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PGA of BC E-News February 11 2009


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									PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                                  Page 1 of 12

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     Keeping PGA of BC members informed                                             February 11, 2009

                                             Want something posted in E-News? Please send job
        SPRING SEMINAR JUST                  postings (including compensation range), items for sale and
         AROUND THE CORNER                   other news of interest to Communications & Member
                                             Services Coordinator Stacy Reykdal at the PGA of BC office
          ASSISTANTS' REP                    (
           - PLEASE VOTE

         GENERAL MEETING,                     PLEASE VOTE
             PGA of BC
                                             An online election for the PGA of BC Assistants'
                                             Representative on the association's board of directors is
         VANCOUVER GOLF &                    under way. Two candidates have expressed interest in
        TRAVEL SHOW: TWO-                    serving a two-year term on the board until spring of 2011.
                                             Please select one name from the following list of
            IN MEMORIAM -                    candidates and email your vote to Executive Director
            GORDIE WEBER                     Brian Butters at Voter confidentiality
                                             will be strictly maintained.

                                             The deadline for voting is Friday, February 13, 2009.
                                             Please note that only Assistant Professionals (Associate,
                                             Teaching and Apprentice Professional categories) are
                                             eligible to vote. One vote per member.
        JUST AROUND THE                      The Candidates (in alphabetical order):
                                             Edd Boudreau
         The time has come.                  Associate Professional
     Register now for the 2009               Arbutus Ridge Golf Club
         PGA of BC Spring
        Education Seminar,                   Edd Boudreau has worked at the Arbutus Ridge Golf Club
     February 23 & 24, 2009,                 since 1998, and is currently Director of Instruction. Edd
      at University Golf Club,               became a member of the PGA of BC in the fall of 2000.
      5185 University Blvd.,                 Along with his teaching responsibilities and focus on junior
            Vancouver.                       golf coaching, he has been involved in running the
                                             Vancouver Island Professional Tour for the last five years.
           The number of                     An accomplished player, Edd is a past champion of the
     professionals registered to 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                         Page 2 of 12

                                    PGA of BC Championship (2006) and the Canadian
    date is on the light side, so
                                    Assistants Championship (2003) and has represented the
     do your part to make this
                                    zone at the Canadian Assistants in 2003, 2004, & 2007.
    seminar a successful event.
                                    He held the PGA of BC Playing Ability Test record of 10
                                    under par until it was bested in 2008. Edd was elected
     Some great instruction and     Assistants' Representative in 2008 and has served on the
        advice is available for     PGA of BC board for one year.
      professionals of all levels
      and ages. Check out the
                                    Trevor Woynarski
      details below and fill out
                                    Associate Professional
       your entry form today.
                                    Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club

     For ELITE Apprentices, 12
                                    Trevor has been a member of the CPGA since 1998. In the
      seminar hours will count
                                    spring of 2000, he graduated from the Professional Golf
    toward the total needed for
                                    Management program at Grant MacEwan College in
    your Class A requirements.
                                    Edmonton and also became an Associate Professional at
                                    that time. Trevor is now entering his 4th year at
         Here's the lineup:         Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club and also his 4th year
                                    as a member of the PGA of BC. Trevor has a total of 16
      — Henry Brunton, CPGA         years completed in the golf industry with his previous
         Master Professional,       years being a member of the PGA of Alberta. He spent
        Canadian men's team         three years in Edmonton and five years in Calgary before
        coach and a Top 100         moving to Shaughnessy. In 2004 and 2005, Trevor served
         Teacher in America         on the PGA of Alberta Assistants' Board of Directors.
                                    Trevor also spends some time as an Assistant Golf Coach
     — Dave Phillips, cofounder     for the UBC men's and women's teams who play out of
      of the Titleist Performance   Shaughnessy.
       Institute and a Top 100
          Teacher in America        NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING,
                                    PGA of BC
        — Carr Hagerman,            The Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Professional
     presenter of Seattle's Pike    Golfers' Association of British Columbia will be held on
      Place Fish Market FISH!       Monday, February 23, 2009, at 4:30 p.m. at the
             Philosophy             University Golf Club, 5185 University Boulevard,
                                    Vancouver, B.C., for the following purposes:
       — Chris Obst,on how to       1. To receive the financial statements of the Association
     create balance in your life    for the period ended November 30, 2008, and the
     that will bring out the best   auditor's report thereon;
                in you              2. To receive the reports of the directors;
                                    3. To appoint auditors for the ensuing year, and to
      Details of presentations:     authorize the directors to fix their remuneration;
                                    4. To elect the directors of the Association to hold office
           Henry Brunton            until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting;
      The keynote seminar on        5. To approve all acts, deeds and proceedings of the
      Day 1 (February 23) will      directors since the last Annual General Meeting;
        feature CPGA Master         6. To transact such other business as may properly come
          Professional Henry        before the meeting or any adjournment thereof.
        Brunton, coach of the
      Canadian national men's       IMPORTANT REMINDERS
      golf team, and the only
      Canadian in the Top 100             Dress code: PGA of BC "Business Informal" dress
       Teachers in America as             code is in effect for the Annual General Meeting.
         recognized by GOLF               (This means minimum of sport jacket, slacks and
              magazine.                   dress shirt for men; jacket and slacks or dress for 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                        Page 3 of 12

