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									                          South Essex Insurance Brokers/British Breeding
                                    Young Horse Evaluations
                            Show Jumping Section Championship Final
                                Arena UK Thursday 14 September
No     Horse       Conf   Suitabil   Speed      Style   W, T, C    GI      Sub     Guest   Total   Place
                   (10)    (10)       and       over    & Trans   (10)     total   rider   (80)
                                     appr’ch   fences     (10)             (70)     (10)
                                      (15)       (15)
11 Master          7.5       8         7.5        10      8.5      6       47.5     6.5     54      3
12   Costa Rica    6.5      6.5        10       8.5       6        7       44.5     X       X       4
13   Veronique H    5        6         10       10        5        8        44      X       X       5
14   Verbal                                                                                 X
15   Vacinimo      8.5       9         14       12        8.5     8.5      60.5     6      66.5     1
16   Furst Love     8       8.5        14        8         7      7.5       53      8       61      2

Evaluators: Malcolm Pyrah, Caroline O Hara and Celia Clarke
Guest rider: Matthew Lanni (rode and evaluated top three scoring horses)

Pedigree information for the finalists:
11. MASTER JIVETIME JUBILEE (BWBS) Bay gelding. Sire: Monte Carlo (KWPN). Dam: Acton Easter Present
by Louella Inschallah ll. Owner and breeder: Debby North. Handler and rider: Nathaniel McDowall

12. COSTA RICA (AES). Sire: Chairman (AES). Dam: Gulf Stream (AES) by Gordios. Owner and rider/handler:
Pierre Baber. Breeder: Caroline O Hara

13. VERONIQUE M (KWPN) Bay mare. Sire: Matterhorn (KWPN). Dam: Laelia (KWPN) by Damiro (KWPN).
Owner, handler and rider: Deeann Smith. Bred in Holland

14. VERBAL RESPONSE (AES) Chestnut stallion. Sire: Espri (SF). Dam: Mellody (KWPN) by Good Times
(KWPN). Owner P Brook. Breeder: Old Lodge. Handler and rider: tbc.

15. VACINIMO (AES) Grey gelding. Sire: Animo (KWPN). Dam: Facility (KWPN) by Sebastian (KWPN). Owner
and breeder: Old Lodge. Handler and rider: tbc.

16. FURST LOVE (Old) Bay gelding. Sire: Fuerstenreich (Rhld). Dam: St Pr St Aileen by Acord ll (Holst). Owner,
rider, handler and breeder: Mrs Jacke Mathieson

Score sheet:
                               South Essex Insurance Brokers/British Breeding
                              Young Horse Evaluation Series Championship Final
                                        Thursday 14 September at the Arena UK Grand Prix Festival

Number:                            Horse:                                                            Sex:

Breeder:                           Owner:                                   Handler/Rider:

                                                                              Score                 Comments
In hand section
Static conformation and assessment in movement (10)
Suitability of type for Show Jumping (10)
Ridden assessment
Speed and approach to fences (15)
Style over fences (15)
Walk, trot, canter and transitions (10)
General impression (10)
Subtotal (70)
Guest rider score. Top 3 only (10)
Grand total (80)
Mark scale.10 excellent, 9 very good, 8 good, 7 fairly good, 6
satisfactory, 5 sufficient, 4 insufficient, 3 fairly poor, 2 poor, 1 very
poor, 0 not performed. Scores to .25 of a full mark.
Judges. Caroline O Hara, Malcolm Pyrah, Celia Clarke                            Judges
Ride judge: Mattew Lanni                                                       signature
Thank you for your interest in the crème de la crème of our top young show jumpers. Amongst them may be a future
Olympian and most of them are British bred!

The winner of this section will be presented with their awards at the prestigious British Breeding Breeders’ Dinner at the
Grange Hotel in the City of London on Saturday 13 January 2007. Tickets are now available.

             For further details contact Jan Rogers 07725 332595 or

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