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Golf Tournament Reminder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3             MOAA singles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
June PPC/MOAA luncheon coupon . . . . . . . . . . . . .4                      Health care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
Membership counts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4        TOPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
When to renew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4      Tri-Lakes satellite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Thoughts from lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5        ROTC donations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
June’s keynote speaker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6         Legally speaking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Joe Gmelch Wounded Warrior gallery . . . . . . . . . . .6                     Veteran’s cemetery news . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
The editor’s desk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7    ROWC news . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
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2008 Annual MOAA Golf Classic coupon . . . . . . . . .9                       ORBS golf tournament coupon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
Medically speaking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10        PPC/MOAA investment club news . . . . . . . . . . . . .19
Taps report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10   Focus on units . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19
Legislative affairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11   Application and membership data . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

                                                                                        Jay Magee, LTC (Ret), USA; 201-7135,

June 5th — MOAA National Speaker!                                             Golf Tournament — July 11th
      Lt Col Shane Ostrom, MOAA National Deputy Director                            Reminder … the next monthly com-
of Benefits Information will come out to speak to our members.                mittee meeting with Doc Colvin is May 24th to put together
This is not one to miss! Check out the Upcoming Speakers                      our 4th Annual MOAA Mountain Classic Golf Tournament.
column and the luncheon coupon for June. This is one to bring                 The tournament is scheduled for 11 July at Ft. Carson’s
fellow officers, family, and guests. As we have stated before,                Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course. Our designated recipient of
ours is one of the largest and busiest Chapters in all of                     this benefit event is the Wounded Warrior program. If you are
MOAA, and with Colorado being in the top ten States for                       interested in assisting on this committee, you may reach Doc
military populations, there is a lot of interest regarding benefits           at 640-0798 to get details on the next Committee meeting.
within the local military communities. Better still, and what
we want all to understand is that what MOAA does for military                 Colorado Veteran’s Resource Coalition
members, it does for military spouses and families too. Hope                        One last time, we are still looking for a volunteer
to see many of you at this important event!                                   leader … the Pikes Peak Chapter is seeking someone to
                                                                              replace CW2 (Ret) Byron Guidry as our representative to the
Updated Website                                                               Colorado Veterans Resource Coalition. Byron has been
      Our new webmaster, Bob Nelson, has done a wonderful                     serving since his appointment to this position in 2000. The
job sprucing up the website at Please                         Colorado Veteran’s Resource Coalition provides shelter to
give it a good look and check out the linked pages. You will                  homeless veterans — a structured living environment for
find the current schedule of Upcoming Events, information                     veterans undergoing treatment for substance abuse, and
on the upcoming Golf Tournament, the most recent Eagle is                     assists veterans in stepping back into the community. The
posted, and from the website you can contact your Pikes Peak                  successful applicant should have a financial background, or
Chapter board members. There is also a link to view all of the                understanding to assist their council.
News from the four local military papers, The Mountaineer,                          As always, please keep your eye on The Eagle
the Academy Spirit, the Space Observer, and Schriever                         Upcoming Events schedule and feel free to reach out and
Sentinel. All are published by the Colorado Springs Military                  touch any one of our Chapter Board Members.
News Group.                                                                         Take care, and GBA!
                                                                                                                THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008                     1
                                                                        MOAA’s BENEFITS INFO. UPDATE
               CSMNG STAFF                                                Subscription Information
       Lon P. Matejczyk •                       To subscribe/unsubscribe or change your
                                                                   email address for the Benefits Information update,
                  GENERAL MANAGER                                      please go to
            Tex Stuart •
                                                                   You will need your MOAA membership number to
                          SALES                                         sign in to the site. If you have questions
         Linda Stuart •                            regarding the content of the update,
    Kathleen Gannon •                      please send an email to
       Tammy Fogall •
        Rob Carrigan •
                                                                         THE EAGLE (USPS #008961) is published
               GRAPHIC DESIGNER
                                                                     13 times a year, consisting of a monthly issue and
    Jeanne Mazerall •                    an annual Directory, published in the second quarter of
                                                                           each year, by the Pikes Peak Chapter,
                                                                          Military Officers Association of America,
                                                                           at a subscription rate of $5.00 per year.
                                                                       Periodicals postage paid at Colorado Springs,
                                                                           Postmaster: Send address changes to
                                                                               THE EAGLE, P.O. Box 15319,
                    31 E. Platte Ave.                                       Colorado Springs, CO 80935-5319,
              Colorado Springs, CO 80903                                       The Pikes Peak Chapter is a
                     (719) 329-5209                                        Non-profit organization not associated
                                                                             with the Department of Defense.
                                                                             The views expressed in editorials
About the cover: Helen Hunt Falls in north Cheyenne Cañon,                 and articles do not necessarily reflect
Colorado Springs, when the snow melts. Photo by Jeanne Mazerall.   Chapter Policy, Publication of advertisements does not
                                                                         Constitute endorsement by the Chapter.

                      Village at Skyline /
                   Brookdale Senior Living
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2    THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
                                                                                                       Tuesday, June 24
Board Meetings: Armed Forces YMCA, 2190 Jetwing Dr. @ 3:00 p.m. sharp!
Start times for Membership Meetings:                                                             MOAA SINGLES, Social Hour
                 Breakfast:     7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.                                   11:30 a.m., Lunch 12:15 p.m.; The Cliff House
                 Luncheons:     11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
                 Dinners:       1800 Social; 7:00 p.m. Dinner                                            Friday, 4 Jul
                                                                                                      Independence Day
            Saturday, 24 May
   Golf Tournament Planning Meeting,                   Thursday, 5 Jun
                                                                                                        Monday, 7 Jul
08:30 a.m., Best Western Academy Hotel        PPC/MOAA Luncheon, 11:30 a.m.,
                                                                                                 PPC/MOAA Board Meeting,
                                              PAFB O’Club, CAPT Schneewies,
                                                                                              3:00 p.m.; Armed Services YMCA.
    Memorial Day, Monday, 26 May          MOAA National Director, Benefits Information
 General Victor Renuart, Cmdr., NORAD                   Saturday, 7 Jun
                                                                                                    Thursday, 10 Jul
  and US Northern Command, Guest              Golf Tournament Planning Meeting,
                                                                                              PPC/MOAA Breakfast, 07:00 a.m.,
 Speaker; Pikes Peak Veterans Council,     08:30 a.m., Best Western Academy Hotel
                                                                                                PAFB O’Club, Judge Shakes
         Traditional Ceremony,
     Memorial Park at 11:00 a.m.                        Thursday, 19 Jun
                                                                                                        Friday, 11 Jul
                                             Monthly Joe Gmelch Wounded Warrior
                                                                                           4th Annual MOAA Mountain Classic Golf
             Monday, 2 Jun                   Social, 3:30 p.m., The Zone, Ft Carson
                                                                                              Tourney, Shotgun Start 08:00 a.m.,
   Annual Spring ORBS Golf Tourney,
                                                                                          Ft Carson Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course
         Tee Off at 08:00 a.m.,                       Saturday, 21 Jun
   Ft Carson Cheyenne Shadows Golf         Golf Tournament Planning Meeting, 08:30
                                                                                                       Thursday, 18 Jul
    Course (see flyer for registration)       a.m., Best Western Academy Hotel
                                                                                            Monthly Joe Gmelch Wounded Warrior
                                                                                            Social, 3:30 p.m., The Zone, Ft Carson
             Monday, 2 Jun
      PPC/MOAA Board Meeting,
   3:00 p.m.; Armed Services YMCA.

