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Brubaker kindergarteners are participating in the Des Moines District‟s “Pick a Better Snack”
program. The four session program educates the students on nutrition and physical activity. A
dietician visits our classroom once a month for a half hour lesson. The dietician educator
stresses that everyone should try eating healthy foods from each food group and not to avoid new
foods until they have tasted a sample. We have had the opportunity to sample a Mexican potato
and dried cranberries. The sampling part of each lesson is always the highlight for the
kindergartners. The classroom teacher is asked to reinforce concepts from the lesson with an
additional 60 minutes of instruction throughout the following month. We are looking forward to
our next two sessions!

The snowstorm couldn‟t stop reading at Carver Community School. Reading is a Gift, an event to
promote literacy at home, was planned for Thursday, December 9. Due to our first snowstorm of
the year it was postponed until Thursday, December 17. On that day Carver parents and families
were invited into the school library to choose books that they could give to their children as gifts.
Carver teachers and Principal, Cecil Brewton, took turns in the library to visit with parents and
help them choose a just right book for their children. Thanks to a Northwest Rotary donation, gift
cards from Hy-Vee were passed out to families throughout the day. Carver had close to 90
families visit that day to bring the gift of reading back to their children.

Math counts! Cowles students take math concepts beyond the school day as they explore math
concepts in an after school club. This week students designed three dimensional polygons out of

A community connection….The Red Cross presented to our Pre-K students with a visit from
Scrubby Bear. The children learned more about germs and what to do to keep them away.

Tis the season! Snow related activities fill the shelves of Cowles classrooms…..puzzles, dot to
dot, trace-cut-paste, painting, and math work.

Kindergarten students have been working on a play for reader‟s theater called The Blue Goose.
They have been assisted by students from the Upper Elementary. Students are rehearsing and
will perform their play on Friday for their classmates. Everyone has had a great time making
props and acting out the story.

The 7/8 year olds at the Downtown School started the New Year with new project topics. The
upstairs group of Keck began discussing libraries. They explored the Central Library and
compared the downtown library with their school library. Students are interested in learning about
how a library operates, how fiction and nonfiction books are organized, the Dewey Decimal
System, and where books go when they are returned.

The downstairs groups at Keck are preparing for a musical. Students are rehearsing lines and
perfecting musical numbers. They are discussing what it looks and sounds like to be a
professional performer and are anxious for the final show in early February.

Students at Capital Square are culminating their project on libraries by creating a classroom
library based on what they learned from visiting different libraries. They will move onto exploring
cold and flu while focusing on prevention, causes of illness, and the differences between viral and
bacterial illnesses.
Edmunds fifth grade students recently had the opportunity to spend the day at J.A. BizTown.
Students worked ahead of the visit to learn more about community-centered careers, economics,
and basic skills like writing checks. BizTown allowed the students to practice these skills in a
simulated community in which each student held a particular job and carried out it's
corresponding responsibilities. In addition to learning basic skills and responibility, BizTown gives
students the opportunity to get a glimpse into possible future careers. We appreciate all the
wonderful staff and volunteers at Junior Achievement and thank them for their time and
commitment to our students.

Second term Student Council elections were held the week of January 11. Student Council
members and class representatives will be announced next week. Congratulations to all students
who put forth the effort to run.

4 Grade students at Garton are reading stories about Martin Luther King Jr. this month as we
celebrate his birthday. Through their reading, students will learn about his life and how his
leadership impacted our nation and our lives. After hearing his dreams, students will generate
their own dreams that would make a difference in the world.
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2 and 3 grade students are preparing for their Parent Activity Night, February 2 from 6:00-
7:30. The theme this year is ZOO MANIA! Teachers have prepared an interdisciplinary unit
based on this theme. Students will make connections in their reading, writing, math, art, and
music. In fact, the evening begins with a vocal music concert!

