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					Spring/Summer 2010

A newsletter for volunteers and friends of the Irish Cancer Society

                                                       Daffodil Power: Irish Cancer Society expands
                                                       its Cancer Information Service


                                                       Driven to Care: Care to Drive volunteers and
                                                       patients share what our free driving services
                                                       means to them


  Blooming Lovely                                      Don’t Ignore a Gut Feeling: Raising awareness
                                                       of bowel cancer

  Nurses bunch together                           P6
  for Daffodil Day!
                                                       The Best and the Brightest: How we
                                                       are investing in Ireland’s future cancer


                                                       Raising Hope: Our amazing bunch of
                                                       volunteers support Daffodil Day 2010

                 Executive Update

                                                Dear Friend,

                                                    What blooming
                                                    good news!
                                                        On March 26th, 2010 over 3,000 volunteers
                                                         took to the streets across Ireland to help
                                                         raise funds in the fight against cancer
                                                        and what a day!

                From North to South and East to                      Flower power…
                West, we saw in abundance the energy,
                                                                     Your kindness and generosity will help us to
                commitment, creativity and true spirit of
                                                                     reach out and improve the lives of each and
                volunteering that goes into making Daffodil
                                                                     every person affected by cancer in Ireland,
                Day such a unique and special event, and
                                                                     giving them the best possible future.
                has done so over the past 23 years.
                                                                     So that we can put that money to
                Thanks a bunch!                                      work, we are now appealing to you
                The key to our success rests in people like          to lodge all collections as soon as
                you and we are so grateful for your inspiring        possible. More than ever before,
                dedication and tremendous support and                people across Ireland need our help.
                commitment to our work. Whether you                  Once again, thank you. We simply
                volunteered on the day, donated fresh                could not do it without you.
                daffodils, held a coffee morning or a special
                event, made a donation online, or simply             With gratitude and warmest appreciation,
                bought a daffodil, the Irish Cancer Society
                is incredibly grateful to you. Every euro
                raised makes a difference to the care of
                people with cancer, and from the bottom
                                                                     Bill McCabe
                of our hearts, we thank you.

                                            t mcenaer information and patient care s
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                                            fr e                  ud the pr s                          e i
                               r D
                          u il ir                                                        r
                        yo Daffordand thpeeople at th
                                                      ee                                           ss…           de

                  a   t    on nce for                            ilie
                                                                      s speak about
                        e d h c a r v i ce
                      is it se                                am                          r


                         w ng
        nig peop s ra

                                                                    “Her confidence and
           ht l e


                                                                     professionalism was a great
         for fun



                                               are 250           source of comfort to us as we sat at

                                         Irish Cancer          his bedside in those final few nights.”

                                      Society night
                                                            “He only spoke to the ICS Nurse for a few
                                                                                                             ursing Service

                                     nurses across
        All our                                            minutes when he was not sleeping but we could
                                    the country
       services                                           tell he trusted her and he knew he was in good
      are free to                                           hands.”
                        Providing              In the
     patients and       an Irish          last five              “It was difficult for me to hand over care to
    their families     Cancer Society      years, we have         another person but after hearing her speak
                     nurse in a             cared for 7,278        to my mother in such a kind way about
                  patient’s home for        patients at the         everyday conversation while she was
                  one night costs           final stages of         only semi aware of her surroundings,

                    around €350            a cancer illness         it allayed my fears and I could get
                                        in their own                     a few hours sleep.”


 cancer information Services

Daffodil power
The Irish Cancer Society’s Cancer Information Service is a much-valued and
trusted source of expert information, advice and support to anyone worried
about any aspect of cancer. This year, the Society is significantly expanding
its Cancer Information Service by establishing up to five Daffodil Centres
in hospitals across the country.

The Irish Cancer Society’s first pilot Daffodil
Centre was opened in Galway University
                                                  worried about symptoms, treatment,
                                                  finance, insurance, family or the future,
                                                                                                       Real Lives
Hospital last summer with the aim of              it’s good to talk and there will always be           The Daffodil Centre Nurse
providing information and support to              someone in the Daffodil Centre to help               NURSE AiLEEN McHALE,
cancer patients, to families, to friends          and support the patient”, says Mairéad               DAFFoDiL cENTRE, GALWAy
and healthcare professionals. Staffed by          Lyons, Head of Services.                             UNivERSiTy HoSpiTAL
a specialist nurse and trained volunteers,
                                                  Following the success of the pilot Daffodil          “I gained my years of experience in
the Daffodil Centre offers a much-needed
                                                  Centre in Galway, the Irish Cancer Society           cancer care and information in the
resource for those dealing with a cancer
                                                  reached out to 31 hospitals earlier this year
diagnosis.                                                                                             UK, but I was very happy to be able
                                                  inviting them to submit expressions of
“While doctors and nurses are very                interest in establishing a Daffodil Centre.          return home and become a Cancer
concerned for their patients’ wellbeing,          At the time of going to press, the Society           Information Service Nurse at the first
they may not always have the time to go           is in the process of establishing Daffodil           ever Daffodil Centre. Helping people
through everything with the patient when          Centres in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9               find answers is central to my job.
the patient needs it. Whether someone is          and Waterford Regional Hospital.
                                                                                                       When you’re living with cancer,
                                                                                                       having the right kind of information
                                                                                                       and someone to talk to when you
                                                                                                       need it is essential. It’s empowering
                                                                                                       and helps you make informed
                                                                                                       choices about your treatment and
                                                                                                       care, and takes away some of the
                                                                                                       uncertainty and fear.

