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					                                                                         OCTOBER/NOVEMBER, 2005   VO L . X X I V   NO . 5

Scott Walter              Oct. 1 Philadelphia MG Club’s British Car & Bike Show at Peddler’s Village.
                                 Routes 202 & 263, Lahaska, PA (Bucks County). $12 registration
                                 prior to Sept. 12, $15 afterwards, including day of show. Fine
717.699.5498                     dining and shopping at the many shops and restaurants of Peddler’s
                                 Village. 10 am until 2 pm. Awards at 2:30 pm. Call Steve at
                                 (610) 466-2073, weeknights after 8 pm for additional information.
Laura Donecker
Secretary                 Oct. 2 Harrisburg Zembo Shrine 7th annual car show. North 3rd Street and
                                 Division Street, Harrisburg, PA. 10 am until 4 pm. Awards at 3:30. $8
717.341.7473                registration prior to Sept. 12, $10 afterwards. Door Prizes to be raffled off
                                 (one ticket included with registration) include 46” Toshiba projection TV,
                                 27” Sharp stereo TV, and 20” Panasonic flat screen stereo TV.
Sue Hurley
                                 (717) 238-8107 or e-mail for additional
Treasurer                        registration information.
717.993.3220       Oct. 9 “Hunt Country Classic” British Car Show. Middleburg, VA. Washington DC
                                 MG Car Club. $25 day of show registration. Field opens at 9:00am, closes
Steve Dellinger                  at 12 noon. Popular vote balloting closes at 12:30. Awards presented at
                                 2:00. Visit or e-mail
Board Member            for directions, a registration form,
717.299.5884                     or more information.
                         Oct. 16 LANCO 8th annual Fun Run. 10:00 a.m. York County. See inside this
Michael Lang                     MailGram for additional information.

Board Member              Nov. 6 “Cannon Shoot”. 11:00 a.m. Lancaster mayor Charlie Smithgall’s farm,
717.235.7691                     southern Lancaster County.
                        Nov. 13 LANCO Club meeting. 3:00 p.m. Triple C, 1900 Orange Street, York. See
                                map inside. 854-4081.Bring your MG Christmas list along! (And please
Gloria Ciarrocca                bring a chair for yourself for the meeting.)
                          Dec. 3 LANCO annual club banquet and awards party. General Sutter Inn, Lititz,
717.285.7379                     PA. Invitations will be mailed during November
                      June 21-26 MG2006. North American Council of MG Registers “ALL-Register MG
Dennis Blevins                   Meet”. Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 2006 Send you name and address and e-mail
Editor                           address to info@mg2006 or MG2006, 318 Hampton Park, Westerville, OH
717.548.2457                     43081 to be added to their information mailing list or visit       
                                                     un   de d 198
                                                  Fo                 3

                                                                        FROM THE DESK OF ANDY S…:
                                                                        Fall is upon us. By the time this note is read “MG’s on The Rocks” will be over, it
                                                                        will be time for our fall rally, and we’ll be making preparations for the winter
                                                                        months. As I look back on the Summer I cannot help to think that we are a blessed
                                                                        group - to be able to afford our toys and have time to enjoy them. My understand-
                                                                        ing of our good fortune was put into perspective at our September meeting when
                                                                        we had an open discussion on Hurricane Katrina and the citizens of New Orleans.
       Although, as individuals, many of us have already made contributions, everyone present also felt that the club should look for a way to con-
       tribute. The discussion provided many suggestions and the Board will meet in October to select one or more. LANCO MG is not a large organi-
       zation and our pockets are not deep. With the rainout at “A Taste of Britain” this year we will probably dip into our savings a little more than in
       the past. But in the larger scheme of things a few less dollars in the treasury is nothing compared to the cost of rebuilding lives, families, and
       communities in the storm area. I’m proud to be associated with a group of people that understands this. Thank you to everyone who took part in
       the meeting and discussion and thank you to those who did not attend but called me prior to express concern on the subject.
            This will be my last note in the LANCO “MailGram”. All efforts to find an editor have been exhausted and after this issue we will be
       relying on other means to communicate to the membership. To Dennis and Jeff, no words can express the thanks the club owes you for your
       dedication to upgrading, then sustaining, a high quality newsletter for the past five plus years. I know how hard it is for me to get my few
       articles done so I can’t imagine how much time you two have spent over the years. I understand there will be a big celebration when this is over
       so enjoy yourselves and I’ll see you down the road.
            One final note, Internet access is not mandatory for club membership but it is necessary to get
       the full benefit of our new club structure. If you do not have it please considering obtaining a service
1      or access through a friend or family.


