NUGSS election results are in_

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NUGSS election results are in!
                                            Volume 16, Issue 11                                  February 24 - March 10 2010

                                                                                                                          The Rollergirls are to return! See Page 5 for more details...

Shelby Petersen
News Editor
                                                                                                                                             of Events
                                                                                                                                             Alexis Moore 333
     Just before the students of UNBC disembarked on a week
                                                                                                                                                   No 76
filled with copious amounts of studying and essay writing,
                                                                                                                                                Spoiled 43
NUGSS held their annual election to determine who the

                                                                                                                                   Associate Director
2010/2011 board of directors would be.
     For the second year in a row, the voter turnout was less

than 20% with only 456 students casting ballots. Maybe the
low voter turn can be attributed to eager students ready to go
on vacation – cutting classes to get a few extra days in Can-                                                                               Alexie Stephens 361
cun – but it seems more likely that the low student involvement                                                                                    No 53
is due to student apathy. The students of UNBC just don’t                                                                                        Spoiled 38
seem to care about NUGSS. In fact, on Election Day several
students who were approached didn’t even realize it was time
to vote despite the campaigning and large polling area set up                                                                       First Nations’ Rep
in the Wintergarden. This is alarming considering the fact that                                                                              Adam Thomas 368
in addition to voting in a new board of directors students were                                                                                   No 48
also charged with deciding a new referendum on whether or                                                                                       Spoiled 36
not a Spring/Summer U-Pass would be implemented. That
being said of the valid votes cast 416 voted in favour of the ref-
erendum while 36 said no, 4 were spoiled, and 1 was void.                                                                               Women’s Rep
     Six of the eleven positions saw incumbent candidates re-                                                                               Lauren Movold 342
turn to the board while five fresh faces were introduced. All of                                                                                  No 68
the eleven candidates won by a large majority save for VP Stu-                                                                                  Spoiled 42
dent Affairs candidate Heather Carson who won by only 59
votes. Carson was also the only candidate with more than one
                                                                                                                         Associate Director Planning
                                                                     NUGSS’ elected president Kaleigh Milinazzo                               Caitlin Tates 335
                                                                                                                                                    No 74
                      Kaleigh Milinazzo 368                                                 Spoiled/Blank 23                                     Spoiled 43

                                                                                          VP Social
                              No 76
                            Spoiled 43

                      VP Finance                                                           Tom Epplett 138
                                                                                         Morgan Melnyk 242                               Colleges Rep
                        Garrett Dobson 149                                               None of the Above 52                                Nadia Nowak 363
                       Jennifer Larson 212                                                 Spoiled/Blank 20                                       No 54

                                                                                 VP External Affairs
                       None of the Above 61                                                                                                     Spoiled 35
                         Spoiled/Blank 30
                                                                                                                          While only 456 students managed to get out and vote this
                VP Student Affairs                                                        Leanne Peak 117
                                                                                          Alex Wallace 263
                                                                                                                      year there are over 30 there were more than 30 more voters
                                                                                                                      than the 2009 election, whether or not that is an improvement
                       Heather Carson 176                                                None of the Above 50         is debatable, however.
                         Kelley Hilton 109                                                 Spoiled/Blank 22               Maybe it is time NUGSS star holding their elections after

                                                                                 Associate Director
                          Jillian Lee 117                                                                             reading break? Or maybe they just have to amp up their game
                       None of the Above 27                                                                           and engage more student involvement.
Page 2                                                                                                                                                                  Over the Edge, February 24 - March 10 2010

       Volume 16, Issue 11                                                                                     Gatorade to get over the inevitably crippling hangover we’ve all had since Monday morning.
   February 24 - March 10 2010                                                                                 Things are going outstanding here at the OTE office and for any of you interested in be-
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                                                                                                               sitions we have available.
                                                                                                                    We hope you enjoy this newspaper as we spent our spring breaks diligently ensuring that
            Andrew Bailey                                                                                      the fine students of UNBC would be provided with an informative and entertaining news
                                                                                                               source. Many congrats to the UNBC T-Wolves Basketball teams, both of which finished off
     MANAGING EDITOR                                                                                           the BCCAA regular season in first place, all the best for the provincials! For those of you who
 Stephanie McCullough (Vacant)                                                                                 are fans of the Olympics I hope whichever Country you are rooting for is doing well, as long
                                                                                                               as that country is Canada. For those of you opposed to the Olympics I hope whatever else
 PRODUCTION COORDINATOR                                                                                        has been on TV during this time has been excellent for you.