                                                                                                       Everyone’s needs are different, and
                                                                                                       often a request for a booklet can
                                                                                                       lead to a much longer conversation
                                                                                                       about cancer, and how it is affecting
                                                                                                       them at a particular time. We can
                                                                                                       take time to listen and answer
                                                                                                       questions or concerns enquirers
                                                                                                       may have.”

                                                                               our  National cancer Helpline                            on
                                                                               Freefone 1800 200 700 is staffed by specialist cancer nurses who
                                                                               offer free, confidential advice, support and information on any
                                                                               question about cancer. The Helpline is open Monday to Thursday,
                                                                               9am-7pm and Fridays, 9am-5pm.

                                                                               via our website, we also facilitate an online message
                                                                               board called ‘cancer forum’ where members of the public can leave
                                                                               questions and comments, and our ‘cancer chat’ service is a live chat
                                                                               room linked to our cancer information Service, where people can
                                                                               communicate in real time with a specialist nurse. Furthermore, our
                                                                               website has over 2,000 pages of up-to-date cancer
                                                                               information and practical advice.


     care to Drive

    Driven to Care
                                                                   Sometimes, simply getting to treatment can be a stressful and worrying
                                                                   task for patients and families. To address this, we launched our volunteer
                                                                   driving service, Care to Drive, in June 2008. Here, a driver and a patient
                                                                   explain what Care to Drive means to them…

    Real Lives                                                                                                     peer Support Recruitment
                   care to Drive                                                                                   The Irish Cancer Society’s Peer
               volunteer driver                                                                                    Support Programme has been
             Mary Bruton drops
            Thomas carroll and                                                                                     running for over 30 years. Men
                 his wife pat to                                                                                   and women who have recovered
            their appointment                                                                                      from cancer are available to
                at St vincent’s
              Hospital, Dublin.
                                                                                                                   provide emotional and practical
                                                                                                                   support to those who are
                                                                                                                   struggling with the discovery
    The Patient                                             The Driver
                                                                                                                   that they have cancer. Talking
    THoMAS AND pAT cARRoLL,                                 MARy BRUToN, NAAS, co kiLDARE                          to someone who has a similar
    BLESSiNGToN, co WickLoW                                                                                        experience can lessen the fear
                                                            “I read about Care to Drive in a
    “Since my husband Tom was diagnosed                     newspaper article when the service                     and give hope for the future.
    with multiple myeloma almost four years                 first started and it leapt off the
                                                                                                                   The Irish Cancer Society is
    ago, we have had to travel regularly to                 page at me! I called the Irish Cancer
                                                                                                                   looking for volunteers to provide
    St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin                Society straight away but at the
    for treatment. Before Care to Drive came                time they had a full complement                        this peer support and full training
    into our lives, the journey was always                  of volunteer drivers. They told me                     will be provided.
    a very stressful and tiring experience.                 they would be in touch at a later

                                                                                                           A problem
    Since the social worker, Eileen O’Donnell,              date and last Spring I got a call to
    in St Vincent’s told us about Care to Drive,            say that demand for the service had
    life has become so much easier. It is lovely to         increased, and new volunteer drivers

    be picked up at your front door, to sit back            were needed. After some training
    and relax, and to know that you are in very             and a few formalities I began driving
    good hands. Another bonus is to be able to              patients, and I absolutely love it. It
    chat to drivers like Mary Bruton, have a bit            gives me so much pleasure to help
    of fun, and take your mind off your worries.            people and to make their lives that
    Care to Drive is simply a wonderful service.”           little bit easier.”


    Tesco Ireland chooses Irish Cancer Society
    as its 2010 and 2011 charity partner!
                                                         rollout of our free Care to Drive programme
                                                         on a national basis.
                                                         Since 2001, Tesco has raised €6.5 million
                                                         for various Irish charities. Tesco’s Charity
                                                         of the Year chooses charities that raise               If you had cancer treatment in
                                                         money for the elderly, health, special needs          the last few years, you can help.
                                                         and children, so the Irish Cancer Society fits
                                                         the bill perfectly. The partnership is for two   You could provide practical information, emotional support
                                                                                                          and share your experience with newly diagnosed patients.
                                                         years and we are aiming to raise €2 million
                                                         for cancer care.                                 The Irish Cancer Society is looking for
    Tesco Tallaght got into the spirit of Daffodil Day                                                    volunteers to provide this peer support
                                                         So, next time you’re buying your shopping        and full training will be provided.
    with a range of fun activities!
                                                         in Tesco, keep an eye out for in-store
                                                         activities and show your support!                For further information, please contact:
    The Irish Cancer Society is delighted to                                                              Deirdre Murphy, Irish Cancer Society
    announce that it has been chosen by the              For further information please contact           on (01) 231 0564 in confidence or
    hard-working and generous staff at Tesco             Cliodhna O’Riordan on 01 231 6628                email
    Ireland as their Charity Partner of the Year.        or Elaine Gillespie on 01 231 6627.
    All monies raised will be used to fund the           Alternatively email