Katie Pilcher‟s second grade class is the health topics of internal organs, staying healthy, staying
fit and active, nutrition and teeth. The class also worked on a unit on Martin Luther King, Jr. The
students learned about his life, his accomplishments, and his dreams for our country. They read
books about Dr. King and wrote about their own dreams for our country.

Students in Sherry Clingman‟s second grade are learning about solids and liquids. They also
learned about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King

Second graders in Joni McConnell‟s class are working on an Around the World unit for Social
Studies. The students are pretending that they are in a British school and doing work in a
workbook format as they do in a JMI school. They are writing to Queen Elizabeth II during
Writer‟s workshop.

Kindergarten students colored and painted shovels with winter scenes. The children attached a
cut-up sentence about what they like to do in the winter.

First graders in Christy Joyce‟s classroom exhibited the pillars of caring and citizenship by
collecting school supplies for children in Afghanistan. The following items were collected: 299
pens, 422 pencils, 40 pencil sharpeners, 12 erasers, and 50 book bags. These items were
distributed by their pen pals, The 649 Regional Support Group stationed at the Kandahar Airfield
in Afghanistan.

All First grade students are working on a science unit about balance and motion. During the
coming month students will be exploring the concepts of balance, stability, spinning, and rolling
through guided discovery.

Fourth graders are completing their third theme this month in their reading anthology books
called, “That‟s Amazing”. They read about some amazing characters and happenings. They will
be getting together to enjoy rereading some of their favorite parts of the stories in this exciting
Third graders are learning about Des Moines history and exploration. Students are researching
and writing about famous explorers.

The Reading Recovery department held an open house on January 11. District staff and
community members toured the new Reading Recovery training facility at Greenwood and
celebrated twenty years of Reading Recovery in the Des Moines Schools.

Saturday, January 23 is Greenwood night at Roosevelt. Students may attend the Roosevelt girls
and boys basketball games. The Roughrider Girls play at 5:30 and boys play at 7:00

The first-grade classes are ready to begin a new year of writing! Each student has written a New
Year‟s resolution. The children have learned that a resolution is an opportunity to set a new
goal. Many students want to learn new things, some chose to help more around their houses,
and others decided it was time to try a new hobby. In the coming days, we will be supporting one
another and helping each other reach our goals. By doing this we are learning more about what it
means to be part of a community. The resolutions will be posted for visitors to read when they
visit our classes. If you stop by, be sure to ask about the plans we have to make our resolutions

Hubbell Student Council encourages all students and staff to show their “Hubbell Spirit” every
Friday by wearing blue and white the school colors.
Hubbell PTA Reflections entries were due on January 13 . The topic for the year was BEAUTY
IS… Students entered literature work, artwork photography, music compositions, film and dance
choreography. Results for the PTA Reflections will be known soon.

Third graders started inquiries of exploration with their very own explorations of the woods at
Jester Park. They continued by investigating explorations of land, water, and space. Metro Kids‟
Matt Brandt and his telescope assisted with space exploration.

Lola Mann, school counselor, helped distribute many clothing items to students in need through
the Shoes That Fit Program. Thank you Shies That Fit!!

All of the Hubbell staff worked on new IB Unit planner development during the Wednesday early
out. It gave the staff times to collaborate and plan as a team.

Fifth graders continue their study of Experimentation and discoveries that impact the world. They
worked with mixtures and solutions and observed changes and causes that took place.

All Jackson Elementary school students are currently preparing for their upcoming Music
Concerts. On Thursday, March 4, 2010, each student will participate in their grade level music
concert at SouthRidge Mall. The event is in conjunction with our school‟s Title Reading and Math
Night. The students will be able to perform their music concert as well as participate in reading
and math activities. Each grade level concert is entitled, “A Day in the Life of Music Class;”
featuring age appropriate songs, dances and games that help us learn about music. The chorus
will also be performing. Families will witness the types of activities and lessons that are taught in
music class on a regular basis. In Music Class, the students are busy learning the melody and
lyrics to all of the songs as well as some dance parts, instrument parts and games. The students
learn about new musical concepts; like rests, high notes, low notes, half notes, quarter notes,
phrasing, breathing and duple and triple meter while they learn their songs. We also study
reading components that are found in the songs; like rhyming words, phrasing, nonsense
manipulation, long and short vowel sounds, consonant sounds, phonemic sounds and fluency. In
addition, the chorus students have been invited to sing the National Anthem at an Energy Game
in February. The students are very excited to perform in their music concerts at the Mall and to
show off to all of their family and friends. Good luck with all your singing, Jackson Stars!!!

