Lackawanna College Environmental Institute by yaofenjin


									                                                                        Fall/Winter 2010

Lackawanna College
Environmental Institute
Lackawanna College plans to break               state Educational Improvement Tax Credits
ground on the $1.5 million home for             is expected to expand at this location.
the environmental institute in Covington
Township this spring. The Lackawanna            The College is also partnering with
College Environmental Center will include       Pittston-based bottled water company
a new 10,000 -square-foot building with         Nature’s Way to tap spring water beneath
classrooms powered by wind, solar and           the property, which will help offset the
geothermal energy. The building will            maintenance and operating costs of the
host environmental-based lectures and           facility through the sale of it. A wind turbine
workshops for the public, as well as classes    on the property will also provide energy
for students from the college’s science-        back to the power grid.
based degree programs. Interactive energy
demonstrations will be available to the         Designed by Hemmler + Camayd Architects,
public, in order to educate the community       the center also will include a closed-loop
and encourage green energy consumption.         septic system in which wastewater is
                                                recycled and can be reused for an onsite
The mission of the facility is to demonstrate   greenhouse or the building’s grounds.
the principles of renewable energy and
sustainable design, while teaching the          The 211-acre property is located off
concepts to students and the public.            MacKenzie Road in Covington and already
LCEI (Lackawanna College Environmental          has a wind turbine on property that will
Institute) will also continue its educational   generate energy for the Center. The project
programming for K through Twelve                is slated to be completed by late next year,
students and teachers. This program,            and a campaign to raise funds for the
funded through corporations that donate         project will kick off in 2011.
                                                  we have grown to be a first choice for           forward with new degrees in hand that

                                                  the majority of our students. When we            they will become the fuel that drives

                                                  sent out letters to alumni back then it          the engine of development that will

                                                  was a call to be rescued; now it’s a call        propel this institution into the future.
                   President’s                                                                     Now is the time to become involved in
                                                  to be part of something of national
                                                  significance.                                    our endeavor. We need your guidance

December 16th 1994 holds a special                                                                 and help. With a renewed effort, you

significance for me. It was on that day           The last few years have produced                 will be proud to say that Lackawanna

that day I was introduced as the 7th              new leadership within the Alumni                 was your school of first choice. As

President given the honor to serve at             Association that parallels the same              always, I encourage you to become

this outstanding educational institution.         significant growth of Lackawanna.                an active participant in Lackawanna

We were considered small then, by                 We are diverse in both population                College’s future. It is, after all, where

any standard. Our location was not                and growth, and have the look of                 your own future was established.

the best, and 2 year schools were not             confidence you see in our nation’s

considered as a college of first choice.          major colleges and universities. I truly                    —   Raymond S. Angeli,
Times have changed our image, and                 believe that as our graduates move                              President

Lackawanna College
Dedicates New Milford Center
The new Lackawanna College New Milford Center was officially            of Lackawanna’s 30 associate’s degrees, giving local students a
dedicated on August 23, 2010. Officials from Lackawanna                 springboard to other degree programs with Lackawanna, as well
College, local, state and federal government were in attendance         as with other colleges and universities.
for the ceremony. Major donors honored at the event included
Marvin Slomowitz, Chesapeake and EXCO Resources (PA).                   In addition to degree class offerings, the New Milford Center
                                                                        has a variety of Continuing Education programs and certificates
The New Milford Center was established in 2007 to provide               such as Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), Administrative
higher education to the Susquehanna County region. It                   Professional, Basic Computer Skills, and Entrepreneurship. Most
currently offers 6 full associate’s degree programs plus all of         recently, New Milford established an entrepreneurship program
the general education classes required to graduate with any             for recently returned, disabled veterans (see page 8).

From left to right: Thom Welby, Trustee; Mike Narcavage, Manager         From left to right: Dan Kortum, VP of Marketing and Midstream of
of Corporate Development, Chesapeake Energy Corporation; Bridget         EXCO Resources (PA), LLC poses next to Bridget FitzPatrick, Associate
FitzPatrick, Associate VP for Advancement; Mark Volk, Executive VP;      VP for Advancement; Thomas Chamberlain, Trustee and Mark Volk,
Ryan Stalker, New Milford Center Director; Thomas Chamberlain,           Executive Vice President during the August dedication of the New
Trustee. Chesapeake Energy donated $50,000 in support of the Natu-       Milford Center. EXCO Resources (PA), LLC donated $25,000 in sup-
ral Gas Technology Program and allowed Lackawanna College to fully       port of the Natural Gas Technology Program.
equip the electronics and pneumatic labs for this fall 2010 semester.
               HOMECOMING 2010
Written by: Stacey A. Koch, Class of 2009
I have met some fascinating, influential
people in my life. Meeting more of these
individuals through various personal and
academic events will surely continue to
shape who I am as my life progresses.
The weekend of this year’s Lackawanna
College Homecoming, added to my list
of meeting fascinating, influential people.
Sure, life changes, as do people, but what
doesn’t change is our need to associate
with others who are similar to us or have
had the same experiences. The experiences
that Lackawanna College graduates share
are unique and inspiring. Every graduate
has received a similar academic foundation
that provided either a transfer to a four-year
university or a job in a desired career.