 Awareness Update

Don’t ignore a gut feeling
                                                                              Munster Rugby
Following on from 2009’s successful bowel cancer                        stars Mick O’Driscoll,
campaign, the Irish Cancer Society once again designated                       Denis Fogarty,
April as Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Each year, more                        Marcus Horan
                                                                          and Jean de Villiers
than 900 people living in Ireland die from bowel cancer,               launch Bowel Cancer
and the disease is becoming increasingly common. But                 Awareness Month 2010.
people often delay receiving a diagnosis and treatment
because they simply don’t realise they have a problem.

Each year, around 2,200 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer
                                                                         Real Lives
in Ireland, and there are more than 900 deaths from the disease.         Early Detection
Ireland has one of the highest incidence and mortality rates for
the disease in Western Europe.                                           JoSEpH HUNT FRoM
                                                                         oMEATH, co LoUTH, WAS DiAGNoSED WiTH BoWEL cANcER
“Early detection of bowel cancer saves lives and that’s why the          iN NovEMBER 2007. HERE, JoSEpH TELLS HiS SToRy AND THE
Irish Cancer Society is encouraging people to learn more about
                                                                         iMpoRTANcE oF EARLy DETEcTioN
bowel health. We are telling people that they can take action to         “About a year prior to my diagnosis, I found that I was getting very
reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer and this action could         little warning before a bowel movement. At the time, I didn’t think
save their life. We are highlighting this issue because people are       too much about it and thought that perhaps my diet wasn’t agreeing
literally dying of embarrassment by not knowing, confronting             with me. The following June, I was in Italy on holidays and noticed
or being aware of the various symptoms of bowel cancer,”                 traces of blood in the stool. I still put off going to the doctor but
says Joan Kelly, Nursing Services Manager.                               eventually could no longer ignore the fact that something was
                                                                         seriously wrong. It did not come as a huge shock when, following
Typical symptoms of bowel cancer include                                 a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with a tumour in my rectum.

n Blood in your bowel motion or bleeding from your                       I underwent five weeks of radiotherapy to shrink the tumour, and
  back passage                                                           this was followed by surgery. I had to wear a temporary colostomy
                                                                         bag for 14 months, but fortunately I was then able to have a reversal.
n A lasting change (more than a month) in your normal
                                                                         It has been a long journey but thankfully, my quality of life is now
  bowel motion, such as diarrhoea or constipation
                                                                         improving. I called the Irish Cancer Society’s National Cancer Helpline
n Feeling that you have not emptied your bowel fully                     and was put in touch with the Society’s Bowel Cancer Support
  after a motion                                                         Group which was a marvellous source of support. The lady I spoke
n Pain or discomfort in your abdomen (tummy)                             with had gone through a very similar cancer journey to mine.
  or back passage                                                        What I would say to anyone concerned about bowel cancer is this:
n Trapped wind or fullness in your tummy                                 it’s very simple, take action as soon as you can, and don’t put it
                                                                         off like I did. You will have to do something about it eventually.
n Weight loss
                                                                         Early detection is everything.”
n Ongoing general tiredness or weakness

 The Dark Side of the Sun

                                                                                                     kn o
On Monday, May 10th, the            The SunSmart Code                                                                               sunburnt in

                                                                                                                                   childhood or
Irish Cancer Society will launch
                                    n Avoid being in the sun when it is at its                                                       adolescence puts
its annual SunSmart campaign.                                                                                   Damage to the          you at greater

                                      strongest, between 11am and 3pm                                           skin by the sun is      risk of getting
“Irish people believe that skin                                                                                                          melanoma.

cancer does not happen here         n Wear t-shirts with high collars and long
because of the climate but in         sleeves made from closely woven fabric
actual fact skin cancer is the      n Wear a wide brimmed hat to protect                                                      percent
                                                                                                                              of all skin
most common cancer in                 your ears, nose and back of the neck                                                    cancers are
Ireland” said Ms Norma Cronin,                                                                                               preventable.
                                    n Apply a high protection sunscreen
Health Promotion Manager.
                                      (at least SPF 15) 20 minutes before going
“To make sure you and your
                                      outside. Re-apply at least every two hours,
family stay safe in the sun this
                                      more often if swimming or perspiring.
summer, whether it’s at home
or abroad, please remember          n Wear wraparound sunglasses to protect
                                                                                                              SunSmart Aoife and Daire Cantrell with
to save your skin.”                   your eyes.                                                     Harry McGovern cover up and have fun in the sun!


