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									Career-focused. Convenient. Caring.
            Lucretia Doyle                                                           Christopher Widish                                                Krystal Gaubert
      2006 Business Management                                                          2008 Graphic Design                                              2007 Paralegal
          Graduate - Atlanta                                                             Graduate - Madison                                          Graduate - New Orleans

               Social Worker                                                               Production Lead                                                    Paralegal

 Cover – Left to Right: Pang Nhia Her, 2008 Nursing Graduate - Atlanta; Theo Mambula, Accounting student - Madison; Nick Rogers, 2009 Electronics Engineering Technology Graduate - Madison.
 2 Chancellor’s Message
 3 Herzing University
 4 Career-Focused. Convenient. Caring.
 5 Real Students, Real Success
 6 Programs
 7 Education Pays
 8 Three Ways to Learn
 9 Online Education
10 Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in 3 Years
11 Accreditation
12 Technology
14 Business
16 Healthcare
20 Design
22 Public Safety
24 Graduate Studies
26 Industry Stamp of Approval
28 Career Development
29 Employers Prefer Herzing Grads
30 Other Student Services
31 What Instructors Have to Say About Herzing
32 Alumni Association
33 A Note From Your Herzing Admissions Advisor

Chancellor’s message
At Herzing University, our mission is to             Since the first Herzing campus was founded in
provide career-focused education in high-            1965, Herzing University has emphasized the
demand fields so students can come to                values of student service, ethical behavior, and
school, get a solid general education, and at        respect and fair treatment of students, faculty
the same time learn specialized, marketable          and staff. I am both pleased and proud to
skills while developing essential work habits.       announce that this deep-rooted tradition will
Our hands-on coursework and combination              be maintained by Renée Herzing, my daughter,
of academic and real-world instruction are           who became President/CEO of the University
designed to provide those skills needed by           on March 1, 2009.
students to be job-ready.
                                                     Herzing continues to stress the importance
We are not only career-focused in our                of meeting the job needs of employers in
educational offerings, but we strive to serve        technology, business, healthcare, design, and
students in a caring and convenient manner.          public safety. Of equal importance is our focus
                             Our goal is to          on providing all that we can to help students
                             treat all students      fulfill their goals. We continue to stand ready
                             as individuals.         and able to demonstrate our commitment to
                             Our staff and           your success.
                             faculty understand
                             that students are
                             our first priority-
                             students are our
                             reason for being
                             and we are deter-
                             mined to make all       Yours truly,
                             reasonable efforts to   Henry G. Herzing
                             help them succeed.      Chancellor
For example, we try to schedule classes during
the same time of the day–mornings, afternoons
or evenings. This makes it much easier for our
students to maintain jobs, have time with their
families, and be involved in other activities.
We exemplify our career focus in working
closely with advisory committees and experts
from industry when designing our curriculum.
From day one, we work with students to
define their career objectives and prepare them
for attaining employment in their chosen

    Herzing University
    Rich History
    Herzing University began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in February 1965 as a class of twelve
    students in a seven-month computer course. Over the past forty-five years, Herzing University
    has expanded geographically and programmatically under the same leadership to encompass
    eleven campuses. The campuses offer diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s
    degree programs in the fields of technology, business, healthcare, design and criminal justice.
    This geographic presence includes the Online Campus, which provides a Herzing education to
    students all over the world in over 50 academic programs.

    Reputation for Success
    Herzing University has become a significant educational force in the markets it serves. With a
    foundation based on high ethical standards, our commitment to student service and the success
    of our graduates directly benefit employers and the communities they serve. Our primary focus
    is, and always has been, providing students the
                                                                                                        Herzing University
    administrative support, academic knowledge,                                                         Madison, Wisconsin
    hands-on skills, and personal growth required
    to achieve their academic goals and find gainful
    employment in their field of study.

    Learn from Industry Experts
    Herzing’s career-focused courses are taught by
    dedicated and caring instructors who bring a
    blend of practical industry experience and valued
    academic credentials into every classroom. As
    current experts in their field, our instructors make
    sure you’ll graduate with the relevant knowledge
    and skills that are attractive to today’s employers.

    Hands-on Learning
    The best way to learn something is by actually doing it. Based on this principle, many Herzing
    classes have two components: lecture/demonstration and lab. Some labs will be conducted in
    our state-of-the-industry computer, design or medical labs while others will be more situational
    in nature (such as creating and implementing a business strategy). Either way, you’ll actually be
    performing the same tasks that professionals in your field perform, thereby gaining valuable,
    real-life experience. Many healthcare courses also include a clinical experience where students
    work in healthcare facilities right alongside healthcare professionals.

           Convenient. Caring.
              When we asked why our alumni and current students chose Herzing University, they shared the
              following as their top three reasons:
               1. Career-focused
               	 •	Employment assistance: The Career Development staff work with you as soon as you begin
                   classes to help you remain on target to secure employment upon graduation
               	 •	Industry Credentials: Many of our programs and classes prepare you for industry
                   certification tests or licensing to give you an extra edge at graduation
               	 •	Relevant Skills Training: We constantly update our programs based on industry advisory
                   board input to ensure our programs teach the knowledge and skills employers seek
               	 •	Hands-on Labs: Regardless of your program choice, Herzing incorporates hands-on training
                   into many courses
               2. Convenient
               	 •	Block Schedules: We try to schedule resident classes in morning, afternoon, or evening
                   blocks to provide students with a more life-friendly schedule
                                                                                   •	 Flexible Class Delivery:
                                                                                      Take classes at the
                                                                                      campus, online, or some
                                                                                      of each
                                                                                   •	 Locations: Most Herzing
                                                                                      University campuses are
                                                                                      near mass transit options
                                                                                      and offer nearby,
                                                                                      free parking

New Orleans - Paralegal students            Minneapolis - General Education classroom

               	 •	Scalability of Programs: Students can progress seamlessly to the next educational
                   level - most diplomas roll directly into associate degrees, which transfer directly into
                   bachelor degrees
               	 •	Dual Enrollment: For those working on a bachelor’s degree who wish to continue
                   immediately into an MBA program at Herzing, some classes may apply to both programs

               3. Caring
               	   •	A	student’s	needs	are	our	first	priority
               	   •	Every	staff	and	faculty	member	commits	him/herself	to	assisting	the	student
               	   •	The	faculty	accepts	responsibility	to	partner	with	the	student	in	the	learning	process
               	   •	The	student-teacher	ratio	provides	each	student	with	more	“face	time”	with	faculty
               	   •	Administrative	procedures	are	regularly	evaluated	to	ensure	the	best	possible	service	
                     to students                                                                                  5
     Real               Students,
                           Real Success
    Personalized Attention
    “ What I wanted in a college was a smaller
      classroom. I wanted more face time with
      the teachers. I wanted [a college] where
      the teachers knew me as a student, not
      just a number. Herzing gave me a quality
      education—something that I’m proud of,
      something that my parents are proud of; I can
      say ‘I went to Herzing University’ with pride,
      and	I’d	recommend	it	to	anybody.”
      Anthony Johnson, Computer
      Networking Technology; Computer Science