      Brunton's presentation is           women.)
       entitled: "Taking Your
    Game and Your Top Juniors             Copy of financials: Should any PGA of BC Member
     to the Next Level". In this          require a copy of the Association's Audited Financial
     presentation, Brunton will           Statements in advance of the Annual General
     provide professionals with           Meeting, please contact the PGA of BC office and a
     possibilities for improving          copy of the statements will be forwarded.
        their own games by
     disseminating information
                                          Other nominations: Any Class "A" Professional in
         and sharing tools,
                                          good standing may be nominated in writing for the
     strategies, and resources
                                          office of Director provided that the nomination is
    used by High Performance
                                          signed by five Class "A" Professionals and the
                                          nominee, and provided the nomination is received by
                                          the PGA of BC office at least five clear days before
        As well, Brunton will             the Annual General Meeting, or by February 17,
          present research                2009.
         information on the
     development of expertise
                                    The following are candidates for election as
      for aspiring competitive
                                    Directors of the PGA of BC, as nominated by the
      junior golfers, effective
                                    Nominating Committee. Election will take place at
          coaching and skill
                                    the Association's Annual General Meeting, at 4:30
     acquisition strategies, and
                                    p.m. Feb. 23rd at University Golf Club, 5185
     the relative probability of
                                    University Boulevard, Vancouver, B.C.
     making it to the PGA Tour.

                                    DIRECTORS: Two-year terms, four vacancies
       Henry Brunton is one of
        the most recognizable
       names in Canadian golf       DON BRETT-DAVIES
      and is one of the world's     Don joined the CPGA in 1989 while doing backshop duties
      leading golf coaches and      at Shaughnessy G&CC during Jack McLaughlin's tenure as
     educators. He is the Royal     Head Professional. He went on to work at Mikasa Golf
    Canadian Golf Association's     Centre in Richmond and McCleery GC in Vancouver before
    National Men's Golf Coach,      returning to Shaughnessy as an assistant in 1992. He
    the creator of the Canadian     passed his Class A exam in 1993 and remained at
          PGA's Teaching and        Shaughnessy until being appointed Head Professional at
        Coaching Certification      Sechelt G&CC in 1995. Northern B.C. beckoned and Don
      program, a CPGA Master        moved to Hirsch Creek GC in Kitimat in 1996 as Head
     Professional and the only      Professional. After eight years there, Don was hired as
     Canadian recognized as a       Director of Operations and General Manager of Rivershore
     GOLF Magazine's Top 100        Golf Links in Kamloops in 2004. He attained Executive
     Teacher and US Kids Golf       Professional status later that year. Don was elected to the
         Top 50 Kids Teacher.       PGA of BC board in the spring of 2007 and has served as
                                    Junior Development chairman and most recently as
       A resident of Stouffville,
     Ontario, Brunton has been
     a member of the Canadian       KYLE GERMAN
      PGA since 1984. In 2008,      After playing college golf in California Kyle joined the
     the Canadian PGA honored       CPGA in 1994. After a few years in the Association Kyle
         him with its highest       headed up the Lower Mainland Assistants' Committee and
          standing - Master         served on the Board of Directors as the Assistants'
      Professional. He was also     Representative for two years. During his time as head of
      named as the fourth Most      the Lower Mainland Assistants' Committee, Kyle put into
         Influential Person in      place programs that generated over $37,000 in revenue
      Canadian Golf in rankings     for the tournament schedule as well as starting a fund that
     by Canada's National Post.     paid out $10,000 in scholarships for graduating High 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                        Page 4 of 12

     Brunton has a passion for     School golfers. During that time Kyle was nominated for
     developing elite junior and   both Assistant Professional of the Year and Player of the
      amateur golfers. He has      Year. Kyle has experienced roles in public and private
      been Canada's National       facilities as well as being a full-time instructor for five
       Coach since the Royal       years. He is going into his fifth season at the Point Roberts
     Canadian Golf Association     G&CC where he started as Head Professional in 2005 and
       established its Player      currently is the General Manager. In November 2008, Kyle
      Development Program in       won the Canadian PGA Club Professional Championship at
               1999.               Port St. Lucie, Fla.

