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					    Fla.                    Bishops oppose casinos                                                                                                See
                                                                          5 New pastors                                                          Below

         JUNE 9, 1978       PRICE 25c   VOL XX No. 14

   ...ForChrist. Lorraine
   Alter, a member of
   the Christ Clowns
   mime group from
   Stuart, performs at
   the Catholic youth
   Convention held in
   Boca    Raton     last
   week. More pictures
   on page 7.

                                                                                                                                               Photo by Tony Garnet

      'Prostitution, loan sharks, corruption'
Bp. Gracida lashes anti-      position to the proposals          followed with interest the       by       syndicated     crime.    gambling which we have given
Catholic 3.       which seek to legalize casino      development      of casino       Prostitution and loan-sharks      here.         %
                              gambling in our State. We          gambling in other parts of the   are but two of the many
                              speak not only out of a sense      United States. The experience    aspects of organized crime.               Edward A. McCarthy
     (backers    of casino of our responsibility as
gambling      are currently religious leaders, but also out      of others can serve to inform    Not the least consequence of               Archbishop of Miami
seeking public support for a of our concern as citizens of       us of what we might expect in    the introduction of casino                      Paul F. Tanner
referendum to allow casino Florida over the long-range           Florida should casino gam-       gambling is the possibility of
                                                                 bling be introduced in our       improper influence on public            Bishop of St. Augustine
gambling in South Florida.) implications which casino            State.
                              gambling would have for the                                         officials. Vast sums of money           Charles B. McLaughlin
                                                                                                  flowing through the casinos            Bishop of St. Petersburg
     We, the Catholic Bishops quality of life of all of the          Casino gambling seems        make possible the purchase of
of Florida, express our op- citizens of our State. We have       to be invariably accompanied     favors and concessions from                  Thomas J. Grady
                                                                                                  public officials. Corruption                 Bishop of Orlando
                                                                                                  tends to spread through many
                                        OFFICIAL                                                  levels      of public ad-                      Rene H. Gracida
                                      Archdiocese of Miami                                        ministration.                              Bishop of Pensacola-
           (More details, Page 4)                       THE REV. M. ANTHONY REILLY-                                                                  Tallahassee
                                                   to Assistant Pastor, Ascension Parish, Boca         We are well aware that
     The Chancery announces that Arch-             Raton.                                         some citizens of our State see
bishop McCarthy has made the following                  THE REV. E. MICHAEL KELLY-to              in casino gambling a means of
appointments, effective as of June 20, 1978:       Assistant Pastor, St. Joseph Parish, Stuart.   competing with other tourist
     THE REV. MSGR. WILLIAM                             THE REV. MARTIN DEVEREAUX-                areas which have resorted to
McKEEVER— to Pastor, Little Flower                 to pursue graduate studies and Chaplain of     such means to promote
Parish, Coral Gables.                              Campus Ministry at Boca Raton College,         tourism in their area. We
     THE REV. XAVIER MORRAS-to                      while retaining other assignments.            cannot believe that our State,
Pastor, St. Juliana Parish, West Palm Beach.            THE REV. JOSEPH ANGELINI-to               which is so rich in natural
     THE      REV. WILLIAM HEN-                    Assistant Pastor, Holy Name of Jesus           beauty and its wonderful
NESSEY—to Assistant Pastor, St. David              Parish, West Palm Beach.                       climate needs to employ such
Parish, Davie, while retaining other                                                              doubtful means to promote                     Bus Guide       20
assignments.                                            THE REV. JOHN HANDRAHAN,                  tourism - especially in view of               Classified      21
     THE REV. JOSE PAZ-to Pastor, St.               S.J.—to associate Chaplain, Holy Cross        the potential- harm to the                    Editorial       18
Michael the Archangel Parish, Miami.               Hospital, Fort Lauderdale.                     common good of all citizens of                Family Life     14
     THE REV. JOSE PANIAGUA-to                                                                    our state as we have described                Movies &TV...   15
                                                        THE REV. JOHN FINK-to Assistant                                                         Prayers         14
Pastor, Corpus Christi Parish, Miami.              Pastor, St. Bartholomew Parish, Miramar.       above. We urge all responsible
                                                                                                                                               It's A Date       9
     THE REV. J. FRANK FLYNN-to                         THE REV. JOSEPH NOLAN,                    for making decisions in this                 S.FIa. Scene      9
Pastor, St. Ignatius Loyola Parish, Palm            C.S.SP.—to Assistant Pastor, St. John the     matter to weigh carefully the                 Youth           17
Beach Gardens.                                     Baptist Parish, Fort Lauderdale.               reasons for opposing casino
  Tax credit backers wonder what war ahead
          By JIM CASTELLI             benefit from it. A tax credit bill                           credit bill was a "hollow gesture"                  legislation...President Carter      tension of the Elementary and
      WASHINGTON— (NC) — that has passed the Senate                                                and predicted that' the bill would                   will not dare carry out his threat Secondary Education Act, the
  Supporters of tuition tax credits   Finance Committee includes a                                 be held unconstitutional by the                     of a veto—unless he chooses to      major source of federal funding
  are savoring the victory in one     refundable credit, which means                               courts on grounds that the credit                    sacrifice all respect for the      for elementary and secondary
  battle, but are wondering what      that people too poor to pay taxes                            for elementary and secondary                        wishes and rights of the people."   schools.
  war is ahead as they face the       can receive the credit in cash.                              schools, which are over-                                  Much of the House debate on       The ESEA legislation, wich
  promise of a presidential veto.          The Senate is scheduled to                              whelmingly religious, would                         tuition tax credits for elementary  funds a variety of programs,
      On June 1, the House passed     take up tuition tax credits after it                         violate     the     constitutional                   and secondary schools focused on   includes a large increase for
 a tuition tax credit bill by a 237-  finishes a prolonged debate over                             separation of church and state.                     the impact the legislation would    compensatory          education
 158 vote after voting 209-194 to     labor law revisions.                                             The U.S. Catholic Conference                     have on the public schools.        programs for economically and
 include credits for tuition paid to       But President Jimmy Carter,                             estimates that 75 percent of all                          Tax credit opponents said the academically disadvantaged
 private, non-profit elementary       who believes tuition tax credits                             private school children and that                     bill would hurt the public schools students. The bill authorizes
 and secondary schools.               are inequitable and wasteful, has                            about one-fourth of all Catholic                     by drawing students away from      spending of $10.3 billion for 1979,
      The House bill would provide    threatened a veto and Speaker of                             children are in Catholic schools.                    public schools and by weakening rising to $12.9 billion in 1982.
  a credit for 25 percent of tuition  the House Thomas "Tip" O'Neill                               About 10 percent of all students                     support for bond issues to support     The Senate is considering a
  up to $50 in 1978 and $100 in 1979, says the House would probably                                are in private schools.                              public schools.                    similar bill. Both versions in-
  1980 and 1981 for elementary and    not be able to override a veto.                                  Califano said the bill would                          Tax credit supporters denied clude $400 million requested by
  secondary schools and up to $100    Two-thirds of members present                                damage the search for con-                          the charges. "This bill is in no the Carter administration for aid
  in 1978, $150 in 1979 and $250 in   and voting are needed to                                     stitutional means of helping                        way anti-public schools," Rep.      targeted on areas, particularly
 1980 and 1981 for college tuition.   override.                                                    parochial education.                                James Delaney (D.-N.Y.),            inner cities, with high con-
      The House tax credit is not         Secretary      of     Health,                                 He also noted that the                         chairman of the powerful House      centrations of poverty.
 refundable, which means people       Education and Welfare Joseph                                 number of congressmen voting                        Rules Committee and a tax credit        Both versions also include
 too poor to pay taxes cannot         Califano said the tuition tax                                for tuition tax credits for                         supporter, said during the          provisions requiring that spen-
                                                                                                   elementary and secondary                            debate.                             ding for elegible students in
                                                                                                   schools has declined. On an                               Rep. Bill Frenzel (R-Minn.),  private schools equal spending
                        News briefs                                                                earlier vote of whether to include
                                                                                                   elementary and secondary
                                                                                                   schools in a tuition tax credit bill
                                                                                                                                                       co-sponsor of the amendment         for children with identical needs
                                                                                                                                                       with Rep. Charles Vanik (D- in public schools and other
                                                                                                                                                       Ohio), said the bill would "at      provisions to speed up processing
                              HUNGER STRIKES                                                       in considering congressional                                                            of complaints about failure to
                                                                                                                                                       best" preserve the status quo by
            Hunger strikers in Washington, New York, San Fran-                                     budget limitations, the credits for                                                     deliver aid to non-public school
                                                                                                                                                       allowing those already in private
        cisco, Los Angeles and Tucson, Ariz.—mostly at churches—                                   the lower schools were approved                     schools to stay there without       students.
        are supporting demands that Chile's military junta provide                                 by 199-173, a 26 vote margin,                       "luring" students away from             In    addition     to    those
        information on the whereabouts of hundreds of Chileans who                                 compared with a 15 vote margin                      public schools.                     provisions, the Senate Human
        disappeared while in government custody.                                                   on the final House vote.                                                                Resources Committee has ap-
                                                                                                                                                            House members, regardless
                              QUIT'FAMILIES'                                                                                                                                               proved an amendment written by
            The recent resignations of two top officials of the White                                  But Father John Meyers,                         of how they voted on tuition tax
        House Conference on Families "make it less likely that a                                   president of the National Catholic                  credits, will soon have an op- • Sen. Claiborne Pell (D-R.I.) to
                                                                                                   Educational         Association                     portunity to demonstrate their      provide grants to private schools
        successful conference can be planned and programmed" by
        December, 1979, as scheduled, according to Msgr. Francis                                   predicted that "In view of the                      support for public schools when 'for books, transportation and
                                                                                                   great popular support for this                      floor action begins on an ex-       auxiliary services.
        Lally, chairman of the Catholic Committee for the White
       House Conference on Families.
                              ONLY2 PERCENT
            Only two percent of Maryland Democrats responding to
        a newspaper poll said they consider abortion the major issue
        of this year's gubernatorial campaign. The poll was com-
        missioned by The Sun of Baltimore and conducted by Social
        Data Analysts of Setauket, N. Y.
                           RAP TRADITIONALISTS
            Two Australian bishops have publicly denounced the
        activities of a traditionalist Catholic group that calls itself
        the Catholic Research Center. The criticism came from
       Archbishop Launcelot Goody of Perth and Bishop William                                                                                                                                 XQ\ Pan?
        Murray of Wollongong.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   *   •
            Seventeen African countries face severe food shortages
       because of drought, flood and war, the director general of the
       U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said. Conditions are
                                                                                                              A "no parking" sign now becomes the eleventh commandment at the Church of
       especially critical in Ethiopia, Ghana and three Sahelian                                              Our Lady of Perpetual Help In Scottsdale, Ariz.
       countries: Mali, Niger and Chad, added the director general,
       Edouard Saouma.
                             OPEN YOUR HOME
            Cardinal Giovanni Benelli of Florence has asked
       Catholics to open their homes to pregnant teenagers in need
                                                                                                                Waddill faces 2nd trial
                                                                                                         SANTA ANA, Calif.—(NC)—                       for a change of       venue and             The prosecution has alleged
        and to set up a "vast network" of pro-life centers in Italy. He                             Dr. William B. Waddill Jr. will                    rejected an argument that a            that Dr. Waddill chocked to death
       made the request in a homily at a penitential service June 2                                 stand trial again beginning Nov.                   second trial of Dr. Waddill would      the hours-old infant of 18—year-
       in Florence's Basilica of the Annunciation.                                                  27 on charges that he strangled to                 amount to double jeopardy, since       old Mary Weaver after learning
                              MILDEW ATTACK                                                         death a baby girl who had sur-                     defense attorneys had not agreed       that the child had survived a
            An Italian art expert has said that Leonardo da Vinci's                                vived a saline abortion he per-                     to the mistrial declaration. He        saline abortion attempt. The
       renowned "Last Supper" is under attack from mildew. Carlo                                   formed in March, 1977.                              said he would hear pre-trial           defense contends the infant was
       Bertelli, superintendent of art for the lombardy region which                                     The physician's first trial                   motions Aug. 4, and begin the          never really alive.
       includes Milan, said the mildew, caused by air pollutants                                   lasted nearly four months and                       second trial Nov. 27.
       settling on the painting, will destroy the world's most famous                              ended in a mistrial May 5 after                                                                In a related development, the
       representation of the Holy Thursday meal unless urge;!                                      the jury announced it was                               In testimony before Knight,        board of Westminster Com-
       action is taken.                                                                            "hopelessly Deadlocked" on a                        Dr. Waddill called Chatterton a        munity Hospital —where the
                            MISSIONARIES SHOT                                                      verdict. Both deputy District                       "dishonorable person" who was          alleged strangulation took
            Two Marianhill Brothers were killed by black terrorists                                Attorney Robert Chatterton and                      "not interested in justice."           place— voted May 22 to ban all
       in Rhodesia June 2 during a two-hour raid at their mission                                  Dr. Waddill had said they wanted                    Defense attorney Dr. Malbour           abortions in the hospitals. At the
       station of Embakwe, about five miles from the Botswana                                      a second trial, although defense                    Watson said the district at-           Huntington       Beach      Inter-
       border. Brothers Peter Edmund Geyermann, 36, and Andrew                                     attorneys had fought it.                            torney's office will be "unable to     community Hospital, where Dr.
       George von Arx, 45, were shot dead by the terrorists at about                                    In Santa Ana Superior Court                    prove that the Weaver baby was         Waddill also worked, doctors are
       7:30 p.m.                                                                                   June 1, Judge H. Warren Knight                      a human being under the murder         only allowed to perform one
                                                                                                   ruled against a defense motion                      statutes as they exist."               abortion per week.

                                                                                                                       Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy
          If not, clip off this corner • with
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Page 2 / Miami, Florida I THE VOICE I Friday, June 9,1978
                                                                                 "Such incidents as these of anti-Catholic bias
                                                                             in the abortion debate are despicable and should
                                                                             be deplored by the public, and certainly by those
                                                                             against whom such remarks are made."
                                                                                                                  ~Bp Gracida

Anti-Catholic prejudice
 entering abortion debate
     (In the past month or so, the spectre    It should be deplored by all citizens,         were made repeatedly in complaints
 of anti-Catholicism has risen again, this    regardless of their stance on the abortion     about media coverage to the Council. The             Catholic bishop as having testified before
 time pertaining to the abortion debate       issue.                                         Council, which deals with accusations                the Senate Judiciary Committee in
 and voiced by some influential people.            Within the last month, for instance,      concerning accuracy and fairness in the              Washington as follows: "We wish to
 Bishop Rene Gracida of Pensacola-            staff members of the Denver and                media, issued a judgment against both                make it clear that we are seeking to
 Tallahassee felt personally compelled to     Chicago Planned Parenthood affiliates          media in two specific instances.                     impose the Catholic moral teaching
 speak out at that mentality that would       disseminated blatantly anti-Catholic                It is lamentable that the anti-                 regarding abortion on the country."
 substitute anti-Catholic bias for rational   editorial cartoons. In all fairness, the       Catholic bias was evidenced at all,                      Since the senator did not give
 debate of the issue.)                        president of the national organization         certainly in such a public manner. At the            specific references as to the identity and
                                              apologized       publicy       for     the     same time it is commendable, that                    circumstances of his alleged quote,
        By Bishop Rene H. Gracida              "unauthorized" dissemination of the           persons saw fit to publicly denounce the             presumably-it was the testimony of John
           Catholic Diocese of                material and said the organization "shall      irresponsible actions of their peers.                Cardinal Krol of Philadelphia given on
         Pensacola-Tallahassee                do everything possible to prevent any               Consider another recent event...this            March 7, 1974, which was: "We reject
                                              possible occurrence of this nature."           one concerns the allegations of a State              any suggestion that we are attempting to
     There is a decided rise in the in-            Another case in point: The National       Senator from Miami, Sen. Jack Gordon.                impose 'our' morality on others." The
 cidence of anti-Catholicism being ar-        News Council in May criticized the New         On May 2, in a Senate committee                      deletion of the first five words of that
 ticulated by influential people in the       York Times and CBS News for some of its        hearing, Senator Gordon accused the                  quote substantially changes the meaning
 present abortion debate in this nation.      coverage of the abortion issue. Charges,       Roman Catholic Church of attempting to               and constitutes defamation, suggesting
 Such bigotry has no place in this debate,    that opposition to abortion was made to        impose its religious beliefs on the nation.
 nor in our democratic, pluralistic nation.   appear an exclusively Catholic stand,          The senator quoted an unidentified                              (Continued on Page 14)

            High School eyed for S. Palm Beach area
    The Archdiocese of               Father Vincent Kelly, Arch-         suffer, and that tuition              a more precise indication of: a)              receive your written ob-
Miami, in response to requests      diocesan Superintendent of           charges will be moderate with         the number of students for                    servations regarding this
of concerned parents and            Schools, with the Pastors of         some provision for assistance         whom service should be                       proposed school during the
pastors, is studying the            the twelve parishes of the           to poorer parents.                    provided b) the financial                     next weeks."
feasibility of building a           area, it was unanimously                  "I ask prayers for the           resources available, c) the                       Other priests at the
Catholic high school in the         proposed that steps be taken         guidance and strength of the          type of program that will best               meeting were: Msgr. William
South Palm Beach County-            immediately to review the            Holy Spirit as we consider this       serve the needs of the                       McKeaver, Msgr. Bernard
North Broward area.                 feasibility of establishing an       proposal."                            students.                                    McGrenahan, Msgr. William
                                    Archdiocesan high school in               Father Kelly said the                                                         Dever, Msgr. Joseph O'Shea,
     Cardinal Newman High           the Boca Raton area, to              priest panel would like to have            "A firm determination of                Fr. Fredrick Brice, Fr. An-
School in West Palm Beach           determine the degree of in-          input from local people on            the program, site, cost,                     thony Chepanis, Fr. Frank
and Cardinal Gibbons High           terest and support of the            ways and means of solving the         faculty, time table, etc., will              Curley and Fr. Walter
School in Fort Lauderdale           concept among the laity, and         problem.                              not be made until the Arch-                  Dockerill.
have been unable to handle          to initiate a fund for receiving                                           diocese is convinced of the                       There are now 11 Arch-
the need in that area, 250          contributions       from      in-         Commenting further on            practicality, support and                    diocesan high schools and five
freshman students already           dividuals, corporations and          the subject, Father Kelly said:       viability of the proposals.                  private Catholic high schools
having been turned away for         foundations.                             "The limited opportunities        Area pastors will be pleased to              in the Archdiocese.
next year.                                                               for a Catholic High School
                                                                         education in the North
     Last week Father Vincent
Kelly,       Archdiocesan
Superintendent of Education,
                                           "I am delighted by this
                                     interest in providing an op-
                                     portunity for the young people
                                                                         Broward-Palm Beach County
                                                                         area presently prompting
                                                                                                                     IRS reverses ruling
met with 11 pastors and one
principal from the area to
                                     of the Boca Raton area to
                                     receive their education in a
                                                                         priests and laity to research
                                                                         the needs and possible
                                                                         solutions. At the moment,
                                                                                                                     on church bulief insthe tax-
                                                                                                                    WASHINGTON— (NC)—Th e Under federal law,
discuss the problem. As a            Catholic high school during
result of the meeting four           the important years of their        Archdiocesan          schools          Internal Revenue Service has                 exempt groups are barred from
pastors were elected to make a       formation.      This     is a       providing for the needs of             reversed itself on the Question of           participating in or intervening in
study of how to solve the            recognition of the value of         these students include Car-            whether tax-exempt non-profit                any political campaign on behalf
problem. They were: Father           learning in an atmosphere of a      dinal Newman High School,              organizations can question                   of or in opposition to any can-
James Connaughton, Father            Community of Faith. I fully         West Palm Beach and Car-               political candidates for public              didate for public office.
Richard Murphy, Father               endorse and encourage the           dinal Gibbons High School,             office about their views and
                                                                         Fort Lauderdale. Since both            publish the responses.
Ronald Pusak, and Father             effort. The Archdiocese has a                                                                                                The key phrase in the new
John Skehan.                         responsibility to respond to        schools are unable to ac-                   Stating that certain "voter
                                                                                                                education" activities would not              ruling, however, is "a wide
     Voicing his concern was         the desires of parents to           commodate the applicants                                                            variety of issues." Organizations
                                                                         (over 250 Freshmen students            jeopardize the tax-exempt status
Archbishop Edward A.                 provide for their children the                                             of so-called 501 (c) (3)                     still risk losing their tax-exempt
McCarthy who issued the              blessing of an education which      have already been refused              organizations, the IRS on June 2             status if members question
following statement:                 includes Gospel values, and         acceptance for the coming              revoked a month-old ruling which             candidates only on issues of in-
     "For some time parents          which will help to prepare our      school year), parents are              had said that the publication of             terest to the organization and
of high school age children          leaders of the future.              demanding that some ad-                candidates'      responses       to          publish those answers. Also
have been begging for a                    "Our feasibility study        ditional      programs       be        questions submitted by such                  prohibited is the publication of
Catholic high school in the S.       will require the assurance that     developed.                             organizations would constitute               voting records on a narrow range
Palm Beach area.                     other priorities of religious                                              "participation in, or intervention           of issues about which the
                                                                              "The feasibility study                                                         organization is concerned.
     "At a recent meeting of         education and charity will not      now under way should give us           in" a political campaign.

                                                                                                                           "Serving South Florida Over 30 Years"

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                                                                                                                                           Miami/Florida I THE VOICE I Friday, June 9, 1978 / Page 3
                             Five pastors, 6 assistants named
     Five pastors and six                   also held in the Diocese of St.                                            Family Counseling Center.
assistant pastors are among 13              Augustine, Msgr. has a Master's                                                                                and St. Hugh parish, Miami.
priests who have been assigned to           Degree in Education and a                                                      Father Paniagua has served
new posts by Archbishop Edward              doctorate in Philosophy in                                                                                         Father Flynn has served at
                                                                                                                       in St. Vincent Ferrer parish,       Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Fort
A. McCarthy this week.                      Education awarded him at the                                               Delray Beach, Our Lady Queen of
     •    Msgr. William F.                  University of Madrid.                                                                                          Lauderdale; St. Joseph parish,
                                                                                                                       Peace Mission, Delray Beach;        Stuart;    Nativity    parish,
McKeever has been named                                                                                                Corpus Christi parish, Miami; St.   Hollywood; St. Vincent Ferrer
pastor, Little Flower Church,                   Elevated to his present ec-                                            Peter and Paul parish, Miami;       Church, Delray Beach.
Coral Gables.                               clesiastical rank by Pope Piux
     • Father Xavier Morras has             XII in 1958, he has also served as
been named pastor, St. Juliana              pastor of Our Lady of Angels           Fr. Paz          Fr. Flynn
Church, West Palm Beach.
     • Father Jose Paz will
                                            Church, Jacksonville; St. Mary
                                            Church, Korona; Epiphany                A native of Spain, Father Paz
                                                                                                                        Bryant plans gay help centers
become pastor, St. Michael the              Church, South Miami; Blessed         was named pastor of Corpus
Archangel Church, Miami.                    Trinity Church, Miami Springs;       Christi Church in 1975.
     • Father Jose Paniagua is                                                                                          MIAMI-(NC)-Singer                  and centers will also be
                                            St. Sebastian Church, Fort                                             Anita Bryant and her                    inaugurated in farm and ranch
the new pastor at Corpus Christi
Church, Miami.                                                                       He had served as an assistant husband Bob Green plan to               areas, Green said. Miss
     • Father J. Frank Flynn has                                                 in Corpus Christi parish and at   open a chain of homosexual              Bryant said she is prepared to
been named pastor of St. Ignatius                                                Epiphany parish. For four years   counseling centers across the           spend millions of dollars to
Loyola Church, Palm Beach                                                        he was administrator of St. Ann country, so that homosexuals              open the centers, which will be
Gardens.                                                                         Mission, Naranja as well as a     "can change the lifestyles              run by professional counselors
                                                                                  counselor at the Archdiocesan    they have become addicted               and will emphasize that
     The following priests have
been appointed assistant pastors:                                                                                  to."                                    homosexuality, is "anti-
Father William Hennessey,                                                           GOAL notes                                                             Christian" behavior.
assistant pastor, St. David                                                                                              Miss Bryant, who led the
parish, Davie; Father M.
Anthony Reilly, assistant pastor,          Msgr.McKeever        Fr. Morras
                                                                                    anniversary                     successful fight against a gay
                                                                                                                                                                The plan was criticized by
                                                                                                                    rights ordinance in Dade
Ascension parish, Boca Raton;                                                         Goal Inc. will celebrate its  County, Florida, last summer,          Robert Kunst, a homosexual
Father E. Michael          Kelly,           Lauderdale; Little Flower            first anniversary in its new       said she and her husband               rights proponent and director
assistant pastor, St. Joseph                Church, Hollywood; and St.           facility at 14040 NE 11 Ave., made the decision after                     of a center for counseling
parish, Stuart; Father Joseph               Augustine Church, Coral Gables.      North Miami, Sunday, June 11,      receiving thousands of letters         homosexuals in Miami, who
Angelini, assistant pastor, Holy                In 1949 he organized the         from 1 to 4 p.m.                   from homosexuals who are               said, "This is the kind of
Name of Jesus parish, West Palm             Newman Club at the University             Goal is an organization                                              Christian counseling which
Beach; Father John Fink,                                                                                            "beginning to realize that
                                            of Miami.                            dedicated to helping severely      there is a way out of this thing       has failed so miserably in the
assistant pastor, St. Bar-                                                       physically handicapped people to                                          past. With all the bigotry and
tholomew parish, Miramar; and                                                                                       for them."
                                                Father Xavier Morras, a          Get Out And Live. John Winters,                                           hatred she's caused, I think
Father Joseph Nolan, C.S.SP.,               member of the OCSHA—an               executive director, invites all to                                        she needs more counseling
assistant pastor, St. John the                                                                                           The chain will begin with
                                            organization of volunteer priests    attend the open house.             a therapy center in Miami,             than anybody."
Baptist parish, Fort Lauderdale.            from Spain serving in the
     In addition Father Martin              Americas, has been pastor in St.
Devereaux has been appointed                Michael parish since 1969.
chaplain of campus ministry at
the College of Boca Raton and                   Formerly assigned to work
will take graduate studies;
Father John Handrahan, S.J. is
the new associate chaplain
                                            among agricultural families on
                                            South Florida's east coast,
                                            Father Morras has served as
                                                                                        Our Family's Concern For Yours
assigned to Holy Cross Hospital,            pastor of St. Charles Borromeo
Fort Lauderdale.                            Church, Port Charlotte; St.
     Pastor of St. Juliana parish           Margaret Church, Clewiston;
since 1971, Msgr. McKeever was              and Sacred Heart parish,
ordained in 1945 and served his             Homestead. At the Archdiocesan
first parochial assignment as an            level he has been a member of the
assistant at the Cathedral in St.           Board of Consultors.
Augustine.                 '
     Archdiocese of Miami                      His Brother, Father Ignacio
Superintendent of Schools from              Morras, is pastor of St. Kevin
1958 to 1971, a position which he           Church, Miami.