       Hello, all. As you will read elsewhere in this issue, this IS the last LANCO MG “MailGram”
       to be published in this format. As we have said several times during the past year, I have
       been editor for five years and Jeff Rutt has been putting together the layouts for more than
       eight years and it is time for both of us to move on. Having done this for those many years
       gives me a great appreciation for our club founder, Gloria, for putting out the newsletter
       for seventeen years!
            I’d like to thank those that have helped make the “MailGram” what it was during that
       time: our regular contributors including Joan Martin, Sally Harbold, Andy
       Schneggenburger, Carol Tucker, Laura Donecker, Bruce Bubeck, Charlie Baldwin, Sue
       Hurley, Stan Carpenter, and Eric Salminen, just to name a few. Extra thanks go to Jack
       Butler for his MGA columns and Alan Tucker for his invaluable “Tuck’s Tips”. Unbounded
       special thanks go to Jeff for his “nothing less than perfect” layout work – it wouldn’t have
       been anything like this without it -, my wife and best bud, Carol, for her help as proofread-
       er, mailing crew, and her patience for planning and rescheduling family outings and vaca-
       tions to avoid “newsletter months”, and to the board members for giving us the latitude
       (and money!) to publish what we wanted. And of course, it would have all meant nothing
       without you, our readers. See you down the road…..Dennis
                                                                                                              LANCO MAI LGRAM