Mrs. Pam Olson‟s third grade class used adjectives to write descriptive paragraphs about a
snowman that each student created. When done the students read their descriptions and their
classmates had to guess which snowman was being described. The students were able to
identify each snowman with great success. To practice the use of possessive nouns, each
students compared their snowman to someone else‟s in the room and then wrote about the
differences between the snowmen. Example: Susie‟s snowman is bigger than mine.

Third graders also worked in groups to identify what a “valenbug” was, where it lived, what it ate,
the sounds it made, how it traveled, what it looked like, and how it helped people. Then students
wrote descriptive paragraphs about these “valenbugs”. Using their written description, the
students then created a “valenbug” to match.

After learning about traditions through their reading and social studies texts, the students found
out about their heritage and their families‟ traditions. Students researched what contributions
came from their country. Then during art project time, the students used artist, Joseph
Cornell‟s idea of shadow boxes. The students made shadow boxes to represent their heritage.
Parents were invited up, giving the students an opportunity to share all that they learned.

Students at Madison Elementary School are learning about the courageous acts of Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr. They are reading books such as; Martin‟s Big Words, My Brother Martin, and
Martin Luther King, Jr. the March on Washington. Some students are making mini-books about
Dr. King, and some classrooms are signing an “I Have a Dream Pledge” to commit to living a life
of peace and equality. Students are practicing the Six Pillars of Character to try to help Dr. King‟s
dream continue throughout their lives.

Monroe Girls‟ Group held their first annual Girls‟ Group Garage Sale on Wednesday, December
16, 2009. Monroe staff donated clothing, toys, and small household items – enough to fill all 10
cafeteria tables. 18 fifth grade girls along with Monroe staff sorted, folded, and organized all
items to be sold for a nickel. The sale ran for 2 hours starting at 3:30 with over 1600 items sold to
Monroe families. A BIG thank you to all of the staff, students, and families who donated their
items and time to make our first sale a success!

Moulton second graders have started a reading unit on Amazing animals such as police dogs and
gorillas that can do sign language. In math, they are learning the different ways to do double digit
addition and subtraction. They are also working on writing on character sketches and writing
about how people are similar and different.

Third grade students are beginning their math unit on multiplication and division. They are using
a variety of games to practice their math facts. Learning can be fun!

Moulton students and families participated in a Family Reading Carnival on Tuesday, January
19 . The students and families were able to learn new reading games that they can to together
at home.

Park Avenue
The Dental Sealant program will begin for second and third graders next week. The Des Moines
Health Center provides this service to our students who bring their permission slips back. We are
continuing to practice flu prevention by good hand washing, covering mouths when coughing and
sneezing and staying home when ill.

In counseling, students are learning about tolerating and understanding diversity. Grades 3-5 are
reading a play about Benjamin Banneker and his inventions. Grades K & 1 had a puppet show
based on the book, The Land of Many Colors. Grades 2-5 had a puppet show about Susannah
Wheatley. Students discussed how what is on the „inside‟ determines the character of a person,
not what is on the „outside.‟

Since returning to school after winter break it has been hard for Perkin‟s students to get outside
for recess. Students have been in classrooms during their recess time. Teachers are resourceful
in coming up with activities. Classroom games and fun building activities such as blocks and
Legoes are given to students during this time. Students can also work on the computer, color,
draw, or play a whole class game such as Heads Up, Seven Up or Bean Bag Toss.

