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                                               International  Newsletter of the International Association of Women Judges
                                                                              Fall 2007, vol. 14, No. 1

      Panama Prepares                                                                               Board of Directors
       for 2008 IAWJ                                                                              and Executive Council
         Conference                                                                                  Meet in London
The IAWJ is gearing up for its 9th Biennial International Conference to be
held March 25-28, 2008, in Panama City, Panama. The theme of the
Conference, Justice for All: Access, Discrimination, Violence and
Corruption, continues the IAWJ’s mission to provide relevant and interesting
topics to its members. The members of the conference organizing committee
in Panama have been working hard with Joan Winship, IAWJ Executive
Director, to finalize the program. We hope that this will be the best IAWJ
conference yet and encourage all members to attend.

Conference sessions will include such topics as the Hague Family
Conventions, the role of courts in the face of the HIV/AIDS pandemic,
judicial access, economic discrimination, trafficking, and violence against
                                                                                                     Members of the IAWJ’s Board of Directors and Executive Council
In addition to the IAWJ business meeting, there will be five regional meetings                 On March 15-16, 2007, members of the IAWJ’s Board of Directors and Executive
for the election of regional representatives to the IAWJ Board of Directors.                   Council held their annual meeting in London. This meeting set a record for
There will also be opportunities for exploration of Panama City and the                        attendance with four members of the Executive Council and eight members of
surrounding sites. A special evening event will be hosted by the Panama                        the Board of Directors in attendance. The IAWJ is grateful to the International
Canal Authority on the shore of the Panama Canal.                                              Bar Association for providing the meeting space.
Above all, IAWJ conferences provide opportunities for members to meet                          IAWJ Executive Director Joan D. Winship reported on the work of the Association
each other, to build friendships, to participate in stimulating intellectual                   since the Sydney Conference, new programming, and the IAWJ’s financial
discussions, and contribute to an enlightened Judiciary.                                       situation. The board members and officers discussed the Canadian Chapter’s
                                                                                               decision to send a fundraising letter to its membership on behalf of the IAWJ, the
More information about the conference and the registration form are on
                                                                                               planning of the Panama Conference in 2008, and the recent meeting of the
pages 9 and 10. The IAWJ also offers online registration at its website,
                                                                                               Hague Conference.
                                                                                               Members of the Korean Chapter of the IAWJ made a presentation bid for hosting
                                                                                               the IAWJ’s 10th Biennial Conference. After a discussion, the board members and
                                                                                               officers voted to hold the conference in Seoul, South Korea, in 2010.

                                                                                               The group also decided that regional meetings should take place in the year in
                                                                                               which there is not a biennial conference.

                                                                                               In addition, after much consideration, the board members and officers agreed to
                                                                                               increase the dues starting on January 1, 2008. (See page 3 for the new dues
                                                                            photo by I.G.-M.


                                                                                               After the business portion of the meeting on the second day, the board members
                                                                                               and officers participated in a board capacity-building training led by Cynthia
                     Panama City’s skyline seen at night                                       Haddock Hughes, a U.K. consultant.
       Cross-Border Programming in                                                                     JEP in East Africa
             Central America                                                              During the past year, IAWJ associations working on the Jurisprudence
                                                     On March 29 and 30, 2007,            of Equality Program (JEP) conducted trainings in Tanzania and Kenya.
                                                     five judges from Central                                               Tanzania
                                                     America and one from Mexico          On December 13-15, 2006, the Tanzania Women Judges
                                                     met with Judge Vanessa Ruiz          Association (TAWJ) hosted a training seminar on Human Rights &
                                                     (USA) and IAWJ staff at the          HIV/AIDS for magistrates at the Dar Es Salaam Conference Center. In
                                                     Washington headquarters.             addition, jointly with the Tanzanian Women Lawyers Association (TWLA),
                                                     The judges – Ana Luisa               the TAWJ also produced a training manual entitled “Human Rights &
                                                     Meseguer Monge and                   HIV/AIDS Training Manual for Training Judges and Magistrates.” The
                                                     Cristina Viquez Cerdas from          Rapid Funding Envelope for HIV/AIDS was the sponsor for the
                                                     Costa Rica, Silvia Marina            publication of the manual.
Collaborative discussion at the Cross-Borders
                                                     Franco and Angela del                The Registrar for the courts funded six TAWJ JEP trainers to travel to
                                                     Carmen Torres Colombani              Lushoto to train 117 second-year diploma-in-law students on January
from El Salvador, Josselynne Bejar from Mexico, and Selma Herrera Kivers                  23-25, 2007, before they graduated. The TAWJ believes that such
and Ileana Turner Montenegro from Panama — had all taken part in a consultation           training is essential for students so that, when they become magistrates,
in El Salvador two years earlier, where they had made recommendations on                  they are able to uphold the laws concerning discrimination against
cross-border programming in the region. At the Washington meeting, they compared          women.
notes on recent developments in their countries concerning trafficking in persons,                                           Kenya
gang violence, and labor migration, and reviewed and approved curricular modules          Kenya Women Judges Association carried out the 2007 JEP
on these topics that the IAWJ prepared in response to their earlier recommendations.      trainings in Nakuru. The trainers were Hon. Lady Justice Ang’awa,
There is tremendous interest in IAWJ judicial training programs on trafficking.           from the High Court, and Magistrate Praxedes Tororey. Participants
                                                                                          examined gender violence under the international criminal court,
                                                                                          stereotypes, other international conventions, and Kenya’s new domestic
                                                                                          violence law.

              Consultation participants with IAWJ staff and Board Member

 Is your chapter doing anything on this topic? Have you seen trafficking issues
 in your courtroom? If so, please drop us a note or e-mail, at,
 telling us about your experience and knowledge.                                                          Participants at a 2007 KWJA workshop