     Advocacy Update

    campaigning for you
    A snapshot of the issues and how we are
    working tirelessly to tackle them head on

    Tobacco Smuggling                      What are we doing about it?
    The issue                              Since April 2009, tobacco
                                           smuggling has been a major
    Sixteen people die every day
                                           concern for the Irish Cancer
    from the effects of smoking.
                                           Society. We have been
    Tobacco kills more people in
                                           campaigning at Government               Members of the Irish Cancer Society’s anti-smoking youth advocacy group,
    Ireland than road accidents,                                                   X-hale, launch National No Smoking Day 2010.
                                           level to increase penalties
    suicides, drugs, farm accidents
                                           for smuggling, and to
    and AIDS put together.
                                           allocate more resources for             However, these will only              What are we doing about it?
    As a leading advocate in               enforcement. In our campaign            be effective if they are              At the end of February 2010,
    the battle against tobacco in          we held a briefing session              implemented, and our                  Minister Mary Harney announced
    Ireland, we are very concerned         with politicians, met with              campaign on smuggling                 that a bowel cancer screening
    about the tobacco smuggling            the Ministers for Finance and           continues.                            programme for the 60 to 69
    epidemic because smoking               Justice, and also appeared                                                    age group would be rolled out
    is the single biggest cause of         before the Oireachtas Justice           Bowel Cancer Screening                by 2012. We think this is a good
    preventable deaths in Ireland.         Committee to raise awareness            The issue                             start but we will be seeking
    There is a public health               of this important issue.                                                      assurances from the Minister
    imperative in combating                                                        Screening is a vital weapon           that that the programme is
                                           We are happy to see the                 in the battle against cancer.         rolled out to include the 55-7
    the supply of cheap, illegal
                                           Government is taking this               Bowel cancer screening will           age group as soon as possible.
    cigarettes onto the Irish
                                           issue on as a matter of national        start to save lives immediately,      This is a crucial step towards
    market, because criminal
                                           priority, and the Minister for          and prevent some cancers from         ensuring that more people
    activity is undermining policies
                                           Finance significantly increased         ever even starting by detecting       are diagnosed earlier, treated
    to improve the nation’s health.
                                           the penalties for smuggling             changes in the bowel as early         effectively and survive this
                                           in the Finance Bill.                    as possible.                          disease.

     Research Update

    The Best and the Brightest                                                                                            in 2009, we funded the
                                                                                                                          following researchers:
    How the Irish Cancer Society is supporting Ireland’s                                                                  DR PATRICK KIELY,
    gifted young cancer researchers                                                                                       BioSciences Institute,
                                                                                                                          University College Cork

    As the single largest                                                                                                 DR ANTOINETTE PERRY,
    voluntary funder                                                                                                      Institute of Molecular
    of cancer research                                                                                                    Medicine, Trinity Centre
    in hospitals and
    universities across                                                                                                   DR EVA SZEGEZDI,
    Ireland, the Irish Cancer                                                                                             Department of
    Society has committed                                                                                                 Biochemistry, National
    €17 million to cancer                                                                                                 University of Ireland, Galway
                                      Antoinette Perry, Trinity College          Eva Szegezdi, National University
    research in the last ten          Dublin                                     of Ireland, Galway                       DR CLAIRE DONOHOE,
    years. This research has
                                                                                                                          Trinity Health Sciences
    focused on identifying
                                                                                                                          Centre, St James’ Hospital
    risk factors for various
    cancers so that cancer                                                                                                MS MARIA PERTL,
    may be prevented,                                                                                                     School of Psychology,
    unravelling the mystery                                                                                               Trinity College Dublin
    of why some cells
    behave normally and                                                                                                   MS CHRISTINE WHITE,
    some become cancerous,                                                                                                Trinity College Dublin/
    and identifying the               Christine White, Trinity College Dublin,   Ms Claire Donohoe, Trinity Health        Coombe Women’s and
    most effective ways               Pat Kiely, University College Cork and     Science Centre, St James’s Hospital      Infant’s Hospital
    to treat cancer.                  Maria Pertl, Trinity College Dublin


  Fundraising                                                                                                             Legacies Appeal

