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					         NONIE Steering Committee meeting – Summary minutes and action steps
                                November 6th, 2008

The meeting was chaired by Nick York and followed the agreed on agenda:

1.       Update on the progress of the Guidance;
2.       NONIE Work Program 2009/10;
3.       Secretariat role and Terms of Reference;
4.       Update on the Cairo conference and NONIE’s role;
5.       NONIE funding and steering committee composition.

The meeting participants were:

Nick York, Margareta DeGoys, Arup Banerji, Andrew Warner, Victoria Gunnarsson,
David Todd, Indran Naidoo, Mustafa Ghulam, Howard White (part of the time). The
conference organizers did not manage to dial in correctly to Henri Jorritsma or Oumoul
Ba Tall. Henri sent e mail comments after the meeting.

The decisions taken by the meeting participants and future action steps are:

1.       Update on the progress of the Guidance;

Andrew updated the meeting participants on the progress of the Guidance document. The
reviewer and the working group on the Guidance have provided comments and the group
is now thinking of how to get to the final product. It was agreed that the document
substantially has to be shortened from around 150 to 50 pages, that it needs to be
restructured, and that it needs to be made simpler, more of a how-to guide for impact
evaluation, and contain sharper, action-oriented language for the evaluation audience.
Also, some of the NONIE policy statements that were agreed in Lisbon such as NONIE’s
focus on impact evaluation and the understanding of that as a with-without analysis are
currently not emphasized in the Guidance but will have to be included upfront.

Next steps:
        Nick asked Andrew to incorporate the working group’s comments and work
         together with Franz Leeuw and Jos Vaessen on shortening, sharpening and
         reorganizing the structure and content of the document and a professional editor
         will be hired by the Secretariat to work on making the language accessible in the
         final draft and on producing a shortened version. Two proposals for editors were
         provided; Bruce Ross Larsen and Jenny Kimmis.

2.       NONIE Work Program 2009/10;

Victoria briefly updated the meeting participants on the proposal for the Work Program.
It was emphasized that the work program build on the three key outcomes from the
Lisbon meeting; that NONIE should be involved in learning by doing, engaging on the
demand side, and providing knowledge management. It was also pointed out that the
work program relies on a Secretariat that is actively taking part in doing impact
evaluations and providing capacity of and building demand for impact evaluations by
sharing examples.

The meeting participants broadly endorsed the work program and provided comments
that will be considered in finalizing the work program including:

-    NONIE has an important role in identifying potential impact evaluations where
     NONIE members might agree to collaborate among themselves and get professional
     support and peer reviews from members to help with design;
-    The work program needs to be strengthened on the demand side with more specific
     proposals of how members can get involved (using an agreed NONIE script or
     communications plan) in ‘reaching out’ within their organizations and through
     operational staff to government officials;
-    The thematic areas identified either needs to be carefully chosen and fairly broad
     and/or there should be two or three areas, given the diverse interests of the members
     and the need to make sure people are not excluded from future collaboration;
-    Criteria for submission of new projects or planned impact evaluations to the
     Secretariat could be developed so as to make the list more focused and relevant and
     the submission process less cumbersome;
-    There should be a methods element to the work program, so that NONIE can push
     forward in new areas which other initiatives are tending not to cover, although this
     needs to be done without getting too ambitious as the budget support discussion
-    The 1 year timescale proposed for commissioning new impact evaluations by NONIE
     does not seem realistic – within any given year the network should focus more on
     peer reviewing existing impact evaluations, helping along those which are already
     happening (on the design side) and identifying opportunities for new ones, rather than
     being directly involved in commissioning studies;
-    The work program needs to better include capacity building.

It was agreed that the work program will be strengthened as above and more developed
on how NONIE will engage on the demand side, as well as on how the thematic focus
will be selected and the peer review/learning by doing approach.

Next steps:
        The Secretariat together with Nick will work on revising the work program and
         recirculate a final draft to the membership in 2-3 weeks.

3.       Secretariat role and Terms of Reference;

Victoria explained the Secretariat’s proposal for their role and responsibilities in NONIE.
The terms of reference are to manage NONIE effectively in terms of administration and
financing as well as to take an active role in moving NONIE’s work program forward.
The Secretariat asked for the Steering Committee’s support in making their role more
executive on moving forward on the work program which was endorsed by the Steering
Committee. It was also agreed that the resources of the Secretariat are most effectively
spent if the burden of organizing NONIE meetings are lightened. IEG and the Secretariat
will work together on working out the arrangements for hiring assistance and/or a
contractor for organizing meetings. In 2009, as the spring NONIE meeting will be
organized jointly with the Cairo conference and as Germany has offered to host the fall
meetings, the logistical challenge of the meeting organization has already been reduced.

Next steps:
        Victoria will update the TOR based on the finalized work program and it will be
         placed on website. Other NONIE governance documents with respect to the
         functions on the Secretariat will also be reviewed and updated if needed.

4.       Update on the Cairo conference and NONIE’s role;

Victoria updated the meeting participants on NONIE’s contribution to the Cairo meeting
schedules SUNDAY March 29-THURSDAY April 2, 2009. The call for contributions is
out, and Steering Committee members are encouraged to distribute widely. Also
members are asked to please seek high level attendance from your agencies. All possible
forms of support are welcome, such as sponsoring sessions (e.g. workshops or parallel
sessions); and also bursaries, with a strong preference that you self-administer these but if
not, you can pay the money to the 3ie Cairo Conference account.

We have received some funding commitments for donors while other donors are
finalizing their financial envelopes at the moment and will get back to NONIE with their
contributions in December. Nick will follow up on Victoria’s initial inquiry to donors
with discussions at the DAC meeting on November 19, 2008.

Next step:
        Nick will follow up on Victoria’s initial inquiry to donors with discussions at the
         DAC meeting on November 19, 2008. The Secretariat will make the initial
         booking for rooms and time slots in Cairo.
        Steering Committee members are encouraged to distribute the call for proposals
         widely. Members are asked to seek high level attendance from your agencies

5.       NONIE funding and steering committee composition;

Nick reported that he has been nominated to be the next chair of the DAC evaluation
group and if that is accepted by the network he will have to step down as chair of NONIE
at the time of the Cairo conference. The UK will however continue to be actively and
closely involved in the NONIE through Nick and his deputy, Helen Wedgwood and
would like to remain on the steering committee.
For the other spots on the Steering Committee that are currently vacant nominations have
been requested by the four networks by November 19, 2008. Similarly to the procedure
for ensuring funds for Cairo, donors will provide us with commitments for the
replenishment of NONIE funding in December.

Next steps:
      The Secretariat will communicate the new nominees (if any) to the Steering
       Committee after November 19, 2008 and these new members will be adopted
       thereafter. The chair will review his time and resources available for NONIE and
       has invited the Steering Committee to consider who might take on the chair’s role.
       One SC member has indicated informally a willingness to take this on.

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