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tbs apr 2011


									                Temple Beth Sholom

            2011 Vol. 2, No. 4        April 2011

         Passover Barbeque
         sponsored by the
         Sisterhood and
         Men's Club is on
                                    ADAR II      NISSAN
         April 10 at Howard
         Futch Park. See            Deadline for the next
         page 23 for more         Bulletin is Apr 10, 2011.
         details.                Please email your articles to

          Save this Date!                      Sameach!
         12th Annual Fine
          Wine Gala on
          May 7, 2011,
           see page 12                           happy

Dr. Richard J. Margolis, Rabbi                Bar Mitzvah
     Temple Beth Sholom
    5995 N. Wickham Road                      for April 16
   Melbourne, FL 32940-2003                      Isaac
    Phone: (321) 254-6333                        Hildt
     Fax: (321) 254-0607
  Shabbat Candlelighting                             Temple Leadership
    Times and Blessings                  Rabbi                       Dr. Richard J. Margolis
Fri.,   Apr 2                 7:22pm     Rabbi Emeritus                       Dr. Paul Grob
Fri.,   Apr 9                 7:26pm
Fri.,   Apr 16                7:30pm     Executive Board
                                         President               Barbara Marcus      779-0021
Fri.,   Apr 23                7:34pm
                                         1st Vice President      Ilene S. Herr       779-7855
Fri.,   Apr 30                7:38pm     2nd Vice President      Wendy Roy           723-4346
                                         3rd Vice President      Ron Flax            409-0978
                                         Treasurer               Carol Rosasco       956-2326
                                         Financial Secretary     Kevin Litt          917-0097
                                         Recording Secretary     Shari Beth Daniel   373-7236
                                         Immediate Past Pres     Robert Mandel       777-3150

Blessings for Shabbat                    Chairpersons of Standing Committees
Barukh Atah Adonay Elohaynu,             Fundraising             Scott Levy          795-3968
Melech Haolam, Asher Kidshanu            House                   Paul Licker         757-6830
B'mitzvotav v'tzivanu L'hadlik Ner       Ritual                  Gary Sack           951-8301
Shel Shabbat.                            Education               Open
                                         Membership              Pat Greeley         452-4658
Blessed are You, Ruler our God,                                  Pat Lesmeister      868-2247
Sovereign of the Universe, who has       Publicity               Open
sanctified us with Your                  Youth Activities        Mara Benjamin       728-4411
commandments, commanding us to           Director-at-Large       William Troner      723-4554
kindle the light of Shabbat              Director-at-Large       David Weiser        728-9525
                                         Director-at-Large       Lisa Davidson       536-2833
Shabbat ends on Saturday evening         Sisterhood Pres         Florence Flax       409-0978
one hour after Friday evening candle     Men's Club Pres.        Mickey Lane         537-1261
lighting time.
                                         Non-voting Appointees
                                         Snowbird Rep.           Werner Marx         783-7222

                                         Temple Beth Sholom Staff
                                         Bulletin Editor                       Susan Moser
                                         Director of Education                 Ilene S. Herr
        Volunteers Needed
                                         Executive Director              Alan M. Rosenberg
  Volunteers are needed to serve     Administrator                            Dawn Hawkins
  as Ushers during Kabbalat          Campus Supervisor                             Luis Ochoa
  Shabbat and Shabbat Morning
  services. Functions would be
  greeting members as they enter
  the Sanctuary and maintaining
  closed doors during the
                                          This Bulletin is published monthly by
  appropriate times. Most                             Temple Beth Sholom.
  importantly, this serves as a way
  to make everyone feel welcome             B u l l e t i n d e a d l i n e : A l l articles
  in our temple. If you are                 must be handed in or preferably
  interested in volunteering, please            e-mailed to Susan Moser at
  e-mail or call the Temple.            by the
                                                           10th of the month.

