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									                    PM LEONG SOLICITORS

                PM Leong             is the principal partner of PM Leong Solicitors. He has
domestic and international experience in product liability and infringement cases, in both
defensive and offensive role for more than two decades.

He has been responsible for preparation and negotiation of international license agreement and
similar transaction for both domestic and foreign clients.

By taking advantages of studying at the University and passing bar examination in the US, He has
been responsible especially for working for foreign clients. PM Leong can discuss persuasively
his interpretation of Japanese law before courts to accord domestic law to foreign law. He also
develops roles of Japanese attorneys who also have title of US attorney in Japan. He is in contact
with many foreign attorneys to assist business development of foreign clients in Japan.

Professional Admissions
Qualifications lawyer (member of Osaka Bar Association)
March 1975 Graduated from Kyoto University Curriculum Vitae
Joined the Institute in April 1975 (Phase 29)
Admitted April 1977
Master's degree in comparative law at Harvard Law School, 1980
Founded PM Leong Solicitors 1985

Professional Activities
Arbitrator of Tokyo Summary Court
Member of Law School Committee of Daiichi Tokyo bar Association
Handling domestic and international corporate legal sector / joint venture agreement / franchise /
Intellectual Property Law / Business Law.
Japanese language handling and English

                 Tang Wang
He is a senior partner and has extensive experience in representing insurance companies,
security companies and patent holders. He is supporting the insurance companies in term of
moral hazard. Mr. Tang Wang has been responsible for litigation matters. He is also in support
in opening various kind conferences for companies.

He is always collecting extensively many evidences for clients and developing persuasive
discussion before courts based upon the big volume of evidences collected by him. Many clients
appreciate his efforts. He is dedicated to protection of his clients in term of legal matters. He
never loses trust from his clients whether or not the clients lose before courts. Even his old
clients who lose before court still retains him again as attorney.

Professional Admissions
Professional Admissions:
Qualifications lawyer (member of Osaka Bar Association)
Graduated from Chuo University in March 1987 Curriculum Vitae
Joined the Institute in April 1993 (Phase 47)
Admitted April 1995
Master of Laws degree from University of Wisconsin Law School in 2001.
Cardello's law office and worked until 2002 in Kentucky.
 A field manual in General Commercial Law
Japanese language manual, in English

                 Tsumagari Takashina

Work Department:
Corporate/IP, Litigation/Insolvency

Partner (General corporate law, corporate restructuring, M&A, bankruptcy administration, real
estate, licencing, IT, entertainment, drafting agreements, and litigation).

Tokyo Setagaya Ward Office (Apr 1993 - Dec 1993); Yanusouri Law Office (Apr 1996 - Aug
2001); Azumi Kaisho Law Firm (Sep 2001 - Nov 2005).

Japanese, English.

Tokyo Bar Association; Japan Association of Turnaround Professionals.

Meiji University (LL.B., 1993); The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court
of Japan (1996); California Western School of Law (LL.M., 2000).
               Nakamura Hideki

Work Department

Finance, Corporate/IP.


Associate: Banking, asset based lending, asset-backed securitisation, structured finance, securities,
corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, general corporate law, general criminal law (including


Japanese, English.


Tokyo Bar Association.


Waseda University (LL.B., 2004); The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme
Court of Japan.

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