    Convenient Schedule
    “ Herzing University was an excellent
      opportunity, and the program seemed very                            Madison - Nursing Classroom

      well-structured and organized. It provided me Relevant Job Skills
      the opportunity to work, go to school, provide “ Everything I learned at Herzing, I can apply
      for my family, and in the meantime lay the         to a job – team development, computer skills,
      building blocks to make a better living and        finance and accounting. I always recommend
      provide	an	even	better	future	for	my	family.”      Herzing University. When I talk to people,
      James Wooden, Practical Nursing                    I tell them if you haven’t heard of Herzing,
                                                         you’d better look them up. I’m proud to be a
                                                         Herzing	graduate.	I	feel	like	they’re	my	family.”
    Career-focused Education                             Riquelma Eden, Business Administration
    “ I knew early on that I wanted to be involved
      in the residential design field, and Herzing
      University had an associate degree program       Taught by Industry Experts
      in design that just seemed to fit perfectly with “ The training I acquired gave me the skills and
      what I was looking for. I was able to obtain a     confidence I needed to obtain a job in the
      job almost immediately after graduation,           dental field. The instructors are dedicated to
      and I use a lot of the skills that Herzing         providing students with the education they
      taught	me	in	my	everyday	job.”                     need to succeed in their chosen career field.
      Erica Marty, Drafting and Design Technology Currently I am employed at a dental specialist’s
                                                         office,	and	I	am	enjoying	every	minute	of	it!”
                                                         Laura Twaddle, Dental Assisting

   The degree of education that’s right for you.*
   We know that educational objectives vary from one person to
   another. That’s why we offer four levels of education:

   Master’s Degree
   A master’s degree communicates to employers, clients, and
   colleagues that you hold a high level of credibility and expertise
   in your field. This degree can be very valuable when looking to
   move into an executive-level position in your current field, or
   when transitioning into a different industry or sector.

   Bachelor’s Degree
   A bachelor of science degree is one of the most desired
   credentials sought by employers. A bachelor’s degree
   can set you up for a lifetime of success – on average,
   persons with a bachelor’s degree will earn over 60%
   more than those with only a high school diploma
   (according to The College Board).

   Associate Degree
   If you’re interested in attaining a college degree that
   combines hands-on technical training with a com-
   plementary general studies program, our associate
   of science degree programs can be completed in
   as little as 16 months, and the credits you earn
   can be applied to our bachelor of science degree

   For those looking to transition into a new
   career as quickly as possible, a diploma
   provides the core courses you’ll need to get
   working in your new field…in as little as
   4 months.

   Lyndsay Syverson
   2007 Business Administration
   Graduate - Madison
   Human Resources Clerk
   Herzing Student, Business Management

* Programs offered vary by campus. Many programs available online.      7
    Three ways to learn
           On Campus – ‘block’ schedule
           Attend classes on campus for the traditional classroom
           experience. In most programs, classes are generally scheduled
           in a morning, afternoon or evening block, giving you a more
           convenient class schedule. You’ll receive hands-on instruction
           and interaction with other students and instructors, and
           have easy access to educational services such as educational
           funding, career development, lab and library resources. By
           attending class on campus, you’ll also be able to participate
           in traditional college life activities such as student clubs, and
           special events.

           Online – maximum flexibility
           Some programs can be taken 100% online, providing the
           greatest flexibility in fitting your education around your busy
           schedule. Online classes are accessible at any time from the
           comfort of your home or office, without having to worry
           about traffic, parking, and scheduling conflicts with work or
           personal obligations.

                              EdFlex – some of each
                              Get the best of both worlds by taking some
                              classes at the campus and some classes
                              online. This option combines in-person
                              instruction with scheduling flexibility.
                              EdFlex also lets you take classes online
                              that may not be available at the campus in
                              the term you need them, so you’re able to
                              graduate on time.

              Amanda Elden
              2006 Medical Assisting
              Graduate - Minneapolis

8             Medical Assistant
      Online Education
Through our online degree and diploma programs, we bring the university classroom to you.
With the convenience of the Internet and the flexibility of our online course structure, you can
attend Herzing University from the comfort of your own home, office, or favorite coffee shop.
Our online format provides you the opportunity to earn an accredited* college education while
enjoying three great features:

	 • Flexibility Our flexible course structure allows you to ‘attend’ class on your timetable
    and can therefore work around your job or other personal and family obligations.

	 • Convenience Access your classes and our vast online library 24/7 from your living
    room, the office, a favorite coffee shop…any place that has Internet access. In addition,
    Herzing students are never required to be online at a specific time, so you can log in when
    it fits your schedule.

	 • Support Herzing University campuses are
    known for providing outstanding student
    services and support, and our Online campus is
    no different. Beginning with your first
    conversation with your Admissions Advisor,
    you’ll see that we are here to help you succeed,
    whether you’re 5 miles away or 5,000. Technical
    support is available around-the-clock for
    questions or help with the online platform.
    Our Student Services staff is happy
    to help you strategize should ‘life’ happen
    and conflict with your schooling, and the
    staff in Career Development will help you put
    your education to work.                                                                                                      Herzing University Online
                                                                                                                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                                                                                                                                 Support staff

Note: Not all resident programs are available online.

* Herzing University is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.
  The Higher Learning Commission can be contacted at or 800-621-7440.

     Earn a          Bachelor’s Degree
                        in 3 years
       A bachelor of science degree is a life-long credential that increases your earning power over time.
       Best of all, you can earn your bachelor’s degree from Herzing in just in 3 years!* This means
       you may be 36 months away from earning your new professional salary.

                                        3-year Bachelor’s Degree Policy
                                        Herzing University assures that a student enrolled in a bachelor
                                        of science degree program can complete the program require-
                                        ments and earn the bachelor of science degree in three years,
                                        or Herzing University will provide, at no tuition cost to the
                                        student, any additional courses required to complete the degree.
                                        The student may be required to take some courses online to
                                        remain on schedule.

                                        Student Conditions
                                        The student must meet the following conditions in order
                                        to qualify:
                                          1. Attend all three semesters each year after matriculating
                                          2. Carry a normal full course load of up to 16 credits
                                              each semester
                                          3. Follow the course schedule, including online courses,
                                              as established by the Academic Dean and not fail or
                                              withdraw from any course
                                                          4. Earn a passing grade in each course
                                                          5. Maintain a cumulative grade point
                                                              average of at least 2.0

                                                                                     * See current Herzing University
                                                                                       catalog for terms and conditions.