                                                                        TO ALL THE MEN AND
     PASSOVER SEDER                                                     WOMEN OF TEMPLE
Temple members:
            If you will be hosting a Seder on April 18th or 19th,       BETH SHOLOM WHO
and have room for a guest or two, please call the Temple                ENJOY GOOD
office. We would like to make sure that all of our members              FOOD.......
who desire to attend a Seder have a place to go.
            If you do not yet have a Seder to attend, whether
for you as an individual or your family, please call the                Many Temple members may recall the TBS
Temple office, and we will arrange a wonderful experience               Sisterhood Cookbook entitled FROM
with one of our Temple’s Seders.                                        GRANDMA TO MAMA TO ME, which was
            Next year, we hope to do a Seder at the Temple.             published several years ago. It was a most
Because of the lack of a catering kitchen (temporary, I
promise!), the cost becomes exorbitant. But if you would
                                                                        successful project. Barbara Marcus, Alan
like to help organize such a Seder for 2012, also please                Rosenberg and Carolyn Rosenfield have plans to
call us at the Temple.                                                  revise and revive the original cookbook.
                    TEMPLE PHONE: 321-254-6333
                                                                        So --ladies and gentlemen--boys and girls - if you
 Due to Dr. Lane's                                                      have a favorite recipe of your grandmother's,
 absence during part of                                                 mother's, a recipe of your own creation, even
                                                                        one from your mother-in-law, please get it to
 the month of April, the                                                us.
 next movie, "The
 Pianist," will be shown                                                We would like traditional, Sabbath, holiday,
 on April 24, 2011. I                                                   short cuts, modern versions of traditional hand-
 hope this will not                                                     me-downs. Everyone can be a part of this
                                                                        project - we welcome your contribution as a
                                                                        family treasure to share with the TBS
 anyone. Thank you.                                                     family. Dawn, at TBS office, will be happy to
          Mickey                                                        receive your recipe or email it to Carolyn
             Welcome new
            members Marvin
            & Karen Kantor

                                               TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM
                                              2011 JEWISH BOOK GROUP

 The Finkler Question, by Howard Jacobson                                                            Apr 27
        This novel is a comedy of suffering and anti-semitism
 The Glass Room, by Simon Mawer                                                                      May 25
        Story of wealthy Czechoslovakian Jews who commission a
        modern steel-and glass house in 1930

 Temple Beth Sholom's Jewish Book Club resumed meeting in January. We meet the 4th Wednesday
 afternoon of each month through May in the synagogue library at 2:00pm. Everyone is invited. There is no
 charge. There are copies of each book available in the Brevard Public Library but some titles have a limited
 number. Don't wait for the last minute to put your name on the reserve list Any questions, call
 coordinator Natalie Oshins, 449-0461 or email at

                                       Dr. Richard J. Margolis
The Bible is silent about how our ancestors came to be enslaved in ancient Egypt. An interesting
insight is provided in the Midrash by Rabbi Eliezer, who rendered the verse Vaya'avidu Mitzrayim
et B'nei Yisrael b'farech (Ex. 1:13) as though the final word were divided in half, reading b'feh
rach, "with sweet speech, with propaganda." Thus, he reworked the original import of the passage
into "The Egyptians enslaved the Israelites through propaganda."
There is a lot more here than a mere play on words, because there must have been a gradual
process of enslavement, otherwise the Israelites would surely have had the good sense to leave
Egypt and maintain their freedom. Do you know how chefs boil frogs for those who eat them?
Were they to throw them into boiling water, the frogs would sense the danger and jump out of the
pot. So they throw them into cold water and gradually raise the temperature until the frogs
acclimate themselves to the rising temperature and eventually boil to death. So, too, did the
Pharaoh entice our ancestors into bondage by propaganda, gradually convincing them to make
Egypt their permanent home, invest in the country, rear their families and consider themselves an
integral part of Egypt. Ultimately, the Israelites relaxed their defenses and suffered hundreds of
years of dehumanizing bondage.
Unfortunately, public relations has never been one of the strong points of the Jewish People.
Because of our self-perception as a unique minority people, we have generally been impervious to
the way the rest of the world perceives us, often to our detriment. For nearly two millenia, the
malicious Christian calumny of blaming "The Jews" for the Romans' crucifixion of Jesus has led to
the canard of Jews being "Christ killers." The persecutions, deportations and expulsions, crusades,
Inquisition and subsequent ghettoization and pogroms we suffered in Christian countries are the
direct consequences of this original propaganda of the early church.
Toward the end of the 19th century, a book emerged from the secret police in Czarist Russia
entitled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This patent forgery purports to expose an
international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. It still circulates to this day, leading to the
anomaly of anti-semitism in countries like Japan and India, which have never had more than a
handful of Jews. The myth has become so well accepted that "everyone knows" that Jews control
the banks, the media, the press and just about everything else. We should only be as powerful and
well-organized as our enemies make us out to be!
The tragedy of the Holocaust can be directly traced to Nazi propaganda, blaming the Jews for
Germany's failed adventure in World War I, the desperate state of Germany's post-war economy,
and the collapse of the Weimar Republic. "Der Stuermer" led to Auschwitz, and the world looked
on as 6 million of our people were murdered.
Modern Israel has not successfully countered Arab propaganda, leaving Israel at a political
disadvantage in any peace process. Can you remember back to June of 1967? No one spoke then