                                   International Initiative Sparks Excitement
                                                                  by Justice Petra E. Newton
The seed was planted at the IAWJ Biennial Conference in Sydney, Australia, judiciary by increasing the awareness of women and girls in Benin with
for joint sponsorship between the Benin Association of Women Judges respect to careers in law and the magistature. The brochure will document
and the Canadian Chapter of the IAWJ (CCIAWJ) of an endeavour to the role of women judges in Benin in the evolution of custom and women’s
publish a brochure to support women and girls in Benin. The brochure, Rôle rights.
des femmes juges dans l’évolution du droit en faveur de la femme et de
                                                                                   The CCIAWJ Board of Directors approved the proposal in March 2007,
l’enfant au Bénin (The Role of Women Judges in the Evolution of Women and
                                                                                   resulting in a letter of commitment, which was signed by Hon. France
Children’s Rights in Benin), is the culmination of efforts by Benin Justice Claire
                                                                                   Thibault, President of the Canadian Chapter and Hon. Jeanne-Agnès
Ayemonna-Houngen and the members of the CCIAWJ Twinning Committee,
                                                                                   Ayadokoun, President of AIFJ-Benin. The CCIAWJ agreed to contribute
Justices Shehni Dossa, Patricia Hennessy, Thea Herman, Constance
                                                                                   $6,500.00 (CDN) to this worthwhile project.
Hunt, Petra Newton, Virginia Schuler, Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré
and Donna Wilson.                                                                  Le Bureau du Fonds des Nations Unies pour la population (UNFPA) and
                                                                                   AIFJ-Benin agreed to comprehensive conditions to ensure timely publication
Since the discussions in Sydney, there have been considerable post-conference
                                                                                   and extensive distribution. It is anticipated that the brochure will be available
correspondence and numerous meetings to refine the focus of this important
                                                                                   at the March 2008 biennial conference of the IAWJ in Panama.
                                                                                   This initiative is a tangible example of the potential for the IAWJ to make a
One of the goals of the project is to enhance the profile of women in the          difference in the lives of women and girls in developing nations and the
2                                                                                  effectiveness of international discourse.
 IAWJ and Georgetown University                                                           IAWJ Receives
        Law Center Host                                                                Generous Gift from
     Baroness Brenda Hale                                                            Justice Carmen Argibay
                                                                            On October 11, 2007, at an IAWJ-sponsored reception at the Embassy of
                                                                            Argentina in Washington, DC, Executive Director Joan Winship had the privilege
                                                                            to announce a gift of $50,000 to the Association from Justice Carmen Argibay,
                                                                            the first woman nominated to the Supreme Court of Argentina. Justice Argibay
                                                                            was visiting Washington to receive the prestigious 2007 Gruber International
                                                                            Prize for Justice at a ceremony the day before. The shared $500,000 prize
                                                                            and gold medals were awarded by the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation
                                                                            to three recipients from Latin America to recognize their contributions to the
                                                                            cause of justice delivered through the legal system. Justice Argibay’s donation
                                                                            to the IAWJ was made in recognition of her support of and commitment to the
                                                                            work of the International Association of Women Judges.