                                                                                                               Over the Edge AGM
     Tyler Clarke (Vacant)                                                                                          That’s all I got for this one. Reading Break is over and classes are back in session, which
                                                                                                               sucks eh. Go Canada Go, and good luck with the final stretch of the school year y’all. Much
                                                                                                               love for reading your friendly campus newspaper.
         Kali Flick

             COPY EDITOR

                                                                                                                     Thursday, March 18 noon
             Helen Hogeterp

             NEWS EDITOR
                                                      Memo from the boss
                                                                                                                          Winter Garden
             Shelby Peterson
                                                           Hey all and welcome to another fantastic edition
              ARTS EDITOR

                                                                                                                          Food provided
                                                      of Over the Edge. I hope you enjoyed your reading
                 Vacant                               break and are now completely revitalized and ready
                                                      to crush your schoolwork for the rest of the semes-
          SPORTS EDITOR                               ter. Or at least that you survived and loaded up on

                                                     Local farming key to improving food access
        Andrew Bailey (Vacant)

           PHOTO EDITOR
         Aria Hannolyn Cheng

              AD MANAGER

             CLUBS EDITOR

               Tobi Elliott
             Haakon Sullivan
 Deadline for submissions for the next issue is...
     Wednesday March 3 2010

 Over the Edge is the official inde-
 pendent publishing media of students
 at the University of Northern British                                                                                                                                       Tyler Clarke, Production coordinator
 Columbia.                                           Tobi Elliott                                                                    security is a matter of access.
 As such, it is our mandate to report                The Concordian                                                                       Rhissa said because city grocery stores are usually situated in pop-
 on issues of interest to students in the                MONTREAL (CUP) — As the cost of food continues to rise, many ur-
                                                                                                                                     ulated urban cores, it means they’re often inaccessible to those using
 Northern Region. We encourage all                   banites are finding it increasingly difficult to access and afford nutritious
                                                                                                                                     public transit instead of cars, creating “food deserts.”
 students, both on the main and re-                                                                                                       Some farmers are coming up with ways to help curb the access prob-
 gional campuses to submit to Over                                                                                                   lem.
                                                         At a bilingual panel held in Montreal in February, four panellists dis-
                                                                                                                                          The owners of the East Hawkesbury, Ont.-based Ferme du Ruisseau
 the Edge.                                           cussed ways to alleviate local food insecurity — the inability to afford
                                                                                                                                     have been living off the grid for four years. Michel Pépin and Sabrina
 Over the Edge is part of the Canadian               healthy groceries without compromising access to necessities like rent.
                                                                                                                                     Martinez’s 180-acre organic farm uses energy produced by sun and wind,
 University Press network of newspa-                     Moderator Rotem Ayalon opened the debate by quoting from the book
                                                                                                                                     and their two greenhouses are heated by a hand-crank generator that
 pers, otherwise known as CUP.                       *In Defense of Food*: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
                                                                                                                                     runs on used cooking oil from restaurants. Their vegetable farm provides
                                                         “But how,” Ayalon followed up, “can you follow the rules of thumb if
 CUP is an organization that is en-                                                                                                  supplies for restaurants and farmer's markets.
                                                     you can’t afford the fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store?”
 tirely owned by member papers, and                      Each panellist at the bilingual panel, organized by students of Con-
                                                                                                                                          Martinez said consumers can help by eating organically and locally.
 provides such services as a news wire               cordia’s School of Public Affairs, had a chance to discuss ways to fight
                                                                                                                                     “If we have support from the community, we can have food security," she
 and advertising to Over the Edge.                                                                                                   said. "If local farmers work together, and producers own the land, they
                                                     local food insecurity.
 Over the Edge is published every                                                                                                    can bring the total cost of food down.”
                                                         Frédéric Paré of Montreal’s Food Sovereignty Coalition said the only
                                                                                                                                          Steve Aitchison, owner of the Montreal vegan restaurant Burritoville,
 second week during the fall and win-                way food could be made more accessible, with lower prices, is if markets
                                                                                                                                     started his business to “alleviate some of the insecurities out there.” Being
 ter semesters.                                      became state-regulated, and competition was eliminated from food pro-
                                                                                                                                     near Concordia University, he serves mainly students, and as such,
                                                                                                                                     keeps his prices as low as possible. He meets the challenge by getting
                                                         “The social net is fracturing, even as people count on the market
                                                                                                                                     95 per cent of his food locally.
                                                     forces to regulate human problems,” said Paré. He said he believes ac-
                                                                                                                                          Aitchison said he thinks local farming is “truly the key” to addressing
OFFICE LOCATION 6-350                                cessibility to food should be considered a human right, and defended at
                                                                                                                                     food insecurity. “It’s understanding the seasons and cycles, and dimin-
MAILING ADDRESS -                                    international policy and legislative levels.
                                                                                                                                     ishing our desire for foods that aren’t accessible.”
                                                         The effects of the rising cost of food are quite obvious at Canada's
3333 University Way                                                                                                                       Near the end of the debate, Rhissa asked Pépin why it’s cheaper to
                                                     largest food bank, Moisson Montréal, said community liaison Zakary O.
Prince George, BC, V2N 4Z9                           Rhissa. The organization, which helps around 115,000 people access
                                                                                                                                     buy imported food that must be flown in. Pépin replied that local farmers
Phone (250) 960-5633                                 food each month, has seen a 15 per cent increase in the amount of em-
                                                                                                                                     compete with countries that produce a harvest two to three times per year
FAX (250) 960-5407                                                                                                                   thanks to warmer climates, genetically-modified seeds and heavy fertil-
                                                     ployed people turning to them.
E-mail                                                                                                         izers, while Canada is a cold climate and it costs more to heat and pro-
                                                         But the problem isn’t always related to finances — sometimes food in-
                                                                                                                                     duce the same amount.
Over the Edge, February 24 - March 10 2010                                                                                                                                                 Page 3

Tickets on sale for The Vagina Monologues
                                                                                                                                                                            Aria Cheng, photo editor
                                                                  The cast & crew of The Vagina Monologues shows their enthusiasm for the show that they'll be performing on March 12th and 13th!