    In time of sickness, and for better
    health, you know you can depend
    on your pharmacy. The quah'ty
    prescription experts in this
    seetion are listed by parish
    location for your

                           ST. ROSE OF LIMA |
           PARK SHORE PHARMACY                                                       John Roncaglione               Grant Daino            Donald Jochumsen         Norman Walker
                     Quality — Courtesy — Service
       10898 N.E. 6th AVE. - MIAMI SHORES - PH: 754-9508
                  OUR LADY QUEEN OF MARTYRS                                                King-Wixsom                                                           McHale
       ^PSCOT DRUG MUTUAL                                                                 Lanier-
      Family Run-Hudson Vitamins- Russell Stover Candies-Gift & Card Dpt.
                2790 W. Davie Blvd. (Near Winn-Dixie) 581-1114                            Josberger                                                             Wilhelm
                               HOLY FAMILY
                                                                                                                         Funeral Homes
                STONE'S PHARMACY
     "DRIVE-IN WINDOW SERVICE" - RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES                                           MIAMI                      NORTH MIAMI                    SOUTH MIAMI
      PH: 759-6534 - 11638 N.E. 2nd Ave. (Near Barry College)
    OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP[                               ST. PHILIP               CORAL GABLES - CORAL WAY                        -     OPA LOCKA - CAROL CITY
             OPA-LOCKA DRUGS
                                                   401 Opa Locka Blvd.
   Sundries - Photo Supplies - Film Developing - Money Orders - Blue Stamps                    Burial • Shipments • Cremation • Calcination
                   . DIF-ETIC CANDIES AND COOKIES
  ^        LUNCHEONETTE & STORE OPEN 6:30 A.M. TO 1 0 P.M.                  .
Page 4 I Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978
                                                        Decency has announced that                                       The NFD recently has                                                       TV advertising policy. Their                                       ranking fourth in violence,
TV decency                                              it is beginning a boycott of
                                                        Ford Motor Company because
                                                                                                                    been involved in a boycott of
                                                                                                                    Sears because of their TV
                                                                                                                                                                                                    announcement that they were
                                                                                                                                                                                                    withdrawing      ads from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       second in sex and second in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       profanity. Wildmon said the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       boycott action would include
unit to hit                                             of Ford's sponsorship of
                                                        violence, sex and profanity on
                                                                                                                    sponsorship. "We have won a
                                                                                                                    major victory in our efforts
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Charlie's Angels and Three's
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Company was a direct result                                        letter-writing to Ford and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       picketing of Ford outlets in
                                                        television. The NFD also                                    against Sears," said Donald                                                     of NFD pressure."
Ford next                                               announced that it will sponsor
                                                        its third Turn The Television
                                                                                                                    E. Wildmon,          executive
                                                                                                                    director of the NFD. "Because                                                        The NFD cited Ford as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       approximately 50 cities July
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       14. "Of the hundreds of
 TUPELO,     MISS-The                                   Off Week (TTTOW) Sep-                                       of our efforts Sears has taken                                                  being the second worst ad-                                         television advertisers, Ford
National Federation for                                 tember 17-23.                                               a major step in cleaning up its                                                 vertiser on prime-time TV.                                         has the second poorest policy.

                          FINANCIAL FEDERAL
                       MAKES FINANCIAL HISTORY!
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                       Bills for 182 days.                   ^ _ _ _ _ _ _ — — —

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ^mmesarenote(,gib, d e e r a '                  em
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            P' o Vees and the™

                                                                                                    GROUP          3

           GROUP 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *   NAME IS .


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - STATE _ _

                                                                                           GROUP 4
                                                                                                                                           GROUP s ;
                                                                                                                                                                                GROUP          6                                SAVINGS CERTIFICATES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     RN FBI MONEY MARKET SAVINGS CERDHCATES
                 GROUP 2

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ANNUAL YIELD
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 GROUP * 6
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                                                                                          Ph: 626-5700 TWIN CITY MALL: 400 N. Lake Blvd. S Federal H»y. (Between J. M. Fields S Sears) N. Palm Beach,
                                                                                          Ph: 8441308

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Miami, Florida I THE VOICE I Friday, June 9, 1978 / Page 5
      Priests pay tribute to outgoing Chancellor
    By Fr. Donald Connolly                                                                                                               month." "Okay," said his               speak to the priests and be
     Last Thursday The Voice                    c.           ,£*•«?                                                                      companion, "you can start
                                                                                                                                         with me. And I want a big red
                                                                                                                                                                                always does. He receives the
                                                                                                                                                                                most attention, because the
announced that Msgr. Noel                                                                                                                car..."                                priests    do not know
Fogarty was stepping down as                                                                                                                  A story about priestly            beforehand which one of them
Chancellor of the Archdiocese                                                                                                            gatherings is never complete           will be the focal point for his
to devote more time to this                                                                                                              without a mention of Msgr.             rapier wit. Last Thursday,
pastoral work at Saint Rose of                                                                                                           Jeremiah O'Mahoney, who                within the course of two
Lima Parish.                                                                                                                             shows up at all of them. He is         minutes, he managed to slay
     That same evening                                                                                                                   the oldest priest in the Arch-         at least a half dozen of the
Monsignor was the "victim"                                                                                                               diocese; at least three "ex-           group, and then sat down with
of a surprise party given by                                                                                                             perts" last Thursday guessed           his enigmatic smile, while the
166 of his brother priests. He                                                                                                           his age at anywhere between            priests gave him a standing
had been told, he said, that                                                                                                             89 to 101 (the best estimate is        ovation. He must have known
three or four priests wanted to                                                                                                          94). He is always asked to             he deserved it.
go to dinner with him that
night, and he agreed to join
                                                                                                                                      •        • • • * * * • * * * • * * • *
                                                                                                                                     ; Will Open a Personal I
      When they arrived at the
Lauderdale Yacht Club in
Fort Lauderdale, Archbishop
McCarthy was there with the
166 priests. Msgr. Fogarty,
not one to show emotion very
often, had to wipe a sen-                                                                                                            *                      *
timental Irish tear from his
cheek. And everyone loved it.                                                                                                        *           Checking Account                                           *
      The purpose of the oc-                                                                                                         T           This Group of Seven National Prestige*
casion was, as one priest put
it, "Just to thank him for the                                                                            ««' •"$*"•' V , '"•               Banks with six branches, owned and operated .
wonderful job he did for over                                                                                                        / I * locally, will continue to value liquidity and*"
six years as the Chancellor                        On behalf of the priests of the Archdiocese of Miami,                               ^t stability above the top dollar; and invites the)f
and as a priest-friend." As                        Father Vincent T. Kelly presents a set of keys for a new
usually happens at these                           Mercedes Benz as a token of appreciation to Msgr.
                                                                                                                                         L- attention of our citizens to these strong, safe^.
gatherings, the priests began                      Noel Fogarty for his years of dedicated service as                                       banks.                                     •       .
to reminisce about past years                      Chancellor of the Archdiocese.                                                      "¥• $20.00 will open a personal checking *"
in their service to the
parishioners of South Florida.               Archdiocese. The memo or-                                                                 ^(account. No minimum balance is required,:
                                                                                           and to share your work with
An historian would have had a                dered him to take a month's                   you."                                         L, and the cost is only a monthly charge of """"
field day if he had brought a                vacation. Then the highlight                       Maybe the laity have                        plus 15$ for each check written. Therefore,
tape recorder. Because, un-                  came, when Father Vincent                     evenings like that. But priests                 • if a customer draws six checks the cost would ^
fortunately, much of the                     Kelly presented Monsignor                     don't often have a chance for
Church's history in our area                 with the keys to a new car,                   "get togethers" with one                        ; be 900 plus 60$-or $1.50 for a monthly check-*
has not been written down,                   which the priests had chipped                 another. When they do,                          Jng account. This service ENTIRELY FREE T O ^
but is carried on vocally by                 in to buy for him.                            realizing the problems each                      THOSE OVER 60 and those disabled.                  ^
way of priestly anecdote.                         Finally, Msgr. Fogarty                   one faces in helping to serve
      When the dinner finally                got up to speak. He told of his               over one million Catholics, the                 '<• We also solicit savings accounts and pay a**
began,        Father      John               gratitude in being able to                    conversation is sparkling, the                  ; fair rate of interest on same.                      *
McKeown, as always a                         serve his brother priests. And                mood sometimes sentimental,                           Social Security and other preferred checks ~J
majestic figure, held his                    then he said, "You know, we                   and the spirit of comradeship
audience spellbound with his                 have the greatest priests in                  bubbling over. As the dinner                            be mailed to us direct for instant credit.
amazing rhetoric. And his                    the country right here in the                 broke up, one of the priests                             PEOPLES FIBST NATIONAL BANK OF
stories.                                     Archdiocese of Miami. I am                    remarked, "That was so much                                        MIAMI SHORES                    *
      Then ther was a suc-                   deeply grateful to God that                   fun we ought to find someone
                                             He has let me get to know you                 to honor at least once a                                   Northeast 2nd Avenue at 95th Street
cession of several other priest
speakers praising the work                                                                                                                                         Branches
and character of Msgr.                                                                                                                                     8900 Biscayne Boulevard (Miami Shores)   %*
                                                                                                                                                                125-178 Street (Miami Beach)
Fogarty, while the honored
guest slunk lower and lower in
                                                  CENTER LEASING '"RENTAL INC.
his seat, covered with em-                                                                                                                      PEOPLES AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK OF                           *
barrassment, as he later ad-                                                                                                                              NORTH MIAMI
mitted.                                                              FOR AUTOMOBILE OR                                                                Northeast 125th Street at 10th Avenue
      Archbishop      McCarthy                                         TRUCK LEASES                                                                              West Dixie Branch                          *
got the biggest laugh of the                                                                                                                                 645 N.E. 127th Street (North Miami)
evening when he read publicly
what he termed his last
memorandum to Msgr.
                                                                         SEE US                                                                    PEOPLES FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF
                                                                                                                                                         NORTH MIAMI BEACH
 Fogarty as Chancellor of the                                                                                                                          West Dixie Highway at 160th Street
                                                         RENTAL UNITS ALSO AVAILABLE
                                                                                                                                                PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE
                                                                     9200 IM.W. 27 AVE.                                                               Northwest 79th Street at 33rd Avenue
                                                                     MIAMI, FLA. 33147
                                                                                                                                                  PEOPLES LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK OF
                                                                                                                                                             NORTH MIAMI
          GMC NEW &
         USED TRUCKS
                                              IBROWARD: 920-2227 • MIAMI: 696-1711                                                                    Northwest 7th Avenue at 135th Street
    PICK UPS VANS DUMPS                                                                                                                                        Sunshine Park Branch
           TRACTORS                                                                                                                                            16351 N.W. 13th Avenue (Miami)
        If you need em
          We Got 'em                                          ! IS THIS AN ACTUAL PHOTO OF CHRIST?                                                  PEOPLES HIALEAH NATIONAL BANK
                                                              I FREE slide presentation of the true story of the Holy Shroud of
            635-0331                                          | Turin, the actual cloth that covered Jesus in his tomb, that bears                               1550 West 84th Street                       *
   We Solve Truck Problems                                    f the miraculous imprint of His holy face and body. No charge to any
                                                              I group of 10 or more. Call Lee Garlon for information or to arrange                                   Palmetto Branch
      SERVICE PARTS                                           f a showing. 661-5552.                                                                            7625 W. 20th Avenue (Hialeah)
      633-1434 635-9481                                                    See the Miracle Shroud in person...                                                                                               *
              SALES                                                                                                                               PEOPLES DOWNTOWN NATIONAL BANK
          8 A.M.-6 P.M.                         VISIT EUROPE, ROME, from $|                                                                          "Y"       405 N.E. Second Avenue
           Mon. thru Fri.                       For the first time in 31 years the Holy Shroud is to be publicly
                                                displayed in Turin. Italy! Join our supervised tour which also                                                 Northeast First Avenue Branch                 *
      Sat., 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.                    includes Rome, the Vatican (possible audience with Pope), Sis- Via reg scried
     GMC TRUCK CENTER                           tine Chapel. Shrine of St. Francis of Asissi. Leaving September airiine (not char-                               127 N.E. 1st Avenue (Miami)
                                                16th. Act now: only limited number at this low price. Call cardsaccepfed
    Minutes from the Airport                    661-5552 for information.                                        for airfare.

Page 6 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978
               s:                                                                         at Youth Meet
A mime group from Stuart performed at the Catholic Youth Convention in Boca Raton
last weekend, using their silent form of communication as a special ministry. The group
illustrated the Gospel messages and the convention theme "Paving the Road to
Kingdom Come." Newiey elected president Joanne Toth (lower left) of St. James is
congratulated by her opponent, Amy Hoey, of St. Clare parish. Mike Bentivegna (lower              Photos by Tony Garnet
right) of St. Kevin parish registers voting delegates.

                                                                                               Miami, Florida/ THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978 / Page 7
                                                                                       'Don't be afraid' encourages
                                                                                        blind graduate of Biscayne
                                                                                          Gustavo Adolfo Caballero
                                                                                      was honored, at Biscayne
                                                                                      College's graduation, with the
                                                                                      Thomas Cruz Award. The award
                                                                                      was presented to Caballero for
                                                                                      his academic achievement
                                                                                      during his two years of study at
                                                                                      Biscayne College South Campus
                                                                                      (Bilingual Institute).
                                                                                           Caballero has met greater                                                                               Gustavo Adolpho
                                                                                      challenges than academic ex-                                                                                 Caballero receives
                                                                                      cellence. Returning to college at                                                                            the Thomas Cruz
                                                                                       age 47 is an achievement                                                                                    Award at Biscayne
                                                                                      especially considering barrifers of                                                                          College's   recent
                                                                                      language and culture. In addition                                                                            graduation.
                                                                                      to these obstacles, Caballero is
                                                                                      visually handicapped.
                                                                                          Caballero was not born blind.
                                                                                      During the 1960's he was im-
       ST. HELEN CHURCH, Lauderdale Lakes, is presented                               prisoned in his homeland, Cuba.
       a community service award for outstanding con-                                 Due to the severe conditions he
       tribution in establishing a blood bank by Patricia Carr,                       gradually lost his eyesight.
       manager of Community Relations, Broward Com-                                       Prior to his imprisonment, he
                                                                                      was a professor for ten years at           of taking notes and was examined                  couragement to other han-
       munity Blood Center. Receiving the award on behalf of                                                                     orally. He earned his degree in
       the parish are Father Charles Killgoar, O.M.I.,                                Belen Elementary School. While                                                               dicapped people. He feels the
                                                                                      he was working as a teacher he             psychology and plans to return to                 biggest step in making their lives
       associate pastor, and Thomas I. Rossetti, St. Helen's                                                                     Biscayne for his masters degree.                  successful is, "not to be afraid;
       blood bank chairman. Another award was presented to                            completed his studies in
                                                                                      pedagogy. In addition, he was the          His career interest is counseling                 not to let themselves down; to go
       St. Helen's for donating more voluntary blood than any                                                                    or psychotherapy.                                 ahead and study." In his own
       other church in all of Broward County.                                         chief counselor of the San Jorge
                                                                                      Circle 719 of the Juvenile Order of             Caballero      off err  en-                  words—"they can do it too!"
                                                                                      the Columbus Squires for seven
                                                                                          In 1966, Caballero came to               Television retreat
                     It's a Date                                                      Florida with his two young sons.
                                                                                      He received training, in coping
                                                                                      with his handicap, from Miami               set for New Yorkers
                                                                                      Lighthouse for the Blind. At                  NEW YORK—(NC)—A four-                              Themes of the programs will
                                                 Church annual picnic Sunday,                                                                                                      be "Forgiveness and Recon-
             Broward                             June 11, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on    Biscayne College he tape                  part television retreat produced
                                                                                                                                                                                   ciliation" "Healing and the
                                                                                      recorded his classes as a means           and conducted by the Passionist
      ST. CLEMENT Women's                        the parish grounds. Live band,                                                 Fathers will be broadcast during                   Sacrament of Anointing,"
 Club, Fort Lauderdale, rummage                  dancing and games featured. Call                                               June on a New York station,                        "Prayer and the Passion," and
 sale today (Friday) through                     696-1428 for tickets.                                                          marking the first presentation of                  "Hope and Heaven." The last
 Sunday, June 11, in the parish                       ST. KEVIN Women's Guild
                                                 meeting in the rectory meeting
                                                                                       Nuns' retreat                            a TV retreat in the area.                          segment of the series will include
 hall.                                                                                                                                                                             benediction of the Blessed
      COURT         HOLY       SPIRIT,           room Monday, June 12, at 8 p.m.
                                                 State Attorney Janet Reno will be
                                                                                      set June 21-26                                 The half-hour programs will                   Sacrament.        '
 Catholic Daughters of America,                                                           "Prayer: Discovery of Self,           be aired each Sunday in June on                        The retreat is produced by
 business meeting today (Friday)                 guest speaker.                       God, and Our World," is the               WOR-TV channel 9 in New York,                      Passionist Communications,
 at 1 p.m., at St. Elizabeth Gar-                     SACRED HEART Women's            theme of a retreat for Sisters            immediately after the televised                    based in Riverdale, N.Y., which
 dens, Pompano Beach. Last                       Club, Homestead, monthly             June 21-26 at the Dominican               Sunday Mass at 10:30 a.m.                          began offering the televised
 business meeting      until Sep-                meeting will be in Patrina Hall      Retreat House.                                 According to Passionist                       Sunday Mass in 1970. Last year,
 tember.                                         Tuesday, June 13, at 8 p.m.              Opening are still available,          Father Mark Connolly, originator                   the Passionist Fathers began a
                                                     ST. LOUIS Christian Family       according to Sister Elizabeth             and producer of the Sunday                         series of television ads calling
     COURT      INFANT     OF                    Weekend set for June 16-18. For      Ann, O.P., for the retreat to be          Mass, the programs are designed                    young men to the priesthood.
 PRAGUE, Catholic Daughters of                   information and reservations call    given by Fathers Kenan Peters             "to provide, in the privacy of
 America, annual covered dish                    George and Julie Skokan at 552-                                                people's homes, a brief interlude
                                                                                      and Theodore Walsh, C.P. Two                                                                     ^ 19-Day Bargain

 supper Wednesday, June 14, at                                                        conferences will be given each            for taking spiritual inventory and
 8:30 p.m., in Nativity Church                       FAMILY ENRICHMENT                day on a particular theme of              quiet reflection.
 parish hall, Hollywood. Short                   CENTER sponsoring a Family           prayer: leisure-listening; hur-                "Much as we do with the
 meeting follows supper.                         Campout Retreat June 30-July 2

                                                                                      ting-healing; conversion-pre-             Sunday Mass, we are looking to
      WOMEN'S            AGLOW         of        at John Prince Campground,           sence; comfort-challenge;                 uplift and spiritually refresh the
 Hollywood      luncheon at the                  Lake Worth. For reservations         thanksgiving-commitment.                  sick, aged and shut-in, and all
 Holiday Inn, Harrison St.                       and information call Stan and            For reservations and in-              who participate through the
 Thursday, June 15, at 11 a.m.                   Natalie Skolinsky at 971-7728.       formation call Sister Elizabeth           medium of television," Father                              under the                 §
 Vicki Stroncek will be guest                        ST.     CECILIA       Church,    Ann at 238-2711.                          Connolly added.                                            leadership of
 speaker. Reservations must be                   Hialeah, will note its seventh                                                                                                           Monsignor Frederick R.
 called in by Tuesday, June 13.
 Call 963-1374 or 966-8126.
                                                 anniversary Saturday, July 1,
                                                 with Mass at 7 p.m., followed by a       MINI HOMES - MOTOR HOMES - TRAILERS.                                                               STENGER
                                                 family dance in Milander
                                                 Auditorium, Hialeah, to the                                                           VilDAS     LAYTON
                Dade                             music of the Crystal Group. For                                                       LINDY      SCOTTY
      ST.   VINCENT DE PAUL                      tickets call 885-4614.                                                                VOLUNTEER NORRIS

      New officers elected                                                                                                               BRING THIS AD IN
                                                                                                                                      FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNT

            ST. JULIANA

      St. Juliana Women's Club,
                                                 Pompano, had an installation
                                                 Mass and dinner for new officers:
                                                                                                  Camper/ poradl/e
                                                                                             9735N.W. 27th AVENUE •   MIAMI. FLORIDA33147 •           (305)696-1693
                                                                                                                                                                                     *1599 K ° k Aug. 21st
                                                                                                                                                                                         Ireland  France
                                                 Mrs. John P. Smyth, president;
 West Palm Beach, installed the                  Mrs. Thomas W. Kuehn, first                   EVERYTHING FOR ROUGHING IT SMOOTHL Y                                                      Italy   Vatican
 following new officers at an in-                vice-president; Mrs. Harold V.                                                                                                          Portugal Spain
 stallation Mass and luncheon:                   Madden, second vice-president;                                                                                                      Shannon Bunratty Limerick
 Mrs. L.A. Kalil, president; Mrs.
 James Vasil, vice-president;
                                                 Mrs. Stanley P. DiPretoro,
                                                 recording secretary; Mrs. Frank
                                                                                                  THE CALL TO SHEPHERDHOOO                                                           Killarney   Kerry
                                                                                                                                                                                     Blarney Waterford
                                                                                                                                                                                     Lourdes   Rome
 Mrs.      Raymond      Emmett,                  J. Kartz, treasurer; Mrs. Paul                         the call of the Lord to a life of                             Madrid    Fatima   Lisbon
 secretary; Mrs. Ella Appleby,                                                                                  • religious consecration • growth through prayer • fraternal
                                                 Blade, corresponding secretary;
 treasurer.                                      Mrs.    Peter Versage, Sr.,
                                                                                                                sharing • service and dedication • the giving of self.
                                                                                                                It is the call to offer spiritual and temporal assistance to the           PAPAL AUDIENCE
      St. Juliana's Holy Family                  publicity.                                                     • transient poor • the physically and mentally handicapped • the         An oudience with His Holiness,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Pope Paul VI, is scheduled, as well
                                                                                                                elderly • aged and troubled priests                                    as a comprehensive tour at Vati-
 Circle installed Miss Frances                              ST. ANDREW                                 imitation of Jesus, the Good Shephord, through                   can City These are only a few of
 Fisher, president; Mrs. Otto G.                                                                                                                                                       the high spots! Write or coll today
                                                                                                                expressions of "Charity Unlimited"                                   f--—— for your detailed itinerary!        ]
 Albrecht, treasurer; and Mrs.                    St. Andrew Home-School                                        We hear the call to Shepherdhood;                                      Msgr. Frederick R.Stenger
                                                                                                                                                                                             3000 S. Ocean Blvd.
 Willie H. Payne, secretary.                     Association elected Joseph                                     We hear and we say "YES, LORD"             "'                        I Boca Raton. Florida 33432
                                                 Langlois, president; Dodie                                     We are the
                                                 Brown, vice-president; Alice                                   LITTLE BROTHERS OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD
              ST. HENRY                                                                                         For further information, write
                                                 Walsh, secretary; Mike Lynch,                                  Vocation Director, P.O. Box 260, Momence, Illinois 60954
     St. H e n r y W o m e n ' s Guild,
?aae 8 /• Miami, Florida i THE VGiCE / Friday,   lunr. 6 1Q7S
                   'The people must come to know that alco-
               holism is not a moral issue and does not stem
               from a character disorder of lack of will power"
                                      --Fr. Michael Hogan, OSA

         He'll help parishes
              with alcoholism
   By ARACELICANTERO               director for a large in-patient
     Voice Spanish Editor          treatment facility in Dade
     Recently appointed to the     County and as a counselor to
staff of the Gatholic Service      individuals and groups. "I
Bureau to serve as a con-          think I bring into the new job
sultant in alcohol services,       experience and credibility
Augustinian Father Michael         with the community," he                "I see this field as a                A native of Chicago and         to do with how much one
Hogan is very optimistic           says. "I am very familiar with    genuine ministry for a priest,        currently Secretary of the           drinks or how often one
about his new job.                 community          treatment      and a valid one," he says. Yet        Dade County Council on               drinks" he says. "It's what
                                   facilities and programs."         he points out "there is no            Alcoholism, Father Hogan,          : alcohol does to them when
     "I see it as an outreach to                                     Catholic answer t o t h e             points out that alcoholism "is       they drink it. Actually it is a
the priests and parishes in        Aware       of    alcohol         problem, for it is really a           coming out of the closet" and      I medical issue, an illness, just
need of alcoholism in-         problems among youth, he              human one," he says.                  is nothing people should be          as diabetes, for example.
formation, education and       plans to establish outreach                                                 ashamed of.
referral," he says.            programs for the schools,                                                                                           "I know that Archbishop
                               dealing particularly with                   Stating that he has been                                            McCarthy and Mon. Bryan
      "I also see myself as a alcohol     prevention and             a professional student all his             "People like Betty Ford,       Walsh (Catholic Charities
 liason between the Arch- education and he hopes that                life he has to his credit several     Wilbur Mills, Buzz Aldrin,          Director) are anxious to reach
 diocese and the community the priests and the laity will            graduate degrees—theology,            Dick Van Dyke, and other            the priests and the parishes
.treatment      programs in feel free to contact him at the          counselling and psychology,           celebrities who announce their      with the good news that
 existence, he adds.           Catholic Service Bureau in            American        history a n d         battle with alcoholism and          alcoholism is treatable and
      Prior to his appointment Miami for information and the         government. He is also a              steps to recovery, are great        that we have local help
 Father Hogan worked in the sharing of his know how in               graduate of the Rutgers               inspiration    to the still         available," he says
 secular field as a program the field of alcoholism.                 School of Alcoholic studies.          suffering alcoholic," he says.
                                                                                                                                                    Father Hogan will work
                                                                                                                "The people must come          out of the Central Office of the
                                                                                                           to know that alcoholism is not      Catholic Service Bureau, 4949
                                                                                                           a moral issue and does not          N.E. 2nd, Avenue, where he
                                                                                                           stem from a character disorder      can be reached for counselling,
                                                                                                           or lack of will power."             information and referrals at
                                                                                                                "Alcoholims has nothing        754-2444.

                                                                     Sister Marie Joseph Barry,
                                                                     O.P. receives a certificate
                                                                     of recognition and a Prayer
                                                                     Book of the Divine Office
                                                                     from Archbishop Edward                                   Floor
                                                                     A. McCarthy during the
                                                                     Mass of Thanksgiving
                                                                     offered last Friday in St.
                                                                     Joseph Church, Surf side,
                                                                     in observance of the nun's
                                                                     golden jubilee. Msgr.
                                                                                                                                        The SSS floor show stars
                                                                     Francis P. Dixon, her                                            Fanny the Floor Machine,
                                                                     cousin, and Msgr. Peter                                          Heavy Duty Upright
                                                                     Rellly, were concelebrants
                                                                     of the Mass followed by a                                               Vacuum VaVa
                                                                     reception and dinner.                                                    Voom, Irma the
                                                                                        I                                                    industrial Wet and
                                                                                                                                             Dry Vacuum and
                                                                                                                                             Sarina the Automatic
                                                                     Formerly of Pittsburgh. Pa.
                                                                                                                                               They don't walk.
                                                                                                                                      They don't talk. They don't
                                                                                                                                  even crawl on their bellies like
                                                                         FINE FURNITURE. INC.                              But what features. Including whatever
                                                                        Unusual opportunities
                                                                        are offered each and                  it takes to cut cleaning time, cut maintenance
        REMOVE UNSIGHTLY LINES                                          every day for anyone                  costs and make you a star.
                                                                        wishing quality in Furni-                 Contact us. Your local SSS distributor.
                     ABOVE YOUR LIP                                     ture. Lamps and Acces-
                                                                        sories for your home or                   We'll show you what these babies can do.
                     ONLY ONE TREATMENT                                 apartment, at a cost
                     ,   PRICE *75°°                                    that is no more and
                     LOOK IO-IB YEARS YOUNGER                           often less than the
                         FRfE CONSULTATION                              commonplace.                                    BISCAYNE CHEMICAL
                        UNRETOUCHED PICTURES                                                                                                              LABORATORIES INC.
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                    THE BETTER LOOK SKIN CLINIC                       (6 blocks south of Atlantic Blvd.)           1215 N.W. 7th Avenue, Miami, Fla.
                   9S53 HARDING AVE. SURFSIDE                                    Pompano
                            866-4130                                          Phone:943-8465.                 Telephone: Dade 324-1 133, Broward 524-8321
                                                                                                                              Miami, Florida I THE VOICE I Friday, June 9, 1978 / Page 9
   Finest Seafood Cooked To Order
       Serving Luncheon and Dinnet
            DAILY-ALL YEAR
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           A Dining MUST While in Miami

                                                                                                                                                                   for Gracious Dining
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                                                                                                     SUPERB FACILITIES                    ROAST DUCKLING            CARDS
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Restaurant Family
                                                                                                                                          JUMBO PORK                HONORED                                 For55 Years."
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                                                                                                                                          SHRIMP SCAMPI
                                                                                                                                          FRESH FILET
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                                                                                                                                          ENTREES FROM
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           CELEBRATING OUR "25th" ANNIVERSARY                                        North Ocean Drive at Atlantic Boulevard
                                                                                     Pompano Beach, Florida • Ph. 941-2200
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                                   Dine In                                                         Reminder- Tennagers- Get your- Free- Works- Wanted- Ads- in by- June 9
            Surroundings of a Tropical Orchid Garden
                        And a Collection of British   Artifacts

                                                The Most Beautiful Restaurant                                                  OUR 43rd. YEAR
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            is in Plantation-by-the-Sea.                                                    • Piano Lounge.
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         181 N. University Drive, Plantation (Just north of West Broward Blvd.)                   Garlic Rolls (No Side Dishes with Pasta Entrees).                 Salad and Side Dish'
       Open 11:30 AM Mon, thru Fri.; 4 PMSat.; 4 PM Sun. Information 473-2303
                           Guests seated in order of arrival                                      BONELESS CHICKEN ALLA PARMIGIANA                                         $3.95
                    VISA, American Express, Master Charge welcome.
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                            Deauville                        tennis ctuto
                              On the Ocean at 67th Street, Miami Beach
                                                                                               2nd. Street and Collins Avenue (South end Miami Beach).
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Page 10 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978
               Millions come to state with no contact
     By FATHER DONALD CON-                   percent of all inmates are white males    families and parishes should discuss           with all parishes of the Archdiocese
 NOLLY                                       under the age of 25, and of that          realistic apostolates to those in every        participating in the Mass there.
      Hello, everyone!                       number over 51 percent come from          kind of need. Primarily, we are of             Archbishop Fulton Sheen will be the
      Last week in this column, we           broken homes. Between the years           course to pray for others, so that             featured speaker.
said that you would be reading in The         1970 and 1990, the population in         every one will find his or her way                   Accompanying this article you
Voice the results of the views of over       Dade County will have increased by        back to God. Then we must make it              will see some of the ideas which have
80,000 children and teenagers on the         49 percent, that of Fort Lauderdale       our task, as best we can, to listen to         been sent to the Holy Year office as
Holy Year themes. Since there were           by 65 percent, and Palm Beach             others and help them in practical              possible projects which parishes and
so many replies, we will run the series      County by 132 percent! In past years       ways. "What you do for the least of           families might undertake. Discuss
during the summer, beginning next             about 16 percent of all new residents     my brethren," said Jesus, "you do             these ideas with others. And send us
 week, giving you their attitudes and         have been Catholics.                      for Me."                                      your own suggestions to the Holy
suggestions each week on the sub-                  Social problems are staggering,                                                    Year Office, Archdiocese of Miami,
jects of: Faith, Prayer, Love,               with Florida leading much of the                Remember to mark your                    6301 Biscayne Blvd., 33138. We want
 Community and Vocation.                     country in alcoholism, abortions,          calendar for the night of October 6           all the help we can get.
      This week, we want to discuss a        social diseases,         prostitution,     (Friday). That's when we will have                 May God give all of you special
 few of the evangelization needs in the      homosexuality, broken homes and            our grand rally at the Orange Bowl,           blessings during our Holy Year!
 Archdiocese, especially by showing          runaway teenagers. What this tells
 some important statistics. One              us basically is that people with all
 pastor observed, when he read the
 data, "It looks like the solution lies in
 getting our people to be more
                                             kinds of human problems come to
                                             Florida, hoping in the natural
                                             beauties we enjoy here that somehow
                                                                                        Some program ideas
 apostolic Christians. They have to          they can come to grips with them-
 learn how to share their Faith with         selves and get some help. They are, in
                                             effect, running away from where they             (These ideas have been to the                   • An "open house" day at the
 others."                                                                                Holy Year office by priests,                    parish, so that neighbors of other
                                             came from, because they knew in
      One of the things that a number        their hearts that there had to be more      Religious, and laity. Discuss them              religions can learn why Catholics
 of pastors agreed on was that a large       meaning to life than they were ex-          together and see which ones you                 go to Mass.
 percentage of the Catholics in their        periencing.                                 can help to implement).                              • Distribute The Voice where
 parishes do not attend Church                                                                                                           it can be read by others, beginning
 regularly. "It is not that they are              Since we have all reflected on the       # During the week before the                  especially with the local library.
 antagonistic," said       one priest,       themes of the Holy Year, our primary        October 6 Orange Bowl Mass, the                      9 Making sure that every
"because most of them are actually           reaction to these people must be,           parishes should have special                    Catholic home has religious
very fine people. They just got lazy         "How can I help you?" Archbishop            Missions. One night for family                  symbols such as holy pictures,
or overwhelmed with secular con-             McCarthy summed up the purpose of           renewal, a night for the blessing of            statues, the Bible; having homes
cerns. In their hearts, they want to         the Holy Year perfectly when he             the sick, a night for a communal                blessed.
start all over again but we have to          wrote in his Pastoral letter, "To           penance service, a night for
                                             those who have lost their way, to           adoration of the Blessed                             • Having a home "Amnesty
reach out to them first."                                                                                                                Day," where each member of the
                                             those who have given up hope, to            Sacrament, and so on.
      Did you know that 29,000,000           those who have become lukewarm in                                                           family forgives the others for any
                                                                                              • A parish program to train                wrongs, and everyone shares
tourists come to the State of Florida        the practice of their Faith, I extend       volunteers for evangelization work
each year? Or that over 4,500,000 of         an especially warm invitation, during                                                       gifts—like a "Little Christmas"
                                                                                         within the parish.                              without waiting for Christmas.
them pass through the Miami and              this Holy Year, to come homel                    • More home liturgies, so
Fort Lauderdale airports? Or that                 During this Pentecost season,          that parishioners can get to know                    • Visiting Church daily for
one million foreign tourists came just       when we are looking for ways                one another better.                             quiet prayer.
to Dade County last year?                    through which we can grow in the
      In Florida prisons, about 54           Faith and reach out to others,

  N e w Religious Ed head:                                                                                                      Fr. Paul
              young, involved
         By Frank Hall               important Priest Senate
         Feature Editor                                                 his wishes to become a           office was much smaller," the            the term religious education
                                     Committee on Liturgy. He is       priest.                           new director points         out.
      Father Paul Vuturo is          also one of four priests in the                                                                              rather than CCD," he says.
young, personable and in-                                                    Born in Indianapolis,       "Now we have coordinators in
                                     Archdiocese to receive special                                      every deanery in the Arch-
volved. He's also the new            permission from Abp. Mc-           Father Vuturo moved to                                                    "Mainly because of the liaison
director of the Office of           Carthy,        the       Sacred    Miami Shores in 1955 with his     diocese and we have just hired           we have with the school's
Religious Education for the         Congregation for the Eastern       family and enrolled in the        a new coordinator for rural              office, the department of
Archdiocese of Miami, a             Church in Rome, and Bishop         third grade in St. Rose of        catechetics and a new coor-              youth activities, and other
position for which he ob-           Michael Dudick of the              Lima School. He entered St.       dinator for adult education.             organizations within the
viously is well qualified to        Byzantine       Eparchy       of   John Vianney Seminary as a              "We will be developing             Archdiocese.
handle.                             Passaic, N.J., to celebrate         freshman in high school and      both these new programs this                   "So often,"         Father
     Father Vuturo has been         Mass and administer the            became the first seminarian to    year as well as coninuing to             Vuturo notes, "when you
involved in projects related to     Sacraments in the Byzantine        complete his entire high          develop bi-lingual programs              think of CCD you think
the Office of Religious             Rite.                              school and college education      with Father Juan Sosa, our               exclusively of a program for
Education for the past nine              As for Father Vuturo          in seminaries of the Arch-        Spanish associate director,"             elementary or high school
years; teaching, coordinating       being personable, even Pope        diocese.                          Father Vuturo notes.                     students who are not involved
programs, giving workshops          John XXIII was impressed                 The son of Mr. and Mrs.           Father Vuturo is bi-               in the parochial structure. But
for PDRE's (Parish Directors        with him to the extent that         Vincent Vuturo who are music     lingual himself and, according           now with so many parishes
of Religious Education) and         the late Pontiff returned           directors of St. Joseph          to him, has had lots of practice         having full-time PDRE's who
religious education teachers.       personal Christmas greetings        Church, Miami Beach, and         since almost all of the parishes         are involved in the total
He is also the assistant            to him when he was in the           served in the same capacity at   he has been assigned to,                 parish, the image is
director of the Religious           sixth grade at St. Rose of          St. Agnes and St. Lawrence       except Sacred Heart in Lake              changing."
Studies Program sponsored           Lima School in Miami Shores.        parishes, Father Vuturo          Worth, has had "lots of                        One thing is for sure, with
by the Archdiocese and Barry             Eleven-year-old Paul had       inherited a great many           Spanish work." He has served             the past direction of Father
College. His inovlvement in         sent a Christmas card to Pope       musical talents and plays        at Immaculate Conception,                Gerard LaCerra and Father
these activities will certainly     John and included a short          piano, organ, accordian and       Hialeah, St. Brendan; St.                Juan Sosa, the addition of
be a great asset to his new         note expressing his desire to      guitar.                           Mary Cathedral? and St.                  Father Vuturo to the Office of
position.                           eventually become a priest.              "The big thing now,"        James.                                   Religious Education assures
     Although young, or-            Early in 1959, Pope John            says Father Vuturo, "will be          One area he wants to                the Archdiocese that religion
dained in 1973, Father Vuturo       responded and assured the          to continue the effectiveness     continue to try and change is            will not be boring or outdated
has the respect and confidence      young boy that the Holy            of the Office and the programs    the title of the Office and its          but rather a vital, dynamic
of his brother priests who          Father would "pray very             set up by Father Gerry           programs.                                and integral part of the life of
elected him chairman of the         hard" that God would grant         LaCerra. Nine years ago, the            "We are using more of              the Archdiocese.-^
                                                                                                                                Miami, Florida I THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978 I Page 11
                                                                                                              KN0W   Appaiachia
                                                               . /
                                                                                                              Y0UR Wilderness in
                                                                                                                                                      been wearned from the bottle. B"t I
                                                                                                                      By Fr. Frank Ruff               was shocked 10 minutes       er      n
                                                                                                                                                      he tapped a cigarrette oui of a pack,
                                                                                                                 He was a tiny lad for his five       pulled a sulphur match out of his
                                                                                                            years. I'll never forget him. I've seen   pocket, struck it across the linoleum
                                                                                                            his reflection in a thousand children     floor, and lit and smoked his
                                                                                                            since that sunny afternoon when his       cigarrette.
                                                                                                            mother invited me into their humble            Not one sign of displeasure or
                                                                                                            mountain home. The little fellow          suprise from his mother. Obviously
                                                                                                            fascinated me as he drank his milk        this was a normal occurrence.
                                                                                                            from a nip pled coke bottle.                    That was my first glimpse of the
                                                                                                                 I was suprised that he had not       culture and life of Appalachian
                                                                      Winning the confidence of an
             By GRACE COTTRELL                                Appalachian community that is
                                                              largely unchurched and barely
            Brother Curt Kedley was laying                    acquainted with the Catholic Church
     floor tile and doing assorted car-                       involves service. This might mean
     pentry in Iowa when he met a                             awakening residents to their
     member of the Glenmary Home                              Christian responsibilities to the poor
     Missioners. That meeting became a                        and the handicapped. It often means
     crossroads in his life.                                  planning programs to solve problems
            Young Kedley heard a whisper                      of poverty, sickness or old age.
     that became a call to rural ministry.                            Brother Kedley's style is one of
     He swapped the grasslands of the                         response to where the people are,
     prairie for the hills and jagged                         what they see their needs to be, and
     mountains of Appaiachia.                                 what they'd like to have developed.
            The modern missioner has his                              Brother Kedley's leadership and
     own way of preparing the ground for                       the seed money from Glenmary
     the seed of faith. It's quiet and low-                    launched the Ashe County program.
     key, but the result is a forceful,                        It is now funded through state and
     fruitful ministry.                                        federal channels as well as by the
            As part of Glenmary's "brother                     local community.
     power,', he has spent the past four                               Another expression of Brother
     years in western North Carolina                           Kedley's modern approach to rural
      working with community leaders to                        ministry is a test-tube house in which
      set up day-camp programs for low-                        three individually proven economies
      income children, sheltered workshops                     were combined. For the first time, a
      for the handicapped, a group home                         single house has united solar heat,
      for the mentally retarded and                             methane gas and diagonal studding
      demonstration housing that has                            (in lieu of upright).
      become a model for other com-                                    A low-income family of five now
      munities.                                                 lives in the test-tube house, which is
            Brother Kedley started the Ashe
                    Adult      Development
                                                                monitored and frequently inspected
                                                                by state and federal representatives.
      Association in Jefferson, N.C. three                      If it stands the test, the house will be
      years ago with seed money from                            a breakthrough, economically and
      Glenmary. The mentally retarded, 18                       ecologically, for people everywhere.
      years or older, are taught community                             As chairman of the Blue Ridge
      living and work skills. They receive a                    Opportunity Commission, another
      basic education and training that                         agency seeded by Glenmary, Brother
      enables them to move into a more                           Kedley was a liaison between
      independent style of living. When                         builders and lenders. This project
       they attain a certain level, some                         and the program for the retarded are
       participate in sheltered workshop                         two major undertakings for which he
       programs. Others transfer to group                        has been the catalyst. In a more
       living that gradually prepares them                       subtle way, he has made the Catholic
       to maintain a home of their own.                          presence seen and felt by using
             Because of the visible effect on                    volunteers to extend the ministry of
       the men and women in the program,                         the church.
       it receives support and en-                                     Every summer, six to eight
       couragement from parents, guar-                           young men come to Jefferson, not as
       dians and the community. A year ago                       Catholics but as concerned friends.
       this support was plain to see when                         They are ready to patch a leaky pipe,
       nine tractor-trailer loads of                              haul a load of used clothing to a
       unassembled cabinets and vanities                          family in need, or run over the
       were delivered to the association.                         mountain to visit Aunt Hattie, who
             The unmatched,          unfitted,                    is old and lonely. By the time the ties
       uninventoried wood           furniture                     of friendship are knotted, the
       weighed 396,000 pounds. It was                             volunteer is recognized as a Catholifc,
        converted into cash by sales to                           and "Ah, he's not a bad fellow at all."
        building contractors and individual                             It's the outstretch that enlarges
        home owners.                                              the gateway to understanding and
             The gift came when the mother                        spirituality for thousands of
        of a participant in the association's
                                                                                                                        \   *   " •

                                                                  mountain people. It's the extra reach
        program wrote to a relative asking                        that brings them through the open
        for a donation. The relative, owner of                    doors of the church. This is the task
        a furniture factory, responded                             Brother Kedley is about. This the
        promptly. His donation filled nine                        task of missioners everywhere.
        cargo trailers.                                                                                      Automation in the mining Industry In Appaiachia means that the main source
                                                                                                             of income disappears for the family people.. The young move to the large
                                                                                                             urban centers and the land becomes barren and waste.

Page 12 I Miami, Florida I THE VOICE I Friday, June 9, 1978
ichia, USA —                                                                                                         Heroic Jesuit
ss in 20th Century                                                                                                   By Fr. JOHN J. CASTELOT
                                                                                                                          California was first settled by
                                                                                                                                                              Portola, in command. Eventually
                                                                                                                                                              they reached San Diego ant
                                                                                                                                                              established a mission, one which
                                                                                                                    the Spanish in the 18th century,          would prove extremely troublesome,
                                                                                                                    under the leadership of heroic            largely because of the Indians
                                                                                                                    Franciscan missionaries. Their            hostility.
i bottle. B"t I         mountain folk. After 15 years of                                                            leader, the most heroic of them all,           But Serra loved them and won
;et    er     n         living in that culture, I recognize the                                                     was Fra Junipero Serra.                   them over at least temporarily
 ouv of a pack,         remarkable freedom given here to                                                                  He was born on Nov. 24, 1713, in    Communications with Mexico were
ch out of his           children under 16. Freedom of spirit                                                        Petra on the Spanish island of            slow and hazardous, but this was just
s the linoleum          is big in Appalachia.                                                                       Majorca. Junipero became a               a first step; they were eager to find
  smoked his                 Mountain minstrel and former                                                           Franciscan priest and, after earning     Monterey. Portola reached it by land
                        coal miner, Jim Stanley, who lives in                                                      his doctorate in theology, was named      Serra by sea a few days later.
displeasure or          Derbe, Va., expressed it well for most                                                     to the Lullian University faculty. His          Junipero was ecstatic. It was a
ier. Obviously          Appalachian parents who have had                                                           future seemed assured, a life of quiet    lovely spot and he made it his
:urrence.               to struggle tenaciously for a                                                              scholarship combined with pastoral        headquarters. Later it became capita]
glimpse of the          livelihood. "Discipline I never did                                                        work. In the latter area he               of the Spanish territory.
  Appalachian           much of because I wanted them to be                                                        distinguished himself as a dramatic,
                        free. They only have childhood once                                                        effective preacher. He loved the life          Junipero lost no time in
                        and when it's gone, it's gone. I want                                                      and his students. Two of them,            coverting the local Indians. Here he
                        it to be an enjoyable childhood. They                                                      Francisco Palou and Juan Bautisto         lived with joy and sorrow. Some of
                        should be free and not burdened with                                                       Crespi, were to follow him to the ends    the civil governors were excellent
                        grownup problems. A carefree life is                                                       of the earth.                             men; others were thorns in his side
                        my philosophy for kids."                                                                                                                   One in particular was quite
                                                                                                                         But when he was 30, he decided      neurotic and finally Serra went back
                              As a missioner, I like to call                                                       to become a missionary. He induced        to Mexico City to explain the
                        Appalachia the "Heartland of the                                                           Palou to join him. They landed at         situation to the viceroy. When he
                        U.S.A." because it is like a great                                                        Vera Cruz, the port of Mexico, after a     arrived he was so sick and his leg so
                        pumping^ heart for this nation. At                                                         stormy voyage which left their little     ulcerous that they forced him to bed.
                        times I consider the United States to                                                      ship a shambles. From there he            But not for long; the viceroy proved
                        be like Dr. Frankenstein's classic                                                        walked 250 miles to Mexico City,          to be a man of highest caliber who
                        monster, a creature fashioned by                                                          taking only his clothes and breviary.     accepted all of Serra's recom-
                        human ingenuity. And like                                                                        On the last leg of the journey an  mendations and sent a new governor
                        Frankestein's voiceless creation, with                                                    insect bit him but he paid no at-         to replace the troublemaker.
                       by damaged brain, the United States                                                        tention to it. It swelled and became
                       has a defective organ too—its heart.                                                       infected; it never healed and caused          Serra's devotion to his Indians
                                                                   Appalachia abundantly rich In                  him agonizing pain for the rest of his was well nigh incredible. When he
                              If the United States could speak,    natural resources, is a land where
                       it would talk about its hurting                                                            life.
                       heartland. It would tell of adolescent
                       years when its growing body needed
                        strength— how the great heartland of
                                                                   too many mountain folk are poor
                                                                   and powerless. In the Appalachian
                                                                   region as a whole one out of every
                                                                   three families lives in a sub-
                                                                                                              (                                            learned at Monterrey that the San
                                                                                                                        After a period of orientation at Diego natives had burned the
                                                                                                                 the Franciscan Covent of San Fer- mission and killed, among others, a
                                                                                                                 nando, he was sent to the missions in dear Franciscan friend, he begged the
                                                                                                               / the wild Sierra Gorda country to the governor not to take reprisals.
                        Appalachia provided the finest             standard house, which basically
                       timber for homes in New England.                                                       I north. He learned the Indians'
                             It would mention the Ap-
                                                                   means no plumbing, no hot water            I language and labored strenously at the He was ignored and appealedthe         to
                       palachian oil and gas —how its rich
                                                                   inadequate heating, and over-                                                                viceroy,        recognized
                                                                                                               * their evangelization for over eight wisdom of his who and acted on it,
                                                                   crowdedness. A little girl named
                       black coal stoked the steel mills and
                       heavy industries in the North and
                       powered trains to the West and
                       South across the continent. It would
                                                                   Sarah Ann is among the Ap-
                                                                   palachian poor ministered to by the
                                                                   Glenmary Fathers.
                                                                                                              (  years.                                    but not before some damage was
                                                                                                                        Then he took charge of the done. It is impossible to tell in a
                                                                                                                 missions in Baja (lower) California. short space all of Serra's ac-
                                                                                                                 The new inspector general of the complishments. Either personally or
                       claim that even today, its wounded                                                        Indies, a Christian gentleman named through others, he founded missions
                       heart is the critical factor in the          assistance of hundreds of laymen, are        Galvez, visited. He liked Serra and from San Diego to San Francisco, the
                       energy squeeze, andf that Ap-                 struggling to bring adequate housing        dreamed of claiming Upper California joy of founding the latter going to his
                       palachian coal again reigns supreme.         and medical services to Appalachia.          for the faith and Spain.
                                                                          More important, we are con-                                                      good friend Palou.
                             And yet, as verified in the            cerned about bringing them Jesus'                   It was an uncharted wilderness,         Age and infirmity caught up
                       pastoral letter, "This Land is Home          spiritual message. The first settlers        although it was known to possess with him; the condition of his leg was
                       to Me," published by the Catholic            had strong religious values. Most of        three fine ports: San Diego, Mon- intolerable and he had contracted an
                       bishops of the region, Appalachia,           them trekked into the hill country          terey, and what later would be San asthmatic condition which made even
                       though rich in natural resources, is a       carrying only a long-handled axe, a          Francisco.                                breathing painful. He died quietly in
                       land where too many mountain folk            hunting rifle and a Bible.                          The expedition was carefully his little room at the mission near
                       are poor and powerless. This great                                                       planned and painfully carried forth, Monterrey-Carmel on Aug. 28, 1784
                       heartland which for a century and a                But today, an estimated 60-65         with Serra and the civil governor, at 71.
                       half has pumped vital blood to the           percent of Appalachians do not
                       rest of the nation, making large             attend church and are not on church
                       corporations wealthy, is left with its       rolls. There is as much mystery about
                       own people impoverished.                    their religious values as about the 80
                                                                   million unchurched across the United
                             As a whole, one out of every
                       three families lives in a substandard
                       house, which basically means no
                                                                         Did the greed of outside ex-
                                                                                                                         TEJ LIVE IN CHRIST cIESQS
                       plumbing, no hot water, inadequate          ploiters kill spirituality in Ap-
                       heating and overcrowdedness.
                             Natural resources and capital
                       wealth are increasingly concentrated
                                                                   palachia like the greed of hunters
                                                                   killed buffalo in the West?
                                                                         Did abuse banish spiritual hope?
                                                                                                                      v r f t ss. iJtejiftAJTt.snsi
                                                                                                                      offers to each the life that is in him. It is freely offered
                                                                   Is the excessive freedom given
                       in the hands of a few individuals and       children compensation for the
                                                                                                                             f    the aki
                                                                                                                                          2 ' "?}*** o u r ^ with him.
                                                                                                                      re?ercthis call,}and gnot to betounited e d o m w e choose &
                                                                                                                      reject 2[«
                       absentee corporations. The number           repression their parents know will
                       of doctors to serve medical needs is        come as adults?
                                                                                                                             Because of sin we are helpless if left to ourselves
                       half the national average. The
                       median family income of the nation is             In their fight for civil and human           S S l T ^ * d ° t h e g °°? w e **™ a n d truly w^si to do!
                                                                   rights, blacks, women, Indians and                                                             faIthful t0 his p r o m I s e
                       almost twice that of Appalachian
                       families. Educational opportunities         Chicanos have strong leadership                                                                                              '
                                                                   which Appalachians do not have.                                                                                Christ s
                       lag far behind the rest of the nation—
                                                                         But we missioners have learned
                       the national figure for median school                                                                       O h                                                  hIs
%   *         •    •
                       years completed for adults is 12.1; in     much about freedom and love from
                                                                  the mountain people, who, though
                                                                                                                      Resu7r7ctto nf                                   *****
                       Appalachia it is 9.1.
                             The Catholic bishops of the
                                                                  economically depressed and over-
                                                                  powered for 200 years, have not lost
                                                                                                                      s h a r e * wrip h i r i b t a P t i S m WC ^ UDited t0 Ms bod * a n d
                       world have challenged us by                their spirit. We are committed to                      "We who have been baptized in Christ are to consider
nain source            reiterating that social justice is a       work in Appalachia, foster social                  ourselves 'dead to sin but alive for God to Christ Jesus '
o the large            constitutive element of the Gospel.        justice, empower the poor, and most                'Since we live by the Spirit, let us follow th7spirit's lead."''
                       Glenmary missioners, with the              of all, to share the Gospel of Jesus.
                                                                                                                                                       Miami, Florida I THE VOICE / Friday, June 9,1978 / Page 13
                                              By TERRY and MIMI

                                                  What movies should kids see ?
     I was recently asked to              music; then at intermissions                                                           of parenting you can handle          some other parents to see if
review a movie called                     many go out to their cars and                                                          this situation in a number of        your concerns are felt by
"SATURDAY             NIGHT               copulate in the back seats.                                                            ways if you discover them            them. If you have younger
FEVER." Although this                     This is an accepted practice                                                           attending a movie without            children, we'd still suggest
column is not intended to be a            and no moral value is placed                                                           your consent. We'd suggest           you seeing it with the eye of
movie review, I do have some              on it in the movie. The scenes                                                         that you tell them,you place         concern for your children
reflections on the film and               in the cars are graphic and                                                            trust in them and hope they          when they get older. Pressures
suggestions         regarding             some nudity is shown.                                                                   will accept your guidance.          might be applied to neigh-
aaolescents attending movies.                  How tragic it is to poison                     sharing a crossed bread.           You can ground them or               borhood theaters either for not
     Saturday Night Fever                 our adolescent young adults                to go, go to see the movie with             forbid them from going to            enforcing R rated restrictions
attracts    young     persons             with this. How unfortunate it              them and then discuss the                   movies for a while, but I again      or for showing only " G P " and
because of the music and                  is to hear that kids are seeing            content afterwards at a coffee              encourage a dialogue and             "G" films.
because of its star John                  this movie 5 and 6 times. But              shop. You might want to go to               shared experience prior to that           With all of this, we really
Travolta. The music is good               what do we do? Do we forbid                see the film first and then                 consequence. Remember that           acknowledge to our children,
and certainly every age has               our children to see the movie?             share your observations with                most thaters don't enforce the       our neighbors and in a sense,
had their idols from Valentino                 I'd suggest the following             the young person. Your reason               "R" restriction of no one            ourselves, the real, deep,
to Sinatra to Presley and to              for children 15 years of age or            for saying "no" might be that               admitted without consent.            abiding concern we have for
the Beatles. What really is               younger. Forbid them to see                you see that the film opens                 Rember that 18 or older is           our children and their
disappointing and downright               any R rated movies. Tell them              their minds to negative input               adult, by law.                       spiritual,         physical,
disgusting to me is the almost            the reason for your strong                 and that you believe its                         I'd strongly encourage          psychological and emotional
constant use of the most                  directive is that the subject              unhealthy for them to see the               you see "Saturday Night              well being. I am always
vulgar terms. The basic focus             matter is morally wrong and                film.                                       Fever." Go with your spouse          grateful for parents who do
of the movie is a discotheque             they will not grow as a result                   Many persons 17 or under              or another parent and really         respqnd to concerns like
where all the regular crowd               of seeing it.                              may go to see and R movie                   talk it over. Know what our          these;; it indicates that we
gathers every Saturday night.                  If your young person is               without your knowing about                  kids are seeing these days.          really care!
They dance and listen to                  16 or 17 and they really want               it. Depending upon your style              You might also check with                                Terry Reilly

                     THEME: Thank you, God,
                                                                               Family Night                                                                 ENTERTAINMENT:
                            for Dads                                                                                                              Play a game of hide and seek. (Be sure to set
                     OPENING PRAYER:                                     pencils, crayons or magic markers. Make large poster                  boundaries)
        Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for                      together entitled "Our Dad is..."Then present it to                                     SHARING:
    dads. They make our days complete with their                         Dad; it may be hung in the meal area for the week.
    presence. Bless fathers everywhere, dear Lord, but                   Then have a "We Appreciate Dad" time; each person                         1. Each share a time you felt especially loved
    especially bless ours tonight. Let this be a very special            takes a turn to tell Dad:                                            during the past week.
    Family Night. Amen.                                                       1) the single thing you admire most about Dad and                    2. Share a moment in which you were proud of a
                                                                         why...                                                               particular accomplishment.
                           LESSON:                                            2) what is one of Dad's greatest accomplishments                     3. Share a moment when you felt excluded or left
        • Young Family—Materials: colored paper,                              3) the funniest thing you ever saw Dad do                       out.
    crayons, scissors, and glue. Make a paper crown for                       4) something that you are grateful to Dad for doing                  4. Share a time when you felt close to God.
    Dad to wear, decorate it with special words describing               for you.
    Dad, then make a large paper button saying, "We Love                      • Adult Family—Materials: Bible. Read aloud                                     CLOSING PRAYER:
    Dad." Then have Dad wear both of them. Next, each                    Romans 8:14-17 or Ephesians 3:14,15 or Matthew 6:25-                     Spontaneous Prayer
    person draw a picture or short letter sharing the                    34. Share your thoughts on God as our Father. Each                       Lord's Prayer
    happiest time he or she spent with Dad this past year.               take turns sharing his favorite memory about his own                     Suggested prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, how
    Dad, himself, can write on "Why He Likes Being a                     Dad.                                                                 grateful our family is for sharing tonight* together.
    Dad." Then everyone share, together, their letters or                                         SNACK:                                      Thank you, Father, for creating families where we can
    pictures and make a folder for Dad to keep the                                                                                            care, grow, sometimes disagree, but most of all, love
    sharings in so he can look at them during the summer.                    Pop some popcorn make "Black Cows"—vanilla                       one another. Thank you, too, Father for our Dad.
        • Middle Years Family—Materials: poster board,                   ice cream and root beer.                                             Amen.

                                               Anti-Catholic bias growing
         (Continued from Page 3)
the Catholic Church seeks to violate the                   public, and certainly by those against                 accepted in common law in some in-             that so many people at this point in our
constitutional separation of church and                    whom such remarks are made.                            stances for hundreds of years. The laws        history are willing to stand up and be
state.                                                          The Catholic Church and many other                were rooted unquestionably in the moral        counted as people who respect and
      The Cardinal further observed.                       religious denominations regard the                     perceptions of the majority of                support human life.
"Either we all have the same right to                      abortion controversy as a legal and                    Americans...unquestionably, that is,               I am equally proud of my fellow
speak on public policy or no one                           moral issue that extends beyond just                   until 1973 when a majority of the only        bishops and priests who have sought so
does...We speak as American citizens                       Catholic philosophy. Abortion is an issue             'nine-member U.S. Supreme Court                desperately to provide a moral voice and
who are free to express our views and                      that questions the most fundamental                    declared the laws unconstitutional. Since     guidance in the right to life debate. They
whose freedom, under our system of                         human right—the right of life—be that                  that unfortunate date, January 22, 1973,      should never be made to feel apologetic
government, carries with it a                              life Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish or                     Americans of all persuasions are at-          for their strong, unequivocable stance on
corresponding obligation to advocate                       Protestant.                                            tempting to have their voices heard and       the issue. They are in step with the
positions which we believe will best serve                      It is true that the American Catholic             influence decision-makers to return to        democratic tradition of our nation,
the good of our nation."                                   community has reacted strongly against                 morally-defensible laws and regulations.      exemplified 100 years ago by Protestant
      An executive with the Catholic                       the 1973 Supreme Court decision that                        There are Protestant organizations,      clergy who took the lead in the crusade
League, Michael Schwartz, notes that                       struck down the anti-abortion laws. It is              such as "Baptists for Life," and              against moral evil of slavery, thereby
back in the 1960s Lawrence Lader, an                       also accurate to say that Catholics across             "Episcopalians for Life" that are active      influencing public policy and the Black
outspoken pro-abortionist, said that if he                 the nation are seeking a constitutional                on national and local levels that speakout    clergymen a decade ago who
 found it necessary "to stir up anti-                      amendment to stem the permissive at-                    on the abortion issue. The Mormon           demonstrated and took a strong stand on
 Catholic feelings to promote abortion, I'll               titude toward abortion. But to brand the               Church and Lutheran Church Missouri           civil rights for all minorities.
 do it." On January 11 the New York                        anti-abortion position as solely a special             Synod are also on record as supporting             Let's not throw a religious bias or
 Times printed Lader's opinion piece on                    interest of Catholics is a gross injustice to          anti-abortion. In fact, the National Right   sectarian smokescreen around the
 its editorial page, making good his                       Protestants and American citizens in                   to Life Committee, strongly supported by     abortion issue, and recognize it for what
 threat, containing             inflammatory               general.                                               Catholics, is headed by a Methodist, Dr.     it is—a threat to the most basic human
 vilification of the Catholic bishops and                       The original anti-abortion laws in the            Mildred Jefferson. Mrs. Billy Graham         right—the right to life, the right from
 prg-life movement.                                        states were enacted with broad-based                   and Dr. Harold O.J. Brown lead the           which all others are derived. May all
      Such incidents as these of anti-                     citizen support, in many of the areas                  Christian Action Council, a prominent        Americans join together with a common
 Catholic bias in the abortion debate are                  where Protestants were predominant.                    anti-abortion organization.                  purpose to protect and preserve respect
 despicable and should be deplored by the                  Those laws were in the statute books and                    I am proud, as an American citizen,     for life in our society.
 Page 14 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978
   'Coming Home' makes sentimental mistake
     "Coming Home" is a movie                                                                                                                     Dern, who has become depressed          tention to the problems of the
                                                                                           this movie at its center.                                                                      handicapped. (Like "Other Side
about the Vietnam War—well,                                                                     Otherwise, "Coming Home"                          by the war; a young patient has
less about the war itself than its                                                         earns respect for its seriousness,                     just committed suicide; the             of the Mountain," it is both frank
impact on a few California                                                                 but it's just not up to its subject.                   angry Voight has just been              and inspiring). Even a long and
marines and their women—that                                                               It focuses on a somewhat                               arrested for chaining himself in        explicit Fonda-Voight sex scene
rather untidily mixes several                                                              shallow, conventional officer's                        protest to the gates of the Marine      seems partly justified by its
major themes: politics, infidelity                                                         wife (Jane Fonda) who opts for                         recruit depot.                          message that a handicapped
and the rehabilitation of the war-                                                         volunteer work in a veteran's                               Naively, the pair expect to        person can be an effective lover.
damaged.                                                                                   hospital in 1968 while her gung-ho                     end their relationship when Dern        The idea is slightly over-sold-
                                                                                           husband (Bruce Dern) is in                             returns. But he finds out about it,     Fonda experiences the first
     The political issue is whether                                                                                                                                                       orgasm of her life, and the
the war was a "good" one to                                                                Vietnam. (The scenes were shot                         and goes berserk (partly also
                                                killing changes the soldier; the           with many real patients in a                           from his inability to live with the     soundtrack comes on with the
begin with, and also whether it                                                                                                                                                            Beatles' "Strawberry Fields
was correctly or morally carried                experience       of    isolation-          private hospital: the government                       fact that he-fell short of his self-
                                                independence changes the wife.             wouldn't let the filmmakers onto                       image as a hero). Fortunately, he       Forever."
out. Secondary, but also im-
portant, are the home-front                     Will they still know each other?           any of its properties).                                doesn't shoot everybody in sight             Dern, of course, is stuck in
questions: was it acceptably                    Will they be able to com-                                                                         (an originally planned ending to         his fruitcake stereotype. (He
                                                                                                She matures through this                          the story), but merely walks into        warmed up for this role as the
patriotic to protest the war, and               municate, much less pick up their           contact with war's realities and
did the majority have the right to              lives together?                                                                                   the surf a la James Mason. The           psycho vet in "Black Sunday").
                                                                                           the anguish of the men,                                point is clear: the strong adapt         The total failure here to make
oppress and harrass the                              And what of the combat                 especially a paraplegic former
dissenters? These are all tough,                veterans with horrible mental                                                                      and survive; the weak cannot            him anything other than a
                                                                                            classmate (Jon Voight), with                          change, and are destroyed.               psychotic marine who thinks that
complicated questions, and they                 and physical wounds? Can life               whom she eventually begins an
may not be fully answered for a                 ever be the same for them? If               affair. It's never really clear                            The sensitive Voight has the        war is exciting (like the Olym-
long time. "Coming Home" has                    not, will they and their loved              why, but there are political                           meatiest role, and more                 pics!) and who has no observable
no doubts. Its answers are the                  ones be able to cope with the               overtones: she's just returned                         significant than the Vietnam            affection for his wife turns the
conventional wisdom of 1978. The                changes, and find that life is still        form a Hong Kong visit with                            aspect is the film's careful at-        picture into melodrama. (B.R)
war was rotten, the protestors                  somehow meaningful? World
were right, and the oppression of               War II was presumably an ac-
the dissenters was vicious.                     ceptable war, but these problems
     More disturbing than this                  were no easier, as we discovered
easy, predictable simplism,                     in powerful films like "Best
however, is the tendency to carry               Years of Our Lives" and "The
over political feelings to other                 Men."
areas where they have little
relevance.                                        "Coming Home" crucially
     The infidelity problem, for                stresses the idea that all these
example, has been central to war                things were somehow different or
stories for thousands of years.                 worse because of the wickedness
Will the lonely spouse, separated               of Vietnam. It's a sentimental
from the partner by vast gulfs of               mistake. One doubts that sexual
space and time, remain loyal? It                infidelity is somehow better
matters little whether the war is               because the war is unjust, or that
in ancient Troy or Vietnam: the                 a paraplegic veteran feels better
human truth is that separation is               because he has lost the use of half
a threat to even the greatest love,             his body in a heroic war instead
 and part of the trauma of any                  of one that turned sour. War is,
war, whether the war itself is                  let's face it, lousy. It's a lack of
stupid or glorious.                             human        perspective,       this
     Similarly, the effects of war              sophomoric zeal to extend the
on its participants is terrifyingly             judgment of the war to every
ambigous. The experience of                     malaise in its wake, that weakens

  Capsule movie reviews
    The following capsule movie reviews         (Avdo Embasy): Boy meets girl.
and classifications are from the staff of the   Both are homosexuals. In the
USCC Department of Communications,
Office for Film and Broadcasting.               dauntless tradition of romatic
                                                comedy, they overcome this little
     "CAT      AND      MOUSE"                  obstacle without too much dif-
(Quartet): A veteran police in*                                                                      'Disney's Greatest Villlans,' is a one-hour                       Hundred and One Dalmatlons," the evil
                                                ficulty and settle down to a happy                   tribute to honor those dastardly
spector runs into complications                 married life, complete with baby.                                                                                      Madame Mim who turns herself into a
while investigating the murder of               Further      complications—she                       diabolical, deceitfully devilish doers of                         dragon for the good of the show, "Sword
a millionaire and the theft of his              begins to suspect he is playing                      evil Sunday, June 11, at 7 p.m., on                               in the Stone," the heartless Queen of
valuable art collection in this                 around and fears the worst. It                       Channels 5 and 7. Included will be such                           Hearts from "Alice in Wonderland," and
 intelligent and entertaining                   turns out not to be the worst,                       characters as (top left, clockwise) the                           villainous Shere Kahn and Kaa, the
French film written and directed                merely another woman. This                           wicked cruella DeVille from "One                                  sinister snake from "The Jungle Book."
by Claude LeLouch. It is marked                 vapid movie contains a par-
by sophistication and adult                     ticularly distasteful nude scene
humor. (A-III).                                 and seems designed to offend just
     "THE CHOSEN" (AIP):                        about everybody,          perhaps                                                                      THE ULTIMATE ID CARD                  $10.00 MONTHLY
Kirk Douglas plays a nuclear                    homosexuals most of all. (R,C)                            9A.M.-Ch.7                                                                             (tax deductible)*
power magnate determined to                                                                            "The Church and the                                   POLAROID"
                                                                                                          World Today"
build a super nuclear plant. He.
learns, a bit late, that the devil
himself is the main backer of his
project and that the anti-Christ
                                                     "THE GREEK TYCOON"
                                                (Warners): Lushly produced and
                                                blatantly vulgar, this movie
                                                contains a graphic nude scene
                                                                                                          8A.M.-Ch. 5
                                                                                                          The TV Mass
                                                                                                          for Shut
                                                                                                        8:30 A . M . - Ch. 10
                                                                                                                                                     PHOTO ID                                Have you ever wanted to re-
                                                                                                                                                                                             member your church and its
                                                                                                                                                                                             pastor? Have you ever wanted
                                                                                                                                                                                             to have a substantial sum of
                                                                                                           The TV Mass                                         CARDS                         money - more than youre estate
waiting in the wings to take              and further compounds its of-                              for Shut • Ins.
is none other than Douglas' own                                                                                                                                                              could afford? You simply take
son. This Italian-made film is
                                                fensiveness by shamelessly
                                                trafficking in actual events seen
                                                                                              The Archdiocese ot Miami's TV Programs in English        NOW AUTHORIZED                        out a life insurance policy and
                                                                                                                                                                                             name your church or favorite
abysmal drivel that exploits                    through the distorting glass of                                                                           THE FINEST CARD                    charity as the beneficiary.
nudity and gory violence. (R,C.)                gossip and slanderous innuendo.                                                                        AVAILABLE ANYWHERt
     "A DIFFERENT STORY"                        (R.C.)                                                              HELP WANTED                                                                        CALL
                                                                                                                         By                               TRES JOLIE                             Alberto L. Sanchez
  ENJOY BETTER HEARINGH                                                                                             The Society
       The Everlasting Gift!                      FOR SALE:                                                               of
                                                                                                                                                         CORPORATION                                   221-3121
                                                                                                                                                                                                    8686 CORAL WAY
  Modern Hearing Aids                             Recently completed apartments-4
                                                  units-All are rented. Located in the
                                                                                                                     St. Vincent
                                                                                                                       de Paul
                                                                                                                                                            OPEN / DAYS                                 Suite 206
                                                                                                                                                                                                    MIAMI, FLA. 33155
    $ 1 Q C    Limited                            mountains of North Carolina on                                                                        1776 N.W. 36th ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 * Under certain conditions
      I ^ %J Time only                            4 acres of wooded land. Each apartment
                                                  has wall-to-wall carpeting, fireplace,
                                                                                                                       Donate your
                                                                                                                   usable discarded                        PH. 638-0885
   TWO YEAR GUARANTEE                             built in appliances including stove,
                                                                                                                    Furniture, Rugs,
                                                                                                              Appliances, Bedding,
                                                  refrigerator, dishwasher and private                 Clothing, Shoes, and Miscel-
   FREE BATTERIES                                 utility rooms.                                               laneous items today.
      • Repairs for most models                                                                     • WEST PALM BEACH
                                                   For further information contact
      • EVEREADY BATTERIES                                                                                 845-0562
                                                              P.O. Box 525,                             538 - 24 St. No.
  Coral Way Hearing Aids                           Bakersville, North Carolina 28705                  2560 Westgate Ave.
      3131 Coral Way     . . _   C 0   OO                  Tel: 704-638-3820                         Any article you may wish to
      (s.w. 22nd. st.i   445-6822                                                                  donate will be gladly picked up.

                                                                                                                                                                         Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978 / Page 15
                                                    •J. :.•'        :.&/

                                                                                                                                                                               EST. 1938

                                                                                                                                                          A leading traditional Coeducational School
                                                                                              •'                                                        Kindergarten through 10th. grade dedicated to:

 Boystown                                                                                                                                                               ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT
      Boystown's Top Scholar,
 Billy Davis, a junior at                     Dccrbornc                                                 ACCREDITED BY THE
                                                                                                                                                                       CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                                                                                                        MORAL RESPONSIBILITY

                                              School rc
 Immaculata LaSalle High                                                                              SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION                                                 SELF-DISCIPLINE
 School, receives the annual                                                                             OF COLLEGES AND                                                  PHYSICAL FITNESS
                                                                                                             SCHOOLS                                                        small classes
 award for the highest                                                                               PRE-SCHOOL          GRADES 1 thru 12
 academic achievement (top                                                                           Transportation, Gymnasium,                            Miami Country Day School has a non-discriminatory
 right photo) at the annual                                                                                   Cafeteria                                                   admissions policy.
 Boystown Awards Banquet
 last Friday evening. Msgr.                                                                                                                             759-2843                                  759-0991
 John Glorie looks on as Billy                                              SUMMER SCHOOL
 accepts the award from Fran                                                                                                                                    MIAMI COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL
                                                               • Jr. & Sr. High School • Elementary, Grades 1-6
 McDaniel, a social worker at                             • Advance and Make-Up Credits • Remedial Reading & Math                                               601 N.E. 107 St., Miami
      Seven Dolphin players                                                    SUMMER CAMP
 were augmented by a few                                        Classwork may be interrelated with camp program
                                                                     • Swimming • All Sports • Movies • Crafts
 clergymen to make a for-
 midable team to compete
 against the Boystown softball
                                                                       • Roller Skating • Fishing • Field Trips
                                                                 • Gymnastics • Bowling • Picnics • Ice Skating
                                                                   After School Program Available to 6:00 P.M.
                                                                                                                                                Sgcend-Career Vbofcions
 team but to no avail.
 Boystown won the annual                      311 Sevilla Ave.,                          Coral Gables                         444-4662               HOIY APOSTLES COLLE
 contest with the Dolphins, 12-
 11. Mike Davis (above)                                                                                                                                     and Satminary for Adults
 hustles back to first base
 following a fly ball as first                                                                                                                      AUTHENTIC CATHOLIC TEACHING
 baseman Wayne Moore, a                                                                            LIMIT 82                   JSfejj^_
 Miami Dolphin tackle, awaits
 the throw.
                                                     GIRLS!                                        Apply now!                  • ~ _££.*»
                                                                                                                                                    COLLEGE SEMINARY                    MAJOR SE

     Set deaf
                                                   YOUR O W N HORSE
                                                                                     I             BOYS | ^ |                                       -t-Religlous Studies - « -
                                                                                                                                                    +Philosopby         _ ^ ,Mt£

    Mass dates
                                                      m "jS^
                                                               Over 200 Horses
                                                                Full instruction
                                                                  in western,
                                                                                                   ADVENTURE                                        +SociaJ Sciences ' ^
                                                                                                                                                    +Hiunanitifh         %
    in Lantana
                                                 /fmn\.        . English, and
                                            =2i2»fe| M fr^.eCCa hunt seat -                          CAMP                                                                                                            8
     Lantana—Mass for those                                                                               50-MILE CANOE TRIP
 having hearing difficulties                                                                             ON TENNESSEE RIVER.                           LOW C O S T , C O - O P UVINjG
 will be celebrated at 6 p.m.,                        \l 'if           3,000 acres of                   100-mile wagon train with                      FLFXI13LE A C A D E M I C I K O G R A M
 Sunday, June 11 at Holy Spirit                        ^ V             trails, hunt fields,            each boy on his own horse
 Church.                                     ---» -*_ ~ - » ~ f t      springs, forest                     Mountain climbing, caving,
                                                                                                                                                       A D U L T LIVING E N V I R O N M F N F    'r<.
     Father James Vitucci,                         Our 23rd. Year
                                                                                                           exploring, snow skiing!                     SPIRITUAL, MINISTERIAL F O R M A T I O N -'
                                                                                                      OR: Choice of full in-camp activities.
 Archdiocesan Director of the                                                                      2 sessions — 4 weeks each. All                      OPEN ENROLLMENT                    •
                                                                                                                                                                                          •    *"i '
 newly established office for                 One week wagon train                                 land trips within our own private
 the Deaf, will be the celebrant              Crafts & full activities program                     4,000 acres of rocks, trees, caves,
 using sign language.                         2,4 and 8 week sessions                              rivers, are planned according to age
      Masses for the deaf will be                                                                  and ability for 3 separate age groups:                          BACHELOR OF ARTS;
 offered on the second Sunday                 Tennis courts, water sports                          7-9, 10-12,13-17.
 of each month at Holy Spirit                                                                            g                '•• Limited to                           MASTER
                                            VALLEY VIEW                                              /fnflHP                  age group
                                                                                                                                                  Director of Vocations          '         ,               [''

            Please                             RANCH                                               CAIVIP                      u 4h er
                                                                                                                              Or 5 t Y a          Holy Apostles College, CromweH, CT 0o416
                                                                                                                                                . Dear Father:
                                              A Private Summer Camp                                CLOUDMONT                                     Please; send full information about the
     tell advertisers                                     For Girls
                                                                                                    Atop Lookout Mtn. Near Chattanooga            adult program at Holy Apostles Seminary.
                                             A top lookout Mtn-near Chattanooga.
                                                                                                       Call or write JACK E. JONES
       you saw it in                             Call or write NANCY C. JONES
                                                                                                       Member, 22 years, Little Flower Parish   Name:
                                                      10001 SW 42 Street
                                                      Miami, Fl. 33165                                       333 University Drive               Address:
        THE VOICE                                                                                            Coral Gables, Fl. 33134
                                                        553-4136 or 264-3400                                  445-2308 or 264-3400

Page 16 I Miami, Florida I THE VOICE / Friday, June 9,1978
           bias criticized
         A committee of track coaches, headed by John F.
     Hammontree of Columbus, polled Catholic schools to compile
     an All-Catholic Schools All-Star track team for The Voice.
         Voted Most Outstanding Athlete in girls' competition was
     Nancy Sandford of Cardinal Newman High School, and in
     boy's competition was Reggie Harden of Columbus. Coach of
     the Year in girls' track went to Philip Fitzsimmons of St.
     Brendan High School, and in boys' track to John F. Ham-
     montree of Columbus.

         The All-Catholic Girls Track Team consists of:
     SHOT PUT: Terry Senk, Pace
     LONG JUMP: Pam Lewinner, Newman                                                                                                                                  -.      »v            •         •
     HIGH JUMP: Patty Dunne, St. Thomas Aquinas                                                                                                                       WE-?'t 4 ••-•*.-,•;.
     DISCUS: Anne Gore, Newman
     110 LOW HURDLES: Stephanie Bain, Pace                                     MUSICAL GIFT: Mary Johnson (left),                 The Rays, an all-girl musical from St.
     100-YD DASH: Barbara Manito, St. Breandan                                 Susan Garafano and Robbie Moretti                  Mary's parish In Cranston, R.I., has been
     MILE RUN: Nancy Sanford, Newman                                           (right) of the "Rays of Sunshine" perform          giving similar performances for more
     880-YD RELAY: Doria Yeaman, Aquinas; Mary Fisher, Cdl.                    in scenes from "Lightshine" at St. Pius            than ten years.
     Gibbons; Jean Hewitt, St. Brendan; Laurie Reynolds,                       Elementary School in South Bronx, N.Y.
                                                                            All-Catholic girls softball team
                                                                              Softball coaches in Dade,        Lisa Bassett, Msgr. Pace                                    CATCHERS
                                                                          Broward and Palm Beach               Jacki Pagley, St. Brendan
                                                                          Counties formed a committee to       Maureen Nolan, St. Brendan              Frances Budnyk, Cdl. Newman
                                                                          select an All-Archdiocese All-       Loretta Coppola, Cdl. Gibbons           Carolyn Gluth, Cdl. Gibbons
                                                                          Star Softball team for The Voice.    Lisa Turdo, Cdl. Newman
                                                                          Sixteen girls were selected by the                                                               PITCHERS
                                                                          committee of Mary Jane Washa,
                                                                          St. Brendan; Louise Crocco,                   INFIELDERS                     Rita Coppola, Cdl. Gibbons
                                                                          Cardinal Gibbons; and Sam                                                    Mary Malone, Cdl. Newman
                                                                          Budnyk, Cardinal Newman.                                                     Patty Knox, Msgr. Pace
                                                                              The All-Star team consists       Barbar Peltz, Lourdes
      PHILIP      JOHN                                                                                                                                 Barbara Wilkie St. Brendan.
                                                      REGGIE              of:                                  Kathleen Moran, St. Brendan
   FITZSIMMONS HAMMONTREE                             HARDEN                      OUTFIELDERS                  Anne McMenamy, Cdl. Gibbons                Coach of the Year went to
                                                                          Jackie LeBel, Msgr. Pace             Barbara Ouelette, Cdl. Newman          Mary Jane Washa, St. Brendan,
     440-YD DASH: Theresa Tunnage, Aquinas                                                                                                            whose team made it to the final
     330-YD LOW HURDLES: Dianne Grimes, Newman                                                                                                        four teams in play off in the Class
                                                                                                                                                      AAA Cahmpionship.
     440-YD RELAY: Alice Monestine, Notre Dame; Sharon
     Butalla, Pace; Lisa Latson, Aquinas; Kathy Casey,
                                                                                  Youth in Action                                                          Player of the Year was
                                                                                                                                                      Barbara Ouellette, Cdl. Newman,
                                                                                                                                                      who was also selected as one of
                                                                                                                                                      the top 32 softball "Athletes of the
     880-YD RUN: Carole Passiatore, Aquinas                                                                                                           Year" by the Florida Athletic
     880-YD MEDLEY RELAY: Kim Bythwood, Pace;                                 CYO from ST. LOUIS               or Kim Garrity, 961-4761.              Coaches Association.
     Margaurite Frohnappel, St. Brendan; Tite Munecas, St.                Church banquet dance Saturday,
     Brendan; Julie Odio, St. Brendan.                                    June 10, from 9 p.m. to midnight.
     220-YD DASH: Luanne Unterbrink, Aquinas                              Music by Fantasy. CYO mem-               JoAnn        Frankhouser
     TWO MILE RUN: Lori Houston, Newman                                   bers admission is $2.50, non-        graduated from LOURDES
     MILE RELAY: Amy Kells, Newman; Liz Brewster,                         members is $3. The group will        ACADEMY with a 12 year perfect
                                                                          also have a sports day Sunday,       attendance record which in-
     Newman; Lucy Martino, St. Brendan; Michele Isacaro,                  June 11, at noon with parents        cluded elementary school at-
                                                                          invited to participate and a         tendance at Epiphany School.
     Aquinas.                  ):                                         general meeting that evening at      She was a Silver Knight nominee
         The All-Catholic All-Star Boys Track Team consists of:           7:30 p.m., followed by a coffe       and received awards for highest
     120-YD HIGH HURDLES: Michael Bown, St. Brendan                       house. New executive board           grade in four years of English
     100-YD DASH: Christopher Talmadge, Chaminade                         members include Steve Frazier,       and three years in social studies.
     MILE RUN: John Cull, Columbus                                        president; Joanne DiMercurio,        She is a menber of the National
     440-YD RELAY: Jose Castellvi* St. Brendan; Daniel                    vice-president; Joan Kosanke,        Honor Society and activities
     Leonardi, Columbus; Angel Martinez, St. Brendan; Donald              secretary; and Mary Bezigian,        editor of the year book.
     Griffiths, Columbus.                                                 treasurer.
     330-YD INTER. HURDLES: Steve Hlay, Chaminade
     880-YD RUN: Robin Walsh, St. Brendan                                     NATIVITY CYO, Hollywood,
     MDLE MEDLEY RELAY: Bart Cozad, Columbus, Angel                       installation dinner and dance in
                                                                          the parish hall Sunday, June 11,
     Casademont, Pace, Luis Gil, St. Brendan; Mark Hamblin,               after the 5 p.m. Mass. Music by 86                                               Voice Publishing Co.
     Newman.                                                              Proof. For reservations call                                                     P.O. Box 1059, Miami,
     220-YD DASH: Joe Petrilli, Columbus                                  Diane Hineline, 983-6929.
                                                                                                                                                           Fl. 33138.
     440-YD DASH: Reggie Harden, Columbus
     TWO MILE RUN: John Zanetti, Chaminade                                    ST. STEPHEN CYO, West                                                        Please deliver THE VOICE
     MILE RELAY: Juan Yanes, Curley; Jay Rao, Newman;                     Hollywood, will sponsor a                                                        to my mailbox every Friday.
     Mike Ferrante, Chaminade; Roberto Perez, Columbus.                   Father's Day pancake breakfast                                                   I enclose $7.50 to pay for
     POLE VAULT: Gordon Polley, Curley                                    Sunday, June 18, from 8 a.m. to 1                                                52 weeks.
     HIGH JUMP: Samuel Doherty, Columbus                                  p.m. Adults tickets are $2,
     LONG JUMP: Pablo Mila, Chaminade                                     children, 12 and under, $1.25. For
     SHOT PUT: Marvin Dyett, Newman                                       tickets call Jeanne Boos 962-8332
     DISCUS: Nelson Gonzalez, Columbus.
                                                                                  Become a                       wl?ocounteb
                                                                          Little Missionary Brother               me-hxistworttTy
   Royal griders college bound                                              Follow Charles de Foucauld             in making me                            address

                                                                                Be a contemplative                    t^is minister
                                                                                   and Care for
    Ignacio 'Iggy' Halley of          Gulstream Atlantic Conference 2-        the abandoned elderly.
 mmaculata LaSalle High School        A championship.                        Write
has signed a national letter-of-          The Royals' captains,                Director of V o c a t i o n s                                                                                    zip
intent with Villanova University.     Stewart Alvarez and Felix Gallo          UttleMisjsionar)<cBiiothers          Thought of becoming
Halley, an All-County quar-           both signed with Salisbury State,                                             a priest? Talk to                      parish
terback who passed for more           Maryland, as did Eloy Montesino             of the Sacnfl Hearts              Msgr. Nevins at
than 1,000 yards last season, led     and wide receiver Jose Galis-            7411 Adelphi Road                    223-4561                          I      Or give it to your pastor!
the Royals to an 8-3 record for the   Menendez.                               Hyattsville, MD 20783.                                                  mi    Prices qoot on\y in rhe U.S, • Fotegn rales on requesL
                                                                                                                                                      W. «BB KB BBS HE 5SE B S ESS BE1 E5""'
                                                                                                                                     femi. Florid' • THE VOICE < Friday. June 3, 1376 ; Pang
                                   MA HER OF OPINION *«*»
       Tax Credit criticism                                                                                            Editorial
               -thanks a million                                                                                               everyone else, have given the state-
          Thanks a lot!                                               should not be played off against the rights of
          The local (and national) secular media                      other minorities such as blacks. In fact, the            supported schools the relief of millions of
     are criticizing the passage of a tax credit                      Rev. Jessie Jackson has praised inner-city               children they didn't have to educate,
     bill in Congress giving relief to parents of                     Catholic Schools for helping give many                   amounting to literally hundreds of millions
     children in non-government-supported                             black children a good education. And in the              of dollars, while all their tax money went
     schools.                                                         second place, do they really believe a mere              into the education of children in state
          The reasons the editorials give show                        $50-a-year tax break is going to send                    schools only. Now when we ask for just a
     absolutely no understanding of the rights of                     millions of whites fleeing to non-public                 small portion of our education tax dollars to
     those Americans who choose to use non-                           schools?                                                 be returned to us the media say we are
     government schools. (We won't call them                              (3) It threatens the public school                   threatening the state schools. This, after all
     private schools because that is a misnomer.                      system.                                                  the millions of dollars the non-public schools
     Aren't the millions of people who utilize                            Americans who have been sending their                have saved, and continue to save, the state
     various religious-oriented schools, or                           children to non-public schools all these                 schools.
     specialty schools such as Montessori, or                         years while still paying education taxes like                Thanks a lot...!
     military schools, or secular schools a part of
     the American public? In England the so-
     called private schools are referred to as
     "public" schools, as opposed to state
     supported schools. The point is these
                                                                       Equal rights in approving ERA
     schools are open to all segments of the                              Some politicans still don't believe                      Three states, Tennessee, Idaho and
     public that want to use them.)                                  Abraham Lincoln when he said you can fool                Nebraska, among the 35 states which have
          The reasons the media give for op-                         some of the people most of the time, most of             approved the ERA, have rescinded their
     posing the tax credit bill are:                                 the people some of the time but you can't                 approval. However — the Justice Depart-
          (1) It violates Church-state doctrine.                     fool all of the people all of the time.                  ment says Congress must eventually decide
          If that is the case, then why don't the                         The House subcommittee on Civil and                 whether the rescissions will be allowed.
     media oppose the GI Bill and other forms of                     Constitutional Rights has voted 4-3 to give                  What it boils down to is, if your state
     aid that go directly to the individual who                      states an additional seven years to consider             voted no, you get another seven years to
     then uses it at the school of his choice, in-                   ratification of the Equal Rights Amend-                  reconsider and come up with a yes. If your
     cluding religious and other private schools?                    ment This allows states which have voted                 state voted yes, you don't get the option to
          (2) It promotes segregation.                               against the amendment sometime during                    reconsider and come up with a no. It seems
          In the first place, the rights of                          the past seven years, another seven years to             to us there should be some equal rights in
     Americans to choose whatever form of                            reconsider and vote again. But of course the             regards to approving the Equal Rights
     education they want in a free country                           reverse doesn't hold true.                               Amendment.

                 Why are traditional Catholics
                   By Fr. John   barred from churches?                           congregation, and by a group       people in the pre-Christian        to mankind.
                                               in Latin, according to the new    which claims to be Catholic        era. It means: "All this is              Considering" the half-
                                               rite of the Mass, they should     but which has, in effect, set      true, we believe it" — in other    hearted, timid manner with
                                               talk to the priest of the local   up its own church and its own      words, it is profound and          which most '"'congregations
                                               parish and ask him about the      laws.                              reverent affirmation of all that   respond with this great Amen
                                               possibility of such a Mass.                                          was just said and done. As         at Mass—whether it is sung or
                                               Most Catholics, however, even          Q. I travel a lot, and        such, it is a magnificent          recited— perpaps it is un-
                                              those who yearn for a Latin        would like to know which is        conclusion to the Eucharistic      derstandable that many feel
                                               Mass, would probably not be       right: Should the people say       prayer by all present who          the whole doxology should be
                                              able to follow the Latin Mass      the "Through Him, with             share in the offering of that      said by everyone, just to keep
      Q. Why is it bishops may                in the currently approved rite.    Him,"prayer with the priest at     Eucharist.                         that entire solemn moment
allow the use of a Catholic                         It should be obvious to      the end of the Eucharistic              In fact, in the book of       from falling flat. But that is
church or other building by                   anyone who stops to think          prayer or not? In some places      Revelations (Rev. 3,14), Jesus     not the way it should be.
Protestants, if they have no                  that if a bishop were to give'     they do, and in others they do     himself is called "the Amen,
place in which to carry out                   approval to a dissident group      not. (Miss.)                       the faithful witness" of the           (Questions     for   this
their religious rites properly,               who calls itself Catholic, but                                        Father, the one who reflects       column should be sent to
but they do not allow                         who insists on acting contrary         A. The prayer you speak of,    and affirms perfectly all the      Father Dietzen; 1113 W.
traditional Catholics the use                 to the liturgical laws of the      which is known as the              Father wishes to be and to say     Bradley; Peoria, L. 61606)
of their church? There              are       church, to have its services in     doxology-prayer of praise—at
 many hundreds of traditional
 Catholics who have to travel
                                              a Catholic church, the result
                                              would be enormous confusion
                                                                                  the end of the Eucharistic
                                                                                 prayer of the Mass, should
                                                                                                                    Nicaragua bans returning priest
 many miles to a motel or some                for Catholic people. In fact,      not be said by the attending            Someone has said it's an      turend away at the Managua
 other non-Catholic building in               most bishops would un-              people, but only by the priest.   unfair world. Here's yet           airport by Somoza officials, no
 order to have their religious                derstandably be reluctant to        The people's part is the          another example for would-be       reason given.
 rites? (Ohio).                               offer Catholic facilities to a      solemn response, "Amen,"          doubters.     Last     Sunday
                                              group of Protestant dissidents     which should normally be           General Somoza of Nicaragua             It should be noted too,
      A. If by "traditional                   who wished to take advantage        sung, or at least recited fully   was photographed at the high       that Congressmen Herbert
 Catholics"           you        mean         of these facilities to sym-         and solemnly by all present.      school graduation of his son in    Burke and Claude Pepper
 Catholics who insist on using                bolize their rejection of what           While it is often con-       Kent, Conn, USA (see en-           both voted, on June 23, 1977,
 a former Mass ritual that is                 their own church teaches and        sidered rather avant garde to     closed clipping.)                  to continue military aid to the
 now revoked by the church,                   stands for.                         say the entire doxology                Last Sunday also, some        General. This contrary to the
 the answer to your question is                     Thus, in terms of scandal,   together, the practice rather      80 children were to have           recommendation of the U.S.
 simply that a bishop has no                  confusion,       and     misun-    betrays      an    unfortunate     received*' their First Com-        Catholic Conference.
 authority to allow ceremonies derstanding, the situation is                     ignorance of the powerful,         munion from my hands in our
 by supposed Catholics that wholly different between                             majestic significance of the       parish in Nicaragua. But as I          (Fr) Bernard Survil,
 are in direct violation of                   permitting a Catholic church       great prayer "Amen." This          returned, in mid-May, form a       pastor, Santa Maria de
 church law. If a sufficient to be used by an openly and                         word goes back centuries even      vacation with my family in         Guadalupe Church, Cofradias,
 number of people wish a Mass h o n e s t l y                   Protestant       into the prayer of the Jewish      upState New York, I was            Nicaragua*
Page 18 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978
                       By Msgr.
                                                  God calls us and
                     James J. Waish

                                                         we run and run
        In every generation it seems there are many       your wisdom. Man, a tiny part of your creation,        you nothing would exist?
  people who have a strong awareness of the reality       wishes to praise you though he bears about him              "Since I do indeed exist and yet would not
  of God, but who fear him and run from him. These       his mortality, the evidence of his sin and the          exist unless you were in me, why do I ask you to
  seem to grasp that if they surrender to God they        evidence that you resist the proud, yet this man, a    come to me? I am not now in hell, yet you are
  will never again be their own. They fear what he       tiny part of your creation, wishes to praise you. It   there. For the psalmist says, 'If I descend into
  might ask, what he might demand. They are not          is you who move man to delight in your praise.         hell, you are there.' Therefore, my God I would
  ready to be transformed. The price of surrender        For you have made us for yourself, and our heart       not exist at all, unless you were in me; or rather, I
  becomes frightening, and in a panic, they run and      is restless until it rests in you.                     would not exist unless I were in you from whom
  run. And God pursues.                                        "Lord, help me to understand and to know         and by whom and in whom all things exist. Yes,
        Francis Thompson immortalized God's              which is the soul's first movement, to call upon       Lord, it is so. To what place do I call you to come,
  search for man and man's flight from God in The        you for help or to praise you; or if it must first     since I am in you? Or from what place are you to
  Hound of Heaven.                                       know you before it can call upon you. But if           come to me? Where can I go beyond the bounds of
  "I fled Him, down the nights and down the days;        someone does not know you, how can he call upon        heaven and earth, that my God may come to me,
   I fled Him, down the arches of the years;             you?...Or must you first be called upon in order to    for he has s aid,' I fill heaven and earth.'
  I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways                 be known? But Scripture says, 'Unless they
                                                         believe in him, how shall they call upon him? And            "Who will help me to find rest in you? Who
  Of my own mind; and in the midst of tears                                                                     will send you into my heart to inebriate it, so that
  I hid from Him, and under running laughter.            how shall they believe unless someone preaches to
                                                         them?                                                  I will forget my evil ways and embrace you, my
  Up vistaed hopes I sped;                                                                                      only good? What are you to me? Have mercy on
  And shot, precipitated,                                      "Those who seek the Lord will praise him.        me that I may speak. What am I to you that you
  Adown Titanic glooms of chasmed fears,                  Seeking the Lord they find him, and finding him       command me to love you and grow angry and
  From those strong Feet that followed, followed         they will praise him. Lord, let me seek you by         threaten me with punishment if I do not? Is it
  after."                                                calling upon you, and let me call upon you             then a small sorrow not to love you?
        Fourteen hundred • years before Francis          believing in you, for you have been preached to
  Thompson', Augustine in his "Confessions" left         us. Lord, my faith calls upon you, the faith you             "In your mercy, Lord my God, tell me what
  the world the unique, heart rending story of God's     have given me, the faith you have inspired in me       you are to me. Say to my soul, I am your
  quest of a sinner whom he planned to make a            by the incarnation of your Son and through the         salvation. So speak that I may hear you. The ears
  saint. When he finally made the discovery that         ministry of your preacher.                             of my heart are turned to you, Lord; open them
  "our heart is restless, until it rests in You," he           "How shall I call upon my God, my Lord and       and say to my soul: I am your salvation. I will run
  made his surrender, an unconditional surrender          my God? For when I call upon him, I am really         after your voice and I will lay hold of you. Do not
  which has influenced the lives of Christians ever      calling him into myself. Where within me can my        hide your face from me. Let me see your face even
  since. He tells of some of it in this excerpt from      God come? How can God who made heaven and             if I die, for if I see it not, I shall die of longing."
  the Confessions.                                        earth come into me? Lord, my God, is there                  "The Confessions of St. Augustine" may be
        "You are great, Lord, and worthy of highest       anything in me that can contain you? Or is it true    obrained from IMAGE BOOKS, Garden City,
  praise; your power is great and there is no limit to   that whatever exists contains you since without        New Jersey.

 Adoption—the forgotten alternative

                                                                                   available to a mother of an "un- Dick Conldin
     It was one of those big specials                                              wanted pregnancy" its readers would
in the Miami Herald. The Living                                                    reach the conclusion that every child
Today section. Title: "Abortion-                                                   is wanted —by someone.                   called counselling services rarely give
Yes or No?"                                                                              As if in anticipation of this       a girl enough information to make an
     The article tells the tale of two                                             charge, the Herald did a front-page       informed decision. Their friends in
girls—Deborah, who had an abor-                                                    story in February about adoption-         the news media have already set the
tion, and Carmen, who kept her baby.                                               headlined "How State's Unwanted           stage with a barrage of negative
                                                                                   Babies Fill N.Y.             Adoption    propaganda.
     Deborah, who had been married                                                 Demands." Instead of describing the            Put yourself in the position of a
four years when she aborted her                                                    reputable adoption agencies used by      girl in a mixed state of panic and
child, decided that she and her                                                    most women, the Herald chose to          depression over an unexpected
husband weren't yet ready for the                                                  dramatize the black market adoption      pregnancy. If she is unable to keep
"tremendous task of being a parent."                                               racket, and the local girls who are      and care for her baby, only two
They later founded the South Flordia                                               paid to "sell" their babies to           choices are left. If her view of
Chapter of the National Organization                                               desperate out-of-state couples.          adoption is clouded by stories she has
for Non-Parents.                                                                                                            read in the paper or seen on T V -
                                                                                                                            black market babies, exploitation,
     Carmen, a Catholic (the Herald                                                       Other stories have dealt with the violations of privacy—it is easy to
likes stereotypes) had been advised                                                 search by some adopted children to      see why she may decide to destroy
by some people to have an abortion,       child" for nine long months? And
                                          then give it away to a perfect            find their natural parents. Although    the child.
but felt that it was morally wrong.                                                 most state adoption laws protect the
She lived at St. Vincent's Hall, a        stranger? And add another hungry                                                        There is a lot we can do. Support
                                          mouth to an overpopulated world?          privacy of the natural mother and the   the pro-life alternatives through
home for unwed mothers run by the                                                   adoptive parents, some stories have
Archdiocese of Miami, for seven                 You won't read about the long                                               Birthright, St. Vincent's Home,
                                           waiting lists of couples hoping for a    dramatized the search by a few          Maurawood Residence, Little
months before having her baby. His                                                  adopted children for their "true
father wouldn't support him, so            baby to adopt and love. Several years                                            Havana Outreach, the Sheppard
                                           for the first, and little hope of a      identity."                              Medical Clinic, the Catholic Service
Carmen is raising him with the help
of her family.                             second child. They won't tell you                                                Bureau. Volunteer your time. Give a
                                           about today's changing social                  Fewer women choose adoption       few dollars. Call a local radio station
                                           climate which has made the adoption       today, partly due to the wide          and ask them to run free public
     Two girls—two choices. But            of even the "hard to place" children      avalability of abortion, and partly    service announcements for pro-life
isn't something missing? A third           acceptable. Or about the careful         because of society's new acceptance     agencies. Ask your club or group to
choice?                                    screening of prospective parents by       of the unwed mother who keeps her      "adopt" the local Birthright—type
     Maybe adoption is a little "old       pro-life agencies like the Catholic      baby. Pro-abortion leaders argue        organization as a special project.
fashioned" for the pro-abortion news       Service Bureau. And especially the        they are simply for the "freedom of    Write to the local newspaper and ask
media. When it is mentioned, it is         countless happy endings to adoption       choice," yet many go out of their way  for fair and objective reporting.
often portrayed negatively. What,          stories. Maybe if the Miami Herald        to promote the choice of abortion and        Let's give "the forgotten
expect a girl to carry an "unwanted        really covered all of the choices         oppose the pro-life choices. Their so- alternative" the support it deserves.
                                                                                                                         Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978 I Page 19
  T M.                                                             Becker                                                                                                885-352L
   PLANTATION FUNERAL HOME                              Funeral Home                                                                      HIAI.EAH
                                                                                                                                   MIAMI SPRINGS CHAPEL
                                                                                                                                  151 E. OKEECHOBEE ROAD
                                                                                                                                                                                        PALM SPRINGS
                                                                                                                                                                                    NORTH HIALEAH CHAPEL
                                                                                                                                                                                   PALM AVE. AT W. 49 STREET
         Thomas M. Ralph
          Judith C. Ralph
                                                             Ron E. Becker
                                                                                                                                  HIALEAH. FLORIDA 33O1O                           HIALEAH. FLORIDA 33O12
        Owners & Directors
       Phone: 587-6888
                                                                 Funeral Director
                                                                 Phone (305) 428-1444
                                                                                                                                        KRAEER FUNERAL HOME
                                                                                                                                Fort Lauderdale
                                                                                                                                                         Pompano Beach
                                                                                                                                                                                     Sample Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Deerfield Bsach
                                                                                                                                   Boca Raton                                                                Margate:
        7001 N.W. 4 t h St.                                         1444 S. Federal Hwy.                                                                           R. Jay Kraeer                             9727340
                                                                     DEERFIELD BEACH                                                                              Funeral Director
          Plantation, Florida

                                            FUNERAL HOME
                                            10931 N.E. 6th Ave. • Miami
                                                     754-7544-                                                                                                            **0
                                                                                                                                                                    FUNERAL HOMES
                                                                                                                                                      CONVENIENT LOCATIONS
                                                             FUNERAL HOMES
                                                                                                                                                    SINCE 1927 . . . SIX CHAPELS
                                                               FT. LAUDERDALE
                                                                                                                                                      PRIVATE FAMILY ROOMS                                                                                   ESTATE SECTION
                                                                                                                                                    SPACIOUS FORMAL CHAPELS                                                                                 HOLLYWOOD HILLS
                            DAN H. FAIRCHILD-L.F.D.                                                                                                                                                                                                1 BLK. TO NATIVITY & CHAMINADE 4 BP
 2W \ KKDKKA1. H « 1 .
                                        ESTABLISHED 1930                   KM    ^ HIMWAKD BLVD.                                                                                                                          »»                       2 1/2 BATH POOL W/REDWOOD DECK
       TM-lMUt                                                                          5*1-6100
                                                                                                                                      "Tfie Plummer Family                                                                                         CYPRESS INT LOW MAINT. $99 960
                                                                                                                                                           >os. L., J. L., Jr., Lawrence H.

                      BUSINESS SERVICE GUIDE
                                                                                                                                                    60-ROOF CLEANING ft COATING                         60-TREE SERVICE-DADE                           SO-AUTOMOTIVE-RADIATORS
M-ACCOUNTANTS                                60-DRESSMAKING-ALTERATTONS-DADt                       60-MOVING AND STORAGE

                                                                                                   DEEHL MOVING LARGE OR "SMALL JOBS
                                                                                                                                                             CHERRY ROOFS'                                   STUMPS REMOVED
            AND TAX SERVICE
         Systems Custom Designed
                                                     S.W. AREA 253-7999
                                             SO-ELECTRICAL-BROW ARD
                                                                                                   LIFT-GATE, PIANOS, INSURED " 621-3416
                                                                                                                                                              CLEANED AND PAINTED
                                                                                                                                                                 WHITE OR COLOR
                                                                                                                                                              PRESSURE CLEANING OF
                                                                                                                                                                PATIO AND WALLS                         SO-TYPING
      J.M. MILLER in Miami 30 years.
                                                                                                   60-MOVING DADE                                               VINYL PAINT USED
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    24 HR.
9050 NE 6 Ave., Miami Shores 754-2681
                                                                                                                                                              GRAVEL ROOFS COATED                       EXPERT TYPIST. IBM SELECTRIC CORRECTING
                                                       TAKE A MINUTE                                              PAUL'S
                                                                                                                                                                  Dade:-681-7929.                       IN HOME. REAS. RATES                                RADIATOR SERVICE
FRED HOFFMEIER-ACCOUNTAN                          CALL MINNETT ELECTRIC.                                      LOCAL MOVING
                                                                                                                                                     Broward* 434-0015                  cc-0623                           821-7930                                       681-8032
     Tax/Bookkeeping/Notary                  Established 1954. Experienced. Honesty, integrity                                                                                                                                                                 1930 N.W. 139 ST. OPA LOCKA.
                                                                                                                 661-1302                           60-ROOFS-Clean and Coat                             6 0 - UPHOLSTERING
733-1213         665-8787 EVES               DEPENDABILITY. REPAIR. REMODEL 772-21 1         1

                                                                                                   60-OFFICE MACHINES-DADE                                                                                                AAATEL                       60-GRADUATION-RELIGIOUS ARTICLES
60-ACCOUNTING & TAXES-DADE                   60-FENCE-DADE                                                                                                 MITCHELL'S                                             UPHOLSTERY
                                                                                                          JAUME'S OFFICE
                                                    4 ft. CHAIN LINK FENCING
                                             LOW PRICE                 FREE ESTIMATE                     MACHINE CO. 681-8741
                                                                                                                                                          WHITE ROOFS                                        Quality Upholstery at Lower Prices
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "WE Come to You"                              THE BIBLE DEPOT
                                                                                                                                                               Clean $35 Paint $95                        Free Foam with Complete Upholstery job            2908 N. State Rd 7, Margate
    ALL SERVICES-RELIABLE,                                     691-1001                                   1041 NW 119 St. Since 1967
                                                                                                                                                           Walls, awnings, pools, patios                           41 Years Experience
          REASONABLE.                                                                                REPAIRS-SALES-RENTALS. ALL MAKES
                                                                                                            ALSO IBM SELECTRICS.
                                                                                                                                                    CC1425 FREE ESTIMATE-INSURED. 688-2388                  FREE ESTIMATE PICK-UP DELIVERY                  FOR THE GRADUATE
    12316 West Dixie Highway                 60-FLOOR INSTALLATION DADE                                                                                                                                      555 NE 125 St. Miami893-2131                                ROSARIES
                                                                                                                                                    60-ROOF REPAIRS-DADE
             895-6479                                                                              SO-PAINTING                                                                                                                                                            CARDS
                                             HUGE  DISCOUNTS     on     Vinyl   floors.
                                             ALL BRANDS. Expert installation available.                                                                                                                        REUPHOLSTER & RESTYLE                                        &
60-APPLIANCE SERVICE DADE                                 947-1407                                                                                          ROOF LEAK SPECIALIST                              YOUR FAVORITE FURNITURE
                                                                                                   PAINTING, INTERIOR, EXTERIOR NEAT. CLEAN
                                                                                                                                                           DOLEMBA ROOFING                               CHAIR: $35. up SOFA $90. up
ALL MAKES REFRIGERATORS. & MAJOR             60 FURNITURE REPAIR & RERNISHING-                                   Dade 621 -4064                     Licensed and Ins. Cert. No. 0966       887-6/, 6.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   LABOR ONLY                                             971-8888
APPLIANCES WORK DONDE IN YOUR HOME.                                                                                                                                                                     JONAS UPHOLSTERY 686-9077 652-0215
                                                 DADE                                                           Broward 431-2880
RAY HANNA APPLIANCE SERVICE                                                                                                                           ACEBO ROOFING CORP.                                         SHOPAT HOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       60-HEALTH FOODS
                                             EXPERT FURNITURE SERVICE. IN                                CHARLES THE PAINTER                         LEAKS AND GENERAL REPAIRS.
238-8570            226-3532                 THE HOME. CALL FOR ESTIMATE                           INTERIOR EXTERIOR. RESIDENTIAL, COM-                                                                             A&G
                                                        947-3092                                   MERCIAL. 19 YEARS in MIAMI.   ccOl 6R4                                                                       UPHOLSTERING                                             f HIS C O U P O N * ^
                                                                                                   758-3916         757-0735        893-4863                                                            DRAPES          SLIPCOVERS                                         SUNFLOWER • £
                                                                                                                                                    60-ROOF REPAIRS & PAINTING
                                             60- GENERAL MAINTENANCE                                                                                                                                     ANTIQUES RESTORED 681-8882                                         SEEDS $1 J b «fJr
                                                                                                                 JOE ZAM PAINTING                                                                                1546 NW 119 St. N. Miami
       T.J. AIR CONDITIONING                     Reasonable Rates "Don't Fuss- Call Gus"
                                                                                                   Interior, exterior, roof cleaning and coat'nq                                                                       Since 1933                                         PUMPKIN SEEDS 4f-
             153 NE 166 St.                                                                        B6B-5869.                                        PAINTING. Roof cleaning and house painting-
         USED & NEW AIR COND.
                                                             GUS CANALES                                                                            interior and exterior. Vinyl acrylic paints used                                                                       $2.35 ib.        Jt
                                             Plumbing - Electrical - Carpentry - Painting-                                                          only. Patios- pools- walls pressute cleaned.        6 0 - VENETIAN BUND SERVICE
               947-6674                      A.C. Units- Sprinkler Systems- Installations          GO-PLASTERING                                                                                                                                                     > ALMONDS $2.29 it,. I t
                                                                                                                                                    Roof repairs; installment of turbine ventilators-
                                             Types Water Filters- Appliance Repairs- Cabinet                                                        2 - 1 2 " turbine ventilators- $84.96. Serving                                                     „        (    CASHEWS 12 oz. $ 2 . 9 9 I f
                                             Work- Tile work.
                                                                  NEW!                              EXPERT PLASTERING, STUCCO
                                                                                                                                                    South Florida since 19S4.
                                                                                                                                                    Oade: 620-1984                      BR. 7414580
                                                                                                                                                                                                             New Venetian Blinds,                      TnTVitamins Minerals, Books, Bread, N u t s r t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       JLOil, Honey, Seeds & Herb tt;as       - 2L
Work done in your home. Free estims'-^s.
                                               ool Service and Repairs. Roof repairs and
                                                                                                           PATCH WORK,                                                                                        Riviera 1 " Blinds,                      II      MURRAY'S      S
Licensed. Insured    932-559S 932-5783       paint.
                                                    All Work Guarantee. Free Estimates             NEW WORK, PAINTING GUARANTEED/INS.               60-SEAL COATING                                            Custom Shades                           ] [ HEALTH FOOD STORE S
    CENTENNIAL AIR DESIGN                                  Call Now and Save.                      FREE EST.           • 945-3894 922-2026
    Free nstiiruiles on centra! system:;.    325-96S1 (Span.)                633-3854 (Enq.)                                                        SEAL COATING (2 coatsi ASPHALT PATCHING                      OLD BUNDS-REFINISHED                  SCORNER N. MIAMI AVE. & 5 NW 75 ST { }
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  REPAIRED YOUR HOME
PROMPT SERVICE & GUARANTED REPAIRS                                                                              JOE ZAM PLASTER
                                                                                                   Patching, plaster, stucco, water    proofing,
                                                                                                                                                        JACK'S IMPERIAL ASPHALT, INC.                                 STEADCRAFT                       * $ $ $ ; } 759-2187.##*w
                                                                                                   caulking 865-5869.                                                                                   1151 N.W. 117th St.   '       688-2757
                                              60-KITCHEN CABINETS-DADE                                                                                                                                                                                  60-PHOTOS
60-AUTO SALVAGE-DADE                                                                                                                                 SO-SEPTIC TANKS
                                                                                                   6 0 - PLUMBING
                                              CUST OM    MADE       KITCHEN                                                                                  CONNIE'S SEPTIC TANK CO.
WRECKED- JUNK- LATE MODEL                     CABINETS by exp. cabinet maker                                                                                Pump outs, repairs 24 hr service
                                                                                                               CORAL GABLES                                                                             WALLPAPERING, INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
CARS WANTED HIGHEST PRICES                    LOWEST PRICE available.                                                                                :c- 256727                           592 3495
                                                                                                                                                                                                        PAINTING REASONABLE RATES. FREE
PAID                       235-7651                            238-2112                                        BATH BOUTIOUE                         SO-SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ESTIMATES 221 -3016   EVES: 223-2883
                                                                                                           TOTAL PLUMBING SERVICE
60-CARPET CLEANING BROWARD                    60-LAWN MOWER SERVICE                                               GIFT DEPT.
                                                                                                   446-1414      cc No. 0754     443-1596                  SEWING MACHINE SPECIALIST
                                                                                                                                                              FREE SERVICE CALLS
                                                       MIAMI LAWN MOWER CO.                                                                                                                             PATIO SCREENING-Custom Screen Doors Glass
 SMELLY CARPETS                               Authorized Service "and parts. Fertilizers, Sharp-    RIGHT WAY PLUMBING CO.. INC..
                                                                                                                                                            DAYS EVENINGS. SUNDAYS
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sliding Door- Fast Service- Fair Prices ALL-

                                              ening, Welding, TWO STORES TO SFPVE
                                              YOU. 27 S.W. 27 Ave. Call 642-6515
                                              20256 Old Cutlet Road. Call 235-437.1
                                                                                                    7155 NW 74 St.      885-8948
                                                                                                    COMPLETE PLUMBING SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                                  651-8354                              WINDOW co
                                                                                                                                                                                                         813 Bird Road.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              cc1410           |?i
                                                                                                                                                     60-SIGNS                                                                                              PAY FOR 3. THE 4th FREE I
 NALABARRY LAB. 621-2027                                                                            • COMMERICAL • RESIDENTIAL                                                                          60-WINDOW AND WALL WASHING
                                               SO-LIGHTING EQUIP.                                                                                                                                                                                       IKODAK COLOR COPY PRINTSI
         CALL SEVEN DAYS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I    ALLEN'S DRUG STORE    I
                                                                                                                  Phil Palm                                         EDVITO SIGNS                        WINDOWS WASHED,screens awnings cleaned.
           CLIP & SAVE
                                                          Spotlights-Lamps-Accesories                            Plumbing                                      TRUCK WALLS GOLD LEAF                    Wall washing. Al Dee (Member St Mary's)         |     4000 Red Rd. 666-8581                  I
                                                            Sales- Rentals- Service                             REPAIRS &                             90 N.W. 54th St.                       758-7025               757-3875 or 757-1521
            I ALWAYS                                         STAGE EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                               ALTERATIONS                            cc-G-04552
           FIND WHAT I                                       AND LIGHTING, INC.                                                                                                                          60-GRAQUATION BEAUTY SALONS                    SO-RELIGIOUS ARTICLES
         WANT IN THE VOICE                               12233 NE 13 Ct. Miami 33161                       cc-2476 CALL 891 -8576                    60-TELEVISION REPAIR

                                                                                                   60-REFRK3ERATION                                                                                     FOR YOUR GRADUATION NEEDS                       AL & LENORA CARAMAGNA
                                               60-MOVING & STORAGE                                                                                                SPECIALIST
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Phone: 688-2341                                      Pembroke
                                                 ROBERT WILLIAMS MOVING Et STORAGE
                                                                                                               FREE ESTIMATES                                     RCA-ZENITH-                                                                                  Bible
                                                                                                       WORK DONE ON YOUR PREMISES
                                                    LARGE SMALL JOBS...ANYTIME!
                                                                                                   M.L.S. REFRIGERATION CO.   754-2583                            MOTOROLA                                                                                     Book Store
                                                                681-9930                                                                                          Sera's Television, Inc.                  Walter's,
                                                                                                   60 ROOFING                                                   2010 N.W. 7 St. 642-7211                                                                                Religious Gifts
                                                                                                                                                                                                        BEAUTY SALON
                                               TRY SAMMY & WILLOW                                                                                                                                                                                                     • Church Supplies
                                                                                                                                                                       BEE TV                                                                                        6521 Pembroke Rd.
                                                MOVING GO. 696-4531                                          ROOF REPAIRS                                     Servicing ZENITH only                      13251N.W.7thAve.
                                                                                                     Joseph Devlin, Little Flower Parish Member                                                          Miami, Ha. 33168                                           Hollywood, Fla. 33023
                                                     YOU DONT HAVE TO BE RICH                                                                                    DADE: 685-5658
                                                    TO CALL US LIFT GATE TRUCK                             K of C. and BBB of So. Florida
                                                                                                    Licence-0932 Reasonable              666-6819             BROWARD: 929-7151                                                                                      t     962-5577
                                                  MEMBER SETTER BUSINESS BUREAU

 Page 20 I Miami, Florida I THE VOICE I Friday, June 9,1972
CWSS1HED>CS                                                                                                                                   MR. ATTORNEY
                                                                                                             Specify "THE VOICE" for publication of "Notice of Administration".
                                                                                                             We pick up Copy each Monday at 2 P.M. - Room 307 Probate Division,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         5 2 - H O M E S FOR SALE-DADE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ATTENTION VETERANS!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TOTAL CASH REQUIRED. PURCHASE THIS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PART OF OLD AVOCADO GROVE. NEAR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4 BR 2 BATH HOME. CENTRAL a HEAT. YARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       5 2 - H O M E S FOR SALE-DADE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       SPECIALIZING IN HOMES IN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       HOLY FAMILY &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ST. JAMES AREAS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         HOMESTEAD AIR FORCE BASE. TRANS-              Call MARGE MAXWELL, REALTY
                                                                                                             Dade County Courthouse.                                                                                     FERRED OWNER WILL PAY VA PTS., CLOS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       for further information. 681 -0722
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         COSTS & PPD. PAYTS. $35,000.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              EARL L SMITH, Realtor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         245-4021        EVES: 248-7772                55-OUT OF STATE, N.G.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            IN THE MOUNTAINS
         Reminder- Teenagers- Get your- Free- Work- Wanted- Ads- in By June 9                                                                                                                                             WATERFRONT DIRECT TO BAY                       WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           KEYSTONE POINT-Large Pool .                 SMALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. RESI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TERRIFIC VALUE, SPACIOUS, MODERN 5 BR         DENTIAL & RESORT PROPERTIES. FINANCIAL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4 BATH. LARGE LIVING ROOM. DINING ROOM.       ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE, WRITE:
                                                                                                                                                                    4 0 - A P T S . FOR RENT-DADE                        2 CAR GARAGE. NEW DOCK & DAVITS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         $155,000 FULL PRICE. BALANCE OF MTGE.                PERRY B. WARD
                                                                                                                                                                    NORTH EAST: Close to Buses, stores etc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         CARMINE BRAVO, Realtor 754-4731
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                REALTY CO.
                                                                                                                                                                    FURNISHED EFFICIENCY. AIR COND. SEP.
                                                                                                                                                                    ENTRANCE. BR. LR & KITCHEN. PARKING
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Route 5, Box 515
                                                                                                                                                                    $165. Mo. Call 751-5937 after 5 PM.                                                       MARION, N.C. 28752
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               $17,500 Total BUYS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2 BR. HOME. CLEAN. CARED FOR.
                                                                                                                                                                            MIAMI SHORES-QUIET
                                                                                                                                                                    ATTRACTIVE. FURNISHED 1 BR DUPLEX,                   OWNER HOLD MTGE. LOW CASH. ON 1 ACRE- 3 BR RANCH IN MTS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3 yrs. old. All Elec., fireplace, range,
                                                                                                                                                                    FLA. RM. ADULTS $210 Mo. 758-2300-754-3063             CLAUDE W. ATKINS, Realtor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    757-3481           carpet, drapes, deck insulated.yr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       round use. $28,500. 704-675-5112
                                                                                                                                                                     40-RET HOME ROOM & BOARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         3 BR, W W Carpet, dishwasher, patio fruit
                                                                                                                                                                       RETIREMENT HOME                                   trees, Drier. Near shops, buses, churches,       NORTH CAROLINA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         schools & BEACH. Sm down payt OWNER
                                                                                                                              Miami 754-2651                         OPENINGS FOR AMBULATORY LADIES AND
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WILL CARRY MTGE. By appt.                       YOUR     CONNECTION FOR
                                                                                                                                                                     GENTLEMEN. ROOM, 3 MEALS, PERS.
                                                                                                                                                                     LAUNDRY.                                                         522-0553 or 764-3404               GOOD BUYS IN MOUNTAIN
                                                                                                                             Broward 525-5157
                                                                                                                                                                                 REASONABLE                                                                              HOMES, FARMS, ACREAGE
                                                                                                                                                                               923-1726-989-6671                             UP & DOWN DUPLEX, N.E.                      LOTS, CHALETS AND ENERGY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WALK TO EVERYTHING                         EFFICIENT    NEW HOMES.
                                                                                                                                                                    4 2 - R O O M S FOR RENT BROWARD                                                                     WRITE OR CALL FOR EXCITING
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         CLEAN. GOOD MOTIVATION FOR SELLING.
 1A-FICTITIOUS NAMES-DADE                                 13-HELP WANTED-DADE                               2 7 - A U T O S FOR SALE-DADE                                                                                2 BR & BATH each. (DOWN-Furnishedl              LIST! PARSONS REALTY. BOX
                                                                                                                                                                    BEDROOM, sun room. Private bath & entrance.
   NOTICE UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME LAW                                                                                                                                 Judeo-Christian home                                                                                 612-V WEST       JEFFERSON,
                                                                                                             73 PONTIAC Grandville converti-                                            983-5592                         J.S. PALMER,        Realtor     751-4141        N.C. 28694 Ph. 919-246-7272
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the under-
signed, desiring to engage in business under the
                                                           NURSES RN AND LPN                                ble, new top & tires, all options, gold
fictitious name of NOVA REALTY at number                                                                    color $2500. 443-6896.                                  4 2 - R O O M S FOR RENT-DADE                                                                      52-HOMES-STUART MARTIN
                                                          Want to get back into nursing? Tired of
Ste. 507, 2720 Coal Way, in the City of Miami,            the hospital hassle? get into a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ROOM FOR OFFICE
Florida, 33145 intends to register the said name          challenging phase of nursing. Try geriatrics. .                                                                                                                AREA OF IMMACULATE CONCEPTION PARISH
with the d a k of the Circuit Court of Dade County,
                                                                                                                                                                                 MIAMI SHORES
                                                          We will orient and train part-time 7-3
                                                                                                            MIAMI GMC TRUCK CENTER NEW                              QUIET, ATTR. FURNISHED, CORNER Priv. entr.           BEAUTIFUL 4 BR 2 Bath home.
Florida.                                                  3-11 and 11-7. Must have a Florida license
                      Miami Imperial Lands, Inc.          or be in the process of applying for it.          & used TRUCKS, PICK-UPS, VANS                           Bath, Frig. Gentlemen                                LARGE Liv. Rm. & Bedrooms (4),
                                                                                                                                                                    758-2300      .       or       754-3063              Fla. rm & EXTRA rm. for OFFICE
                              By: Hose F. Rosado                                                            DUMPS, TRACTORS. SERVICE                                                                                                                                              Ralph HanmanJRL.
IGNACIO G. DEL VALLE                                               RN per day $45                           ALL MAKES LARGE PARTS STOCK.                                                                                 or WORK SHOP, Terrazzo floors.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Real Estate & Appraisals
Attorney for Applicant
Ste. 700,100 Biscay7la,Tower
                                                                  LPN per day $ 35                          3 Min to AIRPORT 635-0331                               SO REAL ESTATE                                       CORNER lot, built-in BBQ & fenced
Miami, Florida 33132 '"                                                  For further info.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         yard.                                           • INVESTMENT PROPERTES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              CALL SILVIA BRADSHAW,                      • OCEANFRONT, ACREAGE
               6/9,16, 23 £f 30, 1978
                                                                    Call Mrs. Paul R.N.                     1976  CHEVROLET       STATION WAGON.                       PHIUP D. LEWIS, INC.                                        Realtor Assoc.
                                                                                                            9 PASSENGER. ALL POWER A/C & Elec.                                                                                                                           • COMMERCIAL
                                                                         887-1565                           Windows. $3,575. 652-2496.                                 Commercial Properties                                       685-2592 EVES                         • STUART &
BOCA RATONT CEMETERY. 2 CRYPTS side by                                   Fair Havens                                                                                   NORTH PALM BEACH COUNTY                               LEGRA REAL ESTATE                             MARTIN COUNTY
side.Very Desirable location 942-3890                                      Center                           1974 Chevrolet Pick-up Qheyenne 20 Power                       31 West 2Q Street Riviera Beach                  & INVESTMENT CORP.                           112 East Osceola street 305 287-4600
                                                                                                            brakes & steering. Automatic. Air Cond. $3,000.                                                                              888-8802
                                                               201 Curtis Parkway Miami Springs             or best offer 652-2496.
S-PERSONALS                                                                                                                                                                                                              525 E 9 St.                      Hialeah