     Teams led by Brunton won      PATRICIA JONAS
     the 2001 Four Nations Cup     Patty joined the CPGA in 1987 after one year of
        Championship and the       professional golf on the European Tour and an
       2003 Americas Cup and       accomplished amateur playing career including five years
     have competed for Canada      on the Canadian national golf team. She started as an
     around the globe. Brunton     apprentice at Chilliwack Golf Club and moved on to
        coached the Canadian       Vancouver Golf Club where she gained her Class A status
      National Men's Team to a     in 1991. After six years at Vancouver GC, she worked at
      Silver Medal finish at the   Swan-e-Set Bay G&CC and then Burnaby Mountain GC.
         2006 World Amateur        While at Burnaby Mountain, Patty became a Class A
       Championship in South       Member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional
               Africa.             Division. With full-time teaching as a goal, Patty worked at
                                   Eaglequest Coquitlam where she eventually became Head
      Brunton has authored the     Professional. Now at Morgan Creek Golf Club, she is a
     RCGA Achievement Guide,       Teaching Professional and organizes programs for juniors
      a comprehensive manual       as well as a Wednesday evening ladies league. Patty was
         for high performance      elected to the PGA of BC board in the spring of 2008 and
       players and coaches. As     served as Membership & Bylaws Chairman.
     well, in 1999, he was hired
       by the Canadian PGA to      SCOTT KOLB
         design and develop a      Scott began his CPGA career at Victoria Golf Club in 1992
     national teacher and coach    while working for Mike Parker. In 1998, he moved to the
       education program. The      Okanagan to work with Peter Hopley at Gallagher's
         result was the highly     Canyon. By 2003 he advanced through the GolfBC ranks
       acclaimed Teaching and      to become the Manager of Operations at Arbutus Ridge. In
        Coaching Certification     2006, Scott ventured east to the Raven at Lora Bay before
     Program (TCCP). The TCCP      returning to Victoria Golf Club as General Manager.
       is a mandatory training     Throughout his 16 years as a professional and 21-plus
         program for all CPGA      years in the industry, Scott has been committed to
             Professionals.        teaching the game of golf. He has created three separate
                                   Golf Academies and worked five years at Camosun
      In 2009, Brunton's first     College. Scott was elected to the PGA of BC board in the
    book, The New Competitive      spring of 2008 and served as Events & Communication
    Golfer, will be published in   Chairman.
       the United States and
     Canada. This book will be     NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE: Two-year term, one
       the ultimate guide for      vacancy
    competitive golfers serious
      about reaching their full    TROY PEVERLEY
       potential in the game.      Joined the CPGA in 1991 as an Apprentice Professional at
                                   Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club. He secured his Class A
        Brunton has received       status in 1995 and was immediately elevated to the Head
      considerable professional    Professional's position at Hazelmere in 1996. Duties have
     training from many of the     expanded in recent years with ownership's acquisition of
     foremost golf educators in 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                        Page 5 of 12

                                   Belmont Golf Club and Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & CC and
      the world. A graduate of
                                   extensive renovations and improvements to the Hazelmere
     the University of Ottawa's
                                   layout. Troy is now Regional General Manager of the West
         Physical Education
                                   Coast Golf Group and Head Professional at Swan-e-Set.
      Program, he has studied
                                   Troy was first elected to the BC PGA board in 2003 and
      and participated in select
                                   has chaired the Employment & Member Development
       programs in Scotland,
                                   portfolio before taking over chairmanship of Finance &
     Spain, Sweden, the United
                                   Administration and Vice-President in 2006. Troy became
      States and Canada. He is
                                   President of the Association in the spring of 2008.
        also an accomplished
      speaker and consultant.      VANCOUVER GOLF & TRAVEL SHOW: TWO-
                                   FOR-ONE OFFER HERE
      In 2008, Brunton was the
        keynote speaker at the
      PGA of America Teaching      Members are
      and Coaching Summit. In      encouraged to
     addition, he has presented    attend the
          at golf conferences      Vancouver Golf
     throughout Canada as well     & Travel Show
        as in Germany, Puerto      this weekend at
     Rico, Trinidad and Tobago,    BC Place
       and in the United States    Stadium. Come
       for various PGA Sections    on down and
         and at the prestigious    check out the
         "Better Golf Through      latest in equipment in the demo area.
     Technology" Conference at
          MIT in Cambridge,        While you're there, stop by the PGA of BC booth and see
            Massachusetts.         our Learning Centre and the Clubs For Kids booth.