Hopefully the snow will melt soon and allow students to get outside and burn off some energy!

Currant Core Knowledge units of study at Phillips:
Kindergarten students are busy learning about the continents.
First graders are working on the American Revolution and American Symbols.
Second grade students are starting their units on China and the Chinese culture.
Third grade is wrapping up their units on Native Americans.
Fourth grade students are studying about the American Revolution and writing biographies of
famous revolutionaries.
Fifth graders are discovering the aspects of the great Mayan, Inca, and Aztec‟s civilizations.
What foods were eaten and prepared, clothing, and trade were used are compared and
discussed. Also, what items we have today that were originated at the time of these civilizations.

Pleasant Hill
Students at Pleasant Hill have returned from winter break and are starting their mid-year
                              st            th
assessments. Students in 1 through 5 grade will complete the Basic Reading Inventory. The
BRI is to monitor fluency, comprehension, accuracy, and phrasing. They will also complete a
spelling inventory. This is used as a tool to guide word study instruction. By the end of the month
students will also take a district writing assessment. Our kindergartners will take the Modified
Kindergarten Assessment which includes; concepts of print, letter identification, hearing and
recording sounds, writing upper and lower case letters and writing all the words they know how to
spell. We have wonderful students, parental support, and a dedicated staff all working together.

River Woods
The River Woods Student Council, along with their advisors, Mr. Poole and Mrs. Zarr, recently
conducted their annual food drive and classroom contest. Over the course of the week, each
classroom brought in non-perishable food donations for the Food Bank of Central Iowa. At the
end of the week, the classroom that brought the most items won $50 from Student Council. The
winner of the food drive contest this year was Mrs. Kline‟s 4 grade class. The weather was not
on our side that week, but even with two snow days, the students and staff at River Woods
Elementary donated over 700 much needed items for families in need.

Wow! 2010 looks to be very promising! The students in Mrs. Surprenant‟s room are beginning to
learn about penguins. They have already completed a KWL chart about penguins and created
papier-mâché “Happy Feet” penguins. The penguin theme spans across all areas including
Math, Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Music, Art and so much more!!! The students have
increased their individual goals and are working towards earning enough PBS shields to have a
class party. Room 403 looks forward to a great rest of the school year! Please stop in and visit
anytime…Mrs. Surprenant‟s students love to impress their visitors!!

With a shortened week returning from winter break the Smouse Knights of the Week Traveling
Trophy went to ALL of the Smouse classrooms again for demonstrating fantastic skills in all of the
expectation areas: Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Citizenship for the week of January
4th,Way to Go Smouse Students!!

South Union
The fifth Grade class in room 229 at South Union Elementary are driving the rest of the upper unit
crazy. They are practicing the practical application of using fractions by baking a variety of types
of bread. Mr. Peterson will not let the students use full cup in the measuring of the recipe they
must convert from1/2 >1/3 >1/4 cups. Although this is an activity that has been done for years it is
a lot of fun for the kids to actually make something for supper and take it home.

P.E teacher, Dwayne Bahe, has just completed a badminton unit. Students learned skills and how
to keep score during a game. Mr. Bahe reports that it has been interesting to watch the students‟
skills develop. Students improved to the point where they could participate in extended volleys.
As a means to further encourage students to improve their skills, Mr. Bahe scheduled a
                                       th                                 th
badminton match between the Stowe 5 grade students and the Phillips 5 grade students. The
game was played after school in the Stowe gym. Students from both schools enjoyed the
competition. Stowe won the match.

The fifth grade students are brushing up on their writing skills in preparation for a January writing
assessment. They are focusing on content, organization, and word choice of their writing pieces,
as well as the basics of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

In math, students have moved on to fractions and are learning how to make equivalent fractions
and how to reduce fractions down to lowest terms.

In social studies students are learning about early explorers and how they changed the world we
live in today by taking bits of their cultures to different countries, as well as bringing back to their
native land bits of the cultures they had just encountered.

