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					                                                                                                               July 2007

                            Thrown into the fire,
                     DeAvila finds his passion still burns
By Dick Trust

     Matt DeAvila has had to deal with      the world to get grass to grow on them.       ery process, probably a month and a
problems at Weston Golf Club. No golf       “We had good recovery, fairly quick           half. There has been nothing that bad
course superintendent is immune to          recovery, but it sure was painstaking A       since, knock on wood, thank God.”
facing dilemmas. For DeAvila, the first     lot of manual labor went into it. Guys             DeAvila has avoided similar trou-
was the worst.                              were out hand seeding and literally           ble since by taking the care of the 18-
     DeAvila was new to Weston – it         brushing sand into these small holes to       hole private course in new directions.
was his first job as a head superinten-     get seeds to germinate. We ended up           “A lot of people lost a lot of greens that
dent – in November of 2003. By the          overseeding, fertilizing and hand             year just because of the ice and freez-
time March 2004 rolled around, he was       brooming.”                                    ing, the hard winter that it was,” he
in for the shock of his career.                  “We’d also cover them with breath-       said. “But after that initial year, I was
     “I was in the position four months     able covers, which allow water to             able to really develop my own things
and we came out of winter and found                                                            and put them to bed, if you will, in
we had 11 dead greens,” DeAvila re-                                                            the fall the appropriate way, in my
called. “That really threw me into the                                                         mind, with top dressing and cover-
fire quick, which was good. The saying                                                         ing and since then it’s developing
is ‘you earn your wings quick,’ if you                                                         my own techniques and putting
will. Learning how to fly.”                                                                    them in place. I haven’t looked
     Fly he did. Relying on six full-time                                                      back since then.”
crew members, plus a mechanic and                                                                        DeAvila never imagined
himself, DeAvila was quick to respond.                                                         that more than half of the greens
The membership was counting on it.                                                             would be damaged to some extent
     “I had worked down in New Jersey                                                          when spring unfolded.
as an assistant for five years, and in                                                         “In the winter, you’re rebuilding
the Philadelphia area, which really pre-                                                       equipment and that type of thing,
pared me for a lot of stuff,” he said.                                                         so you really don’t know what
“But when it comes to this area, the                                                           you’re going to get till you come
winter months are typically the most                                                           out of wintertime,” he said. “Those
damaging months. And coming out of                                                        11 greens had sustained anywhere
                                                          Matt DeAvila
that spring was quite interesting, with                                                   between 30 and 80 percent turf loss.
11 dead greens. That was definitely         penetrate and allow air exchange              Some were bad and some were really
my trying time; it was good to get over     through them. We would pull them on           bad. When I took the job, it was like,
it quickly.”                                at night, pull them off during the day.       ‘Hey, here it is. Deal with it or you’re
     Repair of the greens was swift.        When we left for the night, we’d put          going to find yourself somewhere
The membership cooperated.                  them back. In the spring, it’s like a         else.’ ”
     “I had the membership on my            greenhouse effect. We had tiny little              DeAvila doesn’t want to be some-
side.” DeAvila, 30, said. “It was a mat-    greenhouses on these 11 greens to try         where else. He enjoys the par-72 Don-
ter of informing them of what had hap-      to recapture the turf. It was really labor    ald Ross-designed course, built in
pened. They allowed me to shut those        intensive, and it all paid off in the end.”   1923, and which plays 6,537 yards
greens down until mid-May to recover             “That was the game plan I went
them, which made all the difference in      with and stood by for the entire recov-                             Continued on page 2
PRESIDENT                                                       Matt DeAvila - Continued from page 1
Russell E. Heller, CGCS
41 Clifford Street, Melrose, MA. 02176-0140
617-983-2786 Fax: 617-983-2786
E-mail:                                      from the championship tees. The origi-                 Weston’s Par 5 2nd
Franklin Park Golf Club
                                                                nal Weston course, which
Patrick J. Daly, CGCS
                                                                existed on the other side of
P.O. Box 2284, Framingham, MA 01703-2284
508-872-9790 Fax: 508-872-5393
                                                                town, was established in
E-mail:                                    1894.
Framingham Country Club
                                                                     DeAvila said the “most
Jason S. Adams                                                  challenging part about our
27 Cherry Street, Wrentham, MA 02093
781-326-3801 Fax: 781-326-3801
                                                                job is that you have to cater
E-mail:                                to the membership, and
Norfolk Golf Club
                                                                there’s such a wide variety
Michael W. Stachowicz                                           of talent between low handi-
68 Westfield Road, Westwood, MA 02090
781-326-7860 Fax: 781-326-0664
                                                                cappers and high handicap-
E-mail:                                   pers, and people who just
Dedham Country & Polo Club
                                                                come out on weekends and
TRUSTEE                                                         people who play every day
Scott Lagana, CGCS
22 Sherborne Circle, Ashland, MA 01721                          of the week.”
978-342-6451 Fax: 978-342-0421
                                                                     “We have roughly a
Oak Hill Country Club                                           thousand members here and
TRUSTEE                                                         not everybody’s going to be happy.
Peter Hasak
154 Tedesco Street, Marblehead, MA 01945
781-592-5764 Fax: 781-631-6530
                                                                And I know that. But you try to cater to
                                                                the majority.
Tedesco Country Club                                                 When you talk about recovering
TRUSTEE                                                         the greens, that wasn’t necessarily
Ronald P. Dobosz                                                                                              Aug. 21     GCSANE Monthly Meeting
P.O. Box 541, Ludlow, MA 01056                                  catering to the membership. That was
                                                                                                                          Marlborough C.C.
