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Myanmar Study

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									Myanmar Study

       Research Proposal

Prepared for: Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
     Presented on: January 22, 2006

                -Page 1-
         Strategic Planning Group
          Honda is interested in Myanmar market for motorcycle business. Although
 Honda motorcycle is exported to many countries in Indochina, but Honda has not
 operated a formal business in Myanmar yet due to political issues. Presently, there are
 some dealers who export motorcycles to Myanmar by themselves. Honda foresees this
 as an opportunity to operate business overthere.

           In Myanmar every sector of economy including infrastructure is expanding.
 Transportation is one of the critical factors in trading as well as day-to-day movement
 of the people. Though motorcycle riding is restricted in Yangon, the use of motorcycle
 is growing in other cities including Mandalay.

          Due to increasing price of gasoline and diesel, the role of motorcycle is
 growing as it is effective in saving gasoline and diesel. Thailand is the neighboring
 country with active border trade through several border towns of Myanmar. Since both
 Myanmar and Thailand are ASEAN members, they can enjoy favorable tariff.

            Hence, motorcycle becomes important vehicle instead of bicycle, especially
 for long distance travel, which will show some clues about consumer behavior usage of
 motorcycle. However, Honda still want to study and understand more to the actual
 situation of motorcycle among local people.

           Moreover, Myanmar people mostly are poor income, so there may be an
 opportunity for low-cost China products to capture this market that will dominate the
 market in the future.

                                            -Page 2-
                                     Strategic Planning Group
Research Objective

 • To study Myanmar motorcycle market as a basic background in order to
   evaluate market opportunity for business in the future.

                                     -Page 3-
                              Strategic Planning Group
Research Methodology

 • The research methods will be used for the study are;
     –   Firstly, conduct “Desk research and Analysis”, reviewing of official and
         informal statistics which some of the documentary sources are -
          •   Statistical Year Book (Central Statistic Organization)
          •   Collection of existing motorcycle and transportation laws, bylaws and regulations
          •   Current newspapers and periodicals
          •   Customs data available

     –   Secondly, conduct “In-depth interview” with structured questionnaires
          • Sample size is totally 10 samples
          • Target Respondents are Leading ones representing Mandalay motorcycle market
          • Fieldwork Location in Mandalay

     –   Third, conduct “Market Observation” on field by Chuo Senko
          • Team to observe consumers’ lifestyle and situation
          • Location in Mandalay

                                               -Page 4-
                                        Strategic Planning Group
Information to be Obtained
 •   Country Information (from Statistical Year Book):
      –   Geographic
      –   Geographic
            •   Population Pyramid: Gender, Age, Growth Rate
      –   Economic
            •   GDP: Economic Growth Rate, GDP per capita, Income Diversification Class, Interest Rate, Exchange Rate
            •   Price of Gasoline
 •   Customs Information for Motorcycle and Car
      –   Myanmar Customs History (for basic background knowledge about history and process)
      –   Annual Volume Record classified by Brand & Model
      –   Annual Value Record classified by Brand & Model
      –   Customs Tax: CBU import, CKD parts
 •   Motorcycle Market & Car Market:
      –   Number of Possession
      –   Sales Volume: by Brand, Model, Area
      –   Price: by Brand, Model, Dealer
      –   Driving License Regulation: Allowed Age Driving License, Registration Fee, Registration Tax
      –   Annual Check-up: Regulation/ Law for Renew Registration, Cost
      –   Insurance: Law, Regulation, Price
 •   Motorcycle Key Players in Myanmar market:
      –   Brands
      –   Models
      –   Price
      –   Dealers: Annual Sales Volume, Cost/ Price/ Margin
      –   Network
 •   Real Pictures from Market Observation
      –   Shop
      –   Product
      –   Consumer
      –   City                                              -Page 5-
                                                    Strategic Planning Group
 • 1st meeting with client: Monday 12th February, 2006
     –   To update desk research and some interesting points from market observation

 • 2nd meeting will be confirmed.
          • To present full report

                                            -Page 6-
                                     Strategic Planning Group

 • Sufficient information covering the above requires areas to give
   knowledge of motorcycle market and consumer’s behavior.
 • Pictures from market observation

                                       -Page 7-
                                Strategic Planning Group
Cost Estimation

 • Research cost                                                   120,000 baht
 • Business trip cost (actual)                                      45,000 baht
    (including air ticket and accommodation for short visit)

            • The total cost is excluding Agency fee 12% and Vat 7%.
            • Terms of payments -- two equal installments upon contract of agreement and completion of the

                                                      -Page 8-
                                               Strategic Planning Group
Project Team

                    AC Nielsen                 Myanmar
  Chuo Team           Team                      Team

  Project Manager   Co-ordinator               Local resource

                      Primary Survey

                           -Page 9-
                    Strategic Planning Group
Thank You

        -Page 10-
 Strategic Planning Group

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