                             Golf Tournament
                                                 4th Annual MOAA Mountain Classic
                                             Golf Tournament scheduled for 11 July at
                                            Ft. Carson’s Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course.

                                                    See the enclosed flyer for details or
                                                       call the leadership below for
                                                            additional info NOW.

                                                James “Doc” Colvin 640-0798 — Chairman
                                                 Karin Manning 661-1740 — Registration

                                                                                               THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008                 3
      JUNe PPC/MOAA luncheon
                                                                                    Richard Cooper, CDR (Ret), USNR;
             When: Thursday, June 5, 2008                                           Membership Co-Chair; 572-5104,
             Time: Social at 11:30 a.m. —                                              Email:
                    Lunch at Noon
              Where: Peterson AFB Club                                         You folks are great!
                                                                               You are receiving this Eagle because
                        Presentation by:                                you have renewed your dues for 2008, or are
                                                                        life members. Counting you, we have 1,402 current members.
       LtCol. Shane Ostrom, USAF (Ret)                                  Our status of Largest Chapter, though, is in jeopardy because
         Deputy Director, Benefits Information                          we have a total of 969 of our brothers and sisters who have not
                                                                        yet paid their 2008 dues.
             Department Benefits Update                                        Since they will no longer receive the Eagle, the only
                                                                        way is to reach them is to send a direct mail appeal, which is
     Luncheon Choices @ $13.00 per person:                              in the pipeline. My hope is the majority of the recipients will
                                                                        agree that local membership is worth the $20 price — many
                 #1 Tossed Green Salad                                  of us probably spend that in a week at the coffee shop.
                 Honey-stung Chicken                                           Remember, all current membership is good through
           Potatoes — Chef’s seasonal vegetable                         December 31, 2008, except for the life members and people
          Rolls/Butter — Coffee/Tea — Dessert                           that have paid past 2008. Thank you again for your support.

         #2 Stuffed Avocado with Seafood Salad
         Rolls/Butter — Coffee/Tea — Dessert

        Please clip and mail this reservation with
             check (payable to PPC/MOAA),
                                                                               When to renew?
             to arrive NLT June 2, 2008, to:                                       ____________________________________

                       Karin Manning                                               YOUR NAME: LTC XXXX 2009
                   2011 Pine Mesa Grove                                            123 MAIN STREET
              Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3655                                      COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80145-6789
             To cancel or change a previously
              mailed reservation, call Karin NLT
                   Tuesday, June 3, 2008.                                     We’ve been getting inquiries about how

           Telephone 574-1986 or cell 661-1740                                members can check the expiration date for
                                                                              their membership in PP MOAA. We hope
                                                                              the above example is of some help; look for
                                                                              the year after your branch of service on
              JUNE PPC/MOAA Luncheon                                          your mailing label for The Eagle — that rep-
    ___ Honey-stung Chicken            @ $13.00 per person = $_______
                                                                              resents the year your membership expires.
    ___ Avocado w/Seafood Salad        @ $13.00 per person = $_______         Life members have “9999” shown as a year.
                                                                              All memberships expire on 31 December of
                                                   TOTAL = $_______
                                                                              the year printed.”
    Check for Singles Tables’ Seating: ________
                                                                                    Remember that National dues are not
                                                                              included in your chapter dues; however they
    Please print name(s) of those attending:
    _________________________________________                                 may also be mailed in with the renewal form
    _________________________________________                                 found in the next-to-last page of the Eagle.

4    THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
                                                                                   Brad Butler, BGen (Ret), USAF;
                                                                              352-9873, Email:

“Estate Planning and Myths of Probate”                               pass according to your will, and non-probate
                                                                     assets are those which pass by contract,
       Our speaker for the May luncheon was our very own             operation of law, living trust instruments,
Pikes Peak Chapter Legal Advisor, Col Skip Morgan, USAF,             gifts, or beneficiary designation, e.g.: life insurance.
Ret. However, Col Morgan didn’t come to speak about the                     The chapter aims to have a broad and balanced program
Chapter’s Legal affairs, but rather on another subject close to      for its members, and that includes professional and personal
his heart and with which he has great experience: “How to            development topics. Skip’s presentation covered multiple topics
Avoid Probate” ... or rather, how to be prepared for it! It had      that all our members should be aware of, so we can make sure
been several years since Skip last spoke to the Chapter, but his     we are all “squared away” in those areas ... as one usually,
reputation “packed the house” ... and everyone enjoyed his           doesn’t get a “do-over!! For those who missed it ... Skip’s
presentation and the lively question and answer period!              briefing handout is posted on our chapter’s website ... you can
       Skip leveraged his broad expertise and his unique             reach it at
ability to mix humor and candor throughout his presentation.
He referred to his briefing as the “Myths, Urban Legends and
Superstitions of Probate.” Skip’s primary premise was                              Pikes Peak Chapter #15 of the
centered around three principals: How to minimize the costs,              SOCIETY OF MILITARY WIDOWS
heartache and complexity of administering one’s estate, while                Meets the Last Wednesday of Each Month at the
ensuring the family is cared for; How to make sure one’s                    Peterson Officers Club. For more Information, call
assets (money) falls into the right hands, and is taken care of by      Irene Merrill, 633-8878, Check out the
the right people; and How to make sure the family experiences             VA’s Web Site for Widows at:
reconciliation at your passing, as opposed to feuding and               “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
fighting over heirlooms and ‘things.’                                    can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
       Skip also spoke on taxes, and both types of assets —                                               —Anthropologist Margaret Mead
probate and non-probate assets. Probate assets are those that will

                                      Liberty Heights
                                          1/2 pg

                                                                                                   THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008                     5
                                                                                          Brad Butler, BGen (Ret), USAF;
                                                                                     352-9873, Email:

“An Update from MOAA HQs”                                                 Financial Planner (CFP®) designation.
                                                                                  A native of San Antonio, Tex., he
       Our next chapter event is a luncheon at the Peterson               earned a BA and MA and is a graduate of the
Club on 5 June at 1130 and it is one you won’t want to miss!              Royal Australian Air Command and Staff College and the U.S.
We are fortunate to have as our featured guest                                        Air Command and Staff College. He earned numerous
speaker, Lt Col Shane Ostrom, USAF, Retired.                                          decorations and awards over his Air Force career.
He’s the Deputy Director of the Benef it                                                     His MOAA responsibilities include researching
Information Department at MOAA Headquarters                                           and writing articles and answering member
in Washington, DC. He will provide an overall                                         inquiries regarding military benefits, health care,
update on key MOAA issues, with a special                                             survivor issues, and financial concerns. He also
emphasis on benefits for our members and their                                        travels extensively to discuss these matters with
spouses and related initiatives and legislation.                                      service members, retirees, and their families.
       Lt Col Ostrom joined the Military Officers                                            Traditionally, our events with speakers from
Association of America staff in 2006. He served 20         Lt Col Shane Ostrom,       MOAA headquarters f ill up fast so get your
years in a variety of personnel, education and training,       USAF, Retired          reservations in early!! This is a great opportunity
and executive officer assignments. His assignments        Deputy Director, Benefits for all of us to bring our spouses and new or potential
included tours in North Dakota, Florida, Korea,               Information Dept        members, as well as to encourage other members
Australia, and the Pentagon. His final assignment                MOAA HQs,
                                                                                      who haven’t been to a meeting for awhile to attend.
                                                              Washington, DC
was on the Joint Staff writing and championing                                        The MOAA HQs will also be sending out invitations
legislation related to joint officer personnel management issues.         to those in the Pikes Peak Region who are members of the
       After Air Force retirement, Lt Col Ostrom was an                   National MOAA, but not the Pike’s Peak Chapter, so this will
investment advisor, practicing for five years before joining              be a special meeting opportunity for all of us!
the MOAA staff. He specialized in working with clients                            And if that’s not enough ... there may even be a special visit
developing, implementing, and managing investment plans                   from The Cowgirls of the West ... as they are preparing for the
and portfolios. He currently is working towards his Certified             State Fair and Pike’s Peak Rodeo this summer! See you there!