413-589-9487 Fax: 413-583-4686                                  keeping a job and being thrown into                       Individual Championship
Ludlow Country Club                                             the fire, and you better survive.”                        Host: Kenneth Crimmings,
FINANCE CHAIRMAN                                                     DeAvila’s day-to-day endeavors                       CGCS
Michael Luccini, CGCS
10 Griffin Road, Franklin, MA 02038
                                                                include concern over speed of the
508-520-3615 Fax: 508-528-1885                                  greens and height of the fairway grass        Aug. 22     URI Turfgrass Field Day
Franklin Country Club                                           and rough. That’s an important part of                    C.R. Skogley Turfgrass
                                                                the job.                                                  Research Facility
James A. Small, III, CGCS                                            “Some members like the rough                         Kingston, RI
690 Pine Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324-2116
508-697-4816 Fax: 508-279-3355                                  three inches and some like it an inch
E-mail:                                                                                   Aug. 25     GCSANE Family Night
Olde Scotland Links Golf Club
                                                                and three-quarters,” he said. “There’s                    Brockton Rox Baseball
                                                                a medium in there that you have to find                   Campanelli Stadium
David Stowe, CGCS                                               as manager of the property that’s go-                     Brockton, MA
30 Western Avenue, Natick, MA 01760
617-789-4631 Fax 617-789-4631                                   ing to keep everybody happy.
Newton Commonwealth Golf Club
                                                                I try to keep everything middle-of-the-       Sep. 10     GCSANE Monthly Meeting
                                                                road, like keeping the rough around 2                     Ludlow C.C.
Mark Gagne                                                      or 2¼ inches.”                                            Team of Two Tournament
233 Baker Street, Walpole, MA 02081
                                                                     “I don’t hear a terrible amount of                   Host: Ronald Dobosz
508-668-3859 Fax: 508-668-9969                                     complaints. I’m always going to hear
Walpole Country Club                                                                                          Oct. 1      Dr. Joseph Troll Turf
                                                                some complaints or concerns or sug-                       Classic
Michael J. Hermanson                                            gestions, but I think they’re happy                       The International
140 Ryan Street, Gardner, MA 01440-0145
978-632-2713 Fax: 978-632-2713
                                                                overall. My ultimate goal is to have this                 Honoring Geoffrey Cornish
E-mail:                                     golf course in as good a shape as any                     Host: Brett Johnson, CGCS
Gardner Municipal Golf Course
                                                                in the area. Each property has its own
EXECUTIVE SECRETARY                                                                                           Oct. 22
Sharon K. Brownell                                              thing. And each membership has a                          GCSANE Monthly Meeting
P.O. Box 566, Mattapoisett, MA 02739-0566                       different perspective on the game and                     Pleasant Valley C.C.
508-758-6474 Fax: 508-758-3688
E-mail:                                   what it would like to see.”                               Member/ Guest Tournament
                                                                     Born and raised in Abington,                         Host: Donald D’Errico
GCSANE Headquarters
300 Arnold Palmer Blvd., Norton, MA 02766                       Mass., DeAvila was assistant superin-         Nov.        GCSANE Monthly Meeting
Tel: (800) 833-4451 Fax: (508) 758-6474
Web Site:                                        tendent for 2½ years under Patrick            (TBA)       Brockton C.C.
Newsletter Committee
                                                                Lucas at Woodcrest Country Club in                        9-Hole Tournament
Julie Heston, Business Manager                                  Cherry Hill, N.J., just before coming to                  Host: Justin Bousquet
Phone: (401) 934-3677 Email:
John Eggleston, Kernwood Country Club                           Weston. Prior to that, he was an intern
Andrew Eick, The Kittansett Club
Rich Gagnon, Segregansett Country Club
                                                                for six months and assistant superin-         Nov.        GCSAA Seminars
Ethan Tease, Woodland Golf Club                                 tendent for two years at Pine Valley          14&15       “Annuals and Perennials”
Mark Gagne, Editor, Walpole Country Club
                                                                Golf Club in Clementon, N.J., just be-                    “Cutting Costs Not Corners”
Any opinions expressed in this publication are those of the
                                                                fore coming to Weston. Pine Valley is                     Cyprian Keyes GC
author and/or person quoted, and may not represent the                                                                    Host: Richard Zepp, CGCS
position of GCSANE. Information contained in this publica-
tion may be used freely, in whole or in part, without special
permission as long as the true context is maintained. We                                Continued on page 4
would appreciate a credit line.

                                                             Woodland Creatures
                                            at Woodland.                               single feather plume on the back of its
                                                 This past winter while trimming       head, bright red eyes, and long yellow
                                            trees and cleaning debris we were of-      legs were distinctive features of this
                                            ten accompanied by several deer.           unusual bird. I looked him up in a bird
                                            Though we do have some pockets of          book and found him to be a Black
                                            heavily wooded, protected areas on         Crowned Night Heron. The Black
                                            our property, it is no wildlife refuge.    Crowned Night Heron is a wetland bird
                                            We are closely bordered by Rt. 16, Rt.     like the Great Blue Heron, but is not as
By: Ethan Tease                             128, Grove St, and Lasell College,         prevalent in New England.