                       LANCO Club Picnic. August 14th,           Marque Car Club News” monthly newspaper-type pub-
                       Rocky Ridge Park, York.                   lication. Sample issues were provided for the members
                          Thirty-five club members and five      to review. Most felt that it would be much more appro-
                       guests attended this year’s picnic.       priate for them to receive the “New England” version,
                       Twelve British cars were driven to the    rather than the issue that covers the rest of the country –
                       event on this very hot day. Hot dogs,     mainly the deep South and Southwest. Andy will check
                       hamburgers, grilled chicken sand-         into this. Space will be provided for our club articles.
                       wiches, and drinks were supplied by       There was much discussion about LANCO membership
                       the club. Everyone brought a covered      dues and what they would be used for. The club will
                       dish or dessert to share. Needless to     still need to send out several mailings each year as well
                       say, no one had a reason to leave hun-    as dues notices. LANCO board members will discuss a
                       gry – for the next several days!!         process for a possible quarterly membership renewal
                          Following the meal, President          system. A volunteer is needed to collect and forward
                       Andy Schneggenburger called the           articles to the new newsletter. Our primary communica-
                       meeting to order. All were welcomed       tion will be via the website.
                       and the following announcements                 Meeting Schedule changes for 2006 were discussed -
  by Laura Donecker    were made.                                A June meeting will be held plus the event of the
                          Thanks to our picnic chef, Phil        month. September will become an event instead of a
Kinsey, for the last few years’ service.                         meeting, possibly MG’s on the Rocks. This will help
     Mike Lang has volunteered to cook for next year’s pic-      keep our club more cohesive during the busy summer
nic.                                                             months.
     New members Ken and Jeremy Fisher and Tom and                     Upcoming club events are:
Mary Lynne Naples were introduced.                                     September 11 LANCO meeting will be hosted by
     The treasurer’s report was given noting that our total      Tim and Joan Martin at their home with a possible tech
funds available were $6,176.07.                                  session.
Committee Reports:                                                     Annual Poker/Fun Run - hosted by Jim and Sally
     A Taste of Britain: Currently has 98 cars pre-registered.   Harbold, taking place in York County on October 16.
Work schedules were handed out. Those who volunteered                  November Meeting – Triple-C in York.                     2
last year may attend at no cost. An “envelope stuffing”
party was scheduled for                                                              LANCO Club Meeting. September
August 26th.                                                                         11th.
     British Invade Gettysburg:                                                            Eighteen members and two
Another successful year. Club                                                        guests (baby “M.G.” Walter and past
members unanimously voted                                                            member and newsletter publisher
$500.00 from the proceeds to                                                         Jeff Rutt) attended the club meeting
Adams County “Toys for                                                               held at Tim and Joan Martin’s home
Tots”. A detailed financial                                                          in Millersville. Almost everyone
statement was given to the                                                           brought their MG (12) out on this
board members.                                                                       gorgeous late summer day. Major
                                                                                     topics of discussion included:
Old Business:                                                                        •A review (post-mortem?) of the
Member-attended past events                                                          Taste of Britain Show. -
discussed were:                                                                      Unfortunately, we experienced our
    April 16th Spring Thaw trip to Solomon Island.               first major rainy day event and attendance was pre-
    June 3 - 5 Alan and Carol Tucker discussed The               dictably far below past years. Fortunately, pre-registra-
National Road Rally Weekend in Cumberland, MD.                   tions ran way ahead of normal so all of the “fixed”
    June 26th British Car Day, Buckeystown, MD - not to          expenses were more than covered. Additionally, the sun
be a club event next year due to heat and no shade.              did appear in the afternoon so the polo match was held
    July 16th Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix & Western            as scheduled. Regalia costs and sales ended as a near
Pennsylvania British Car Day.                                    break-even, with lots of shirts left unsold. Over twenty
    Bruce and Sue Hurley attended a Healey event in              door prizes were unclaimed and will be used at the
Valley Forge.                                                    Christmas/Awards dinner and other events.
                                                                 •A spirited discussion of what charities we should
New Business:                                                    donate show proceeds to. - Many attendees, and others
   Our Newsletter will be replaced with the “British             that contacted club officers separately, put forth the idea

                  that rather than making a donation to “Toys for Tots”, or in
                  addition to that donation, the club should try to do something
                  for the Gulf Coast/Hurricane Katrina survivors. Many ideas
                  were bantered about including the Mennonite Relief Fund,
                  Red Cross, and a Louisiana “Toys for Tots” group. Being that
                  the club has already donated $500 to the Adams County “Toys
                  for Tots” program from proceeds from the British Invade
                  Gettysburg show, and that proceeds from the rainy Taste of
                  Britain will be very slim, suggestions for increasing the
                  amount of this possible donation were also discussed. Those
     ideas included dipping into the club treasury, voluntary donations made by
     members with their awards dinner reservations, and the club matching
                                                                 member donations or award dinners costs. It was duly
                                                                 motioned, seconded, and unanimously passed that the offi-
                                                                 cers take all of these suggestions under consideration at their
                                                                 October board meeting and come up with a recommendation
                                                                 for the membership so a donation can be made by the
                                                                 December banquet.
                                                                         After the meeting was adjourned everyone enjoyed the
                                                                 great refreshments provided by Tim and Joan and gathered in
                                                                 the back yard or driveway for the normal tire-kicking and
                                                                 informal tech sessions. Long-time mem-
                                                                 bers (membership number 83-010!) but
                                                                 long-missed members Steve and Sheila
                                                                 Raymond, with Steve’s work-in-progress
                                                                 $150 MGB-GT joined the group late in the
                                                                 day. (The official minutes of this meeting
3                                                                are available from the secretary. Ed.)

