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									                     PRE-READING ACTIVITIES

1. Why are all these words related?




2. And these ones?



3. Look at these pictures. What do you know about them?

1. Read the following test

                       WELCOME TO LONDON!

   London is situated in the South-East of Great Britain. Over seven
   million people live and work in London. It is the biggest city in the
   U.K. It is also one of the most important cities in the world for
   business and tourism.

     A quick and easy way to get to different
   places in the city is to use the underground
   or “the tube” as it is called in London, it is the
   oldest in the world. You can see much more
   of the city from one of its famous red buses
   or from an open-top bus for tourists. The
   Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is a modern
   railway line, its trains don’t have drivers! You
   can also get one of the typical black taxis.
   And why not a boat trip along the River

     There are many exciting things to do in London. The city has got
   some of the best theatres and museums in the world. You can go
   on the London Eye, a big wheel that takes you 135 metres above
   London or to the Houses of Parliament to see the clock tower. In
   fact, Big Ben is the name of one of the bells. Buckingham Palace is
   the London home of the Queen. You can go shopping to Oxford
   Street or to Harrods. There are also hundreds of street markets,
   they sell all kind of things: food, clothes, jewellery, music and
   furniture. The best known are Portobello Road and Camden.

     You can eat food from all over the world in London or why not
   have some English Fish and Chips? Some of the most famous
   English football clubs are in London, Arsenal and Chelsea, or you
   can go to Lord’s, the “home of cricket”. When you are tired you
   can sit or walk in one of the eighty parks of London like Hyde Park
   or Regent’s Park. These are some of the things you can find in
   London but there are many more. Come and see!
                     POST-READING ACTIVITIES

1. Choose the correct answer.

1. London as a city
A     London is the biggest city in the world.
B     7000 people live in London.
C     Londoners work in tourism.

2. London’s transports
A     London underground is known as “the tube”.
B     You can’t reach the important places by tube.
C     Double-decked blue buses are a symbol of London.

3. Entertainment
A     There aren’t important museums in London.
B     London Eye is a small wheel.
C     Camden is a well-known street market.

4. Monuments
A     Big Ben is a bell in the clock tower, next to the Parliament.
B    The King lives in Buckingham Palace.
C    And the Queen lives in the Houses of Parliament.

5. Sports
A     One of the English cricket clubs is Chelsea.
B     You can rest in Hyde Park.
C     Football players are not famous in London.

2. Complete the sentences about places in London.
       1. A train without driver                     __________________________
       2. A big wheel                                __________________________
       3. The home of the Queen                      __________________________
       4. An important park                          __________________________
       5. A typical British food                     __________________________
       6. A famous football team                     __________________________
       7. The home of cricket                        __________________________
       8. An expensive department store              __________________________
       9. A street market                            __________________________
       10. The River                                 __________________________
                     “A brochure of a city/town”

1. Preparation: Think about a city/town. Make notes to answer the questions.
       a- Where is the town situated?
       b- Is it big / small / noisy / friendly / boring / interesting?
       c- Is there a good public transport?
       d- What places would you recommend?
       e- Are there any good cafés or shops? Where are they?
       f- What would you recommend to eat? Is there any typical food / dish?
       g- Are there any interesting parks?
       h- What are the most popular sports?

2. Task: Write a brochure of your town. Look again at the model text about
   London and use your ideas from exercise 1.

                                     Writing plan
    Paragraph 1:      Introduction and favourite places.
                      … is a city in the …of Spain

    Paragraph 2: Transport, shops and famous places
                     …has got lots of…

    Paragraph 3: Typical food, parks and sports
                     …There are some interesting…
           Dialogue - Asking for and giving directions

1. Imagine that you are at Piccadilly Circus. Complete the dialogue asking for and
   giving directions to go to Buckingham Palace. Use the Phrase Bank and the map.

         PHRASE BANK:             Excuse me …
                                  Is ….. near here?
                                  How do I get there? or How can I get to…?
                                  Turn left / right at … Street.
                                  Go straight on, etc.

      A: …………………. is Buckingham Palace near here?

      B: Yes, it’s not too far.

      A: How ………………….. there?

      B: Go down Regent Street. Then turn …………. at Pall Mall Street and
          go………… At Saint James Street ………………. Go straight on and at
          …………..turn right; from there you can see Queen Victoria Memorial and
          ……………………….. is opposite.
      A: A last question? What time is the Change of the Guard?

      B: At 11.30 am. I think.

      A: OK. …………………

   2. Prepare a new dialogue with directions to go from Buckingham Palace to
        London Eye.
                          USING THE INTERNET

We know you would like to go to London and you love surfing on the Internet but you
don’t have much free time for your journey, just a long weekend (5 days, 4 nights in
July) and you want to go with a friend.

   1. Before going to another country you should read as many
   things as possible about it: weather, customs, food … and
   currency, this is to say, the money they use. At least you should
   know the exchange rates.
   The following web will help you a lot.

   1. How many different coins are there? ___________________________________
   2. And notes? Which ones? ____________________________________________
   3. How many pounds are 60 euros? ______________________________________

   2. Now you have to book your plane tickets. Remember! The cheapest class is
   economic or traveller.
   Fill in the following information:

     Date     Departure       Arrival       From       To        Flight   Fare (€)
3. What’s next? Accommodation, of course! After a hard day as a tourist, you need
a room to rest, Try to find a Hostel or a B&B (Bed and Breakfast). They are the
cheapest! Better not very far from the town centre if you don’t want to spend all
your time and money on the underground or taxis. Have a look at:

1. Name of the establishment: _________________________________________
2. Address: ________________________________________________________
3. Telephone number: ________________________________________________
4. Nearest underground station: ________________________________________
5. Price: __________________________________________________________

4. Just one more thing: Enjoy your stay in London!

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