                                                                                      Cheng Vang
                                                                                      2007 Information Technology
                                                                                      Graduate - Madison
                                                                                      Shipping Clerk
       Herzing University is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning
       Commission and a member of the North Central Association. The Higher
                                                                                require that an academic program is approved
       Learning Commission can be contacted at www.ncahigherlearningcommis-     by a specific organization in order to sit for the or 800-621-7440.                                                certification exam. Both regionally and nationally
                                                                                accredited schools can have additional program-
                                                                                matic accreditation.
       What is accreditation?
       Accreditation is like a stamp of approval that                         Why is accreditation important?
       academic or professional organizations award to                        Accreditation assures students, parents, employers,
       schools that adhere to their standards. The type                       and the public that the school is focused on raising
       of accreditation a school has may affect a student’s                   student achievement, providing a safe and enriching
       ability to transfer credits to a different school,                     learning environment, and maintaining an efficient,
       be accepted into graduate degree programs,                             effective and ethical operation.
       or find employment.
                                                                              Who decides which schools get accredited?
       • Institutional accreditation. Institutional                           Accreditation is granted by private, not-for-profit
         accreditation may be granted by regional or                          organizations designed specifically to conduct
         national accrediting commissions approved by                         external quality reviews.
         the U.S. Department of Education. The Higher

Madison - Technology Classroom                                                 Orlando - Nursing Classroom

          Learning Commission of the North Central                            Does accreditation guarantee that credits and
          Association is one of six regional accrediting                      degrees can be transferred to another insitution?
          commissions. Major colleges and universities                        No. The college or university to which the student
          are typically regionally accredited; schools such                   has applied determines transferability of credits
          as Notre Dame, the University of Wisconsin,                         and degrees. Transferability can depend upon the
          Georgia State University, and Herzing University                    type of accreditation of the college or university at
          hold regional accreditation. Some employers only                    which credits or degrees were earned, and how well
          provide tuition reimbursement for courses at                        the credits mesh with the curriculum offered by the
          regionally accredited institutions.                                 school to which the student wishes to transfer. The
                                                                              University of Wisconsin, the University of New
       	•		 rogrammatic accreditation. This type is
          P                                                                   Orleans, Georgia State University, the University
          granted by any one of a number of professional                      of Akron, and Temple University, among other’s,
          organizations such as the American Bureau of                        have or will accept credits from Herzing University.
          Health Education Schools (ABHES) to a specific
          program. Certain professional certifications may
                                                         “I wanted to get a job quick and Herzing
                                                          offers night classes and online classes so I
                                                          could get a job while I was going to school.”
                                                                                  – Nick Rogers
                                                             2007 Computer, Electronics, Engineering Technology
                                                             Graduate - Madison
                                                             2009 Technology Management - Graduate - Madison
                                                             Electronics Technician

     Computer Science                                innovative software for businesses and clients,
                                                     and typically specialize in computer applica-
     Herzing University’s computer science           tions software or computer systems software.
     programs employ an integrated and coherent
     approach that prepares students with the        The Associate of Science in Computer Science
     academic knowledge and technical com-           program incorporates the fundamentals of
     petencies required for a range of positions.    programming, networking, troubleshooting,
     The curriculum is focused on designing,         internet application and databases with the
     implementing, or supporting solutions to        general education courses required for an
     business problems in information technology,    associate-level degree. Career opportunities
     information management, and business            for associate degree graduates may be in
     communications.                                 areas such as computer programming,
                                                     desktop and distributed application design
     The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science     and development, web site application
12   - Software Engineering degree is designed       design and development, database
     for those students wishing to pursue a career   application design and development,
     in programming. Software engineers design       and end-user support.
                                                                                             Electronics engineering technicians specialize
         Network Administration                                                              in areas such as communications, signal
         Network or computer systems administrators
                                                                                             processing, and control systems.
         design, install, and support an organization’s
         LAN, WAN, network segment, Internet or
                                                                                             Rising demand for electronic goods—including
         intranet system. They provide day-to-day
                                                                                             advanced communications equipment,
         onsite technical support for software users in
                                                                                             defense-related electronic equipment, medical
         a variety of business enterprises, government,
                                                                                             electronics, and consumer products—should
         and non-profit entities. They maintain network
                                                                                             continue to increase employment opportunities
         hardware and software, analyze problems, and
                                                                                             in this field. Job growth is expected to be
         monitor the network to ensure availability to
                                                                                             fastest in service-providing industries, particu-
         system users. Network security is one of the
                                                                                             larly at consulting firms that provide expertise
         most important aspects of network administra-
                                                                                             in electronics engineering.
         tion. Organizations rely on skilled network
         administrators to protect their information
         systems from potential intruders.

         Herzing offers bachelor’s degree, associate
         degree, and diploma programs in networking
         and security technology. Students receive
         hands-on training in how to install and
         configure computer network hardware,
         as well as how to administer security protocols
         and write professional technical reports.

         Computer, Electronics,    Madison - Technology Lab

         and Telecommunications
         Technology or           Technology Management
                                 The Bachelor’s in Technology Management
         Electronics Engineering is designed to teach students the necessary
                                 business skills and academic knowledge
         Technology              for entry-level management positions in
         Electronics engineering technicians are respon-                                     a technical environment. The curriculum
         sible for a wide range of technologies, from                                        covers principles of business management,
         portable music players to global positioning                                        including accounting and team development,
         systems. Electronics engineering technicians                                        as well as concepts of electronic commerce.
         design, develop, test, and supervise the                                            Topics include Internet consumer and market
         manufacture of electronic equipment such as                                         research, e-commerce strategy and implemen-
         broadcast and communications systems.                                               tation, and Internet advertising strategies.
                                                                                             Note: Please check with your local campus for program availability.                                13
For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at
                                                                “I’m so happy right now to be attending one of
                                                                 the greatest colleges in the country, Herzing
                                                                 University. The quality of their education
                                                                 programs is very high, and I like the way the
                                                                 instructors take care of their students.”

                                                                                       – Theo Mambula
                                                                                          2009 Accounting
                                                                                          Student - Madison

