Human Dignity by liwenting


									     Chapter 2

Respecting Human Dignity
             Do Now

• Think of someone who has hurt you. Are
  you able to see any good in him or her? In
  a paragraph, explain the reason for your
Respect for Goodness’ Sake

 • Christian vision of justice: belief that all of
   God’s creation has goodness and dignity
 • Respect:
    • Taking a second look
    • Look beyond outer appearances and see our
      neighbors and our world in the light of the
      goodness inherent in all God’s creation
    Lemons and Limes

• What lessons do you think can be gained
  from this exercise?
• Do people slow down and take a second
  look at their environment often enough?
  Why or why not?
• What are possible consequences of failing
  to take a second look at their environment
  often enough? What are the benefits?
            Do Later

• Is there beauty in your surroundings?
  Survey them as if you were looking through
  the lens of a camera--or actually do so if
  you have a camera available. Write a
  paragraph about what you saw and whether
  it appeared to you as beautiful.
Worth Given by God

     • Goodness given by God is at
       the core of all people and
     • Respect is the recognition of
       that goodness
     • All creation is precious and

• Respect in action
• When an attitude of respect is expressed in
  actions, justice occurs
• Christian vision of just can be realized only
  when respect, based in God-given goodness
  of creation is active in human life
• What criteria are used by students in this
  school to discriminate against one another?
Respecting the Dignity of the
      Human Person
  • Basic human dignity of all people
  • Created in God’s image
    • Our loving actions, actions that flow from the
      core of our being and display our concern for
      others, demonstrate most fully that we are
      images of God
    • Abilities and skills unique to each person
    • Through these abilities that we express the
      image of God on earth
   A Permanent Dignity

• Can never be taken away, even by our
• God given right to express ourselves
• Cannot be destroyed
• Can be violated, disregarded and
• Is assaulted by any action or circumstance
  that prevents us from expressing our true
  nature as images of God
Respect is a Right for Everyone

   • Basic human dignity of all people
   • Write down your responses:
     • What words or images come to mind when you
       think of people in prison?
     • The purpose of prison is…
     • Even criminals have a basic dignity that must
       be respected.
The Church’s View of Prisoners
         and Prisons
   • Tradition
   • The Social Teaching of the Church
     • US Catholic Bishops
        • Make amends with a crime
        • Deterrent
        • Rehabilitation
           Rights must be respected
           US Prisons

• Vengeance
  • Law is strong, but we frequently don’t live up
  • Ex: violence, denied basic medical, access to
    lawyer, family
  • Assaults harm possibility of rehab
• Rehabilitation
  • Respect is key to empowering people so they
    can rehabilitate
• Justice demands protection of the common
• Given this idea of justice:
  • How should we treat criminals?
“The Seamless Garment”

•   Cardinal Joseph Bernardin
•   Consistent Ethic for Life
•   From the womb to the tomb
•   Heart of Justice
• In groups: choose on life issue
  • Write what the most Pro- Life, Respect- Full
    stance on that issue.
    Capital Punishment

• Murder Victims Families for
  Reconciliation– organized to abolish the
  death penalty
• Break the cycle of violence
• Display that all life should be respected
 People with Disabilities

• Americans with Disabilities Act
          Drug Abuse

• Lack of self respect
• Addiction
• Treat addiction—change values, thinking,
  behaviors, spirituality
• Embrace responsibility, honesty and caring
  for others
•   Examples of a lack of self-respect
•   What are the criteria for self-respect
•   Make a list of guidelines.
•   HW: Self-evaluation: how are you doing
    with these? Set personal goals for
    Respecting Women

• Wage gap
• How does this affect other areas of justice?
 Respecting Intelligence

• Advertisements manipulate
• People become identified with what they
  own instead of what they think
Respect: Basic to all Just
• All people have basic goodness and dignity
  because they have been created in the image
  of God
• This human dignity must be acknowledged
  and respected

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