                             Joe Gmelch Wounded Warrior

                                        “Our wounded warriors and their leadership.”

6    THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
                                                              Goodwill /
                Lennie Coleman, COL, (Ret), USAF; 487-1657,
      As we move toward summer, I know many of you
will be planning vacations and trips to visit relatives and
friends. Proper planning and attention to details ensure
                                                                1/4 pg
you will have both a safe and fun summer vacation. I
always think of “Chevy Chase” and his vacation series of
movies as I plan for my vacations. Probably much like
many of you I always end of putting too much into to
short of a time. I am truly the author of the saying, “I
must go back to work to get some rest.” Hopefully many
of you will try to avoid that this summer and take the
time on your trip to relax and recharge for the rest of the
year ahead.
      I star ted this month’s Eagle in another Hilton
Garden Inn business center. I am really getting good at
working their systems. I also got a big scare when
returned home. Our many authors send me their articles
via email with various levels of expertise in using modern
technology. This month I got two extra presents with the
articles as one of the presents tried to destroy my hard
drive. Thank goodness for modern virus software. I guess
the lesson here is always scanning all attachments no
matter how well you trust or know the sender. I almost
learned the hard way!
      I will close this month by again asking each of you
as you visit with family and friends this summer, take
your camera and pencil along. Send me your story ideas
and let’s continue to make our Eagle a magazine we look
forward to receiving each month. One of the new ideas
brought to my attention was the vast military experiences
many of our members have from recent and not so recent
military campaigns. I ask those of you with those unique
experiences to write them down and send them along to
me so we can share them across our chapter. Thanks and
                                                               1/4 pg
happy reading!

Joe Gmelch Wounded Warrior Meeting
      The Joe Gmelch Wounded Warrior Meeting was held
on April 17 at Ft. Carson’s Java Hut/The Zone building
1532 Specker Ave. There were approximately 200 attendees
with Colonel’s Davis and Howard greeting 10 new wounded
returnees. The USO local office provided pizzas and our
Pikes Peak Chapter of MOAA provided beverages.
Auxiliary members Karin Manning and Margaret Bailey
helped serve the pizza. Other chapter members attending
included Jay Magee, Jack Artman, Bentley Rayburn, Vic
Fernandez, Jim Ryan, Ann Foster, and Benny Johnson. All
future meetings are presently scheduled for the third
Thursday of each month.
      Until next month; Thanks, Lennie.
                                                                 THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008   7
                                                                            Chaplain (Col.) Robert E. Mossey; 576-6010,

“Lest We Forget-2008”                                                 and protecting our Constitution and our
                                                                      nation under God.
       On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln                       “It is for us to be dedicated to the great
stood on a small platform in Gettysburg, Pa. to dedicate a new        task before us — that we are highly resolved that these dead
national cemetery to the brave soldiers who died in that battle       shall not have died in vain.” The danger for all Americans is in
that served as the turning point                                                                         not remembering, in believing
of the Civil War. What he said                                                                           that it is the responsibility of
then has been memorized and                To ensure no one is left out, I ask all Chaplains             others because, “I have been
quoted every year as we                      in the Pikes Peak area to send me an email                  there and done that.” Perhaps a
observe Memorial Day. His                                                                                major reason why so many
profound words have moved                    with their name, address, email and phone                   citizens “forget” or are
thinking people the world over                 number so that we might put together a                    engaged in other activities is
and must continue to move our              “Gathering of Chaplains” for sometime in the                  the fact that in 1971, Congress
citizens and leaders to never                                                                            passed the National Holiday
forget the great sacrifice our             Fall? We did this a few years ago and had about               Act, which moved Memorial
military men and women have                  25 chaplains gather for one of the luncheon.                Day to the last Monday in
made to preserve our freedoms.               Hopefully we can duplicate that success this                M ay. T h r e e o t h e r f e d e r a l
L e t m e q u o t e a p owe r f u l                                                                      holidays (Columbus Day, Labor
portion of that immortal speech:               year. Look forward to hearing from you!                   Day and Presidents D ay )
       “We are met on a great                                             — Thanks, Bob                  received the same treatment,
battlefield of that war. We have                                                                         thus ensuring that these holidays
come to dedicate a portion of                                                                            wo u l d c r e a t e t h r e e - d ay
that field as a final resting place for those who here gave their     weekends. This Act created an emphasis on “beginning
lives that this nation might live. It is altogether fitting and       summer, getting away from it all and not being bothered with
proper that we shall do this.                                         trivia such as parades and Military Services for the Fallen.”
       “But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate — we cannot         This year Memorial Day is on Friday, 30 May 2008. The new
consecrate — we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men              Federal observance of Memorial Day is on Monday, 26 May
living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far         2008. Lest we forget this year, consider these facts:
above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little                Over the past century, more than 35 million American
note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never            men and women answered the call to arms in WWI, WWII,
forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be     Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan and
dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought           countless other military engagements. More than half a million
here have thus so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here      of them never came home. Some died in battle, others in captivity
dedicated to the task remaining before us — that from these           and all died too soon. The latest all-too familiar military
honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for             action in Iraq and Afghanistan has offered fresh reminders of
which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we           the human reality of war. Ordinary men and women, some of
here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain       them your family, friends and neighbors leave homes, families
— that this nation under God, shall have a new birth of freedom       and jobs and all they know as they bear their arms are to risk
— and that government of the people, by the people, for the           their lives for an ideal of honor and duty, or to just protect the
people shall not perish from the earth.”                              soldier fighting next to them. Many persons of patriotism and
       Consider the key thoughts of that speech. “It is altogether    good will may debate the merits of any given war, police
fitting and proper that we shall dedicate a final resting place       action or humanitarian mission. However, there should be no
for our military heroes.” Thanks to the untiring, dedicated work      debate about our debt to the hundreds of thousands of our
of the Veterans Cemetery Committee we shall be dedicating a           citizens who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives
Veterans cemetery in the El Paso County area in the near              answering our nation’s call to serve in protection of our
future. “It is for us, the living, to be dedicated to the unfinished  citizens and our freedoms.
work which they have fought for.” Here is a challenge to all our             The “Memorial” in Memorial Day has been ignored by
military organizations and their members in this area to plan         too many Americans who are beneficiaries of those who have
and support any and all public parades, gatherings, services          sacrificed their lives for our freedom and liberty. Often, we do
and publicity to keep the memory and sacrifices of our fallen         not observe the day as it should be a day where we actively
military men and women alive and an inspiration to all in this        remember those Americans including our ancestors, family
community. We need to be dedicated to educating our students          members, loved ones, neighbors and friends who have paid
about the cost of our freedoms and their need to pick up the
gauntlet as their generation assumes responsibility for preserving                                 Chaplain’s corner, continued on page 10
8    THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008   9
                                                                                                           Joe Wanersdorfer,