Coming together for homecoming events
gives alumni the opportunity to ‘catch up’
with friends, revisit with professors, meet
previous years’ graduates, and even meet
future alumni, as the All Class Alumni
Reunion, which honored past and current
Student Government Association members,
did this year. These reminiscences remind
us that there’s a connection between us
that will forever be present, no matter
what our graduation year. It’s important
and beneficial to make time and effort to
return back to where you first started your
educational path, a path that unlocked
the door to opportunity and success.
Lackawanna College unlocked my academic
door, and I opened it. For that reason, I’ll
keep coming back every year, thanking
Lackawanna College for providing that
key and enjoying conversations with other
alumni about our common experiences.
Scranton’s Newest Police Chief
Lists Experiences at LC
Among His Reasons For Success
Almost 17 years after his graduation            careers, it is imperative to change with
from Lackawanna College’s Police Acade-         society and proactively find ways to solve
my, Chief Duffy, who considers his career       problems, rather than reactively discovering
“not a job, but a passion,” returned to         crimes.
the College as the keynote speaker at the       Throughout his career, Chief Duffy
October 15th Police Academy gradua-             has always been on the cutting edge.
                                                                                                   Frank Mazzie, Class of 1980, Print Shop
tion. As Scranton’s newest police chief,        While attending the Police Academy at
                                                                                                   Production Manager at Lackawanna Col-
Dan Duffy believes proactive policing and       Lackawanna Junior College, he became               lege is pictured with Chief Daniel Duffy in a
honesty are keys to a successful career in      the first uniformed Security Officer when          1997 photograph. Chief Duffy was the first
law enforcement, and credits his family         the College was still located in South             uniformed Security Officer working under
and Lackawanna College for helping him          Scranton. After working locally for a variety      Frank, whom he considered to be a great
get to where he is today.                       of agencies, Chief Duffy would eventually          mentor in the earliest part of his career.
                                                be hired back at Lackawanna Junior College
“The mentality of ‘this is the way we’ve        in 1997 to oversee the Security Department        Department now hopes to turn this fund-
always done it’ can’t be the case for           until he fulfilled his goal of being hired with   raiser into an annual event to support and
policing to be successful. Crime trends         the Scranton Police Department. Among             maintain the K-9 units.
change and officers have to be ready to         his accolades with the Scranton Police
change along with it. I’ve lived my career                                                        The Chief credits his wife, Marcy, for get-
                                                Department, Duffy was notably named               ting him involved in criminal justice and law
proactively and always made things hap-         “Police Officer of the Year” in 2009 for his
pen,” Chief Duffy told the class during                                                           enforcement. “I didn’t know what to do
                                                efforts in proactive policing. Interestingly,     after high school and she mentioned that I
his address. He advised the academy             he started his career with the Scranton
graduates to embrace the philosophy                                                               would be a good cop. So I took her advice
                                                Police Department 12 years to the day that        and enrolled at LC and started classes.”
that he has used successfully through           he was promoted to Chief on September 8,
his personal career. “Stay honest and be                                                          He is passionate about his profession and
                                                2010.                                             stated, “I would never be here where I am
honest to yourself,” he told them. “Al-
ways do the right thing and ask yourself:       While Chief Duffy acknowledges that his           today without Lackawanna College. Nei-
is it the right thing at the right time, the    experience working the streets has been           ther would my wife. It was where I got my
right way for the right reasons.”               his strongest quality, he now notes that          start and it was a great experience.” His
                                                organizational management will become             wife Marcy, a 1994 graduate of Lackawa-
Some of the life lessons he passed along        his newest challenge. However, Chief Duffy        nna College earned her Associates Degree
to the graduates included remembering           has already begun tackling that challenge,        in Human Services. She went on to get a
that family will always be a huge support       organizing the inaugural “5K for the K-9s”        Bachelor’s degree from Penn State and a
through their careers, and that good            fundraiser, which was held on October             Master’s from the University of Scranton;
policing is an art. He also emphasized          16th. Garnering a significant amount of           she currently works as a drug and alcohol
that as they embark on their own                community support and participation, the          counselor.
                                                                                                  Specifically, Chief Duffy noted the op-
                                                                                                  portunity to work with LC employee Frank
                                                                                                  Mazzie among one of his fondest memo-
                                                                                                  ries during his time in the Police Academy.
                                                                                                  Also an alumnus of Lackawanna College,
                                                                                                  Duffy considered him to be a great mentor
                                                                                                  in the earliest part of his career.
                                                                                                  Since his time working with Mr. Mazzie,
                                                                                                  and his graduation from the former South
                                                                                                  Side campus, Chief Duffy was impressed by
                                                                                                  magnitude of change at the College in just
                                                                                                  over 15 years. “It’s great to see the power
                                                                                                  of leadership and vision at Lackawanna and
                                                                                                  to see the school grow so much over the
                                                                                                  years and continue to move forward,” he
                                                                                                  Chief Duffy, is a Scranton native and a
                                                                                                  1993 graduate of Lackawanna College’s
                                                                                                  Act 120 program. He also earned his As-
                                                                                                  sociate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from
Scranton Police Chief, Daniel Duffy , center stands with Lackawanna College Director of Acad-     the College in 1995 and has been in the
emy Operations, Gene Baidas and Executive Vice President of Lackawanna College, Mark Volk,        field of law enforcement since he earned
right. On October 15th Chief Duffy was the keynote speaker for the 187th Police Academy           his degree. He is currently pursuing his
Graduation, almost 17 years to the date of his own commencement.                                  Bachelor’s Degree from Keystone College.
LC Game Day Challenge                                                                                Environmental
                                                                                                     Solution for Natural
Get in the game...Tackle Waste & Recycle!                                                            Gas Industry
The Green Falcons Sustainability
Team was the driving force behind                                                                    Larry Milliken, Director of Energy Delivery
                                                                                                     Programs, is quickly becoming a leader in
Lackawanna College’s participation in                                                                environmentally sound solutions for the
the EPA’s Game Day Challenge 2010.                                                                   removal of wastewater associated with the
Lackawanna College, challenged                                                                       Marcellus Shale natural gas industry. At the
                                                                                                     Unconventional Gas International Confer-
all Homecoming game patrons to
                                                                                                     ence and Exhibition in Ft. Worth, TX, Mr.
reduce waste and to recycle. After                                                                   Milliken presented a paper titled, “Frac-
                                             Michelle Wheeler, Sustainability Coordinator at Lack-
the game the Green Falcons and Mike          awanna College describes the Game Day Challenge         water Disposal - A Green Alternative,”
McCann from Waste Management,                to Lackawanna College Students at Homecoming.           which provides a green solution to the
                                                                                                     removal of waste water from Northeastern
sorted and weighed all of the waste                                                                  Pennsylvania. At the early October confer-
and recyclables generated during the                                                                 ence, Milliken was one of 32 presenters,
game. The final weights were sent to                                                                 and one of only three presenting from
the Environmental Protection Agency                                                                  colleges which included China University of
                                                                                                     Geoscience, and University of San Francisco
(EPA), and will be compared to the                                                                   School of Law.
other 88 participating schools. Some                                                                 In his presentation, Mr. Milliken discussed
of our rival schools included Ohio                                                                   new regulations on frac, or waste water
State and Virginia Tech. Check out                                                                   from the natural gas production industry,
                                             Mike McCann from Waste Management provided              and proposed a green alternative to the
our website soon to find out the end         receptacles for the Game Day Challenge and as-          current means of disposal. The new law is
results of the national challenge.           sisted the Green Falcons efforts throughout the day.    designed to effectively prevent discharge of
                                                                                                     frac water and brine wastewater from be-
                                                                                                     ing released into the surface water system
A total of 180lbs of garbage was generated by 535 People in the 5 hours                              in our region. While filtration and re-use of
during the tailgate party and football game!                                                         this water is possible (and currently occur-
                                                                                                     ring), it is extremely costly and requires an
Of that 140lbs was Waste (sent to the landfill) and 40lbs was Recyclables                            excess of truck miles to get water to and
                                                                                                     from treatment facilities.
(will be made into something new)
                                                                                                     Mr. Milliken proposes building a 12 inch
                                                                                                     water pipeline to the Hudson River with
So…                                                                                                  several input points along it for frac water
  36lbs of garbage was generated every hour during the game!                                         and waste brine input. From the Hudson
                                                                                                     River, brine water would be loaded into a
Each person produced                                                                                 tanker and taken to the deep water off of
   .33 lb of garbage, .07 of which was recyclable, .26 was waste.                                    Long Island to be discharged into the ocean
                                                                                                     where most of the salt originated. This sin-
                                                                                                     gle line would handle all of the frac water
                                                                                                     generated by 1000 new wells a year, plus
                                                                                                     all of the production water from Marcellus
 Lackawanna College and Viridian Energy                                                              wells in the Susquehanna River Basin.
 Team Up for a Unique Fundraiser                                                                     Overall, this project would provide a green
                                                                                                     solution to the removal of frac water,
 You can support Lackawanna College each month and reduce your electric bill                         because it would reduce total truck miles,
 and carbon footprint when you switch to using VIRIDIAN ENERGY as your electric                      be capable of energy generation from the
 supplier. When you make the change, $2 per month (every month for as long as                        2000 ft water fall in Bradford County to
 you are a customer) will be donated to LACKAWANNA COLLEGE at no cost to you                         the Hudson River (hydro-power). Also, the
 personally! PP&L will still deliver your electricity in the same reliable manner as                 salt addition to the North Atlantic would
 always. Your bill will also still come from PP&L and you will even keep your same                   help mitigate ocean freshening, which is
 account number. This opportunity is available to all friends of Lackawanna College.                 occurring due to global warming. Not only
                                                                                                     will this option provide an environmentally
 	       	        l   Viridian uses Green Energy                                                     sound solution, but it is also the lowest cost
                                                                                                     and energy option available.
 	       	        l   Enroll in Less Than 5 Minutes
 	       	        l   No Contracts or Credit Checks                                                  Congratulations to Mr. Milliken for his
                                                                                                     outstanding work in providing green solu-
 	       	        l   No Sign Up Fees or Cancellation Fees                                           tions to the issues surrounding the removal
 	       	        l   Up to 15% Cheaper                                                              of waste in the natural gas industry, and
                                                                                                     for representing Lackawanna College in the
 To enroll, or for more information online, visit:                         national arena.
                                             Lackawanna Receives PADE AWARD
Students Get
Hands On At
Mock Crime

On October 15th students in Lynn
DeSanto’s Forencis Chemistry Class had
the opportunity to use the lessons they’ve
been learning in class. Michael Fueshko      The Lackawanna College Academic Development Division received a scholarship
of the Scranton Police Department            to distribute from the 2010 Pennsylvania Association of Developmental Educators
arranged a mock crime scene in a trailer
                                             (PADE) conference in Hershey, PA. The chosen students, Charles Gray and Regina
at the Scranton police headquarters. To
                                             Dennis, received the award because they best exemplified active, engaged, and
get an accurate depiction of a forensic
investigation, a variety of work stations    dedicated college students. Charles Gray, has been accepted at the University of
were set up to show the process and          Pittsburgh where he will continue his degree in business studies and Regina is a
procedure of collecting evidence.            second semester Criminal Justice major at Lackawanna College.
Students were able to get hands on
experience by molding shoe prints of
the possible suspect and lifting latent      Registrar’s Office Blasts Off
fingerprints from a car. In the trailer
the class discussed using blood spatter
evidence to gain as much detail about the
scene as possible, including using it to
gauge the possible wound of the victim.
The Scranton Police Department also
had the crime scene van available for
students. “Activities such as these really
expose our students to what we aren’t
able to do in class. I hope to captivate,
motivate and introduce them to possible
career options that they may have not
considered,” stated Instructor DeSanto.
This type of hands on learning experience
help students to connect the theories and
topics discussed in class with how tasks
are actually performed in the work force.
They are able to see the most current        For the first time on Tuesday, September 7th the Registrar’s Office presented 50
technology that the police force is using    students from the third grade class at George Bancroft Elementary School with
while enhancing and reinforcing what is      supplies as part of their ongoing ROCKET project (Registrar’s Office Connecting
done in the classroom. It also provides      with Kids Through Educational Tools). The department reached their fundraising
students with a realistic expectation of     goal through the generosity of several local businesses who donated items for the
the field of forensic science and shows      school and for monthly raffle baskets used to raise money. During the presentation
that it’s nothing like what they see on      the Registrar’s Office donated a drawstring backpack to each student with school
TV. Instructor DeSanto commented that        supplies including crayons, glue, scissors, notebooks, rulers and rocket stickers.
she feels “the students really value this
                                             They also donated 12 extra uniform shirts for students in need and materials for the
type of hands on learning. It was a cold
                                             school’s new Positive Behavior Program which included soccer balls, construction
morning and they all showed up.”
                                             paper and a variety of board games.
Name: Chris Cardamone                                      What made you choose Lackawanna?                     What goals
Major: Education                                           It was close to home and I wanted to stay local.     do you hope
                                                                                                                to accomplish
Graduation Year: 2003                                      What is your best memory?                            professionally?
                                                           It had to be of our commencement ceremony! I         Eventually, I’d like
Chris continued his education at Temple University and     still remember our speaker, Mark Mackey from the     to work on my
received his Bachelors Degree in English while working     group Boyz II Men who talked about the humble        masters and teach
for the Cosby Academic Posse’ Enrichment Program           beginning of his own life and encouraged all us      at the College
for inner city kids. After graduating from Temple, he      to go beyond our limits to pursue our highest        Level. I want to
worked on a program called the Family Technology           potential. He also said to keep smiling, which I     use my personal
Initiative, the goal of which was to bring low cost        haven’t forgotten.                                   classroom experi-
technology and training to an underserved population
                                                           How would you rate your overall                      ence as a teacher to educate those who want to get
of families. This was the first initiative that allowed
                                                           experience?                                          into the field.
parents to check children’s grades online.
                                                           I had a spectacular experience and had over-
After he moved back to the area, Chris continued in        whelming support from faculty and staff while I      What is the best piece of advice that any-
the field of education and started working for the         was there.                                           one has ever given you?
Scranton School District, where he currently teaches                                                            A professor at Temple made a comment in one of
at North East Intermediate School . Chris is also an       How did Lackawanna prepare you for                   my classes that “emotions drive learning and learn-
Assistant Boys Basketball Coach at North East and is       your current career?                                 ing drives knowledge.” That has stuck with me ever
a member of the Anti-Bullying Committee that meets         When I was there I had some hands on teaching        since, and I have used that to build my own teaching
weekly before school. After school, he is involved         experience when I helped with the after-school       philosophy.
with the NE Intermediate Unit Migrant Education Pro-       learning center, and I also was involved with the
gram that helps to guide migrant worker families, and      summer program. Ironically, a few years later, I     What advice do you have for recent gradu-
prepare them for the future by providing academic          am once again working with that same group of        ates or fellow alumni?
and social support.                                        students.                                            Get involved!! Choose something that you are
Chris has also remained involved with Lackawanna                                                                passionate about and spend some extra time to give
                                                           My professors really provided me with a good
College, and recently joined the United Cultures                                                                back and make a difference.
                                                           foundation, and prepared me to continue my
Leadership Academy (UCLA) Board and also serves as         education at Temple. I had Professor Healey for
a Faculty Member, facilitating monthly discussions and                                                            To nominate yourself or a
                                                           a class in Human Services, my original major, and
curriculum development for the 8th grade Cadets. He                                                               Lackawanna College Alumnus you know for
                                                           his background and experience in education re-
is also actively involved with the LC Alumni Association                                                          a future alumni feature, please call 570-961-
                                                           ally inspired me to switch my major from human
Advisory Council.                                                                                                 7895 or email
                                                           services to education.

                              CLASS NOTES
• Maxine (Stevens) Smales, Class of 1942 resides in        to Trade Marketing Analyst at Unilever and has       • Laura (Powell) Fedak, Class of 2009, will gradu-
Tunkhannock and retired from Proctor and Gamble            relocated to Minneapolis, MN. Michael started        ate magna cum laude from Keystone College
in 1989 where she was employed as a secretary in           his career in Customer Development Finance in        in December with a B.S. in Professional Studies:
the Wood Procurement Department.                           June 2008. Michael continued his education at        Organizational Leadership and plans to continue
                                                           Rutgers University where he graduated with a         her graduate studies at Duquesne University in
• Dan Duffy, Class of 1995 and 1993 graduate of            Bachelor of Science in Finance and held various      the Leadership Program with a concentration
the Act 120 program was promoted to Police Chief           leadership roles including, President/Founder of     in Business Ethics. Currently employed as the
of Scranton in September.                                  Financial Management Association (FMA), VP of        Institutional Research Coordinator at Lackawanna
• John J. Kevitz Jr., Class of 1997 was recently           Inter-Fraternity Council and VP of Rutgers Busi-     College, she and her fiancé also own and operate
hired as quality-control technician at United              ness Governing Association. In 2009, Michael         Brookvalley Farm Drafts and Crafts offering horse
Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL). He will be respon-           served as the Director of Mentoring for the Asso-    drawn carriage and wagon services, pony rides and
sible for quality-control testing at the company’s         ciation of Latino Professionals in Finance and Ac-   handcrafted jewelry.
Scranton facility.                                         counting (ALFPA) New Jersey Chapter. Currently,
                                                           Michael is mentoring and volunteering with the       • Jillian Huester, Class of 2009 recently started a
• Mary Beth Roche, Class of 2001 was welcomed              youth of Minneapolis at the Boys and Girls Club.     new job as the head teacher for school age stu-
back by the LC College Community in September                                                                   dents and also serves an assistant group supervisor
as the new Library Director. She earned her Mas-           • Donald Jones, Class of 2008 and Former Falcon      at Sunshine and Rainbows Daycare in Moosic, PA.
ter’s Degree in Information Science/Library Science        wide receiver has recently been added to the
                                                           NFL’s Buffalo Bills team roster. During his two      • Jenna (Bardon) Karner, Class of 2010 and Erik
from Marywood University and previously served as                                                               Karner are happy to announce their marriage on
the Library Director of the Fortis Institute               years at Lackawanna, Jones, made 53 catches for
                                                           927 yards, an average of 17.5 yards per recep-       October 20, 2010.
• Michael R. Duncan, Class of 2005 and former              tion, and scored 5 touch downs.
President of SGA, has recently been promoted

  Keep In
                                                           Have you moved, changed phone numbers,               E-MAIL us at:
                                                           or do you have some news about yourself
   Information                                             or your family that you want to share with
                                                                                                                VISIT us at:
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   Update:                                                 other Lackawanna College alumni? To
                                                                                                                     Lackawanna College
                                                           update your contact information and share
                                                           your news you can:                                          Office of Alumni Relations
                                                                                                                       501 Vine Street, Scranton PA 18509
The Lackawanna College Lake Region Center is Open!
The new Lackawanna College, Lake              waiting list for the PT Assistant program,              The Center also hosted a successful
Region Center at the Hawley Silk Mill is      and its director Mike Augustine, DPT is                 scholarship golf tournament on
open for business. The doors opened on        already located at the center to oversee                September 15, which raised funds
August 30th as staff welcomed the new         program curriculum and faculty matters.                 to assist Lake Region students with
students. Among many firsts, freshman                                                                 tuition and books. The tournament,
Lindy Hannafin a Liberal Studies major        Two other new programs began this                       which raised over $6,000 took place
was the first student to arrive for classes   semester, Hospitality Management,                       at Woodloch Springs, and will be an
at the newly relocated center.                which is part of the Kiesendahl School                  annual event. Lackawanna College
                                              of Hospitality & Tourism and Ecological                 gratefully acknowledges the support
The new satellite center has enrolled         Sustainability. A fundraising campaign                  of local individuals and businesses
135 students in degree programs,              is now beginning for the Kiesendahl                     who generously donated raffle
and approximately 50 more students            School to raise money for infrastructure,               prizes, vacation auctions and major
in certificate programs for the fall.         equipment and specialized classrooms.                   sponsorships.
The freshman class numbers about
80 students and overall enrollment
is up significantly from the previous                                                                            Lake Region Center Scholarship
year. With substantially increased                                                                               Golf Committee from left to
classroom space, the growth potential is                                                                         right: Ron Schmalze, Ski Big Bear;
unprecedented for the college’s satellite                                                                        Robert Kiesendahl, Woodloch;
centers.                                                                                                         James Gardas, Dime Bank; Bridget
                                                                                                                 FitzPatrick, Lackawanna College
                                                                                                                 Associate VP of Advancement;
Two exciting new programs will begin
                                                                                                                 Wendy Evans, Lackawanna College
during the 2011-2012 academic year.                                                                              Director of Programming & Special
Culinary Arts expects to draw plenty of                                                                          Events; David Smith, Tournament
attention, while students are already                                                                            Chairman, Woodloch Real Estate;
inquiring about the Physical Therapy                                                                             Keith Williams, Pocono Mountains
Assistant Program. There already is a                                                                            Visitors Bureau.

Moffat Scholar Program Gives Veterans New Opportunities
Lackawanna College – New Milford              “the Small Business Development                         this a great program, but serving our
Center welcomed its first ever                Certificate is a wonderful way to help folks            veteran community is an opportunity we
group of Moffat Scholars to class             with great ideas build great businesses.”               couldn’t pass up. These students bring
on Tuesday, August 31. The five                                                                       unique backgrounds and solid work
students, all of whom are veterans,           Ryan Stalker, Director of the New Milford               ethics into the classroom and we’re
are receiving tuition, books and travel       Center, echoed Banks. “Not only is                      confident that they’ll excel.”
reimbursement while working to earn
their Small Business Development
Certificate (SBDC) through the New
Milford Center. Scholarships were
provided through the generosity of
the Robert Y. Moffat Family Charitable
Trust, in conjunction with PNC Bank.

The SBDC is a part-time program
which includes two semesters with
classes in Entrepreneurship and
Accounting and is designed to give
students a realistic small business
education. By the end of the first
semester the Moffat Scholars will
present their business plans developed
during class. The program culminates
with the participants creating a real,
student-run, small business venture.

“We are incredibly excited to have            Pictured from Left to Right: Greg Scheer, Entrepreneurship instructor; Bobbi Jo Route (US Army Reserve),
                                              Moffat Scholar; Earl Granville (Army National Guard), Moffat Scholar; Yvette Wentland, Robert Y. Moffat
these students joining us this year,”         Family Charitable Trust; Jeremiah Johnson (Army National Guard), Moffat Scholar; Don Ames, PNC Bank,
said Greg Banks, Business/Economic            George Clarke (US Army), Moffat Scholar; Joseph Pipitone, Entrepreneurship Instructor. Not pictured:
Specialist at the New Milford Center.         Deborah Ann Clapper (US Army), Moffat Scholar.
Tax Credit Donors
Lackawanna College gratefully ac-           education programs, including work-
knowledges the generosity of several        shops, camps and field trips for hun-
local corporations that have annually       dreds of students from Northeastern
contributed Educational Improvement         Pennsylvania. The institute also provides
Tax Credit (EITC) donations to the edu-     Act 48 credit programs for Kindergar-
cational programming of our Environ-        ten through Twelfth grade educators.
mental Institute.
                                            Jamie Reeger, Director of LCEI has
The EITC program benefits area youth
in grades Kindergarten through Twelve
                                            created several valuable programs for
                                            students and teachers in over 12 school
                                                                                        “This Scholarship
by providing corporations with state tax    districts. Recognizing the importance
credits for their funding of qualified,
innovative educational programs. The
                                            of youth understanding of our environ-
                                            ment and its future, these businesses
                                                                                        shows me that people
Lackawanna College Environmental            have made a positive educational im-

                                                                                        care about who I
Institute (LCEI) provides environmental     pact through the EITC program.