In reading classes students are reading different stories about the American Revolution. Some of
the stories are from the viewpoint of the Patriots and yet others are from the side of the Loyalists.
This also will be studied in social studies a little later in the year.

Walnut Street
This week finds Walnut Street‟s fourth grade preparing to work on our Energy Unit. Students will
be researching and developing questions to research about energy, its generation, and its use.
Students will create a project based on their question after thorough research. Upon completion,
they will share out their findings to the school and surrounding community.

We are very excited to be back to school from a long winter break. In kindergarten we have been
studying snow. It‟s a huge coincidence that we happen to have what seems like five feet of snow
on the ground! We are very excited to be learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and studying
other famous African Americans during the week of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Penguins are
also a fun topic that we will be studying soon!

Kindergarten students at Windsor were treated to a special performance on January 12th.
Maureen Korte came out to put on interactive performances for students in Mrs. Byriel, Mrs.
Brockman, Mrs. Leahy, and Mrs. Sullivan's classroom. Students got to be the star performers in
Mrs. Korte's skits during the program.

Windsor students recently collected $600.00 in box tops in a school-wide competition to collect
the most boxtops. The PTA is going to use the money to purchase a new sound system for the
auditorium to be used for student performances and assemblies.

The First Grade classes at Wright Elementary School are learning how to write friendly letters.
They have partnered with Howe Elementary to begin a Pen Pal program. The classes will keep
each other updated on things they have learned, things they have in common, books they have
read, and some of their likes and dislikes. These first grade students will hone their writing skills
as they make new friends!


Thank You Brody Student Service Workers
For several years Brody has offered eighth grade students an opportunity to display responsibility
by helping a teacher one class period daily. Students perform such work as organizing papers,
building bulletin boards, organizing book shelves, checking in assignments, and cleaning desk
tops and overhead screens. On occasion they may work with individual students or groups of
students with supervision from their cooperating teacher. Students are not allowed to enter
grades onto the computer, check tests or grade papers. These limitations are in place to reduce
error and maintain confidentiality of student scores. Students learn responsibility by displaying
responsibility in their community. We appreciate their support of our hard working classroom

Eighth graders are trying to get back into the swing of things after winter break and snow days.
Many of the teachers are continuing lessons from the previous week which was disrupted by the
weather. Mr. Young‟s civics classes are continuing their work on checks and balances,
federalism and the powers of the three federal branches. State government is the topic being
studied by Mrs. Gray‟s civics students. Math classes continue with their work on probability. Mrs.
Coop‟s science classes are finishing the sound unit. There will be a demonstration of the
Doppler Effect and sound waves produced by tuning forks. Students in Mrs. Coop‟s language
arts are working on the district writing assignment and the history that led to the writing of the
song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Mrs. Braun‟s language arts classes are practicing
reading fluency through the choral reading of song lyrics and are focusing on the reading strategy
of making predictions. Everyone is hoping to have a full day of school this week.
7 grade science students at Callanan Middle School are preparing this week for their
comprehensive semester final. Students will be reviewing as well as learning study strategies for
preparation of a comprehensive test. The week of January 18 science students will begin
learning about viruses.

Sixth grade students have been divided into 4 groups and each group is taking a field trip to Des
                             th  th  th      th
Moines University on Jan. 5 , 11 , 13 , or 15 . At DMU they will have the opportunity to
examine human organs and use equipment medical doctors are trained to use. This fieldtrip will
help wrap up their study of the human body.

     th                                                   th
The 7 grade Culture Fair has been delayed until January 27 due to snow days.
Students used bars of soap and their hands to simulate the esophagus going through peristalsis.
This is how food travels from our mouths to our stomach and also how it gets passed along in the
intestines. Students also had a pretzel eating contest to see who could eat the most pretzels in
one minute. You might be surprised at how few you can actually eat AND swallow. Try it!
Pro-Motion Kids are going to the “Youth in Action for a Healthy Iowa Conference Feb. 4

Healthy choices students are reviewing the personal goals they set at the beginning of the school
year and setting new goals for the second semester. Students know that to turn dreams into
reality we must set goals for ourselves, both short and long term.