     With the golf season in full tilt I    which does not provide abundant                 While our ponds are fished fre-
thought it would be nice to highlight       sanctuary for animals as timid as deer.    quently by Herons, the skies above
some of the wilder aspects of the golf      The deer that I have happened upon in      Woodland are patrolled daily by Red
course. We have all been so busy run-       Western Mass. were skittish and usu-       Tailed Hawks. There are not too many
ning around preparing for tournaments,      ally sped off at the slightest snap of a   days that go by without seeing hawks
battling insects, stamping out dis-         twig. Yet, here were 6 deer within ear-    circling and screeching over head.
eases, and handling golfers, that we        shot of chainsaws and a chip shot          Recently we have heard the peeping
may have lost site of the things that       away from Route 95. Perhaps we             and screaming of young hawks and we
are scurrying and flying around us          have Urban White Tailed Deer.              are certain that they have nested
while we work. Recently, we wel-                 Water is not a major feature at       amongst the pine trees between or 8th
comed two old friends back to Wood-         Woodland, however our three ponds          and 9th fairways. It is fascinating to
land Golf Club; Mr. Fox and Mr. Coy-        provide homes to many and serve as a       see the adults perched in a tree scan-
ote. After a brief hiatus they are back     rest stop for others. The ponds are        ning for their next dinner, especially
roaming our property and controlling        teaming with frogs, catfish and turtles.   when its next dinner results in the de-
our pesky rodent population. Just the       Quite often this spring a Great Blue       creased population of the local squir-
other morning I watched as the fox          Heron stopped by for an early morning      rels and chipmunks.
snuck up on an unsuspecting chip-           fishing trip at our 11th pond. Whether          Though it may seem I have my
munk. As the he approached, his             he was gliding overhead with his wide      head in the clouds most of the time
senses heightened and from six feet         wing span, or wading through the wa-       looking at the furry animals, I think it is
away he slowly crouched and                 ter on his long legs, I usually paused     important to enjoy all the sights and
pounced. He jumped into the air and         and watched for a bit. More recently       appreciate the beauty that surrounds
did a swan dive, face first into the tall   another interesting bird made use of       us. While people may boast about
grass; he was successful. The coyote        the 11th pond as a fishing hole. A crew    having great corner offices with amaz-
is not as often seen as the fox, how-       member pointed him out to me as I          ing views, their views are our offices.
ever remains of his nightly hunts are       drove by. In no way was this bird          With the dog-days of summer upon us,
proof of his presence. Watching them        frightened of us as we were able to get    take a break from the syringing and
trot across our fairways, I realized how    within 25 feet from him and watch as       spraying, and appreciate all the amaz-
much wildlife there is within our fences    he gobbled up a small catfish. A long      ing wildlife around your course.

                                                                                       “The coyote is not as often
                                                                                       seen as the fox, however re-
                                                                                       mains of his nightly hunts are
                                                                                       proof of his presence. Watch-
                                                                                       ing them trot across our fair-
                                                                                       ways, I realized how much
                                                                                       wildlife there is within our
                                                                                       fences at Woodland.”

                                                                                               Ethan Tease
                                                                                               Assistant Superintendent
                                                                                               Woodland Golf Club

Matt DeAvila - Continued from page 2
                                             gether?’ I found out that they had            ence he has had at such a young age,
consistently ranked the No. 1 course in      turfgrass management in college and           he’s going to do quite well in this busi-
the country by various publications.         that’s what I did. All I cared about at       ness. He’s a good guy, a very deter-
      “A lot of my experience comes          that time of my life was sports and           mined guy, and I’m not surprised that
from the greater Philadelphia area as        working and having some money. I put          he’s taken the path he has. I saw that
an assistant and intern working up           the two together and was fortunate            early on. He definitely had a mission.”
through the ranks,” said, DeAvila, who       enough to have a career path before I         DeAvila said he appreciates the input
graduated from Archbishop Williams           entered college.”                             of all those who have had an impact on
High School in Braintree, Mass., in               A turning point for DeAvila was his      his career.
1996, received his Associate’s degree        meeting Brian Linehan, who at the                   “I’m fortunate to have come across
in turfgrass management from Univer-         time, 1996, was superintendent at Fur-        some good people in the industry and
sity of Massachusetts’ Stockbridge           nace Brook Golf Club in Quincy,               that certainly has gotten me to where I
School in 1998 and got his Bachelor’s        Mass., and now is in his sixth season         am today,” said DeAvila, who lives in
degree from Penn State in 2000.              in the same position at Brookmeadow           Medway, Mass., with his wife, Chris-
      While at UMass, he interned at         Country Club in nearby Canton.                tina, a marketing specialist for Com-
The Country Club in Brookline. Some-              “I decided to go into this business      puter World in Framingham. Dick
thing special was happening at TCC in        because of Brian,” DeAvila said.              Bator, Director of Agronomy at The
1999 – the Ryder Cup was being                    A 1988 graduate of Archbishop            International in Bolton, Mass., is
played there – and DeAvila took a se-        Williams, Linehan stopped in at the           among those who have contributed
mester off from college to work the          office of then-Williams athletic director     greatly to what DeAvila has become.
Cup. It was a great decision.                Al Gallotta on that fateful day 11 years            “Dick has advised me on a lot of
      “I figured I could really get the      ago. He was looking for summer help           the programs and turf maintenance
whole experience of being there and          at Furnace Brook and Gallotta intro-          practices,” DeAvila said of Bator, the
take it in for what it was worth because     duced him to a teenager named Matt            two meeting at Pine Valley and Wood-
I may never get to see that again in my                                                        crest at a time when Bator was a
life,” DeAvila said.                                                                           consultant for those venues, as well
      “I met Sergio Garcia, Ben                                                                as for Weston Golf Club.