of "occupied territories" or of Israel "victimizing" the hapless Palestinians. In fact, Israel's
declared strategy at the time was to hold the territories (except the Golan Heights and East
Jerusalem, which were incorporated into Israel) and ultimately to return Gaza to Egypt and the
West Bank to Jordan in return for recognition of the Jewish State and for peace. Well, today Israel
has peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, but the equation has changed to include the Palestinians,
whose propaganda has convinced the world that "the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people"
are an integral element in a "comprehensive Middle East peace." Israel has been successfully
portrayed as an "occupier" and a "victimizer," all because of the power of 4 decades of
There is one more "big lie" threatening Judaism and the Jewish People today, and that is the myth
that one can become a Christian and still retain one's Jewish identity at the same time. Hebrew
Christianity has propagandized itself into "Messianic Judaism" and inveigled over 300,000
American Jews and at least 10,000 Israelis into believing that accepting Jesus Christ as their
personal savior is really a "completed" or "fulfilled" form of Judaism.
There is immense power in propaganda, and we Jews need to harness that power for our benefit
and never again allow it to enslave us.

Rabbi Richard J. Margolis

                       APRIL, 2011 - NISAN, 5771
Sunday, April 17              After Dark             Bedikat Hametz (Search for Hametz)
Monday, April 18              9:00 AM                Service for First born followed by a
                                                     light breakfast
Monday, April 18              6:00 PM                Erev Passover Service (This is a
                                                     short service before your Seder)

Monday, April 18              FIRST SEDER

Tuesday, April 19             9:30 AM                First Day Passover Service
Tuesday, April 19             6:00 PM                Erev Second Day Passover Service
                                                     (This is a short Service before your

Tuesday, April 19             SECOND SEDER

Wednesday, April 20           9:30   AM              Second Day Passover Service
Friday, April 22              6:00   PM              Shabbat of Passover Service
Saturday, April 23            9:30   AM              Shabbat of Passover Service
Sunday, April 24              6:00   PM              Erev Seventh Day Passover Service
Monday, April 25              9:30   AM              Seventh Day Passover Service
Monday, April 25              6:00   PM              Erev Eighth Day Passover Service
Tuesday, April 26             9:30   AM              Eighth Day Passover Service
                                                     YIZKOR MEMORIAL PRAYERS

                              MAOT HITTIM FUND
Dear Rabbi Margolis,

I (We) would like to make a contribution to the Maot Hittim Fund, which assists needy
Jews in observing the Passover holiday here and abroad.

Enclosed is my (our) contribution of $________ to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund,
Temple Beth Sholom. Please distribute these funds in my (our) behalf to organizations,
which are helping our fellow Jews observe Passover with dignity and joy.




                                      SALE OF HAMETZ
          Dear Rabbi Margolis,

          I (We) would like to participate in selling of our Hametz in accordance with
          Jewish law.

