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									Comic Books Part 3
Comic Books For Kids

There are a lot of appropriate titles for comic books in the comic book industry today that
have age-appropriate titles, especially for kids. These titles provide super hero role
models to entice their imaginations with pleasing to the eye graphics. These titles have
minimal R-rated content like too much blood being thrown around, instead these types of
graphical content that can be seen in children appropriate comic books are put in to the
very minimum or even none at all. Some of these titles are:

1. Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited continues where Justice League left off in the series. The series
has now over 50 or more superheroes joining the league rather than what we have seen in
the previous Justice League Series, to which they were only seven. These seven, namely
Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and
Hawkgirl, became the founding members of the Justice League Unlimited or the JLU.
Aside from the seven founding members of the JLU, some familiar faces also joined the
league such as Supergirl, Aquaman, and the Atom to name a few.

2. Legion Of Superheroes

The first appearance of the Legion of Superheroes was in 1958 in a comic book called
Adventure Comics the first featured the Legion of Superheroes. The story was first
sought to be of a group of three teenagers, namely Lightning Boy, Saturn Girl, and
Cosmic Boy, who were building a team called Super-hero Club. The series then time
traveled back in time to recruit, at that time, SuperBoy, for at that time, Superman was
still a teenager when they traveled back in time.

The Legion of Superheroes comic books popularity grew and grew so the creators of DC
comics Adventure Comics placed a few more superheroes in the bunch, namely
Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Braniac 5, Triplicate Girl, and Bouncing Boy.

The Legion of Superheroes comic books popularity grew even further and had many
publications and variations in titles but the characters remained the same, except for a
few additions in the few different variations in titles that they had. As their popularity
grew, in September of 2006, The Legion of Superheroes animated series first appeared in
Kids' WB! on the CW Network.

The shows storyline is pretty similar to its comic book genre, wherein a group of teenage
superheroes was having trouble fighting evil in the 31st century so they have decided to
recruit Superman but were a little off on their time travel coordinates, so instead of
Superman they got Superboy.

3. Teen Titans

Popular to the TV series today, the Teen Titans back then were named, well, The Teen
Titans. The Teen Titans unofficially started its comic book history within a copy of The
Brave and the Bold issue no.54 on 1964 at the month of July. As the in the groups name
itself, the team is mainly composed of teenage superheroes. In The Teen Titans first
adventure in the comic book, it was sort of a junior justice league, with Robin, Kid Flash,
and Aqualad, to which they were the sidekicks of Justice Leaguers respectively Batman,
The Flash, and Aquaman.

As the popularity if The Teen Titans grew, and they got their own comic book name,
many variations in the titles have appeared, like The New Teen Titans, Team Titans, New
Titans, and The Titans.

In 2003, Teen Titans was aired on public television. The television series of the Teen
Titans continued on until 2006. The main characters on the TV reincarnation of the comic
book were Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven. The TV series though portray
a much younger line of cast than their comic book characters.
4. The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four first debuted in their very own comic book entitled The Fantastic Four
#1 on November 1961. The story depicts a group of four space explorers who were hot
by cosmic rays that gave birth to their new powers to which they have decided to use
their powers over good and triumph over evil.

The main superheroes of the series are named Mr. Fantastic, who has the ability to stretch
out his body to massive lengths, the human torch, who is able to set fire to himself and
his surroundings, Invisible Girl/Woman, who can turn invisible anytime and cast
invisible force fields, and the Thing, who has transformed into a rock-type man who has
super strength and a skin as hard as rock.

Comic Books In The Movies

Comic books were a very big hype when they started; some of the comic book
superheroes that have spurred the imagination of each comic book lover have inspired
Capitalists of course to satisfy the needs of these fanatics. From comic books, some of the
famous superheroes were transported from comics to television. But still comic book
fanatics were not satisfied with this, so they thought of further adapting them to the Big

Comic books in movies has become a great hit nowadays, with people anticipating the
release of the Batman Sequel this coming July, more and more people are starting to go
crazy about them, from comic book lovers to simply anyone.

This is a top 3 list of the comic book superheroes which has adapted well to the movie

Superman (Based On The Dc Comics)
As far as I can remember, the Superman movie series started the fad for movie adaptation
of comic book characters. Christopher Reeve was the first person to be named as
superman, and basically after that the rest was history. Christopher Reeve created three
sequels after the creation of the original film proving that adapting comic book characters
to movies is possible and will basically pay off.

The Original Superman Movie, is still based on the original comic book series, though
there are some revisions from the story of the comic book itself, the film was still widely
accepted at the end.

Late 2005, there were rumors for a new superman, and during the year 2006, another
sequel of the movie was released Superman Returns, with Brandon Routh as the new
person to portray superman.

Spiderman (Based On Marvel Comics)

There have been shows about Spiderman before but there has never been a successful
Spiderman movie. However, the big Spiderman movie was released in 2002. It was able
to take advantage of the current technology and was thus able to keep its story in line
with that of the comic books.

The movie was so successful that it spawned two sequels that lead to it becoming a
trilogy. The first movie had The Green Goblin as the main villain while the second movie
had Doctor Octopus. The third movie, however, had different villains. The Sandman,
Venom, and The Hobgoblin were the antagonists of the third film.

The movie used so many computer generated images to give viewers the look and feel of
how the comic books would look like. This added to the authenticity of the whole film.
However, parts of the storyline were actually changed to fit the screen profile as those
parts were not really suitable for younger audiences.

In 1966, the first batman movie came to life. Despite the technology at that time, the film
became a hit and thus spawned a sequel in 1989. The new film was so successful that it
became the benchmark for future batman films. People really saw what they were looking
for at that time.

But the question still stands. Why is it that the films show a slightly different picture of
the comic books? This is because the directors have their own interpretations of the story.
This means that certain symbolisms are used in the film. Furthermore, the directors have
artistic freedom. They have the freedom to change any aspect of the movie as long as it
stays true to the essence of the character that they want to project.

Iron Man

Iron Man was the most anticipated comic book movie for 2008. Anybody who loves to
watch something techno and action-oriented has to watch Iron Man. This film showed
what the fans wanted to see: a scene where Iron Man gets assembled. Everything cool
about technology and war machines got in the spotlight and was actually what the crowd
was looking for. Also, a more human Tony Stark was portrayed in the film. This gave the
fans something different from the comic books.


This movie was a great one. It basically got a very receptive audience as it managed to
stay true to the comic book. Also, the way the story was told and the way the gory scenes
unmasked a subtle drama made for a different way of looking at films and comic books.
Buying Tips For Beginners

In any collection, the addition of new collectibles is what makes it more valuable. The
more pieces you have in your collection, especially if the pieces are rare or sought after,
the more your collection will be admired and thought highly of. In comic book collecting,
you need to add more to your collection, to make it complete.

Buying back issues, if you started book collecting in the middle of the series, is essential.
From the profit perspective, maintaining a collection means buying more comic books to
add to your collection. This is the most vital part of comic book collecting for profit.

Buying comic books though is part of comic book collecting which is very crucial. If you
are not well informed, you may be duped as to the price of the comic book and to its
value to a collection. If you just keep on buying every comic book that you think has a
high value without doing the proper research, and buying it just from anyone without
doing a background research, then you may be just digging a hole for yourself.

The two aspects in buying comic books to turn in a profit is to look for a reputable store
that sells high end comic books that will be able to hold on to its value and would
eventually command a higher price later on, another is to look for newer comic books
that have a high following and hold on to them until its value goes up. The latter though
is a hit/miss investment, high end comic books have a better turn out for profit.

When buying high end comic books you have to consider that just because its old, it
doesn't necessarily mean that its valuable. For a comic books age to be a factor, it should
be coupled with the state of the comic book being in fantastic condition and it must be
sought after by other collectors.

Another consideration would be the number of people that follows the series. Famous
titles like Spiderman, Superman, and Batman are safe bets. Some titles may be famous in
some circles, but because it only has a small following, then the demand is not that big.
What is important though is that you purchase from a reputable seller. This way you can
be sure that what you buy I legit. Always refer to a comic price guide to make sure that
what you are getting is worth the money you are paying for it.

Comic book collecting may seem simple, but without any precautions, you may just see
your investments go up, up and away.

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