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									CALVINS VOICE OVER: “Previously on Genesis—


Alexia pumped the Sais in to Marcus‟s stomach; he croaked in shock and horror, “looks
like I won‟t be-needing you after all” she told him coldly.


David smiled looking at her warmly. “I know I have you, and you‟ll always have me.”
He walked over to her and bent down next to where she was sitting, his hands gently
moving towards hers and locking them.
Alexia smiled gently at him. “I love you, dad.”


Lance: “Look. You have to listen to me… My wife looked exactly like you. We were
expecting our first child, but she died in labor. I lost my son that day as well…everything
I ever held dear, all ripped apart from me in one day… you can‟t begin to imagine how I
felt. And now I saw you…”
  Alexia put the gun down slightly. “You expect me to believe this crap.”
  “Then why are you still listening to me?” Lance asked questioningly.
Lance continued “You want to know exactly what I want to know. Why the heck do you
look like Sunlight? Or…” He paused and with slight anger, he added. “Or, you know
everything already and you want to kill me to shut me up.”
 Alex shook her head. “No, I don‟t know anything.”
“Does your dad know anything about this?” Lance asked…


Calvin hacks in to David Rains computer-
 “We‟re in.” Calvin smiled nervously at Lance who was looking at the computer screen in
  They opened up the files and read…

…‘Alexia has spent previous years in captivity being trained to be the ultimate super

…‘Alexia’s life has been fabricated’…

…‘She has lived for the past three years believing she was involved in a car accident on
September 12/2002, she believes that her mother died in that accident and she herself
was put in a coma by it for a month’…
…‘When she awoke she was told she suffered serious head trauma, which had caused her
amnesia. Alexia knows nothing of the accident or her childhood, only what the doctor
and I have told her’...

…‘Alexia has been clon-’
The screen fuzzed-


  “Yeah... Sunlight was my twin sister; we got separated. End of.” Alexia looked at her
dad; he was looking at Lance smugly.
  Lance was fuming, he breathed out trying to calm himself down. “Do you believe
anything that comes out of his mouth?! Sunlight never had a sister, let alone a twin. She
had both parents and they all lived in England all their life.”
  Alexia narrowed her eyes in confusion. “That‟s not true… dad?”
Lance: “David isn‟t even your father. He made up the crash so you wouldn‟t ask any
questions about your past… they gave you Polaxine, so you wouldn‟t have any humanity.
You‟ll be blank and you‟ll just be ordered about. Ever wondered why you‟re so cold,
merciless and different?…”


“Simon. We have a problem.”


 “Help me,” Lance suggested, “Help me find out who you are. Help me bring the man
that did this to you down.”
“I will.” Alex declared.


“Get down!!” Lance shouted as three armed robbers stormed in, Anita covered her ears as
bullets were fired.

“Domino” Lance gritted through his teeth, the same woman that had attacked Calvin and
his girl friend Phoebe a couple of weeks back.
 Domino smiled as she cocked her head around looking at the frightened faces in the bank
“well isn‟t every one in here just a fearless little wonder?” she said sarcastically, then
beamed a smile at the security camera above on the ceiling and blew it a kiss as she blew
it out with her machine gun.

Alexia‟s phone rings, she answers; “I think you have the wrong number” she told him
about to move the phone away from her ear when—
“No actually, I don‟t believe I do. Alexia.”
 Alexia looked around she couldn‟t see any one, “how do you know my name, who are


Alexia slipped in to a side road, it was less jam-packed with cars and a lot more quiet, the
only thing she could hear was mostly the helicopter way up above the roof tops thudding
around the crime scene. This was the only route she could have taken in order to avoid
the police and the road blockage from the main roads. She was probably just a few
minuets away if not less. Thoughts continued to play on her mind, as she realized how
much Lance and Anita had come to mean to her in such a short period of time. Well may
be not Anita much. But Lance, his compassion had almost taken her aback, he took her
out of the dark and in to the light, reached out and helped her when she had lost
everything—but above all else, he had given her hope, he was a true friend. But if
anything happened to them today, if anything happens to them. I’ll make sure some one
pays…and that some one would most likely be Simon, if she could find him that was.
Then her cell phone went off. She quickly moved her hands towards her pockets pulled it
out and answered it. “What do you want now?” she asked angrily, there was no reply, she
heard a faint gulp as if some one swallowed and then came a voice so frightened she
almost didn‟t recognize; Calvin.
“Alexia, hey… some things happened” he said, “I know” she answered “don‟t worry, I‟m
on it” she said reassuringly as she came towards a cross road. “Is there anything I can do
to help?” Calvin asked. Alexia took a brief second to reply “as a matter of fact there is.
Find out for me who Simon is” she told him, “Simon who?” Calvin questioned unaware.
Alexia was about to reply but just as she came to the middle of the cross road a black
Volvo smashed front first in to the side of Alexia‟s motorbike. She let out a scream of
pain as she felt some thing rip in her right leg as she was thrown six feet away from her
bike her head bouncing of and hitting a hydrant pump. Her bike was completely
decimated under the car, she saw in a hazy vision as two men stepped out but after that
she passed out.
 One of the two men dressed in black looked at the crushed bike, whilst the other glanced
down towards the cell phone. “Alexia?!” some called from the phone, “what happened?!
Are you alright?” the man raised his foot then let his black boot grind down in to the cell
phone with full force smashing it to bits.


