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New Mexico Shooting News


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                 New Mexico Shooting News
                 New Mexico Shooting Sports Association
                 May/June 2004

                            The Publication of the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association
                                      Affiliated with the National Rifle Association
                               Affiliated with the Department of Civilian Marksmanship

The Capitan High Power Shooting Club               the next speaker. He is running against Sena-
hosted a Fun Shoot at their range in Capitan       tor Linda Lopez. She does not like anyone
and it was a new experience for me. We shot        who likes firearms, and she sits on Senate
at 600 yards and then moved back to 1000           Judiciary. We definitely need to help Tom
yards shooting several different rifles. We also   Benavides win this South Valley senate seat.      IN HONOR OF PAST
took our turn pulling targets in the pit and       John Frazer, NRA/ILA Federal Affairs, spoke          PRESIDENTS
marking each shot. Matt Riggs and his wife         on federal elections & gave a legislative up-
Leigh both shot at the 1000 yard distance and      date. He believes that the Presidential race is     Don J. McCampbell
Leigh did very well. I was shooting a .308         going to be close, and that New Mexico could
with a nice scope which was provided by John       be a swing vote. John then invited Congress-
                                                                                                        Coralie B. Carrier
Van Marter, and managed to hit the target          woman Heather Wilson to speak to our group.             Larry Foster
most of the time. Bill Rodolph showed us           She is still an NRA/ NMSSA “A” rated candi-           Jim McLemore
what practice can do on this high power range,     date, running against an “F” rated candidate.          Troy Minton
and put most of his shots in the 10 ring. We       David Bennett was the only NRA Director              David E. Bennett
also had a lot of good food at the Smokey          present and he had a chance to give his views.
Bear Restaurant. Carleton Talbot drove up          Joel Partridge and Jennifer Bradey then talked
                                                                                                       Richard A. Morley
from Texas and spent his day pulling targets       about ILA election volunteer coordinators,
for all the shooters.                              volunteer recruitment, voter registration, let-
          We had a table at the New Mexico         ters to the editor, yard signs & bumper stick-
Outdoor EXPO on May 15th & 16th, at the            ers, literature drops and get out the vote
                                                                                                     Inside this issue:
City Range, which is an Annual Event by the        (GOTV).
Department of Game & Fish. About 2000                        If you are in Angel Fire on the 18th
family members showed up to shoot rifle, shot      & 19th of September, you might to attend the
gun, and bow & arrow events. They also en-         Angel Fire Fall Sports EXPO at the commu-         A Special Message from 3
joyed watching the Single Action Shooting          nity Center. NMSSA will have a table at that      the President of NMSSA
Society (SASS) do their Cowboy Action              event which is an opportunity to visit with
Shooting. Several folks joined the NRA and         folks in the northern part of the State.
                                                                                                     Shooting Ranges in       5
NMSSA.                                                       Have you signed up a new NMSSA          New MexicoA
          NRA/ILA Grassroots – Election            member this month? The “Clubs” contest con-       Call to Arms             6
Workshop took place here in Albuquerque on         tinues. What rifle or handgun would your club
Saturday, June 12, at the Albuquerque Mar-         like to win?                                      Thanks New Mexico        8
riott Pyramid Hotel. We had a good crowd at                                                          Shootin Sports…...
breakfast from 8:00am to 9:00am and a good
workshop with great speakers. Joel Partridge,                   Charlie Weisleder                    Capitan Hi Power         14
Deputy Director of the grassroots program,                      President, NMSSA                     Shooting Club
welcomed everyone and then introduced                                                                Acquisition
Robert B. Goode. Ned Fuller, running for the
Supreme Court, spoke concerniing current
Judges. You can read more in Paul Lisle’s
article, A Call to Arms. Tom Benavides was
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     New Mexico Shooting News

                                          New Mexico Shooting Sports is You!!!
        President                        Executive Officers
        Charles Weisleder
        5147 Don Mariano Road            Conservation&Hunting              Gun Collecting                   Legislative Affairs               Life Member Trustee
        SW                               Dave Bernd                        Paul Lisle                       Benjamin Berg                     Hugh Hambric
        Albuquerque, NM 87105            8704 Northridge NE                3145 June NE                     4315 Rosecliff Av NW              Route 1, 5205 Beargrass
        505-877-6128                     Albuquerque, NM 87801             Albuquerque, NM 87111            Albuquerque, NM 87114             Roswell, NM 88201
        505-452-1726 Fax                 505-294-2637                      505-299-3933                     505-890-2793                      505-623-3858                                            Hhambric@
        Vice-President                   CMP Coordinator                   High Power Rifle                 Muzzleloading
        Matt Riggs                       William Swantner                  Mark C. Yarbrough                Anthony Trennel                   William Swantner
        116 Beryl St.                    433 Live Oak Loop                 541 Christine Drive NE           76 Pinon Hill Pl, NE              433 Live Oak Loop
        Los Alamos, NM 87544             Albuquerque, NM 87122             Rio Rancho, NM 87124             Albuquerque, NM 87122             Albuquerque, NM 87122-
        505-672-9180                     505-856-6863                      505-892-5907                     505-856-6574                      1406                                                   505-794-6647                             505-856-6804
                                         Education & Training                                            
                                         Fred Behnken                                                       Pistol
        Recording Secretary              1122-C San Mateo SE               Junior Activities                Carleton Talbot                   Web Page
        John Farner                      Albuquerque, NM 87108             vacant                           140 Libby Drive                   Roger Kruse
        102 Sherlock Court               505-254-7550                                                       Canutillo, Texas 79835-           Box 364
        Corrales, NM 87048               505-453-4966 Mobile               Junior Activities-Youth          8805                              Jemez Springs, NM 87025
        505-922-0300                     instruc-                          William E. Barker                915-877-3538                              800 Lamp Post Circle SE
                                                                           Albuquerque, NM 87123                                              NRA Field Rep
        Treasurer                        Education & Training              505-298-7751                     Shotgun                           Robert B. Goode
        Karma L. Whelchel, CPA           Eddie Eagle                       505-797-3714                     Thomas P. Arvas                   P.O. Box 560
        P.O. Box 30850                   Paul Rockhold                          7905 Spain NE                     Cloudcroft, NM 88317-0560
        Alb, NM 87190                    PO Box 92                                                          Albuquerque, NM 87109             505-687-2557
        505-881-0600                     Belen, NM 87002                   Junior Activities –YHEC          505-821-0502                      505-687-2537 Fax             505-864-8224                      Larry Foster                                             
                                                                           7633 Dona Ana Road               Silhouette
        Membership Secretary             Education & Training              Las Cruces, NM 88007             Ed Pfeiffer                       NRA/ILA
        Sandi Kruse                      Refuse to be a Victim             505-526-1460                     14 N. Mesa Loop                   Tara Reilly-Mica
        P.O. Box 364                     vacant                                                             Raton, NM 87740                   12405 Von Herff Court
        Jemez Springs, NM 87025-                                           Law Enforcement                  505-445-5933                      Austin, TX 78735
        0364                             Education & Training              Kenneth McWethy, Chair                                             512-266-4908
        505-829-3440                     Women on Target                   9308 Galaxia Way NE              Smallbore Rifle                   Coralie Carrier                   Albuquerque, NM 87111            Virginia McLemore
                                         P.O. Box 201                      505-821-2007                     701 Caine                         NewsLetter
                                         Dona Ana, NM 88032-0201              Socorro, NM 87801                 Scott Lockwood
                                         505-382-9087                                                       505-835-3823            

Published bimonthly by the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Inc. The NMSSA is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the National Rifle Association for the pur-
pose of promoting safety and education in the sport of shooting. The New Mexico Shooting News is sent to all life, annual and junior dues paying members of the Association.
The editorials and articles appearing in the publication reflect the differing views present among sportsmen and gun owners and do not necessarily reflect the views of the
publisher or editor. Editor: Scott Lockwood, scott.lockwood@paad5com

Deadlines: Closing dates for material for each issue is the 15th of each even numbered month. All material should be addressed to the Editor and will not be returned. Elec-
tronic submissions are encouraged. Photographs can be returned with prior approval from the Editor. Publication of any material will be at the Editor’s discretion.

CAUTION: All technical data in this publication, especially for the hand loading, reflect the limited experience of individuals using specific tools, products, equipment and
components under specific conditions and circumstances not necessarily reported in the articles, and over which the NMSSA has no control. The NMSSA, its agents and offi-
cers accept no responsibility for the results obtained by persons using such data and disclaim all liability for any consequential injuries or damages.
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New Mexico Shooting News

                           A Special Message from the
                            President of the NMSSA
RIGHT TO CARRY IS A                     for these folks. I sent a letter to all
REALITY IN THE LAND OF                  the Gun Shops in Albuquerque,             I am just a little disappointed with
ENCHANTMENT                             one in Farmington and one in              the response from 915 NMSSA
        In the last New Mexico          Hobbs asking for a donation. The          members who received the last
Shooting News, March/April              response I received is as follows:        newsletter. I am also disappointed
2004, I wrote about the dedicated               I received checks from 10         that not one store, whose lively
effort by Senator Shannon Robin-        NMSSA members and two from                hood is guns, sent a check. If I re-
son, Representative John Heaton         gun clubs. Most checks were for           ceive nothing more by August 31,
and NRA/ILA lobbyist Tara               $20.00 or $25.00. Total amount of         I will return all checks received.
Reilly-Mica to move the Con-            checks came to $247.50. One               For new members who didn’t re-
cealed Handgun Carry bill through       NMSSA member has promised to              ceive the last Newsletter, please
the House and Senate, and to the        donate $100.00 if I receive a de-         send your checks to: New Mexico
Governor’s desk. I asked for indi-      cent amount of dollars.                   Shooting Sports Assoc., PO Box
viduals to send checks for $5, $10              For those of you who sent         9275, Albuquerque, NM 87119.
or $20 to NMSSA, and Gun and            checks, or gave cash, I have not
Sporting Goods Stores & Gun             cashed your checks at this time. I
Clubs to send larger checks, so         will return your checks if no one         Charlie Weisleder
that we might do something nice         else sends additional checks.             President, NMSSA

                        NMSSA HATS & T-SHIRTS
I would like to remind everyone, especially new             extra large and triple extra large.
NMSSA members, that we still have hats and shirts           The hats and shirts are $15.00 each except the dou-
for sale. Hats are either dark gray, with a black bill,     ble and triple extra large shirts are $18.00 and
or light gray, with a red bill, and both have the           $20.00.
NMSSA logo in full color.                                   Hats and shirts will be available throughout the
Shirts are all 100% cotton, they are red, black or          year at various NMSSA events. If we need to mail
light gray and all have a pocket. The shirts have           your merchandise, you will have to include post-
NMSSA on the front, opposite the pocket, and a              age.
large NMSSA logo on the back. We ordered shirt              For more information, you may contact me, Charlie
sizes in small, medium, large, extra large, double          Weisleder, at 505-877-6128 or
                                                                                                                    Page 4

New Mexico Shooting News


  The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association                      receive a rifle or handgun. Second and third place clubs
  (NMSSA) would like to increase their membership, and            would receive something of lesser value. When you sign
  the Association is willing to reward shooting clubs who         up new NMSSA members, return the membership ap-
  sign up NMSSA members from January 1, 2004 to De-               plication to Sandi Kruse, PO Box 364, Jemez Springs,
  cember 31, 2004.                                                NM 87025. Also, be sure to mark the application with
          The Association will provide New Mexico                 your club name so that Sandi can keep track.
  Shooting Clubs with a packet containing colorful bro-                    She will send each new member an NMSSA
  chures and sign up sheets. The brochure explains who            card and a decal. If you need more applications or bro-
  the Association is, and what the Association does. It           chures, contact the membership secretary. If your local
  also has the web page at:                 sporting good stores would like to help you win this
          The club that signs up the most members will            contest, we can provide them with applications.

                                            As of April 29, 2004 these are the totals:
     Zia Rifle and Pistol -       3             Del Norte Gun Club -              2   New Mexico Bighorn Club -             2
      Socorro Gun Club -          2        Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club -          2       Ruidoso Gun Club -                1
      Sandia Gun Club -           2        Franklin Mountain Gun Club -           1
   Otero Practical Shooting       1        Capitan High Power Shooting            2   Rio Salado Sportsmen's Club           1
    Association (OPSA) -                              Club -                                   Mesa AZ -

                          UP-COMING GUN SHOWS
3-4, 2004                                   7-8, 2004                                 11-12, 2004
Roswell Mall                                Deming Lulac Hall                         Los Alamos Pueblo Gymnasium
Contact Stacy Hodges (505) 439-9738         Contact Stacy Hodges (505) 439-9738       Contact Will Schmitz (505) 829-9180

17-18, 2004                                 14-15, 2004                               11-12, 2004
El Paso Texas Shrine Temple                 Tucumcari                                 El Paso Texas Shrine Temple
Contact Jack Thompson (915) 751-1919        Contact Stacy Hodges (505) 439-9738       Contact Dwane Wheeler (915) 598-0935
                                                                                      11-12, 2004
24-25, 2004                                 21-22, 2004                               Hobbs
Alamogordo Fair Grounds                     Albuquerque Fair Grounds                  Contact Stacy Hodges (505) 439-9738
Contact Stacy Hodges (505) 439-9738         Contact Susan Franks (512) 360-3571
                                                                                      11-12, 2004
AUGUST:                                     21-22, 2004                               Farmington Civic Center
7-8, 2004                                   Albuquerque Fair Grounds                  Contact Leah Ray (505) 632-7104
Reserve Community Center                    Contact Susan Franks (512) 360-3571
Contact Stanley Radvillas (505) 533-6387                                              24-25, 2004
                                            September:                                Artesia Fairgrounds
7-8, 2004                                   4-5, 2004                                 Contact Trader Bob (505) 746-3309
Albuquerque Fair Grounds (Old West)         T or C Fairgrounds
Contact Bob Sully (505) 831-9460            Contact Stacy Hodges (505) 439-9738
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New Mexico Shooting News

 We are putting together a list of known Gun Clubs and Shooting Ranges throughout the State. What follows
 is probably not a complete list, and we request that if your club is not listed, please get back to us with your
 club information. We would also like to know what type of shooting events your club has.

 Zia Rifle & Pistol Club                Roswell Gun Club                     NRA Whittington Center
 P.O. Box 9131                          P.O. Box 1482                        P.O. Box 700
 Albuquerque, NM 87119-9131             Roswell, NM 88202                    Raton, NM 87740
 President                              Scotty Davis (505) 622-2498          Robert “Chief” Roberts          Ernie Edmonston (505) 622-3328       (505) 445-3615

 Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club            San Juan Wildlife Federation         Socorro Gun Club
 P.O. Box 953                           P.O. Box 1411                        316 Mt. Carmel St.
 Los Alamos, NM 87544                   Farmington, NM 87499                 Socorro, NM 87801
 President, Gail Bennet                 President, Mike Freestone            President, Cletus Scharle  
                                                                             Sandia Gun Club
 Picacho Gun Club                 Del Norte Gun Club                         P.O. Box 91691-Academy Station
 Butterfield Trail Shooting Range P.O. Box 15322                             Albuquerque, NM 87199-1691
 Club President, Cindy Pollock    Rio Rancho, NM 87174                       President, Tom Bauer            President, Tony Ross
                                                                             New Mexico Big Horn Gun Club
 Carlsbad Sportsman’s Club
                                        Alamogordo Gun Club                  P.O. Box 1956
 P.O. Box 1603
                                        343 Eagle Ave.                       Tijeras, NM 87059
 Carlsbad, NM 88221-1603
                                        Alamogordo, NM 88310                 President, Ed Dresner
 Ann Rayoux, Sec/Treas
                                        President, Butch Rials               (505) 269-6986
 (505) 877-1472                                                    
                                        (505) 437-3663
 Seven Rivers Regulators                                                     Capitan High Power
 Carlsbad, NM                           Hobbs Gun Club                       Shooting Club
 Scott Cassingham                       P.O. Box 2295                        3443 Turquoise
 (505) 236-1080                         Hobbs, NM 88240                      Roswell, NM 88201
                                        David Stanfield—Sec.                 (505) 622-0507
 Silver City Range                      (505) 392-4083             
 Gila Rangers
 P.O. Box 663
 Silver City, NM 88062
 President, Chico Cheech

 Most clubs conduct Action Pistol, Cowboy Action, IPSC Action Pistol and High Power Rifle. We should
 hold state-wide matches in these disciplines. All we need is three or four volunteers and a lot of supporting
 help. Grant money might be available.
                                                                                                         Page 6

New Mexico Shooting News

                            A CALL TO ARMS                        By Paul C. Lisle
         We have started our drive to get more pro-       only available on Comcast Cable in the Albuquer-
 gun people registered to vote. Four years ago, had       que area. The program is on the fourth Thursday of
 we gotten 400 more votes in New Mexico for Presi-        each month from 8:00 to 9:00 PM. It is a live, call-
 dent Bush, the 5 New Mexico electoral votes that         in program that has been on the air for four years
 went to Gore would have gone to Bush and the             and has developed quite a large audience. If you
 Florida vote dispute that had to be decided by the       cannot tune the program in on your TV set, come to
 U.S. Supreme Court would not have happened.              the studio and view it live. Give me a call at
 Again in the 2004 election, victories in many New        (505) 299-3933 to make arrangements for your visit
 Mexico contests will be decided by a very few            to Channel 27. Also give me a call if you would
 votes. We are planning to have voter registration        like to show and talk about your guns on live TV.
 applications at all the places that pro-gun people                It has been a little over a year since we held
 gather including shooting ranges, gun stores, gun        a large gun auction with Charles Dickerson in Las
 shows, and gun clubs. If you know of some pro-           Cruces. Charles has scheduled another gun auction
 gun person who might not be registered to vote,          to be held at Dickerson’s Auction Barn in Las Cru-
 pick up an application and give it to them. I will       ces on Saturday, August 28th at 9:00 AM. As at
 have these applications at all of the gun shows that     last year’s auction, we again hope to have hundreds
 I attend.                                                of guns. The Fish and Game Department has con-
         We will also be concentrating on the Judge       signed a large number of guns that they have con-
 races this year. One of the problems with con-           fiscated. The auction is open to private individuals
 cealed carry is that we are prohibited from carrying     as well as dealers so you can both consign guns to
 in places that sell packaged liquor like grocery         be sold and buy guns. Since Charles has a Federal
 stores and convenience stores. This was not the          Firearms License, he can do the background check
 fault of the legislature with their wording of           and gun transfers at the time of sale to non-licensed
 “dispensing” but of the New Mexico Supreme               individuals. These auctions are a lot of fun where
 Court that ruled the possession of a firearm where       you can get a great buy on a gun. As in most auc-
 any liquor license is held is a 4th degree felony.       tions, the guns will be sold “as is”. Many of the
 This has been interpreted as meaning if you go into      guns, like Taurus, come with a lifetime factory
 Smith’s or Albertson’s on Sunday morning with a          warrantee, but it is up to the buyer to examine the
 firearm, even though the liquor department is            gun and know what he is buying.
 closed, it is still a 4th degree felony. Ned Fuller, a            In Washington, DC anti-gun Senator Di-
 candidate for the Supreme Court, told me that our        anne Feinstein (D-CA) has once again introduced
 New Mexico courts have a very bad disease called         legislation that would reauthorize the Clinton as-
 “fuzzy-headed-liberal-idis” that can only be cured       sault weapon ban. S.2498 has been placed on the
 by “whole-judge-transplant”. We hope to provide          Senate Calendar and could come up for a vote at
 you with the information on judge candidates so          any time. Please contact our two New Mexico
 you can help cure this disease come November.            Senators and urge them to defeat this bill. And do
         After a nine-month “vacation” from produc-       keep on trying to change Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s
 ing and co-hosting the TV show “Gun Collectors of        mind concerning this legislation. To learn more
 New Mexico”, during Channel 27’s studio move,            about how bad this bill really is, go to
 we are back on the air. Unfortunately, this TV 
 show on issues dealing with firearms and sponsored
 by the New Mexico Gun Collectors Association is
                                                                                                                          Page 7

New Mexico Shooting News

                     Become an NRA Certified Instructor in 2004!
           NMSSA is pleased to announce a new Education and         shooters will be funded 100%. Coralie Carrier, an NRA
 Training program for 2004. The Association has received a          Training Counselor, will coordinate the workshops for indi-
 grant from the NRA Foundation to defray the expense to indi-       viduals and clubs. To participate, please contact Coralie at
 viduals who want to become NRA Certified Instructors in            505-382-9087 or by e-mail at
 rifle, pistol, shotgun, personal protection, home firearms                   "This will be a unique opportunity to expand the
 safety or range safety officer.                                    number of Certified Instructors across the state"," said Robert
           The grant will cover at least 50% of the current cost    Goode, NRA Field Representative, " and good instructors will
 and in some cases may cover 100%. The percentage to be             help keep all our programs alive, from the Youth Hunter Edu-
 covered will be determined by the number of people in the          cation Challenge to the Becoming an Outdoors Woman work-
 class, expense such as classroom rental, and the distance the      shops. Give Coralie a call soon because we expect the slots to
 Trainer will have to travel. Persons working with junior           be filled up quickly."

                        SILHOUETTE SHOOTING by Ed Pfeiffer
Roswell Gun Club       4th Sat              Roswell Gun Club       3rd Sun             SCHEDUAL
Ernie Edmonston 622-3328                    Roy Vargas 622-9387                        Smallbore Rifle July 11-13
San Juan Wildlife Fed. 4th Sun              San Juan Wildlife Fed. 4th Sun             Raton, NM
Doug Hutson 632-2576                        Burl William 598-8654
Farmington                                  Farmington                                 High Power Rifle July 15-17
NRAWC - Raton 4th Sun                                                                  Raton, NM
Robbie Roberts 445-3615        COWBOY RIFLE / PISTOL
                               SILHOUETTE                                              Hunter Pistol/Smallbore Hunter
HIGH POWER RIFLE SILHOUETTE San Juan Wildlife Fed. 2nd Sun                             Pistol July 25-28
Roswell Gun Club       2nd Sat Tom Maddox 325-2889                                     Raton, NM
Ed Yurkovich 627-8456          Farmington
San Juan Wildlife Fed. 4th Sun                                                         Please Note Date Change For This
Burl William 598-8654          BPCR SILHOUETTE                                         Event
Farmington                     Roswell Gun Club       2nd Sat                          Black Powder Cartridge
NRAWC - Raton          4th Sun Scotty Davis 622-2498                                   Rifle-Scope July 30-31
Robbie Roberts 445-3615        NRAWC - Raton          2nd Sat                          Raton, NM
                               Robbie Roberts 445-3615
HUNTER PISTOL SILHOUETTE                                                               Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
Roswell Gun Club       1st Sun .22 BENCHREST SILHOUETTE                                Aug 2-5
Walt Kessler 624-0079          San Juan Wildlife Fed. 3rd Sun                          Raton, NM
San Juan Wildlife Fed. 3rd Sat Wayland Moore 326-0773
Frank Blackmer 598-1661                                                                Cowboy Rifle
Farmington                     LOW POWER SILHOUETTE                                    Aug 6-8
NRAWC - Raton          3rd Sun Roswell Gun Club 1st Sat                                Raton, NM
Robbie Roberts 445-3615        Scotty Davis 622-2498

If you did not shoot the 2003 National matches, contact            3. Location and dates.
the NRA Competitive Shooting at (703) 267-1450, ask for the        4. Contact person with phone number or address.
Silhouette Division and request entry/programs for the disciple    Send your program or the information above to, Ed Pfeiffer,
you want to shoot in.                                              Silhouette Director, 14 North Mesa Loop, Raton, NM
         Are there any more clubs that would like their silhou-    87740. My email address is
ette match dates in the NMSSA Newsletter,? Send your pro-                   I'm also interested if there is any New Mexico club
gram or the following information.                                 that would like to sponsor any "State Silhouette Championship
1. The type of silhouette discipline shooting.                     Match in 2004" either at your range or at the NRA Whittington
2. Club sponsoring the shoot.                                      Center? I will work with any club that would like to hold one.
                                                                                                    Page 8

New Mexico Shooting News

        New Mexico Shooting Sports Association        group of 108 youths competing. The Ponderosa 4-
along with New Mexico Big Horn Gun Club re-           H has expressed their deep gratitude to New Mex-
cently sponsored the Ponderosa 4-H Shooting Club,     ico Shooting Sports Association for allowing them
which is part of the Bernalillo County 4-H Shooting   the opportunity to compete this year and look for-
Sports Association, at the New Mexico State 4-H       ward to competitions in the future.
Shooting Sports Competition held at the NRA                   We would like to congratulate all the indi-
Whittington Center near Raton, New Mexico. Our        viduals on their outstanding performance at the
funds helped pay the entry fees, one night’s stay,    competition. New Mexico Shooting Sports Asso-
and one meal for four of the eleven Bernalillo        ciation is dedicated to helping youth learn to shoot
County youth. The four members of the Ponderosa       and compete. Thanks in part to the Friends of the
4-H Shooting Club sponsored were Kyle Cravens,        NRA, we have been given numerous grants to help
Garland Leatherman, Luke Crawford, and Cody           with these youth organizational shoots. As ex-
Cravens.                                              pressed by John Stocum, director of the Ponderosa
        The all-day competition was held on Satur-    4-H Shooting Sports Association, if we don’t teach
day, May 1st. There were five different competition   our youth about the benefits of shooting now while
categories throughout the day, which included .22     they are young, they may loose the art of shooting
Rifle, Air Rifle, .22 Pistol, Muzzleloading, and      when they are older.
Archery. The individuals who competed were the
best in their class. The team members ended up               Karma L. Whelchel, treasurer
winning second and third in their categories in a

                                            VOTE 2004

                                  ELECTION YEAR NOTE
                    General Election                                  November 2, 2004
      General Election Voter Registration Deadline                     October 5, 2004
                                                                                           Page 9

New Mexico Shooting News

                                               Four members of the Ponderosa 4-H stand-
                                               ing in front of the shotgun range sign.

A member of the Ponderosa 4-H standing
next to the statue of Charlton Heston on a
horse at the NRA Whittington Center.

                                              Two members of the Ponderosa 4-H team com-
                                              peting in shotgun.

Members of the Ponderosa 4-H team competing
in archery.
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New Mexico Shooting News
 If your business card appears in this newsletter please let me know if you want it to run in
 the next issue. Just send me an e-mail: or call me at 505-829-
 3440 to let me know. Sandi Kruse
                                                                                                  Page 11

New Mexico Shooting News

                                                                        WHOLESALE TO PUBLIC
                                                                        KIRBY ULTIMATE G’S—
                                                                     NEW! NEVER BEEN OUT OF BOX
                                                                      BEST DEAL (U B THE JUDGE)
                                                                     WE DELIVER, FULL WARRANTY
                                                                       HOBBS VACUUM CENTER
                                                                          LARRY MCFARLIN

            Want to run an ad? For FREE?
If you are a member of NMSSA and have a business we will run your
business card, for free!

Just send me your card and we’ll place it where room permits.

If you are not a member of NMSSA but have a business we will be
happy to place your business card in the newsletter at the cost of
$30.00 per issue.

Send it to: Sandi Kruse, NMSSA Membership Secretary,
             PO Box 364
            Jemez Springs, NM 87025
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New Mexico Shooting News

                                               September 11 & 12, 2004
                                                             Sponsored by:
                             THE WHITTINGTON CENTER SHOOTING CLUB

          The match will take place at the             Preference in squadding will be     sonnel and/or the Official NRA Referee
John Schooley Memorial PPC Range,            given to those who enter all matches.         only.
NRA Whittington Center, Raton, New           Single match or Aggregate entries will be               Competitors are asked to pick
Mexico. This event is open to all mem-       accepted only if they do not create extra     up their squadding tickets beginning
bers of the National Rifle Association.      delays. New shooters are encouraged to        thirty minutes prior to their scheduled
The winning of awards and the State          enter the .22 Cal. Aggregate.                 relay starting times.
Championship is not restricted to resi-                NRA rules will govern in all        Relay 1 Saturday 8:00 am
dents of the State of New Mexico. This       matches. Triggers may be checked at any       Relay 2 Sunday 8:00 am
match is LINITED to 40 competitors.          time during the match.
          Four-man teams must be from                  The NRA classifications system      Pre-register by contacting:
NRA affiliated clubs, regular services,      will be used in all matches. Competitors      Doug Maxwell
schools, State National Guard (air and       must show their current classification        8240 Harlan Ct.
ground combined) and authorized State        cards or temporary score record books         Arvada, Co. 80003
Association teams. No “pick-up” teams        and membership cards before receiving         (303) 431-1420
please; teams must be composed of mem-       their squadding tickets. Competitors who
bers of the same club or organization (see   do not have an outdoor classification may
Rules 2.10, 2.11) Team members need          fire in their highest earned classification   Please include your area code and phone
not fire the same relay, but must be         in other types of pistol competition (Rule    number on entries.
named by the team captian before scores      19.5, 19.6). Unclassified shooters will                 Pre-registration closes at mid-
are fired. Team match scores will be         fire in the Masters Class.                    night September 4, 2004. Post entries
compiled from individual scores for                    All competitors will score and      will be accepted to the capacity of the
matches 2, 7 and 12.                         change targets as directed by the             range. Please pay fees at the match. Make
                                             RANGE-OFFICER. Bring your own sta-            checks payable to NRA Whittington Cen-
          There will be no category          ple gun and staples. The use of plug-type     ter. Please indicate your team affiliation
awards.                                      scoring gauges is restricted to range per-    with your entry.

                     Registration                                                 $ 8.00
                Individual Match Fee                                              $ 2.75
           Package Individual Entry Fee                                          $ 35.00
              (includes registration)
            Team Entry Fee Per Match                                             $ 8.00
             .22 Cal. Aggregate Only                                             $ 11.00
              (includes registration)
                  NBPRP Match                                                    $ 10.00
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New Mexico Shooting News

Matt Riggs and his wife Leigh both shooting in the 1000 yard distance at the Capitan High Power Shooting
Club and Leigh did very well.

                                         NMSSA ASSETS
 In the past few months, NMSSA has gained some new assets that are available for all NMSSA members to
              Two Buck – Daisy BB guns
              Two Red Ryder – Daisy BB guns
              Two Crosman – 760B Air Rifles

 The six listed above were purchased from grant money to be used at an event at Calibers Indoor Shooting

 We also have a Toshiba, 13 inch TV/VCR that was purchased from grant money. We plan to show videos
 at gun shows and other sporting events.If you would like to use any of these assets, call Charlie Weisleder
 at 505-877-6128 or E-mail:
                                                                                                                     Page 14

New Mexico Shooting News

         Muzzle Loading Events around New Mexico
          There are several events at the   Public is welcome, fees to participate    Mountain Man. It presents a visual and
 NRA Whittington Center (505)445-           $25 adult, $7 junior, open iron sights,   interpretive experience into the era of
 3615 Raton, NM this year of interest to    patch & ball. Shooters must be in pe-     the mountain man and provides a com-
 muzzleloaders.                             riod clothing.     Booshway, Charles      prehensive overview of the Western
          On Aug 28 and Sep 25              Phelan (505)327-2029. The Whitting-       Fur Trade’s historical significance. For
 NRAWC hosts muzzleloader matches,          ton Center number above can be used       those of you lucky enough to visit
 patch and ball, open to all persons.       also for event and accommodation in-      Wyoming this year they are open May
          From June 13 to the 19th the      formation. They can also provide in-      1 through Oct. 31 and can be contacted
 Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous will occur       formation concerning their gun club       toll-free 1-(877)686-6266.
 with many events and contests. This is     other schedules and activities.            The next newsletter will include sev-
 a reenactment of the Mountain Man                            Pinedale, Wyoming       eral more events scheduled for later in
 Era, pre-1840 on the Santa Fe Trail.       is the home of the Museum of the          the year.

                   Friends of NRA Banquets near you!
 Over $300,000 in grants have been awarded in New Mexico helping our youth and introducing the ladies to the
 shooting sports....Come help us do more! Attend a Friends Event!!!

 Date                   Location                  Contact

 7/27/04 - Holiday Inn - Gallup NM - Bill's Reloading - (505) 863-5820
 7/31/04 - Elks Lodge - Roswell NM - Kenny Forrest - (505) 622-4350
 8/26/04 - Hilton - Las Cruces NM - Gino Ferri - (505) 496-3460
 9/25/04 - Ruidoso Downs - Ruidoso NM - Ruidoso Guns and Pawn - (505) 257-3943
 9/28/04 - Civic Center - Artesia NM - Big Chief Trading Post - (505) 746-9327

   NMSSA Registered High Power Rifle Matches
The NMSSA is sponsoring these Registered High
Power Rifle Matches in 2004:

New Mexico State Service Rifle Championship                   For more information about any of these matches or
July 16-18, 2004                                              if you are interested in becoming a NMSSA Rifle
Capitan, NM                                                   Team Member, please contact Mark Yarbrough at
                                                              (505) 892-5907 or email him at
New Mexico State High Power Rifle Championship      
September 17-19, 2004
Zia Rifle & Pistol Club, Albuquerque, NM
                                                                                                        Page 15

New Mexico Shooting News

             MATCHES 2004 SCHEDULE
 The Club will shoot a National          Juniors        pay      $5.00.        Garands), mats, spotting scopes,
 Match Course of fire each month         Ammunition is available to pur-       and shooting gloves are available
 for 7 months. Match dates are           chase for use at the match.           at the Club for use at matches.
 Sundays: High Power Clinic July                 Juniors must be 14 years      Eye and hearing protection is
 4, August 1, September 5, Octo-         of age or older and be accompa-       MANDATORY. Bring a coat,
 ber 3, and November 7. These            nied by a parent for parental per-    sweatshirt, or shooting jacket, in
 matches are at the club range in        mission.                              the prone position you will be
 Rendija Canyon. Registration at                 Competition will be shoul-    shooting while your elbows are
 Los Alamos begins at 07:30 AM           der to shoulder within NRA            on the ground. A hat and water is
 and will close at 08:20 AM with         classes. Current NRA rules will       also of benefit.
 the match starting at 08:30             apply to all matches and all
 AM. Match fee is $10.00.                classes. Rifles (the Club has M1