         Business Administration                        curriculum that includes accounting, business
                                                        law, marketing and sales, and management.
         A degree in business administration prepares
                                                        An Associate in Business Administration is
         students for a wide range of disciplines in
                                                        also offered.
         business and management. Individuals with
         this type of educational background work in
         organizations throughout the private sector,   International Business
         not-for-profit organizations, and in govern-   Students graduating with the Bachelor of
         ment. They have a broad understanding of       Science in International Business degree will
         business functions and are proficient in the   gain thorough knowledge of business practices
         use of computer software and applications      and how to apply them in an international
         in addition to the special skills of their     setting. Various foreign business models and
         major. The Bachelor of Science in Business     cultures will be explored, and graduates should
         Administration is a versatile program that     be able to effectively recognize the obstacles
     1   prepares graduates for entry-level positions   and opportunities of conducting business in a
14       in a wide variety of enterprises, with a       global environment.
         Accounting                                                                          completing this program include client services
                                                                                             representative, law office administrator, and
         Accountants help to ensure that a business’s
                                                                                             paralegal manager.
         records are kept accurately and its taxes
         are paid properly. They perform these vital
                                                                                             The Associate of Science in Legal
         functions by offering an increasingly wide array
                                                                                             Assisting/Paralegal is a shorter program that
         of business and accounting services, including
                                                                                             prepares students with the skills needed for a
         public, management, and government account-
                                                                                             career as a legal assistant working under the
         ing and internal auditing to their clients.
                                                                                             supervision of a licensed attorney. The duties
                                                                                             of a legal assistant/paralegal include assisting
         The Bachelor of Science in Accounting
                                                                                             the lawyer with research, brief preparation,
         prepares students with the necessary skills and
                                                                                             and other legal office administration, but do
         academic knowledge for entry-level account-
                                                                                             not include practicing law, advising clients, or
         ing positions in various business enterprises.
                                                                                             setting fees since paralegals may not provide
         The program is structured to prepare the
                                                                                             legal services directly to the public except as
         graduate to take the Uniform Certified Public
                                                                                             permitted by law.
         Accountant (CPA) examination once the
         graduate has gained the required years of
                                                                                             Note: The Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/
         experience to be eligible. For those who do
                                                                                             Paralegal and the Bachelor of Science in Legal
         not wish to sit for the CPA, other programs
                                                                                             Studies are approved by the American Bar
         with an accounting focus are available at both
                                                                                             Association at the Atlanta and New Orleans
         the bachelor’s and associate level, as well as a
                                                                                             Campus locations of Herzing University only.
         diploma in bookkeeping.

         Entrepreneurial Studies                                                             Human Resources
         Opportunities for new business are everywhere,                                      Management
         and more and more people are becoming their                                         The Bachelor of Science in Human Resources
         own boss. Whether looking to create and                                             Management covers topics such as employ-
         distribute the perfect new product or provide a                                     ment and recruitment, compensation, benefits,
         service as a consultant, the Bachelor of Science                                    job analyses, training and staff development,
         in Entrepreneurial Studies prepares students                                        and employee relations. Graduates will be
         for taking those crucial first steps as well as                                     prepared for human resources positions in any
         maintaining and growing their business. This                                        sector or industry.
         includes creating comprehensive business and
         marketing plans, leadership of employees, and
         management of finances.                                                             Marketing
                                                                                             A career in marketing combines the elements
                                                                                             of business, sales and consumer behavior. More
         Legal Studies                                                                       than just simply ‘getting a product out there,’
         The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies                                            marketing in today’s economy means getting
         prepares students with the necessary skills                                         the right product out to the right people using
         and academic knowledge for entry-level or                                           the right methods, and then measuring how
         management training positions in legal office                                       successfully this was done. Herzing’s Bachelor
         administration or other business careers                                            of Science in Marketing degree prepares
         requiring a legal studies background. Our                                           students for the complexity of effectively
         program provides students with a strong                                             marketing a product or service in a competitive
         theoretical foundation in areas such as legal                                       business environment.
         office administration, family and tort law,
         criminal law, property law, legal writing, and
         legal research. Potential job titles for students

         Note: Please check with your local campus for program availability.                                                                                                                    15
For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at
                                                                                   “ I chose to go to Herzing University
                                                                                     because, first of all, it is just very
                                                                                     convenient. They offered the licensed
                                                                                     practical nurse (LPN) program,
                                                                                     which was what I was really
                                                                                     interested in doing.”
                                                                                           – Maureen Mangels
                                                                                             Licensed Practical Nursing
                                                                                             Graduate - Birmingham

     Nursing                                             The following nursing programs are available:
     Herzing University’s nursing programs provide
                                                          •	Master of Science in Nursing (online)
     theoretical and clinical instruction in medical,
                                                         	• Bachelor of Science in Nursing
     surgical, obstetric, pediatric, and geriatric
                                                         	• RN to BSN Bridge (online)
     nursing. These programs introduce the basic
                                                         	•	Associate of Science in Nursing
     elements of heath care delivery and the
                                                         	•	LPN to RN Bridge
     multi-disciplines that are incorporated into the
                                                         	•	Diploma in Practical Nursing
     system. The student will learn measurement
     of vital signs, CPR, and basic first aid and will
     understand the concepts of medical asepsis,
     infection control, and universal precautions
     applicable to all areas of healthcare.

         Dental Hygiene/                                                                     to the areas of overall health promotion, stress
                                                                                             reduction, pain management, and injury
         Dental Assisting                                                                    recovery. Massage is a healing art as well
         Dental hygienists help patients develop                                             as a science. It requires both academic and
         and maintain good oral health. Hygienists                                           technical knowledge, clinical skills, manual
         examine patients’ teeth and gums, recording                                         dexterity, and sensitivity. Students can take an
         the presence of diseases or abnormalities. They                                     associate degree or diploma program in this
         remove stains and plaque from teeth, take                                           specialty.
         and develop dental X-rays, and apply cavity-
         preventive agents such as fluorides and pit
         and fissure sealants. In some states, hygienists
                                                                                             Radiologic Technology
                                                                                             Radiologic technologists and technicians,
         administer anesthetics; place and carve filling
                                                                                             also referred to as radiographers, produce
         materials, temporary fillings and periodontal
                                                                                             X-ray films of parts of the human body for
         dressings; remove sutures; perform root-
                                                                                             use in diagnosing medical problems. They
         planing as a periodontal therapy; and smooth
                                                                                             prepare patients for radiologic examinations
         and polish metal restorations.
                                                                                             by explaining the
                                                                                             procedure and
         Dental assistants perform a variety of patient
                                                                                             positioning patients so
         care, office, and laboratory duties. They work
                                                                                             that the appropriate
         chairside as dentists examine and treat patients.
                                                                                             parts of the body can
         Assistants hand instruments and materials to
                                                                                             be X-rayed.
         dentists and keep patients’ mouths dry and
         clear by using suction or other devices.
                                                                                             Our Associate
                                                                                             in Radiologic
         Dental assistants also sterilize and disinfect
                                                                                             Technology program
         instruments and equipment, prepare tray
                                                                                             prepares students with
         setups for dental procedures, and instruct
                                                                                             the skills and academic Minneapolis - Dental Assisting Lab
         patients on postoperative and general oral
                                                                                             knowledge required for an
         healthcare. Some dental assistants prepare
                                                                                             entry-level position as a radiologic technologist
         materials for making impressions and
                                                                                             in a clinic or hospital setting. Students com-
         restorations, expose radiographs, and process
                                                                                             pleting the program will be eligible to take the
         dental X-ray film as directed by a dentist. An
                                                                                             national registry exam offered by the American
         associate degree and diploma are offered.
                                                                                             Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

