Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall                                                       August 2011
        Mon                               Tue                             Wed                                Thu                                Fri                           Sat
1                               2                               3                                  4                                 5                                6
                                -Lunch & Learn: Let’s Eat       -Welcome to Korea,                 -FRG Roundtable, 1030-1200        -ACS Strategic Planning
                                For The Health Of It, 1200-     1000-1100 JBM-HH ACS               Fort Belvoir ACS                  0730-1600, Location:
                                1300, JBM-HH ACS                                                                                     Fort Belvoir Woodlawn
                                                                                                   -Little Fingers & Big             Community Center
                                                                                                   Words,1100-1230,                  ~~ACS CLOSED~~
                                                                                                   JBM-HH ACS

8                               9                               10                                 11                                12
                                                                                                                                         August 2011
-Pre-Deployment Work            -Smooth Move 1330-1530,         Toddler Time, 1030-1130,           -Hearts Apart, 1700-1900,
Shop, 1000-1200, Fort           JBFM HH ACS.                    JBM-HH (call for location)         American Legion Arlington.
Belvoir ACS.

-Parenting Solo, 1200-1300,     -Book Club, 1030-1200:
Pentagon                        Parenting Teens With Love
                                & Logic

15                              16                              17                                 18                                19                               20
-Reunion Workshop,                                                                                 -FRSA Leaders Training,
                                                                -Welcome to Germany,                                                 -Baby Bundles, 1300-1600,
0900-1030, Fort Belvoir                                                                            0900-1200, Fort Belvoir ACS.      JBM-HH ACS
                                                                1000-1100, JBFM HH ACS.
-Reintegration Workshop,
1030-1200, Fort Belvoir

22                              23                              24                                 25                                26                               27
                                -Sponsorship Training,          -Toddler Time, 1030-1130,
                                1400-1500, JBM-HH, Army         local park (call for more info).
                                Education Center.

29                              30                              31                                                                  Army Community Service
 -EFMP enrollment and           -ACS Briefer Training           -ACS Briefer Training Course                                             204 Custer Road,
overseas screening training     Course (BTC), 0800-1200,        (BTC), 1200-1300,                                                           Bldg 201
                                JBM-HH ACS                      JBM-HH ACS                                                            Ft. Myer, VA 22211
-Book Club, 1030-1200: The                                                                                                            Phone: 703-696-3510
Curious Incident of the Dog                                                                                                             Fax: 703-696-0159
in the Night Time                                                                                                                      TTY: 703-696-4675

