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 TO:        Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Stakeholders
 FROM:      Rebecca Serna, Executive Director
 RE:        Draft Strategic Plan Feedback
 DATE:      August 23, 2011

 Based on the feedback of our stakeholders, ABC leadership has drafted a strategic plan for
 the organization (Executive Summary attached). Before finalizing the plan and developing
 plans of action for the next fiscal year, we would like to get your feedback and thoughts.
 The plan emphasizes becoming the true voice for all cyclists with a greatly expanded and
 diversified membership, supporting and facilitating bike-friendly policy, infrastructure and
 events. Membership will be better supported by an expanded and more specialized staff, and
 enhanced board and volunteers. The plan also prepares the organization for long-term
 sustainability with more diversified funding, including leveraging funds for cycling infrastructure
 improvements, and partnering with other organizations to enhance operational efficiency.
 We realize your time is very limited; however, please take 10 minutes to answer the questions
 below. To ensure the confidentiality of your responses, please email your responses to our
 consultant, Erik Speakman, at (erik@speakmanconsulting.com) by May 25, 2011. Thank you.
ABC Strategic Plan Feedback Questionnaire
Name_________________________________ Date__________________________

 Objective: Gather stakeholder Input on ABC’s draft strategic plan – executive summary.

What is your overall feedback on ABC’s draft strategic plan – executive summary?

What are your specifics thoughts on our Vision for 2016?

Please give us your feedback about ABC’s Strategic Objectives?

What is your feedback on their Annual Goals for 2012?

What do you think should be the priorities for initial implementation of the plan?

What issues, challenges and/or opportunities would you suggest we consider in finalizing and
implementing this plan?

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Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Strategic Plan – Draft
Executive Summary – 5/7

          To create a healthier, more sustainable Atlanta by making it safer,
          easier, and more attractive to bicycle for fun, fitness, and


        Through effective and focused advocacy, education, technical assistance and partnerships,
         Atlanta is designated a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists
        Known and respected voice for all cyclists with 3,500 diverse and engaged members who
         represents all kinds of cyclists; with 4-6 full time staff with specialized skills, a governance
         Board of 15-18 members and leaders, and well involved and recognized volunteers in all areas
         of the organization.
        $500,000 - $750,000 annual budget from membership, individuals, government, corporations,
         foundations, and earned income; and leveraged partnerships with others to enhance funding
         for cycling infrastructure projects.
        Accessible shared headquarters with other nonprofits with room for classes, offices and
         outside training, and needed technology and operational infrastructure for continued growth.


        MEMBERSHIP OBJECTIVE: Expanded to 2000 – 2500 members for increased awareness,
         resources for programs, and to have ‘bigger voice’ in advocacy by developing new
         membership options and recruiting racers, recreational riders, off-road riders, students and
        PROGRAM AND PARTNERSHIP OBJECTIVE: Through advocacy, education and technical
         assistance, and partnering with others, more cyclists, including youth, are safely riding on bike
         appropriate infrastructure, especially within the Beltline into Decatur.
         FUNDING AND RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVE: Realized a $300,000 annual
         budget (½ from individual and members, and ½ from government, corporations, foundations
         and earned income) with the needed fundraising infrastructure, capacity and donor
         recognition; while working to leverage all available funds for bike infrastructure improvements
         in the City of Atlanta and Decatur.

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         successes and social media; enhance formal public relations; and targeted marketing, initially
         to cyclists, to be recognized by the metro Atlanta community as the voice for all cyclists.
        BOARD OBJECTIVE: Twelve member governance Board, all with a passion for biking and all
         involved as leaders in building and sustaining the organization, including
         fundraising/development, community awareness and advocacy.
        STAFF & VOLUNTEER OBJECTIVE: 3-4 full time staff and contractors with specialized skills
         in advocacy, communication, fundraising, membership and education; with volunteers more
         recognized and involved in education, events and group rides.
        FACILITIES/OPERATIONS OBJECTIVE: Partnering with complementary organizations in
         sharing space, and operational/support services; while obtaining IT and operational resources
         needed for member and staff growth.



    1. Expand membership from 533 to 1,000, initially focusing in City of Atlanta and Decatur.
    2. Conduct a proactive membership drive targeting event, ride and ABC office and website
       visitors; and creating incentives for current members to recruit their peers and friends.
    3. Develop school memberships and chapters, starting with GSU, Georgia Tech, Emory, Agnes
       Scott and AIU campus.
    4. Develop neighborhood memberships, and explore affiliate membership with bike ride
       organizations and bike shops.
Program and Partnership

    1. Program priority and focus is advocacy for HB 277 and Complete Streets policy in the City of
       Atlanta and Decatur.
    2. Focus on the City’s Lionel Hampton trail project and bike racks as the key bike infrastructure
       improvements in 2011.
    3. Meet with receptive school systems to begin developing a middle school bike education
       program, along with the Universities.
    4. Partner with bike organizations, and facilitate volunteer and member interaction for increased
       group rides; while focusing staff efforts on 3-4 large group ride/events.
    5. With both organizations celebrating 20th Anniversaries, explore conducting a joint program
       with the PATH Foundation.
Funding and Resource Development

    1. Develop needed fundraising infrastructure, including improving donor management and
    2. Conduct small cultivation events hosted by board members and/or ‘celebrity riders’, and
       possibly tie to group rides, initially major donors.
    3. Submit government and foundations grants, initially for advocacy work and youth education.

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    4. Conduct a members annual giving campaign to begin developing an infrastructure fund.
Marketing and Community Awareness

    1. Better engage those that visit the website, including membership recruitment and frequent
    2. Leverage recent advocacy success by promoting ABC results in the annual report, and share
       need for and benefits of membership to Facebook friends, riding community and members.
    3. Conduct 2-3 ‘celebrity’ rides with a diversity of well-recognized people who serve as
       spokepersons and boost attendance at these rides.
    4. Develop a formal public relations plan, seeking experts as volunteers on the board committee,
       and contracting professionals to promote key events.
Board Annual Goals

    1. Recruit 3-5 new members with strong political, corporate or resource contacts, and expertise
       in communications, public relations and transportation engineering.
    2. All board members are more involved in fundraising and relationship building, including 100%
       board giving, meeting with major donors and prospects, sending personal letters to major
       donors and prospects, and enhancing community awareness/advocacy by attending
       important community meetings.
    3. Develop an Advisory Board of influential leaders within the community.
Staff & Volunteer

    1. Hire staff to conduct outreach and communications, and/or an Executive Assistant.
    2. Conduct an Executive Director evaluation and growth development plan with annual
       organizational priorities.
    3. Develop a volunteer training and recognition program.

    1. Explore sharing space with PEDs and CFPT, and sharing operational, support services
       (finance, marketing and fundraising/development).
    2. Upgrade computer hardware and software for staff.

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