         Therapeutic Massage
         Massage therapy is the application of soft-                                         Surgical Technology
         tissue manipulation techniques to the body                                          Our Associate of Science in Surgical
         which can play an important role in the                                             Technology is designed to provide students
         maintenance and improvement of a person’s                                           with the skills necessary to function in the
         health. Massage therapists apply their training                                     operating room as an important member of
                                                                                                                                                   Continued on next page.
For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at
     the surgical team along with surgeons, nurses,                        insurance and government agencies to pay for
     and other medical personnel, to ensure proper                         the patient’s medical expenses. Medical coders’
     surgical care before, during, and after a surgical                    skills will be in demand in various healthcare-
     procedure. Surgical technologists help prepare                        related sectors ranging from hospitals and
     the operating room by setting up surgical                             clinics to insurance companies and law firms.
     instruments and equipment, sterile drapes, and                        Students can choose from an associate degree
     sterile solutions. They also get patients ready                       or diploma program.
     for surgery by washing, shaving, and disinfect-
     ing incision sites. Surgical techs may also assist
     the surgeon during surgery.
                                                                           Medical Assisting
                                                                           Medical assistants perform routine administra-
                                                                           tive and clinical tasks to keep the offices and
                                                                           clinics of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors,
                                                                           and optometrists running smoothly. The
                                                                           clinical duties of medical assistants may include
                                                                           taking medical histories and recording vital
                                                                           signs, giving injections, explaining treatment
                                                                           procedures to patients, preparing them for
                                                                           examination, and assisting the physician
                                                                           during examinations. Medical assistants
                                                                           are also expected to perform administrative
                                                                           functions in addition to a variety of clinical
                                                                           duties. Herzing offers both an Associate degree
                                                                           and Diploma in Medical Assisting.

                                                                           Medical Office
     Madison - Nursing Lab                                                 Administration
                                                                           Medical office administrators are responsible
     Medical Billing &                                                     for a range of clerical and administrative
                                                                           duties. These duties vary from office to office,
     Insurance Coding                                                      depending on location, size, and specialty.
     Medical billing & insurance coding specialists                        They answer telephones, greet patients,
     are the experts who secure, analyze, integrate,                       update and file patient medical records, fill
     and manage information that drives the health-                        out insurance forms, handle correspondence,
     care industry. Their work directly contributes                        schedule appointments, arrange for hospital
     to the quality of patient care. Medical coders                        admission and laboratory services, and
     work on the healthcare team with physicians,                          handle billing and bookkeeping. Students can
     nurses, and other professionals as respected                          choose from an Associate in Medical Office
     authorities on medical data. Coders assign                            Administration or diploma program, and the
     codes to each diagnosis and procedure found                           credits can be rolled into a Bachelor’s in
     in a patient’s record which are then used by                          Healthcare Management.
18   Note: Please check with your local campus for program availability.
         Healthcare Management                                                               Health Information
         Facilities that provide patient care need one or
         more administration professionals to oversee                                        Management
                                                                                             Health information management (HIM) pro-
         the business aspects of the organization.
                                                                                             fessionals are experts in analyzing, managing,
         The Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management
                                                                                             and protecting patient information. As the
         provides students with a thorough understand-
                                                                                             healthcare industry continues its transition to
         ing of the healthcare industry as well as
                                                                                             electronic management of patient data, HIM
         executive-level business knowledge and skills.
                                                                                             professionals must also have an aptitude for
         This combination enables graduates to make
                                                                                             technology and an understanding of computer
         proper management decisions while adhering
                                                                                             systems and electronic security measures.
         to medical ethics and federal regulations.
                                                                                             Since this career often requires supervision

         Orlando - Nursing Lab                                                               New Orleans - Surgical Technology Lab

                                                                                             of department employees, it is important for
         Healthcare managers and administrators must
                                                                                             health information managers to possess strong
         also stay current on the technological trends of
                                                                                             leadership, communication and decision-
         the healthcare field.
                                                                                             making skills. The Herzing Bachelor of Science
                                                                                             in Health InformationManagement degree
         The Herzing University healthcare associate
                                                                                             program incorporates healthcare, business,
         degrees roll seamlessly into this degree.
                                                                                             technology, and management classes to prepare
                                                                                             graduates for successful entry into this highly-
                                                                                             specialized field.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at
                                                                  “I knew early on that I wanted to be involved
                                                                   in the residential design field and Herzing
                                                                   had an associate degree in design that just
                                                                   seemed to fit perfectly with what I was
                                                                   looking for. I was able to obtain a job almost
                                                                   immediately after graduation, and I use the
                                                                   skills that Herzing taught me every day.”
                                                                              – Erica Marty
                                                                                 2006 Design and Drafting Technology,
                                                                                 Graduate - Madison
                                                                                 Design Coordinator

     Design and Drafting                                 Drafters fill in technical details using drawings,
                                                         rough sketches, specifications, codes, and
     Technology                                          calculations previously made by engineers,
     Drafters prepare technical drawings and plans       surveyors, architects, or scientists. Traditionally,
     used by production and construction workers         drafters sat at drawing boards and prepared
     to build everything from manufactured               drawings manually, but most drafters now
     products, such as toys, appliances, industrial      use computer-aided drafting (CAD) systems.
     machinery, and spacecraft, to structures,           Herzing’s Associate and Dipoma programs
     such as houses, office buildings, and oil and       in Design and Drafting Technlogy provide
     gas pipelines. Their drawings provide visual        extensive technical training in CAD systems
     guidelines that show the technical details of the   and 3D modeling. Graduates can roll their
     object, dimensions, materials, and procedures       credits into the Bachelor of Science in
     to be followed.                                     Technology Management.
        Graphic Design
        Graphic designers—also known as graphic artists or commercial artists—plan, analyze, and create
        visual solutions to communications problems. They decide the most effective way of getting
        a message across in print, electronic, and film media using a variety of methods such as color,
        type, illustration, photography and animation. Graphic designers develop the overall layout and
        production design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications.

        Our Bachelor and Associate of Science in Graphic Design degree programs prepare students
        with the academic knowledge and technical skills required for a wide range of positions in
        modern graphic arts. The curriculum is focused on designing and producing work for print, the
        Web, television, cinema, multimedia, and digital entertainment using a variety of techniques.

        Game Development
        The Bachelor of Science in Game Development degree prepares
        students with the necessary technical and artistic competencies
        for positions in one of the most exciting occupational fields. This
        program trains students in the most current industry software used
        to create 2D and 3D animations that emphasize both grayscale and
        color, shading, sound, motion, and physics.