Domino leaned back against the wall, her eyes scanning through the blinds and out the
window. It looked like the Swat teams had arrived, looks like things are about to get
intense, she observed. A small whimpering ached-her ears and she darted her eyes
towards the table; underneath it sat a little girl who looked around the age of five or six,
holding on tightly to a brown teddy bear. She looked so cute and innocent—
“Shut up!” Domino growled “that whimpering is giving me a headache!!” she bit. The
girl covered her eyes and cried even louder, probably unable to control her fear. Domino
aimed the gun towards her—
 Lance was about to react when surprisingly—
“Hey!” Anita said “pick on some one your own size!” she told Domino bravely, although
the brave act died the moment Domino‟s really large gun took a 30 degrees spin away
from the girl and towards her throat. Not a bright move! Anita told her self in a gulp,
“Please, she‟s just a kid” she managed to say. Domino didn‟t reply, she gave her a glare
and then turned to see if Lance was going to say some thing, he didn‟t. “Make her shut up
or I will” Domino warned, then took a step away from Anita and went back towards
monitoring the window.
 Anita let out a sigh of relief, “that was brave” Lance cheered her “didn‟t know you had it
in you” he added. Anita beamed him a weak and unsure smile “yeah me neither” she
admitted. Then crawled towards the table, “hey” she told the little girl who immediately
retracted further backwards away from her frightened. She look’s so freaked Anita
realized, is that how I freaked I look? She wondered to her self. Shaking her head, she
slowly crawled closer towards the little girl. “Hey, I won‟t hurt you. I promise” she tried
to calm the girl down. “My, my names, Anita” she told her, “what‟s yours?” she asked
hoping to take the girls mind away from the craziness around them. The little girl sniffed
as she bit her lower lip. “C-Clair” she whimpered, her baby blue eyes were pink around
her eye lids from crying, she still had water forming them and rolling down her cheeks.
Anita reached her hand out “come on sweetie, please, I promise. I wont let the mean lady
hurt you” she assured. The little girl was unconvinced; she closed her eyes and hugged
her teddy harder as she sunk her head in to her arms. “I had a teddy” Anita began “her
name was Ratsy” she added. Domino heard and snickered; Anita rolled her eyes at the
woman, and then turned her attention back to Clair. “Please, come on out” Anita said
almost sounding desperate. “You promise you won‟t let the mean lady hurt me?” Clair
finally asked wiping her tears away with her sleeves. Anita smiled “I promise” and the
little girl slowly came out and quickly latched on to Anita. As Anita embraced the little
girl, she felt a huge relief wash over her; she could feel her heart thudding against hers.
She’s so small, so scared. “Good job” Lance patted Anita gently on the back; she gave
him a gentle smile of acknowledgement. “Are we ever going to get out of here?” she
asked, Lance shrugged “I have faith.” “yeah.” the accountant coughed from next to Lance
“so did I until that bitch beat the living crap out of me!” he bit venomously as he looked
towards Domino.


 She had a migraine, a stinging sensation in the back of her head, a slight moment of
confusion and un-awareness. It felt like she was dead, but then again, how would one
know that if they had never actually been dead before? Her eye lids lazily lifted as she
tried focusing her blurry vision. She still lay on the road from what she could make out;
leaning against the hydrant she had bounced of, off. She could see two men standing
above her; she shook her head trying to clear away the fuzz. Oh my god she realized, I
can’t hear anything!! A flux of panic almost over powered her mind and body. It was a
huge relief when suddenly she heard a siren in the distance sounding; the police were on
there way. The two men standing over her looked at her curiously, she didn‟t recognize
them, but she had once seen a movie called Men in Black, they were dressed a lot like
them. Black suits, white shirts, black ties, black shades, ear piece. She wondered where
they hid their enormous guns. They tried to kill me. She remembered. She glanced past
them noticing the black Volvo which had smashed in to the side of her motorbike. Her
head tilted slightly to take in a view of her bike, it was completely decimated. That could
have been me.
 “Who are you?” she asked, slowly trying to bring her self to her feet, the men didn‟t
reply, but the one closest to her reached in to his blazer. It could be a weapon. She let her
instincts take control; a quick snap kick to his mid section sent him hurtling backwards in
to his pal. Alexia collapsed through clenched teeth. She had already sustained a large cut
on her left leg from the crash but she didn‟t stay down for long. She knew she had to be
quick; these guys could be capable of anything. Lance and Anita are depending on me to
save them. She tried to encourage her self to not give in to the pain. No she wasn‟t going
to sit down and let Simon get away with this. These guys had to be his clowns, one of the
men moved towards her with a black club. Alexia caught sight of it instantly and dodged
out of the way as he thrust it towards her. He hit the hydrant pump, with full force. It
weaved an idea in Alexia‟s mind how she could dispel them quicker, she swiftly sent a
cart wheel kick to the man‟s forehead and then dove behind towards the hydrant. She
turned the wheel and allowed the water to spray out in full force, in a fury of might the
water threw both men against the black Volvo from which they had come in. they looked
fumigated and more importantly drenched. The two men through grunts and muttered
some curse words incoherently, one of them picked up his black club from the cement
pavement and charged for her.
 Alexia was ready and he proved an effortless opponent, she blocked his attack with one
arm and then sent a quick upper-caught in to his chin with her other hand. He staggered
back and then she finished him off with a quick spinning kicking to the head. He hit the
ground hard with a thud. The second man had opened the black Volvo doors and was
rummaging through some kind of bag in the front seat. Alexia quickly as she could with
her leg injury moved towards him. She placed her hand on his shoulder in an attempt to
turn him around when—
 A high pitched screeching noise burst in to her ears and caused a boiling pain in her
mind, she immediately placed her hands over her ears, but with little effect. Oh god!
What is that noise!! Her mind screamed almost as she collapsed on to her knees, her nose
began to bleed. “Please!” she bit “make it stop!” she breathed in pain, she hadn‟t felt this
kind of pain ever before. What the hell was this? The man kicked her across her cheek
forcing her flat against her back on the road.
 She wiggled around on the floor, trying to make the pain stop, oh god, she would do
anything to make it stop! It felt like her eyes would just pop out of her sockets and her
brain would explode, her ear drums thudded like they were on the verge of a break down.

