Can B!
                              High School is the perfect opportunity for each young woman to discover who
     •••                      she is and develop her own gifts. As the premier, all-girls, single-sex school we
    YES 2                     recognize each young woman is BOLD, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL, and
 SINGLE-SEX                   BLESSED in her own unique way. It is our role to help her develop her individual
 EDUCATION!                   gifts academically, spiritually, socially, and athletically to turn her into tomorrow’s
                              “woman of vision.”

                              International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
                              After completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) enrollment process, Notre
                              Dame Academy will be the first, Catholic, all-girls school in Ohio to have this highly
                              recognized academic program. Faculty members have already trained in the U.S.
                              and Europe while the school is completing certification. IB elements feature a
                                      distinctive, critical thinking process across a broad spectrum of subjects
                      [IB        d    including a 4,000 word essay and a project in which
                   Ant        011
                                      students create a program to serve the community.                     Ex
                     Fa  ll 2         IB is recognized by the most prestigious colleges                        pl
                                      and universities.
                                                                                                          Fu the re
    BE                                                                                                      tu
ChALLENGED                                                                                                        !
First, Catholic
All-Girls School
     in Ohio

                              Notre Dame Academy, a Catholic college preparatory high school,

                              sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, promotes the holistic

                              development of young women for leadership and service by
                              providing an exceptional educational experience permeated with
 STATEMENT                    Christian values.
                       • • • BE PREPARED FOR ThE FUTURE

                                                                                      Over $12 million
         Online Courses through The University of Toledo
   W !                                                                                  in college
NE       Online courses are the norm. Our goal is for every student to successfully       awards
         complete at least one online college course prior to high school
 graduation to learn this specialized skill. Courses are part of a standard class
 period and each student works at her own pace. A faculty facilitator provides               hAVE
 feedback, assesses the student’s progress, encourages, and propels students                ChOICES!
 further into the content. With over 20 courses to choose in the areas of business,
 the arts, social sciences, and science, it’s a great jumpstart to college. And of
 course, upon successful completion students receive college credit.

 BRILLIANT opportunities encourage young women to explore their vision of the
 future with hands-on experiences in engineering, business, law, politics, science,
 medicine, and media arts. Students create college-level art portfolios, take apart
 an engine, learn accounting, and so much more. Senior
 project provides an immersion into a potential career.
 All seniors must shadow in an area of interest that provides
 valuable insights into future career plans.

 Unique partnerships with colleges provide advanced credit for
 some coursework, for example, instructors from Owens                                  Partnerships
 Community College teach the Language of Medicine and
 Pathophysiology courses on the Notre Dame Academy campus.
 Colleges Recognize the Academic Caliber of                                           OPPORTUNITIES!
 Notre Dame Students
 Notre Dame Academy young women are
 recognized by colleges and universities for their
 academic preparedness and caliber. The results
 prove it -- the Class of 2010 earned over $12 million
 in college awards. Our academic program offers the
 area’s largest all-girls Advanced Placement and
 Honors Program balanced with support
 to help all students succeed.

 “The fine arts program at NDA was excellent. I have talked to a                       WhAT RECENT
 lot of my peers and they didn’t have anything close to what NDA                        ALUMS SAY
 offered.” - NDA alum ’04
                                                                                         ut • • •
 “The student body was so well-rounded. I met so many girls from such
 diverse backgrounds. I learned so much from them.” - NDA alum ’07
                 BE WhO UR • • •

                 Aerie Program Supports Academic Success
                 A BOLD academic program requires strong support. Aerie means eagle’s nest or
                 foundation. The Aerie Program creates a foundation for students to venture out. A
                 mentored-study program is available to students who need or seek more focused
                 academic attention. Peer tutors work with students on overnight homework
                 assignments or for ongoing support. A summer institute teaches organizational skills
                 and instills pride in being an NDA student. Math Lab during lunch and right after school
                 insures each student gets the help she needs. Plus, the popular “cocoa and cram” right
                 before exams is an NDA tradition. Skilled teachers, who understand how girls learn,
  Guidance all
                 motivate and influence them in critical subjects.
  Four Years!
        •••      College Counseling Starts Freshman Year
   Academic      The first steps to a successful future start the minute a young woman walks through the
    Support      door. Nearly 100 percent of Notre Dame Academy graduates continue their education
   Programs      in post-secondary institutions. A dedicated college counselor and personalized
                 attention from the Guidance Department all four years provides the assistance
                 students need as they navigate through high school and plan for college and beyond.
                 Most students who earned a college award use it at the school of their choice.