    “The Vagina Monologues” is an excellent play originally         UNBC on the following days:                                        hosted by the Prism Film Society. It will be held on Saturday,
written and acted by Eve Ensler over ten years ago. It is made           - Friday, March 12th at 7:15 PM                               March 6th between 8PM-2AM at 1177 3rd Ave and Admission
up of a varying number of monologues and is now read by a                - Saturday, March 13th at 2:15 PM (Matinee)                   to the dance is $10.
varying number of women in cities all over the world. Every              - Saturday, March 13th at 7:15 PM                                 All proceeds collected will go towards The Northern
monologue somehow relates to the vagina, be it through sex,              Tickets are $10 each and are available for purchase at the    Women’s Centre Society, the Elizabeth Fry Society, Pride-
love, rape, menstruation, mutilation, masturbation, birth, or-      following three locations:                                         UNBC, and the International V-Day Organization.
gasm, the variety of names for the vagina, or simply as a phys-          - The NUGSS Office at UNBC (9AM-4PM, Mon-Fri)                     For more info, email: or nugss-women-
ical aspect of the body. A recurring theme throughout the piece          - The Northern Women's Centre at UNBC                Or visit the facebook page at:
is the vagina being used as a tool of female empowerment,                - Urban Treasure (1280 4th Ave)                     
and the ultimate embodiment of individuality.                            Tickets will also be available for purchase at the Interna-

CFUR hires former OTE editor
    The production will be performed in the Canfor Theatre at       tional Women's Day Celebration & Dance fundraising event

Shelby Petersen
News Editor
    Former Over the Edge editor, Andrew Kurjata has been hired as the new station man-
ager at CFUR. For those who are unaware, CFUR is UNBC’s very own campus radio sta-
tion and broadcasts from its office located on the upper level of the NUSC building.
    Kurjata has been hired to replace outgoing station manager Christopher Earl who has
held the position since 2003. Kurijata believes that “Christopher has done an amazing job
at moving CFUR forward over the past seven years. He’s done a lot to build its reputation
in the community, and I’m excited to bring my own ideas and experiences to the model
he’s helped create.”
    Kurijata has many experiences which he can bring to the radio station including his for-
mer role as Editor in Chief with Over the Edge which will undoubtedly prepare him to deal
with the student population. Moreover, Kurijata has worked with the provincial government
at their communications office as well as at the Prince George Bureau of CBC Radio. Kuri-
jata has also held a position with the local music festival Cold Snap.
    While Kurijata is still new to the position, he already has many plans for the future of
the radio station and he especially want to increase community participation, “I’ve been
speaking with some volunteers about creating a concert budget so we are able to bring
bands to Prince George who might not tour here otherwise.” Kurijata also plans to use so-
                                                                                                                                                        The exams will soon be finished.
cial networking sights like Twitter and Facebook to increase CFUR’s presence overall and                                                                  Now you need to store your
connect with the audience on a more direct level.                                                                                                        possessions for the summer.
    CFUR is a volunteer based organization with students hosting a variety of different
radio shows ranging from sports commentary to bizarre world music you probably have
never heard. CFUR also broadcasts several syndicated shows including Democracy Now.
CFUR was granted a license in 2001 as a campus station and 2007 became a Class A
radio station. Although CFUR is a relatively new radio station it has already managed to be-
                                                                                                                     STUDENT SPECIAL
come a Prince George institution and an alternative to the largely mainstream stations of-
fered within the city. You can listen to CFUR online by visiting or tune your dials to
88.7 fm.
                                                                                                            25% OFF                         March to September
                                                                                                                 For as many months as you prepay.
                                                                                                                                                must present Student ID
 Buy, Sell, Rent at
                           TEXTBOOKS                                                                                                                     955 1st Avenue
                              √ bought and sold
                              √ new & used                                                                                                        CALL     250-563-9669
                              √ online buybacks                                                                                                        For details or to make
                                                                                                   Clean; Controlled Access;                               a reservation
    English                       Espanol        Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi                                All Sizes; Boxes & Moving
 (260) 399-6111
       399-6111               (212) 380-1763      (713) 429-4981                                                                             
                                                                                                       Supplies Available
                          See site for other support lines.
Page 4                                             Over the Edge, February 24 - March 10 2010