Chapter one

Just when it seemed like she was wasted some thing happened, a figure sprung out from a
nearby alley and pounced on to the man in black that stood menacingly over Alexia. He
was dressed in a black shirt under a pale gray jacket, his light blue jeans tightened and
stretched as he swiftly landed a kick to his opponent. Alexia tried to focus her attention
on the tall dark man, but her hazy vision and the pain numbing her brain to death was too
much of a distraction. She watched helplessly in much aggravation as the blurry
handsome man swiftly fought against the man in black. The blurry stranger moved
swiftly, dodging and planting his attack accurately on to his target, but the pain in her
brain was so great she was now beginning to see doubles.
 Finally the man in black fell crashing in to his black Volvo cars windscreen, glass
shattered and the stranger moved away from the man and turned his gaze upon Alexia.
She wondered if he was friend or foe. Who is he?
 “What‟s wrong with you?” the man asked in a smooth unconcerned voice, Alexia didn‟t
respond, she couldn‟t hear anything, she was still in pain, the loud screeching noise was
beginning to wear down her body, she felt almost limp, her nose was bleeding, and so
was her left ear. The stranger moved away from her, sixty seconds later he said “well,
what have we here?”
Then to her surprise the noise just went, every thing was quiet, she couldn‟t hear anything
beside the light buzz in her ear, her head felt light headed and her stomach churned. She
shook her head and then narrowed her eyes to see who the stranger was; leafy green eyes,
dark blonde hair and that mocking grin across his chiseled cheek bones, it could only be
one person—“Damon” she said through gritted teeth and then she threw up…
“Yeah, you look real sexy right now” Damon smiled mockingly as he fiddled with a
small silver lighter sized object, admiringly. Alexia wiped her mouth and then shook her
head trying to clear her mind. She slowly staggered to her feet and looked at Damon,
“thanks” she said bitterly. Damon shrugged “don‟t be” he told her “I wasn‟t doing it for
you. I just felt like a work out” he added.
 Alexia leaned backwards against the wall, wiping the blood from her nose, her inside felt
like they had gotten a one time shake out or some thing. “What are you doing here?” she
asked curiously, she didn‟t trust him, she could never trust him. He was a vampire, and it
was in their nature to be evil, and Damon was and is evil, the only reason she puts up
with him is because of Lance. Oh god, Lance, I need to help him.
 Damon drew away from the Volvo and moved towards Alexia, he had a certain
suaveness to his movements, he was calm and relaxed unlike Alexia who seemed a little
on the edge. “CNN, been followin the whole crazy thin” he informed her, “then you
know Lance and Anita are held hostage in the bank?” Alexia asked.
Damon nodded “yeah, quite funny actually” he chuckled, Alexia threw him a look. He
froze in his tracks, and smiled “don‟t have a hissy fit love” he said
 “We need to get them out” Alexia replied. Damon looked surprised “we?” he asked “I
don‟t think so, I‟m not interested… your on your own” he said turning his back to her.
 “What?!” Alexia shot “how could you say that?”
Damon rolled his eyes “well, I opened my mouth, and then words came out…it‟s easy
actually” he said sarcastically still playing with the little silver lighter sized object. Alexia
noticed the object “what‟s that?” she asked. Damon shrugged “nothin” he said quickly
and placed it in his pocket, “well I better be off then, wouldn‟t wanna miss Anita‟s big
debut on TV” he grinned.
 Bastard! Alexia thought.
Damon heard “Hey!” he bit defensively “show some gratitude I just saved your life” he
reminded. “Thought it was just a work out?” Alexia questioned.
“It was. But now I need to get laid.” Damon said then looked at Alexia as if he was
thinking of her inappropriately “unless you‟d be willin to fill that role” he asked, his
voice becoming more soothing, “cause id suggest you clean up first” he added seductive
smile crossing his features “then may be I‟ll think of helpin your little pals” he offered.
 “I‟ll pass” Alexia said un-amused. She couldn‟t stand him, let alone sleep with him, “I‟m
not that desperate” she added.
 Damon through his arms up “fine, suits your self” he said then turned his back to her
again “your loss not mine” he began to walk in to the dark alley.
“If anything happens to them, I swear I‟ll kill you” she told him coldly, he waved her off
and replied from the distance “you‟ll try” and then he turned a corner.
 Damon grinned as he reached in to his pocket and pulled out the little lighter sized thing
he had found, apparently this thing had been the cause of Alexia‟s pain minuets before he
had arrived. There was a small red little button on it, Damon smiled mischievously
“especially now that I have a little leverage against you” he whispered to him self.


A loud ringing began to echo in her ears, for a moment Alexia had actually thought it was
hear ears ringing from the aftermath of what ever that noise had caused. But soon as she
turned her head left she noticed a phone booth, and a phone. It’s ringing. She noted, she
waited a few seconds, no one answered, she looked left, right and forwards and
backwards, no one was around. She took a deep breath and slowly limped towards the
phone booth gently answering the phone;
 “What took you so long?” Simon asked. Alexia sighed “I was taking out the trash” she
replied. Simon chuckled “that‟s sweet” he said “are they dead?” he asked. Alexia
shrugged “does it matter?” she replied. “Suppose not. But you know, you could have
stopped all this, didn‟t want to damage you” Simon informed her. “Who are you?” Alexia
asked again “what do you really want?!” she demanded. “What I want is some co-
operation and honesty!” Simon raised his voice, “you think I don‟t know what you were
up to?!” he asked “I know you attempted to save your friends, now thanks to you one
more person is DEAD!”
 “What?” Alexia replied shocked “you killed them?” she asked angrily “no” Simon
replied quickly “it was some one else with them. But I assure you… you want to attempt
saving them go ahead. But I‟ll prove I‟m not just a bluff, I‟ll blow Anita‟s head off and if
you‟re still determined to screw them up I‟ll kill Lance to!”
 “No!” Alexia said sounding desperate “I‟ll do it. I‟ll get you your disc” she gave in “fine.
I‟ll give you one last chance and just so you know. I have people all over the place, you
try and pull a fast one on me and I swear I won‟t hesitate to tell my boys to pull the
trigger on your pals and that‟s a scout‟s promise” he assured. “How do I contact you?”
she asked “you don‟t” he replied strictly “when you get it, wait for my phone call. I‟ll
give you the new instructions when the job is done. Understood?” he asked. Alexia
nodded and answered “yea” she bit. Then the phone was cut, and she placed it back on to
the receiver. Sirens sounded and Alexia‟s sharp eye sight could see flashing blue lights
down the road. The police was on its way, looks like some residents must have called
them. She thought, she had to split the scene, and fast, the quickest exit out of this street
was through the dark alleyway Damon had used. She took the same route...