                 Block Scheduling Prepares Students for College
                 Notre Dame Academy has successfully implemented an eight-period, alternating
                 block schedule for over 12 years. The alternating block schedule allows year-long
                 classes to provide continuity of study with four 85-minute classes on one day
                                              and four other classes the next day. Student
                                                  benefits include preparation for a college schedule,
                                                  ability to do more in-depth and hands-on learning,
                                                  the opportunity to utilize academic support
                                                   services for assistance if required, core curriculum
                                                     (math, science, foreign language, etc.) is
                                                           taught the entire year, and better academic
                                                            retention when you take a class for the
                                                           entire year, not just the semester.

 WhAT RECENT         understand                        “Not having boys in my class really
  ALUMS SAY           how girls
                                                    helped my confidence – –
    ut •••
                                                  when I’ve heard other people talk about

                                                  their co-ed high schools in college, I don’t

                                          feel like I’ve missed out at all.” - NDA alum ’08
                                         IN MIND BODY AND SPIRIT!

Spiritual Development
As a faith-based community, Notre Dame Academy nurtures Christian values.
In an atmosphere that teaches religious truths and morals, students form a solid
foundation on which a meaningful, spiritual life can grow. Not all students come from
a Catholic-based tradition, but all benefit from a spiritual life built around retreats,
four years of theology studies, Christian volunteer service, and moral
values. Notre Dame Academy embraces young women and their families                           Girls
from all faith backgrounds.                                                                Develop
Notre Dame Academy develops young women as Christian leaders.                              hearts
Volunteerism is a key ingredient in nurturing a commitment to today’s social                          Four-Year
justice concerns and creating tomorrow’s woman of vision and compassion.
Students must complete a minimum of 60 hours of service, most do much more.
Emphasis is placed on deepening a young woman’s prayer life and moral                                Be a Leader!
leadership in a faith-based community. A four-year retreat program
unfolds with the freshman friend-building retreat and culminates in
the powerful senior Kairos to awaken a

                                                                                                      GIVE OF
                                                                                                  Over 25,000
                                                                                                 Service hours

“I loved the sense of family in the school, the curriculum helped
me become more well-rounded in all aspects, not just academically
but spiritually as well.” - NDA alum ’04

“Notre Dame was worth more than the tuition as far as building my
confidence. I’d recommend it to anyone.” - NDA alum’06
                                BE A PART OF NDA • • • hAVE FUN • • •

                                Dine and Do – 50-Minute Lunch Period
                                What would you do with a 50-minute lunch period – chat with friends, get help
                                from a teacher, attend a club meeting? Those are just some of the advantages
                                students have with the 50-minute lunch period. Tutoring Tuesdays provides a
                                chance to meet with teachers during the lunch period. Visit the Math Lab. Study
                                for for a quiz. Attend a club meeting. Hear a fascinating speaker. Celebrate Mass.
                                It’s your choice -- eat, chill, study, meet, chat, or do whatever.

                                A 40-Acre Campus with all the Amenities
                                Located by Westfield Mall with easy expressway access, the Notre Dame
                                Academy campus is a tree-enhanced sanctuary with athletic fields, picnic
                                facilities, walking paths, and plenty of parking. The building includes
                                state-of-the-art technological achievements:

                                •   SmartBoardsTM in every classroom
                                •   New state-of-the-art broadcast studio
                                •   Savage Resource Center with glass enclosed group study area, a
B who U can B!                      student lounge with comfortable seating, and over 300 computers
    •••                             for student use
    A Notre Dame                •   Air-conditioned gymnasium
      Academy                   •   Air-conditioned weight/fitness room
      education                 •   800+ capacity Performing Arts Center with state-of-the-art
     encourages                     sound/lighting/projection booth
    young women
        to have
 intellectual curiosity,
    spiritual vision,
    inner strength,
                                 • • •                                                                student
                           State-of-the-art                                                           lounge

Consider Single-Sex Education
Although girls have historically done better academically in school, boys tend
to do better on standardized tests such as the SAT and PSAT leading to more
opportunities to earn college awards.

