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									                   American Indian/Alaska Native
                       Project Status Report
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Date: May 7, 2008

Team Name: Urban Indian CARES

Prepared By: Alice Park

Reporting Period: December 16, 2007-May 15, 2008

Section A: Please provide responses to the questions below in the spaces provided. The spaces will
expand as you type to accommodate your responses.

     1. Have you made any changes to your action plan since the last status report in
        December? (Y/N) If yes, what are the changes?


     2. What progress has your team made toward your goals and objectives since the last
        status report?

Objective 1 – Identify Attitudes
Focus Groups:
Two focus groups were held in Seattle. The focus groups have been transcribed and are currently
being analyzed.

All surveys were analyzed and a summary report was prepared for each site, as well as an aggregate
report summarizing data from all sites. The results were used for presentation at the National
Dialogue for Action meeting in Baltimore in April 2008.

Objective 2 – Health Promotion Campaign
o Prepared annotated bibliography on literature showing the business case for colorectal cancer
   screening. Examined cost-effectiveness and cost analysis articles.
o Gathered the following resources and conducted preliminary evaluation of materials:
       -Prevent Cancer Foundation
       -American Cancer Society
       -Healthy States toolkit for decision-makers and colorectal cancer
       -University of Minnesota
o Continuing to partner with existing initiatives related to colorectal cancer education and
   screening to understand opportunities to extend the reach of Urban Indian CARES by including
   broadcast of messages with existing initiatives.
The team has interviewed two individuals who were willing to share their colorectal cancer stories.
Two more stories will be collected from Wichita, KS and a final story from Portland, OR. Stories will
be used for the health promotion campaign materials.

Health Promotion Campaign:
We have prepared drafts of the following items for the campaign:
o Marketing campaign outline (includes guidelines for the health promotion campaign materials
   and what we might want to produce)
o Fact Sheet for Executive Directors and health education staff
o Communications plan

Objective 3 - Communications
We are continuing to post project-related materials on the Urban Indian CARES Sharepoint website

Conference calls:
Team conference calls were held on January 7, February 4, March 10, March 25, April 7 and May 6.
Meeting minutes were distributed and posted on website. The team provided updates on action
items as well as brainstorming ideas for the health promotion campaign materials.

National Dialogue for Action Presentation:
Urban Indian CARES was presented during a panel presentation at the National Dialogue for Action
meeting in April. The information was well received, and collaborative discussions with other teams
occurred at the meeting.

Objective 4 - Involve other UIHO
Four additional urban Indian health organizations (Los Angeles , Fresno, Chicago and Oakland) have
expressed interest in the project and have joined the monthly conference calls.

   3. How are you measuring your progress?

   o Participation on monthly conference calls and updates provided on the calls
   o Final products – Logo, survey results, focus groups completed, colorectal cancer stories
     collected, background information collected (eg annotated bibliography) and evaluated,
     meeting minutes
   o Number of UIHO participating on conference calls

   4. In the last three months, what went well?

   o We have gained further participation from other urban Indian health organizations to join in
     our efforts.
   o We were able to survey individuals and analyze the results in a timely manner.
   o We were able to collect very moving colorectal cancer stories.

   5. What challenges have you faced since the last status report? How did you handle these
We continue to have trouble fitting in everything we want to discuss and move forward with, even
with monthly conference calls and a project website!

   6. What activities does your team have planned for the next three months?

   Objective 2:
   o Development of health promotion campaign.
   o Complete collection of colorectal cancer photos/stories/quotes.

   Objective 3:
   o Ongoing monthly conference calls
   o Ongoing updates to Sharepoint website

   Objective 4:
   o Continue to draw in additional team members by inviting other NCUIH members to
      participate on the call.

   7. What other type(s) of technical assistance do you need? What other type(s) of
      technical assistance do you need from Prevent Cancer?

   8. Do you think you will be able to continue this project once the funding period is over?
        If so, how do you plan to do that?

   9. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
      Please use this space to share any thoughts, observations, comments, or questions.

 Financial Section of Quarterly AI/AN Implementation Report

Section B: Please list your expenses to-date (i.e. mileage, telephone calls, supplies, etc.).

                              Sep-Nov        Dec-Feb        Mar-May          Jun-Aug            Year-End
                               1st Qtr.      2nd Qtr.       3rd Qtr.          4th Qtr.            Total
Logo                                           500

Phone                                          40.59          34.09

Postage                                                       79.12
Totals                                              540.59            113.21

Have you obtained any additional revenue this quarter in addition to Prevent Cancer
funding? If so, please list the amount and from whom:

*Note: Additional funding and in-kind contributions secured will not affect the $10,000 funding from Prevent Cancer. We
encourage you to leverage Prevent Cancer funds to obtain additional resources for your program.

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