Baroness Hale and Justice Ginsburg with members of the IAWJ BMT and
dean of GULC.
On September 24, 2007, Alex Aleinikoff, Dean of Georgetown University
Law Center (GULC), and Joan Winship, IAWJ Executive Director, hosted a
luncheon in honor of Baroness Brenda Hale of the United Kingdom.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court of the United States and
IAWJ member, joined members of the IAWJ’s Board of Managerial Trustees
to welcome Baroness Hale. Founder and president of the United Kingdom
Association of Women Judges (UKAWJ), she was the first woman to join the
British House of Lords as ‘Lord of Appeal in Ordinary’ in 2004.                      Hon. Patricia Wald and Hon. Carmen Argibay talk about the
In 1984, Baroness Hale was the first woman to be appointed a member of               role of women judges in modern society.
the Law Commission, where she oversaw a number of important family law
                                                                            Winship said, “This generous gift truly demonstrates Justice Argibay’s humility,
reforms in the UK. She became a judge in the Family Division of the High
                                                                            her commitment to justice and the rights of women, and her commitment to and
Court of Justice in 1994, and in 1999 was the second woman to be promoted
                                                                            love for the IAWJ, our members and our work.” Justice Argibay was the
to the Court of Appeal.
                                                                            founder of the Argentine Association of Women Judges (AMJA) and served as
Baroness Hale was in Washington to deliver the annual Thomas F. Ryan        president of the IAWJ from 1998-2000. Immediately prior to her appointment to
Lecture at Georgetown Law Center. She spoke on the topic “Human Rights      the Supreme Court of Argentina, she served as a judge on the International
in the Age of Terrorism”. Following several days at GULC, she traveled to   Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague.
Yale University where she also met IAWJ BMT member, Professor Judith
                                                                            Argentine Ambassador to the United States José Octavio Bordón hosted and
                                                                            provided wine for the reception from his personal collection from Mendoza,
            New IAWJ Dues Structure                                         Maureen Bunyan, ABC TV Channel 7 news anchor, moderated the event.
 At their last annual meeting in March 2007 in London, the IAWJ’s Board
                                                                            Hon. Claire L’Heureux Dubé, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada,
 of Directors and Executive Council voted unanimously to increase the
                                                                            introduced Justice Carmen Argibay. The evening’s main event was a
 IAWJ’s membership dues structure in order to increase financial support
                                                                            conversation between Justice Argibay and Hon. Patricia Wald, former Chief
 for the organization. Beginning on January 1, 2008, the new dues will
                                                                            Judge of the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Columbia and former Judge of
                                                                            the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia. The two judges
             US$20 per person for Association members
                                                                            discussed how to implement human rights practices in the judiciary. After their
             US$25 per person for Individual members
                                                                            discussion, Ms. Bunyan led a question and answer session with the two judges.
             US$50 for Amicus judicii members (non-judicial)
 There is no ceiling or cap on membership dues payments.
 Another reminder to IAWJ members: All those wishing to attend the
 IAWJ’s 9th Biennial Conference in Panama in March 2008 must be
 current paid members of the Association. For those coming to the Panama
 Conference, their 2008 dues must be paid by the time of the conference.
 Since the conference is taking place earlier than in previous years,
 invoices will be sent out at the end of December 2007 and associations
 and individuals will be encouraged to complete their payments by March
 1, 2008.                                                                               Ambassador José Octavio Bordón welcomes guests to the           3
                                                                                        Embassy of Argentina.
         AWJA Holds First Annual Meeting in Kabul                                                      IAWJ Leaders Visit Kabul
On February 21, 2007, the Afghan Women Judges                                              In February 2007 IAWJ
Association (AWJA) hosted its first annual meeting in                                      Executive Director, Joan
Kabul. With support from the IAWJ through funding from                                     Winship, and Hon.
the U.S. State Department, the AWJA was able to gather its                                 Patricia         Whalen
50 women members, including several now serving in                                         traveled to Kabul as part
Herat, and more than 20 others who are serving in vari-                                    of the follow up program
ous ministries. The morning program featured a speech                                      to the IAWJ’s Afghan
by Hon. Marzia Basel, AWJA founder, about the current                                      Women Judges Judicial IAWJ and AWJA representatives meet with
state of the association, its mission and programs. A male                                 Education program that Chief Justice Azimi.
member of the Supreme Court spoke about the Five Year AWJA intern welcomes                 was conducted in 2004 and 2006. Judge Whalen has been the co-
Strategic Program to Rehabilitate the Supreme Court, and participants.                     director of the Vermont portion of those programs. In Kabul Winship
Professor Rasooli, senior advisor to the Ministry of Justice spoke about legal reforms.    and Whalen attended meetings, were graciously hosted by members
Several other male members of the Court also observed the meeting. IAWJ Executive          of the Afghan Women Judges Association (AWJA) in their private
                                                Director, Joan Winship, presented the      homes, met with participants of the earlier programs to discuss the
                                                IAWJ and its work, and Hon. Patricia       impact of their participation, attended the graduations of the High
                                                Whalen (USA) spoke about the im-           School Legal Awareness Programs, and met with the lawyers of the
                                                portance of women’s leadership.            AWJA Legal Aid project. Despite tight security, Winship and Whalen
                                                Winship and Whalen led the participants    had excellent access to members of the AWJA and high officials and
                                                in a capacity-building workshop in the     were able to have separate meetings with the Chief Justice of
                                                afternoon. Members of the AWJA spoke       Afghanistan, the Minister of Women’s Affairs, another Supreme Court
                                                about challenges they face and their       Justice, a senior advisor to the Ministry of Justice and four elected
  AWJA members attend the first annual meeting.
                                                hopes for the work of the AWJA.            women parliamentarians.
                                                                                                                                              Winship         and
           AWJA Works to Promote Women’s Rights                                                                                               Whalen heard often
                                                  The Afghan Women Judges As-                                                                 about the many
                                                  sociation (AWJA) has been active                                                            challenges the
                                                  since its inception in promoting                                                            courts, especially
                                                  women’s rights in the community. One                                                        women judges,
                                                  of its longest running programs is the                                                      face during their
                                                  Legal Awareness for Afghan Women                                                            country’s time of
                                                                                                       IAWJ visits the family court.          transition. Among
                                                  and Girls. The program’s main goals
Three young graduates of the Legal Awareness for                                           the challenges are the need for more qualified judges to the bench,
                                                  are to teach students about national
Afghan Women and Girls Program
                                                  and international laws and gaining ac-   low judicial salaries and consequent corruption, lack of public
cess judicial institutions in Afghanistan; to empower and encourage women to defend        knowledge of new rights, and the need for increased respect for
their rights; and to decrease the number of early engagements and forced marriages.        basic rule of law. Constitutional courts are primarily located in Kabul
To date, the program has reached more than 3,000 male and female students in Kabul         and there is a need to establish additional courts throughout the
and Ghazni. In February, IAWJ leaders Winship and Whalen participated in the               provinces around the country. Moreover, the courts in which the
graduation ceremonies of more than 320 girls and teachers from two Kabul high              women judges work need basic improvements – from electricity,
schools, awarding certificates from the IAWJ and AWJA to each. The program was             meeting and work space, and courtrooms that are separate from the
supported by the IAWJ as well other international donors such as US-Afghan Leaders         one office they now share with colleagues. There is also a need for
Connect, GTZ and the US State Department.                                                  continuous judicial education for all judges and it is essential that
                                                                                           women judges be included.
The AWJA has also been actively promoting
women’s rights in the provinces. It has initiated a                                        Together Judge Whalen and Joan Winship expressed their admiration
Legal Aid program, hiring four male lawyers to                                             for the amazing tenacity and courage of the women judges of
provide legal aid and public education outreach                                            Afghanistan, their deep commitment to educating others, advancing
to women in three provinces outside Kabul. The                                             equal justice, and encouraging the next generation. The judges
focus is to explain to women their new rights and                                          remain determined and hopeful, despite the many challenges they
to provide legal aid and representation to women.                                          face.
Funding for this program has come primarily
                                                    Two of the four lawyers who work for
through the German international development the Legal Aid Program
agency, GTZ.
Additionally, during its judicial education training program for Afghan women judges in
2006, the IAWJ learned that the women judges did not have written copies of their own
laws and international laws. In collaboration, the IAWJ and AWJA purchased and
distributed copies of law books, civil and criminal codes, and international instruments
to each of the 50 AWJA members as well as the 20 women judges working in ministries.
4                                                                                                       IAWJ meets with Minister of Women’s Affairs.
   Implementing Kenya’s                                                Role of Women Judges Associations: A
  Sexual Offenses Act into                                                    Perspective from Uganda
                                                                                                      By: Henrietta Wolayo
           Law                                                                   Secretary, NAWJ(U) and Registrar of the Supreme Court of Uganda
After the Kenyan Parliament passed the Sexual Offenses           All over the world, female judicial officers have risen to the occasion and mobilized colleagues
Act of 2006, Hon. Joyce Aluoch was appointed the chair-          to form national associations of women judges, affiliated with the global body, the IAWJ. The
person of a multi-disciplinary taskforce of 27 members drawn     National Association of Women Judges - Uganda (NAWJ(U)) is one such organization
from key government ministries and the public to implement       with a membership of women judges, registrars, magistrates, and honorary male members.
the law.                                                         When the association was first launched in 1995, the judiciary wished to know why the women
The Act introduces the concept of a “vulnerable witness,”        should form an association when the Uganda Judicial Officers Association was all-inclusive.
defined as a child, a person with mental disabilities, or an     The justification for a women’s association lies in the need to maintain the right to equality and
elderly person who needs more than usual court protec-           equal treatment high on the political agenda. One sure way of doing this is the formation of an
tion. The law also introduces the concept of an “intermedi-      association of women professionals. Enshrining the right to equality in national constitutions did
ary,” a person with special expertise who is authorized by       not automatically translate into equal treatment of women in the homes, community, workplace,
the court to give evidence on behalf of a vulnerable witness.    and the judicial process. Neither did it translate into automatic repeal of customs, legislation, and
The goal of the taskforce that Judge Aluoch heads is to          laws that are discriminatory or have discriminatory consequences for women.
establish safe houses for sexually abused girls, or victim       Since its formation, the NAWJ(U) has made its contribution to national development through
support units, in all districts across Kenya.                    training judicial officers in the application of international human rights instruments and crafting
To this end, Hon. Aluoch traveled to Naivasha, a town            appropriate remedies in domestic courts. The NAWJ(U) through the IAWJ’s Jurisprudence of
outside Nairobi, to visit a safe house run by the local Rotary   Equality Program trained over 200 judicial officers and this has resulted in improved quality of
Club. She was accompanied by Hon. Njoki Ndungu, the              justice cases involving such issues as sexual offence, divorce, and equitable division of
member of the Kenyan Parliament who proposed the Sexual          matrimonial property.
Offenses Act, spearheaded the debate on the Bill, and per-       Through the NAWJ(U), women judges traversed the country teaching women about the
suaded other Parliamentarians to support it.                     available remedies in domestic violence cases through drama and distribution of a book on
                                                                 domestic violence that has been translated into local languages. The NAWJ(U) publishes the
                                                                 Women’s Judicial Times, a journal that contains educational articles targeting judicial officers
                                                                 and legal researchers.
                                                                 In addition, on the international scene, the NAWJ(U) hosted the first Africa regional conference
                                                                 in August 1996 on domestic violence, marriage and property rights, and in May 2004, hosted
                                                                 the 7th Biennial Conference of the IAWJ, at the Imperial Resort Beach, Entebbe. Justice L.M.
                                                                 Kikonyogo, President of the IAWJ (2002 -2004), chaired the conference committee for this first
                                                                 IAWJ conference held in Africa. The theme of the conference was ‘Access to Justice’ and the
                                                                 conference was honored with a keynote address from Ambassador Gertrude I. Mongella M.P.,
                                                                 the first women President of the Pan African Parliament.
Hon. Joyce Aluoch and Hon. Njoki Ndungu, MP (center),
officially open a safe house.                                    Current NAWJ(U) efforts in collaboration with the IAWJ are aimed at developing a curriculum
                                                                 for a new program, Jurisprudence of Equality in a Time of HIV/AIDS. Women in Africa are
                                                                 already disadvantaged by historical factors in the area of education, access to health facilities,
Taking the Naivasha safe house as a model,Hon. Aluoch            and access to justice. Under the scourge of HIV/AIDS their situation can only get worse. It’s
and Hon. Njoki want to create centers where children can         against this background that the NAWJ(U), in partnership with IAWJ, is developing a training
be removed from their abusers who are too often family           curriculum to sensitize judicial officers to the links between gender and HIV/AIDS so that they
members. The task force hopes to provide trained staff,          can better appreciate the legal needs of people affected by the pandemic.
including psychologists, and children’s officers to run these
centers which should also be able to provide children with       As national associations continue to embrace their role in national development, members
basic education as they recover from the trauma that may         should constantly update themselves on the latest decisions on gender equality and actively
have incurred from their ordeal.                                 participate in seminars and workshops organized by other key actors engaged in the same
The Kenya Women Judges Association plans to work
with the Task Force to create training manuals for judges                                       IAWJ Has a New Address
and magistrates on the Sexual Offenses Act. They are cur-
rently seeking funds for this project.                             Please update your address books! The IAWJ moved into new offices. Our new contact
                                                                   information is:       IAWJ
            The IAWJ Welcomes                                                            600 New Jersey Ave., NW
           New Associations in:                                                          Gewirz Building, Rm. 110
                                                                                         Washington, DC 20001
         Congo Brazzaville, Malawi,
                                                                                         Telephone: 1-202-661-6501;Fax: 1-202-661-6511
             Mongolia, Rwanda                                                            Website:; Email:

                                      World News Report
                          Afghanistan – The                                                                    professional student at the Center for Administrative
                          Afghan          Women                                                                Training and Improvement of Benin, specializing
                          Judges Association                                                                   as magistrate. She completed her professional
                          lost one of its members                                                              training at the Ecole Nationale de Magistrature in
                          in February 2007. Hon.                                                               Paris, France. She is currently the president of
                          Karima Ahmadi worked                                                                 the High Court of Justice of Benin, the first woman
 Hon. Karima Ahmadi at the Narcotics Court in                                                                  to ever hold this position.
                          Kabul, Afghanistan. She    Argentine participants at the II National Conference of   India – Hon. Gita Mittal of the Delhi High Court
participated in the IAWJ’s Judicial Exchange         Judges.                                                   reported that the last year has been wonderful in
Program for Afghan Women Judges in June 2006.        On September 6 to 7, 2007, the Supreme Court of           terms of interaction with IAWJ members from other
She hosted IAWJ Executive Director, Joan D.          Argentina hosted the Second National Conference           countries. Justice Kalpana Rawal from Kenya visited
Winship and Hon. Patricia Whalen at her house        of Judges in Salta, Argentina. Conference sessions        India in the summer of 2006 with a delegation of
during their trip to Kabul. The IAWJ extends its     dealt with the following subjects: judicial               judges. In December Justice Graciela Dixon,
sympathy and support to Judge Ahmadi’s family.       independence by Sra. Ministro Dra. Carmen                 President of the IAWJ and President of the Supreme
Argentina – The Asociación de Mujeres                Argibay; reduction of the legal proceedings by            Court of Panama, visited Hon. Mittal. Justice Dixon
Jueces de Argentina (AMJA) hosted a reception        Sra. Ministro Dra. Elena Highton de Nolasco; and          had lunch with all the judges in the Delhi High Court,
for IAWJ President Hon. Graciela Dixon on April      judicial management by Dr.Ricardo Lorenzetti.             and Judge Mittal hosted a tea for her which was
13, 2007. Hon. Carmen Argibay, Hon. Elena                                           Benin – Hon.               attended by the Chief Justice, his wife and over 50
Highton and friends of AMJA attended along with                                     Clotilde Aniouvi           women judges.
AMJA President Dra. Cristina Camiña.                                                M e d e g a n
                                                                                    Nougobe             was
                                                                                    invited to join the High
                                                                                    Level Commission
                                                                                    on the Legal
                                                                                    Empowerment of the
                                                                                    Poor (HLCLEP), an
                                                        Hon. Clotilde Aniouvi
                                                                                    organization hosted
                                                          Medegan Nougobe           by the United Nations
                                                                                    Development                Hon. Graciela Dixon and her host, Hon. Gita Mittal
     AMJA members with Hon. Graciela Dixon                                                                     (on far right), meets with judges from India.
                                                     Program (UNDP) that focuses specifically on the
                                                     link between exclusion, poverty and law. The
From August 23 to 25, 2007 in Rosary, Argentina,     HLCLEP is comprised of policymakers with                  Judge Mittal also had an opportunity to meet Chief
the AMJA organized and hosted the XIV                expertise in the planning and implementation of           Justice Beverley McLachin P.C. of the Supreme
Conference on National Human Rights, Justice         complex reform processes directed toward the              Court of Canada, who visited the High Court. In
and Violence (XIV Encuentro Nacional Derechos        public good. HLCLEP members are working                   addition, she met Baroness Brenda Hale, of the
Humanos, Justicia y Violencia). Approximately        together to generate political support for broad          UK House of Lords when Baronness Hale deliv-
150 judges from all over the country participated.   reforms to ensure legal inclusion and empowerment         ered a lecture in Delhi.
Dra. Cristina Camiña opened the Conference           of the poor; explore ways for the poor to gain
                                                                                                               Italy – Hon. Fernanda Cervetti delivered a
along with Dra. Susana Medina de Rizzo.              access to legal, fungible property rights; develop
                                                                                                               speech at a Conference organized by the
                                                     an inventory of successful experiences based on
                                                                                                               Supreme Council of Magistrature and attended by
                                                     the work of governments, civil society, multilateral
                                                                                                               number of Italian politicians. Hon. Cervetti invited
                                                     organizations and NGOs; and to produce a set of
                                                                                                               the Supreme Council of Magistrature and the Italian
                                                     practical, adaptable tools to guide policy-makers
                                                                                                               government to cooperate with IAWJ to introduce
                                                     reform efforts at the country level. Hon. Medegan
                                                                                                               the Jurisprudence of Equality Program in Italy and
                                                     Nougobe joined the Commission in January 2007
                                                                                                               Europe. She would also like to communicate with
                                                     representing Francophone Africa.
                                                                                                               colleagues in Europe about sentences,
                                                     Hon. Medegan Nougobe was born in Adjohoun,                conferences and other juridical matters of common
                                                     Benin. After completing her MA in Legal Studies at        interest. If you would like to contact Judge Cervetti,
Speakers at the 10th Conference on National Human    the National University of Benin, she enrolled as         please send an email to the IAWJ headquarters,
Rights in Argentina
                   World News Report
Jordan – Judge Ihsan Barakat of Jordan was                                   On Feb 12 2007, Hon.               Oil Trees Park in Tun-Cherng Township, where
recently appointed as Chief Justice of the West                              Kyoung-Ran Cho, the                they watched plum pickling and pottery making,
Amman Court of First Instance by the Jordanian                               former Presiding Judge             and then went to exhibitions at the Yingge Ceramics
Judicial Council. In this position Judge Barakat is                          of the Seoul Central               Museum. Hon. Pi-Hu Hsu reported that the
in charge of all 22 judges of the court along with                           District Court was sworn           Taiwan Chapter conducts these activities to
the 81 administrative staff persons. She also                                in as the Presiding                strengthen the relationships among members and
oversees the working procedures of the court and                             Judge of the Daejeon               to help the Chapter grow.
manages the court’s executive department and                                 High Court. She is the             The Judicial Yuan appointed Hon. Jiin-Fang Lin,
the Public Notary.                                                           5th woman to be on the             Chief Judge of the Taipei District Court, as a new
Judge Barakat is the first woman in Jordan to be         Hon. Kyoung-Ran Cho position of High Court             justice on the Supreme Court of Taiwan.
head of a court. She started practicing law in 1996,                         Presiding Judge.
                                                                                                                United Kingdom – The United Kingdom
founded her own law firm and was the first woman        On March 30 2007, Hon.
                                                                                                                Association of Women Judges held its Third
judge to serve on Jordan’s appeals court. The           So-Young Kim gave a
                                                                                                                Annual Meeting on March 18-19, 2007 in
decision to appoint Judge Barakat came after a          presentation to 76 women
                                                                                                                Birmingham, England. The theme of the meeting
meeting between Jordan’s Queen Rania with 32            judges from all over the
                                                                                                                was “Crossing the Boundaries” and featured a
women judges working on the local courts.               nation about her
                                                                                                                panel of speakers who addressed cross border
                                                        experience of working as
Kenya – The Kenyan Women Judges                                                                                 issues with a European focus, including human
                                                        the Chief Judge of the
Association is in the process of developing a                                                                   trafficking, immigration, and child abduction.
                                                        Kong-ju Branch Court.
Strategic Plan. The association had a booth during                                  Hon. So-Young Kim           Several IAWJ Board members attended following
                                                        She emphasized that
the judiciary open days held on February 16-17,                                                                 their meeting in London.
                                                        more women judges should actively seek
2007. The open days were designed to encourage
                                                        administrative work in the Korean judiciary. Many
mutual engagement between the Judiciary and
                                                        women judges, especially the young women
the general public, foster public understanding of
                                                        judges, said that they were greatly inspired by
the role and function of the judiciary, and gauge
                                                        Justice So-Young Kim’s talk.
the public’s needs and aspirations with respect to
the administration of justice in the country in order   On May 18 2007, Hon. Min-Gu Kang delivered a
to inform ongoing judicial reforms.                     speech on ‘The Role of Women Judges in the
                                                        Information-Oriented Society’. He stressed that it is
Hon. Joyce Aluoch continues to be active on the                                                                         Third Annual Meeting of the UKAWJ
                                                        important not only to organize data but also to share
UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva.
                                                        data with each other.                                   United States – Hon. Evelyn Coburn visited
Hon. Aluoch has enrolled in a Masters Degree
Program in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher          Nigeria – In July 2007, the National Association        Indonesia this summer and met with women judges
School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, in       of Women Judges Nigeria (NAWJN) held its                there.
Medford, Massachusetts, USA, through distance           biennial meeting in Lagos. The focus was JEP            Hon. Susan Gauvey visited the Taiwan Chapter
learning. She will be in residence periodically at      and HIV/AIDS. NAWJN members from all over               of the IAWJ in June 2007. Hon. Gauvey visited
Tufts during the 2007-2008 year.                        Nigeria met to report on the executive’s activities     the Taipei District Court and spoke with judges
Korea – The biggest news from the Korean                for the past 2 years.                                   about mediation issues. The Taiwan Chapter also
Chapter of the IAWJ during the first half of 2007                                                               hosted her for lunch.
is that the Chapter has been chosen to host the
2010 Biennial Conference. The members of the
                                                                                                                    Counterbalance International
Korea Chapter are more enthusiastic than ever in                                                                      is published in English, Spanish and
preparing the conference.                                                                                             French. Past issues may be found at
On Jan 19 2007, the members of the Korean                Taiwan Chapter members at the Tung Oil Trees Park                 Production: H. Thuan Do
Chapter of the IAWJ heard a lecture from Hon.                                                                     Contributors: A. DeCamp, A. Goldstein,
                                                        Taiwan Chapter – The Taiwan Chapter of the
Cheon Won-Yeol, who has translated                                                                                      C. Graae, R. Verret, J. Winship
                                                        IAWJ visited the Tung Oil Trees Park and the
“Democracy and Distrust” by John Hart Ely into                                                                    Articles for the newsletter are welcome and
                                                        Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taipei County on
Korean. After the lecture, a general meeting was                                                                  should be submitted to IAWJ headquarters.
                                                        April 21, 2007. A total of 37 members and their
held to organize the annual program of the Chapter.
                                                        relatives attended the tour, first visiting the Tung