Fifteen minutes and thirty three seconds later Alexia arrived at her apartment, she had
decided it was better to return home, get cleaned and then plan her next move. The
wound in her head and leg had already begun to heal if only her ears could stop ringing
now. She opened the shower room door, and closed it behind, gently taking a look at the
mirror, a few scraps but nothing serious. Ever since Alexia could remember, she had been
different from other people, stronger, faster, and most importantly she healed quicker, it
was these attributes that David Rain had wanted and used her for. He had pretended to be
her father, lied to her that she had been in some freakish car accident and suffered
amnesia. She couldn‟t remember her life beyond the last three years, she didn‟t know
why, but she wanted to know, needed to know who she really was, were she came
from...but a part her was afraid, she feared that the deeper down the rabbit hole she may
go, the more she will regret what she will find. That was her life so far, and now this
Simon guy claimed he knew her and was using her to do what he wanted, if she refused
she will lose the only man in her life that she remembers has been honest with her. Lance
was the one person in this world she trusted, the one person who had helped her, he
understood her. Lance and Alexia were both victims in this because Alexia‟s appearance
was identical to the appearance of Lance‟s dead wife Sunlight.
 The mirror never lies, she looked at it, questioning, wondering how it would have felt to
have come face to face with Sunlight had she not died in labor. No, I have to save Lance.
She told her self and looked away. She unzipped her black leather top and then slid down
her black leather pants. After removing all her clothing she turned on the shower and
began to wash away the dried blood from her face and leg. Two minuets later she came
out feeling refreshed, and stood in front of the mirror again. She grabbed the towel and
dried her self off, then reached out for a can of instant black hair dye. She had purchased
a few days ago to dye her hair, she was wanted by the police for her previous crimes,
murders she had committed under the orders of the man who had claimed to be her father
David Rain; he had also been the CEO of a large company called TRX industries and
secretly was Thorn, the king pin of the criminal underworld.
 Dyeing her hair black wouldn‟t exactly change the way she looked but at least it would
cause people to question or think twice before they ratted her out or made any moves to
arrest her, that‟s all she needed from them, a little doubt and she would manage to get by.
She took of the lid and was about to spray her hair when she stopped, she placed the
spray back on the sink. On the side shelf was a scissors, she took it, she laced her hand
down the strands of her rich red hair, and then she cut them. She cut the edges, trimming
them down carefully. It would be easier and quicker to apply the spray if she had shorter
hair, three minuets after she had managed to cut them down neck high, almost a bop cut,
it wasn‟t exactly the most neatest of finishes, a little scruffy, but it still looked well
enough. It would have to do. After applying the black hair spray Alexia bent down and
picked out green army clothes from her carrier bag. She had bought fake army clothes
from the Halloween shop down Main Street, it hadn‟t cost her that much but she hoped it
would work in fooling the other soldiers at the military base.
 Dressed and ready she looked at the mirror one last time to see if she was ready the part
“Hold on Lance.” She whispered.
Chapter Two

The military compound was quite away from the traffic and crowded parts of New York,
isolated by a single stretch of road restricted to civilian personal. Trees grew on either
side of the road allowing privacy and warning signs for trespassers. Alexia was at the
wheel of a green army SUV she had managed to steal a mile from here. It had been an
easy task dispatching two soldiers who had been driving towards the compound; all a girl
had to do was show some cleavage at times, knowing soldiers who where away from
serious female contact they were always rearing and sizing up opportunities to have a
quickie. Too bad in this case the only quickie they had gotten was Alexia‟s fist in there
nose. She had tied them both down on a near by tree making sure they wouldn‟t interfere
with her plan.
 It was times like these her training as an assassin paid of; she was quick agile, and more
importantly good at infiltration. She had done assignments like these many times before
in the past for David Rain. She personally preferred the crash and kill first policy, but that
didn‟t mean she wasn‟t accustomed to infiltration. This job called for it, and having a
frame of mind like the incredible Hulk wasn‟t going to do her any good. Not when bullets
could possibly be involved, she was different, but she was still human…she could still
A minuet went by on the long road until she finally caught sight of high fence and barrier
post. She could make out the compound after the fence, between was an open field of
grass. The SUV came to a halt at the barrier, and the guard moved towards the SUV‟s
tinted black side window. “ID” he asked. Alexia rolled pressed the button to lower the
window and then pulled out the stolen ID that belonged to the original SUV driver. She
showed it to the guard, he didn‟t look like he paid much attention to it, but he nodded
giving permission. It was one of those things, like when you sit on a bus, the driver
doesn‟t exactly pay much attention to it, and although in the army they should be more
careful. But this base wasn‟t all that big, no big weapons or anything, very few people
came through.
 As the barrier gate lifted Alexia rolled hit the button close the window and then drove in
to the compound. A gray road led her down a narrow path, grass field on both sides.
Fences all around along with cameras and a few patrol teams walking about, the path led
her to a small hanger. The hanger occupied one helicopter, a few military trucks, and
another SUV. She parked the SUV towards the entrance of the hanger, if she needed to
make a quick get away on her way out it wouldn‟t be inconvenient.
 Opening the SUV doors she quickly scanned her surroundings to see if any one was
about, no one was; so she got out and closed the door behind. She had tied her now bop
cut black hair in to a pony behind and wore a green soldier cap. Her pace fast and her
senses heightened and on full alert, she walked out of the hanger bay and made her way
towards the main building.
 She managed to avoid the surveillance cameras and open the door using the swipe card
she had managed to take from the SUV driver. As she walked down the gray halls of the
building, her mind began to wonder astray again, it was beginning to become a habit. She
was beginning to feel a wide variety of different emotions she hadn‟t actually felt much
before, worry, fear, hurt. It wasn‟t the physical hurt, but the hurt from the thought of
losing some one close. Lance, Anita and Calvin were the only people she could consider
friends. There were arguments, disagreements but they all cared for one another, always
there through thick and thin. She never had that while she had been under the false
impressions that David Rain had been her father. He had always just wanted obedience
and trust, but only from her part.
 Some thing was wrong.
This was all way too easy, getting inside; nothing is ever this easy… “Why couldn‟t
Simon do this himself?” she wondered. He clearly had the resources, so why go to all this
trouble to send her on an errand to acquire a zip disc? He had to have some kind of
arterial motive, what else could explain it?
 She gently opened the main office door and walked in, immediately making her way
towards the desk at the far right keeping one eye at the door just in case some one came
in. Her hands began to search through the drawers until she eventually came to one with a
group of zip disc stacked up inside it. Quickly scanning through each disc label searching
for the „one‟, Simon had mentioned it would be the only zip disc with the code XLZERO
on it. Seconds later Alexia found the zip disc but before she thought of stuffing it in to
her pocket curiosity got the better of her. There were questions and answers she needed to
know, what was so important on this disc? Time to find out
 She walked around the desk and switched on the LCD screen flat monitor then slipped
the Zip disc in to the zip drive. Moving the mouse cursor over to the my computer icon
she clicked twice and then waited for the options, a double click on to the zip drive icon
and then she heard the computer loading the zip disc she had placed. A beep and a second
later a windows message was displayed reading “Disc error, unable to decode” she let out
an aggravated sigh and then clicked retry. The zip disc loaded again and this time instead
of the windows message she was taken in to a black screen with letters, numbers all
falling down the screen. Every thing was jumbled up and completely unreadable. It was
like some thing out of the Matrix. Encrypted, this looks like a job for Calvin…
 The distant echo of footsteps sounded in the halls and her hand hastily removed the zip
disc and slipped it in to her trouser pockets. Moving towards the door she realized the
silent and undetected approach had gone down the drain. Whoever was coming was to
close for her to avoid.
A man walked in dress in full marine uniform, Alex didn‟t stop admire the suite it was a
quick snap kick to the front of the old mans face and then she pushed him towards his
desk. His head bounced of the desk and he slipped on to the floor unconscious, “sleep
tight” she whispered making her way out of the office. She began to pace down the halls
towards the main entrance but in the world of Alexia nothing is ever so simple. Just as
she got a meter close to the door five or six armed soldiers burst through the doors. One
she recognized as being the SUV driver, I guess he escaped she figured. They didn‟t fire
but they did attempt to threaten and detain her by approaching her. She took care of the
first one that got with in hitting range with a simple spin kick. He tumbled against the
wall and then fell, the others then took aim and pulled there triggers. The bullets tore the
air around her; she managed to miss them barely by flipping backwards and landing on
the floor on her fours. She swiftly grabbed the gun from the fallen soldier and used the
butt of the gun to knock down the second soldier. Third and fourth both came at her but
she blocked and evaded there attacks, her movement swift and decisive. As she took them
apart she kept trying to tell her self one thing. Don’t kill them. She wanted to reform from
her evil ways, killing people wasn‟t the right way she knew that now but it was easier
said then done. She had been killing for over a year, she had tasted blood on her hands
that sort of thing changes a person. Deep down inside her she knew no matter what she
would do she could never be rid of that dark nature David Rain had thrust upon her by his
lies and deceits, but for Lance, he believed in her…for him she would try.
 Three and four went down unconscious and all that remained was number five the SUV
driver, she looked at him and felt pity, she could see the fear in his eyes as a puddle
formed beneath his feet. “I was never going to kill you” she told him then just walked
pass him and out the door.
 Once out she could hear the steps of more soldiers behind her, she could also hear the
barks of the black watch dogs as they tried to catch her. They were fast, but she was
faster. In little to no time she could see the hanger, and then the doors being closed
rapidly. She took a deep breath and lunged forward rolling in to the hanger just as the
doors closed. Time to blow this joint
 She jumped in to the SUV, revved the engine and then blew out the hanger doors and
sped down the grass field narrowly avoiding the soldiers. The barriers were lowered and
she never intended to wait for them to open-not that they would.