      Happy Father’s Day on June 15! And let’s expand it to      a proclamation recognizing National Men’s Health Week.
include National Men’s Health Week from June 9-15. Men’s                The book, The Male Biological Clock by Dr Harry
Health Week, June 9-15, 2008, is a congressionally recognized    Rausch, makes several interesting points, to include:
annual event to heighten the awareness of preventable health            1. Male menopause is a gradual decrease in testosterone,
problems and encourage early detection and treatment of          possibly increasing depression. Testosterone levels can be
disease among men and boys.                                      checked thru a blood test by a physician.
      According to the Men’s Health Network in Washington               2. If it’s bad for your heart, it’s probably bad for
D.C., males need to take charge of their health and follow       your penis.
medical advice of an annual physical, exercise, and better              What can be accomplished by members of our local
nutrition. Males are reluctant to seek out medical care for      MOAA chapter?
preventable problems and hesitant to seek help when symptoms            1. Use Men’s Health Week or Father’s Day as your annual
develop. In comments from booklets issued by the Men’s           point of reference to improve your health over the past year.
Health Network, men need to become more aware of infertility            2. Get an annual physical and discuss problems openly
issues (40% attributable to the male!); relationship of high     with your physician.
cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes to erectile               3. Share this newsletter with other men and members of
dysfunction (18% of men); and other health problems related      your family.
to obesity and lifestyle choices. Make a commitment: start              4. Consider expanding this health awareness campaign
now for a healthier life and discuss health issues with your     to a national MOAA initiative using the Men’s Health Week as
physician. MEN’S HEALTH IS A FAMILY ISSUE!                       a framework. Additional information is available at
      Gov. Ritter is one of approximately 48 governors to sign

                                                 Taps Report
    (Pikes Peak Chapter — MOAA)
     In Memoriam                                    Died             Age            Joined               MOAA #
     ASP, CLAUDE S LCOL USAF                        21-Apr-08        97             01-Mar-74            244886
     BATEY, THOMAS A MAJ USA                        16-Apr-08        85             01-Jun-78            243855
     CONTE, NICHOLAS F COL USA                      14-Feb-          90             01-May-81            1211892
     FORT, GEORGE E LTC USA                         07-Apr-08        93             01-Dec-73            1120253
     HELIN, DOROTHY J MRS USAF                      05-Apr-08        87             04-May-86            1449440
     HESS, GENE LTCOL USAF                          26-Mar-          78             28-Feb-91            1657211
     MARTIN, CARL F LCOL USAF                       31-Mar-          79             01-Oct-96            1557742
     MASURE, MAXINE E MRS USAF                      31-Mar-          84             01-Feb-94            1298180
     ROPER, BETTE MRS USAF                          18-Apr-08        84             16-Feb-00            1808537
     WUORENMAA, J PAUL CDR USN                      15-Apr-08        75             01-Jun-79            1202603

                                                                                         Chaplain’s corner, continued from page 8

the price for our blessings of liberty. You can change this      Remembrance” at 3 p.m. to pause and think upon the meaning
neglect by the following suggestions:                            of the day.
      • By visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on         • By reaching out to aid the spouses and children of the
the graves of our fallen heroes.                                 fallen dead and to aid disabled Veterans.
      • By flying the U.S.Flag at half-mast until noon.                • We must resolve to remember our fallen heroes! Lest
      • By attending religious services of your choice.          we forget!
      • By attending services at public Memorials.                     — God Bless our military men and women. God
      • By participating in a “National Moment of                bless America.
10    THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
                                                                            Ed Lorenz, Col (Ret), USAF; 597-1336,

Senate Version of the FY2009 Defense                                personnel, which are driven by budget con-
Authorization Act                                                   siderations rather than actual requirements.
                                                                           It is unfortunate that the committee just delayed the
       The Senate Armed Services Committee approved its             TRICARE issue for one year rather than establishing
version of the FY 2009 Defense Authorization Act on April           statutory guidelines on what military beneficiaries have
30th. This is the first round in determining what congress will     earned and why. Without them these fees will continue to
approve for manpower levels, pay, benef it changes and              be subject to annual threats of large budget-driven increases.
weapons programs for the next fiscal year.                          It is also disappointing that the committee was unable to
       Among the hundreds of initiatives, the committee’s           find the budget headroom to address the continuing severe
bill would:                                                         inequities for disabled retirees and survivors.
       • Reject the proposed TRICARE fee increases rec-                    The next step on the Senate side will come in May when
         ommended by the Pentagon.                                  the committee approved bill will come up for consideration
       • Increase Army and Marine Corps manpower levels by          before the entire Senate.
         7000 and 5000 respectively.                                       The House Armed Services Committee is expected to
       • Authorize a 3.9% military pay raise for 2009, vs., the     draft its version shortly.
         3.4% recommended by the Pentagon.                                 Later the House and Senate will have to reconcile their
       • Require the Pentagon to base health care premiums for      differences. Burt that is not likely to happen until at least
         drilling Guard and Reserve members and families on         September, so we have time to convince legislators of needed
         actual TRICARE costs.                                      adjustments to the bill.
       • Allow up to 21 days of paternity leave for active
         duty personnel.                                            SBP Accounts
       • Require the services to establish a comprehensive
         suicide prevention policy.                                       The Defense Finance and Accounting Service are
       • Authorize training and education for military spouses      currently reviewing all military retiree accounts affected by
         to pursue careers that are portable upon reassignment.     the “paid-up SBP” law. As of October 1st, 2008 retirees
       • Provide additional protections in determining disability   who are at least 70 years old and have paid premiums for
         and retirement benefits for wounded/disabled personnel.    30 or more years will no longer have to pay monthly SBP
       We are pleased with the committee’s action on TRICARE        premiums. The change will be effective in your November
fees, the pay raise, the Army and USMC manpower increases,          pay. If a retiree does not meet the eligibility on October 1st
and the Reserve and spousal initiatives. However, we are            the premiums will stop when he does. Eligible retirees will
disappointed at the continued cuts in Air Force and Navy            be notified by DFAS regarding the status of their account
                                                                    and premium payment count.

                                                                    Reserve Retirement Fix
       Request for Stories                                                The FY 2008 Defense Authorization Act contained a
                                                                    provision that lowers the age at which a reservist can collect
             There are a lot of MOAA Members                                                Legislative Affairs, continued on page 13
       who had memorable military Experiences in
       the last major wars. Who would like to share
       their Military and Combat experiences with
       other MOAA Members.
             The MOAA Pikes Peak chapter now
       solicits some of those experiences to be                            James A Mundt
       included in our monthly publication in the
       Eagle. Articles should have between 500 to
       700 words and one or two pictures.                                  1/8 pg vertical
            Lennie Coleman, 719-487-1657, or
              Max Borysko, 303-647-0405

                                                                                            THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008              11
                                                                             Dick Spearel, CAPT, (Ret) USN; 488-3364,