After the successful completion of a walking track at Rodine Park this fall, the Rodine family has
agreed to pledge $1,000 to Warren G. Harding Middle School to issue a challenge for another
$1,000 in donations for improvements at Rodine Park. The first priority is the addition of trees
along the north end of the park to creae a sound and visual barrier from Euclid Avenue. Inquiries
may be made to Tom Ahart, principal.

6 graders at McCombs Middle School are beginning a health and wellness unit in their Science
classes. They will be studying disease and disease prevention and will also discuss nutrition and
fitness. Students will participate in Fuel Up to Play 60, a grant program sponsored by the NFL.
Participants will record their healthy eating and physical activity habits online at
www.FuelUptoPlay60.com. As students record data and track their progress, they are put in a
drawing to win individual and school prizes.

Mrs. Gerdes‟ Reading classes are working on a Heroes unit. Students are reading stories and
writing about that heroes are, and what it takes to be a true hero. Her Language Arts classes are
focused on research skills for the National History day Project.

Mr. Morris‟ Science classes are exploring chemical reactions. Students will be conducting lab in
which they test the effectiveness of over the counter antacids to neutralize simulated stomach
acid. Following the lab, students will then move on to an exploration of Geology including how the
Is changing and how even rocks change over time. Students will collect rocks as part of a project
in this unit.

Mr. Tegeler‟s Social Studies classes are beginning a unit on the cultural and physical geography
of East Asia. Students will focus on the different regions of east Asia and examine how the
physical geography has influenced the historical and cultural developments of the people.
Throughout January and February, all of his classes will be developing their research for the
National History Day presentations. Classes will utilize both the library and computer labs for their

Mrs. Rooney would like to introduce and welcome Keith Walker to her math classes. Mr. Walker
is a student teacher from Drake and will be with her classes up until spring break.

Meredith and Hoover hosted the MKL celebration at Hoover auditorium on January l8.

Merrill students will attend awards assemblies during the week of January 19. Sixth grade
students will celebrate academic achievement from semester one on January 28. They will also
participate in a preview of the Global Gala, which will begin at 6:30 that evening.
Save the date. You are invited to attend the Merrill Middle school Global Gala Thursday, January
28, 2010. If you missed this extraordinary event last year, mark your calendar now! You won‟t
want to miss it! The Global Gala is a celebration of the culture & diversity of our Merrill students.


The East High School Winter Dance will be held February 13 from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the
EHS Cafeteria. Theme for this year‟s dance is „Starlight Circus‟. Tickets will be sold for $10. (No
tux, no jeans, just something in-between).

East High School and Business Partner MidAmerican Energy worked jointly at the EHS
basketball games on January 15 handing out information and giving away prizes. MidAmerican
Energy is a great partner at East High and very supportive of the many student activities year-

The Hoover High School Concert Choir will combine with choir students from Waukee HS,
                                       rd                                                th
Johnston HS, and Valley HS for the 3 Annual “Metro Mixed Choir Festival” on Jan. 28 . The
festival will take place at Hoover HS, concluding with a concert that evening at 7:00pm in the
Hoover Auditorium. The guest conductor of the combined choir is Jill Wilson, from Morningside
College. In addition, the Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Tim
McMillin, will provide a program at the concert. The concert is open to the public, with admission
being $3.

Advanced Placement Psychology has been taking practice tests to see how prepared they are for
the test in May.

Introductory Psychology classes are having two guest speakers come in share about their
experiences living with schizophrenia. One speaker is an advocate for schizophrenics helping
them get jobs after being discharged.
Government classes have been following the 83 Iowa General Assembly Legislative session.
They have looked at financial spending figures from 1990 and 2000 adjusted for inflation and
talked about the possible pros and cons of spending more money. The question debated was
does the increased spending make Iowa a better place to live?
Leadership in planning a Winter Formal Dance for January 23 at the Iowa Events Center entitled
“A Black and White Affair” with DJ‟ism mc‟ing.