                                                                                                 Mella Carroll Memorial
        On the Record                                                                              Fund Honors Past
                                                                                                     IAWJ President
                             Dear IAWJ Members and Friends:                                                                  Former IAWJ president, Hon. Mella
                                                                                                                             Carroll died on January 16, 2006,
                           Greetings from the IAWJ offices in Washington! 2007 has been                                      after a long and brave battle with
                           a year of movement for the IAWJ – in more ways than one. Our                                      cancer.
                           programs are going strong and our membership is growing.
                           We are delighted that new associations are being formed in                                        Hon. Mella Carroll was the first
                           diverse regions of Africa and Asia. We are proud of the many                                      woman named to the High Court in
                           accomplishments of our individual members as we welcome                                           Ireland. She served on that court
                           new women judges to the bench and congratulate others being                                       from 1980 to 2005. During that time,
                           promoted to new and higher positions. The news we receive                                         Justice Carroll also headed the
                           from members is fascinating. We are excited hear about the                                        Commission on the Status of Women,
important work you are doing and the critical decisions that you are making.                                                 which in 1993 produced a compre-
                                                                                                                             hensive document detailing the de-
When I meet with representatives of international organizations, governments and donors, I                                   mands of Irish women for equality.
speak about the critical importance of the work of the courts. As people work on issues of
                                                                                                    Hon. Mella Carroll      Justice Carroll was born in 1934 in
human rights and women’s rights, they talk about the importance of grassroots education,
advocating for new legislation to protect human rights, and electing representatives who will    Dublin. She attended University College Dublin and Kings
advance human rights. But they too often stop there and do not take the next step to             Inn. In 1957, she became a member of the Irish Bar, where
acknowledge the critical role of the courts and the work that you do every day as judges.        she built a substantial practice. It was generally believed that
Courts not only enforce and uphold constitutions, laws, and international agreements, but        she could have been nominated to the Supreme Court had
they also daily affect all aspects of the lives of the most vulnerable people at all levels of   she so wished.
society, particularly the lives and rights of women and children. Truly the work that each of
                                                                                                 Justice Carroll was President of the International Association of
you do is important in ways you may not know or consider.
                                                                                                 Women Judges from 2000 to 2002. She and the Irish Associa-
                                                                                                 tion of Women Judges hosted the Association’s 6th Biennial
The IAWJ moved this year, not only programmatically, but twice physically. In April we
                                                                                                 Conference in Dublin.
moved from our offices of the last four years to temporary quarters where we were still the
recipients of space through the generosity of the law firm of DLA Piper LLC. In August we        To honor Justice Mella Carroll, the IAWJ has started the Mella
departed from those offices with great thanks to DLA Piper - and moved to new space that we      Carroll Memorial Fund. With a generous initial contribution of
are renting from Georgetown University Law Center (GULC), based in Washington, DC,               $1,000 by an anonymous donor, the Fund will be used to help
and one of the premier laws schools in the United States. With leadership from Professor         finance the attendance of women judges from developing coun-
Vicki Jackson of the IAWJ Board of Managerial Trustees and discussions with the Dean of          tries to the IAWJ’s international conferences.
GULC, we believe that there is great synergy for the IAWJ for collaboration with the Law
School. In the short time since our move to the campus, we have been pleased to welcome          To contribute to this fund, please contact the IAWJ at
IAWJ members, Baroness Brenda Hale (UK), Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (USA), former     
Justice Claire L’Heureux Dubé (Canada), and Justice Carmen Argibay (Argentina) to joint
programs with the Law School. We look forward to future possibilities in this collaboration.