           1331 COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE             705 BENT CREEK DRIVE                   1536 MOUNT HOPE AVENUE
           LANCASTER, PA 17601                 LITITZ, PA 17543                       POTTSVILLE, PA 17901
           05-577                              05-579                                 05-581
           70 MGB DARK BLUE/GREEN                                                     52 MG TD BUTTERCREAM
              ROBERT COURTOT                         60 MGA WHITE
                                               366 DELP ROAD                
           ANDREW CHAMBERLAIN                  LANCASTER, PA 17601
           18943 LAPPANS RD                    05-580                                 STEVE MACK & ROXANA DIETZ
           BOONSBORO, MD 21713                 71 MGB GT YELLOW                       997 N. QUEEN STREET
           05-578                                      YORK, PA 17404
           52 MG TD RED                                                               05-582
                                                    69 MGC RED

           W                 E                L                C                O                 M                  E
                                                                                                    LANCO MAI LGRAM

   Andy Schneggenburger

Rain? Rain?!!, Well it had to happen eventually. We got a
little wet this year at “A Taste of Britain”. I say a little
because it cleared after half the show participants were
scared off. For those that did attend we had a nice day
with cooler than normal temperatures to watch the polo
match and enjoy the cars. All of the volunteers arrived but
many of the other attendees held off for a bit to see what
the weatherman had in store for us. This led to a front row
mostly filled with MG’s. A little uncommon for our show
but a reaffirmation that the club has a lot of solid running
cars. We even had a few arrivals with their tops down.
Some were dry and some were unfortunate. It depended
on which cloud they were under.
       There was a large contingent of new Mini’s from that took a back road drive and arrived en-mass on the field. Taking advantage of a photo op, all
of the club’s cars were lined up for the show picture at half time. Thanks all for making the trip. It’s obvious that
you don’t have to worry about leaking tops when the clouds spit.
       Now usually we have a lot of statistics on field attendance, visitors, and other boring numbers. This year
will not compare with others but it did have some factoids and items of note:

     •$5.00—The size of the bet won by Carol for predicting the first words out of Sally’s mouth when she
      arrived on the rain swept field.
     •MANY—The calls to the house asking if the event was on.
     •HALF—the number of registration envelopes not used this year.
     •UMBRELLAS—On display this year for staying dry and not providing shade.
     •FREE—Ribs from one of the teams in a Polo Club cook-off competition (I knew they looked too good                  4
               to be sold as a concession).
     •DELICIOUS—See Free.
     •LONELY—The registration tent.
     •HAPPY—The faces on the attendees who came.

     For those who missed this year - put us on the calendar for next August. We’ll be back with
the same enthusiasm as always. Thanks to all the volunteers for their help in setting up and run-
ning the show. Special thanks to Kay Myers for her help on the door prizes. We received many
compliments on them from the attendees. continued on page 5

                                                                                                        LANCO MAI LGRAM

                                                   By Carol Blevins












         (OR ANY OTHER JOB—THEY CAN MOVE YOU, TOO!)                                                                       6



All kidding aside… becoming actively involved with your local club and the members is a lot of fun. Some of us
have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Groups of people now go on non-car club vacations. We meet for
meals and other events. The side trips we’ve taken to wineries, concerts, gardens, etc. have been wonderful! Couples
have bought vacation timeshares (or used other people’s). Several couples have even met and married. We exchange
ideas about building, car repairs; traveling, cooking, and gardening (just to mention a few). I’ve picked up a lot of
perennials and recipes over the past fifteen years. Attending the monthly meetings helps locate parts, cars and other
items you might be looking for to finish or improve your car (or cars). There are lots of interesting ideas about the
cars, etc. discussed at meetings. Plus, going to the meetings lets you become involved
in the important decisions concerning your club. Honestly – it really is worth your
time to get involved.

      Future Car
      by Dennis Blevins
      Nearly forty years ago, when
      Carol and I first met, our MGs
      and other little British cars
      were commonly available on
      the new-car market. At that
      time Carol was driving an
      MGA coupe. But, often being
      left parked in front of the one-car garage door and difficult to start on cold win-
      ter mornings, it didn’t take too long for my father-in-law-to-be to send it down
      the road. Truth be known, at eighteen, I was much more interested in Carol than
      that car at the time. However, I had a friend at college that had an MGA roadster,
      and we became the bane of that small campus’ security
      force. I was bitten. Between the arrival of our children, a
      used ‘69 blue, wire-wheeled Midget joined the family as
      my daily commuter. That was followed by a series of
      new British-Leyland craft, including an Austin Marina as
7     a “family” car. As the children grew bigger, the little cars
      gave way to common sense and more practical econom-
      ics. But the years rolled by, and not too long before our
      first son-in-law came on the scene, our current Midget
      joined the family. He easily grew into a car-nut, and
      when the MGB came along, it was readily loaned out for
      weeks at a time. Alas, his head was turned, and he has
      since followed that Stuttgart marque. There was further
      hope when son-in-law number two joined the family not
      too long after the arrival of the E-type Jaguar. A certified
                                             car-nut, but – he’s a
                                             “big iron” man –
                                             and a ‘68 ‘Vette now graces his garage.
                                                  So folks, where’s the next generation of lit-
                                             tle British car nuts to come from? First of all,
                                             you’re going to have to get those cars out of the
                                             garage and show the kids that they’re FUN.
                                             Then, find a youngster and take them under
                                             your wing – show them that “sports cars” are a
                                             lot more than imports with flashy stick-on
                                             decals. Just do one thing differently than I did –
                                             start with someone MUCH younger. Go and
                                             plant the seeds – grow your own future MG nut.
                                                  Over these past years as editor, we’ve met some of
                                             the next generation. Here they are again, with a couple
                                             of additions. Happy gardening.
                                                                                                   LANCO MAI LGRAM

                    S FLASH
          LANCO member Bill Shields took third place with his ‘64 MGB
    in this year’s all-MG “Collier Cup” race run on September 11 at
    the Watkins Glen Zippo Vintage Grand Prix. Bill was bested only
    by two V-8 MGB-GT’s. Additionally, the 51st annual Collier Cup
    Memorial Award was won by fellow LANCO member Dan Leonard
    (‘53 TD). Way to go, Dan and Bill!!!

                                                              D E M I S E
As mentioned in my note this month we will be ending our publication of the “MailGram” with this issue. It
was not choice, but necessity, that forced this decision. In place of the LANCO-published newsletter the club
will be providing the following services to its members:
     Subscription to “British Marque Car Club News” – This newspaper-type publication will carry articles            8
from the LANCO club as well as from other clubs. It has an excellent calendar of events and a professional
staff to supply the final product. There are 11 issues published per year. Additionally, as a member of a
subscribing club, you will be entitled to one free (25 word) ad in their classified section each month.
     The LANCO MG website – Jack Butler did an excellent job last year updating our website. We may
perform some additional enhancements to the site this year to better communicate with the membership.
This will become our primary tool for communicating club information.
     Mailings – The club will institute a series of mailings during
the year. At this time we have identified a minimum of one
event calendar, forms for both LANCO sponsored shows,
dues reminders, ballots, and an invitation to the
Christmas/Awards Banquet that will be mailed.
     E-mails for some events and activities.
     I am still looking for a volunteer to take over as a coordina-
tor for submission of our articles to the British Marque Car Club
News. All this person needs to do is collect articles and submit
them to the paper prior to a list of publishing deadlines. It’s not
hard. All you need is email and some organizational skills.
The articles will be supplied by others in the club.
Andy Schneggenburger

       British Cars in Literature
       I took note of this when the article first appeared in the news in late July. I forwarded the
       details to several Triumph organizations, thinking that it might be newsworthy to them.
       Alas, it has not appeared in their newsletters – perhaps they have other reasons for not
       publishing it. I still like it, and you can’t fire me now. – Ed.

                                               Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2005 Results
                                             Department of English and Comparative Literature
                                                   San Jose State University, California

         “As he stared at her ample bosom, he daydreamed of the dual Stromberg
       carburetors in his vintage Triumph Spitfire, highly functional yet pleasingly
       formed, perched prominently on top of the intake manifold, aching for experienced
       hands, the small knurled caps of the oil dampeners begging to be inspected and
       adjusted as described in chapter seven of the shop manual.”
          Submitted by Dan McKay, Fargo, ND


            A 43-year-old quantitative analyst for Microsoft-Great Plains    known for “The Last Days of Pompeii” (1834), which has been
       is the winner of the 23rd running of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction        made into a movie three times, originating the expression “the
       Contest. A resident of Fargo, North Dakota, McKay is currently        pen is mightier than the sword,” and phrases like “the great
       visiting China, perhaps to escape notoriety for his dubious liter-    unwashed” and “the almighty dollar,” Bulwer-Lytton opened
       ary achievement.                                                      his novel Paul Clifford (1830) with the immortal words that the
            His entry, extolling a subject that has engaged poets for mil-   “Peanuts” Beagle Snoopy plagiarized for years, “It was a dark
       lennia, may have been inspired by Roxie Hart of the musical           and stormy night.”
       “Chicago.” Complaining of her husband’s ineptitude in the                 The contest began in 1982 as a quiet campus affair, attract-
       boudoir, Roxie laments, “Amos was…zero. I mean, he made               ing only three submissions. This response being a thunderous
       love to me like he was fixing a carburetor or something.”             success by academic standards, the contest went public the
            An international literary parody contest, the competition        following year and ever since has attracted thousands of
       honors the memory (if not the reputation) of Victorian novelist       annual entries from all over the world.
       Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873). The goal of the             For those interested, winning entries in the contest’s
       contest is childishly simple: entrants are challenged to submit       sub-categories may be read at
       bad opening sentences to imaginary novels. Although best    
                                                                                                              LANCO MAI LGRAM

1953 MG-TD. Needs restoration. Solid car. All original. Additional parts with car. $5,500.
Call (717) 764-1074. Michael Fahs, York, PA.

1956 MGA. Ground up restoration–Runs–All new parts–Painted white–Interior not Finished–Have
items to finish (Black carpet Tan interior–Black top and tonneau cover) $15,000.00 or Best Offer.
Wil Hosler (610) 932-3396 after 6 PM. (Oxford, PA)

1980 MGB Roadster. 27,600 original miles. Very nice driver. Excellent body – no rust. New PA
inspection. Same family owned for the past 15 years, garage kept. New bra. Luggage rack. Shop
manual, top, and tonneau in excellent condition. $8,700 obo. Art Brudereck (610) 678-9315.

MGA 1600, 1959. Black w/red interior, recent 72 spoke wires, splined hubs and tyres. Low miles
on professional engine rebuild. Also, recent brake system rebuild. 2 owners last 25 years. This is
a very attractive car that shows extremely well and drives even better. Excellent older paint with
a touch of patina. We’ve enjoyed many weekend events and rallyes with this car but it’s time for
a new toy. Asking $18,500. Serious offers considered. Charlie Miller (days) 410-241-8901 or

MGA Parts –Brake pads($30), 6 various NEW engine id plates, heat shield($20), accelerator cable
($8), choke cable ($24), tachometer cable ($12), rebuilt original starter($75), windshield
wings($40/set), Midget wiper blades, Visors for MGB($10/pr),. Also – MG toys.
Contact Gloria or Larry at (717) 285-7379 or for details.

MGB Parts –
(2) Driveshafts . . . . . . . . . . . . .$25.00/ea 9/16” Front sway bar . . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   .$15.00            10
70’ Transmission Non-Overdrive . .$35.00           Rubber Bumper Steering Rack           .   .   .   .   .   .$25.00
73’ Transmission Non-Overdrive . .$45.00           Chrome Bumper Steering Rack           .   .   .   .   .   .$25.00
(2) Two Steering Columns . . . . .$20.00/ea.       64’ Steering Rack . . . . . . . . .   .   .   .   .   .   .$15.00
Contact: Jim Harbold (717) 292-0579 or e-mail

“JET HOT” Ceramic Coating. Now available locally through Rinehart’s Performance Race Cars,
Thomasville, PA. Phone (717) 259-9854, e-mail 10% discount to LANCO MG
members. Contact them direct or through Neal Becker (717) 225-5444. Be sure to mention
Neal’s name to receive the discount.