I (We) do hereby authorize Rabbi Richard J. Margolis to sell, transfer and assign all
HAMETZ of whatever kind and nature in my residence at

and in my place of business at _______________________________________________

or in any place, without reservation and limitation. ______________________________

Enclosed please find my (our) donation of $________ to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Temple Beth Sholom -. I (We) understand that 50% of all funds donated for Sale of
Hametz this year will be sent to MAZON to be distributed to organizations,
which feed the hungry and house the homeless.



Please mail the above forms to:
                                   Temple Beth Sholom
                                   5995 N. Wickham Rd.
                                   Melbourne, FL 32940

                                                       HAPPY PASSOVER
"And ye shall observe the feast of unleavened bread; for in this selfsame day have I brought your hosts out of the land of Egypt; therefore
shall ye observe this day throughout your generation by an ordinance forever"
                                                                                                                                Exodus 12:17

Passover, the festival designated as the "Season at our Freedom" begins on the 15th day of Nisan and is observed
for eight days. It commemorates the emancipation of the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage and their exodus
from Egypt. For more than three thousand years, we have observed Passover with thanksgiving, because it marks
the end of a dark period of slavery. On the first Passover freedom was born. Today that concept is man's most
precious heritage.
The observance and laws of Passover are found throughout the Bible. The festival of Passover is known by
three names each with its own significant meaning; Hag ha-Matzot,. Feast at the Unleavened Bread (Ex. 23:15)
the Biblical designation in commemoration of the actual exodus; Hag ha-Pesah, Festival of the Paschal Offering
(Ibid, 34, 25), the reference to the paschal lamb; and Zaman Herutanu,. Season of Our Freedom. which marks the
establishment of the children of Israel as a free and independent people.
                           The number four plays a significant role in the Haggadah and the seder ceremonials.
                           There an the four cups of wine, four questions, four sons, four expressions of redemption
                           - I will bring you out ... I will deliver you ... I will redeem you ... I will take you ... (Ex. 6, 6-
7). Four special foods - pesah (roasted bone), matzah, maror and haroset - in mentioned throughout the service.
Nisan, the month in which Passover falls, has a special status. With the exception of the day preceding Passover,
fasting is not permitted during the entire month. The Talmud tells, as that the Tabernacle was erected on the first
of Nisan and a representative of each of the twelve tribes offered a sacrifice on the first twelve days of the month.
Each of these days was considered a festival. The Saturday preceding Passover is known as Shabbat ha-Godel
the Great Sabbath. The Talmud states that thirty days before Passover, we are to inquire about its laws. It was the
practice on the preceding Sabbath, for Jews to assemble to hear a discourse on the regulations concerning the
festival delivered by the one who was thought to be the greatest authority; hence the day was called the Great
Passover is also known as the "Feast of Unleavened Bread." Every phase of the observance is fastidiously carried
out - the ritual of cleaning the home, of destroying leaven,. as well as the preparation of the haroset,. maror and
roasted bone - all symbols of the experiences of the children of Israel in Egypt The house is fragrant with sweet
nostalgic odors of the traditional holiday foods. The seder table is beautifully set with shining candlesticks, the
Haggadah and wine goblet at each place, the seder plate before the master of the house and the cup for the
prophet Elijah.
In a systematic way the Talmud set up an Order of Service for the seder. The family and guests go through the
time-honored and fondly-remembered ritual; the kiddush,. the asking of the Four Questions, the recital of Israel's
woes and of God's might,. the Hallel, the delicious first Pesah meal and finally, the merry songs enjoyed by young
and old alike, Thus the seder is the retelling of the exodus story in a dramatic pageant enacted by the family and
guests around a festive table,
Passover holds out the hope for Israel's redemption end for the future deliverance at mankind. This two-fold
characteristic of Passover, the Passover of years ago and the Passover of the future, is expressed in poetical
insertions In the festival prayers and by the Haggadah,. the basis of the seder service.