Crenshaw and a couple of                                                                          “Since I’ve come to Weston, Dick
other guys. It was amazing just                                                                has been very instrumental in my
to see those guys there, just to                                                               success. He annually helps me re-
be in the area of those guys.”                                                                 fine and improve my golf course
      “It was a great sporting                                                                 conditions and expectations of the
event. It actually ended up be-                                                                golf course. I have fine tuned my
ing one of the most prominent                                                                  eye for detail since he has been in
Ryder Cups in history. It was                                                                  my corner.”
great to be a part of it and to                                                                   “He has not only become a “tool of
think it was right in our own                                                                  the trade,” a mentor, he has also
backyard, a stone’s throw from                                                                 become a good friend over the
Boston. It was just a great ex-                                                                years.”
perience all around.”                                                                          DeAvila also gave credit to Lucas of
      The ’99 Ryder Cup was a                                                                  Woodcrest, “The Country Club and
phenomenon. People who                                                                         (its Superintendent) Bill Spence . . .
never cared one iota about golf                                                                that was a learning experience in
watched it, read about it, cared about               Weston’s Par 3 17th                   itself. Brian Linehan to this day re-
it. At least for that week, golf made        DeAvila. Linehan and the kid hit it off       mains a good friend. He was very in-
new friends.                                 and DeAvila worked at Furnace Brook           spirational and he kind of mentored me
      “It really showed the kind of sport-   that summer.                                  early on. I owe him a lot. Working with
ing town Boston is. It doesn’t matter              “I just kind of went with it and have   (Superintendent) Rick Christian at Pine
what sport it is,” DeAvila said. “There      been very, very, very fortunate,”             Valley also was a good experience.”
have been some huge events here in           DeAvila said. “Timing is everything in              “And I’ve been very fortunate to
this city, but that was a heck of an ex-     life. I’ve been lucky with The Country        have had my parents (Bob and Cyn-
perience I wouldn’t give up for any-         Club, with UMass, Penn State, Pine            thia) provide me an opportunity to go
thing. It was an amazing time.”              Valley . . . I really couldn’t have written   to college and to have established in
      DeAvila got involved in golf when      it down on paper any better the way it’s      me the morals and work ethic to get
he played for the high school team at        unfolded for me.”                             me where I am.”
Archbishop Williams. He also played                “And then ultimately here at Wes-             “My career really started when I
football and hockey and dabbled a bit        ton Golf Club to be 26 and acquire this       got out of high school, and I haven’t
in track, but golf was his passion.          job as superintendent was the icing on        done anything different. I don’t think I’d
      “I played golf six times a week, and   the cake.”                                    change any decision or opportunity
in the summer I would landscape,” he               “He’s a hard working, intelligent       that I’ve been provided in all of my
said. “I loved both of them, so I said to    guy who knows golf well,” Linehan             career.”
myself, ‘How can I work the two to-          said, “and for him to have the experi-

                 Postings from the GCSANE Forum:
              Superintendents Discuss Slow Greens and
                         Golfdom Magazine
From time to time The Newsletter              4 days a week. I often wonder when        fast the small minority becomes a
reprints selected postings from               members say the greens are slow           large majority, no matter what you
GCSANE’s web site forum in order to           what their basis is. At this point if     have done or how good the place
reach a wider audience.                       they are not putting off 2 or 3 greens    looks.
                                              then they are not fast enough. Crazy
                                              business. Overall our turf has never      I hope you and your family are well
Topic: Slow Greens                            been better (knock on wood), hope         and I'm glad to hear the apple trees
                                              everyone is having a good season.         are doing well. Just make sure they
(Posted by Pat Daly, CGCS,                                                              are red, but not too red, hard, but not
7/22/07)                                      (Rich Caughey)                            too hard, and sweet just like the kind
Anyone else hearing that their                We have been missing the rain in          Mom used to put in her pie when I
greens are slow?                              Scituate this summer! However too         was a kid.
                                              slow beats DEAD. In a business of
Responses:                                    too`s its always too something!           Topic: Golfdom Magazine

(Scott Lagana, CGCS)                          (Pat Kriksceonaitis)                      (Posted by Ron Kirkman - 7/26/07)
Don't even get me started! Yes, but           My apple trees are doing just fine. As
up in Wet-Fitchburg we have had               far as the green speed issue is con-      Nice article in Golfdom on the 9 hole
almost 4" of rain since July 9th and          cerned: have you been at Framing-         golf courses. Jason Adams’ picture is
the bent is out of control. Primo does        ham 7 years Pat? That's about the         on the front cover. Looks like a
nothing, we have double cut with              time they forget how things were          Hollywood picture.
flex's w/solid rollers at .100 and            when you started and how hard you         Nice job Jason.
rolled with a salsco, the best we             work to provide what they take for
have had is 10.5, they are averaging          granted every day. It's not the green     Responses:
about 10'.                                    speed they are complaining about.
                                              It's the what's new on the menu to-       (Mark Casey)
(Ken Crimmings, CGCS)                         day syndrome.                             Jason: Nice article indeed ! You are
Same here, it seems that any mois-                                                      well deserving of the recognition.
ture or humidity slows us right down.         (Pat Daly, CGCS)
Verti-cut and/or top dressed with 4-          Pat, as always, you are right. It's
6oz/A Primo every week this sum-              been a frustrating last few weeks at
mer. Too much grass and/or maybe              the club. Right now it is a small mi-
too much N and micros? Cutting                nority that play every other golf
at .110 with Jac triplexes and rolling        course around our area and they are
                                              all faster. We all know however how

                     Quotes from the Masters:
“No course can be ideal which is laid         “Most of the best inland courses owe
out through trees. Trees foreshorten          their popularity to the grouping of
the perspective and the wind has not          trees. Groups of trees are the most
full play. To get the full exaltation play-   effective way of preventing players
ing the game of golf one should when          from reaching the green with their sec-
passing from green to green as he             ond shots after playing their drives in
gazes over the horizon have an unlim-         the wrong direction. No bunkers
ited sense of eternity, suggesting con-       guarding the green seem to be able to
templation and imagination.”                  prevent them from doing so.”