Alexia awkwardly looked over her shoulders before she walked in to the phone booth,
she needed to call Calvin, let him know she was alright and find out about the hostage
situation at the bank. She hadn‟t had much time getting clued in on the new developments
on the count that she was trying to save them the only way she knew how. She dialed
Calvin‟s cell phone number after she slipped in the quarter and then waited for him to
pick up. He did, “Hi” she said, “Alex!” he said “you‟re alive!”
Hearing his edgy voice across the line was some what comforting she had never actually
realized how much he cared for Lance and Anita until today. “What happened?” he asked
worriedly “are you alright?”
 She hadn‟t also realized he cared so much for her; she wasn‟t exactly used to be asked
those types of questions before. But she was glad, and it felt nice inside that they did, she
was so thankful for having met them. “I‟m fine” she told him “what‟s the situation with
Lance and Anita?” she inquired. “Same” Calvin said disappointedly “the Swat teams
tried going on before but it didn‟t work, they had casualties…there gonna try again” he
added. “I need a favor” Alexia asked “sure” Calvin replied. Alexia looked to her left and
right making sure no one was watching. The street was quite crowded and there was a lot
of congestion on the road. She had dumped the SUV a few blocks away to make sure the
solder scouts didn‟t trace it back to her, she had even considered burning it but that felt a
tad too extreme even for her. “I need you to encrypt a zip disc for me” she told him, there
was a pause before Calvin replied “what! Now?” he asked surprised. “Yeah, Simon
wanted it, I need to know why” she informed him; “sure, I‟ll do it, by the way, speaking
of Simon. I did that background search you asked, I checked all known retired soldiers
with the first name Simon came up with a few, there was one in particular that caught my
eye though, Simon Alexander Francis. He retired 25 years ago and then went missing two
weeks after, never heard of after that.” Calvin notified. “You think it‟s the same person?”
Alexia questioned. “It‟s a possibility, I mean the others are all either dead, or living
happy lives according to my background checks. So how you going to get the zip disc to
me?” he asked. “I‟ll be there twenty minuets” she said then put the phone on to the
receiver. She was done waiting for Simon to make his move, done with holding back.
The longer she waited for Simon and his orders the more chances of Lance and Anita
getting caught in the cross fire between the cops.
 She turned around and pushed the phone booth door open when the phone started to ring,
she let out a sigh and then turned around and picked it up.
 “Do you have my disc?” Simon asked. “Yeah” she replied bitterly “what now?” she
asked. “I don‟t assume it was too difficult?” he asked wonderingly “just tell me were to
meet” she demanded. Simon chuckled “Forest Hill Bridge, don‟t be late.” Then the line
was cut. Alexia hanged up and angrily kicked open the phone booth door, Forest Hill
Bridge was an hour‟s drive from here and she needed to get the disc to Calvin and
attempt a rescue for Lance and Anita. Simon had no guarantees he would hold true to his
word after he got the disc. She scanned her surroundings and noticed a man dressed in
similar men in black style uniform like the two men she had encountered today. He
definitely fit the profile but she had to be sure. She looked away from the man and then
quickly turned around and noticed the man turn his head. He was looking at her, now she
was convinced he was working for Simon. She had to lose him some how, she began
walking towards an alleyway but when a bus stopped in front of her and blocked the
mans view she quickly decided to get inside the bus hoping she had fooled the agent in
thinking she had gone in to the alleyway. She watched from the window noticing him
crossing the road and walking down in to the alleyway. Job well done she told her self.