Our Wonderful Bunch!                                                                                                       Make the gift
                                                                                                                           of a lifetime by
The national launch for Daffodil Day 2010 took place in the Burlington Hotel in Dublin
on Wednesday, 10th February. Fair City actors Jim Bartley and David Duffy along with                                       remembering the
broadcaster George Hook kindly took time out to join volunteers and smile for the camera!                                  Irish Cancer Society
                                                                                                                           in your will
                                                                                                                           Leaving a gift to the Irish
                                                                                                                           Cancer Society in your will is
                                                                                                                           a profound way to transform
                                                                                                                           the lives of future generations
                                                                                                                           and have a lasting impact on
                                                                                                                           a cause close to the hearts
                                                                                                                           of many people in Ireland.
                                                                                                                           We fully recognise that
                                                                                                                           your loved ones come first,
                                                                                                                           but after you have provided
                                                                                                                           for your family and friends
                                                                                                                           perhaps you would consider
                                                                                                                           including the Irish Cancer
                                                                David Duffy with France                                    Society in your will too. All
                                                   rt                                   s Wall, Lorraine Cunningha
                                   rtley with Robe              Anne Finger and Carrie Kav                         m,
                    ffy and Jim Ba                     lip,                                anagh from Co. Meath            legacies big and small make
   Ac tors David Du       Carmel McC   arthy from Leix
   and Te  resa Byrne and                                                                                                  a difference.
   Co. Kildare                                                                                                             Gifts in wills make up 11 per cent
                                                                                                                           of our income and help to fund
                                                                                                                           our free cancer information
                                                                                                                           and patient care services. We
                                                                                                                           simply could not continue to
                                                                                                                           do the work that we do
                                                                                                                           without them.
                                                                                                                           If or when the time is right
                                                                                                                           for you to include a gift in
                                                                                                                           your will please remember
                                                                                                                           us. For further information or
                                                                                                                           to speak, in total confidence,
                                                                                                                           without obligation about the
George Hook and Jim Bar                                                                      ylor   and Breda O’Br         possibilities of leaving a legacy
                          tley with Nancy Collinane,                         ith Catherine Ta
Nellie Fennessy, Kathleen
                          O’Keefe, Agnes O’Donoghu             George Hook w                                               to the Irish Cancer Society
                                                                            Co. Cork
Nancy O’Donnell, Angela
                          Harte, Joan Ambrose and
                                                     e,        from Bandon,                                                please contact:
Frances Delahunty from
                         Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
                                                                                                                           claire Whelan
                                                                                                                           Donor Development
                                                                                                                           & Legacies Manager
                                                                                                                           Irish Cancer Society
                                                                                                                           43/45 Northumberland Road
                                                                                                                           Ballsbridge , Dublin 4
                                                                                                                           Tel: 01 231 0510

                                                                                                                           Already made a gift
                                                                                                                           in your will to the
                                                                                                                           Irish Cancer Society?
                                                              George Ho                                                    We would greatly appreciate
                                                              from Ballin with Margaret Pow                                hearing from you if you have
                                                                         lough, Co.           er and Ma
                                                                                    Roscomm             rie Grace          already included a gift to the
                                                   y                                        on
                                           nd Moll
                                   ooney a                                                                                 Society in your will or long
                       ith Grace M wn, Dublin 22
                Hook w          ersto                                                                                      range financial plans so that
        George an from Palm
                gh                                                                                                         we can express our gratitude
                                                                                                                           and ensure your wishes are
                                                                                                                           fulfilled. All information will
                                                                                                                           be treated confidentially.


    Fundraising                                                                                                             charity Shops

                                                                                                                              Let’s shop!
                                                                                                                              The Irish Cancer Society has 19 charity
                                                                                                                              shops throughout the country where
                                                                                                                              you can shop for superb value items
    David Duffy with
                     Brenda Coin, Gay                                                             Corbet, Marie               while supporting a good cause.
                                       Grealy and Anne                         Sinéad Gould, Jeff
    McLoughlin, from
                     Swinford and Cla                         David Duffy with           m Navan, Co. Meath
                                     remorris, Co. May                           uld fro                                      We are always looking for high
                                                      o       Gould and Rory Go
                                                                                                                              quality goods to sell in our shops,
                                                                                                                              so why not spring clean early! You
                                                                                                                              can donate any of your unwanted
                                                                                                                              clothes, shoes, books, bric-a-brac
                                                                                                                              or gifts that are in good condition.
                                                                                                                              Unfortunately, we can only accept
                                                                                                                              furniture in Ennis, Co. Clare; Castlebar,
                                                                                                                              Co. Mayo and Cornmarket in Cork.
                                                                                                                              Every shop needs around 30 part-time
                                                                                                                              helpers so if you have at least three
                                                                                                                              hours to spare per week (either
                                                                                                                              morning or afternoon) please get in
                                                                                                                              touch. It’s a great way to support a
                                                                                                                              worthy cause and widen your circle
                                                                                                                              of friends.
                                                                                                                              For further details on how you can
                                                            David Duffy w                                                     get involved callSave 1850 60 60 60
    David Duffy with Mary Galligan, Mai Brady from          Rosemary Hanl
                                                                          ith Margaret Ho
    Cavan Town and Teresa Downey from Strageliffe,                          ey and Teresa                                     or drop in for a chat and a ‘cuppa’.
                                                            Maynooth, Co                  Corcoran from                       A full list of our shop locations is
    Co. Cavan                                                             . Kildare
                                                                                                                              available on

                                                                                 e Thornton
    David Duffy with Mary Reynolds                           Nora Carroll, Gerti
                                            George Hook with          yleix, Co. Laois
    from Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim                           from Abbe
                                            and Mary Hearns                                         George Hoo
                                                                                                                  k with Mary
                                                                                                    Brigid Farrel              Connors, Dol
                                                                                                                  l and Breda               ores Farrell,
                                                                                                    Co. Carlow                Forde from H

                                                           Jun Cao, Norma Dowling, Jenny Lynch and Ramona Lupei celebrate with RTÉ’s Aengus
                                                           Mac Grianna at a ceremony in the offices of the Irish Cancer Society to mark their graduation
                                                           from the Graduate Diploma in Cancer Nursing at UCD, Ireland’s longest established specialist
                                                           course in cancer nursing.


out and About selling Daffs!