Some studies report that by high school only 29% of the girls are “happy with the
way I am” and less than half report they’re good at math. And in a world that is
technology driven with science and math, often viewed as “male subjects,” as
a strong basis for the future and the job industry where does that leave today’s
young women? College degrees are necessary today, but are girls going to have           SINGLE-SEX
the confidence to pursue the technology careers of tomorrow?                             EDUCATION
All-female classrooms encourage young women to achieve more.                            Achieve More
Generally you see girls do much better in math and science and across the board          Be a Leader
in all subjects. In a single-sex environment girls aren’t afraid to be known as smart         •••
or as a tomboy out on the athletic field. The single-sex environment allows girls to     It lets UBU!
explore “male subjects” such as mathematics, advanced sciences, computers, and
technology without the connotation that they are “geeks.”

Notre Dame Academy provides extra opportunities in science and math such
as Honors Engineering, Honors Molecular Genetics, Advanced Placement (AP)
Chemistry II, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology II, and AP Calculus AB and
BC. Plus, the new online course program with The University of Toledo opens up
even more opportunities in the areas of science, math, and technology. These
courses encourage girls to step out of their comfort zones and progress beyond the
traditional biology, physical science, and algebra to become tomorrow’s doctors,
engineers, researchers, and technology entrepreneurs. Women who choose
non-traditional careers in the sciences and technology can expect to have
                                                                                           “Alumnae from
lifetime earnings that are 150% of women who choose traditional careers.                  all-girls’ schools
                                                                                          feel their school
Single-Sex education provides more leadership opportunities –                               helped them
whether it is on the athletic playing field or in the classroom. Clubs and activities          develop
provide hundreds of leadership roles as do music and theatre programs,                    self-confidence,
academic tournament teams, and retreat programs.                                           assertiveness,
                                                                                            and a strong
In the 2000 study by the Goodman Research Group of Cambridge,                            sense of identity:
Massachusetts, one of the outcomes of the 4,274 girls’ school alumnae surveyed           It’s okay to be
found 93% agreed that girls’ schools provide greater leadership opportunities than            smart!”
coed schools; additionally, 80% held leadership positions since graduating from                •••
high school.                                                                               Myra and David
                                                                                          Sadler, authors of
This becomes especially important in the college application process where                Failing at Fairness:
college admission departments look for evidence of leadership in clubs,                     How America’s
organizations, and churches in their acceptance determination.                           Schools Cheat Girls.
                              SING • DANCE • DEBATE • MENTOR • TWIRL!

                              have Fun, Learn Leadership!
                              Girls love having fun – sharing, laughing and being with friends. Clubs are the
                                 perfect way to build friendships. Plus, young women develop self-confidence,
                                             enhance communication skills, and build on their natural strengths

                              Over             as they take on leadership roles. BLESSED with over 25 clubs,
                               25                 girls have fun and learn independence skills, laying the
                             Clubs                   groundwork for college and beyond. Link Crew, a special
                                             program for almost 60 juniors and seniors, cultivates mentoring
      CLUBS                 Activities
                                                 and leadership skills in older girls while guiding freshmen
Aerospace Science Club                            through their first year.
  African-American Club
           Art Club
                                             Performance opportunities abound whether it is on the stage
  Band/Flag (SFS, SJJ)
   Cheerleading (SFS)                       of the fall musical or during the spring drama/comedy. Play a musical
       Culinary Club                      instrument? No problem. Join orchestra or a Marching Band. Sing?
       Current Events
                                        Try out for the Bel Canto Choir. Love to dance? There is Dance Squad,
       Dance Squad
         Diplomats                    Hip Hop, and of course, the always spectacular fall musical.
        Fall Musical
     Film Studies Club
        Speech Team
        French Club
     Global Concerns                                                                                 Inv Get
           Hip Hop                                                                                          ed!
       Hispanic Club
         Horse Club
(Jesus, Joseph, and Mary)
         Latin Club
         Link Crew
         Math Club
   Pastoral Core Team
          Pep Club
       Princess Club
       Rocketry Club
     Spiritual Activities
       Spring Drama
      Student Council
BE PART OF A TEAM • • • BE WhO UR! • • • @ NDA!