       In 2005, Brunton was        Show hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.
      recognized as the first -    to 5 p.m. Sunday. Kids 11 and under are free.
      and only - Canadian by
     GOLF Magazine as one of       See below for a two-for-one admission offer. Just print off
        America's "Top 100         the coupon and bring someone down to the show for free.
    Teachers," the publication's
    biennial survey of teaching    Click here for a two-for-one admission offer.
        excellence. In2009,
    Brunton was recognized by      IN MEMORIAM - GORDIE WEBER
     US Kids Golf as a "Top 50
                                   The world of golf and our association lost a big friend with
      Kids Teacher" - the first
                                   the passing last week of Gordie Weber at age 84.
    and only Canadian to be so
        recognized to date.
                                   "Gordie", as he was known to a legion of friends, did a
                                   tremendous amount for professional golf in B.C. along with
    In addition to his work with
                                   other sports. As a sales representative for Labatt's
      the Canadian Men's and
                                   Breweries for 38 years, he built a network of
         Junior Boys National
                                   acquaintances and colleagues that made him the most
     Teams, Brunton also leads
                                   connected guy in town.
      "Strive for Excellence," a
    comprehensive year- round
        coaching and training      Named an Honorary Director of the PGA of BC, Gordie
     program for aspiring high-    Weber was involved in a myriad of organizations. He was
     level junior and collegiate   instrumental in fundraising for what became B.C.
    golfers at his home base at    Children's Hospital. He was active in curling circles, helped
       Eagles Nest G.C. near       found the Variety Club, helped out with the Boys and Girls
               Toronto.            Club, Little League baseball, the Commercial Travelers, 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                         Page 6 of 12

             -----------            Rotary Club, and the BC Sports Hall of Fame. He also
                                    played a key role in breathing life into the B.C. Open golf
     On the afternoon of Day 1      tournament, to which the PGA of BC still holds rights.
      of the Spring Education
    Seminar, attendees will see     He is survived by his wife of nearly 60 years, Garrie, and
     a special presentation on      family. A memorial service was held at West Vancouver
     one of the most advanced       Baptist Church on Tuesday, Feb. 10.
     golf performance facilities
            in existence.           SPONSOR SOUGHT FOR CLUB PRO SERIES
                                    Efforts are under way to find a new sponsor for the PGA of
         Dave Phillips is a         BC Club Professional Series.
     cofounder of the renowned
        Titleist Performance
                                    Unfortunately, the title sponsor of the series for its first
      Institute, and another of
                                    three years, American Express, is stepping back financially
      the Top 100 Teachers in
                                    this year and cannot commit to fund the series.
      America named by GOLF
                                    The PGA of BC, through Sales & Marketing Coordinator
                                    Grant Gray, is seeking a new sponsor. It is hoped that the
    He and Dr. Greg Rose have
                                    series -- six one-day events involving networking,
    developed the ultimate golf
                                    education and a competitive round of golf for Head
      performance facility that
                                    Professionals, Head Teaching Professionals and Executive
         combines the most
                                    Professionals -- can still take place in 2009.
           advanced three
       dimensional diagnostic
    tools with a comprehensive      Stay tuned for further developments.
     physical evaluation of the     CONGRATULATIONS TO ROB ANDERSON -
         body. By combining
     Titleist's equipment fitting
                                    2008 CANADIAN PGA TEACHER OF THE
    expertise with physical and     YEAR
    three dimensional findings,
     they can help any level of
      golfer achieve their golf
            specific goals.

     Utilizing his understanding
            of the body and
       biomechanics, Dave has
           developed a very
         understandable and
          workable teaching
     approach and continues to
       work with players of all
      levels including player of    The Canadian PGA has announced the 2008 winners of its
     the year for 2008, Padraig     prestigious National awards for exceptional and dedicated
              Harrington.           service as Canadian golf professionals.

