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                           INJURED WORKERS

                                       Notify workplace that you have
   Get the appropriate treatment;      had an injury and seek treatment
    First aid officer
    Doctor
    Transportation as required

                                       Attend the doctor
                                       (dentist if required)

                                       To claim workers compensation
                                       you need a Workers                       Order
                                       Compensation Medical                     depends
                                       Certificate from a doctor                upon
Complete:                                                                       circumstance
    Application for compensation
    Authorisation form
    Leave application (if time off    Contact Rehab Advisor and hand
      work)                            the Certificate and completed
    Safety Problem Report and         paperwork to the Supervisor
    Contact details for immediate

                                          Stay in contact with your
                                        Supervisor and Rehab Advisor
                                         Keep them informed about
                                           your progress.

You must try your best to:

      Attend rehabilitation
       appointments (e.g.              Participate in your rehabilitation
       physiotherapy) where            and return to work process.
       possible outside of scheduled
       work hours.

      Participate in development of
       suitable duties plans
                                       Attend for regular medical reviews
      Provide new certificates or      With your doctor or other
       forms for the workplace given       specialists on the dates required.
       to you by your doctor

      Keep your Rehab Advisor
       informed about your progress
                                       Rehabilitation completed
      Keep your Supervisor up to       Provide feedback to the Rehab
       date with plans for your           Advisor about how you think
       duties and hours                   your rehabilitation went and the
                                          rehabilitation process