Our staff has worked hard on many proposals to expand IAWJ programming to respond to              A Dollar a Day for IAWJ
the work and requests of our members. It takes considerable time and expertise to write
                                                                                                   The IAWJ would like to thank all of those who have contrib-
proposals, develop budgets, and nurture relationships to seek funds to make IAWJ programs
                                                                                                   uted to the “A Dollar a Day for IAWJ” fundraising cam-
possible. Our experience, expertise, and reputation for strong and creative programming
                                                                                                   paign. The support of our members and friends has al-
continue to grow. You can be proud of the collegiality and strength of our small but talented
                                                                                                   ways been important in continuing our mission to advance
staff, including our interns.
                                                                                                   equality for all people.
We are excited about the plans and venue for our upcoming 9th Biennial International
                                                                                                   This year, the Canadian Chapter of the IAWJ’s board voted
Conference in Panama next March! We hope that each of you plans to join your colleagues
                                                                                                   to distribute a fundraising letter along with its newsletter and
in this warm and lovely setting. IAWJ’s biennial meetings are highlights for many of our
                                                                                                   to highlight the “A Dollar a Day for IAWJ” campaign. This
members; the networking as well as the substantive discussions energize us in our work in
                                                                                                   initiative has brought a number of contributions to the IAWJ.
the months between our meetings. We look forward to seeing you there!
                                                                                                   Other national associations are encouraged to contact IAWJ
With best wishes from all at the IAWJ,
                                                                                                   headquarters to find out more about how they can do the
Focus on IAWJ’s Boards:                                                                                          Gender Equality
   Board of Managerial Trustees                                                                                  Law in Norway
                                                                                                                        by: Hon. Mary-Ann Hedlund
Since being established in 2002, the IAWJ’s Board of Managerial Trustees (BMT) has been a                    Since 1978 Norway has had an Act relating to Gender
critical component of the overall work of the IAWJ. The BMT reports to the International Board of            Equality. Through the years, some amendments have
Directors and is composed of no more than 21 individuals who have two major responsibilities:                been made, including adjustments to the development
oversight of the ongoing management of the IAWJ and resource development to support the work                 of the relevant European Union law. The overall aim
and programs of the IAWJ. Responsibilities include overseeing and advising the executive director            has been to improve the protection against gender
and staff; working with the executive director to develop the annual budget, approve investments,            discrimination. Two bodies have had a special
and exercise other fiduciary responsibilities; recommending policies to the Board of Directors; and          responsibility for the enforcement of the Act: The
assisting in implementing the goals and objectives of the IAWJ’s International Board of Directors.           Gender Equality Ombud and the Gender Equality
Additionally, BMT members collaborate with the executive director on resource development and                Tribunal.
when appropriate for the board member, fundraising for the IAWJ. The BMT meets 6-8 times a year
in Washington, DC. Members are expected to be available for meetings either in person or by phone            In 2005/2006 new amendments to the Gender
and for consultation, to contribute financially to the IAWJ annually, and to contribute their personal and   Equality Act and new anti-discrimination legislation
professional expertise in non-profit, non-government organizations to help advance the work of the           were introduced: the Act on Prohibition of
IAWJ. The IAWJ seeks a diverse group of individuals with a variety of expertise and experience in            Discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, national origin,
non-profit management who are committed to the mission of the IAWJ. Some members of the BMT are              ancestry, skin color, language, religion or belief (the
not judges, as judges may be prohibited from exercising certain responsibilities, including raising          Discrimination Act) and anti-discrimination regulations
funds.                                                                                                       in the Labor Environment Act. In addition new
                                                                                                             enforcement bodies were established: the Equality
Members of the BMT devote considerable time, expertise, and their own personal contributions                 and Anti-Discrimination Ombud and the Equality and
because they believe in the work of the IAWJ. Two new members members joined the board in 2006-              Anti-Discrimination Tribunal.
                                                                                                             With this latest legislation The UN Convention on the
Rona (Ronnie) F. Feit is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College magna cum laude and of Columbia Law                 Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against
School. She is a long time feminist activist, present and past board member and founder of many              Women (CEDAW) was incorporated in the Gender
women-serving NGOs including the National Congress of Neighborhood Women, the Center Against                 Equality Act and has the same status as other national
Domestic Violence (NY), the National Women’s Political Caucus and the Association for Enterprise             law. In addition the Gender Equality legislation was
Opportunity. She is a former Deputy Assistant to the President for Public Liaison on the Carter White        amended to be adjusted to recent development in the
House staff and holder of various appointed posts at the US Small Business Administration where she          European Union law. The main rule is that both
started and headed the Office of Women’s Business Ownership. She is a former Senior Fellow at the            direct and indirect differential treatment of men and
Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a DC-based think tank. A member of the DC Bar                 women is forbidden, but in certain cases indirect
and formerly of the NY Bar, she was a corporate law associate at Hughes, Hubbard & Reed in                   differential treatment can be permitted. In addition the
Manhattan before moving to DC and joining the federal government. Since her government service,              law establishes that it is not permitted to use reprisals
she has been variously a consultant, speaker, researcher and writer on women’s issues, grassroots            against any person who has submitted a complaint
women in community development, women in business, and on foundation and government programs                 regarding a breach of provisions of the Gender
to advance women economically here and abroad. She is divorced and the mother of two married                 Equality Act. It is also forbidden to give instructions
sons and grandmother of four grandsons.                                                                      regarding acts that are in contravention of the
                                                                                                             provisions of the Act. According to the law, gender-
Judith W. Gilmore was Director of the Office of Private and Voluntary Cooperation at the U.S.                based harassment and sexual harassment is not
Agency for International Development (USAID) from April 2000 until March 2006, when she retired              permitted and is to be considered as differential
from USAID. Previous positions included: deputy director of USAID’s Office of Regional Sustainable           treatment in contravention with the general clause.
Development, Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (1997-2000), director of the Office of East          The law has further details with definitions and
Asia Affairs (1994–1997); deputy director of the Office of Sahel and West Africa Affairs (1991–1994);        regulations about burden of proof and liability for
deputy director for the Office of Technical Resources, Bureau for Africa (1990–1991); and regional           damages.
division chief for Latin America and then Africa in the Office of Food for Peace (1987–1990). Prior to
joining USAID, she worked at Oxfam-America, the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the              The International Convention on the Elimination of All
Organization of American States (OAS). A graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International          Forms of Racial Discrimination has been incorporated
Studies, Ms. Gilmore also earned certificates in French and Spanish translation from Georgetown              in the Anti-Discrimination Act and has the same status
University’s Institute of Language and Linguistics. She received her BA in French literature from            as the Women’s Convention.
Wellesley College.
                                                                                                             For those who are interested, more information, also
To see the biographies of the other members of the Board, please visit the IAWJ’s website,     in English, can found on the internet:,
  Information & Details about IAWJ’s 9th Biennial Conference