    Winter festival fun!
              Photos by Aria Cheng, photo editor
T-Wolves Sink Mariners Battleship
Over the Edge, February 24 - March 10 2010                                                                                                                                                          Page 5

Andrew Bailey
Editor in Chief
    To avoid confusion: Please be advised that The Malaspina
Pirates are now referred to as the Vancouver Island University
Mariners. Obviously Pirates are better than Mariners and the
city of Nanaimo in no way represents Vancouver Island, but
Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor so really nothing makes
sense and it’s important to not be perplexed by this. Now with-
out further delay, lets begin.
    After defeating the Mariners 67-60 in a close Friday
matchup the night before, UNBC dominated Saturday’s game
                                                                     curacy on her pinpoint passes crippling the usually dominant           sluggish in the first Q, clutching the rock longer than normal
blowing up the scoreboard to earn an 85-67 victory. The small
                                                                     Mariner defense.                                                       while assessing a few too many dribble-directions. However
crowd in attendance made up for their lack of size with incred-
                                                                         To give you an idea of the impact Kennedy has had on the           by the second Q she had shaken her sillies out and returned
ible enthusiasm and thunderous ovation rocking the Charles
                                                                     T-Wolves this year, she finished the season with 88 assists and        to her dominant pre-injury form. She seems to have also
Jago Northern Sports Centre with no regard for the fact that it
                                                                     lead the entire BCCAA in that category. Kwantlen College’s             changed her shooting style as the 3-bombs she was dropping
had never been loved like that before. (I know you don’t know
                                                                     Emily Wright had the second most assists in the league with            on Saturday were landed from skyscraping arches, which hit
who Andy Kim is but I’m banking on the fact that you’ve seen
                                                                     66. Considering it was Kennedy’s first year with her new UNBC          with her usual outstanding precision and looked super cool.
the relevant Jeep commercial and therefore loved that refer-
                                                                     teammates and she finished the season with 22 more assists                  5th year post, Soili Smith also returned from injury. Smith
ence.) The Mariners, who ranked #1 earlier on in the season,
                                                                     than the next best ball mover, it’s pretty safe to say that she is     has seen her role decrease this year with the emergence of
have been tobogganing down the rankings and after being
                                                                     an insanely incredible basketballer.                                   3rd year posts: Maria Neumann and Erin Beckett. However
swept by UNBC over the weekend finished the season in third
                                                                         Of course, Kennedy would not have been so effective if her         having three solidly reliable post specialists gives Coach Mur-
place, the T-Wolves finished in their usual and predictable first
                                                                     passes had not lead to baskets, so her impressive stat line on         doch a tremendous luxury to set up mismatches against op-
place position one game in front of second place UBC-Okana-
                                                                     Saturday must therefore give much love to UNBC’s dominant              posing teams. It is an enormous advantage enjoyed by the
                                                                     third-year post, Maria Neumann. Neumann provided the T-                T-Wolves to always have fresh legs in the paint landing blocks,
    I never thought I’d say this, but considering the Mariners
                                                                     Wolves with an understated offensive game, hitting a huge per-         finishing put-backs and owning the boards. Beckett’s emer-
relentless offense, lead by BCCAA rookie sensation Kayla
                                                                     centage of her short-range shots and put-backs. She was also           gence has been particularly rapid during her breakout T-Wolf
Gromme, who provides a Dirk Nowitzkiesque, good at every-
                                                                     a major factor in keeping the dynamic Mariner’s offense held           season this year as she averaged 11.94 points per game,
thing, presence on the court; Jaclyn Nazareno’s T-Wolves
                                                                     to under 70 points as her exceptional first quarter, in which she      which was good enough to rank 11th overall in the BCCAA.
would not have been able to win this game. Christine Kennedy
                                                                     landed two solid all-ball blocks, allowed her to establish a                Thanks to their impressive wins over the Mariners this past
has, therefore, not just filled a void left by Nazareno’s gradua-
                                                                     game-lasting presence in the defensive paint.                          weekend, the women T-Wolves finish the season on top in the
tion, but her leadership has eclipsed that of the former T-Wolf
                                                                         T-Wolf megastar and primary scoring option, Kady Dande-            BCCAA standings. The provincial championships will be
great. Kennedy’s vocal quarterbacking has improved im-
                                                                     neau made a triumphant return to the lineup after spending the         hosted in Nanaimo this year and commence on March 4th. So
mensely since the beginning of the year and her intensely com-
                                                                     past several games on the DL and was nothing short of out-             stay tuned to your favourite official campus newspaper for cov-

T-Wolves Loot First Place Spot From Mariners
petitive attitude shouldered the T-Wolves throughout this
                                                                     standing as she tore her way to the UNBC player of the game            erage of what will undoubtedly be a UNBC provincial champi-
alarming blowout against the southern Mariner powerhouse.
                                                                     award. She started off uncharacteristically slow and looked            onship.
Kennedy clicked her speed into 6th gear without losing any ac-