-Charles Blair Macdonald (1855-1939)          -Alistair MacKenzie (1870-1934)

                GCSANE Monthly Meeting - August 21, 2007
                      Marlborough Country Club
                    Host: Kenneth Crimmings, CGCS
     Marlborough Country Club is a        looking for an assistant and Ken was
semi-private 18 hole club, founded in     a natural to take over as superinten-        Meeting Details
1922. The original nine (now played       dent when Glenn retired 3 years
                                                                                   Individual Championship
as the back nine) was laid out by         later. Ken attend UMass Stock-
Stiles and Van Cleek. What is now         bridge for his turf education.           Tuesday, August 21, 2007
played as the front nine was de-               Over the past few years, Ken       Host: Kenneth Crimmings, CGCS
signed by Geoffrey Cornish in 1969.       and his crew have been busy build-         Reservations Required by
Our host, Ken Crimmings, suggests         ing new forward tees and drainage           Friday, August 17, 2007
that you keep the ball below the hole     throughout the course. Ken said his
on the fast and back to front sloped      biggest challenge this year has been         Register By Email:
greens. Several holes feature dra-        to keep the greens on the dry and or
matic elevation changes and Ken           firm side and to keep the speeds up.
advises that it is not uncommon to        If the past GCSANE Individual              9:00 am: Board Meeting
need an extra club or two more to         Championships are any indicator, the       9:45 am: Registration
reach these elevated greens.              greens will be treacherous and fast       10:45 pm: Shotgun-Box Lunch
     Ken is in his 14th season at Marl-   for us on August 21st.                    Regular Meeting, prizes and
borough and is ably assisted by Tim            When he is away from the               Bar-B-Que to follow golf
Crane and Larry Cuoco. Ken began          course, Ken enjoys fishing, kayaking         Cost: $85 per person
his career working for his uncle at       and spending time with his wife Kim         Lunch and Dinner - $35
Harwich Port Golf Club for 2 years        and daughters Jessica, Emily and
before moving on to Juniper Hill Golf     Kate.                                     Checks payable to GCSANE
Course where he worked on the                                                     We accept Visa, Mastercard and
crew for Tom Ackley. Ken moved on         Written By: Mark Gagne                        American Express
to Marlborough Country Club when
Tom Ackley’s father, Glenn was

                                               Vendor News
As in the past, The Newsletter contin-      and was originally designed by Geof-     DGM Systems Fills Pump System
ues to invite affiliate members to sub-     frey Cornish, a partner of Mungeam       Gap in New England Turf Market
mit a press release about new person-       Cornish Golf Design. The project was
nel, new products, or a company bio.        proposed to the Town of Harwich by       DALLAS, TX – Responding to a strong
We will print such releases on a space      George Boule, a member of the golf       demand for packaged pump systems,
available basis.                            course committee and PGA profes-         and limited presence in the New Eng-
                                            sional Dennis Hoye, the Director of      land market, ITT Flowtronex
DHT Golf Services of Plymouth,              Golf at Cranberry Valley and was ap-     announces the addition of DGM Sys-
Mass. has recently completed a large        proved in 2005.                          tems, LLC to their team of Manufac-
golf course renovation project at Cran-          The DHT Golf Services team was      turer’s Representatives. DGM will pro-
berry Valley Golf Course, Harwich,Ma.       headed by Dave McGonigle, Dahn Tib-      vide Turf and Irrigation pump products
The project involved the restoration of     bett, and Jamie Tibbett of Marsh-        to the New England area.
all golf bunkers, the addition of several   field,Mass. Dahn Tibbett is the owner
bunkers, and the expansion of the           of DHT Golf Services and a 25 year       For more information about ITT
practice range and teaching facility.       member of GCSANE. He has over 30         Flowtronex products and FlowNet, visit
The project architect is Mark Mungeam       years experience in golf course con- For more infor-
of Mungeam Cornish Golf Design of           struction on many golf courses includ-   mation about DGM Systems, visit
Uxbridge,Mass.                              ing Green Harbor Golf Course in
     Cranberry Valley Golf Course is        Marshfield,Mass. and a co-design of
owned by the town of Harwich, Mass.         Southers Marsh Golf Course in
The golf course is a full-length 18-hole    Plymouth,Ma.                             Source: ITT Flowtronex Press Release
layout, long considered to be one of
the finest layouts on Cape Cod. The         Source: DHT Golf Services Press
course was built in the early 1970’s        Release

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   ANNOUNCEMENTS                                  dedicated fax number. The fax
                                                                                                      GOLF RESULTS
                                                  number is (401) 647-3046
Our condolences to friends and family                                                           GCSANE Meeting Results
of Chester M. (Chet) Sawtelle who                 Congratulations to Andrew and Susan           Belmont Country Club, July 16, 2007
passed away recently at the age of                Langlois on the recent birth of their
                                                  son, Preston Andrew.                          Superintendents
97. Chet was the founder of Sawtelle
Brothers and a friend to many in the                                                            Low Gross: Chris Tufts and Kurt
business.                                         Congratulations to Michael and Lisa           Calderwood, 72
                                                  Luccini on the recent birth of their son,     Low Net: Lennie Blodgett and Joe
Our condolences are extended to John              Mathew Ryan.                                  Rybka, 60
Carlone, CGCS and family on the un-                                                             2nd Net: Arthur Silva and Dennie Friel,
                                                  All members are encouraged to con-            64
expected passing of his brother Peter
                                                  tact Julie Heston to announce new
Carlone in Jacksonville, Florida on July
                                                  arrivals so that we may purchase a            Affiliates
27, 2007. Peter Carlone was a me-
                                                  savings bond in recognition of their          Low Gross: Dave Wallace and Gary
chanic at St. John Golf and Country
                                                  birth. Phone: (401) 934-3677 or               Sykes, 74
Club in Jacksonville and also a mem-
                                                                   Low Net: Mike Turner and Tim Berge,
ber of the Mechanics Association in
Florida.                                                                                        64
                                                  Congratulations to Lindsey Hoffman, a         2nd Net: Ron Smith and Jeff Stouffer,
                                                  University of Massachusetts student           66
Congratulations to Dr. Eric J.                    member of GCSANE who was se-
Matthews, and proud parents Bob and               lected as one of the three winners of
Robin Matthews, on his graduation                                                               Closest to the Pin #5: Ron Kirkman
                                                  the Student Essay Contest sponsored
from medical school. He begins his                by GCSAA. Lindsey’s essay was titled          Closest to the Pin #15: Darin Eddy
Residency at UMass Memorial Hospi-                “Diagnoses and Management of Salt-            Longest Drive #18: Ron Dobosz
tal in Worcester, MA on July 1st.                 Affected Turfgrass Sites.”

