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					          Interactive Tools for
             New Students
                  League for Innovation in the
                     Community College

            Conference on Information Technology
                      October 22, 2008
                    Salt Lake City, Utah
Presented by:
Jason L. Steinitz, PhD
Lida Mosovich
Mary Beth Orrange

• Erie Community College
   – Three campus environment; one urban,
     two suburban with three distinct cultures
   – 13,000 FTE
   – Approximately 65 degree and certificate
   – Union environment
• Title III Grant – Increasing Student Success
  through the Integration of Academic and
  Student Support Services
    Readying Incoming Students for
          Excellence (RISE)
• Why student online tools?
  – Provide a single source of consistent,
    accurate information about processes and
  – Have that information accessible anytime,
    from anywhere.
  – Provide that information in a format that is
    engaging and interactive.
  – By answering standard student questions
    online, increase the personal one-on-one
    contact and attention many students require.
       Student Tools: Admissions
      through Registration (STAR)
• Suite of tools developed to assist
  students in making informed decisions
  about their educational career.
• Areas of concern:
  – the admissions process
  – academic program selection
  – grade point calculation.
• Four tools developed:
  –   Enrollment Guide
  –   Interest Inventory
  –   Department Informational Videos
  –   GPA calculator.
         ECC Enrollment Guide
• Provides single source of information on
  admission to ECC.
• Walks students step-by-step through the
  admissions process.
• When completed, provides paperwork
  students can bring to an admissions
  counselor to facilitate the admissions
• Enrollment Guide
• We have received positive feedback from
           Interest Inventory

 Interactive application where students rate
  interests within the different academic
  programs offered at the college.
 Interest Inventory
 Students are directed to academic programs
  in which they are interested.
   Departmental Informational
 Each video is 3 to 5 minutes in length;
  provides an overview of each academic
 Videos are a combination of faculty
  interviews and classroom footage.
 Culinary Arts Video
 Students’ curriculum decisions are assisted
  by the information in the videos.
           GPA Calculator

 Students required to have certain Grade
  Point Average (GPA) to get into a specific
  academic program are provided with an
  online way to determine their GPA.
 GPA Calculator
     Other Uses of Tools
 Admissions / Recruitment
 College Success Skills Course
 College Open House Presentations
 Other departmental uses:
   New student orientations
   Advisory Boards
   Potential adjunct faculty
        STAR Tracking
• Enrollment Guide – average hits 1478 per

• Interest inventory – average hits 775 per

• GPA calculator – average hits 804 per

• Department Informational Videos - varies
    Other RISE (Title III Grant)
 Computerized Placement Test
 Interdisciplinary Course Materials (ICM) for
  developmental courses
 RISE Bridge program
 Computers around campus
 Smart Classrooms
 Student Retention Alert (SRA)

Are students more involved or
  more isolated as a result of
       web-based tools?

Are we assisting the advisement
   and counseling process or
          replacing it?

What can be done to encourage
    the personal touch while
 introducing technology based
 Want more information?
Jason L. Steinitz          Lida Mosovich
Professor of Geography     Software Support
Erie Community College       Specialist
(716) 851 1305             Erie Community College
                           (716) 851 1905
Mary Beth Orrange
Professor of Mathematics
Erie Community College
(716) 851 1784
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