Girl Power 7 Times!
Notre Dame Academy is the sports leader in the area for young women.
BRILLIANT on the field and off, for seven years straight the Notre Dame Eagles
have won the City League All Sports Award. Eagle teams consistently receive
All-City and All-State academic honors. Young women build leadership skills,
develop self-confidence, and have fun on the field and off.

The Eagle athletic program teaches individuals to work
as a group for a common goal, to help students view                                              •••
both success and failure in the proper perspective,                                           Fall Sports
and to assist athletes in developing self-discipline and                                        Bowling (V)
                                                                                                 Crew (CS)
self respect.                                                                    12
                                                                                           Cross Country (V, JV)
                                                                                             Equestrian (CS)
                                                                                              Fencing (CS)
                                                                                                Golf (V, JV)
                                                                                              Soccer (V, JV)
                                                                                              Tennis (V, JV)
                                                                                            Volleyball (V, JV, F)
                                                                                            Winter Sports
                                                                                           Basketball (V, JV, F)
                                                                                               Bowling (V)
                                                                                             Broomball (CS)
                                                                                              Fencing (CS)
                                                                                             Gymnastics (V)
                                                                                         Swimming (V) / Diving (V)
                                                                                             Spring Sports
                                                                                               Bowling (V)
                                                                                                Crew (CS)
                                                                                             Lacrosse (JV, V)
                                                                                              Softball (V, JV)
                                                                                           Track & Field (V, JV)
                                                                                              Fencing (CS)

                                                                                               (CS) Club Sport
                                                                                                (F) Freshman
                                                                                              (JV) Junior Varsity
                                                                                                  (V) Varsity
                    BLESSED With Opportunities . . .

Your Academic       Largest Area All-Girls Fine & Performing Arts Program
  Potential!        Young women dance, sing, act, and perform to awaken their BEAUTIFUL spirit

     •••            in over 30 classes. Speech and drama classes build self-confidence while young
                    women learn to express their ideas and opinions. Art classes explore everything
16 AP Classes
                    from three-dimensional concepts through computer graphic design where
  34 honors
   Classes          students develop a college portfolio. Whether a young woman’s talent lies
                                                        in singing or playing a musical instrument or both
                                                           there are abundant options. Plus there are plenty
                                                           of performance opportunities that showcase ALL
                                                        the arts throughout the school year.
                 Beyond the
                Students Gain
                 Real World

                                                                      Fine and Performing Arts
  Awaken                                                              Dance, sing, act, and perform to awaken
 Your Spirit!       Vision Quest • • •                                your creative spirit with 12 instrumental
                                                                      courses and 7 voice classes
                    Career Exploration
    •••             Notre Dame Academy encourages                     Speech & Drama
                                                                      Speech/Drama I, II
   Dance            young women to explore their vision of
                    the future with hands-on opportunities in         Advanced Drama I, II
    Sing            business, engineering, law/politics, media
                    arts, medicine and science careers.               Visual Arts
    Act                                                               Three Dimensional Art
  Perform!          Business                                          Art I, II
                    Accounting I, II, III                             Honors Art III, IV
                    Personal Finance                                  AP Art History
                                                                      Graphic Design I, II
                    Introduction to Engineering                       Dance
                                                                      Applied Dance I, II, III, IV
                    Law/Politics                                      (Semester and year-long credit available)
                    Introduction to Law                               Special Note: Students who study dance
                    Contemporary Global Issues                        for at least two hours per week outside
                    Women’s Studies                                   of NDA are eligible to receive credit if
                                                                      requirements are met.
                    Media Arts
                    Web Design and Computer Graphics                  Voice
                    Graphic Design I, II                              Chorus I, II, III, IV
                    Broadcast Journalism II, III                      Honors Choir
                                                                      Voice Class
                    Medicine                                          Advanced Voice Class
                    Language of Medicine
                    Pathophysiology                                   Instrumental
                                                                      Beginning Instrument
                    Science                                           Orchestra I, II, III, IV
                    Molecular Genetics (Honors)                       Honors Orchestra
                                                                      Music Composition I, II, III
                    Senior Project                                    History of Popular Music
                    An immersion into a potential career, ALL         AP Music Theory
                    seniors must shadow for 36 hours in an            Women in Music
                    area of interest. The project provides            Band (St. John’s Jesuit High School and
                    valuable insights into future career plans.       St. Francis de Sales High School)
                                           Be Who U Can B @ NDA!