Outstanding Enlisted Persons                                            Review Underway for Paid-Up
                                                                        Survivor Benefit Plan
       On Tuesday, April 15, I had the privilege of sitting on
the panel that was to select the outstanding enlisted persons
for recognition at the Armed Forces Day luncheon at the                       The Defense Finance and Accounting Ser vice
Broadmoor on 16 May. I have been on this panel for a number             (DFAS) recently announced it is reviewing all military
of years and it seems that every year, the task gets increasingly       retiree accounts affected by section 1452(j) of title 10 U.S.
hard. How do you pick the best of the best?                             Code, commonly referred to as “paid-up Survivor Benefit
       Just to let you know how it works, the various military          Plan (SBP).”
commands in the area submit the names of outstanding                          Under the law, reductions in retired pay for SBP will be
enlisted in their commands to be considered. There are four             terminated effective Oct. 1, 2008, for eligible retirees. The law
candidates in the E-1 to E-4 category, four in the E-5 to E-6           applies to retired service members who are 70 and have paid
category and four in the E-7 to E-8 category. All twelve of             SBP or Retired Servicemen’s Family Protection Plan (RSFPP)
these people will be honored and recognized during Armed                premiums for at least 360 months (30 years).
Forces Day week, at the concert at Pikes Peak Center on 13                    Retirees who are at least 70 and have paid at least
May and at the luncheon that Friday. The panel’s job is to              360 months of premiums on Oct. 1, 2008, will have their
select one person from each of the three categories to receive          monthly premiums terminated, while retaining SBP coverage
special recognition at the luncheon.                                    for their survivors. The change will be reflected in the
       One young lady grew up in Los Angeles and graduated              November 2008 pay statement. If a retiree does not meet
from Cal State. When I asked her why she enlisted rather than go        the eligibility criteria on Oct. 1, 2008, the premiums will
for a commission, she said she was not eligible for a commission        stop when the retiree has met both criteria: reached 70 and
because she only had a green card. She is now a citizen, is             paid SBP premiums for 360 months.
planning on getting her masters degree in criminal justice and                Those retirees who paid back-SBP-premium payments
then going on to become a lawyer. Ambitious? You bet. Don’t tell        during an SBP open season will be credited with the appropriate
there isn’t opportunity in this country if you search for it and are    number of months’ payments. Eligible retirees will be notified
willing to work hard. Believe me, the dedication and spirit of          by mail regarding the status of their account and premium
these young people renews ones faith in the men and women               payment count.
who serve in our military. They all indicated that we are doing the           Retirees who have questions after receiving their letter
right thing in Iraq and should not leave until the job is done. Their   should contact DFAS at (800) 321-1080.
dedication to their jobs, their education, their families and their           Visit DFAS’s Web site for more information on paid-up
community is truly awe inspiring. You have to wonder how they           SBP, and review their list of frequently asked questions.
have the time to get everything accomplished.                                 Stay well, keep informed and live long!

                                                                                           Darlene Arnold; 598-0394,

MOAA Singles Luncheon
      Don’t miss our June luncheon, planned for The Cliff House in Manitou
Springs, 306 Canon Ave., ph.685-3000. Renee Bohler and Ida Pierce are
hosting. The date for the luncheon is Tuesday, June 24. Social hour with a cash                   Mark your
bar is at 11:30 a.m. with lunch served at 12:15. Entrée choices are Cliff House                  calendar for:
Salad with Chicken Breast at $26.25, and Cheese and Vegetable Quiche or
Grilled Turkey Croissant for $23.50. Dessert choices are Dark Chocolate                           Tuesday, June 24th
Mousse or Berry Truffle.                                                                               11:30 a.m.
      Price includes dessert, coffee, tea, bread, tax and gratuity. Note that for               Cliff House in Manitou
this month only reservations are being sent to Sue Biggs, 509 Ridgewood                             306 Canon Ave.
Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 by June 20th. Please include both your
entrée and dessert choices with your reservation.
12     THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
                                                                         “Jack” Artman, Capt. (Ret), USAF; 597-4791,

Immobility, Injury Place                                                        “Two nights before his death, David
Thousands at Risk                                                        called on a satellite phone,” wife Melanie
                                                                         Bloom recounted. “He told me he was having some pain in his
        As we enter the summer travel season, the following article      legs, but that it wasn’t anything to worry about.”
brings attention to an ailment that can affect all of us. This article          The seemingly insignif icant pain was in fact a
is authored by Gail Cureton of the TRICARE Management                    warning sign.
Activity. It was originally dated November 30, 2007.                            Anyone may develop DVT, but there are conditions
        Falls Church, Va. — A difficult-to-                                                   that place some at higher risk including:
detect ailment kills 200,000 people in the                                                          • Immobility or poor mobility
U.S. each year — more than AIDS and                                                                 • Surgery that lasts more than 30
breast cancer combined. Yet few have                                                                  minutes
heard of Deep Vein Thrombosis and what                                                              • Health conditions that cause the blood
you don’t know can kill.                                                                              to clot more easily than normal
        Often the symptoms for deep vein                                                            • Contraceptive pills and hormone
thrombosis, commonly called DVT, are                                                                  replacement therapy
subtle and can sometimes be mistaken for muscle strains, skin                   • Cancer or heart failure
rashes or inflammation in the veins. Left untreated, DVT may                    • Pregnancy (about 1 1000 pregnant women have DVT)
cause severe or fatal complications such as pulmonary                           • Obesity
embolism or blood clotting in the lungs.                                        Nearly half of all people diagnosed with DVT have no
        DVT has been dubbed the “economy class syndrome”                 symptoms; however there are some warning signs that
because of its association with long flights in cramped                  require immediate attention. Contact your health care
conditions. However, it can also strike first class passengers,          provider if you notice:
and has been known to afflict travelers on long journeys in                     • Pain, redness, tenderness, or sudden swelling in
cars, trucks, busses and trains. It also affects injured persons                  one leg
who are immobile for long periods of time.                                      • Skin that is warm to the touch in one leg
        Immobility coupled with genetics contributed to NBC                     • Unexplained shortness of breath
journalist David Bloom’s death in 2003 at the age of 39.                        • Chest pain or rapid heart rate
While embedded with the Army’s Third Infantry Division in                       • Coughing up blood
Iraq, the veteran reporter and the soldiers whose stories he                    TRICARE wants to keep its beneficiaries healthy and
told spent long periods of time riding in a cramped tank with            informed. For more information on DVT, visit http://www.nhlbi.
little ability to move.                                        

                                                                                                 Legislative Affairs, continued from page 11

retired pay by three months for each 90 days or more                     housebound. The action against vulnerable older veterans
served on active duty after the law was enacted which was                is wrong. It is a serious mistake to rob one set of veterans
January 28, 2008.                                                        to pay for another set of veterans. A possible source of
      S.2836 introduced by Senator Saxby Chambliss would                 funding might be to eliminate Free Illegal Alien Health
change the effective date to September 11, 2001.                         Care for which Congress provides $1 Billion a year. Did
      In the House, a companion bill, H.R. 4930, has been                you know that?
introduced by Representative Joe Wilson, (R-NC).
                                                                         Air Force Retiree Web Site
Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act                                               Effective April 4th Air Force retirees now have their
      The Veterans Benef its Enhancement Act, S.1315,                    own official web site:
which passed the Senate by a vote of 96-1 and is now                            The new site gathers retirees’ information at a single
scheduled for House consideration provides for many significant          location. Logging into the web site takes users to details on
changes in the area of insurance, housing and labor benefits             such items as SBP, recent changes in Combat Related Special
for veterans which is good. However, S.1315 would pay                    Compensation, IRS information specific to veterans, contact
for the changes by repealing a law passed by congress in                 numbers for base retiree offices, the Afterburner, (which due
2001 that provides assistance for elderly wartime U.S.                   to budget limitations no longer has a print version) and a host
veterans over 65 who are indigent, severely disabled and                 of links to retirement-related web sites.
                                                                                                  THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008               13
                                                                    Doug Bonebrake, LTC (Ret), USA; 282-0447,