Aoife McLaughlin and Charlotte Kieran       Winnie Beirne, Rhoda Brett and Jessica Ruigrok                 Limerick ladies Miriam Murphy and Maura O’Flaherty
from Donegal                                from Sligo support Daffodil Day                                sell daffodils

                                                                                                                        While visiting patients at Cork
                                                                                                                        University Hospital (CUH) on Daffodil
                                                                                                                        Day, the Daffodil Day Nurse, Nuala Dee,
                                                                                                                        presented a patient with a daffodil that
Gary Coffey from Cabra,         Sonia Morris, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 and       Maureen O’Leary, Rathfarnham,                was beautifully crocheted by a Waterford
Dublin 7                        Max McQuillan, Trinity College, Dublin 1   Dublin 16                                    volunteer.

  Irish Cancer Society Garden of Hope 2010
  – Phoenix Park Dublin                                                           Best of the
  Thank you to everyone who supported our Garden of Hope
  appeal and helped to create this beautiful display of daffodils                 Bunch awards
  in the Phoenix Park on Daffodil Day. People from all over Ireland               The Irish Cancer Society is delighted to recognise
  sent messages to remember loved ones lost to cancer, to honour                  and reward the hard work and dedication of our
  and support family and friends fighting cancer and to celebrate                 amazing Daffodil Day volunteers and supporters with
  cancer survivors.                                                               the Best of the Bunch Awards. In 2010, we introduced the
  If you’d like to leave a dedication for a loved one touched by cancer           inaugural Best of the Bunch Awards to recognise just some of
  in our virtual Garden of Hope please visit                    our many volunteers who make an exceptional contribution to the
                                                                                  Society’s Daffodil Day campaign.
                                                                                  We are now asking you to send us your nominations for Daffodil
                                                                                  Day 2011! Please see our Best of the Bunch nomination form
                                                                                  and criteria details enclosed in this issue of Highlight or go to

                                                                                  OUR BEST OF THE BUNCH AWARD 2010 WINNERS WERE…
                                                                                                 ‘Our Company Cares’ award was
                                                                                  The winner of the
                                                                                  Citi Group ; the winner of the ‘Our Corporate Star’
                                                                                  award was Iris Wade , Aramark . Winners of the prize for
                                                                                  Daffodil Day Newcomers were Anne McLoughlin,
                                                                                  Agnes Murphy , Caroline Maslin and Anne Breen .
                                                                                  The Best Daffodil Day Costume was easily won by
                                                                                  James Gilleran . The Lifetime Achievement
                                                                                  Award was bestowed upon Teresa Connolly ,
                                                                                  Mary Jo McCarthy , May Ryan , and Paddy
                                                                                  and Mary Connolly .
                                                                                  Congratulations again to all of our winners!


      Raising Hope

     Back to the Shop Floor helps raise spirits
     and money for Daffodil Day!
     The Irish Cancer Society works with a large                  would not normally be part of their everyday
     variety of companies across Ireland in a number              routine. The spirit of the day is to foster fun
     of different ways. Back to the Shop Floor (BTTSF)            and inclusion in the workplace and it is an
     is our employee fundraising programme for                    opportunity to enhance employee morale
     Daffodil Day and invites employees, their                    and teamwork, while at the same time raising
     colleagues and managers to spend some                        valuable funds for people affected by cancer.
     portion of Daffodil Day or the weeks leading
                                                                  To find out more about involving your                                                        good cause!
     up to it raising funds to make a difference in                                                                                    Bank   go Daffy for a
                                                                  company in Back to the Shop Floor please             Staff at Ulster
     the lives of people affected by cancer. This
                                                                  contact Jim O’Malley at 01 2316621 or
     involves them undertaking an activity that

                                                                                                                                                       dge, Volunteer
                                                                                                                                       Aviva, Breda Ju        les Director.
                                                                                                                     Jim Dowdall, CEO,        Neill, Health Sa
                                                                                                                     Co-ordinator and Eoin O’