Andrew Bailey                                                        hawk like Stark on the floor that kind of behaviour is impossi-        court Madsen was called for a blocking foul when his feet were
Editor in Chief                                                      ble to get away with.                                                  obviously planted. Refs can be confusing animals.
                                                                          The boost that Mills and Stark brought to the floor during            I will say a positive about the refs though and that is that the
     On Thursday February 18th the UNBC men’s T-Wolves
                                                                     the 4th quarter in which the T-Wolves managed to overcome a            ref who recently shaved his comb over and now wears the
were one game behind the Vancouver Island University
                                                                     15 point deficit and take the lead proved, once again, why             buzzed look made an awesome decision when he did that, be-
Mariners for first place in the BCCAA with two regular season
                                                                     Raimbault coaches the team while I just write down what it             cause that dude’s comb over would not even fool Mr. Magoo
games left to play. As fan-luck would have it, those 2 games
                                                                     does, the man’s a situational genius. This innate knowledge of         out there.
were against said Mariners. Therefore, when UNBC destroyed
                                                                     his bench depth was drastically important for Raimbault’s T-               T-Wolf megastars Jose Araujo, who was the eventual
VIU 80-69 on Friday, Saturday’s matchup became the ultimate,
                                                                     Wolves as the physical style of both teams had every player on         UNBC player of the game, and Inderbir Singh Gill, played with
Sago in the Jago, winner-take-all battle for the BCCAA regular
                                                                     the court in foul trouble eventually.                                  their usual dominant precision. Araujo finished off the season
season title. It was standing room only at the packed Charles
                                                                          The referees were clearly calling a different game than the       ranked the 6th highest scorer in the BCCAA while Gill ranked
Jago Northern Sports Centre. But even those who arrived early
                                                                     players on the court wanted to play. It’s important for refs to        2nd in the same category. However it was the freshman Kevan
enough to score a seat never found a use for it since the ac-
                                                                     understand, though few understand anything, that when two              Madsen and 2nd year fan favourite Sam Raphael who electri-
tion packed thriller, which the T-Wolves won 79-75 to clinch
                                                                     physical teams are trying to establish dominance over each             fied the stadium delivering highlight after highlight and keeping
first place in the standings, had fans on their feet for the dura-
                                                                     other, in a physical battle, it is the refs’ duty to recognize this    the crowd on their feet screaming for more. The tandem of
tion of the fire-fight. I’ve never seen a game as exciting as this
                                                                     and ease off on calling penalties for physical contact. This did       Raphael and Madsen guarding the key on defense provides
one so let’s get to it. Today’s game-plan is to start off some-
                                                                     not happen and eventually both teams found themselves in the           the basketball equivalent of Sarah the Cat’s netminding skills.
where in the middle, go off on an irreverent tangent, and then
                                                                     illustrious penalty situation before the game was done. Whilst         To put the two in relation to prehistoric times, Raphael could
kind of bounce around and hopefully cover everything with a
                                                                     the fouls the T-Wolves were being called on were based on              easily jump over a dinosaur whereas Madsen could easily eat
succinctly randomized organization; there is no contingency.
                                                                     fighting for loose balls and trying to fight for open space; the       a dinosaur. They also combined to own the offensive and de-
     The VIU Mariners are the kind of team that would have de-
                                                                     Mariners came with a very different physical strategy which,           fensive boards. In fact Madsen finished the season with the
stroyed the once hapless men’s T-Wolves during the bumbling
                                                                     as far as I could tell, was to play as dirty as possible and inflict   6th highest rebounds-per-game average in the BCCAA. Con-
pre-Raimbault years. But since the arrival of head coach Mike
                                                                     the most pain upon the T-Wolves as they could. Therefore the           sidering this is his first year at this level, it will be awesome to
Raimbault, and his implementation of a new system of UNBC
                                                                     amount of flying elbows and smacks landed on T-Wolf faces              experience the player he will mature into.
men’s basketball, there has not been a team in the BCCAA
                                                                     was absurd. Fifth year Mariner Forward Joel Bron took the                  The men’s UNBC T-Wolves will take this massive momen-
that UNBC can’t compete against. Coach Raimbault has an
                                                                     prison rules game strategy to a whole’n’other level when he            tum to Nanaimo for the provincial championships, which start
uncanny knowledge of each of his player’s individual talents
                                                                     stood in front of Sam Raphael at the top of the key and                on March 4th. So stay tuned to your favourite official campus
which gives him the T-Wolf IQ to be able to know exactly who
                                                                     whipped the ball across Raphael’s face sending him to the floor        newspaper for coverage of what will undoubtedly be terrific
to put into any situation. For example, with 7 minutes left in the
                                                                     while the refs did nothing. Meanwhile on the other end of the          coverage of the sensational UNBC T-Wolves.

