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					                            Busakorn Chantaravorameth                         8267 Austin Street, #804, Kew Gardens, NY 11415
                                                                              Tel: 718. 344. 9278

                            1998                               Master in Design Studies (Design Management and Technology)
                                                               Harvard University
                                                               Massachusetts, USA

                            1997                               Master of Science (Facilities Management)
                                                               Pratt Institute, New York, USA

                            1993                               Bachelor of Industrial Design (Interior Design)
                                                               Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

                            In Progress                        Candidate in Bachelor of Arts (Communication Arts & Advertisement)
                                                               Sukhothai Thammatiraj University, Bangkok, Thailand

                            2000                               Certificate in Database Driven Web Site
                                                               New York University, New York, USA

Professional Practices
2003- Present   Strategic Planner and Web Developer
                TSIG Consulting, New York, USA
                740 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
                Responsibility                                                             Projects
                •    New Business Development                                              •    URS Lead Tracking
                •    Marketing Planning                                                    •    NYU University
                •    Project Management & Programming                                      •    Columbia University
                •    Presentations & Client Relationships                                  •    TSIG Consulting
                •    Proposal Writing & Budget Planning                                    •    Mt. Sinai Hospital
                •    Application Developing for Niche Market

1999- 2003      Strategic Planner and Web Developer
                Gensler, New York, USA
                One Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 500, New York, NY 10020
                Responsibility                                                             Projects
                Strategic Planning                                                         Strategic Planning
                •    Real Estate & Facility Strategy                                       •    Deutsche Bank
                •    Workplace Strategy                                                    •    Goldman Sachs
                •    RAM Studies                                                           •    Cable Vision
                •    Strategic and Tactical Recommendations                                •    NBA
                •    Data Analysis (quantitative and qualitative methods)                  •    Citibank
                •    CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) Implementation
                •    Application Developing for Niche Market

                Web Development                                                            Web Development
                •   Strategic Web Development                                              •   American Express
                •   Information Architecture                                               •   Citibank
                •   Navigation Design                                                      •   Goldman Sachs
                •   Look and Feel Development                                              •   JP Morgan Chase
                •   Programming                                                            •   Johnson & Johnson
                •   Hosting and Installation                                               •   Bain Consulting
                                                                                           •   USGBC NJ Chapter
                                                                                           •   Gensler Intranet
  1998-1999     Strategic Facilities Planner
                The Hillier Group, New York, USA
                440 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10001
                Responsibility                                                                    Projects
                •    Gathering information from clients                                           •    Warner Lambert
                •    Helping clients find out needs and goals                                     •    Novo Nordisk
                •    Analyzing data by using quantitative and qualitative methods                 •    StarMedia Inc.
                •    Creating scenarios and options
                •    Making tactical and strategic recommendations
                •    Space planning and programming

  1993-1995     Project Interior Designer
                Tandem Architects, Bangkok, Thailand

                    Pub and Restaurant (5,000 USF)              Private Hospital ( 58,000 USF)            Residential Condominium (6,500 USF)

                Responsibility                                                                    Projects
                •   Clients contact and presentation                                              •    Residential Condominium
                •   Project scheduling and budgeting                                                   Bangkok, Thailand
                •   Project Coordinator and Management                                            •    Muangraj Hospital, Rajburi, Thailand
                •   Specification and purchasing                                                  •    Beatles Pub, Bangkok, Thailand
                •     Construction Drawing                                                        •    JB Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Teaching Assistants                                                Internships
    1997      Graduate Assistant (Computer)                                  1992      Interior Designer
              Facilities Management Program                                            M.L.T.D. & Associate Co., Bangkok Thailand
              Pratt Institute, NY, USA

1995-1997     Graduate Assistant                                             1991      Interior Designer
              Design Management Program                                                2121 Architects, Bangkok, Thailand
              Pratt Institute, NY, USA

    1995      Research Assistant
              Industrial Design Department
              Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

    1995      Teaching Assistant
              Soroach Ballroom Dancing Studio, Bangkok, Thailand

                    1998       •      Real Estate Financial Analysis Project: The Development in Downtown Boston
                               •      The Strategic Planning for Construction Business: Arborite
                               •      The Remote Collaborative Workplace
                               •      The Analysis of Virtual Office
                               •      Expanding Services for Design Professionals
                               •      Redefining Office for Tomorrow

                    1997       •      Proposal Presentation in Facilities Management
                               •      Managing Property Management Business
                               •      Strategic Marketing Planning for Ballroom Dancing Studio

                    1996       •      How to select the Right Team Members
                               •      Facilities Programming Analysis
                               •      Career Path in Facilities Management
                               •      IFMA Thailand: Strategic Planning

                    1995       •      Managing Cultural Differences
                               •      American Business History: Hallmark Cards Inc.,
Fun                           Publishing                  Engagements                      Achievements
2000-Present                  2002                        2004                             1995
Founder                       Future Workplace            Adjunct Professor                Graduate Scholarship   Art 4 D,                    School of Architecture,          International pacific College,
The Ultimate Guide to         Bangkok: January 2002       King Mongkut's Institute of      Palmerston North, New Zealand
Salsa in Bangkok                                          Technology,
                              1999                        Bangkok, Thailand                1993
1999-Present                  4D Face                                                      Gold Prize
Dance Instructor              Art 4 D,                    1999                             Thai Toy Competition
TropicalNY Studio             Bangkok: October 1999       Guest Speaker                    Fourth Rank
New York, NY                                              School of Industrial Design,     Thai Packaging Design Annual
                              1992                        Chulalongkorn University,        Honor Certificate
                              Trend for Thai Toy 1993     Bangkok, Thailand                Chulalongkorn University
                              Rak Looke,
                              Bangkok: June 1992          1998
                              1989                        “International Food Festival”
                              Design Fundamentals         Harvard University, MA, USA
                              Annual Design Review,
                              Chulalongkorn University
                              School of Architecture
                              Bangkok: 1989

                                                          (International Facilities Management Association)

                              Computer Skills
                              Applications                Level
                              Aperture                    Intermediate
                              AutoCad 14, 2000            Beginner
                              Adobe PhotoShop             Intermediate
                              Adobe ImageReady            Intermediate
                              Acobe Illustrator 9, 10     Intermediate
                              Macromedia Dreamweaver      Intermediate
                              Macromedia Flash            Intermediate
                              Macromedia Fireworks        Intermediate
                              Quark Express               Basic
                              Microsoft Frontpage         Intermediate
                              Microsoft Visual Interdev   Intermediate
                              Microsoft Word              Advanced
                              Microsoft Excel             Advanced
                              Microsoft Powerpoint        Advanced
                              Microsoft Access            Advanced
                              Microsoft Project           Basic
                              Microsoft SQL Server        Intermediate
                              Allaire HomeSite            Intermediate
                              Allaire ColdFusion Studio   Intermediate
                              HTML                        Intermediate
                              Active Server Pages         Basic
                              ColdFusion                  Intermediate
                              SQL Statement               Intermediate
                              JavaScripts                 Basic

Hobbies                                                   Travels
•    Photography                                          •    North Americas: USA (20 States), Canada
•    Drawing and Sketching                                •    Central Americas: Cuba, Dominican Republic,
•    Ballroom and Salsa Dancing                                Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico
•    Web Surfer                                           •    South Americas: Argentina
•    Tennis                                               •    Europe: England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy,
•    Skating                                                   Netherlands, Belgium
•    Swimming                                             •    Asia: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea,