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					 EDY                      suhendra
Personal information
          Date of birth    14 July 1972 (Age: 35)
            Nationality    Indonesian
        Marital status     Married with 2 children
              Resident     Jl. Pisangan Baru Utara No.5, RT13 RW13, Matraman, Jakarta 13110, Indonesia
                 Phone     +62 (21) 857-7641       Mobile +62 (812) 897-9796

Summary of qualifications
   Work experiences (3) 4 years as Crude Oil Shipping Coordinator at BP INDONESIA
                    (2) 6 months as Gas Controller at BP INDONESIA
                    (1) 5 years as Production Engineer including 3 years in Quality Management System
                        development activities at PT. SUMCO INDONESIA
   Formal education S1 Degree in Chemical Engineering, University of Indonesia

Work experience
  Feb 2003 - present        Crude Oil Shipping Coordinator                                                BP INDONESIA
                            Monitor the inventory and arrange shipping schedules of Ardjuna Crude Oil at Ardjuna
                            Marine Terminal, Offshore North West Java field. Coordinate with Ardjuna Marine
                            Terminal, BPMIGAS, PERTAMINA, and offtakers of Joint Venture partners to ensure
                            smooth shipping schedules. Coordinate with BP Shipping, PERTAMINA and ship
                            owners to ensure acceptability of domestic tanker fleet. Coordinate with Finance
                            Controllers to update production and lifting for accounting process of Production
                            Sharing Contract.

Mar 2003 - Dec 2004         Contractor Performance Management (special assignment)                        BP INDONESIA
                            Developing system and procedure of Quarterly Performance Review to monitor and
                            appraise contractor’s performance to introduce performance based payment.

 Jul 2002 - Feb 2003        Gas Controller                                                                BP INDONESIA
                            Supervise daily operation and maintenance of the Onshore Receiving Facilities to ensure
                            uninteruption of natural gas custody transfer and supply to power plants of PT. PLN (state
                            owned electric company) and to PT. PGN (state owned gas distribution company).

Jun 1997 - May 2002         Production Supervisor / Engineer                                      PT. SUMCO INDONESIA
                            As the Section Head of Thermal Oxidation section and OS Inspection section with main
                            responsibilities in supervising daily process operations, engineering, quality control and
                            assurance, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and improvement activities.

Jan 1999 - May 2002         Quality Management System (special assignment)                        PT. SUMCO INDONESIA
                            As a champion in the ISO/QS Team for developing, implementing and maintaining the
                            Quality Management System of ISO-9002 and QS-9000. Certified as Internal Auditor
                            and experienced in conducting and leading Internal Quality System Audit activities.

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Course, Training & Workshops
             Apr 2007       Oil / Gas Measurement Methods                                    YAYASAN PAKMI - INDRILLCO
                            Regulatory aspects, measurement & quality control methods for oil/gas during custody
                            transfer procedure in the Production Sharing Contract

             Sep 2006       Oil Trading Operations                                                         BP SINGAPORE
                            Oil trading, operational considerations, contracts and tanker chartering

              Jul 2006      Lobbying & Negotiating Skills                                               FOCUS TRACOINDO
                            Principles of lobbying and negotiation skills to achieve win-win solution

             Aug 2005       Incident Management                                                             BP INDONESIA
                            Managing events, flow of information and resources in crisis center during an incident

             Apr 2005       Shipping Business & Terminal Operation                                  BPMIGAS - CARSURIN
                            Shipping Business, Marine Insurance, Cargo Loss Prevention, Terminal Operations,
                            Cargo Documents, Shipboard Cargo Calculation

             Mar 2005       First Level Leadership                                                          BP INDONESIA
                            Role of First Level Leader, leading self, leading others & leading highly effective teams

             Sep 2003       Contract Administration & Management                                                    MCP
                            Administration and legal aspects of contracted job

              Jul 2003      Contractor Safety Management System                                             BP INDONESIA
                            Managing HSE in a contracted job

             Mar 2003       Production Sharing Contract (PSC)                                             YAYASAN PAKMI
                            Indonesian Production Sharing Contract, crude oil movement and disposal, regulatory
                            update, PSC accounting, refinery operations

             Aug 2002       ISO-14000 Environmental Management System                                       BP INDONESIA
                            Attending series of courses & workshops of ISO-14000 Environmental Management
                            System including Internal Environmental Management System Auditor

      Mar - Dec 2001        QS-9000 Quality Management System                              MITSUBISHI SILICON INDONESIA
                            Attending series of courses & workshops of QS-9000 Quality Management System
                            including Internal Quality System Auditor

      Jan - Jun 1999        ISO-9000 Quality Management System                             MITSUBISHI SILICON INDONESIA
                            Attending series of courses & workshops of ISO-9000 Quality Management System
                            including Internal Quality System Auditor

              Jul 1998      MSI Engineer OJT (advanced)                               MITSUBISHI MATERIALS SILICON, USA
                            Operation, maintenance and quality control of Thermal Oxidation process

       Jul - Dec 1997       MSI Engineer OJT                    MITSUBISHI MATERIALS SILICON & UMESATO DENSHI, JAPAN
                            Operation, maintenance and quality control of Ultrasonic Cleaning, Chemical Etching,
                            Silicon Honing processes in the Silicon Wafer Manufacturing plant

      Feb - Mar 1996        Student OJT                                                         PT. ARUN NGL INDONESIA
                            Preliminary Study of Utilizing CO2 Effluent from ARUN NGL Plant as Feed Gas for
                            ASEAN Aceh Fertilizer Plant

             Feb 1995       Student OJT                                                                  ARCO INDONESIA
                            Preliminary process of Crude Oil and Gas production and offshore LPG plant at
                            Central Processing Plant Platform, Ardjuna Field, Offshore North West Java

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Educational backround
Chemical Engineering                                                       UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA, Aug 1991 - Feb 1997

Major subject        Gas & Petrochemical Engineering
   Final project     Study on Zeolite minerals as adsorbent for Natural Gas Dehydration Process

Organizational activities
Ramadhan 2005 - 2007            Keluarga Muslim BP Indonesia - Committees for Ramadhan Acrtivities
      Apr 2005 - present        Keluarga Muslim BP Indonesia - Secretary
          May - Jun 1996        Secretarial Staff in Gas & Petrochemical Students Excursion Committee
               1994 - 1995      Head of Research & Technology Dept. in Gas & Petrochemical Students
                                Committee, Senate of the Engineering Students, University of Indonesia
               1994 - 1995      Exhibition Team Coordinator for Gas & Petrochemical Students Committee in
                                several exhibitions at campus and national scale events

Part-time job experience
     1994- 1996      Teaching for private lessons, Jakarta
   1995 & 1996       Data Control Operator, National Committee of UMPTN 1995 & UMPTN 1996,
                     Center of Computer Services, University of Indonesia and the Ministry of Education
   1994 & 1995       Laboratory Assistant for Computer Programming Class, Faculty of Engineering,
                     University of Indonesia
      Aug 1994       Facilitator for “Penataran P4”, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia
       Jun 1994      National Exam Overseer, National Committee of UMPTN 1994, University of Indonesia
                     and the Ministry of Education
            1994     Laboratory Assistant for Process & Unit Operations Class, Gas and Petrochemical Dept.,
                     University of Indonesia
    1993 - 1994      Teaching Staff for private lessons, Drs Yan & Associates, Jakarta
            1993     Laboratory Assistant for Physical Chemistry Class, Gas and Petrochemical Dept.,
                     University of Indonesia

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