; Reckless behaviour will not be tolerated
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Reckless behaviour will not be tolerated


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									          Wrecclesham & The Bourne

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 Safer Neighbourhood
 Policing Team Newsletter
Our team is dedicated to maintaining a safe neighbourhood. By listening to your
concerns, we prioritise our actions to resolve the local issues that matter most to you.

Reckless behaviour
will not be tolerated
Small fires were set in the Rowledge
recreation ground on several summer
evenings. One got out of hand and
needed Fire Service attendance. An-
other caused considerable damage to
the all-weather cricket pitch, render-
ing it unusable. In one case, we found
newspapers and magazines (taken
from outside a local shop) burnt and
strewn across the recreation ground.
  We have worked hard on this issue
by increasing evening patrols whenever
possible. We’ve seized alcohol, includ-
ing vodka, beer and Pimms from several
underage teenagers. Some said their
parents gave them the alcohol. If this
is the case, please stop doing so – it
is illegal for under-18s to drink alcohol      PCSO Karen Phillips and PC Simon
in public. We have also requested that         Anderson check out the damage
Weydon School makes students fully
aware of residents’ complaints.               how to behave when they are out.
  It is difficult to know what else can be       It is possible that CCTV cameras may
done, beyond asking parents to be sure        be installed in the area. Meanwhile, we
you know where your teenager spends           continue to monitor the situation – and
Friday evenings; that they do not take        we ask you to call us with any informa-
alcohol with them and that they know          tion about it.

We are asking YOU to help us find new
venues to meet your neighbourhood officers.
See the Public Consultation pages at
Your Neighbourhood Priorities
How we are tackling the issues that matter most to you.
 Getting together                          locations. Tilford Road has become
                                           a particular speeding hotspot with
Our well attended Panel meetings and       many tickets issued there.
coffee mornings continue throughout           Community SpeedWatch volunteers in
the three areas.                           the Bourne and Rowledge areas con-
   Dates for upcoming get-togethers are    tinue to give up their own time to monitor
listed on the back page and updates        speeding. They provide a sterling service
appear on our webpage at www.surrey.       and our thanks go out to all members.
police.uk. We also advertise on posters
and flyers in each area. We are helping        Anti-social behaviour
to establish new Neighbourhood Watch       Wrecclesham’s Rural Close once
schemes in the area, the latest in Rose-   again suffered anti-social behaviour
mary Lane, Rowledge. However, many         problems throughout the summer. To
streets are not covered by the scheme.     counter this, we have been working
Please call 01483 630011 if you are in-    in partnership with Thames Valley
terested in becoming a co-ordinator and    Housing with a view to installing
helping to start one up in your area.      CCTV cameras that can be viewed
                                           from the their office.
 Keeping an eye on the roads                 Following reports of youths gathering
The Safer Neighbourhood Team has           in the sheltered area, smoking and being
recently been out and about with           a general nuisance, the bin area roof
the speed detection gun in various         has now been removed to deter such
                                           behaviour. We continue to monitor the
                                               Community Project
                                           The Wrecclesham Community Proj-
                                           ect, funded by the Surrey Community
                                           Foundation, is up and running at
                                           the Community Centre and Weydon
                                           School. Classes on offer include
                                           stress management, relaxation, life
                                           skills and art therapy.
                                             There’s also an over-50s exercise
                                           class. The Youth Club continues to run
 PCSO Karen Phillips and PC Simon
 Anderson with Charlotte from Thames       and the project hopes to set up other
 Valley Housing                            facilities for younger community mem-
                                           bers in the near future.

Our latest Neighbourhood Priorities include:
● Anti-social behaviour in Rural Close
● Inconsiderate parking outside schools
● Speeding in Tilford Road
        Surrey County Council and
        Surrey Police working in partnership

 The year-long Drive SMART campaign             • 16 School Speed Watch schemes

                                                                                             This newsletter is available in other formats. Please contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team for more details.
 concluded with the recent Park                    set up and over 1100 drivers stopped
 SMART education programme.                    Across the Force figures show:
    This was the most recent phase in           • 5,268 speeding drivers have
 the joint Surrey County Council/Surrey            attended speed awareness courses
 Police drive to tackle anti-social driving        since their launch in February
 in the county.                                 • 67.5% of residents are confident
    Launched in September 2009, the                that anti-social driving is properly
 initiative has proven a real success in           addressed
 combating speeding, inconsiderate park-        • 58.8% of residents are satisfied
 ing, illegal off-roading and mobile phone         that speeding is being addressed
 use while driving. Here are just some of          and controlled
 Waverley’s Drive SMART figures:                 As Drive SMART celebrates a year
   • Over 3,000 interventions to educate       of activity, the Drive SMART principles
      and enforce around anti-social driving   continue to guide our endeavours to
   • 4 new Community Speed Watches,            eliminate anti-social driving and keep
      making 16 now active in the borough      Surrey’s roads safe.


  Stay safe during Halloween and Bonfire Night
          If you feel vulnerable at Halloween, display a Surrey Police ‘no trick or treat’
          notice (available from your Safer Neighbourhood Team). Use your door
          chain if you decide to open the door to trick or treaters.
          Parents: Only allow your children to go Trick or Treating with friends or
          family – never alone. Give them a torch. Tell them never to knock on a             Ref: 14297/WVWT/W - SNT 8000 B/KN/1010
          stranger’s door or go into a house. Warn them to avoid dark, lonely places
          – and advise them to respect ‘no trick or treat’ notices.
          It is illegal: to set off or throw fireworks in public… to possess fireworks in
          public if under-18… to possess public display fireworks if you are not a fire-
          works professional… to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am
          (extended to midnight on Bonfire Night and 1am on Diwali)
If you feel threatened on Halloween or become victim to firework-related
anti-social behaviour, call us on 0845 125 2222. In an emergency dial 999.

Money off marking kits from SelectaDNA & Surrey Police
Uniquely and invisibly mark your property and help deter thieves
Buy yours for £27.50 +p&p (RRP £49). Offer ends 31/1/2011
www.selectadna.co.uk/surrey-police.html or call 01689 860757
 Your Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

                                                                                                                                        This newsletter has been printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited paper. The Forest Stewardship Council and FSC are trademarks of
                  PC Simon Anderson                           PCSO Karen Phillips
                  ID No: 616                                  ID No: 12010

                 To report a crime or incident call the switchboard on

                                                                                                                                        the Forest Stewardship Council. Please recycle after use. Ref: 14297/WVWT/W - SNT 8000 B/KN/1010
                              0845 125 2222
     To speak to your local officers, call the 0845 number and ask for your team
           or you can email wswaverleysnt1@surrey.pnn.police.uk
      Only call 999 in a genuine emergency requiring urgent police attendance.
Have your say and make a difference
Neighbourhood Panel Meetings offer you opportunities to help set local policing priorities
defined by the issues that you want us to focus on. This could include speeding, under-
age drinking, youth disorder and anti-social behaviour. Come to a future meeting and
share your views - you could make a difference to your neighbourhood.
 Date            Panel/Venue                                                                                            Time
 7 Dec 2010      Panel meeting, Weavers Gardens, GU9 8TR                                                             6.30pm
 For details of further meetings, please contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team

Visit www.surrey.police.uk for all the latest local policing news, witness appeals,
events, and how YOU can get involved as a Special Constable or police volunteer.
           Neighbourhood Watch is an effective crime deterrent in many parts of
           Surrey. Contact us for details of your local Watch or for advice on setting
           up a new one.

If you want to give information about a crime or criminal
activity without giving your name, call the independent charity
Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
                   Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this newsletter is correct at the time of publication

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