This week iJAG students had an opportunity to polish their job interview skills with
representatives from Cargill, Inc. The Des Moines plant manager from Cargill, Myron Carlson and
Cargill‟s Senior HR Generalist Ryan Ford were on hand to conduct interviews. Each iJAG student
had a chance to interview one on one with these executives for an entry level job of their choice.
“It was a great chance for these Lincoln High School students to make a great impression with a
local employer. It will give them a „foot in the door‟ if they choose to apply there after they
graduate,” said Darron Kitterman instructor of iJAG at Lincoln. Entry level production jobs at
Cargill pay $18 per hour in Des Moines.

Students in Ida Rooker‟s English 12 class are reading the story The Curious Case of Benjamin
Button. However, their work is also preparing them for the future workplace because they are
using a Wiki to discuss what they are reading with their peers. Students read a section of the
story and then go online to ask and answer questions of the teacher and their peers. Students
can read the story online if they choose, use the Internet to find definitions of words they don‟t
know, and are responsible for monitoring their own understanding of the story.

Tia Thomas‟s students are beginning their final project in her fashion classes. It is a 10-piece
clothing line sketch book. They will be presenting these projects during final exams.

Janet Kinman‟s Sales class is completing a presentation-style final exam this week. Sales
students will be presenting their final project to members of the community at LHS. Students
have worked all semester learning the steps of the sale, and are now proud to show off their new
Hicham Jennane‟s French class students have been doing a review of the present tense, past
(passé compose) , imperfect and the future: simple and the immediate future. They are also
reviewing the adverbs with “ment”, the possessive adjectives.

North High challenged students with a reading incentive last November-December. Students
were given five weeks to read two books of choice. They were asked to complete five bookmarks
with three questions such as, What do you know now that you didn't know before? What do you
predict will happen next? and What new words did you come across as you read? During
Advisory time, students had an opportunity to discuss their books with their advisors. Advisors
turned in names to literacy coaches of students who read the two books by winter break. We
have the following readers who will travel to Borders book store this month and be given a novel
of choice. Ninth graders: Kyanna Griffith, Neimah Kamara, Clark Reimers, Makayla Noble, Talia
Negrete, Brent Walker, Dakota Fourez, Breana Aschan, Michelle Vansickle, Kris Finzel and
Tommy Russell. Sophomores: Breanna Hart, Amanda Senn, Brian Farrington, Dante Maricle,
Donna Zimmerman Rachel King, Deven Anerson, Carmen Marrero, Dominique Russell. Juniors:
Cheyenne Caldwell, Jessica Seely, Blakely Phillips, Tony Nyguen, Zach Clements, Zach
Seagraves. Seniors: Lucas Carter, Alejandra Negrete, Chloe Teply, Victor Vorhees.

Roughrider Roundup, the middle school open house for Roosevelt High School, will be held on
Tuesday, February 16 from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Club sponsors and coaches will be available to
talk about specific opportunities for future Roosevelt students.

Roosevelt student athletes Erin Musset (softball), Riley Norman (volleyball), Anna McNulty
(volleyball), Aaron Porter (football), Dallas Monk (football), Andrew Barrett (cross country),
Maddie Hubbell (cross country), were recognized at halftime of the January 12 home basketball
games. Each of these student athletes received all state honors for their respective sport.

Central Campus
The 2nd Annual DMPS Citywide Middle School Science Fair is scheduled for Thursday February
11th at the Science Center. The event starts at 5 pm (with judging finishing at about 6:30 p.m.)
and will conclude at 8 p.m. Check out the Central Campus informational booth during the visit to
find out how you or your child may receive high school credit, tuition- free college credit and job
training in a science career field.