Registration Fees                                                                    their itineraries by email to the Committee’s Hospitality Group
                 Early bird (before 1/1/08)             After 1 January 2008 if they would like to be met.
IAWJ Members               US$500, €352                 US$550, €388
Accompanying persons       US$150, €106                 US$200, €141
                                                                                     COPA Airlines is the official airline of the conference and is offering 20% off on
Please note all conference delegates must be members of IAWJ                         all flights for conference attendants. To make use of the discount, attendees
before their conference registration will be processed.                              must refer to the conference at the time of airline ticket reservation or present
                                                                                     a copy of the picture on the IAWJ’s conference page. For COPA sales offices,
IAWJ Membership Dues
                                                                                     please visit their website
All registrants must be current members of the IAWJ. If registrants are
members of a national association, we suggest that the association pay its           Accommodation Options
dues by February 1, 2008. Otherwise, association members must pay the                Block bookings have been made for delegates to the IAWJ Conference at
individual member fee for 2008 (US$25, €18) to be eligible to attend the             special conference rates. Delegates should book directly with the
conference.                                                                          individual hotels. When booking please provide a credit card guarantee.
Cancellation Policy                                                                  For any changes to bookings contact the hotel directly. The conference rates
All cancellations must be submitted in writing. A full refund, less a processing     below are listed per night.
fee of US$115, €83 will be available if the IAWJ is notified before 1 January                   InterContinental Miramar Hotel Designated Headquarters Hotel
2008. After this date no refund will be available. Accommodation: Cancellation                  Miramar Plaza, Avenida Balboa
of accommodation must be made with the individual hotels.                                       Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá
                                                                                                Tel (507) 206-8888; Fax (507) 223-4891
Silent Auction
Delegates are invited to contribute items that may be of interest and are
                                                                                                King Deluxe Rooms Single US$150; Club InterContinental US$180;
characteristic of their country of origin. Please indicate on the registration
                                                                                                Suite US$320
form if you will be contributing to this event. Items being contributed by
                                                                                                Located by the water, the InterContinental Miramar Hotel offers
delegates to the silent auction should be delivered to the Silent Auction Room
                                                                                                stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. The rates include breakfast
on the afternoon of Tuesday 25th March. Unfortunately, we are unable to
                                                                                                each day. The Suites and Club InterContinental rooms also offer
accept items for storage before the commencement of the conference.
                                                                                                access to the Executive Lounge located on the 21st floor. Guests
Simultaneous Translation                                                                        must guarantee a room with a valid credit card. Guests must notify
English is the official language of IAWJ. Interpretation services will be provided              the hotel of changes and/or cancellations 4 days prior to their
in Spanish and French. Please indicate on the registration form if you will                     arrival date to avoid a surcharge equal to one night’s
require this service.                                                                           accommodation plus tax.
Immigration                                                                                     Crowne Plaza Panama
The Ministry of International Affairs will provide visas at Tocumen Airport to                   Av. Manuel Espinosa Batista
all attendants who do not have a Panamanian Consulate in theirs countries.                      Panama City, Panama
Registrants must send an e-mail to                            Tel (507) 206-5555; Fax (507) 206-5557
if they need this service with their complete name, nationality, date of birth,       
and passport number. The visa will be available at the Tocumen Airport the                      King Deluxe Rooms Single US$105; Club InterContinental US$125:
day of arrival.                                                                                 Suite US$150
A US$20 cash only exit fee is charged at the airport before visitors                            The Crowne Plaza Hotel is a full-service business hotel in financial
depart the country.                                                                             and banking area - 2 miles from Panama City and approximately 4
                                                                                                miles to Panama Canal. The hotel offers many amenities among
For more information on visa requirements to travel to Panama in English,                       them: Rooms have double-paned windows, ergonomic beds with
please visit this page                              high-thread-count linens, and a basket of goodies such as eye
coming_to_panama/about_visas.php.                                                               masks and relaxation CDs.
Tocumen Airport                                                                      For those who are looking for alternative hotel options, please look on the
The Conference Organizing Committee in Panama will meet registrants at               IAWJ’s website,
the airport, if their services are requested. Registrants are asked to send