      The TOPS group meets 0700 – 0800 every Tuesday,              should be the selection. There numerous
except during weeks with federal holidays, at the TREA             web sites that provide fashion advice for
Building at 834 Emory Circle, vicinity of Murray Blvd. and         interview attire. Also, keep in mind accessories and shoes.
Galley Rd. Whether you are looking for talent, looking for a       Watches and bracelets should be conservative. Leave off
job opportunity, or just looking for a good breakfast; come        lapel pins. Women should only wear modest jewelry.
and join us.                                                              Men should consider a hair cut several days before an
      If your company has openings to fill, send details to        interview. Women should wear their hair in a conservative and we will post to the                style. Men with beards or mustaches should ensure they are
network.                                                           well groomed or consider going clean shaven for awhile.
                                                                          Women should be conservative with cosmetics and
                                                                   perfume. Men should also avoid aftershave. You don’t
Distracters                                                                     always know what is pleasant or unpleasant to a
       Have you seen the commercial of the gentleman                               person you may have never met. Watch what
in an interview where the stain on his shirt is talking                               you eat before the interview. Odors from any
louder than the interviewee? The talking stain is so                                   source can be distracting. The interview is
distracting; it obscures the interviewee’s                                              also no place for gum or tobacco products.
presentation of his qualifications. The point of                                        Do not consume any food or candy with
the commercial is to sell a stain remover, but                                          dies that could leave a color on your
it is a great example as to how little things                                           tongue or lips.
can become distracters to your ability to                                                     Make sure you arrive for the interview
communicate with your interviewer.                                                     in plenty of time so that you can take a
       How you dress, your mannerisms, and your                                       moment and visit a restroom to check
body language are all part of the process through                                    yourself in a mirror. Smooth out the wrinkles,
which interviewers formulate impressions                                           make sure the appropriate buttons are buttoned,
about you. Your investment in business                                           and if you are wearing a tie, make sure it is
attire can result in a positive impression                                    properly tightened to the collar.
if your clothes are fashion appropriate and fit. On the other                      If you are interviewing on a hot day, don’t
hand, the opposite becomes a distracter that can obscure           spare your car’s air conditioner on the way over. If you
your message that you are the right person for the job.            have a block or two to walk, arriving early can give you an
       If you have not worn your business attire within the past   opportunity to sit down for a few moments so that you are
week or so, pull it out and make sure it is not tight or loose.    not sweating. A wet appearance can leave an impression of
Especially those that are transitioning from the military, your    nervousness.
change in life style can result in weight gain. Conversely, if            The idea of appearance in an interview is not to win
you have found time to be more physically active while you         fashion awards, but to present a positive appearance that is not
are in the job transition, you may have lost weight such that      a distracter to the message you wish to portray as to your
your attire can appear overly loose. The purchase of new attire    qualif ications. Planning your interview attire and a few
can ensure a proper fit.                                           moments of care to maintain your appearance can enhance
       When choosing style, conservative fashion and color         that all important opportunity to make a first impression.

                                                                      Richard Cooper, CDR (Ret), USNR; 572-5104,

The 2008 Pueblo Air Show                                           flight demonstrations, the AFA Wings of
                                                                   Blue Demonstration Jump Team, and a
      Here’s a heads-up for an air show with definite military     display of WWII-era aircraft. Other presentations include Bob
overtones — join us at the Pueblo Air Show, hosted at the          Carlton with his Jet Powered Glider and Don Nelson in his
Pueblo Memorial Airport, Saturday and Sunday, 5 and 6 July.        Russian Sukoi.
We are excited to be looking forward to seeing the Navy West             Look for more information as it becomes available. The
F-18 Flight Demonstration Team, as well as Air Force F-15          website to watch is:
14     THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
                                                                    Bill Hyland, CDR (Ret), USN; 597-5585,

                     We would like to recognize and thank all the participants of the 50/50 drawings during April
                and May luncheon.

                                                                               Skip Morgan, Col (Ret), USAF; 473-1986,

Taking Care of The Disabled Adult Child                                   actually causing long-term financial harm.
                                                                                 There is a way, however, to provide
       We who have served in the military know something                  something for our loved ones in this position
about courage and perseverance. Or at least some of you do.               without jeopardizing their entitlements. It’s called a
Although I am, strictly speaking, a Vietnam vet, I was an                 Supplemental Needs Trust, or Disability Trust. It can be created
intelligence officer (I know, I know, military intelligence is to         during the lifetime of the donor, or by will. It puts the money
intelligence as ...) assigned to the 388th TFW in Korat. Now you          into the hands of a third-party trustee outside the reach of state
may scoff, but the fact is we courageously faced down a Thai              Medicaid authorities during the lifetime of the beneficiary
dockworkers strike that temporarily limited our beer options              because it’s not counted as a resource belonging to the beneficiary.
in the club to San Miguel and PBR. Desperate, some of us fell             As you might expect, Colorado statutes define and sharply
to a vile Vietnamese concoction thought to be a combination               circumscribe the terms of such trusts, confining distributions to
of nuoc mam and paint remover known affectionately by survivors           the beneficiary to what might be termed “extras.” While
as Mekong. The smarter among us sipped an exotic blend of                 distributions cannot be expended for those things which
JP-4, hydraulic fluid and klong water. Talk about guts!                   Medicaid pays for, or staples such as food, clothing, and lodging,
       I want to talk about a different kind of courage. The              they can fund vacations, companionship, gifts, and “treats”
kind of courage I’ve encountered of late possessed by those of            that enrich the lives of the beneficiary without supplanting or
you with disabled or incapacitated children or grandchildren.             jeopardizing Medicaid-resourced payments or SSI.
It’s been my privilege to be brought to the inside of a number                   As well, income in excess of that which is permissible
of military families who have cared for adult disabled children           can also sometimes be sheltered through the creation of a
all of their lives. The selflessness, love, patience, perseverance        Miller or Income Trust. That permits a beneficiary who is
and yes, courage of these families leaves me in awestruck                 receiving income in excess of the permissible amount, but less
admiration. Greater love hath no one. ...                                 than a certain maximum, to collect the maximum permissible
       The reason I’ve come into these families is that they              to qualify for benefits with any remainder being held in trust
face unique estate planning problems. Mom and Dad (or                     for the benefit of Colorado Medicaid upon death.
grandma and grandpa) won’t always be around, and for many                        It’s beyond the purview of my limited time and space to
institutionalizing a child is unthinkable. There are all sorts            go into much detail in the “how-to” of these, but I did want to
of disabilities — physical, cognitive, psychological and                  alert those of you who are facing this situation that there are
combinations of the three (such as cerebral palsy) — which                special techniques that are available in estate planning to permit
might make adult children unable to live independently or to              disabled and handicapped family members to maintain the
hold down a paying job. Hence, they may rely on Medicaid                  dignified quality of life that you provided during your lifetime
and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Eligibility for these             at your death. Meantime, I salute you with the respect and
benefits is resource-dependent. That is, there are strict limitations     reverence your love and courage deserve. God bless.
on how much you can have in total assets and monthly income
depending on the nature of your entitlement and your particular
disability. Both SSI and Medicaid are designed to help the
indigent or near-indigent.
       As a result, should Medicaid/SSI recipients receive a
bequest outright it may have the automatic result of disqualifying
them from further assistance until the money is used up?
Further, if the recipient dies with some of that money
there’s a good chance that Medicaid will lay claim to it.
Hence, outright testamentary bequests to an incapacitated or
disabled child or grandchild may have the strange result of
                                                                                                    THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008               15
                                                                          Vic Fernandez, COL (Ret), USA; 598-6752,
                                                                                      Email: vferndez1@