        As part of their program, students are expected to develop basic,
        single-player PC games and later to develop complex, multi-player
        games on multiple platforms. The final project for this program is
        determined by each individual student and may include developing
        your own basic video game or enhancing the engine and coding of a
        public domain video game.                                                                                                 Madison - Mac Lab/Graphic Design Classroom

                                                    Shaun Andersen                                                                       Michael Beall
                                                    Portfolio in Print                                                                   Advanced Illustration
                                                    GA410                                                                                GA225
                                                    LG Magazine cover                                                                    Game Character Concept             Note: Please check with
                                                                                                                                                                            your local campus for
                                                                                                                                                                            program availability.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at
           “ Now that I’ve completed the Homeland Security
             program, I’ve put myself in a position to become
             a police officer for the city of Hoover, which
             requires a college degree. The education I received
             gave me an opportunity to learn about the finer
             aspects of police investigations, as well as dealing
             with the public.”
                 – Tyrone McCall
                    2007 Homeland Security and Public Saftey
                    Graduate - Birmingham
                    Detention Officer

     Public Safety

         Criminal Justice
         A degree in criminal justice provides students with a solid understanding of the law, ethical
         decision-making, and criminal science. This knowledge translates to a variety of careers in the field
         of public safety, from police officer to private investigator. Herzing students can choose from an
         Associate or Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree. Graduates seeking positions as a sworn
         law enforcement officer may be required to successfully complete an applicable law enforcement
         academy prescribed by local, state or federal agencies.
         Career opportunities exist at the federal, state and local levels, as well as with private
         sector organizations.
         	 •	 Local:	sheriff	department,	county	police,	juvenile	justice	facilities,	jails
         	 •	 State:	court	system,	narcotics	and	liquor	bureaus,	state	police,	crime	commission,	
              attorney general offices, prisons
         	 •	 Federal:	Food	and	Drug	Administration,
              Department of Defense, Department of
              Transportation, immigration, border patrol,
              FBI, customs, Federal Trade Commission,
              veterans affairs
         	 •	 Private:	private	investigation,	security
              officers, safety patrol, insurance
              investigations, body guards

         Homeland Security
         and Public Safety
         The field of Homeland Security and
         Public Safety has grown tremendously
         as a result of the tragic events caused by terrorists on September 11, 2001. A Bachelor of Science
         in Homeland Security and Public Safety can be applied to many careers within the security,
         emergency, and law enforcement fields.
         The Herzing programs include coursework that prepares graduates to:
         	 •	 Analyze	intelligence	data	and	recognize	potential	security	threats
         	 •	 Think	critically	and	ethically
         	 •	 Demonstrate	proficiency	in	observation	and	recall,	criminalistics	and	evidence	forensics
         	 •	 Create	and	implement	emergency	response	plans
         	 •	 Recognize	terrorist	attack	group	methods,	ideologies,	and	operations
         	 •	 Respond	to	and	manage	critical	incidents
         	 •	 Prevent	and	control	fire
         	 •	 Investigate	incidents	and	collect	evidence
            Note: Please check with your local campus for program availability.                                                                                                                 23
For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at
     Business Degrees
     Master of Business Administration In addition, 4-month graduate
     Herzing University offers multiple MBA certificates are also offered:
     degrees so students can choose the program         Accounting
     that will best suit their personal, educational    Business Management
     and career goals.
                                                        Healthcare Management
     MBA – Business Management
                                                        Human Resources Management
     MBA – Technology Management
     MBA – Healthcare Management
                                                        Project Management
     Bachelor Students: Get started on                  Technology Management
     your MBA as an undergraduate!
     Students enrolled in a Herzing University
     bachelor’s program who are interested in          Convenient Online Instruction
     pursuing an MBA have three ways to save           Most Herzing University graduate students are
     time and money with the Herzing University        working adults with a strong desire to continue
     online MBA:                                       their education but who cannot put their life
                                                       on hold to attend school. Herzing’s flexible
      1. Dual Enrollment – This program
                                                       online course schedule allows busy profes-
         allows current bachelor’s degree students
                                                       sionals the opportunity to take classes while
         the opportunity to exchange two business
                                                       tending to their career and other personal
         (BU) or open elective courses for two
                                                       commitments—you log in to class when it’s
         MBA courses during their senior year.
                                                       convenient for you. Students can choose to
      2. Course Exemption – Those students             take one or two courses at a time for each
         enrolled in a Herzing University business     eight-week term.
         or management-oriented bachelor’s degree
         program may exempt the first MBA
         course, MBA 500 Business Fundamentals.
      3. Tuition Discount – Herzing bachelor’s
         degree students and alumni receive a
         15% tuition scholarship on their
         master’s degree courses!

                                                                      New Orleans - Paralegal Library

        Nursing Degrees
         Master of Science in Nursing
         Nursing today offers advanced-degree professionals many unique and rewarding career paths.
         Herzing’s online Master of Science in Nursing program provides the coursework and credentials
         to take you to the next level as quickly as possible; the 36-credit hour program can be completed
         in just one year.
         MSN – Nursing Education
         Graduates of the Nursing Education concentration are prepared to work in classroom and
         practicum settings to educate, prepare and mentor current as well as future nurses.
         MSN – Nursing Management
         The Nursing Management concentration prepares graduates to handle a broad range of
         administrative and management responsibilities for careers such as nursing supervisors,
         health services managers, healthcare facility administrators,
         healthcare management administrators, clinical managers,
         health information managers, case managers,
         and consultants.
         100% Online Classes
         No need to put your career on hold or sacrifice other
         scheduled events to earn your MSN. Herzing never requires
         you to be online at a specific time, giving you complete
         freedom to attend class when it’s convenient for you as
         long as you log in the required number of days per week.
         Each class is eight weeks long and requires activities such                                                                                                           Orlando - Library
         as posting to a discussion board, reading, and completing
         written assignments. Depending on your goals, the option
         of taking one or two classes at a time is available.

                                                              Alumni Tuition Scholarship
                                      Graduates of a Herzing University bachelor’s degree program
                                     receive a 15% tuition discount on their master’s degree courses.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at
     Industry stamp of
     Technology                                        Specialized Accreditation/
     Herzing University embeds certification           Certification Exams
     preparation into many of the technology-          The below programs have specialized
     related programs so our graduates may             accreditation as indicated and/or qualify a
     complete rigorous independent testing that        student to take national certification exams,
     results in industry-recognized certifications     the passing of which may be required to
     from organizations like Microsoft®, CompTia®,     become employed in the student’s career field
     and Cisco Systems®.                               (ex. nursing, hygiene, massage therapy).

     In the IT field, there is some employer concern   Business
     about the quality of a certificate a potential    Legal Studies, Paralegal/Legal Assisting
     employee holds. This type of certificate is       After completion of the Legal Studies or
     generally given to a person taking a crash        Paralegal/Legal Assisting program, students
     course, where the only focus is on passing an     will be eligible to sit for the Certified Legal
     exam. In these short programs, there is often     Assisting and Certified Paralegal exams
     insufficient lab and instructional time to        through the National Association of Legal
     prepare the student to actually do the work. At   Assistants (NALA). The Associate of Science
     Herzing, our academic programs provide more       in Legal Assisting/Paralegal and the Bachelor
     of both the exam prep practice and in-depth       of Science in Legal Studies are approved by the
     study than is typically provided in short-term    American Bar Association at the Atlanta and
     courses.                                          New Orleans Campus locations of Herzing
                                                       University only.
     Depending on their program of study,
     technology students may be prepared to sit        Healthcare
     for the following certification exams:            Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene –
     	 •	Microsoft	Certified IT Professional –         Minneapolis
         Windows Server Administrator (MCITP)          The programs in dental assisting and dental
     	 •	Microsoft	Certified	Solution	Developer	       hygiene at the Minneapolis campus are
         (MCSD)                                        accredited by the Commission on Dental
     	 •	Cisco	Certified	Network	Associate	(CCNA)      Accreditation (CODA) of the American
     	 •	A+,	Net+	Certification	(CompTia)              Dental Association (ADA) (,
     	 •	Certified	Internet	Webmaster	(CIW)            312-440-2500). Dental assisting graduates will
     	 •	Certified	Electronic	Technician	(CET)         be prepared to sit for the Minnesota Board of
     	 •	CompTia	Security+ Certificate                 Dentistry licensing exams and will be eligible
                                                       to take the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)
                                                       exam to become certified through the Dental
                                                       Assisting National Board (DANB).