                                                                                                                                                  Rollergirls to return
4th Q and his T-Wolves down by 8 points Raimbault sent Fran-
cis Rowe and Sam Raphael, two of the lightning hottest shoot-
ers he had on the court, to the bench and replaced them with
offensive fouling liability Dennis Stark and low minuter Matt
Mills. Had I placed money on this game I would have torn my                                                                                                         Huge news to announce!!! The
dreadlocks out of my head at this decision as I immediately as-                                                                                                Rollerderby season is starting up again! The
sumed Raimbault had overdosed on crazy-pills. Of course then                                                                                                   first bout will be held on Saturday, February
boom went the dynamite, Mills hit a huge 3-bomb immediately                                                                                                    27 at the Roll-a-dome. Doors open at 7 pm
upon stepping onto the court in a situation so clutch that Sully                                                                                               with the first whistle scheduled to blow at 8
Sullenberger would have fist pumped in amazement. Dennis                                                                                                       pm. Do not miss this opportunity to experi-
Stark clogged up the offensive paint so effectively that the                                                                                                   ence the greatest form of entertainment that
tenacious Mariner defense was paralyzed. Stark’s jamming of                                                                                                    Prince George has to offer. The Roll-a-
downtown main-street opened up uncontested 3-ball attempts                                                                                                     dome is located near the Pine Centre Mall
from the T-Wolf’s perimeter shooters and delighted one partic-                                                                                                 at the junction of the Yellowhead Highway
ular fan who held up a hilarious sign, which read “I Want Den-                                                                                                 (16) and the Hart Highway. Tickets are $8
nis Stark Drug Tested.” Having Stark on the court also put an                                                                                                  for members and $10 for non-members.
end to the cutesy alley-oop passes that Mariner point guard                                                                                                    This year there will be a beer garden at the
Mike Wohlers was dishing off to teammate Fraser Thompson.                                                                                                      bouts, which is pretty much the coolest
The hometown fans had definitely had enough of seeing that                                                                                                     news ever delivered. Hope to see you all
display of Southern ridiculousness and with a physical ball-                                                                                                   there.
The unique musical talents of Rob Dunlop
 Page 6                                                                                                                                                   Over the Edge, February 24 - March 10 2010

Tyler Clarke
Production Coordinator
     Rob Dunlop, one of Prince George’s most prolific musical
talents of the past decade, having released several albums
under different names and with different musicians - including
Maple You Know, Big Old Eyes, Dry Socket, Hey Everyone,
and most recently Riverhorse - is quite the humble guy, cur-
rently disinterested in releasing any of his future recordings to
the public or performing.
     “I don’t want to release an album again unless it’s some-
thing I’m excited about,” Dunlop said, adding that it will likely be
with band accompaniment – which disqualifies his longest-run-
ning musical project – the solo Maple You Know.
     His reasoning is quite simple – he makes albums for him-
self, not for you. They’re like paintings for him.
     “I make them for me to hang up on the wall for myself to lis-
ten to,” Dunlop concluded.
     The few songs he does get around to releasing to the pub-
lic reveal the musician’s unique musical brilliance. His lyrics,
sometimes strange, sometimes oddly descriptive, usually paint
a unique and memorable picture. The sporadic live shows he
plays show the musician in an honest and awkward form, un-
sure about whether or not he should even be playing his songs
in front of people – the bespeckled man spending the majority
of time hiding behind the microphone, his eyes either closed or
cast downward.
     “Once and a while I get it in my head to get on stage. I don’t
know why,” Dunlop stated. He finds the act of getting on stage
a strange thing to do – more of an act of satisfying one’s ego
than anything else.
     “I just feel embarrassed,” he said.
     Dunlop first got into writing music at the age of 16, when he
started writing joke songs with friends.
     “Then I realized I liked putting songs together,” he said.
“When I was 17 I got an electric guitar, and when I was 18 I re-
alized that I could write songs.”                                      most recent publicly-performing group, Riverhorse, with Dun-
     It was about this time that he got rock group Weezer’s Blue       lop on guitar and vocals and Leigh O’Neill on drums, was sim-
Album on cassette, and decided that he wanted to learn all of          ilar to other projects, only cranked up to 11. Heavy distortion
the songs on guitar – and he did.                                      danced against Dunlop’s baritone voice nicely in the
     He started up and joined a couple of bands, including a           White Stripes-esque blues-inspired duo, which have
punk band, but soon lost interest in these endeavours, prefer-         performed far too little thus far.
ring bands like Pavement to punk rock.                                      In-between and after some of these efforts fiz-
     After starting a band with Corbin Spensley and some other         zled out, Dunlop consistently worked on his solo
members, the two quit the band in order to start something             project, Maple You Know, writing and recording an
new. After giving the other members a CD with 30 songs he’d            amazing number of songs mainly on guitar – in true
written his band mates insisted that Dunlop become the band’s          Dunlop fashion, most of which never released to the
songwriter. So was born Big Old Eyes – with Spensley on bass           public, with the songs treated as personal journals.
and vocals, Ryan Clarke on drums, and Dunlop on guitar and                  The future for Dunlop’s musical endeavours are
vocals. Releasing three albums around 2006, all of which plac-         up in the air, with the musician hoping to get together
ing respectably on CFUR’s top 10, the trio’s songs ranged from         with Corbin Spensley again in some musical capac-
slow introspective folk-rock inspired songs detailing various          ity. As Dunlop sings in a Big Old Eyes song, “I can’t
thoughts and feelings, to harder rocking ones with Spensley            be seen, I can’t be heard/ Don’t keep me caged/ I
screaming the vocals.                                                  ain’t no bird.” Now to wait and see where this bird
     His next musical effort, Hey Everyone, with then-girlfriend       flies.
Eva J. Prkachin and now-Concerns of Royalty drummer Corey                   Some of Dunlop’s songs can be heard at the fol-
Wintemute, focused more on slower-paced folk songs. His                lowing websites –