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198 Washington St., Stoughton, MA 02072-1748        20 Lawnacre Rd., Windsor Locks, CT 06096                    71-73 Chandler St., Worcester, MA 01613               104 Wyman Rd., Braintree, MA 02184
Root zone mixes, divot mixes, topdressing blends,   Irrigation pumps - sales & service; northeast               Distributor of tires for lawn & garden, trucks,       OSHA and EPA compliance services & training.
bunker sands, cart path mixes, bridging stone, &    warehouse/distributor for ISCO HDPE pipe &                  cars, industrial equipment, and golf cars.            Ron Smith - (781) 848-5978
hardscape supplies.                                 fittings.                                                   Gerry Jones - (508) 755-5255
Charlie Downing, Ed Downing -                       Richard Young - (860) 623-5207                                                                                    Stumps Are Us
(800) 4-AA-WILL                                                                                                 Larchmont Engineering & Irrigation                    5 Timberwood Rd., #108, Goffstown, NH 03045
                                                    DGM Systems                                                 11 Larchmont Lane, Lexington, MA 02420-4483           Professional stump chipping service.
A.D. Makepeace Co.                                  1 Snagwood Rd., Foster, RI 02825                            Kevin Rudat - (781) 862-2550                          Brendan McQuade - (603) 625-4165
158 Tihonet Road, Wareham, MA 02571                 Your New England specialty products distribu-
(508) 322-4092                                      tor: Reelcraft, POK, Allen, Kenyon, Echo,                   Lazaro’s Golf Course Supplies &                       S.V. Moffett Co., Inc.
                                                    Carhartt                                                    Accessories                                           87 Concord Street, North Reading, MA 01864
Agresource, Inc.                                    Office - (401) 647-0550                                     dba Hammond Paint and Chemical Co., Inc.              Rain Bird Golf irrigation distributor.
100 Main St., Amesbury, MA 01913                    Manny Mihailides - (401) 524-8999                           738 Main St., Suite 223, Waltham, MA 02154            Mark Casey (617) 990-2427 (Eastern MA & Boston);
Tim Gould, Guy Travers                              David Mihailides - (401) 742-1177                           Complete line of golf course accessories;             Bob Hobbs (603) 833-0309 (NH & ME);
(800) 313-3320, (978) 388-5110                                                                                                                                        Chris Francis (413) 519-8585 (Western MA and VT)
                                                                                                                Standard, Par Aide, Eagle One.
                                                    DHT Golf Services                                           Joe Lazaro - (781) 647-3361
Allen’s Seed Store, Inc.                            dba Weed & Feed, Inc.                                                                                             Syngenta Professional Products
693 S. County Trail, Exeter, Rl 02822               8 Meadow Park Road, Plymouth, MA 02360                      Lesco, Inc.                                           1131-0 Tolland Turnpike, Suite 261,
Specializing in quality seed and related golf       Golf course renovation & construction in all                                                                      Manchester, CT 06040
                                                                                                                1301 E. 9th St., Ste. 1300, Cleveland, OH 44114
course maintenance supplies.                        areas: bunkers, tees, greens, drainage, irriga-                                                                   Bob Goglia (860) 716-0315
                                                                                                                Ron Tumiski - (800) 321-5325
Gregg Allen - (800) 527-3898                        tion, & cart paths.
Michelle Maltais - (401) 835-0287                   Dahn Tibbett, Chip Brearley - (508) 746-3222                                                                      Tee & Green Sod
                                                                                                                McNulty Construction Corp.
                                                                                                                                                                      A Division of New England Turf
                                                                                                                P. O. Box 3218, Framingham, MA 01705
The Andersons Technologies, Inc.                    D.L. Maher Co.                                              Asphalt paving of cart paths, walkways, parking
                                                                                                                                                                      P. O. Box 777, West Kingston, RI 02892
26 Waite Ave., S. Hadley, MA 01075                  71 Concord St., P. O. Box 127, N. Reading, MA                                                                     Bentgrass, Blue/Fescue mixes, Bluegrass, Low
                                                                                                                areas; imprinted asphalt.