  Please note that Classified ads may also be listed on or viewed at our website:
Newsletter Classified Ad Policy:
One two-line classified ad (up to 35 words) per issue is FREE to LANCO MG Club members. A
photo (up to 2-1/4” x 3-1/2”) may be included for $5.00. Commercial/non-member ads of the
same size are available for $5.00 (text only) or $10.00 (including photo).
    1/8 Page . . . . .$10/issue . . . . . .$35/year (6 issues)
    1/4 Page . . . . . .$20/issue . . . . . .$55/year
    1/2 Page . . . . . .$30/issue . . . . . .$110/year

Ad copy must be submitted to the Editor by the 14th of January, March, May, July, September,
or November in order to be included in the following issue of the “MailGram”.

                        B e h i n d    t h e        s c e n e s               a t

                       “British Invade Gettysburg”
                                 by Ralph Eriksen, Event Chairman

                                                           Our fifth “British Invade Gettysburg”
                                                           show was a great success with 238
                                                           British cars showing up at the
                                                           Gettysburg Colonial Outlets complex.
                                                           Our usual ample supply of volunteer
                                                           workers performed at peak and a survey
                                                           of the majority of the seventy store man-
                                                           agers were more than happy with the
                                                           results of the four hour show.
                                                               We have one particular volunteer
                                                           who has supported the event for every
                                                           one of the five years but few people
                                                           know what he does or understand the
                                                           overall effect of his volunteer work.
                                                           Fellow LANCO MG member Fred
                                                           Schwenker has been doing the artwork
                                                           and drawings for our each of these
                                                           events. For the past three years the show
                                                           advertising has highlighted a different
                                                           British car pulling a cannon as our mast-
                                                           head logo. The first was the MG-T series,
                                                           then the Austin Healy, and this past year
                                                           was the E-type Jaguar.
                                                               Since that this issue of the
                                                           “MailGram” may be the last one in its
                                                           present form, I think it is time that we
                                                           drag Fred out from behind the scenes for
                                                           a well-deserved THANK YOU.
                                                               Fred drives a beautiful British racing
                                                           green 1964 Morgan. Fred – if you would
                                                           be so kind, we would like to feature the
                                                           Morgan pulling the cannon for our sixth
                                                           year, along with your Morgan being
                                                           used for the sidewalk advertising signs.
                                                                                                                     LANCO MAI LGRAM

If you always wanted to know how a cannon or a gattling gun
works, but were afraid to ask, join LANCO at Charlie
Smithgall’s (a.k.a. Mr. Mayor) Annual Cannon Shoot
on SUNDAY, NOV. 6 AT 11:00 A.M. It will be held
at his farm in southern Lancaster County. Those that
have attended before will attest - this is definitely an
interesting day - come crank the gattling gun with LANCO
members!! Contact Sally Harbold (292-0579 for additional information or questions.

                                                                     SUNDAY, NOV. 6 AT 11:00 A.M.