                                                                              By Shelby Peterson, news editor
                                                              Maple Syrup News
Over the Edge, February 24 - March 10 2010                                                                                                                                                    Page 7

                                                                The news that lacks credibility and style
Haakon Sullivan                                                      weather has started their own Olympic sport: The Beer              that they tried burning fives and twenties, but it just wouldn't
Staff Writer                                                         Biathlon. After many people had their tickets canceled, Molson     burn well enough to make a good impression on the world
                                                                     decided that it would be best to give those people something       stage.
     With all that went on in the world this week this is a sum-
                                                                     to do by starting their own sport. It goes like this: each con-        Due to a shortage of cash, a $10 fee will be charged when-
mary of the top news stories that every world citizen should
                                                                     testant drinks a beer and stacks up a bunch of shot glasses.       ever the word “Olympics” is used. A fifty million dollar system
read, analyze, and promptly ignore when they realize that they
                                                                     People then take another drink and the next event is a game        has been established to enforce this fee using a series of cam-
have nothing to do with them. In other words, this is Olympic
                                                                     of darts. Whoever gets three bulls eyes in a row drinks a beer     eras and enforcement agents.
                                                                     and goes to the next round and those who don't take a drink            The Canadian Olympic Committee had made a shocking
     International evil genius Dr. Devilbrunner has retracted his
                                                                     and play darts again. Lastly, the contestants drink another beer   announcement today. Due to other countries such as Great
threat to melt the slopes on Cyprus mountain using his giant
                                                                     and eat a bowl of pretzels. Whoever makes the best time wins       Britain not liking the fact that Canada will get the most medals
heat ray. Last year, he demanded that the world must pay him
                                                                     the Molson gold medal. Results are not in yet, but it looks like   by the end of the Olympics, all athletes have been put on quar-
a total of five million dollars and let the Swiss men's hockey
                                                                     everyone is failing at the dart stage to get free beer.            antine to avoid sabotage. All have been instructed to avoid any
team win a gold medal. When asked about the retraction, he
                                                                          The question of how the Olympic torch has been burning        foreign crumpets, schnitzel, or saki and stay in their rooms
promptly replied that mother nature was a bitch by beating him
                                                                     for all this time has been answered. An anonymous Olympic of-      when not competing. The COC made it clear that if Canada
to it and that he would use his giant heat ray to chase around
                                                                     ficial has reported that the flame is being fed by a constant      did not win the Olympics, then it was clearly an act of foreign
polar bears on the north pole.
                                                                     stream of cash. Canadian $100 bills can apparently burn a          intervention.

                        5 things I’m in love with this week
     People who have had their tickets canceled due to bad
                                                                     good colour, and burn for a long time. Our source also reported