         Dental hygiene graduates will be prepared to                                        Medical Assisting – Akron Institute
         sit for the National Board Dental Hygiene                                           and Minneapolis
         Exam, Jurisprudence Exam, and the CRDTS                                             Medical Assisting programs at the Akron
         Examination, which (upon successful comple-                                         Institute and Minneapolis campuses are
         tion) would provide the graduate the opportu-                                       accredited by the Commission on
         nity to become a licensed dental hygienist.                                         Accreditation of Allied Health Education
                                                                                             Programs (CAAHEP) upon the recommenda-
         Medical Billing and Insurance Coding                                                tion of the Medical Assisting Education Review
         After completion of the program at any                                              Board (MAERB) ( , 727-210-
         Herzing campus, students will be eligible to                                        2350). Graduates of these programs will be
         take the Certified Coding Associate (CCA)                                           eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant
         exam offered by the American Health                                                 (CMA) exam offered by the AAMA.
         Information Management Association
         (AHIMA) or a certification exam                                                     Practical Nursing
         offered by the American Association of                                              Graduates of the Practical Nursing program are
         Professional Coders.                                                                eligible to sit for the Association of Practical
                                                                                             Nurse Education and Services (NAPNES)
         Medical Assisting – All campuses                                                    Certification in Pharmacology, a national
         After completion of the Medical Assisting                                           credential issued by NAPNES for
         program, students will be eligible to take the                                      practical nurses.
         Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam
         offered by the American Medical                                                     Registered Nursing
         Technologists (AMT).                                                                Graduates will be eligible to write the National
                                                                                             Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX)
         Medical Assisting – Madison,                                                        for Registered Nurses. The Madison campus
         New Orleans, Online                                                                 Associate of Science in Nursing degree and
         The Medical Assisting programs at the                                               the Akron campus Associate of Applied
         Madison, New Orleans, and Online campuses                                           Nursing Degree are accredited by the National
         are accredited through the American Bureau                                          League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
         of Health Education Schools (,                                         (NLNAC) (, 404-975-5000).
         703-917-9503). Therefore, after completion of
         the program, students will be eligible to take                                      Therapeutic Massage
         the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exam                                          After completion of the program, students
         offered by the American Association of Medical                                      will be eligible to take the Certified Massage
         Assistants (AAMA).                                                                  Therapist exam offered by the National
                                                                                             Certifying Board for Therapeutic Massage and
                                                                                             Bodywork (NCBTMB).

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at
     Career Development
     Employment Assistance
     At Herzing, teaching marketable skills is an important part of what we do. Helping you find
     employment is another part of our commitment to your success. Herzing University’s Career
     Development Department provides all graduates with individual assistance during the job search
     process. As students get closer to graduation, the Career Development Department moves to
     center stage in its efforts to help every graduate secure employment.

     Providing industry with the most important resource of all—YOU
     Since 1965 Herzing University has been building strong, long-lasting relationships with
     employers. Organizations of all sizes from a variety of industries look to us to fill their human
     resource needs with Herzing graduates—graduates they know will have state-of-the-industry
     skills and will be productive immediately.

     Sample of services provided by Career Development:
      	 •	 Career	advising	and	coaching            	 •	 Internship	questions
      	 •	 Resume	writing	and	review               	 •	 Job	search	methods	and	resources
      	 •	 Cover	letter	advice                     	 •	 Negotiation	tips
      	 •	 Interview	techniques	and	follow-up      	 •	 Specific	job	leads
      	 •	 Dressing	for	success                    	 •	 Local	career	fair	alerts
      	 •	 Career	research

Employers prefer
    Herzing grads
“ When we need to hire drafters, I call Herzing “I enjoy having the accessibility to Herzing
  University directly. The curriculum at Herzing University for our employment needs. I found
  is right up our company’s alley. Herzing           your students to be well prepared and profes-
  University graduates know how to put together sional. We have hired many of your graduates
  a good résumé and portfolio, and we can tell       and students. Thank you for all of your
  pretty quickly if they will be good drafters.      support	at	MCI.”
  Herzing University really prepares its graduates Joyce Jones, Lead Recruiter, MCI (GA)
  for walking out the door and into the
  job	market.”                                     “ The students at Herzing University are
  Tom Jones, Vice-President                          focused and well prepared for their chosen
  ION Corporation (MN)                               field. They demonstrate discipline,
                                                     professionalism, and the ability to relate to a
“ We are pleased to be an externship site for the    wide variety of people. Thank you, Herzing,
  Akron Institute [of Herzing University]. The       for building the leaders of today and
  students from your school are very knowledge- tomorrow.”
  able and very professional when they come          Evelyn Boykin, Volunteer Services Coordinator
  to us. The education that the students receive     Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (AL)
  at your school is very beneficial not only in
  learning [their professional duties], but in     “I feel that graduates of
  helping them transition to an actual work          Herzing University possess
  environment. AMS has hired two students            the knowledge, skills, and
  since we began the externship project with         abilities that are required to
  the Akron Institute, and we look forward to        make the successful transi-
  hiring	more.”                                      tion from the classroom to
  Karen Drummond, Director of Coding,                the world of work. Cardiac
  Compliance, and Education, American                Science is proud of its affilia-
  Medical Systems (OH)                               tion with Herzing University
                                                     and the alumni that we
“ We’ve had great success with Herzing               employ.”
  graduates. There are presently three graduates     Michael LaBroscian,
  on my team providing desktop and server            Human Resource
  support. They are conscientious and eager to       Specialist,
  learn. They are very knowledgeable in their        Cardiac Science
  field of concentration. We hope to continue        Corporation (WI)
  working	with	Herzing	as	new	positions	open.”
  Patsy Varnado, Project Manager, USDA (LA)