     Dave has been featured on      Each year, a National Selection committee evaluates
     the Golf Channel where he      nominations from more than 3,500 Canadian PGA
       has done 52 episodes of      Members coast-to-coast and recognizes winners in each of
      The Golf Fitness Academy      the four categories. The winners will receive their award at
        show and has been in        the 2009 Club Professional Championship in November.
         multiple publications
      including, Golf Magazine,     Congratulations to Rob Anderson, Head Professional
       Golf Digest, Golf World,     at Shadow Mountain Golf Course in Cranbrook, BC,
        Sports Illustrated and      who is the 2008 recipient of the Canadian PGA 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                            Page 7 of 12

             many more.              Teacher of the Year award.

       As a cofounder of the         Following four seasons on the Canadian Tour (1994- 1997)
        Titleist Performance         and time on The Harvest Golf Club's (Kelowna, BC)
       Institute he has been         grounds crew, Rob moved into the Harvest's Golf Shop. At
        instrumental in the          that time, the Teaching Program was modest at best, with
     development of the largest      the bulk of teaching being directed towards members and
       golf health and fitness       the Roots International group of young Japanese golfers.
       website in the industry
             Over subsequent seasons, the programs offered to the
                                     general public expanded significantly with either Rob's
            --------------           direct involvement or support. Programs included the
                                     creation of The Harvest Golf Academy, Gail Graham's
      On Day 2 (February 24),        Women's' Only Golf Schools, The Harvest Junior/Junior
         get ready for some          and the creation of Rob Anderson's Golf Academy @ The
       personal advice that will     Harvest Golf Club in 2008.
       help make you a better
      person as well as a better     Last year, Rob coached eight junior/college level players
        golf professional. Two       from BC's interior and conducted several Future
     presentations are featured.     Links/BCGA junior clinics. He was also a Regional Coach
                                     for the RCGA's Player Development Program and attended
     Chris Obst has a passion        an RCGA National Training Camp following the RCGA's
          for personal and           National Women's Amateur in Squamish (2005).
     professional growth. And
        he has an excellent          Despite the responsibilities of being a Head Professional
      presentation ready for         and a parent, Rob has inspired his fellow professionals in
      attendees at this year's       his zone through his participation in local, zone and
              seminar.               national events, by teaching fellow professionals and
                                     mentoring up-and- coming players, both amateur and
     Entitled "Managing Energy       professional alike.
           vs. Time for High
          Performance", the          Other 2008 award winners are:
     presentation will deal with
       how ambitious goals, a        — Club Professional of the Year - Bill Wogden, Barrie
        challenging economy,         Country Club, Ontario
       increasing competitive
         pressure, and rising        — Merchandiser of the Year - Tim Moore, Thornhill Golf and
     demands create the ideal        Country Club, Ontario
          fuel for diminished
       performance over time.        — Jack McLaughlin Junior Leader of the Year Award - Mike
       This combination often        Kelly, Golf Association of Ontario
      creates a vicious cycle of
       stress for individuals in
                                     For more information regarding Canadian PGA
      business with little or no
                                     National Award Winners please click here.
            recovery time.
                                     YOUR LOGO COULD BE HERE
      Better time management
     will not resolve this issue -   Have your
     It requires effective energy    club's or a
            management.              sponsor's logo
                                     stitched onto
     Extraordinary performers        a pair of golf
     are: physically energized,      shoes. The
         mentally focused,           "MyJoys" 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                           Page 8 of 12