Stephanie McCullough                                                 in the UK. They produce many Remix CD’s and I am a huge                 4 – House Plants – How nice does some greenery look?
Managing editor                                                      fan. I’m guessing they pay the royalties for using the song but Y’all should go out and get some. House plants are like boobs,
                                                                     lucky for them most of the music begins as unknowns so I’m they make things look good whether they are real or fake.
    1 – Alternate Day Fasting – Lent began on Wednesday
                                                                     guessing it’s cheap! Fantastic beats, fantastic lyrics. I love this     5 – Afternoon sun – When it is beaming in through sun
for all of you that are unaware. I strongly suggest you do some-
                                                                     for doing dishes, driving, cleaning, exercising, etc. They have roofs and windows of parked cars, Prince George almost
thing to commemorate this event. Research has been showing
                                                                     a mood for every activity you could possibly dream up. The seems like a nice place to live. We will soon have heat outside,
that skipping meals makes a human more resilient and that
                                                                     Serve Chilled is currently my favourite; I picked it up at HMV for natural light and warmth for the majority of the day. I will soon
missed calories can actually influence your weight-loss goals.
                                                                     12 bucks or so. Stellar stuff.                                       be able to go rollerblading after work because it will be WARM
There are two approaches I trust. The first one is exactly that,
                                                                          3 – The Olympics – Well obviously I love the Olympics, enough and LIGHT enough. Two stellar aspects of summer.
fasting every few days. You are to eat normally and then not
                                                                     it’s all about business! There is marketing everywhere: spon-
eat for two days a week, you could choose Wednesday and
                                                                     sorship, official titles, legalities, athletes’ uniforms,
Saturday for example. The fast begins at 6 pm until 6 pm the
                                                                     food/drink agreements, commercials, etc. It is
next day, so it’s not really a full day. We must remember that
your body “starts to eat itself” after three days without food, so
                                                                          Now, many people have an issue with that much
don’t worry about losing muscle in this ONE day. I still went to
                                                                     advertising and I have a bone to pick with you. If we
the gym, albeit not that energized, on my non-eating day. The
                                                                     had MORE ads/sponsorships/official products then
other option is a little easier where you fluctuate between con-
                                                                     we probably wouldn’t have so much debt. Garmin
suming 500 and 1500-2000 calories per day. So Monday you
                                                                     could have been the official GPS for all the buses,
may consume 500 (a fasting day) and then on Tuesday you go
                                                                     there could have been more concession areas sold
back to your regular eating schedule.
                                                                     off to big companies, wireless internet could have
    All of these seem pretty simple and if you don’t believe in
                                                                     been provided and publicized, we also could have
them that’s your loss. I will be doing the 500-1500 plan for all
                                                                     had specific times where athletes were available to
of Lent and I will hopefully have some good news and a smaller
                                                                     sign autographs. As you can see, the advertising
frame to share with everyone. Today is Wednesday, I only get
                                                                     was pretty low-key and not in-your-face.
500 calories. I am with my grandparents so I will simply eat
                                                                          It’s comforting to know that most of the brands
                                                                                                                                      Accelerate you future with the
sparingly at dinner as the rest of the day I can make myself
                                                                     who paid to be the official product of the category
busy and not be home for mealtimes. If any reader has any
                                                                                                                                      Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP)
                                                                     publicized themselves enough in the beginning that
questions shoot me an email and I will try to quell your wor-
                                                                     the average consumer recognizes them. Example:

The Hurt Locker movie review
                                                                                                                                      at the University of British Columbia.
ries, .
                                                                     Visa, Coca-Cola, Dell, and Rona… Which one was-
    2 – Hed Kandi – It is a music/lifestyle brand that originated
                                                                     n’t official?                                                   DAP prepares university graduates with limited
                                                                                                                                   or no training in accounting for entry into a
                                                                                                                                   professional accounting designation (CA, CGA,
                                                                                                                                   CMA or CPA in the US).

Shelby Petersen                                                deal with internal tensions and the every looming threat of
News Editor                                                    insurgency. Heralded as one of the most realistic repre-
                                                               sentations of war in Iraq, the constant tension throughout
     War movies really scare me. I’m not entirely sure
                                                               the film will have the viewer holding his breath on more
why; maybe it is because they all have some potential of
                                                               than one occasion.
being possible, but I usually sit through them with an in-
                                                                   The story was written by Marc Boal who is an Ameri-
tense feeling of impending doom. Watching The Hurt
                                                               can journalist embedded with a bomb squad in Iraq. The
Locker was no exception. In fact, I think it was worse. Di-
                                                               film is so compelling because it deals with more than just
rected by Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker is one of the
                                                               the obvious affects of war. The viewer is able to see just
most recent films about the current Iraq war. The film has
                                                               how pervasive PTSD is for the soldiers who must en-
been nominated for a staggering nine Oscar’s, including
                                                               counter death defying situations on a daily basis and are
Best Director and Best Performance of an Actor in a
                                                               surrounded by an unidentifiable enemy.
Leading Role (for little know actor Jeremy Renner) and
                                                                   Along with being wrought with tension and emotion-
Best Motion Picture of the Year to name a few. Already,
                                                               ally compelling, The Hurt Locker is also visually stunning
the film has won over twenty awards at various film festi-
                                                               doing what, I can only assume, is justice to the arid cli-
vals around the world. Most notably, Bigelow was the first
                                                               mate of the Middle East. The camera angles and cine-
female to win top honours at the 62nd annual Directors
                                                               matography do a great job of conveying how difficult it
Guild Awards beating out James Cameron and Quentin
                                                               would be do diffuse a bomb not only in staggering tem-
Tarantino. If Bigelow wins the Oscar for best director, she
                                                               peratures, but in tight knit neighborhoods and city cen-
will make history by being the first female director to do
                                                               tres where the possibility for high casualties is only adds
                                                               pressure to the already intense situation.
     The film follows a group of American soldiers in Iraq
                                                                   The Hurt Locker is the leading contender at this year’s
who are bomb technicians and must travel around Bag-
                                                               Oscars second only to James Cameron’s Avatar. Inter-
dad to dismantle and detonate improvised explosive de-
                                                               estingly enough, Bigelow and Cameron used to be mar-
vices (IEDs). Staring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie,
                                                               ried so I’m sure this means more to them than simply
and Brian Geraghty the film follows the characters as they
                                                               which is the better director.
Page 8                                                                                                    Over the Edge, February 24 - March 10 2010

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