Manufacturer of fertilizer & control products.      01864                                                                                                             Cut Bluegrass and complete installation services
                                                                                                                John McNulty - (508) 879-8875
Rick Forni - (413) 534-8896                         Water supply specialists; wells & pumping                                                                         Dave Wallace, Scott McLeod, Ernie Ketchum -
                                                    equipment. (781) 933-3210                                                                                         (888) 638-4657
                                                                                                                Miller Golf Construction
Atlantic Silica, Inc.                                                                                           P.O. Box 1008, Essex, MA 01929
P.O. Box 10, Enfield N.S. B2T 1C6 Canada            Michael Drake Construction, Inc.                                                                                  Tom Irwin Inc.
                                                    240 Walnut St., Framingham, MA 01702                        Golf course construction & renovation.
(902) 883-3020                                                                                                                                                        11 A St., Burlington, MA 01803
                                                    Golf course reconstruction; professional shaper.            Jonathon Miller - (978) 768-6600
                                                                                                                                                                      Turf management products.
                                                    Michael Drake - (508) 875-8247                                                                                    Jack Petersen, Paul Skafas, Rob Larson, Chris
A-OK Turf Equipment Inc.                                                                                        NMP Golf Construction Corp.
1357 Main St., Coventry, RI 02816-8435                                                                                                                                Petersen, Greg Misodoulakis, Mike DeForge
                                                    E-Z-GO/Textron                                              25 Bishop Ave., Ste. A-2, Williston, VT 05495         (800) 582-5959
Articulator, Terra Topper, Greens Groomer brush,                                                                Golf course construction.
& used equipment.                                   EZGO golf and utility vehicles.
                                                    Doug Hopper - (800) 234-0474                                Mario Poirier - (888) 707-0787
Mike Cornicelli - (401) 826-2584                                                                                                                                      Tree Tech, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                      6 Springbrook Rd., Foxbvoro, MA 02035
                                                    G. Fialkosky Lawn Sprinklers                                Norfolk Power Equipment, Inc.                         Foxboro, Wellesley, Fall River
Barenbrug USA                                                                                                   5 Cushing Dr., Wrentham, MA 02093
Great in Grass                                      91 Freeman St., Newton, MA 02466                                                                                  Andy Felix - (508) 543-5644
                                                                                                                Sales, service, rentals, leasing, Kubota tractors
166 Juniper Drive, North Kingstown, RI 02852        Irrigation services to golf courses throughout
                                                                                                                (508) 384-0011
Bruce Chapman, Territory Manager                    New England. Gary Fialkosky - (617) 293-8632                                                                      Tuckahoe Turf Farms, Inc.
(401) 578-2300                                                                                                                                                        P. O. Box 167, Wood River Junction, Rl 02894
                                                    Gold Star Tree & Turf Farm, LLC                             Northeast Golf Company                                Chris Beasley - (800) 556-6985
                                                    250 West Rd., Canterbury, NH 03224-2127                     Golf Course Architectural/Consultation Services
BASF Turf & Ornamental                                                                                          118 Beauchamp Drive, Saunderstown, RI 02874
47 Falmouth Rd., Longmeadow, MA 01106               Growers of turfgrass and ornamentals.                                                                             Turf Enhancement Enterprises
                                                    Malcolm McPhail - (800) 648-8873;                           Robert McNeil (401) 667-4994
Emerald, Insignia, Pendulum AquaCap, Curalan,                                                                                                                         6 Jessica J Dr., Millbury, MA 01527
Drive, Basagran, Iprodione Pro, Propiconazole       Canterbury Office - (603) 783-4717                                                                                Floratine products, Precision Small Engine Co.,
                                                                                                                North Shore Hydroseeding                              Douglas Rollers, Trion Lifts.
Pro, Bifenthrin Pro, Plateau, Sahara.
                                                    Golf Cart Services, Inc.                                    20 Wenham St., Danvers, MA 01923                      Tom Fox - (508) 865-9150
John Bresnahan - (413) 374-4102
                                                                                                                Hydroseeding, erosion control, & tree services.
                                                    275 Wells St., Greenfield, MA 01301
                                                    Club Car golf, turf, transportation, & utility cars.        Brian King - (978) 762-8737
The Borden Company                                                                                                                                                    TurfLinks, Inc.
114 Summer St., Maynard, MA 01754                   James Bernier - (800) 287-0955                                                                                    16 Kane Industrial Dr., Hudson, MA 01749
                                                                                                                On-Course Golf Inc., Design/Build                     Distributor of quality fertilzer, grass seed, &
Bulk limestone dealer.
                                                    GPS New England Mapping                                     16 Maple Street, Acton, MA 01720                      control products for the golf course industry.
Jack Borden - (978) 897-2571
                                                                                                                We serve all your remodeling and renovation needs.    Kevin Lyons, Scott Mackintosh, Jim Favreau -
                                                    39 Cedar St., Cohasset, MA 02025
                                                                                                                You can trust your project with us!                   (866) 567-9221
Boston Irrigation Supply Co. (BISCO)                Precise irrigation & drainage as-builts; wire
                                                                                                                We make you look good!
60 Stergis Way, Dedham, MA 02026                    tracking & electrical repairs.
                                                                                                                Sean Hanley (978) 337-6661
Distributor, irrigation supplies & accessories,     Greg Albanese - (781) 789-1166                                                                                    TurfNet Associates, lnc.
featuring Rain Bird.                                                                                                                                                  21 Brandywine Rd., Skillman, NJ 08558
                                                    Gustavo Preston Service Company                             Partac Peat Corporation                               Cutting edge communication for the golf course
Andrew Langlois, Jay Anderson III, Dan Fuller,
                                                                                                                Kelsey Park, Great Meadows, NJ 07838                  industry.