                   If you would like to receive ACS monthly calendar & events electronically, send a request please to the following email address:
                                                     Army Community Service Calendar of Events
Thursday, 4 August 2011                                              Monday, 18 August 2011
Little Fingers, Big Words                                            FRSA Training                                                                  Regularly Scheduled Classes
~Family Advocacy Program~                                            ~Mobilization & Deployment- JBM-HH and Fort Belvoir~
                                                                                                                                               Every 1st Tuesday, 1200-1300 (02 August 2011)
1100-1230, JBM-HH ACS, Bldg 201.                                     0900-1200, Fort Belvoir ACS, Bldg 200                                     Lunch & Learn: Let’s Eat For The Health Of It!
Baby signing; learn over 30 common signs. Baby signing               The role and responsibilities of the Family Readiness Support             JBM-HH ACS, Bldg. 201
promotes social development while teaching baby early                Assistant (FRSA). Overview: focus on various aspects of the               This month’s guest speaker will be nutrition from Andrew Rader Army
language skills. For more information or to register call            FRSA’s duties. They provide FRSAs a comprehensive knowledge               Health Clinic. Overview: The NEW USDA dietary guidelines based on
(703) 696-3512.                                                      of their role and responsibilities, and provide an in-depth look at       the My Plate logo. Join us and learn better ways to build a healthy
Thursday, 4 August 2011                                              the various Army Community resources available to Soldiers and            plate and boost your energy. Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch. For
FRG Roundtable                                                       their Family members. This training is designed for FRSAs as well         more information or to register call (703) 696-3512.
~Mobilization & Deployment- JBM-HH and Fort Belvoir~                 as others involved in Family Readiness functions. Call 703-805-           Every 1st Wednesday, 1000-1100 (03 August 2011)
1030-1200, Fort Belvoir ACS, Bldg 200.                               5683/ 1834- Carol Janer & Alec Studstill.                                 Welcome to Korea
Meeting is for all FRG Leaders, Unit Commanders, 1SGs, Team          Friday, 19 August 2011                                                    JBM-HH ACS, Bldg. 201
Leads and FRG Volunteers. Register FRG with us, receive FRG          Baby Bundles                                                              Overview: Korean customs, culture, and relocation process.
Updates and learn about Topic for the Month. It’s your time! Ask     ~Family Advocacy Program~                                                 Call: 703-696-0153/0026 or
questions, share success stories and get feedback. For more          1300-1600, JBM-HH ACS
information and to inquire about childcare, call                     New and expectant parents will learn to prepare themselves and            Every 2nd Tuesday, 1330-1530 (9 August 2011)
                                                                                                                                               Smooth Move
703-805-5683/1834-Carol Janer & Alec Studstill.                      their finances for the responsibilities of parenthood. Upon
                                                                                                                                               JBM-HH ACS, Bldg. 201
Monday, 8 August 2011                                                completion of the course participants will receive a basket filled        A pre-move relocation planning seminar designed to assist Military
Pre-Deployment Workshop                                              with baby items which is provided through donations. Limited class        Personnel, DoD Civilians and Family Members before they PCS. This
~Mobilization & Deployment- JBM-HH and Fort Belvoir~                 size, call (703) 696-3512 early to pre-register.                          briefing is designed to assist you before PCS. For more information
1000-1200, Fort Belvoir ACS, Bldg.200                                Monday, 29 August 2011                                                    call 703-696-0783/0153 or
 Understanding the pre-deployment process, to include the legal,     EFMP Enrollment and Overseas Screening Training
medical, finance, and practical preparation. Pre-Deployment          1130-1230, JBM-HH ACS, Bldg 201                                           Every 2nd Thursday, 1700-1900 (11August 2011)
                                                                                                                                               Hearts Apart (Joint Services Support Group)
checklists are provided. Please register in advance. Call: Byron     Overview: This class is for Army Soldiers and their spouses. This         Location: American Legion, Post 139, 3445 Washington Blvd.,
Wilkinson 703-696-1229 or 703-805-1834 for Carol Janer.              class will be offered to help educate Army Families about EFMP            Arlington, VA 22201. This group is for spouses, fiancés, and Families
Tuesday, 09 August 2011                                              and overseas screening. For more information call 703-696-8467.           of deployed or geographically separated military & civilian members,
Book Club: Parenting Teens With Love & Logic                         Monday, 29 August 2011                                                    designed to bring families together while experiencing separation from
~Family Advocacy Program~                                            Book Club: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time              their sponsor. Call: 703-696-0156/3510 or
1030-1200, Starbucks, 5986 12th Street, Bldg 144, Fort Belvoir,      ~Family Advocacy Program~
VA 22060. If the comic strip “Zits” seems like non-fiction, if you   1030-1200, Starbucks, 5986 12th Street, Bldg 144, Fort Belvoir, VA        Every 2d Monday, 1200-1300 (08 August 2011)
                                                                                                                                               Parenting Solo
look at your teen and ask “What have you done with my child?”,       22060. This month’s book club is a murder-mystery, of sorts. The          Caucus Conference Room, Pentagon, room #1E423
or if you want to know how to raise independent and responsible      story is told from the perspective of fifteen year old Christopher        This monthly meeting is for single or divorced parents to come together
children, then this month’s book club is for you. A free book will   John Francis Boone who happens to be autistic. Join us as we              to learn and share helpful information on a variety of parenting and
be given to the first 10 participants to register. For more          discuss the interesting perspectives of 15Christopher has on              relationship issues. For more information or to register call
information or to register call (703) 696-3512.                      everyday occurrences and the parent’s frustrations and how they           (703) 696-3512.
Monday, 15 August 2011                                               overcome them. There are a limited number of free books to those
Reunion & Reintegration Workshop- 0900-1030                          who pre-register. You can also purchase your own book or                  Every 3rd Wednesday, 1000-1100 (17 August 2011)
                                                                                                                                               Welcome to Germany JBM-HH ACS, Bldg. 201
Reintegration Workshop- 1030-1200                                    download to your kindle and join in the discussion. First cup of
                                                                                                                                               Overview: European customs, culture and relocation process.
~Mobilization & Deployment- JBM-HH and Fort Belvoir~                 coffee and pastry are on us. For more information or to register call     Call: 703-696-0153/0026 or
Fort Belvoir ACS, Bldg 200                                           (703) 696-3512.
Do you know what to expect when love one return from                 Tuesday- Wednesday, 30-31 August 2011                                     Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 1030-1130 (10 & 24 August 2011)
deployment? Whether you are single Soldier, married Soldier,         ACS Briefer Training Course (BTC)                                         Toddler Time
single parent, spouse or child, you will face certain stressors.     30 August 0800-1145 and 31 August 1200-1500,                              Parents and children ages 1-5 are welcome to join us on August 3rd
This class will help you understand the reunion process,             JBM-HH ACS Bldg. Overview: As certified Briefers you will be              & 24th from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. August 3rd we will meet at the Fort
                                                                                                                                               Myer Library, Bldg. 417 for story and craft time. August 24th we will
transition in roles, your relationship and the importance of         required to adapt and deliver ACS briefings. Prerequisite: ACS            meet at a local park (weather permitting) where children will partake in
communication. Come learn some coping strategies and                 Instructor Training Course to receive ACS BTC                             developmental play activities that will help build social, emotional and
techniques. Call 703-805-1834, for more information.                 Certification. Want to brush up on your briefing skills and don't         gross motor skills. For more information, park location or to register call
                                                                     have the prerequisites met; come anyway to learn and receive the          (703) 696-3512.
                                                                     material, though you cannot be certified. Students enrolled are
                                                                     required to brief to the class for certification. Call: 703-696-3510 to   Every 4th Tuesday, 1400-1530 (23 August 2011)
                                                                     register. No walk-ins please.                                             Sponsorship Training
                                                                                                                                               Location: Army Education Center, Bldg 417 JBM-HH Fort Myer.
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