A Fitting Memorial Day Message                                      photographs and committee rating of ten
                                                                    possible sites. The plan can be viewed at
       We received the great news this month that the VA will It can also be viewed at
establish a National Veterans Cemetery for Southern                       The last person to testify was Undersecretary of Veterans
Colorado, and it will be established in El Paso County!             Affairs, William Tuerk. Mr. Tuerk has been responding to our
       Here’s how it happened. The House Subcommittee on            Veterans for several years that the “VA has no plans to establish
Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs, a part of the           a National Veterans Cemetery in the Pikes Peak Region.
House Committee on Veterans Affairs, held a Field Hearing in              Our prayers were answered when Undersecretary Tuerk
Colorado Springs on May 2, 2008. The hearing was chaired            flew into Denver International Airport on 1 May, the day
by Congressman John Hall (NY) with Congressman Lamborn              before the hearing. That was the day of a Spring blizzard and
as a committeeman and Colorado District 3 Congressman               high winds, which caused trucks to jackknife, and cars to slip
John Salazar in attendance. Vic Fernandez and Bud Sailor,           and slide on Monument Hill. This demonstrated perfectly
both members of the Pikes Peak Veterans Cemetery                    what we have been trying to tell the VA for years.
Committee testified, along with Gold Star Wife Mrs. Linda                 When Mr. Tuerk took the stand, he announced that the VA
Lee-Witt, recent Army widow Milly Briseno, Colorado                 will establish a National Veterans Cemetery to serve southern
Commander of the American Legion Tim Grabin, former                 Colorado, and that it will be established in El Paso County.
Chairman of Colorado Veterans Affairs C. Douglas Sterner,                 Mr. Tuerk also stated that he will send a team of VA real
and Pueblo County Commissioner Jeff Chostner.                       estate experts and planners to review the possible sites.
       Each of the witnesses testified about their views about            The Veterans Administration presently has six proposed
the fact that the Veterans Administration had not properly          Veterans Cemeteries programmed or under construction, and
served the Veterans, their survivors, or the Active Duty military   our cemetery in the Pikes Peak Region will not displace these
within Southern Colorado. Strong points included, the difficulty    proposed cemeteries. Considering the planning, programming,
survivors have in finding Ft. Logan, the topographical and          budgeting and construction cycles that must be adhered to, it
weather conditions existing on Monument Hill and the Palmer         should take five to seven years before the local cemetery is
Divide, the fact that Ft. Logan National Cemetery will be           opened. But this is a short time compared to the over-ten years
filled up by 2020 and has no room for expansion, and the fact       that have already been devoted by local supporters.
that the Pikes Peak Region with six military installations is             Have a nice Memorial Day — you and your families
producing veterans at a much faster rate than the remainder of      deserve it.
Colorado. And finally, the unfairness of the practice of not              ITS ALL FOR THE VETERANS!
counting active duty military in the Veterans
category, while they are dying for our freedom,
and need a proper local Cemetery to serve
them too.
       Additionally, Vic Fernandez presented
the committee and Undersecretary of
Veterans Affairs with a copy of the Cemetery
Committee plan entitled “A National Veterans
Cemetery For The Pikes Peak Region.”
The plan is in color, and includes maps,

                                                                                                           Above: Hearing Committee
                                                                                                           Members and Testifiers
                                                                                                           plus Joe Henjum.

                                                                                                   Left: Representative Doug
                                                                                                   Lamborn, Subcommittee
                                                                                                   Chair John Hall and
                                                                                                   Congressman John Salazar.
16     THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
                                                                                          Bettie Lorenz; 597-1336,

        It seems as though spring is really here now. We are all      found their beds (thick mats had been put on
prepared for a snowstorm or two but the daffodils and tulips          the floor). The next day they went to the West
are gorgeous until then. A picture from the March fashion             Ocean where Debbie and Chuck looked for
show should be in this column. I’m counting on the fact that          fishermen glass float balls that end up on the beach. After two
someone took pictures. The fashion show was such fun.                 days they had 73 and no one has told me how they got all of that
        Mary and Burton Kirby celebrated their 60th wedding           home. They stayed in two different youth hostels where the
anniversary on April 3rd. They were married in Brooklyn,              bathroom was down the hall. They saw people harvesting
N.Y. They have a son in Walnut Creek, California, two grandsons       seaweed and kelp and the frosting on the cake was a beautiful
and on great-grandchild. Mary and Burton will celebrate with          4ft, Red Headed Crane they sighted. I’m so envious! I lived in
a trip to Bermuda. Lucy and Lawrence Rusiewicz were married           Japan and loved every minute of it. This vacation sounds like
on April 12, 1958 in San Antonio. Their 50th anniversary was          heaven — bathrooms down the hall and all.
celebrated by a Mass at Holy Apostles Catholic Church, followed              By the time you read this, our May 14th luncheon will
by a reception hosted by their four daughters.                        have taken place. The Daytime Singers directed by Dave Wells
        Ginny and Chuck Markl just returned from a marvelous          will entertain us. There are 12-15 members of this group and
vacation first visiting their eldest daughter, Jean and her husband   they will sing ballads and upbeat tunes unaccompanied by
in Seattle for five days. They did see their son for 3 hours          instruments. $135.00 was collected at the luncheon for the
between his vacation on the East Coast and his next flight flying     Wounded Warrior fund that MOAA uses to buy pizza and
for United. They got up at O dark thirty to try for military space    sodas for the soldiers who are interested. ROWC fiscal year
A to Yokota but didn’t get it so they ended up flying United to       runs from July to the next June so anyone who wishes can
visit their daughter Debbie and her husband who live in Misawa.       pay their dues in July and will be paid up until June 2009.
        They had to use the train system in Japan and with their      Dues are still $8.00.
luggage had to go to three different locations but did gradually             One of the most important things that will take place at
get to Misawa where they said they slept for 12 hours. It was         the May 14th luncheon will be the presentation of the slate of
good that they did rest because her daughter and her husband are      officers to serve in 2008/09. We will be voting and then the
both teachers and planned for the four of them to go on Spring        new officers will be installed. Kathy Daschbach will be
Break on a fairly expensive trip. They went to Hokkaido which         nominated for President, Ginny Markl for Vice-President,
involved a ferry ride and bunk beds and a bathroom down the           Marlene Nixon — Secretary, Joan Bolz — Treasurer and
hall. Next they stayed in a traditional Japanese hotel and            Sonia Immig — Assistant Treasurer. If some of these names
wondered until bedtime, where were the beds? The hotel included       sound familiar it’s because being on the Board is such fun and
dinner and breakfast and when they returned from dinner they          people want to continue to serve.