Chapter Three

Calvin stood inside the „Cinq Tient le premier role‟ French restaurant his arms crossed,
and eyes his staring out through the closed double door windows. Watching the scene out
side unraveling, so many things going through his mind, he hoped. No he preyed his
friends were safe and would come out of this unscathed. It had been nearly a full day now
and as the time passed on the more he realized the situation was far more real then he had
realized. He wasn‟t sure what was worst being so close to the Halifax bank and not being
able to do a thing to help his friends. The police and the swat teams looked as though
they were trying very hard to calm the situation down but it was evident there efforts
were going to a naught. The news crews and reporters were all surrounding the edges of
the streets since the police had closed down the street to all civilians. Where was Alexia
when he needed her the most?
 And as if on queue—
He turned around and his worried face lightened up with relief “Alex!” he said almost
with a sigh of relief. He didn‟t know why but for some reason it felt like the situation
wasn‟t as bad now, or at least wouldn‟t be. “What‟s up with the commando look?” he
asked noticing she was dressed in a military camouflage uniform, and she had dyed and
cut her hair shorter. “I had to break in to a military compound” she informed him
standing next to him to look out the windows. “What‟s that smell?” Calvin sniffed,
Alexia looked away and awkwardly replied “I…came from the sewers” she said
awkwardly. “See any giant turtles?” Calvin joked in an attempt to lighten the mood.
Alexia ignored him then scanned the street through the window again. “What‟s the
situation?” she inquired. Calvin stuffed his hands in to his pockets taking a deep breath;
“the cops tried negotiating, didn‟t work, there gonna try going in again” he filled her in.
Alexia reached in to her pockets and pulled out the zip disc and handed it to Calvin “you
have a lap top?” she asked. Calvin shrugged “yeah, never know when you need one” he
admitted sluggishly, then looked at the disc Alexia handed him. “What‟s this?” he asked.
Alexia glanced at him “that‟s what I want you to find out” she told him then walked over
towards the door. Calvin followed “where you going?” he requested. “To save Lance and
Anita” she replied. Calvin was about to open his mouth to tell her the doors were locked
but before he could she smashed the glass door and walked out. “She‟s like She Hulk!”
Calvin thought loudly to him self with a weak smirk. Jokes aside he was quickly making
his way towards the table where he had placed his rack-sack. He found it nestled under in
between the chairs; he picked it up and unzipped the zipper then hauled out his Intel lap
top. He was lucky he had also installed a zip drive on it a while back. He slipped in the
zip disc and then cracked his fingers going to work. Once he was inside the disc, a blank
black screen popped up on his screen with green jumbled letters going down it like a
special effect from the Matrix movies. “Wow” he said in fascination and awe, shaking
him self out of a brief trance, he began to attempt to decrypt it. This task might have been
easier if Pablo the chef hadn‟t come out from the kitchen and start blaspheming at him for
breaking the restaurant window, which he hadn‟t broken by the way.