                                                                                        am and where I am

                                                                                        heading in life. With

                                                                                        every bit of help and
    1.866.4STAR.PA ★

                                                                                        encouragement I
  Community Life Support Donates
                                                                                        receive, it pushes me
  Use of Ambulance
                                                                                        to do my best each
                                                            From Left: Brett Machuga
                                                            and Rafael Martinez
                                                            both current students in
                                                                                        and every day.”
                                                            the Lackawanna College
                                                            Paramedic Program;
                                                            Don Snyder, Paramedic
                                                            Lead Instructor; and
                                                            Timothy Rowland, CEO of
                                                            Community Life Support       - Abigail, Scholarship Recipient,
                                                            and Deputy Coroner.            Class of 2011, in a letter to her
                                                                                           scholarship sponsor.

Community Life Support donated the use      Community Life support is a regional
of a fully operational ambulance to the     non-profit ambulance service
LC Paramedic students for hands-on field    that operates within the Greater
training. The students will apply lessons   Lackawanna County when needed
learned in the classroom to run codes in    for 911 emergency calls, and also
the field with a mannequin. They also       serve as a medical transport to larger
plan to record their experiences to later   area hospitals, including Philadelphia,
be used to critique performance and         New York City, Danville and Hershey
enhance patient care.                       areas.                            
Indigo Girls Perform Live at the Mellow!
The Indigo Girls, Amy Ray and Emily
Saliers, have been friends since grade
school and have been playing music
together since high school. Hailing
from Georgia, the duo have released 17
albums, and have both been nominated
for and won Grammy Awards, including
“Best Contemporary Folk Recording ” for
their major label debut album Indigo Girls.

As part of the Homecoming 2010
festivities, Community Concerts at
Lackawanna College presented the Indigo
Girls on Friday October 22nd as the first
concert of the 2010-2011 concert series.
Over 700 people attended the event, with
a diverse crowd made up of students,
alumni, staff and Community Concerts
season subscribers as well as devoted fans
of the Indigo Girls. The concert featured
the band Coyote Grace as the opening
act. The concert began at 8:00pm and
lasted through the Indigo Girl’s encore
at 11:00pm, with audience members
standing in the aisles and singing along
to some of the duo’s most popular songs
including Closer to Fine and Galileo.

        Community Concerts
           Season Program and Info

The 2010-2011 concert season continues on            Walk With Patsy Cline. This special 2:00pm      be held on April 29, 2011 and features the
December 4 with the classical cellist Zuill Bailey   matinee tribute traces the career of Patsy      tribute artists AJ Swearingen and Jonathan
performing a program featuring selections            Cline from her beginnings in Virginia all the   Beedle performing the Music of Simon &
from his most recent CD release: The                 way to the Grand Ole Opry and Carnegie          Garfunkel.
Complete Bach Cello Suites. Mr. Bailey has           Hall, and features 21 of her most popular
performed at the Mellow Theater once before          songs. Community Concerts will present a        It is not too late to become a subscriber to
several years ago as part of the Perlman,            multimedia concert performance of Langston      the Community Concerts at Lackawanna
Schmidt, Bailey Trio, and audiences will once        Hughes’ jazz poem suite Ask Your Mama:          College concert season. When you
again be treated to a concert featuring this         Twelve Moods for Jazz featuring the Ron         subscribe you receive the same seats to
virtuosic performer. On January 30, 2011,            McCurdy Quartet on February 18, 2011.           every concert and save 15% off of single
fans of Patsy Cline will appreciate a nostalgic      The US Air Force Heritage of America Band       ticket prices. For more information or to
look at the career of one of country music’s         will perform a free concert on February 22,     become a subscriber, please contact Wendy
best loved superstars in a show called A Closer      2011. The last concert of the season will       Evans at 570-955-1455.
  Falcons                                                                                        SUPPORT THE FALCONS

                                                Division II and qualified for the NJCAA
                                                Division II National Tournament.
                                                                                                    BY ATTENDING