                                       Lloyd Mennenga
This survey indicated that employers   Employer: Mennenga Tax & Financial
who hired Herzing graduates would
“prefer to hire a Herzing graduate.”
                    Other                  Student Services
                    At Herzing, you’re not just a student, you’re a   Herzing Scholarships & Awards
                    valued customer. We realize that attending a      Another way in which we help our students
                    college is one of the most important decisions    is by offering an array of scholarships, awards,
                    you’ll ever make, and we know that your           and grants that reward academic performance
                    educational experience and success are highly     and recognize special needs.
                    dependent on a range of services that make the    	 • Herzing High School Merit Scholarship –
                    collegiate experience complete.                       high school seniors whose Herzing
                    In addition to the services below, Herzing            entrance scores are in the upper one-tenth of
                    University also provides housing assistance,          the scores of the students accepted by
                    student organizations, and student advising.          Herzing for the prior year
                                                                      	 •	Henry G. Herzing Scholarship – high school
                    Educational Funding                                   students in need of financial assistance
                    Herzing University will help you develop          	 •	Adult Learner Scholarship – adult
                    financial plans to pay for your education             students in need of financial assistance
                    through a combination of financial aid, family
                                                  contributions,      	 •	Academic Award – Students with a
                                                  and other               cumulative grade point average in the upper
                                                  sources, making         5% of the student body after their second
                                                  it finacially           semester (completion of at least 24 credits)
                                                  easier for you          will receive a $150 academic award for each
                                                  to achieve your         ensuing semester as long as the cumulative
                                                  goals. Financial        grade point average is maintained and the
                                                  aid (for those          student is taking at least 12 credits
                                                  who qualify),       	 •	Academic Persistence Award – This award
                                                  may consist of          is made to students who initially enroll at
                                                  grants student          Herzing in an associate or bachelor’s
Akron Institute -   loans such as Stafford loans and work-study           degree program and continue through
                    programs.                                             to completion of a bachelor’s degree on a
                                                                          full-time basis with no interruption in
                    Some students may be eligible for additional          their education; the award is $400 as
                    assistance programs, such as:                         a credit to the student’s tuition in the
                    	 •	Veterans	Benefits	                                student’s last semester.
                    	 •	Vocational	Rehabilitation	
                    	 •	Bureau	of	Indian	Affairs	benefits             Service Quality Assurance
                    	 •	Employer	Reimbursement	Plans	                 This assurance is aimed at satisfying the needs
                                                                      of students and their eventual employers.
                    	 •	Workforce	Investment	Act	(WIA)	benefits
                                                                      It states that a Herzing University student
                    	 •	Herzing	University	Scholarship	Programs	      may retake any course with which he or she
                    	 •	Institutional	Grant	Program		                 is dissatisfied at no additional charge for
                    	 •	Herzing	University	Tuition	Payment	Plan       tuition, provided the student meets
                                                                      qualifying conditions.
 What Instructors
 have to say about Herzing
Dorothy Wright, Math Instructor
“Herzing University offers an opportunity to share my gifts and talents in a supportive,
	 student-centered	environment.	Working	at	Herzing	is	truly	an	enlightening	experience.”

Cedriee Thomas, Medical Billing and Insurance Coding Program Director
“As an instructor at Akron Institute [of Herzing University], I feel that I have to be a role model
  as well as an educator to my students. My responsibility as an educator is to provide information
  to my students and help them understand why they need to know this information. It is also
  my responsibility to provide a learning environment that motivates students to succeed. The
  best thing that happens in my classroom is the success of my students. When my students are a
	 success,	I	feel	I	have	accomplished	my	task.”		

Yahia Fawzi, IT Program Director
“Most if not all of our computer networking courses are hands-on based. The students learn
  the theories in class and apply them in the labs. Our computer networking labs contain top-
  of-the-line computer systems, Cisco routers and switches, wireless equipment, VoIP, and utilize
  virtualization tech-
  nologies to install and
  configure a variety of
  operating systems such
	 as	Windows	and	Linux.”

Azam Qadri, Dental
Assisting Instructor
“We send these kids out
  to the job market and we
  want them to get hired.
  We don’t want them to Madison - Game Development Classroom                 New Orleans - Anatomy classroom
  fail; we want this
	 education	to	be	a	stepping	stone	for	them	to	enter	the	dental	field	and	to	earn	a	great	living.”

Susan Gebhardt, English Instructor
“The difference between Herzing and a traditional college is the fact that I get to make a
  difference in someone’s life. At a traditional college I may not do so because there are so many
	 students	who	do	not	get	the	individual	attention	that	I	give	my	students	here.”

     Alumni Association
     We want you to stay in touch with us after you’ve graduated and landed your first job.
     We are proud of our alumni and encourage every graduate to join our Alumni Association. As
     a member of this no-obligation association, you will have the opportunity to be active in an
     organization designed to assist in your professional development through:

     	   •	 Participation	in	a	professional	forum	for	networking	with	peers	
     	   •	 Mentoring	current	Herzing	students	
     	   •	 Serving	on	curriculum	advisory	committees	or	the	Herzing	University	President’s	Council
     	   •	 Gaining	public	speaking	experience	by	addressing	students	on	the	rewards	and	
            challenges of their selected career field

     Being active in the Herzing University Alumni Association demonstrates your commitment to
     your university and your community — it also looks great on your résumé!

     A note to employers
     and recruiters
     All employment assistance services provided
     by Herzing University are free of charge and
     offer the following benefits to employers:

     	 •	 Highly-trained,	competent	candidates
     	 •	 Pre-screening	of	candidates	to	meet	the	
          employer’s specifications
     	 •	 Each	graduate	comes	with	the	Herzing	
          University Quality Service Assurance. If an       Madison campus students and graduates with
          employer feels (within the first 12 months of     President Renèe Herzing and Chancellor Henry Herzing
          employment) that a Herzing graduate needs
          additional training in a course taken at
          Herzing, we’ll provide it for free!

     Our graduates have what employers need:
     	 •	 Sound	technical	competencies
     	 •	 Professional	attitudes
     	 •	 Motivation
     	 •	 Team	skills

A note from your Herzing
Admissions Advisor
We hope this booklet has given you some insight into Herzing University’s academic programs,
student services, and the spirit of the University. We expect that you have additional questions,
and our Admissions Advisors are ready to provide you with answers to questions like:
	 “What	is	the	cost	of	tuition?”
	 “When	can	I	get	started?”
	 “What	are	the	admissions	requirements?”	
	 “What	programs	of	study	are	available?”
	 “Which	program	is	the	best	fit	for	me?”	

Experience Herzing for yourself
When you visit our campus, one of our Admissions Advisors
will be glad to sit down with you and review your educational
and career goals, go over our program offerings, give you a
course catalog, take you on a tour of our labs and
classrooms, and introduce you to some of our faculty,
staff, and students.

You’ll also meet one-on-one with an
Educational Funding Advisor to:
  1. Determine if you qualify for financial aid
  2. Learn about other funding sources
      that can help you cover the cost of tuition

To schedule a visit:
Contact the admissions department at any
of our campuses, or you can make an
appointment online at

For Herzing University student data regarding academic programs,

Maribeth Graham

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