 Detective Cecelia geared up as she loaded her hand gun taking a glance over to her
partner Detective Clay Hamilton who was ready and rearing to go. “Let‟s get this done
with, I‟m starving” he said with a weak grin. Cecelia beamed him back and smiled “I
could do with a shot of Vodka my self” she admitted. Clay chuckled “wow, Cecelia goes
wild” he teased. She didn‟t reply she just gave him a glare and then slapped her hand on
his bullet proof vest as she walked passed him. Clay smirked to him self then followed
her. Behind them the swat team and a few federal agents from the FBI also followed suit,
all of them keeping low to the ground as they attempted to storm in to the bank. Gun
shots erupted, cutting in to the air whilst some hit bricks and others pinged of the parked
police cars. The police providing cover for the infiltration team whilst the supposedly
terrorist tried to make sure no one got in to the bank. Windows from cars shattered while
the opposite happened to the banks large glass windows, car tires punctured but then the
first blood was drawn by the „villains‟ when an NYPD officer was shot across the
shoulder tumbling instantly to the ground, dead or alive no one knew. Luckily the
paramedics were at hand to provide assistance.
 Cecelia Reyes duct down avoiding a few gun shots her self Clay and all three Swat team
members and the two FBI agents were unharmed. All flattened themselves against the
sides of the banks broken windows until she gave the signal. All of them rushed in. Clay,
and the three Swat team members were the first wave in to the bank through the broken
windows. “Freeze!” Clay shouted even though both he and the terrorists were already
shooting at each other. He duct and avoided a shot then as he was about to take a step
“Clay no!” Cecelia shouted from behind attempting to get in but held back by the FBI
agent. Clay was unsure why Cecelia had shouted at him, but when he spared a glance
backwards then forwards he realized he had tripped a wire. “OH-SHIT!” he uttered and
then as if from no where fire erupted around both him and the three swat team members
the loud explosion blowing them to smithereens. Both FBI agents and Cecelia hit the
ground a feet away in shock.
 Anita screamed grabbing on to the little girl tightly and plunging her self in to Lance‟s
embrace. They were the lucky ones, the explosion wasn‟t as big as it had sounded, but
they couldn‟t say that to the guys that had just died trying to save them.
 Lance got up angrily if there was any time they were going to escape it was now.
Unfortunately for him Domino had been keeping an even closer eye on them, probably
figuring they might attempt to escape. She smashed the butt of her machine gun in to his
face knocking him to the ground.
Cecelia picked her self up and rushed in to the bank, she was confronted by the masked
man, Mole. He was well armed but she was running on pure rage and adrenaline. Rushing
right in to him and throwing him down on to the ground pointing her hand gun on to his
forehead he struggled but before he could turn her over she pulled the trigger and blood
splattered as she blew a hole in his head.
 Then she was hit by some one from behind and she fell to the ground unconscious, Fuse
the second terrorist was on to her. He would have pulled the trigger on her but the FBI
agents who were following in provided a direct threat. So he made a quick meal of them
by shooting his machine gun at them. Both agents crumbled to the ground dead. Fuse
turned his attention back to Cecelia pointing the gun to her chest ready to fire a round in
to her except he didn‟t. A bullet was fired he could have sworn it was out side, but why
couldn‟t he pull the trigger? What was holding him from doing it? Then he looked down
at his shoulder which was bleeding. It went limp and his machine gun dropped, Alexia
stood behind him as he turned she sent a fly kick in to his stomach tossing him out from
the large hole made by the explosion. He fell out but didn‟t see anything but a frenzy of
police shots tearing into him. He died.
“Alex!” Lance breathed a sigh relieved, she turned to face him “Lance” then Domino
interrupted the reunion with her machine gun. Alexia rolled forward towards Domino
barely missing being shot and kicked the gun out of Domino‟s hands. She tried to target
Domino with her hand gun but the woman was far to trained to allow her to get the clean
shot. Domino grabbed Alexia‟s hand and then blocked as Alex tried to upper-caught her.
She kicked Alexia in the mid section sending her backwards then spinning hale kicked
the gun out of her hand. “So we meet again” Domino beamed “I‟ve been waiting a while”
she told her “we have unfinished business” she concluded. Alexia scowled “you always
did” she agreed. Alexia remembered how many times David Rain had sent her to do a job
and how many times she had failed at them, it wasn‟t that Domino was a poor assassin
she was just sloppy. “Thing‟s change” Domino told her bitterly “I‟ve brushed up on my
skills” “good for you” Alexia quipped then tried to hit her with a right fist. Domino
blocked and responded with a jab to her stomach followed by a kick that sent Alexia
down on to the floor. Alexia had been trained to turn every situation in battle to her
advantage this was no different, so she scissor swept Domino of her feet and pounced on
top of her. Domino growled at her and pushed her over and off her quickly managing to
get a hold of her machine gun again. This time Domino had the advantage as Alexia sat
crouched on the floor alert but out of ideas. “Like I said, I‟ve improved” Domino
 Lance got up and tried to charge at Domino who reacted swiftly to move out of the way
allowing Lance‟s wait to throw in to a table and over. “Lance” Anita and Alexia both
yelled together. Domino grinned “you should have just done as Simon said; you could
have avoided this mess” “your so full of it” Alexia bit. Anita had, had enough; she placed
the little whimpering girl down and tried to sneak up behind Domino despite Alexia‟s
eyes begging her to stay back. That was probably good advice, she should have
 Domino instantly grabbed her arm pulled her forward and then the gun that had been
pointing at Alexia was now being pushed in to her throat. “Ouch!” she murmured. “Let
her go!” Alexia demanded. “No!” Domino replied swiftly “I think I‟ll take miss X prom
queen for a little ride” she informed them. Lance got up slowly but then another
explosion from the back side of the bank sent both him and Alexia ducting for cover.
When the two opened there eyes they saw Anita being dragged out of the back were
another large chunk of wall had just been blown out. Alexia tried follow but she couldn‟t
reach Domino as she hauled Anita in to a helicopter, the occupants of the chopper began
to fire at her so she had little choice but to hide and watch them take her in to the sky and
out of sight.
 She saw Lance limping towards her and beamed him a weak hopeful smile “I‟ll save
her” she promised and then walked off. Lance was about follow but the police had
charged in and Detective Cecelia was regaining her consciousness.

Chasing a chopper wasn‟t exactly as easy as she had hoped it would be, but then again
she was glad she knew were they were heading. Simon had asked her to meet him at the
Forest Hill Bridge and that was where she was headed. She had managed to „borrow‟ one
of the police motor bikes from near the bank whilst no one had been watching. She was
beginning to make a habit of grand theft auto… But the situation called for it, Anita‟s life
was in danger and it was all because of her. If only she had just listened to Simon and
gone to Forest Hill Bridge and given Simon his stupid zip disc then may be this mess
could have been avoided. She had managed to get the disc back from Calvin who had
also made a copy of the disc on his hard drive and was still trying to encrypt it. She had
killed most of the journey and was only 12 minutes away from her destination max. She
had lost sight of the chopper 30 minutes ago but she was positive she would find both
Domino and Anita at Forest Hill Bridge. Simon would be there so he would definitely
need a strong body guard around, and Domino was probably second best to her self. As
she stormed down the long narrow road Calvin‟s cell phone went off. Since her own had
been destroyed she had borrowed Calvin‟s when she had gotten the zip disc back from
him. “Hey” she quickly answered eyes still on the road. “I think I decrypted the data from
the disc” he informed her. “What‟s on it?” she inquired. Calvin took a deep breath before
he replied “whole load of gibberish” he filled her in. Alexia shook her head “what?” she
asked puzzled. “Yeah” Calvin replied sluggishly “the whole disc all it had on it was
gibberish, the stuff didn‟t make sense” he declared. “May be you didn‟t decrypt it
properly?” she protested. “Hey!” Calvin said offended “I‟m telling you I decrypted it and
all that was on it was well, nothing but gobbledygook!” he told sharply. Alexia sighed “It
doesn‟t make sense” she whispered. Calvin paused then spoke again “actually I think it
kind of does, I talked to Lance and he said Domino wanted you, I think your in
danger…” he alerted her. Alexia shrugged she had figured as much “I know, I had a
feeling this was about me” she realized. “How‟s Lance?” she inquired. “His limping but
he‟ll live” he told her. “Alex, what are you going to do?” he asked worriedly. She didn‟t
have to think twice as she answered “save Anita” she said. “But what if it is a trap?” he
pressed. Alexia sighed “I have to save Anita, I don‟t have a choice” she admitted then
looked around as she passed a sign that read Forest Hill Bridge; “Calvin I have to go, I‟m
nearly there. I call you back after” she added then switched the cell of after Calvin
wished her luck.