Directions to Smithgall’s Farm (From Lancaster City)                Directions to Smithgall’s Farm (From York)
1. Take 222/272S (Prince St.) approximately 16 Mi. (from            1. Take PA 74 South (past Dallastown & Red Lion).
   Lancaster Square).                                               2. Take PA 372 East. Cross Norman Wood Bridge into
2. Follow PA 272 South at Willow Street, PA (Intersection at           Lancaster County.
   Kendig Square, just past Willow Valley Restaurant and
                                                                    “Safe” route
   Motel) - DO NOT FOLLOW US 222 to Quarryville.
                                                                    3a Remain on 372 East until you reach “The Buck” (272/372
3. Go through the Buck Intersection (272/372 “blinker” light)
   continue on 272 South about 4 miles.
                                                                    4a Turn Right onto 272 South.
4. Turn Right onto Spring Valley Rd. (1 Mi. past Valley View
                                                                    5a Follow directions above (from Lancaster), picking up
                                                                       from #3.
5. At 2nd Stop sign turn Left onto Slate Hill Rd.
6. Turn at 1st Right onto Harmony Ridge Rd.                         “Scenic” (but shorter) route
7. Stay on Harmony Ridge Rd. till you see sign for “Hither Hill     3b After crossing the Norman Wood Bridge, take first Right
   Farm” on the right (high up on a telephone pole).                   (onto River Road).
8. Turn Right into drive - 1451 Harmony Ridge Rd. (Don’t go         4b Continue on River Road over Muddy Run power reservoir
   between barn and house - turn Left at front of house to park).      dam breast, straight at Stop sign. After passing the Chestnut
                                                                       Level Church (on your left) turn Right onto Slate Hill Road
                                                                       (at the bottom of the down grade, at the old Cemetery). It is
                                                                       approximately 7 miles from 372 to Slate Hill Rd.
                                                                    5b.Follow directions above (from Lancaster), starting at # 6.
                                                                       However, Harmony Ridge Rd. will be your second right.

                                                                 The LANCO MG CLUB’s
             Note: this will not be
                                                                   8th Annual FUN RUN
             a Poker Run but will                                Sunday, October 16, 2005
             be a   FUN RUN
                                            There will be LIMITED to pre-1981 Classic SPORTS Cars
                                                          gas & food available at the start.
                                                  (sports cars “other than British” are welcome & encouraged to participate)

                                           Start location:   Airport Road at the York Airport RT         30 west of York,
          Registration: 10:00-10:45                                           Pa. 17364
          Drivers meeting: 10:45
          1st Car off at:   11:00

             Join us for a fun day one of our club’s favorite events! The Poker Run will travel through scenic York
             County, PA and will take approximately 2 hours. The finish location will be somewhere

             The route will be based on a scavenger hunt where you will be required to answer CORRECTLY a list
             of questions. The instructions will have written descriptions, and will be easy to follow. There will be
             NO timing or MILAGE REQUIREMENTS. Just the correct answers. Sounds easy!!! Come out and try
             your luck!!!!!

             This is a rain or shine event…Cash Prizes for the best scores.

             Pre-registration postmarked BEFORE September 30, 2003: $10.00.
13                                       After September 30th/Day of poker run: $12.00

             For more info, call Jim: 717-292-0579 or e-mail:

             Checks payable to: The LANCO MG Club.

           Send registration w/check to:                      James Harbold
                                                              2755 Skytop Trail
                                                              Dover, PA 17315

           Name: ______________________________________________________

           Address: _____________________________________________________

           _____________________________________________ Phone: ______________________

           Navigator: ____________________________________ Club: _______________________

           Car Make/Model/Year: _______________________________________________________

           I/We release the Lanco MG Club from any liability for any damages or personal injury sustained by me or
           my property from any cause whatsoever while participating in this event.

           X __________________________________ X ___________________________________
           Driver Signature                          Navigator Signature

           (Registrations must be signed in order to participate.)
                                                                                       LANCO MAI LGRAM

                                                                   NOVEMBER MEETING
                                                                  NOVEMBER 13th—3:00 pm


                                                                  FRED HEISTAND
                                                                  AUTOMOTIVE, INC.
                                                                  Import Auto Repairs On
                                                                        All Makes
                                                                  MG & Classic Sports Car
                                                                  Mechanical Restoration
                                                                        Chuck Callis
Bill Shields in his ‘64 MGB in this year’s all-MG “Collier Cup”
celebration.                                                       MANHEIM, PA 17545
At today’s prices, can the Midget’s “Fun per Gallon”
     be anything but much higher than in 1976?
       (Perhaps British Leyland’s advertising office had a crystal ball!)ball!)
            (Perhaps British Leyland’s advertising office had a crystal

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