                              Panama City, Panama                             March 25-28, 2008
Upcoming                                             REGISTRATION FORM
                              Only one delegate per form, please. Registration is also available at the IAWJ website,
 Events                       DELEGATE INFORMATION:
                              Family Name:                                   First Name:                            Title:
November 11-13
Hon. Pi-Hu Hsu, a             Address 1:
member of the Judicial        Address 2:
Yuan, the highest court
in Taiwan and one of          City:                          State:          Postal Code:                Country:
only seven women to sit       Telephone:                                              Fax:
on that court, will be vis-
iting Washington, DC.         Email:
                              Area of Legal Specialization:
November 28 - 30
The National Judicial In-     I will be accompanied by: 1)                                          2)
stitute, working in part-     Name for Badge:
nership with the Cana-
                              SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION:                                     SILENTAUCTION:               I will be bring an
dian Chapter of the
                              I will need interpretation services in                           item for the silent auction.
                               French                       Spanish
be hosting a conference
titled "Why Gender            DELEGATE LIST:           The IAWJ customarily compiles a delegate list for inclusion in the conference
Equality Still Matters: As-   materials. Please indicate if you do NOT want your name included.
sisting the Working           ACCOMMODATION:
Judge". The program           Hotel accommodations are handled separately between the conference attendee and the local hotel. The
will focus on the continu-    IAWJ currently has special rates with the following hotels:
ing relevance of gender       InterContinental Miramar Hotel (conference headquarters)    Crowne Plaza Panama
to the work judges do         Miramar Plaza, Avenida Balboa                               Av. Manuel Espinosa Batista
through examining a           Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá                                    Panama City, Panama
number of topics which        Tel (507) 206-8888; Fax (507) 223-4891                      Tel (507) 206-5555; Fax (507) 206-5557
arise frequently in the                             
courtroom. The pro-
gram will focus on skills,    PAYMENT METHOD (US Dollars only):         I would like to pay for my registration by:
applications and practi-      ____   Credit Card (The IAWJ office must impose a 3% administration charge on all Credit Card
cal solutions for the         Payments.) ____ Visa ____ Mastercard
working judge. Please                Card Number:
visit the Calendar sec-
                                       Exp. Date:                                     Security Code:
tion of the IAWJ’s
website for more infor-                Name of Card Holder:
mation (                 Billing Address:
                              ____     Cheque made payable to the IAWJ
March 25 - 28                 ____     Bank transfer. By arrangement. Please add an additional US$20.
The IAWJ 9th Bien-
nial Conference will be       PAYMENT: Please note that we are unable to process any registration without the necessary registration fee.
held in Panama City,          Early Bird Registration US$500, €352 per person                                       US$
Panama. The theme of          Late Registration US$550, €388 (after 1/1/08)                                         US$
the Conference will be        IAWJ membership dues $25 (must be paid current year member to register)               US$
Equal Justice for All: Ac-    Early Accompanying Person(s) Fee US$150, €106 x ___ of people                         US$
cess, Discrimination,         Late Accompanying Person(s) Fee US$200, €141 x ___ of people (after 1/1/08) US$
Violence, Corruption.         Sub-total:                                                                            US$
For more information,         3% for credit card payments or US$20, €14 for bank transfer                           US$
please see the IAWJ           Total Enclosed:                                                                       US$
website’s Conference          Signed:                                                        Dated:
page (           You will receive a confirmation receipt within 14 days. Please return completed form with necessary payment to:
                                                                    International Association of Women Judges
                                                               600 New Jersey Ave., NW, Gewirz Building, Room 110                                11
                                                                              Washington, DC 20001
                                                          Tel: 202-661-6501; Fax: 202-661-6511; Email:
 CounterBalance International Goes Electronic                              IAWJ Off icers and Board Members
                                                                           IAWJ Off icers     Board Members
The IAWJ’s newsletter, CounterBalance International, has been         Executive Council            Board of Directors
available online in full color for several years. Now the IAWJ        President                    Hon. Fernanda Cervetti, Italy
would like to offer its members the option to receive the newslet-    Hon. Graciela Dixon          Hon. Germana de Oliveria Moraes, Brazil
ter by email. Members will not have to wait for printed copies to     Panama                       Hon. Susan Glazebrook, New Zealand
arrive by regular mail and will be able to enjoy the photos in full                                Hon. Constance Hunt, Canada
color.                                                                President-Elect              Hon. Young-Hye Kim, South Korea
Currently, two Associations, the UKAWJ and the Canadian Chap-         Hon. Leslie Alden            Hon. Monica Leeuw, South Africa
ter of the IAWJ have opted to receive electronic newsletters.         United States                Hon. Susanna Medina de Rizzo,
If you are interested in receiving your newsletter by email,          Vice-President of Programs   Hon. Ayotunde Phillips, Nigeria
please notify the IAWJ headquarters at               Hon. Mary-Ann Hedlund        Hon. Bea Ann Smith, United States
                                                                      Norway                       Hon. Jill Wainwright, United Kingdom

                                                                      Vice-President of Publica-   Board of Managerial Trustees
                                                                      Hon. M. Lucy Mailula         Hon. Leslie Alden
                                                                      South Africa                 Hon. Rosemarie Annunziata
                                                                                                   Hon. Anna Blackburne-Rigsby
                                                                      Secretary/Treasurer          Hon. Mary McGowan Davis
                                                                      Hon. Nazmun Ara Sultana      Ambassador Susan G. Esserman
                                                                      Bangladesh                   Rona Feit
                                                                                                   Judith W. Gilmore
                                                                      Past President               Cynthia Graae
                                                                      Hon. Jane Mathews            Donald H. Green
                                                                      Australia                    Vicki Jackson
                                                                                                   Susan M. Liss
                                                                      Executive Director           Hon. Arline Pacht
                                                                      Joan D. Winship              Judith Resnik
                                                                      United States                Hon. Vanessa Ruiz
                                                                                                   Robert Wald
                                                                                                   Mildred Kiefer Wurf

International Association of Women Judges
600 New Jersey Ave., NW                                                                                                 NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                                        US POSTAGE PAID
Gewirz Building, Room 110                                                                                               WASHINGTON, DC
Washington, DC 20001                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 306

tel: 1-202-661-6501
fax: 1-202-661-6511

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