After she arrived at the beginning of the bridge she cut her engine and slowly came off,
spotting the helicopter in the middle. The bridge was large in width and length and was
almost like a miniature version of the golden gate bridge in San Francisco. It was in the
outer regions of NY so no one else was around. Her eyes caught sight of Domino holding
Anita just out side the chopper. She could see another man standing out side next to them.
She was convinced he was Simon since the pilot was still inside the chopper. She slowly
began to make her way towards them. Her mind plotting how she would deal with the
situation, wondering what she would do, and ask.
 The rumbling of carriage trains below echoed in to her ears as the wind blew across her
face and through her short dyed black hair which occasionally revealed her true crimson
red color. Her intense green eyes kept focus ahead. Every thing was tuned out from her
mind as she heard other noises once the train had passed below. Trees rustled from either
ends of the bridges, a few crows croaked on top of the bridges side bars.
 Once she was four feet away from the chopper Simon told her to “stop” he chuckled as
he took a few steps closer. She had never seen him before, or so she thought, but upon
closer inspection it seemed as though she had. Even his raspy voice felt familiar in a
creepy sort of way, his blue eyes gleaming with the lights from the chopper, he had pale
skin, peachy lips, and rough unshaven look complete with few wrinkles here and there.
From profile he seemed like he was at least late thirties or early forties. Dressed in a
simple brown blazer, and brown shirt black brown tie, he let out a rough cough and then
grinned. “My Alex” he said opening his arms as though he was expecting her to hug him,
she didn‟t. He chuckled “still don‟t remember me?” he asked walking pass Domino who
was tightly holding Anita who had given up trying to struggle free. Alexia noticed how
drained her friend looked. “No” Alexia admitted “but some thing tells me your going to
tell me” she realized. Simon laughed “I will, but first I was hoping we would talk a little
more before I dwelled in to our past” he informed her. Alexia crossed her arms “I‟m done
talking” she told him coldly “what‟s this?” she demanded pulling out the zip disc Simon
had made her get. “What‟s so important about it?” she pressed. “It‟s a new weapons
design I was going to have made” he began. “Bull” Alexia interrupted “I had a friend
look in to it. It‟s all just gibberish” she told him then took a step closer her fist clenched
“what‟s this really about Simon?” she requested in a threatening voice. “What do you
really want?” she continued to pressure him.
 Simon stuffed his hands in to his pockets and then began “it‟s about you” he clued her
“once upon a time, there was a scientist, and he learnt how to create the ultimate super
soldier. Unfortunately strength and power isn‟t always about brutality, Alex. That soldier
was you” he told her. “I took you in, taught you every thing I knew, I made you what you
are today, the greatest—
“Killer” Alexia whispered, memories suddenly flashing back in to her mind like tidal
waves. So many blurred images of Simon in different places, images of dank dungeons
and cells; images of her drowning in cold water and being resuscitated on an operating
table, burst of spot lights and painful injections-so real so vivid, that her body
unintentionally jolted back a little.
 “Oh god” she dropped to her knees, “what did you do to me?” she asked worriedly,
Simon walked over to her and crouched down besides her. “I did what I had to do.
Alexia, you were never born. You were cloned” he whispered to her almost sounding as
though he was trying to be sympathetic. But he could have said the words anyway he
wanted but either way wouldn‟t change what she was feeling, what she was. She shook
her head “No!” she whispered “you‟re lying” she argued. Simon stood up “why would I
lie?!” he asked raising his voice “what would I possibly have to gain from it?!!” he urged.
“I was head of the biggest secrete government project, I did what was necessary for the
future of this country I trained the perfect soldier!” he bit.
 Alexia felt sick “I‟m not real” she whispered to her self, Simon looked down at her “no,
your more real then any one else, Alexia your special. You‟re an immortal amongst
mortals!” he preached almost making it seem like this was a gift. That was it; she had,
had enough listening to him, and stood up. “You made me believe I was David Rain‟s
daughter” she said angrily. Simon nodded “you had to be tested in a real dangerous
environment. David was a multi billionaire crime lord. We knew he would be a stern test,
it was an opportunity to test you in a real field we couldn‟t pass up” he took his hands out
of his pocket and extended it to Alexia. “You passed with flying colors” he informed her
“and now its time to come back home” he told her. She looked at him curiously “home?”
she asked “and where is that. Exactly?” she wondered. Simon chuckled “I‟m not at
liberty to say” he said.
 Alexia looked at his hand, a part of her was curious to find out more, but did she really
want to know any more? She was a freak, a clone. She wasn‟t even meant to be alive she
was nothing. And nothing this man could say was going to change that. She was made to
be a weapon to kill. She felt gutted, frightened and disgusted all at the same time; she just
couldn‟t believe what he had told her. Confusion, anger rage, and yet more questions…it
felt like the deeper down the rabbit hole she went the more she didn‟t want to know the
“Join me” Simon continued. Alexia looked at him her eyes flashing with blind rage, rage
he saw and almost fell aback by. She grabbed his hand before he could retract it and
pulled him forward in to her grip, tossing him to the ground as if he was a child. He hit
the ground with a thud and let out a groan. Alexia moved towards Domino who held
Anita tightly, she couldn‟t speak because she was gagged by some kind of cloth. “Move a
step closer and I swear Alex, the pretty little Barbie doll gets it!” Domino threatened.
Alexia stopped “your fight is with me. Let her go!” she demanded. Domino smirked;
“your right.” She said tossing Anita to a side. Domino aimed her gun at Alexia who
quickly dived out of the way as she fired. Simon got up angrily “What are you doing?!”
he shouted angrily at Domino. “I want her alive!” he reminded. Domino shrugged “I was
just softening her up” she told him. Alexia used the distraction to punch Domino on the
side of her cheek knocking her down on to her bottom. She was about to grind her boot in
to Dominos face when—
A loud screeching noise burst in to her ears, it was so loud so high pitch that she couldn‟t
keep out. She fell to her knees, holding her ears, that sound she had heard before when
she had been attacked by the two Volvo drivers. What was it?! Tears formed in her eyes
and her lips quivered. She saw Simon holding some kind of small device in his hands as
he made his way towards her. The next thing she heard was Anita‟s voice. “Alex!” she
shouted, she had some how managed to get the cloth away from her mouth, her hands and
legs were still tied but she managed to half hop and half spring board towards Simon only
to be hit brutally across the face sending her flipping over the bridges fence and down.
 Oh god, Anita!
“Anita!” Alexia cried as she heard her screaming friend fall from the bridge helplessly,
she tried to get up but the screeching was so loud and painful she just couldn‟t. Then
Domino kicked her hard across her forehead sending her out cold.

To be continued…

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