                                                       Dakota Brown, the 2010 LC Golf
                                                Team MVP, led the region in scoring
                                                                                                   ATHLETIC EVENTS!
                                                with an average of 76.1strokes per
                                                round. He won the Raritan Valley and
                                                Union invitational tournaments, and also
        Lackawanna College’s Head               finished no lower than second place in
  Baseball Coach, Chris Pensak was              the other three tournaments in which he          WOMEN’S BASKETBALL
                                                participated. Dakota was named to the
  named Region XIX Division II Baseball
  Coach of the Year for leading his squad       All Region golf team.                               Home Games
  to the Region XIX Division II Champion-
                                                      Kevin MacDonald was second in
  ship for the second time in school history.                                                   Date      Opponent                   Time
                                                the conference in scoring, he averaged
  Under his leadership this year, the team
                                                76.8 per round. He won the individual title     Nov. 30   County College of Morris   5:00 PM
  compiled a record of 39-13.
                                                in the Burlington and Brookdale invitational
                                                                                                Dec. 4    Manor College              1:00 PM
        The baseball team made it to the        tournaments and finished in the top 5 in
  Region XIX playoff and beat County            each of the Region XIX tournaments which        Dec. 12   Del Tech Stanton           1:00 PM
  College of Morris, once, and Burlington       the Falcons participated. Kevin was named       Jan. 15   Salem CC                   1:00 PM
  Community College, twice, to win the          to the All Region golf team.
                                                                                                Jan. 18   Raritan Valley CC          1:00 PM
  Region Championship. Lackawanna
  earned the right to host the NJCAA                 Mathew Lyons ’10 and Lucas Olivas          Jan. 20   Essex CC                   5:00 PM
  Northeast District Championship against       were also named to the All Region Team.
                                                                                                Jan. 27   Mercer County CC           5:00 PM
  the nationally ranked Fredrick Communi-
  ty College. The falcons lost the last two     Awards                                          Feb. 5    Burlington CC              1:00 PM

  games of the tournament that was held                                                         Feb. 6    North Country CC           12:00 PM
                                                       The Board of Trustees Student-
  at the PNC Field in Moosic, PA.                                                               Feb. 8    Harcum College             5:00 PM
                                                Athlete Academic Excellence Award is
        Five starters on the 2010 squad         given annually in the Spring to a returning
  were given the honors of being named to       freshman who has demonstrated

  the following teams: Sam Parente was          educational excellence while participating
  acknowledged as the District‘s Defensive      in athletics. The student selected to receive
  Player of the Year, named First Team All      this award achieved the highest GPA of
                                                all freshmen student-athletes and received
                                                                                                   MEN’S BASKETBALL
  Region and the Northeast District Team;
  Matt Accardi ’10 and Matthew Frei             a scholarship towards their sophomore                     Home Games
  were named to the Northeast Distrcit          tuition. The inaugural award was
  Team and First Team All Region; Cody          presented to Abigail Rodway who played
                                                both Women’s Soccer and Basketball.             Date      Opponent                   Time
  Patton was named to the First Team All
  Region; Eric Hink ’10, was named to the                                                       Nov. 30   County College of Morris   7:00 PM
  Northeast District Team, the First Team             Academic awards are given annually
                                                to the outstanding students who have            Dec. 4    Manor College              3:00 PM
  All Region and the NJCAA 2nd Team All
  American.                                     demonstrated educational excellence             Dec. 12   Del Tech Stanton           3:00 PM
                                                while participating in sports. This year,       Jan. 15   Salem CC                   3:00 PM
         The National League’s Atlanta          Jon Wilson, Baseball and Nichole
                                                Povilitis ’10 cheerleading achieved             Jan. 18   Raritan Valley CC          7:00 PM
  Braves drafted Lackawanna College
  pitcher, Dan Winnie, directly off the         the highest cumulative averages among           Jan. 20   Essex CC                   7:00 PM
  roster in the 16th round of the 2010          participants during their two years at
                                                                                                Jan. 27   Mercer County CC           7:00 PM
  Major League Baseball Draft. Winnie           Lackawanna College.
                                                                                                Feb. 5    Burlington CC              3:00 PM
  becomes the second LC player to be
  picked in the MLB Draft who has played               Margaret “Peg” Tobin Sportsmanship       Feb. 6    North Country CC           2:00 PM
  for Coach Pensak.                             Award is given to the student-athletes
                                                                                                Feb. 8    Harcum College             7:00 PM
                                                who have excelled on and off the field. It
  Golf                                          recognizes persons who are fair, generous
                                                and gracious in victory or defeat and whose
         During the 2010 season the             contributions to the team are varied and              HOME GAMES ARE PLAYED AT
  LC Golf Team captured the Raritan             vital. This year’s recipients were Angelea      LACKAWANNA COLLEGE STUDENT UNION
  Valley, Brookdale, Union and Burlington       Lockard ’10, Women’s Basketball and              500 JEFFERSON AVENUE, SCRANTON, PA
  invitational tournaments. The team had a      Wallace Jamison, Football.
  record of 42 wins to 1 loss and averaged
                                                                                                For scores, schedules, rosters and game recaps
  313.5 shots per round. The Falcons won
  the Pennsylvania – Delaware Cup and
  also had the best record in Region XIX
        1st Annual
   New Milford Center
Sporting Clay Tournament

                    Save The Date
  September 24, 2011

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