Jeff Brown, Greg Hennessy, Chris Russo              10 Kidder Road, Unit 8, Chelmsford, MA 01824
                                                                                                                Heat treated topdressing, golf hole targets, turf     Peter McCormick - (800) 314-7929
(800) 225-8006                                      Flowtronex irrigation pumps - sales and service.
                                                                                                                blankets, other specialty golf supplies.
                                                    Spring start ups, winterization and 24 hour
                                                                                                                Jim Kelsey - (800) 247-2326
The Cardinals, Inc.                                 emergency service for all irrigation pumps.                                                                       Turf Products Corp.
166 River Rd., PO Box 520, Unionville, CT 06085     Ed Ceaser (978) 250-3333 or                                                                                       157 Moody Rd., Enfield, CT 06082
                                                                                                                Putnam Pipe Corp.                                     Distributors of Toro irrigation & maintenance
Golf course and landscape supplies.
                                                    Harrell’s Turf Specialty LLC                                90 Elm St., Hopkinton, MA 01748                       equipment and other golf-related products. Tim
John Callahan, Dennis Friel - (800) 861-6256
                                                                                                                Underground water, sewer, & drain pipe and            Berge, Rick Moulton, Jeff Stouffer, Mike Turner -
                                                    15 Londonderry Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053
                                                                                                                fittings-Erosion and sediment control material.       (800) 243-4355
Cavicchio Landscape Supply, Inc.                    Turf & ornamental supplies.
                                                                                                                24-hour service.
110 Codjer Lane, Sudbury, MA 01776                  Chuck Bramhall, Mike Kroian, Mike Nagle,
                                                                                                                David Putnam, Eli Potty - (508) 435-3090
Annuals, perennials, garden mums, ground            Jim Wierzbicki - (800) 228-6656                                                                                   Valley Green
covers, loam, & mulch.                                                                                                                                                14 Copper Beech Drive, Kingston, MA 02364
                                                    Hartney Greymont                                            Read Custom Soils                                      Phone: 413-533-0726 Fax: 413-533-0792
Darren Young - (978) 443-7177
                                                                                                                125 Turnpike St., Canton, MA 02021                     "Wholesale distributor of turf products"
                                                    433 Chestnut St., Needham, MA 02492
                                                                                                                Custom soil blending, top dressing sands, root
Charles C. Hart Seed Co., Inc.                      Tree care, landscape construction, consulting.
                                                                                                                zone blends, divot & cart path mixes.
304 Main St., Wethersfield, CT 06109                Mark Tobin - (781) 444-1227                                                                                       Varney Bros. Sand & Gravel
                                                                                                                Terry Driscoll, Garrett Whitney - (888) 475-5526
Authorized distributor for Bayer, Syngenta, Grigg                                                                                                                     79 Hartford Ave., Bellingham, MA 02019
Bros., Foliar Fertilizer, & Aquatrols.              Holliston Sand Co., Inc.                                                                                          Concrete golf cart paths.
                                                    P. O. Box 1168, Tifft Rd., Slatersville, RI 02876
                                                                                                                R.F. Morse & Son, Inc.                                Kenneth Mooradian - (800) 441-7373
Roy Sibley, Dick Gurski, Robin Hayes -
                                                                                                                22 Cranberry Hwy., Wareham, MA 02576
(800) 326-HART                                      USGA-recommended sands, root-zone mixes,
                                                                                                                Professional goods, services, & John Deere
                                                    bunker & topdressing, agresoil compost, stone-
                                                                                                                equipment for the golf course industry.
                                                                                                                                                                      Winding Brook Turf Farm
Cornish, Silva, & Mungeum, Inc.                     dust, & pea-stone                                                                                                 Wethersfield, CT 06109
                                                                                                                Larry Anshewitz, Mike Hannigan, Tom Rowell,
207 N. Main St., Uxbridge, MA 01569                 Bob Chalifour, CGCS (ret.) - (401) 766-5010                                                                       Scott Wheeler, Mike Krudwig, Sam Morgan -
                                                                                                                Ren Wilkes, John Winskowicz - (508) 295-1553
Golf course architects.                                                                                                                                               (800) 243-0232
(508) 278-3407                                      International Golf Construction Co.
                                                                                                                Sodco Inc.
                                                    5 Purcell Rd., Arlington, MA 02474
                                                                                                                P. O. Box 2, Slocum, Rl 02877
                                                                                                                                                                      Philip Wogan & George F. Sargent, Jr.
Country Club Enterprises                            Golf course construction.                                                                                         17 Walker Rd., Topsfield, MA 01983
                                                                                                                Bluegrass/Fescue, Bluegrass/Rye, Bluegrass/
PO Box 670, 29 Tobey Rd.,W.Wareham, MA 02676        Antonios Paganis - (781) 648-2351;                                                                                Golf course architects.
                                                                                                                Fescue/Rye, Bentgrass.
Club Car golf cars, Carryall utility vehicles.      (508) 428-3022                                                                                                    (978) 887-3672
                                                                                                                Sean Moran, Pat Hogan - (800) 341-6900
Dave Farina, Darin Eddy, Keith Tortorella -
(800) 662-2585                                      Irrigation Management & Services
                                                    21 Lakeview Ave., Natick, MA 01760
                                                                                                                Southwest Putting Greens of Boston
                                                                                                                P.O. Box 827, Westford, MA 01886
                                                    Irrigation consultation, design, and system
                                                                                                                Synthetic turf, tee lines, practice greens, outdoor
                                                    evaluation. Bob Healey, ASIC, CID -
                                                                                                                and indoor practice facilities.
                                                    (508) 653-0625
                                                                                                                Douglas Preston - (978) 250-5996


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