    emotionally connected, and       program from
       spiritually aligned with      FootJoy lets
       what matters most to          you do it.
     them. Skillfully managing
     energy in all four of these     For further
    dimensions enables you to        information,
    fully ignite your talent and     contact
    skill on demand. It enables      FootJoy sales
    peak performers to achieve       representative
     the sustainable results at      John Beddis
     work as well as at home.        at (778) 233-
        In this entertaining and
       educational session you       ATTENTION APPRENTICES: IMPORTANT
                will learn:
                                     TCCP 3 & 4 must be completed before April
       — How well you currently
        manage your energy in        30, 2009
              four key areas         Canadian PGA national board policy requires the
           — How a professional      mandatory completion of TCCP 3 & 4 for all Apprentices
          athlete's mindset can      who have taken TCCP 1 & 2.
        benefit you as a leader
         — Why stress is not the     Therefore, any Apprentice presently in the national
       enemy in our lives - and      database, who completed TCCP workshops 1 & 2 (deemed
        what the real enemy is       as being in the "old" CPGA education series) and has not
     — How peak performers use       completed TCCP Workshops 3 & 4 will have until April
         rituals vs. discipline to   30th, 2009, to fulfil this requirement.
              manage energy
     — Three strategies to begin     Failure to complete this mandatory requirement will
      managing physical energy       result in termination of membership.
             more effectively
               immediately           Please note: If you are a new Apprentice, having passed
                                     the PAT and participated in a TCCP Instructor Beginner
       As the Principal of Core      workshop after September 2007, you are considered to be
    Dynamics Group, CEOs and         in the "new" CPGA TCCP education series. Therefore, the
     executive managers have         TCCP 3 & 4 mandatory requirement does not apply to you.
      cast Chris in the roles of
          coach, consultant,
    sounding board and cattle        UPCOMING TCCP 3 WORKSHOPS IN THE BC ZONE
       prod since 1999. Chris        February 20 - 21, 2009 at Radium Resort
        draws on his training,       April 6-7, 2009 at University Golf Club
     experience, natural gifts,
      and his knack for honest       UPCOMING TCCP 4 WORKSHOPS IN THE BC ZONE
    communication to help top        February 22 - 23, 2009 at Radium Resort
        players increase their       April 8-9, 2009 at University Golf Club
     effectiveness and achieve
     results for their business.
                                     DON'T JEOPARDIZE YOUR CPGA MEMBERSHIP BY
                                     MISSING THESE SESSIONS. REGISTER ONLINE AT THE
     Chris has had key career        CPGA WEBSITE TODAY!
       successes in sales and
     management, and prior to
                                     To sign-up please log-in to the "Members" section at
     launching Core Dynamics
       Group, the distribution
      company he co-founded          MEMBERSHIP CARDS MAILED OUT
      was one of Canada's 50
       Best Managed Private          CPGA membership cards for 2009 have now been mailed 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                         Page 9 of 12

                                     out to members who have submitted their PGA of BC
     Companies. Chris holds a
                                     Members' Contract and Employment Verification
     Diploma in Marketing and        Forms.
     Sales Management from
      the University of British
                                     If you have not received your card, please contact Stacy
     Columbia, and has broad
                                     at the office to confirm whether we have received the two
          training in sales,
                                     required forms. Or download the two forms above from
     management and human
                                     the website and fax in to the office at (604) 303-6765 or
        behaviour. He is also
                                     email a scanned version to
      certified to administer a
      variety of psychometric
       tests and competency-         Any address, phone number or email changes MUST
       based assessment and          be reported to the office by email to
        development tools for or call the office at (604) 303-
       teams and individuals.        6766.

        Chris is a big believer in   The Employment Verification Form and Member's Contract
           work/life balance. He     can be downloaded by clicking on the link in green below,
       teaches it and he lives it.   or by going to the website at , click on
          Chris enjoys an active     the Members Only icon, click on Forms, and then click on
       lifestyle with his wife and   "2009 Employment Verification Form" or "PGA of BC
      two school aged children,      Member's Contract".
          on the North Shore of
          Vancouver, BC. He is a     If you're planning a trip to somewhere warm and sunny
       very involved parent and      and need your card in a hurry, contact the office.
     coaches soccer and hockey
         in his community. He is     Thank you to all members for your cooperation.
       also the Vice President of
     Athletics For Kids (A4K), a     Click here to download the PGA of BC Member's
     federally registered charity    Contract and the 2009 Employment Verification
          that makes organized       Form
      sports more accessible to
       financially disadvantaged     CREATE YOUR OWN PROFILE ON
     children. Chris enjoys good     BCGOLFGUIDE.COM
     food (cooking has become
        a passion in the last few    Members are encouraged to create a profile for themselves
      years), good wine, sports      and their golf facility on the PGA of BC website and
           and staying in shape      through
      through swimming, hiking
                and tennis.          All professionals are listed on the PGA of BC website under
                                     the "Find a Pro" feature on the left side menu of the
      And to wrap things up on       home page.
      Day 2, the tremendously
      entertaining story of how      Simply click on your personalized entry and you will be
        the FISH! philosophy         taken to your profile on the BC Golf Guide website.
      became one of the most
     talked-about programs in
                                     There you can create a profile for yourself that talks
    the world of the workplace.
                                     about, for example, your qualifications as a teacher, or
    FISH! is based on the 1998
                                     whatever you want to say about yourself. There is an
     film about how workers in
                                     opportunity to attach photos and videos to the profile so
    Seattle's famous Pike Place
                                     that members of the golfing public can get a better
       Fish Market made their
                                     appreciation of what you have to offer.
      work enjoyable and their
    interactions with customers
            unforgettable.           For a good example of a profile on the site, look for John
                                     Randle's information. 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                      Page 10 of 12