       TARGET                STAGE              NO. SHOTS            POSITION                   TIME

          SR-5              MATCH 1               10 or 20           STANDING         10 or 20 MINUTES
                                                                    STANDING         60 SECONDS EACH
          SR-5              MATCH 2               10 or 20
                                                                    TO SITTING             STAGE
                                                                     STANDING        70 SECONDS EACH
         SR-42              MATCH 3               10 or 20
                                                                     TO PRONE              STAGE
         MR-52              MATCH 4                  20                PRONE             20 MINUTES
                            MATCH 5                          Aggregate of matches 1,2,3 and 4

   Two sighting shots will be al-        $1.00 for 3rd. The match winner       available at Los Alamos. Safety,
 lowed and can be taken in any           in each course of fire will receive   rifle, and match procedure tutor-
 position in a time limit of two         $4.00. Juniors will receive rib-      ing should be done before partici-
 minutes before each course of           bons for first and second places.     pating in a competitive match.
 fire.                                   No separate distinction for           Normal tutoring can not be done
   Awards for the Los Alamos             women.                                the day of the match.
 matches are as follows: Classes                 Shooters will set-up and               Firing one full match
 will be combined upward if there        take down the range and targets       qualifies the competitor for the
 are 2 or fewer in a class. Second       and score competitors targets.        purchase of your own M1 Garand
 in class will be given if there are     Competitors may be asked to as-       from the Civilian Marksmanship
 4 or more shooters in a class and       sist with range operations.           Program (CMP).
 third in class will be given if there           All range and match                    Rifle range will be closed
 are 6 or more shooters in a class.      safety procedures shall be fol-       to non-competitors during sched-
 Awards within classes will be -         lowed. Rifles, mats, gloves,          uled matches.
 $3.00 for 1st, $2.00 for 2nd,           safety, and match tutoring are
                                                                                                                              Page 16

  New Mexico Shooting News

             Capitan Hi Power Shooting Club Acquisition
         Well, we may finally be getting        Additionally, we need to pay for a sur-       $250.00. We would purchase a granite
close to acquiring the range. I had a           vey, fence and closing costs. Many of         monument and have these names en-
conversation with the trust officer this        you didn’t seem to think it would be a        graved and place the monument at a
past week. He allowed that he finally           problem when we had our annual meet-          suitable location at the range. This is
had his part resolved and that we               ing.                                          something that doesn’t have to be ad-
should be able to close the deal in a                    I think it important to point out    dressed right now or decided on. We
couple of months.                               that in the event that this deal falls        have plenty of time to think about and
         My response was “great, but            through, all moneys would be refunded.        discuss our options.
you never have told us how much it is           All funds raised will be deposited in                 Its time to put our money
going to cost”. His response was simi-          our savings account in Capitan and            where our mouths are, so dig deep and
lar to that in the past. He didn’t know         only used for the purpose of range ac-        lets make this thing a reality. We have
exactly. He just wants to cover his             quisition. Incidentally, those of you         given our word to the trust officer that
costs, to include attorney fees, i.e., no       who itemize your tax liabilities should       we felt we could handle between
costs to the Trust. I asked for his best        be able to take appropriate deductions        $10,000.00 and $20,000.00. This was a
guess and he said it would be at least          because the Club should be a 501 C3           result of our annual meeting. Please
$10,000.00 and not more than                    organization by the end of the current        make your gift generous and checks
$15,000.00. Damned expensive attor-             year.                                         payable to the Capitan Hi Power Shoot-
neys but still a bargain in the final                    I would also like to start a         ing Club, Inc. and send them to me.
analysis.                                       “club” for those who contribute.              Thanks so very much,
         The trust officer suggested that       Something similar to the “Founders”
we start our fundraising. I take this as a      club at Whittington Center. A gold            Bill Rodolph, President
very positive sign, coming from him.            member would be a person who gave             Capitan Hi Power Shooting Club, Inc.
So…………………….                                     $1,000.00 or more. A silver member            PO Box 1691
         I am asking everyone inter-            one who gave $500.00 to $999.00 and a         Alto, NM 88312
ested, to dig deep and lets see if we can       bronze member of the Founders Clubs           505 336-2754
get $13,000.00 to $14,000.00 raised.            would be a person who donated at least

                         NMSSA Funshoot in Farmington, NM
                                Saturday July 24th.
              Hosted by the San Juan Wild-      25 targets for score.     Gathering at    that time of the year will typically fill
     life Federation; President Mike Free-      8am at the range a briefing on the spe-   up all local hotels. In addition there
     stone 505-325-5355                         cifics will follow and NMSSA will         are several campgrounds in the area
              Saturday July 24th San Juan       have a mini board meeting after the       that are close to the range, for those
     Wildlife Federation is having their        shoot.                                    who would rather camp.
     Cowboy Action scheduled shoot but                   There are several hotels                   San Juan Wildlife Federation
     we will have the opportunity to shoot      available near the range including a      is located Six Miles East of Farming-
     o n th e ir 1 0 0 - yd b e n c h r e s t   Super 8 Motel, a Motel 6 and a Best       ton on US64. The Federation’s Range
     range. Scoped Rifles are typically         Western Inn & Suites at 700 Scott         is on the North Side of the High-
     used but you can only have a maxi-         Avenue, Farmington, NM Phone:             way. Look for their Entry Gate just
     mum 6x power for your scope. Cali-         (505) 327-5221. If you mention you        past the DATS Truck Terminal
     ber will need to be 6mm and above,         are associated with the San Juan Wild-    (Sinclair Gas Station).
     this highly competitive form of the        life Federation the Best Western will
     Shooting Sports has a 10 ring the size     give a discount on your nights lodg-      Matt J. Riggs
     of a dime and even smaller X               ing. Mike suggests that we should         VP NMSSA
     ring. Typically you will shoot once at     book early for other events in the area   505-672-9180 home if you have any
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New Mexico Shooting News

                                      SHOOTING CAMP

 WHEN:                   Monday through Friday, July 26-30, 2004 from 0800 to 1230

 WHERE:                The La Cueva Marine Corps JROTC Rifle Range
 7801 Wilshire NE Albuquerque, NM

 COST:                   Fifty dollars for the entire session

 PHILOSOPHY:             New Mexico Shooting Sports have jumped drastically in popularity during the past five
                         years. We have sent six teams and eighteen individuals to national championships in the past
                         three years. This year, the La Cueva Precision and Sporter Air Rifle teams are going to the
                         nationals in Bowling Green Kentucky and four shooters will attend the National Individual
                         Competition at the Olympic Training Center.

