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									           St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco

                    Riley Center for
                   Battered Women
                 and Their Children               Adopt-A-Family
   A wonderful way for your family, group or company to bring the holiday spirit directly to families in need.
   We will match you with a family (either a single woman or a mother with children) who is currently a client of our
   domestic violence services, which include a temporary emergency shelter, a longer-term transitional housing
   program, and a hub of non-residential support services including education, outreach, support groups and follow-
   up services for former shelter residents.

   How It Works
   You will be given the following information about your adopted family: first names, children's ages and genders,
   clothing sizes, and any special needs or wishes. This information will help you choose gifts for your family. Once
   you have purchased the gifts, you can personally wrap, label, and sign each gift ("from Santa" of course!). We also
   request that you provide them with a grocery store voucher, so they can cook a holiday meal for themselves and
   their                                                                                                       families.

   Basic Guidelines for Sponsoring a Family
   • We suggest gifts in the $15-30 range and a minimum of two gifts per person;
   • Please include a gift card to Safeway, Albertsons Foodsco ($20-$25 per person);
   • On average, a family of three will cost from $150-$225 (food & gifts);
   • All gifts should be new, wrapped and marked with specific names. Also, please mark each gift with a post-it
       note as to what the gift is;
   • Gift tags should be "from" Santa, a friend, the children’s mom, or left blank;
   • We request that all toys be non-violent (i. e., no guns or other weapons) as well as safe, sturdy and
   • Gift certificates for department stores are also helpful.

                        The only other rules are to be creative and have fun!

Dropping Your Gifts Off at Santa’s Workshop
Please deliver your gift baskets/boxes to Santa’s Workshop at
the following location during the times specified.*
WHERE:           St.Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco
                 169 Stillman Street (alley at 4th St.
                 between Harrison and Bryant)
WHEN:            Wednesday         12/16    12:00pm – 7:00pm
                 Thursday          12/17    12:00pm – 7:00pm
                 Friday            12/18    10:00pm – 6:00pm
                 Saturday          12/19    9:00am – 5:00pm
                 Sunday            12/20    9:00am – 5:00pm

           To adopt a family or for more details contact Maria Chavez
            by phone (415) 255-2894 or email

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