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									 Roast Beef Havarti Ciabatta                                                      INSTRUCTIONS

                MENU ITEM REPORT                                    Roast Beef Havarti Ciabatta
 SUPC                       Description     Brand    Qty   Type
                                                                       Roast Beef with Horseradish Chive Havarti on a Multigrain Ciabatta
6109247   Beef Roast Nat Ch Bf Rare        HORMEL    4     OZ

0354555   Cheese Havarti w/Hrsrdsh Chive   BBRLIMP   1.5   OZ     This sandwich features the “NEW” Natural Roast Beef from
                                                                  Hormel which is the best roast beef. Topped with the
3629433   Lettuce Spring Mix Conv Pllw     SYS CLS   .5    OZ     Horseradish Chive Havarti, that is new in stock. Presenting
                                                                  this on a multigrain Ciabatta gives it a trendy more healthy
6075432   Tomato Sliced Frsh Lg            PACKER    2     EA
                                                                  carrier. Serve with fruit to keep it “fresh”.
7108659   Bread Ciabatta Multigrain        EUROBKE   1     EA
                                                                  1. Shave the Roast Beef and place four ounces on the bread.
5992474   Mayonnaise Real                   1756     .5    OZ

                                                                  2. Top with cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
6235501   Strawbeery Fresh                 PACKER    1     EA

1182336   Raspberry Red Fresh              PACKER    3     EA     3. This sandwich is great hot or cold.

           on &                                                                                Enjoy!!
Chef        mon’
    Ch ef Da

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                                                                                                         June 29, 2009—Sandwich

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