    Carr Hagerman has made         Any questions on the process of updating or creating a
       presentations about the     profile can be directed to Ross Marrington of BC Golf Guide
      FISH! philosophy all over    at or by toll-free phone at
           the world and is        1.877.223.7226.
        guaranteed to get you
          revved about your
    relationships with your co-    Career Opportunities Available at
       workers and the people
    you do business with. What
       Carr talks about is that
    even in a workplace where      NEW
     fishmongers spent stinky,     Associate/Assistant Professional
       grueling 12-hour shifts     The Rise
         stocking, selling and
      packing fish, remarkable     NEW
       results can occur when      Assistant Golf Professional and Golf Services Associate
    people accept the invitation   Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa, Victoria
         1) Be There for their     NEW
    coworkers and customers;       Assistant/Associate Professional
                2) Play;           Crowsnest Pass Golf & Country Club, Blairmore, Alberta
      3) Make someone's day;
                  and              NEW
       4) Choose their attitude    Assistant Professional
      about how they show up       Creston Golf Club
               for work.
     Official Hotel of the PGA     Teaching/Associate Professional
        of BC: Coast Plaza         Green Room Golf Performance Centers
           Suites & Hotel
         1763 Comox Street         NEW
           Vancouver, BC           Assistant Professional
                                   Green Room Golf Performance Centers
      Call the hotel directly at
        604.688.7711 Rate:         Guest Services Assistant
       $109/night (subject to      The Club at Tower Ranch
     availability) Quote "PGA of
          BC" when calling.
                                   Associate/ Assistant Professional
                                   The Club at Tower Ranch
                                   Associate/Assistant Professional
          THE SPRING
                                   Penticton Golf & Country Club
                                   Apprentice Professional
                                   The Golf Centre - Kelowna

                                   Pro Shop Head Cashier
                                   The Golf Centre - Kelowna

                                   Golf Shop Retail Associates

                                   Outside Golf Services Staff
                                   Tobiano 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                      Page 11 of 12

                                   Golf Shop Manager
                                   Greenacres Golf Course

                                   Assistant Professional
                                   The Redwoods Golf Course

                                   Assistant/Associate Professional
                                   Mountain View Golf Club

                                   Assistant Professional
                                   Sechelt Golf & Country Club

                                   Head Professional/Golf Shop Manager
                                   Golden Eagle Golf Club Associate/Apprentice Professional
                                   Fairview Mountain Golf Club

                                   Assistant Professional
                                   Vernon G&CC

                                   Apprentice Professional/Member Services Coordinator
                                   Vernon G&CC

                                   Associate/Assistant Professional
                                   Castlegar Golf Club

                                   Click here to view careers listed in the Member's
                                   Only section at
                                   CANADIAN PGA UNVEILS STRATEGIC PLAN
                                   "A proud focus on a strong and united future"

                                   The Canadian Professional Golfers' Association (Canadian
                                   PGA) has released their 2009-2014 Association Strategic
                                   Plan which will chart the course for the Canadian PGA.

                                   The many and varied initiatives that the National body and
                                   Zones have undertaken has highlighted the need to work
                                   effectively and diligently together. The clarity of focus
                                   articulated in this plan is the result of dialogue and
                                   feedback formulated across the country over the past 18

                                   The golf environment continues to become increasingly
                                   complex. Challenges such as the economics of the
                                   industry, saturation of golf professionals in Canada and
                                   the expectations of the golfing public are examples of the
                                   need to readdress the Association's current position within
          the marketplace. With the creation of this Strategic Plan,
                                   the Association will adapt in order to thrive in the future.

                                   Click here to view the complete 2009-2014 Strategic
     604.303.6766 1.800.667.4653
                                   Plan 3/9/2009
PGA of BC E-NEWS: SIGN UP FOR SPRING SEMINAR SOON                                                           Page 12 of 12

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