Campus Café students hosted a group of Turkish students on January 12. The students are
studying to be teachers; they visit Central Campus to learn about unique educational
environments in the United States.
Graphic Communication students are moving into their new classroom and lab. Students have
assisted with the planning and design of the new space.

Teacher Academy students are completing a semester of tutoring at Hiatt Middle School.

Central Camus/East High School Career Seminars concluded today with a Careers in Science
Seminar held in the East High Cafeteria. Students and instructors Cindy Snell (Animal Science)
and Kirk Embree ( Aquarium Science) shared information about their programs as well as
Horticulture and Marine Biology. Over 30 East High students attended the seminar in preparation
to course selection.

Future Pathways
Students and families will enjoy January Jam Thursday evening, January 28 . Themes for this
event are food and fun. Food will include sandwiches and baked beans; dessert will be ice
cream sundaes. Numerous games will be available in addition to music and photos. This will be
the 3 annual Jam. It is designed so that students, their families and staff can get together, relax
and get to know each other a little better. It is scheduled for 4 to 7 PM.

Math, Science and Social Studies students will go to Ankeny on Tuesday, January 26. The
morning will include a visit to the John Deere Ankeny Works. Students will go to the DMACC
campus in Ankeny at noon. In addition to a general campus tour, students will visit the tool and
die making program.

Scavo Campus
As part of 2010‟s 31-derful Days in May with Bike to Work Month, Eve Shonts from Scavo
Campus, and Camille Johnson from Hillis Elementary are teaming up to plan activities within the
Des Moines Schools that promote walking/biking and wellness and the active lifestyle within the
schools, communities and families. Eve and Camille have had huge success starting bike clubs
in their schools and they will bring their knowledge and passion for cycling to the program. This is
the first year that Bike to Work program is focusing on involving the schools. All schools will be
invited to participate in activities involving education, bicycle safety and maintenance, speakers,
and activities that promote healthy living. The Des Moines Bike Collective and Des Moines
Metro Waste Authority are the major organizers of the Bike to Work Month. Carl Voss, Mary
Moore, and Tina Hadden have organized subcommittees to plan a variety of activities and events
for the Month of May to bring about awareness to cycling and being active as well as building
community and pride among cyclists in the Des Moines area.

Ruby Van Meter
Diane Moorman‟s middle school students have been learning about what city, state, and country
they live in for a civic literacy unit. The unit included a discussion of fun things to do and see in
the Des Moines area, as well as locating their city state, and country on various maps and
globes. Students studied numerous symbols, monuments, and memorials. Fun was added to
this unit by visiting “Ben‟s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids” on the web at
http://bensguide.gpo.gov/, where students played an interactive game called “Place the State.”
This exciting game helped students to become more familiar with our fifty states and where in the
country Iowa is located. The unit culminated with an expansion that included learning about the
seven continents.

Gina Martin, Laurel Friedman, and Dagny Fidler are participating in a class this year via the Iowa
Communications Network (ICN). Emily Thatcher at the Department of Education is conducting the
training called Framework for Effective Instruction for Students with Significant Disabilities. The
content is designed to increase knowledge related to instruction and assessment that will help
teachers improve student achievement on the Iowa Alternate Assessment. The instruction is
helpful on many levels and should help improve the educational programs for our students.
Orchard Place
At Orchard Place, students in the middle school classroom of Ms. Susie Carlson and Ms. Marcy
Stephens are teaching other students about mean, median, and mode. When they began this
unit of study, students reviewed their personal knowledge of the terms and then, in teams, looked
at examples of instruction and studied different instructional styles used to convey the concepts.
Some created online queries about research-based instructional strategies in the area of math.
When students found out which classrooms they would be working with, they chose the
instructional strategies they felt best met the students‟ needs and developed worksheets and
quizzes as reinforcement for their instruction. One task they did not anticipate was creating the
answer keys for the materials they developed. The students participating as the „teachers‟ were
quite impressed with the discussion and response they received from their „students‟.

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