 INSTRUCTORS:            NRA certified coaches in conjunction with The La Cueva Marine Corps Junior ROTC air
                         rifle team and top shooters from other local air rifle teams. Over 1.5 million dollars in
                         scholarships have been earned by local shooters in the past two years.
                         (One assistant coach for every four shooters)

 REGISTRATION:           Register online at or complete the enclosed form, fold and
                         staple it, and return it with a $20 deposit to the La Cueva Marine Corps JROTC by July 14,
                         2003. This will permit us to plan for adequate snacks (included) and instructors. Last year’s
                         camp was a great success and we expect this year’s to be as popular. In order to maintain
                         quality of instruction and a good teacher to student ratio, we will hold the number of atten-
                         dees to 60 participants.

          The emphasis of this camp is on safety and correct training practices. Since we fire over 20 local and state-
 wide matches per year, the NRA and National Standard 3 position air rifle rules will be introduced. We will also
 touch on exercise techniques, diet, and goal setting. We have determined a direct correlation between marksmanship
 and academics – our experience has been that the better a student can focus on the range, the better he/she can
 focus in the classroom. Therefore, we will introduce the mental aspects of marksmanship competition. Our ultimate
 goal is to increase the number of shooters in our various shooting programs and competitions and to raise the level of
 ability among our competitors. Please call me at 797-3714 to enroll your student. One additional benefit is cama-
 raderie – our participants will meet other students who will be their classmates when school starts.

                                                           Semper Fidelis

                                                           Major W.E. Barker USMC (Ret)
                                                                                                                    Page 18

New Mexico Shooting News

Camp Schedule
Monday Time                       Event
                 0800-0900                  Arrival and check in
                 0800-0900                  Coaches meeting
                 0900-1000                  Camp Introductions – Maj Barker
                                            Introduce Assistant Coaches
                                            Curriculum Overview
                                            Administrative Items to Include Conduct
                                            Mark Targets for Friday's Match
                 1000-1100                  Orientation
                                            Range Operation
                                            Range Maintenance & Equipment Storage
                 Introduction to Physical Training for Marksmanship

Tuesday           Time                    Event
                 0730-0800                Breakfast
                 0800-0900                Orientation – Guest Lecturer
                 0900-1000                Review Safety and Range Operation
                 1000-1030                Prone Position
                 1030-1100                Discussion & Demonstration
                         1100-1200                  Practical Application-Prone, Emphasis on Position Refinement.
                 1200-1230                Clean Range - Physical Training

Wednesday Time                    Event
                 0730 0800               Breakfast
                 0800-0830               Review Prone Position
                 0830-0900               Standing Position
                                         Discussion and Demonstration
       0900-1030       Practical Application, Emphasis on Position Refinement
               1030-1100                 Data book maintenance
               1100-1200                 Clean Range / Physical Training

Thursday         Time                     Event
                 0730 0800                Breakfast
                 0800-0900                Discussion: "Goal Setting & Training Plans"
                 0900-1000                Practical Application – Prone Position
                 1000-1100                Practical Application – Standing Position
                 1100-1130                Match Procedures
                 1130-1200                Clean Range / Physical Training

Friday Time                               Event
                 0730 0800                Breakfast
                 0800-0830                Tournament Brief
                 0830-0930                Prone Match
                 0930-1000                Tournament Brief
                 1000-1100                Standing Match
                 1100-1130                Clean Range
                 Awards and Graduation
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New Mexico Shooting News

                       La Cueva High School Marine Corps JROTC
                              Invitational Air Rifle Camp






      STUDENT #:                                                          MALE / FEMALE

      BIRTH DATE:                                            AGE:

      SCHOOL ATTENDING IN FALL:    _________________       _____          _______________

      JROTC CADET:                 Y_____ N _____



X                                              X
Signature of Shooter                       Signature of Parent/Guardian

                                    LA CUEVA HIGH SCHOOL
                                MARINE CORPS JUNIOR ROTC
                                    7801 WILSHIRE, NE
                                 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87122
                                                                                                          Page 20

                         RETURN      TO THE     MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY

              SANDI KRUSE, PO BOX 364, JEMEZ SPRINGS, NM 87025

NMSSA JUNIOR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP                                      $ 5.00
NMSSA ADULT ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP                                       $ 15.00
NMSSA LIFE MEMBERSHIP                                               $150.00

      Please check here if you are renewing your membership

NAME ____________________________________________________ DATE OF APPLICATION __________________
ADDRESS________________________________________________ (BUSINESS NAME)________________________
CITY ____________________________________________________ STATE ___________ ZIP __________________
HOME PHONE ________________________ WORK PHONE ______________________ FAX _____________________
E-MAIL (PLEASE PRINT) ____________________________________________________________________________
TYPE MEMBERSHIP APPLYING FOR __________________________________ AMOUNT ENCLOSED _____________________
DO YOU BELONG TO YOUR LOCAL CLUB? __________ CLUB NAME ________________________________________
ARE YOU AN NRA MEMBER? _____________________
                              Email questions to

  PERMIT NO. 1102                                            
 U.S. POSTAGE PAID                                                    We’re on the Web!
     STANDARD                                                              Jemez Springs, NM 87025-0364
     PRESORTED                                                             P.O. Box 364

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