                                                                                                            2 8 - M O B I L E HOME FOR SALE-DADE                    51 - L O T S FOR SALE-DADE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             WE ARE NOT BROKERS!                                  VOICE
                                                              CLERK TYPIST                                                                                                                                                  WE BUY PROPERTY DIRECT!
3757 Hall for rent for Weddings and Banquets.
We also do catering.
13300 Memorial Hwy.N Miami           893-2271'
                                                          GOOD WITH DETAILS.BI-LINGUAL.                       '74 DODGE MINI MOTOR HOME
                                                                                                                                                                    2 BUILDING SITES. WALKING DISTANCE TO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               WE PAY ALL CASH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              NO FOR SALE SIGNS. NO FEES.
                                                          HOURS FLEXIBLE FULL or Fat-Time                   2O'FEET'WITH EXTRAS & GENERATOR PLANT                   PRIVATE BEACH. BY OWNER
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Miami Council                                CALL 754-5517                              EXCELLENT CONDITION                    823-0797                           865-0604
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         CALL US: 685-6546             932-5892
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                RATES and
1726 Hall for rent for weddings and banquets.
5644 N W 7th Street 266-1041
                                                                    2 POSITIONS OPEN
                                                                                                            30-BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES-DADE                           5 2 - H O M E S FOR SALE BROWARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BESTPOOLTBLPT                                     INFORMATION
                                                          AT AFTER SCHOOL DAY CARE.                         BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Earn excellent income                                                                      3 BR, DEN, 2 BATHS, CENT. AIR.                           3 LINE MINIMUM CHARGE
 GABLES K of C HALL FOR RENT                                           1 for HEAD TEACHER                   while building YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Set own                      GREEN MEADOWS                                 SCREENED PATIO. HUGE KIDNEY SHAPED
                                                                                                            hours at home. FULL OR PART TIME. COUPLES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  COUNT 6 WORDS PER LINE
   WEDDINGS, PARTIES OR BANQUETS                              1 for INSTRUCTOR'S AID PART-TIME                                                                                    Messana's                              POOL $50's.
270 CATALONIA AVE.        448-9242                        SEND RESUME TO: CENTRO MATER                      or individuals. FINANCIAL SECURITY with                                                                                                                                                        Per line 80c
                                                                                                            no age barrier.                                                  Construction Co., Inc.                       CALL MARGARET LUKSA, ASSOC.                    1 Time
                                                          460 SW 4 St., Miami 33130
                                                                                                                                                                             Custom Built Homes                                    893-2313                             3 times                            Per Line 70c
          STOP SMOKING!                                                                                     JOHN 685-3089                LISA: 821-9731
                                                                                                                                                                                ACRE SITES
                                                          TRAFFIC CLERK for WEEKLY NEWS-
                                                                                                                                                                            DADE 620-9686
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ANGELA DALEY                                 13-Consecutjve
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Per Line 60c
                                                          PAPER. PART-TIME. 20 hrs. wk.                     EARN GOOD STEADY income mailing high-                                                                        715 NE 125 St. Realtor          891-6212        51 Times
                                                                                                            paying commission circulars from your home.
          For information 681-8717                        EXCELLENT    benefits.   PHONE                    For details: send stamped, self-addressed enve-               BROWARD 434-5728                                                                               52 Consecutive
                                                          MR. BRINK              754-2651.                  lope to: K.C. MAIL SALES, 8023 Leavenworth                 GRIFFIN R D & S W 164 TERR.                                                                                                          Per Line 45c
6-CATERING-DADE                                                                                             Rd., Kansas City, Ks 66109.                                                                                              LUCKY YOU!                             •limes

                                                                                                                                                                              VISITATION PARISH                                $77,777.77 or BEST OFFER                  in
T & G CATERING. Dedicated ID your Diving                   7th GRADE TEACHER, for Fall at                                                                                                                                                                                     PT     SAME RATE as 2
                                                                                                            RESPONSIBLE PERSON Wanted to own and                     BEING TRANSFERRED-MUST SELL AT ONCE!                      & THIS HOME IS YOURS!                                 lines ordinary type
 PLEASURE 552-8330 323-9000 Ext. 215,
                                                           PRIVATE SCHOOL. Must be Certified.               operate candy & confection vending route.Miami           4 BR,2 BATH, LR, DR, REC RM. MODERN                 BEAUTIFUL WEST GREEN HILLS ESTATES.
                                                           Strength in ENGLISH & MATH                                                                                KITCHEN. PRICED MID $40"s. CLOSE TO CHURCH,
Gus or Theresa. R O T A N A
                                                          •'preferred. Write: THE VOICE. BOX
                                                                                                            and surrounding area. Pleasant business. High
                                                                                                            profit 'items. Can siart part-time. Age cr experience
                                                                                                            not important. Requires car and $960 cash
                                                                                                                                                                     SCHOOL, SHOPPING. 19701 NW 2 Place, Miami.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE. NO TRAFFIC.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         CLOSE TO SCHOOLS. RTEJ1 & EXPRESSWAY            HPTSAMERATE         as t h r e e l i n e s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         CHILDREN YOUR OWN PRIVATE PLAYGROUND
                                                          •242, 6201 Bisc. Blvd. Miami 33138.               investment. For details write & include you                                                                  OR ADULTS ROOM FOR TENNIS COURT.
 7-SCHOOLS & INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CAPS
                                                                                                            phone. SAI,                                                      POMPANO-DEERIFELD                           TROPICAL INSPIRED PATWOOL 3 BR 3 BATH.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CALL 754-2651 MIAMI
                                                                                                                           1072 San. Jose Avenue                                                                         GARAGE, CIRCULAR DRIVE, DRIVE BY. APPT.
AAA TUTORING all school subjects. Test prep.    HOUSEPARENT-CHILD                                                         Burbank, California 91501                     SMALL DOWN-OWNER                                 ONLY: 11340 SW 175 St.                                         525-5157 BROWARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY
945-3347 Brow. 7924383.
                                                CARE WORKER SINGLE                                          30-BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIESPakn Bch.
                                                                                                                                                                          CARRIES MTGE.                                          238-1561 or 235-9206                             DEADLINE MONDAY 12:00 NOON
                                                                                                                                                                     3 BR ww Carpet dishwasher, patio, large lot,fruit                                                                 FOR FRIDAY EDITION
                                           OVER 25 yrs. age., EXPERIENCE
                                                                                                                                                                     trees. Drier. Near                                    WALK TO HOLY FAMILY                           The Voice' will not be responsible for more

 Chord method, popular and classical music                                                                           FOTSALE:                                               SCHOOLS, BUSES,                               CLOSE TO 163 St. SHOPPING.                    than one incorrect insertion In the event of
                                           FULL TIME 5 DAYS/WK.- 24 HRS.                                     GROWING HEALTH FOOD STORE.                                                                                                                                 any error in an advertisement on the part of
 Experienced teacher              887 7262                                                                                                                               CHURCHES & BEACH.                                    VA. No. $ down or FHA                     the publisher, it will furnish the advertiser
                                           DAY, WORKING WITH DEPENDENT                                       GOOD LOCALE,          EXCELLENT        BUSINESS
                                                                                                                                                                     QUIET. BY APPT. 522-0553 764-3404                   3 BR, 2 BATHS, FLORIDA RM, CARPORTE,           letter so worded as to explain the said error
                                           TEENAGE BOYS. SALARY $5,000                                       & CLIENTELE.                            845-2813                                                            APPLIANCES, AIR COND. LOVELY SPLIT LEVEL       and the publisher shall be otherwise
            MUSIC LESSONS                  YR.PLUS WITH ROOM & BOARD                                                                                                                                                     $49,900.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        relieved from responsibility thereof
    Voice, Piano, Guitar & Organ           & BENEFITS, HOSPITALIZATION
                                                                                                             3 1 - M O N E Y TO LOAN DADE
                                                                                                                                                                              ORIOLE ESTATES                                 TIRELLA REALTY, INC.                             No Political Advertising acceptec1.
 WE SELL INSTRUMENTS AT DISCOUNT PRICES    ETC. WRITE: THE VOICE, BOX                                                                                                4 BR, HEATED POOL, LARGE                             893-5426      REALTOR          949-0503
                                                                                                             CONSOLIDATE bills, no credit check
          MUSIK KORNER                     241-6201 BISC. BLVD.
                                                                                                             WE BUY EXISTING MORTGAGES
                                                                                                                                                                     FENCED YARD. WALK TO SCHOOL,
 1144 W 68 St.             Hialeah, Fla. MIAMI 33138.                                                                                                                SHOPS. 485-0895
 821-1167                       823-5707
                                                          13A-SALES HELP WANTED-DADE
                                                                                                             FRIENDLY MTGE. CO.                                      5 2 - H O M E S FOR SALE-DADE                                                  MAIL AN                       AD
    DAY & EVENING CLASSES IN:                                                                                LICENSED MTGE. BROKER 893-5426
  WEAVING, BASKETRY, STAINED GLASS.                                                                                                                                  Home for sale by owner. 3 bedrm.,                         NAME
                                                                                                             3 2 A - I N C O M E PROPERTY-DADE                       2 bath. Wall to wall carpenting, air-cond.
 NEW SCHEDULES. TU6S-FRI-. 104PM                             OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED                                                                                 central heat.                    621-6726                 ADDRESS
 FIBRATIONS                233-0221                        Offered to experienced RE agents.
    14115 S. Dixie (above PIER 1)                          For appointment, call Lela 895-1251               INCOME"PROPERTY" BYOWNER                                                                                          CITY                      _STATE_                          _ZIP
                                                                                                               3 BR, 3 BATHS, 3 ENTRANCES. CORNER                     BY OWNER-OPEN. 3 BR 3 BATH
                                                                                                             7201 NE 5 AVE.                 758-9909                  CORNER, GARAGE, FENCED YARD. WALK TO                     PHONE
  1 U'l ORING-CertiTied teacher. English remedial                                                                                                                     SCHOOL, SHOPS, BUS.
                                                           15-POSITIONS WANTED
 reading, phonics and French by native. Styd°nts
  & adults. 681-9884 -N.Miami.                                                                              3 5 - A M U S E M E N T S , PARTIES, ETC. DADE            7201 NE 5 AVE.                       758-9909                     3 LINE MINIMUM. 1 LINE = 6 WORDS
                                                          ORGANIST AVAILABLE FO CHURCH LITLIRGY.                                                                                                                                           Enclose Check or Money Order
  9 A - C R A F T SUPPLIES-DAOE                           FULL OR PART TIME. N. Dade or S. Broward                       SPORT FISHING                                            2-3-4 BR HOMES
                                                          ALSO PIANO or ORGAN RENDERINGS FOR
                                                                                                                           "HELEN C"                                  REASONABLY PRICED FOR SALE                              Run ad                                  TIMES,,
                                                          ALL OCCASIONS. BETTY PIANO 522-0553
                                                                                                                           947-4081                                     KANT REALTY Broker 940-2121                           START AD
     FRAN'S FUN WITH Y A                 R                21 - M I S C . FOR SALE-DADE                               CAPT. JOHN CALLAN
     238 NE 2 A                                                                                                                                                                                                               CLASSIFICATION
    MON.-FRI. 10-5 PM                                 1                                                      4 0 - A P T S FOR RENT-DADE                                           INCOME HOME                                                             PLEASE PRINT
•                                                            6 ° V 2 ADULT'S                                                                                         6 BR PLUS OWNER APT. ACTIVE NE area
                                                                                                                                                                     SPECIAL BUY
    SAT. 10 3 PM                    756-1470 I             3 wheel bikes, N. Miami Bch.                                  RECIEN DECORADO
                                                                                                                                                                         CLAUDE W. ATKINS, Realtor
 10-CHILD CARE DADE                                                 949-6490                                            Apto. 1 dorm. $150 mensual
                                                                                                                        Zona Buena- 321 SW 7 St. y                              757-3481
                                                                                                                        326 SW 6 St. Sra. Fernandez                         COUNTY TAX ONLY
 LICENSED CHILD CARE-CUTLER                                CARPET INSTALLER has 14 rolls of carpel             GERENTE RESIDENTE TAMBIEN                                         2 BR 2 BATHS & POOL
 RIDGE-PERRINE. HOUR, DAY, WK,                             and vinyl must sell! Also many remnant oi
                                                                                                                                                                         WALK TO BARRY COLLEGE
                                                                                                                Aire Acondicionado-Eficiente y con Parquet
 OR WEEK END BOARDING. 232-1781                            vinyl and carpet. 9450751.
                                                                                                                   RESPONSIBLE TENANTS- NE SEC.                        BEAUTIFUL LARGE MIAMI SHORES HOME
 13-HELP WANTED                                            2 5 - T O O L RENTALS                                     LARGE EFFICIENCY. YEARLY                                     $125,000
                                                                                                                  ADULTS ONLY. NO PETS- 754-2681
                                                                                                                                                                           N. MIAMI DUPLEX-CLEAN                                          MAIL YOUR AD & REMITTANCE TO:
 BROWARD SPACE REPRESENTATIVE FOR                                OVER 100 RENTAL TOOLS                                                                                             $66,500                                                VOICE CLASSIFIED. P.O.BOX 381059
 VOICE' IN BROWARD COUNTY. PROTECTED                                                                          227 N.E 2 St. Near Gesu, turn. Effoy'
 TERRITORY. GOOD COMMISSION. FRINGE                              SMITTY'S Hardware and Paint Co.
                                                                 12320 N W 7 Ave. MIAMI 6814481
                                                                                                              Bedroom apts. Utilities Adults. Johnson A                           J.S. PALMER                                                     Miami, Florida 33138 ,
 BENEFITS. CALL MR. BRINK    522 5776                                                                         Hotei 374-9826.  .                                               REALTOR          751-4141