                                      dress up for               Carla Cash and Laura Roche, Blackrock
                        oup Ireland
       Staff at Citi Gr                                                                  Raising money on
                                                                 Clinic sell goodies for Daffodil Day!
       Daffodil Da   y!
                                                                                   Daffodil Day through various
                                                                                   activities such as the ‘Back to the
                                                     The employees at                 Shop Floor’ initiative was a great
                                                Blackrock Clinic are proud to              opportunity for our company
                                              support Daffodil Day and the Irish            to support a great cause. As a
                       BTTSF builds
                                                 Cancer Society. We hosted a bake              company we are very proud
               morale, gets staff working
                                                   sale and had a giant raffle with
             together for a good cause and                                                      of our continued focus on
                                                    donated items from individuals
           creates a great atmosphere in the                                                     our corporate and social
                                                      and businesses from the area.
             office. Cancer touches the lives                                                      responsibilities and
                                                       Everyone contributed and it
              of so many and it is a cause                                                       of our contribution to
                                                      was a great day for a cause
                close to all of our hearts.                                                   the Irish Cancer Society.
                                                       close to all of our hearts.
                      Cecilia Ronan,                    Deirdre McGrath,                         Jim Dowdall,
                     HR Director, Citi             Finance Department,                        CEO, Aviva
                          Group                      Blackrock Clinic

                                                     Golf competition Fundraiser Appeal

                                                     Tee up for the Irish Cancer Society!
                                                     This summer why don’t you            by organising one of the              n A Raffle
                                                     hit the fairways, have some          following:                            n Ladies’ Day
                                                     fun and raise valuable funds         n A Golf Classic
                                                     for the Irish Cancer Society’s                                             Please contact the Fundraising
                                                                                          n Longest Drive Competition           Team on 1850 60 60 60 or
                                                     patient care services?
                                                                                          n Sponsored Round           
                                                     You can swing into action                                                  to register your event and
                                                                                          n Putting Competition
                                                     to help us help people all                                                 get support from our
                                                     over the country who have            n Trendiest Golfer Pageant
                                                                                                                                fundraising team.
                                                     been touched by cancer


             Our work is almost entirely funded by voluntary donations, and none of it would be possible without the generosity
                   and commitment of our amazing supporters. We wish to pay special thanks to the following individuals and

                                     Thank you…bbon W
                                        organisations who have recently gone that extra mile to support the Irish Cancer Society.
      Harte and her
     friends who did
       a bag pack in

                                                                                                                                          k Ri
       and raised a
  fantastic €2,000.             To                                       Aisling
                                                                                                                                       pin                                            s
     Well done            all the team                                campbell and
          all!       at Esprit in Monaghan                          her friends who                                                                   and thank you to our…
                               town for selling pink               raised €2,869 from                                                          amazing pink Ladies! Approximately
          Eoin                   merchandise in their               a blind date evening                       kevin                           1,200 ladies hope to raise €200,000
      and Angela                  store during Breast                in Galway. Love was                    Murphy and                in aid of Action Breast Cancer in two separate Pink
  Murphy who raised                 Cancer Awareness                 certainly in the air!              friends from pJ                   Ribbon Walks this year. The first of the two
  over €3,000 from                    Month and for                   They also raised               Murphy’s bar in               Pink Ribbon walks will take place by the picturesque
   a coffee morning                   raising €2,702.              €7,000 in NUIG for               Abbeyfeale, Co.             Lough Derg sister-towns of Ballina/Killaloe on Saturday,
    they organised                                                    Daffodil Day.            Limerick. They raised              19th June and will be followed by the second walk
     in Clonakilty,                                                                           a fantastic €8,385 for             on Saturday, 11th September at Drewstown House,
       Co. Cork.                                           Special                            the Society by taking               Kells, Co. Meath. The Kells event last year marked
                                                         thanks to                  Bernie        part in a group               the first ever Pink Ribbon Walk to be held in Ireland.
                           Thank                    Liz Dwyer from                  Rice       ‘Shave or Dye’ event              Over 600 women took part and raised €100,000
                        you and                 Glanmire, Co Cork               and the            in the pub. Well                          for Action Breast Cancer. Registration
             congratulations                  who raised in excess         Melanoma Trust            done lads!                                    forms can be downloaded from
           to Dave Brady for                   of €2,700 on her          for their outstanding                                               and
          not only organising                 annual sponsored          and ongoing fundraising                                                       are available at libraries in Clare,
           a great day out                     walk around the           efforts and who have raised                                                        Limerick and Tipperary.
          but for raising over                Gap of Dunloe,               an amazing €16,500 in
            €17,000 through                      Kerry.                        aid of our SunSmart
                 his annual                                      David                                                                                Patron Barbara McMahon shows
                   golf classic.                              o’Mahoney                                                                                (l to r) Olive Foley, Nicola Wood and
                                                                                                                                                       Michelle Payne – wives of local rugby
                                                             who got very
                                                                                                                                                       greats Anthony Foley, Keith Wood and
                                                            creative with a                                                                            Shaun Payne – who will be leading the
                                                          fancy dress night                                                                           Killaloe Pink Ribbon walk.
                                                              and raised

                 e or D

                v                                             Today FM presenters shaved                         As if that wasn’t enough fun, the world record

                                                                                                                 for the most heads shaved in one hour was
                                                              or dyed their hair in aid of the                   beaten by John Maguire from Galway who