The models pictured are left to right: Joan Bolz, Nicole Norton, Jo Luesse, Myrna Brandon, Elisabeth Haase, Sonia Immig, Cheryl
Johnson, Jane Berg.
                                                                                              THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008             17
                                                                                                              Mike Mckay, LTC. (Ret), USA;
                                                                                                      596-3914, Email:

       The bowling season for ORBS is over. The golf season                 can you top this? Like getting all holes-in-one on the par
is well underway as you read this article. There are currently              3’s in 18 holes!!)
16 teams currently playing in the ORBS Golf League at the                          High handicap series individual: Allison 772.
Silver Spruce golf course. Here is the final article on the                        Here is the summary for individual achievements in the
bowling league. All bowlers loved the lanes at Harmony and                  month of April 2008:
that was shown by the improvements made in nearly all the                          High Scratch game: Sellers 246,213, Welling 234, 215,
bowlers. It appears that all increased their averages by                               213, Allison 227, 224, Howell 225, Beard 222, 219,
about ten pins. If anyone shoots a fantastic series or a                               Walls 221, 214, 202, Patton 221, 211 201, Kennedy
300 game in a summer league, don’t hesitate to give me                                221, Smith 219,212,203, Jack 217, 200, Pitts 214,212,
a call. This is the order of finish of the ORBS League.                         Larke 212, 204, Knaub 211, Austin 203, Fouss 202.
       1st place — Smith 72.5 (players: Keith Smith,                                             High Handicap game: Allison 263, 259,
Bud Kowalski, Dave Donnelly, Arnie Hector, DJ                                                  Kennedy & Sellers 256, Howell 253,
Alberts), 2nd — Comiskey 69, 3rd — Welling 66, 4th                                             Welling 252, Smith & Knaub 251, Patton
— Beard 65, 5th — Sellers 63.5, 6th — Logan 62, 7th                                             & Walls 250.
— McKay 61, 8th — Jack 59.5, 8th — tie Morley                                                         High Scratch Series: Welling 636,
59.5, 10th — Wampler 59, 11th — Walls 57.                                                       583, 522, Smith 630, Walls 615, 565,
       The top averages for the year in bowling                                                 Kennedy 606, 528, Sellers 597, 590, 549,
are as follow: Sellers 190, Welling 183, Jack 176,                                              Patton 589, Larke 572, 553, Jack 571, Allison
Beard 175 & McKay 175, Walls 173, Howell                                                        562, 551, Pitts 560, Beard 556, 523, Howell
172, Comiskey & Patton 171, Larke 170.                                                          & McKay 554, Hauck 547, Luce 541.
       The top games & series for teams and                                                           High Handicap Series: Smith 726,
individuals are as follow:                                                                      Kennedy 711, Walls 702, 655, Welling 690,
       High Scratch Team Game: Sellers 777 (Beat out Beard                  Dazey 685, Patton 676, Allison 670, 656, DeKrey 667,652,
on the last game bowled in the season by 7 pins).                           Donnelly 666, Hauck 661, Larke 659, Mick 658, Pitts 656,
       High Scratch Team Series: Comiskey 2144.                             Hunter 653, 650, Austin 652.
       High Handicap Team Game: Logan and Walls 955.                               That wraps it up now for the bowling year. When you
       High Handicap Team Series: Wampler 2705.                             read this, it will be your last chance to enter the ORBS golf
       High Scratch game individual: Howell 277.                            tourney on 2 June. Also it is near your last chance to enter the
       High Scratch series individual: Sellers 692.                         MOAA tournament. Please have some consideration for those
       High Handicap game individual: Baker 322 (How                        folks who work hard to make these tournaments available for
                                                                            you and do your part by filling out the entry blanks TODAY.

                                          2 JUNE 2008, TEE OFF TIME 0800
                                  FT. CARSON CHEYENNE SHADOWS GOLF COURSE
                                                LIMITED TO THE FIRST 100 ENTRIES




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18    THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008
                                                                                                    Cheryl Johnson, Publicity; 260-9034,

                No articles this month but look here for exciting news coming this summer.

                                                                        Max Borysko, CPT (Ret), USA; 303-647-0405,

Combat skills training creates                                          take a round to your kidney or the back of
stronger Airmen                                                         your thigh.
                                                                               But the pain serves its own purpose:
— (Reprinted with permission Shriever Sentinel)                         just as a child might learn the hard way not to touch a
— Commentary by Staff Sgt. Don Branum,                                  hot stove, students learn to stay low, use cover and avoid
  50th Space Wing Public Affairs                                        silhouetting themselves in open windows and doorways.
                                                                               Our class learned about some of the improvised explosive
       I returned April 18 from two weeks of training that I            devices used in theater. I won’t go into detail, except to say that
may never use — two weeks of crawling through mud,                      the sophistication evident in some of the IEDs is frightening.
running with 40 pounds of body armor strapped to my                     And we learned how to operate in convoys — a critical skill
shoulders and head, and eating field rations.                           given how many Airmen will be part of at least one convoy
       I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.                              during their deployment. At the end, we put it all together —
       The training I attended was the Air Force’s Advanced             fighting and saving lives amidst the sounds of simulated
Combat Skills Training course, offered at the U.S. Air Force            gunfire, IED explosions and rocket-propelled grenades.
Expeditionary Center on Fort Dix, N.J. Fort Dix is collocated                  “We hope you never have to use the skills you learned
with McGuire Air Force Base, and planes fly in and out of the           during your two weeks in this class,” Tech. Sgt. Jesse Pate, one of
area constantly. I quickly grew accustomed to the sound of              the Expeditionary Center instructors, said to us as we received our
air power, whether it was the roar of a C-17 Globemaster or             graduation certificates. “But if you do, we’re confident that you’ll
the highpitched whine of a KC-135 Stratotanker as they flew a           be able to survive and operate and come back home safely.”
few hundred feet above our training areas and dormitories.                     The training reinforced for me how much I needed to
       I learned how to recognize an improvised explosive device,       know in order to be an asset to the war effort when I deploy. It
move tactically in open fields and urban terrain, operate as a          also reinforced the meaning of the statement, “I am an American
member of a convoy and apply a tourniquet in less than 10               Airman.” I spent two weeks being an American Airman in every
seconds. Th e classes were hands-on and immersive — the way             sense of the word — and I’d do it again in a New Jersey minute.
they should be, because there’s only so much you can learn
through a slideshow presentation. To really learn how to low
crawl, you have to be in the dirt, taking notice of each blade of
grass as you pass it by at a gruelingly slow pace. To really learn
how to spot an IED, you have to look for it in the field, where it
might be concealed under brush or dirt or placed just behind a
tree. To really learn how to lift a litter with a 200-pound body over
a six-foot wall, you have to be one set of arms in the team that
makes it happen as AK-47 rifles sound off from 100 meters away.
       And while you learn how to do all these things, you’re also
learning how to work as a team — how to shoot, move and
communicate so instinctually that the four members of your fire
team act not as individuals but as four parts of a single entity.
       You learn how your Wingmen will react in a hostile
environment, because you have to. The sounds and sights and
smells of combat are all there. The instructors even manage,
in some blocks of instruction, to incorporate the sensation of                                                 U.S. Air Force Photo/Staff Sgt Samuel Rogers
pain through simulated rounds. Instead of lead, the rounds              Staff Sgt. Aaron Mills (rear left), Senior Master Sgt. Robert Mayor
carry a payload of non-toxic detergent that spatters when it            (rear right) and Staff Sgt. Stephen Price (front right), carry a simulated
hits clothing. Students and instructors wear protective coverings       wounded patient to safety while taking incoming fire from opposing
that resemble gas masks and protect their faces and heads. The          forces during the combat first aid portion of the Advanced Combat
pain is comparable to actually being shot, especially when you          Skills Training course here April 11.
                                                                                                    THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008                         19
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Cody Beck, 200-8183                                                                                      SERGEANT-AT-ARMS                                         DESIGN
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AUXILIARY REPRESENTATIVE                                                                                 TRAVEL COORDINATOR                                       Mrs. Bettie Lorenz, 597-1336
                                                      Col. Jack Madison, USA (RET) 473-2751
Clara Remele 473-4515                                                                                    Gene Finkelstein, 594-4505
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IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT                                                                                 WEB MASTER                                               Darlene Arnold, 598-0394
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20        THE EAGLE / JUNE 2008