                                                                                               Women now
                                                                                              men in the U.S.

                                                                                              Women now hold
                                                                                               more than 50%
honors & Advanced                           Honors World History                                of managerial
                                            AP United States History                          and professional
Placement Courses                           AP United States Government and Politics
                                            Honors Psychology*                                 jobs, according
Challenge your academic potential while
earning college credit through Advanced
                                            AP Psychology*                                    to the Bureau of
Placement (AP) courses and Lourdes          Honors Art III                                    Labor Statistics.
College (*).                                Honors Art IV
                                            AP Art History
Honors Theology – Bio-Ethics                                                                      FACT:
                                            Honors Choir                                        Women now
Honors English I, II, III                     Honors Orchestra
                                              AP Music Theory
                                                                                                  earn 60%
AP English IV
                                                                                                 of master’s
                                          W! Online Courses with
Honors Math I, II, III
Honors Pre-Calculus
                                     NE                                                            degrees,
AP Calculus AB*
                                             The University of Toledo                           about 60% of
AP Calculus BC
                                            Business Principles                                 all bachelor’s
Honors French I, II, III, IV                Human Resource                                         degrees,
AP French IV                                  Development                            UT        about half of all
AP French V                                 Mass Communication and Society         Course
                                            Introduction to Film                              law and medical
Honors Chinese I, II                        Personal Investing                    Offerings        degrees,
                                            Principles of Nutrition                                and 42%
Honors Spanish I, II, III                   Historical Thinking –
AP Spanish IV                                 Merchants, Peasants, Bandits                       of all MBAs.
AP Spanish V                                Writing Across the Curriculum
                                            Survey of Contemporary Chinese Culture
Honors Latin I, II, III, IV                 Introduction to Exercise Science                   Will your
AP Latin IV                                 Marketing Principles
                                            Introduction to Philosophy                        daughter
Honors Biology I                            Psychobiology
                                            Introduction to Social Welfare
AP Biology II
Honors Chemistry I                          Flash Web Animation                               prepared?
AP Chemistry II                             Beginning Adobe Illustrator
AP Environmental Science                    Beginning Adobe Photoshop                              •••
Honors Physics                              Podcasting, Vodcasting, Blogging
Honors Anatomy/Physiology
Honors Anatomy/Physiology II
                                            Criminal Justice
                                            Human Relations and Diversity                        NDA
Honors Molecular Genetics
Honors Engineering
                                            Geological Hazards and the Environment
                                            Principles of Financial Accounting                  WILL!
IT’S A GIRL ThING . . .                                 Girls with Dreams become Women of Vision!

    More than                   Notre Dame Academy
        half                    is affordable to all families
   the students
      receive            Notre Dame Academy works with
     an award            families across a wide range of
                      incomes to help young women
                  receive an exceptional educational
experience. Often, middle class families find with some
help from the school that a Notre Dame Academy
education is within reach for their daughter. More than half
of Notre Dame Academy students receive an academic
merit scholarship and/or tuition assistance award.

We Want You           •••       Notre Dame Academy admits students of
any race or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities.

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