                                                              Irish Cancer Society                               shaved 60 heads in one hour!
                                                            Today FM underwent the biggest make over             Showing our own support for this hair raising
                                                            of its life when their presenters agreed to shave    fundraiser was our very own John McCormack,
                                                                                                                 CEO at the Irish Cancer Society who bravely dyed
                                                           or dye their hair in early February of this year!
                                                                                                                 his hair luminous red… and our Board Member, Dougie
                                                           Today FM presenters Ian Dempsey, Mario                Heather went all the way and shaved his hair off!
                                                          Rosenstock, Ray D’Arcy, Ray Foley, JP, Tony Fenton,                                                                      John McCormack,
                                                                                                                 The Shave or Dye campaign has raised almost
                                                          Matt Cooper, Paul McLoone, Alison Curtis and                                                                           CEO, turns shocking
                                                                                                                 €700,000 and has truly surpassed all of our
                                                        Phil Cawley jumped into the salon chair, live on                                                                            red in support of
     One of our Board Members, Dougie                                                                            expectations! We would like to thank everyone                   Today FM’s Shave or
Heather, shaved all his hair off in support          the Ray D’Arcy Show, and had their hair shaved or           for their involvement in making this such a fun                      Dye campaign!
   of Today FM’s Shave or Dye campaign             dyed (and we are not talking ash blonde – think               and successful fundraising campaign.
                                               psychedelic pink or blue!) The public also joined Today
                                                                                                                 The Irish Cancer Society would like to pay tribute to Gill Waters
                                               FM in hosting their own ‘Shave or Dye’ events and getting
                                                                                                                 and Sarah Falconer for their vision, creativity, and enthusiasm
                                               friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor them.              in creating this very special Today FM campaign.

       Developing mutually beneficial relations with the irish corporate sector is a key component of the Society’s strategy for the maintenance,
       development and growth of its services. Developing these relations is vital to providing the necessary funding to further develop these core
       services, including specialist cancer nursing services, health promotion initiatives, professional cancer care education and cancer research.

          our corporate partnerships
       Abbott Ireland                         Brown Thomas                Elave                         Irish Examiner             Mundipharma                 Sanofi Aventis
       Aol Europe                             Calor Gas                   EMC Ireland                   Irish Independent          Musgraves Centra            Schering Plough
       Aramark                                Citi Group                  Eurostyle                     Irish Life Investment      SuperValu                   Tesco Ireland
       Aviva                                  Compass Group               Fáilte Ireland                Managers                   Novartis                    Third Force PLC
       Bank of America/                       CRH                         ghd                           Johnson & Johnson          Peter Mark                  Today FM
       MBNA                                   Curves                      Glaxo Smith Kline             Leinster Rugby             Pfizer                      Ulster Bank
       Bank of Ireland                        Dell Computers              Go Green Mobile               L’Oreal                    Prestigious Textiles        Vhi Healthcare
       BJ Fitzpatrick                         Deustche Bank               Google Ireland                Mercury Engineering        Proctor & Gamble            Vodafone
       Boots                                  Dunnes Stores               Hallmark                      Metro Herald               Quest Diagnostics
       Bristol Myers Squibb                   EBS                         Hewlett Packard               Microsoft                  Roche Ireland

Irish Cancer Society
Upcoming events in 2010
  Night Nursing Annual Seminar
  Wednesday, 5th May

  SunSmart campaign
  W/c Monday, 10th May

  Ulster Bank Wig Walk
  Sunday, 23rd May

  youth Advocacy conference
  Saturday, 23rd June

  Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon
  Monday, 7th June

  Bord Gáis Energy cork city Marathon
  Monday, 7th June

  Men’s Health Week
  W/c Monday, 14th June

  psycho-oncology Roadshow
  W/c Monday, 28th June
                                                                                                                Please visit
  Launch of Breast cancer Awareness Month                                                        
  W/c Monday, 6th September
                                                                                                          events for further
                                                                                                     information on any of
  National Breast cancer conference                                                                                          the
                                                                                                      above events, or call th
  Saturday, 18th September                                                                                                     e
                                                                                                       Irish Cancer Society on
  Relay for Life carlow                                                                                      01 231 05 00.
  Friday, 17th and Saturday, 18th September

  Relay for Life Dundalk
  Saturday, 9th and Sunday, 10th October

 Run 4 Life campaign

Give cancer a run for its money!
Running a marathon or a mini-marathon brings a huge sense of achievement but when you
raise funds for cancer along the way, it shows you care for others and for your own health.
This year, run as many marathons as you can for cancer and for the Irish Cancer Society.
Training starts now!
Why not kick start the June bank holiday by getting fit and sign up to run in the Bord Gáis
Energy Cork City Marathon on Monday, 7th June… or why not take part in the Women’s Mini
Marathon in Dublin which also takes place on Monday, 7th June.
Email for your special Run 4 Life marathon promotional pack                       on Hurdles Athl
                                                                                                World Champi         ches Run 4 Life
or CallSave 1850 60 60 60 for details. Order online today by visiting                  e laun
                                                                                                Derval O’Rourk
Alternatively you can CallSave 1850 60 60 60, or drop into our office at 43/45 Northumberland
Road, Dublin 4


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