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978 / Page 21
Mundo-                                     Voluntarios en Jackson                                                                                                   Eduardo G6mez, de 16 afios
                                                                                                                                                               trabajo en el departamento de
    • Mas seguridad en Vatleano                                                                                                                                rehabilitaci6n y encuentra que
(NO— Los funcionarios del                   Conocieron                                                                                                          "no es cosa pequefia perder una
                                                                                                                                                               pierna y tener que comenzar de
Vaticano han tratado de reforzar
las medidas de seguridad de este
pequeflo estado y proteger mejor
                                                  otra                                                                                                         nuevo."
                                                                                                                                                                    Periodicamente todos los
                                                                                                                                                               voluntarios se reunian con el
al Papa Paulo VI y a sus
colaboradores, pero tienen
limitaciones de presupuesto. Es
la reaccibn natural a la ola de
                                              realidad                                                                                                         padre Eduardo Alvarez S. J. que
                                                                                                                                                               lleva el programa , para
                                                                                                                                                               reflexionar juntos sobre las
                                                                                                                                                               experiencias. Otros de sus
violencia en Italia, que incluye el                                                                                                                            estudiantes ayudaron en Centro
secuestro y asesinato del                        "Mi experiencia         como                                                                                  Mater y en el Hospital de Mercy.
dirigente politico Aldo More Se              voluntario en el Hospital de                                                                                           En Jackson Memorial, el
sabe que el superior general de              Jackson Memorial me ha abierto                                                                                    programa       de     voluntarios
los Jesuitas, P. Pedro Arrupe,               los ojos a otro mundo... porque                                                                                   organizado para los meses de
accedi6 a la protecci6n ofrecida             aqui      estamos       bastante                                                                                  verano trata de familiarizar a los
por la policia italiana , pues                                                                                                             mi
trabaja en Roma.
    • Recuperan Vlrgen robada
                                             protegidos," dice Santiago
                                             Hernandez, de 17 afios, y alumno
                                             de Belen Preparatory.
                                                                                                                                                 n •           voluntarios con distintas tareas
                                                                                                                                                               del hospital. Tambien ofrecen
                                                                                                                                                               informacion sobre carreras
                                                                                                                                                               posibles en el campo de la salud.
    APARECIDA, Brasil (NC)—                     Para cumplir los requisitos
El estudiante de 19 afios Rogerio                                                                                                                      ^ 11         Mas de 100 jdvenes par-
                                            de las clases de religi6n, Santiago                                                                                ticiparon en el programa de
Marcos de Oliveira se salv6 de              tuvo que trabajar 40 horas como             Eduardo Gdmez, junior en Belen Prep.
ser linchado por los peregrinos                                                                                                                                voluntarios en 1976-77, y un 40 por
                                            voluntario en Jackson.                                                                                             ciento fueron j6venes latinos.
cuando estos descubrieron que                    "A veces me sentia mal           su experiencia de voluntario.          Brafia, tambieii estudiante de
habia robado del nicho durante                                                                                                                                      El programa de verano se
                                            porque al sacar a los viejitos a          En Jackson, trabajd trans-         Belen, de 17 afios que trabajaba      iniciara el 21 de junio. Para in-
un breve apag6n la venerada                 pasear me decian que estaban          portando     enfermos, y con-          los domingos y llego a con-
imagen N. S. Aparecida, patrona                                                                                                                                formacion, llamar a la Oficina de
                                            solos porque su familia no les        versando con los ancianos.             vertirse en "nieto" favorito de       Voluntarios, 325-6541 A. CANTERO
del Brasil, y la policia Iogr6                                                                                           una de las ancianas.
                                            visitaba," comento al terminar            Algo parecido hizo Ernesto
Uevarselo a un hospital. La
pequefia estatua, que se aparecib
a un pescador hace 261 afios, se
rompi6 en tres pedazos cuando de           Posible nueva escuela secundaria                                                                                                Comunidad
Oliveira la dej6 caer al tratar de
escapar. Sera restaurada.
    • Celebraron milenario
                                           en Palm Beach o Broward
                                         Respondiendo a la inquietud
                                                                                                                                                               • Dia de renovacion, organizado
                                                                                                                                                               por la Comunidad Hispana de la
                                                                                                                                                               Renovacion Carismatica Catolica, el
                                                                                                                                                               proximo domingo 11 de junio, en la
    LONDRES       (NC)— Un                                                        el a>ea, determinar el grado de             El padre Kelly indico            cafeteria de la Iglesia St. Peter and
                                     de padres y parrocos en el area              interns y apoyo del laic ado e          durante la reunion que el comit6     Paul. Dirigido por el padre Antonio
centenar de monjes y monjas                                                                                                                                    Navarrete y miembros de la
benedictinos, tanto catblicos        de Palm         Beach sur, la                iniciar un fondo para posibles          de sacerdotes que estudia la         Renovacion. la Jornada dara comienzo
como anglicanos, participaron en     Arquiditicesis de Miami esta                 contribuciones de individuos,           cuestion tratara , con la ayuda e    a la 1 p.m. Para informacion 261-8252/
el milenario del altar de la         estudiando la posibilidad de                 corporaciones o fundaciones..."         iniciativas de todos de deter-       552-0246.
Abadia de San Agustin, hoy en        establecer una nueva escuela                      "La Arquidi6cesis tiene la         minar: a) el numero de
ruinas. Hizo historia de la          secundaria       que llene las               responsabilidad de responder a          estudiantes que se podria            En la Parroquia de St. Kevin, la
evangelizaci6n de las Islas         necesidades escolares de a quell a            los deseos de los padres de             beneficiar de una nueva escuela,     Asociacion de Mujeres invito a Janet
                                    zona.                                         proveer a sus hijos con la ben-                                              Reno, fiscal del estado de la Florida,
Britanicas por los benedictinos                                                                                           b) los recursos econ6micos           para su reunion del proximo 12 de
uno de ellos, el cardneal Basil          Las escuelas ya existentes               dici6n de una educaci6n que             disponibles, c) el tipo de           junio, a las 8 pm. Despues de una
Hume.arzobispo de Westminster.      Cardinal Newman en West                       incluye valores evangelicos y que       programa que mejor puede             breve conferencia habra ocasion de
                                    Palm Beach, y Cardenal Gibbons                les prepare para ser lideres en el      responder a las necesidades de       preguntas y respuestas. La parroquia
     • Mas alcance a Radio en Fort Lauderdale resultan                            futuro," dijo el arzobispo.             los estudiantes.                     esta situada en 12525 S.W. 42 calle.
Vatic an a                          actualmente pequefias para el
     CIUDAD DEL VATICANO alumnado —250 estudiantes— de                            Dice al recibir premio Tomds Cruz
 (NC)— Radio Vaticana quin- primer afio fueron ya rechazados
tuplica el poder de sus trans- para el proximo afio escolar.
misiones a Estados Unidos con            El    Superintendente de
                                                                                  Lo importante es no tener miedo        impedido visualmente.                     Alumno de Biscayne College
la instalaci6n de una antena Educacion en la Arquidiocesis                             El Sr.      Gustavo Adolfo
especial en la's afueras de Roma, padre Vincent Kelly se reuni6 la                Caballero fue honrado con el               Pero Caballero no naci6           grababa las clases, y tomaba los
dice el P. Sean McCarthy, quien semana pasada con parrocos y                      premio de Thomas Cruz en la            ciego. Durante los afios del 60       examenes orales. Obtuvo titulo
dirige la secci6n en ingles, RV se directores escolares del area                  graduacitin de Biscayne College        estuvo prisionero en Cuba, su         en Psicologia y tiene planes de
escucha en la parte oriental del para estudiar la situacion.                      el pasado seis de mayo por su          tierra natal, y fue perdiendo la      regresar al Biscayne College
pais por onda corta a partir de las Quedaron nombrados                            record academico durante sus           vista debido a las paup&rimas         para continuar estudios al nivel
                                                                   para           dos afios de estudio en el Institute   condiciones de la carcel.             sraduado.
ocho      de la noche. La preparar un informe los sacer-
radioemisora pontificia, ad- dotes James                                          Bilingue del Biscayne College.             En 1966. Caballero vino a la          Con su vida quiere brindar
                                                         Connaughton,                                                    Florida con sus dos hijos             ejemplo a otras personas im-
ministrada por los Jesuitas, Richard Murphy, Ronald Pusack                             Para conseguir excelencia
transmsite en 33 idiomas, unos 16 y John Skehan.                                  acad6mica Caballero, quien se          pequefios. Recibi6 entrenamiento      pedidas, y dice'^ue 16 mas im-
dirigidos a paisees comunistas                                                    matricul6 en el College a los 47       para poder lidiar con su im-          portante para triunfar en la vida
                                         Tambien       el    arzobispo            afios, hubo de veneer la barrera       pedimento en la instituci6n de        es "no tener miedo; no dejarse
incluyendo Cuba.
                                    McCarthy indico su deseo de                   del lenguaje y la cultura, y           "Miami Lighthouse for the             caer o sentirse frustrado; seguir
     •    Piden libertad para estudiar la posibilidad "de                                                                Blind."                               hacia adelante y estudiar".
                                                                                  superar el obstaculo de estar
madres                              establecer una nueva escuela en
     ASUNCION,            Paraguay
(NO— Para "limpiar el nom-,                                                                               •El Ano Santo en marc ha
bre" del Paraguay, el quin-               Por el padre Donald Connolly                Y en cuanto a estadisticas,        jovenes sin hogar y hogares
cenario Sendero, de los obispos,                                                  isabian Ustedes que anualmente         rotos.
pidi6 al presidente Gen. Alfredo            Saludos a todos!                      llegan al Estado de la Florida             Todo esto nos dice quizas que
Stroessner que ponga en libertad            Esta semana quiero com-               29,000,000 turistas? O que mas de      gente con toda clase de
a las tres ultimas madres con          partir con todos los lectores              4,500,000 pasan por el aeropuerto      problemas viene a La Florida
nifios     en la prisi6n de            algunas de las oportunici ades de          de Miami y Fort Lauderdale y           esperando encontrar en sus
Emboscada.                             evangelizacion que existen en el           que el afio pasado un millon de        bellezas naturales ayuda para
Antes hubo mas de 30 con hijos de      area de la Arquidi6cesis,                  turistas del extranjeros visito el     rehacerse. Llegan escapando de
poca edad. Quedan todavia unos         mostrando especialmente las                Condado de Dade?                       un pasado y confiando en que          la fe y compartirla con otros,
cien prisioneros politicos, aunque     estadisticas disponibles. Al                   En las carceles de la Florida      encontraran mas sentido a su          tanto familias como parroquias
el gobierno ha puesto en libertad      leerlas recientemente uno de los           un 54 por ciento de los presos son     vivir.                                deberiamos       hablar      sobre
a muchos.                              parrocos comento: "Parece que              varones de raza blanca y de                                                  apostolados efectivos         para
                                       la soluci6n a todo esto esta en            menos de 25 afios y un 51 por               Despues de reflexionar sobre     aquellos que sienten necesidad.
     • Huelga de hambre por            lograr que la gente sea mis                ciento se criaron en hogares           los temas del Afio Santo nuestra      Especialmente debemos orar por
presos                                 evangelizadora. Tienen que                 rotos.                                 reaccion hacia esta gente             los demas, para que todos en-
     SANTIAGO , Chile (NC)—            aprender a compartir su fe con                 Entre 1970 y 1990 la poblaci6n                                           cuentren su camino de retorno a
                                                                                                                         deberia ser:
Sesenta y seis esposas de              los demas."                                en el condado de Dade habra                                                  Dios. Pero tambien debemos
prisioneros              politicos                                                                                            iEn que puedo ayudarla?
                                            Muchos de los parrocos estan          aumentado en un 4'9por ciento, la           El      mismo       arzobispo    proponernos escuchar y ayudar
desaparecidos en manos de la                                                      de Fort Lauderdale en un 65 por                                              de modos prScticos.
                                       de acuerdo en afirmar que un                                                      McCarthy resumio la meta del
policia secreta llevan en huelga                                                  ciento y la de Palm Beach en un
                                       gran porcentaje de sus fieles no                                                  Afio Santo al escribir en su carta        "Lo que hicisteis a uno de los
de hambre mas de dos semanas                                                      132 por ciento. Durante los
                                       asisten a la Iglesia regularmente.                                                pastoral, "A aquellos que han         mas pequefios... a mi me lo
para pedir a la junta militar que                                                 ultimos afios un 16 por ciento de
                                       "No es que tengan nada en                                                         perdido el camino, a los que          hicisteis," dijo Jesus
les diga que pas6 con ellos.                                                      los nuevos residentes fueron
                                       contra," dijo un sacerdote. "La                                                   perdieron la esperanza, a los que         Y no olviden de sefialar en su
                                       mayoria son buenisimas per-                catolicos.                             se han vuelto tibios en la practica   calendario la noche del 6 de oc-
       ALLEN PEST CONTROL, INC.        sonas. Pero quizas sienten pereza              Los problemas de tipo social       de la fe, les estiendo una calurosa   tubre, en que tendremos la gran
    Regular • Home • Commercial        o les pueden las preocupaciones            abundan y la Florida encabeza          invitacitin durante este Afio         demostracion en el Orange Bowl.
   Lawn Spraying • Termite Control     seculares. En su corazon sienten           las listas del pais en cuanto al       Santo: ;Regresen al hogar!            Participaran        todas      las
   FREE ESTIMATE         Lie {fins.    el deseo de volver a empezar, y            alcoholismo, aborto provocado,             Durante este tiempo despues       parroquias de la Arquidi6cesis,
                                       esperan a que nosotros nos                 enfermedades           sociales,       de Pentecostes y mientras             con Eucaristia y el arzobispo
       1875 N.E. 149 ST. N. MIAMI
                                       acerquemos primero."                       prostitucion,     homosexualidad,      buscamos modos para crecer en         Fulton Sheen ^omo predicadoru
Page 22 I Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June B, 1378
      • PreBice tumultos hispanos
      SAN ANTONIO, Texas
                                                        Santeria y Cristianismo
(NC)— Un dirigente de IMAGE
                   of Mexican-
Endeavors), Baltasar Luna,
                                                                 son algo distinto
                                                       (Viene de la Pag.24)
                                                        se centrb ert los testimonios del
declar6 que de no corregirse las                        santero Oba Irawo, sacerdote
injusticias que abruman a los                           lucumi y del padre Juan Sosa,
hispanos en Estados Unidos,                             sacerdote catblico y Director
puede venir una serie de                                Asociado de Educaci6n Religiosa
tumultos y levantamientos como                          en la Arquidi6cesis de Miami.
el que ocurri6 hace poco en                                 Victor Bermiidez, estudiante
Houston. Los hispanos, dijo,                           de antropologia present6 la
tienen muy poco acceso a                               santeria como una religibn con su
posiciones de importancia y                            dogma, sus ritos de paso y de
buena paga, y se amontonan en                          intensificaci6n, y su sacerdocio.
empleos de bajo salario. Vino a                        Tambibn resumi6 su historia
San Antonio a investigar si el                         desde la llegada a Cuba con los
Departamento de Defensa ofrece                         esclavos africanos, hasta la
o no oportunidades de ascenso a                        mezcla con la religibn catbiica de
los hispanos, despues de recibir                       los colonizadores, cuando los
que j as.                                              simbolos y santos cat61icos
      •    Abogan    por puer-                         quedaron como puntos de
                                                       referenda, de dioses paganos,               "Para nosotros Jesus era un espiritualista" dijo Santero Oba Irawo al presentar la religlbn
 torriqueflos                                                                                      Yoruba-Lucumi. A su derecha, los miembros del panel sobre Santerfa y Cristianismo, Victor
      WASHINGTON ( N O —                               para los esclavos.
                                                                                                   Bermudez, estudiante de antropologia, Doctor O.R. Dathorne, Estudios Afro-americanos, y Padre
 Arthur Flemming, presidente de                             "Ahora en Miami esta                   Juan Sosa, Director Asociado de Educaci6n Religiosa, Arquidibcesis de Miami.
la Comisibn pro Derechos Civiles,                      religibn esta sirviendo como
 pidi6 que se estudie el efecto de                     agente de aculturacibn," dijo        habia hecho referenda a la           que pide a sus fieles es que en- generaciones        jbvenes de
                                                       Bermiidez.                           santeria como "problema" para        tiendan el sentido de su fe para    cubanos,    que buscan la
 los programas del gobierno
                                                                                            la Iglesia Catblica.                 que su religiosidad sea auten-      separacibn de los simbolos
 federal en los puertorriquefios,                           "Las generaciones jbvenes
                                                                                                 "La Santeria no es problema     tica," anadib.                      catblicos y quieren la pureza
 que siguen teniendo "barreras                         auieren deshacerse de los
                                                                                            para nosotros, pero nos preocupa         Durante el dialogo entre los    primitiva africana. La de los
 insi             -"" - " "                            —mbolos catblicos y regresar a
                                                                                            el sincretismo —la mezcla con el     conferenciantes y la audiencia      antropblogos, que analizan el
 Un;                                                   la pureza de la religibn
                                                                                            catolicismo.—" dijo el Padre         fueron    quedando      patentes    fenbmeno      cientificamente
 ver                                                   africana," afiadib.
                                                                                            Sosa uno de los conferenciantes      diversas posiciones.                fascinados por su desarrollo. La
 pie!                                                  Pero a la hora de explicar la
                                                                                            del Symposium.                                                           de la Iglesia Catblica que,
 Ha;                                                   esencia de tal religibn el santero
                                                                                                 En su presentacibn el padre         La de las generaciones          preocupada por la mezcla o
 ter;                                                  Oba Irawo, (Ernesto Pichardo),
                                                       lo hizo mostrando solo su            Sosa hablb de la religiosidad en     adultas de cubanos que hansincretismo religioso en los
 isl;                                                  paralelismo con la religibn
 dis                                                   eatblica.                            En la Iglesia catdlica siempre se ha cuidado la pureza de la
 un                                                         "Yo mismo fui monaguillo en     expres/dn religiosa .evitando las mezc/as P. Juan Sosa
                                                       la Iglesia catblica," dijo.
yj '                                                        "Nosotros tambten creemos       terminos de la relacibn del           vivido una fuerte          mezcla        mismos que se dicen catblicos,
                                                       en un Dios: 'Olodumare', unos        hombre con la divinidad.              religiosa      catblica-lucumi,          empieza a interesarse por el
dec                                                    santos a quienes llamamos                 "A traves de los siglos las      aunque distinguen los simbolos           fenbmeno y a preocuparse por
                                                       'orishas'. Tenemos el equivalente     diversas expresiones de t a l        de una y otra religibn y se sienten      una mas popular evangelizacibn.
 La                                                    de un Cristo, para nosotros          relaeibn con Dios, se han visto       catblicos, y adoran a Cristo, y
                                                       Odudua y de un Espiritu: Egun.       influenciadas por las diversas        mientras, continuan su relacibn              "Creo que esta es una de las
 un i
                                                            "Yo no veo conflicto con el      culturas, pero en la Iglesia         con los dioses africanos.                razones por las que yo trato de
 Chi                                                   cristianismo. De sacerdote a          Catblica siempre se ha cuidado la                                             participar en programas como
del                                                     sacerdote hay comprensidn, y         pureza de la expresibn religiosa,        La de las generaciones               este" , comentb el padre Sosa...
Vic                                                    sabemos que son dos cosas             evitando las mezclas," dijo.         adultas de cubanos que viven la
pr(                                                     diferentes," anadib.                     "La Iglesia no quiere            mezcla religiosa y adoran a         "La Iglesia no puede man-
eci                                                         Miembros de la audiencia         menospreciar otras religiones        Cristo mientras tambien prac-   tenerse al margen de la realidad
y                                                      cuestionaron a Bermiidez que          sino que busca el dialogo. Pero lo   tican la santeria. La de las- en que vive", afiadi6.
liderazgo en la reform a agraria
en favor de los campesinos
chilenos. Tal defensa, dijo al
recibir el honor ante 10,000
                                                       M6xico favorece documento de consulta
personas, incluyendo 2,800 que se
graduaban, es hoy parte esencial
de la misi6n evangelizadora de la
iKlesia                 f
                                                       hacia reuniones de Puebla
      • Japoneses plden desarme.                           CIUDAD DE MEXICO—                y que evade los probiemas                 El   folleto   resume el
      NUEVAYORK (NC)—Entre                                                                                                                                                 de los nombrados directamente
                                                       (CN—Los sacerdotes y el laicado      sociales.                             documento de consulta y se vende         por el Santo" Padre, como el
los grupos de presi6n ante la                          de Mexico han contribuido mucho           Para familiarizar al pueblo      por 30 centavos. Lo edita la
asamblea de las Naciones Unidas                                                                                                                                            cardenal Jose Salazar de
                                                       en la reflexion para la Tercera      con las metas de la asamblea de       imprenta jesuita Buena Prensa.           Guadalajara y el arzobispo
sobre el desarme figuran                               Asamblea        General     del      octubre, Mexico esta preparando           Para las reuniones de Puebla
prominentemente los japoneses,                                                                                                                                             Ernesto Corripio de Ciudad de
                                                       Episcopado     Latinoamericano,      folletos con dibujos bajo el tftulo   los obispos mexicanos eligieron          Mexico que sera co-presidente de
que en un acto sin precedente                          que tendra lugar en Puebla el        iQue esta pasando en Puebla?"         17 delegados episcopates ademas
hablaron en el recinto sobre el                                                                                                                                            la Conferencia.
                                                       mes de octubre, segiin afirmb el
estallido de la tomba at6mica en                       secretario de la Conferencia
sus ciudades de Hiroshima y
Nagasaki en 1945 y las con-
secuencias de la hecatombe para
                                                       Episcopal mejicana.

                                                           En una declaracibn para la
                                                                                            Obispo"controversial"a sede de Medellin
los 370,000 sobrevivientes cuya                        prensa despues de la reunion de        CIUDAD DEL VATICANO—                la teologia de liberacibn, que            con la Conferencia de Medellin en
agonla y sufrimientos continuan.                       los obispos en mayo, Monsefior    (NC)—Pablo VI ha nombrado al             fundamenta       en principios            1968 y no segun mis subsecuentes
                                                       Alfredo Torres auxiliar de        obispo Alfonso Lbpez Trujillo,           teolbgicos la accibn para un              interpretadones de esta."
   IMPRENTA                                            Mexico subrayb la contribucibn
                                                       de sacerdotes y religiosos, "y el
                                                                                         arzobispo co-adjutor con derecho
                                                                                         a sucesibn de Medellin, Colom-
                                                                                                                                  cambio social monsefior L6pez
                                                                                                                                  tambien ha sido acusado de
                                                                                                                                                                                 Entre los temas que tratara
                                                                                                                                                                            la Asamblea de Puebla, el
   "MARESMA"                                           creciente interes de nuestros
                                                       seglares en la evangelizacibn de
                                                                                              Monsefior Lbpez Trujillo, de
                                                                                                                                  manipular las reuniones de
                                                                                                                                  Puebla contra las lineas mar-
                                                                                                                                                                            prelado citb "La evangelizacibn
   PRESTIGIQ     • EXPERIENCIA        •   SERIEDAQ                                                                                                                          de un continente donde la in-
   70 N. W. 22 Ave. - Miami, Fla.
                                                       personas, familias y sociedad".   42 afios, es Obispo Auxiliar de          cadas por la II Asamblea General          mensa mayoria es juventud, el
                                                                                         Bogota y Secretario General del          en Medellin, en 1968.                     redescubrimiento de las prac-
                                                            La declaracion no mencionb   Consejo      Episcopal     Latino                                                  ticas religiosas populares, la
  Gran Surtido deTarjetas para                         la controversia suscitada en los Americano (CELAM), puesto
                                                                                                                                     Por su parte, el prelado               renovacibn evangelica, el empuje
                                                       liltimos    meses     sobre el    que le ha mantenido en el centro                                                   de las comunidades de base y la
  Bodas, Bautizos, Comuniones,                         Documento de Consulta (DC)
                                                                                                                                  colombiano ha negado siempre
                                                                                         de controversia s entre ten-             tales acusaciones asegurando              presencia evangelica —no en el
  Cumpleafios, Recordatorios y                         preparado por los organizadores   dencias     liberates    y con-          que la Asamblea de Puebla se              sentido politico— en defensa de
                                                       de las reuniones de Puebla.       servadoras      de la Iglesia                                                      los pobres, no entendidos estos
  Misas. Impresionesal Relieve.                                                          latinoamericana.         Fuentes
                                                                                                                                  llevara a cabo en total libertad de
                                                                                                                                  expresibn.                                como una clase social. Tambien
                                                            Durante     l a s recientes  vaticanas indican que su nom-                Dias antes de su nom- la defensa de aquellos que sufren
  TOOA CLASE OE TRABAJOS                               reuniones de los obispos del      bramiento para la sede de                bramiento para la sede de                 violacion de derechos."
  COMERCIALES Y SOCIALES                               Brasil,     estos      sugirieron Medellin es seflal de aprobacibn         Medellin, monsefior Lbpez se
                                                       numerosos cambios al (DC) y vaticana hacia la actuacibn del                dirigib a la asamblea del                      Es actualmente arzobispo de
  AHORRE           TIEMPO.Y               DINERD       criticaron     su orientacibn.
                                                                                         prelado en la CELAM, cargo en el         episcopado italiano en el                  Medellin monsefior Tulio Botero
                                                       Tambien otros sacerdotes y        que cesa en diciembre.                   Vaticano y afirm6 que las Salazar, que cumpliri en marzo
  • I I I M t S tlHItMENTE K S « . M . t ( r . l l .   teblogos han criticado, afir-
         TELEFDNO 642-7266                                                                    Acusado por los liberates de        reuniones de Puebla tendran               los 75 afios, edad de jubilacibn
                                                       mando que es demasiado tebrico    tratar de impedir el desarrollo de       lugar segiin lineas consistentes          para los obispos.
                                                                                                                                                          Miami, Florida fTHE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978 / Page 23
Die en obispos del Estado

 No a legalizacion de casinos en Florida
    La cuestirin del juego                  recurso de esos medios para            considerando los posibles danos      razones que aqui        hemos              Charles B. McLaughlln
legalizado y los casinos se                 fomentar el turismo a sus Areas.       al bien comiin de todos los          enumerado, para la oposicidn a             Obispo de St. Petersburg
mantiene en el tapete de la                 Nosotros no podemos creer que          ciudadanos de nuestro estado,        los casinos.
opinion publica del estado                  nuestro estado, tan rico en            segiin descritos anteriormente.          Edward A. McCarthy                     Thomas J. Grady
proponentes y opositores tratan             belleza natural y maravilloso por      Pedimos a todos aquellos                 Arzobispo de Miami                     Obispo de Orlando
de recoger firm as para forzar un           su clima, necesite emplear tales       responsables en la toma de
referendum que decida -la                                                                                                                                           Rene H. Gracida
                                             medios dudosos para el fomento        decisiones sobre este asunto que         Paul F. Tanner
cuesti6n, y por ello quizas los              del turismo —especialmente                                                                                             Obispo de Pensacola-
                                                                                   midan cuidadosamente las                 Obispo de St. Augustine
obispos catolicos de la Florida                                                                                                                                         Tallahassee
expresan su opinidn sobre el
asunto en declaracion firmada
con fecha del 9 de junto, que

     Nosotros,     los    obispos                  PERIODICOCATOI.KO
cat61icos de la Florida, queremos                 VRQl'IDHK KSIS DE Ml \MI
expresar nuestra oposicidn a la
propuesta      que buscan la                             Redaecion \' () Box :iS-l().->!t    Miami Tin :W1:»H IVI'l
legalizacion de los casinos en
nuestro estado. Hablamos, no
solo motivados por nuestra
responsabilidad de lideres
religiosos, sino tambien como
ciudadanos de La Florida
preocupados por las im-
plicaciones que, a largo alcance,
el juego de los casinos puede
tener en la calidad de la vida de
todos los ciudadanos del estado.
Hemos seguido con interes el
desarrollo de los casinos en otros
lugares de la naci6n. Las ex-
periencias de otros pueden
servirnos de informaci6n sobre lo
que podremos esperar de La
Florida, en el caso de in-
troducirse los casinos en nuestro

     El juego de los casinos
parece       invariablemente
acompanarse          de     crimen
organizado. La prostituci6n y los
abusos en prestamos son s61o dos
de los muchos aspectos del
crimen organizado. Y no es
menos una consecuencia de la
introducci6n de l o casinos, la
posibilidad de indebidas in-
fluencias sobre los oficiales
publicos. Las grandes sumas de
dinero que circulan por los
casinos facilitan la obtenci6n de
 favores y concesiones de los
 oficiales publicos, y la corrupcidn
 tiende a extenderse por los
                                             Santeria y Cristianismo...
 muchos niveles de la ad-                        Por ARACELICANTERO                A la Iglesia le preocupa la confusion del pueblo
 ministraci6n publica.                                 (EditoradeLaVoz)
                                                 "Yo soy santera y soy muy         hasta encontrar su felicidad en la   cristianismo      y   santeria               Unas 30 personas        par-
    Somos bien conscientes de               feliz y sigo sintiendo dentro de mi    santeria      —mezcla         del    organizado por el Departamento          ticiparon en los tres dias de
que algunos ciudadanos de                   corazdn la religidn catoiica."         catolicismo con la religion          de Estudios Afro-Americanos de         reflexion y captaron, quizas en
nuestro estado ven en los casinos                Con palabras entrecortadas        africana yoruba-lucumi.              la Universidad de Miami con            parte, la situaci6n de cientos de
un medio de competir con otras              por la emocion, la mujer narro              Era una de las participantes    fondos del "Florida Endowment          hispanos en el Sur de la Florida.,
ireas turisticas que ya han hecho           sus 48 afios de busqueda religiosa     en    el   symposium        sobre    for the Humanities."                    quienes, aunque educados en la
                                                                                                                                                                religion cat61ica, practican
                                                                                                                                                                tambien la religi6n importada a
 Nuevos parrocos a Little Flower, Corpus Christi,                                                                                                               Cuba por los esclavos africanos.
                                                                                                                                                                     "Quiero que Ustedes sepan,"
 St. Michael, St. Ignatius, y St. Juliana                                                                                                                       continuo la mujer, "que todos
                                                                                                                                                                mis hijos fueron monaguillos en
                                                                                                                                                                la Iglesia Catoiica y yo contribui
    Cinco parroquias de la                   parroco de Corpus Christi,            parroquia de St. John The            Kelly, St. Joseph, Stuart; P. grandemente a la Ermita de la
Arquidiocesis tendran nuevos                 Miami. Deja la parroquia de St.       Baptist, Ft. Lauderdale.             Joseph Angelini a Holy Name of Caridad... Por mi inquietud
parrocos a partir del 20 de junio,           Vincent Ferre DelRay Beach.               Fueron tambien asignados a       Jesus, West Palm Beach; P. John religiosa, con los afios busqug a
segun nombramiento del ar-                                                         otras parroquias: P. William         Fink a St. Bartholomew, Dios en la religi6n judia y la
zobispo Edward A. McCarthy                      El padre J. Frank Flynn sera       Hennessey a St. David en Davie;      Miramar y P. Joseph Nolan, presbiteriana y cual seria la
quien asign6 tambien 6 sacer-               p£rroco de St. Ignatius Loyola en      P. M. Anthony Reilly a Ascen-        C.S.S.P. a St. John the Baptist, posicidn en la que Dios me queria
dotes para ejercer ministerios              Palm Beach Garden. Deja la             sion, Boca Raton; P. Michael         Fort Lauderdale.                       para su servicio...
sacerdotales en otras parroquias.                                                                                                                                    "Despu6s de 48 afios de
    Monsefior William McKeever              Nuevo obispo de El Paso recibe Haves de la catedral                                                                busqueda he llegado a la con-
sera parroco de Santa Teresita en            H                                                                                    9'                           clusion de que he de servir lo
Coral Gables. Deja la parroquia
de St. Juliana, West Palm Beach
donde era parroco desde 1971.
                                               'Para abrir los corazones                                                                                       mismo al bianco que al negro y
                                                                                                                                                               aunque santera soy misionera y
                                                                                                                                                               adoro tambie'n a Cristo."
    El padre Xavier Morras sera                 EL PASO, Tejas— "Dios les          obispo, Mons. Sidney Metzger le       Delegado Apostolico arzobispo              Era el tercer dia del sym-
parroco de St. Juliana en West              ama y yo tambien" dijo el obispo       asegurti sonriente que le seria       Jean Jadotpor el Obispo Francis posium y el grupo habia quedado
Palm Beach. Deja la parroquia               Patricio Flores al saludar a las       mas facil, "abrir los corazones de   Furey de San Antonio.                  reducido a unos 20 participantes.
de St. Michael, Miami donde era             5,000 personas que habian              sus fieles."                             Tambien        e s t u v i e r o n Todos habian escuchado en dias
p&rroco desde 1969,                         acudido a su instalacion como              La an6cdota anadi6 una nota      presentes 30 obispos de Estados anteriores a historiadores an-
    El padre Jose Paz sera                  cabeza de la diocesis de El Paso,      de humor y carifto a las             Unidos y Mexfco y mas de 300 tropologos y literatos. Tambi6n a
p&rroco de St. Mickaelj. Miami.             el pasado 29 de mayo.                  ceremonias de          instalacion   sacerdotes. Ademas, el gober- Lydia Cabrera, conocida por sus
Deja la parroquia de Corpus                     Al recibir de manos de su          oficiadas por el arzobispo           nador de Nuevo Mexico Jerry investigaciones y escritos sobre
Christi, Miami donde era parroco            predecesor las Haves de la             Roberto Sanchez de Santa Fe,         Apodaca, el alcalde de El Paso, la religidn yoruba-lucumi.
desde 1975.                                 catedral, Mons. Flores no pudo         cabeza de la provincia y             Ray Salazar y el jefe de la tribu           Pero la discusi6n del sabado
    El padre Jose Paniagua sera             abrir las puertas. El antiguo          presididas en ausencias del          india Tigua, Jose Geriallo.                          (Pas* a la Pag. 23)
Page 24 I Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 9, 1978

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