                                                                                        Pesah Guide
                                        This guide was prepared for the Rabbinical Assembly Committee on Jewish Law and Standards by
                                              Rabbi Mayer Rabinowitz. It was accepted by the Committee on December 12. 1984. The last
                                                    paragraph of the introduction as well as Parts A and C under "Permitted Foods," have
                                          been amended to reflect more recent decisions of the Committee affecting the status of peanuts.
                                            peanut oil, certain cheeses and canned tuna. Under Ovens and Ranges. additional material on
                                                                                              smoothtop electric ranges has been added.

                                        For more information. consult the Summary Index of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards

February 2008

One no longer has to live in a Jewish community in order to have accesses to kosher for Passover products. Many products
that are under kashrut supervision all year long are supervised for Passover as well, and are available to consumers. These are
products that do not contain hametz and therefore do not require a change in ingredients for Passover. In addition for those
living far from stores that carry a full array of kosher for Passover products, shopping on the Internet enables one to order
kosher for Passover food and have it shipped to their homes. In cases where it is difficult to get all the necessary products for
Passover, there are some general rules that can make it possible to acquire certain items, without Passover certification, before
Passover and use it on Passover when all other methods fail. A list of these types of food is attached.

A problem that has arisen is the fact that the food industry has changed very rapidly, and sometimes items that appear to be
clear of hametz may in fact contain some hametz. For example, a producer of frozen vegetables may use the same line in the
factory to make pasta and vegetables, and a therefore a package of frozen vegetables may contain not only traces of hametz,
but actual pieces of hametz. While this is theoretically possible, nevertheless the amount of hametz will probably be less than
one sixtieth of the total. Additionally, if pasta was not on the list of ingredients and still was in the package, the manufacturer
could be penalized by the FDA. Nevertheless it is possible. However it would be a case of miuta, a minority of the cases, and
the normative rule is ain hosheshim lemi 'uta - we do not take the minority of cases into consideration when making a decision.
Therefore, if the product cannot be acquired by mail, phone or Internet, then it is permissible to follow the guidelines below.
Those who wish to be strict and not accept this position are free to do so.

Rabbi Mayer Rabinowitz
On behalf of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards

The Torah prohibits the ownership of hametz (leaven) during Pesah. Therefore, we arrange for the sale of the hametz to a non-
Jew. The transfer, mekhirat hametz, is accomplished by appointing an agent, usually the rabbi, to handle the sale. It is valid
and legal transfer of ownership. At the end of the holiday, the agent arranges for the reversion of ownership of the now-
permitted hametz. If ownership of the hametz was not transferred before the holiday, the use of this hametz is prohibited after
the holiday as well (hametz she-avar alav ha-Pesah) .

Since the Torah prohibits the eating of hametz during Pesah, and since many common foods contain some
admixture of hametz, guidance is necessary when shopping and preparing for Pesah.

During the eight days of Pesah, hametz cannot lose its identity in an admixture. Therefore, the minutest amount of hametz
renders the whole admixture hametz, and its use on Pesah is prohibited. However, during the rest of the year, hametz follows
the normal rules of admixture, i.e., it loses its identity in an admixture of one part hametz and sixty parts of non-hametz (batel
be-shishim). This affords us the opportunity to differentiate between foods purchased before and during Pesah.

What follows is a general guideline. However, your rabbi should be consulted when any doubt arises. Kosher le-Pesah labels
that do not bear the name of a rabbi or one of the recognized symbols of rabbinic supervision, or which are not integral to the
package, should not be used without consulting your rabbi.

Prohibited foods include the following: leavened bread, cakes, biscuits, crackers, cereal, coffees containing cereal derivatives,
wheat, barley, oats, spelt, rye and all liquids containing ingredients or flavors made from grain alcohol.

Most Ashkenazic authorities have added the following foods (kitniyot) to the above list: rice, corn, millet, legumes (beans and
peas; however, string beans are permitted). The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards has ruled unanimously that peanuts
and peanut oil are permissible. Some Ashkenazic authorities permit, while others forbid, the use of legumes in a form other
than their natural state, for example, corn sweeteners, com oil, soy oil. Sephardic authorities permit the use of all of the above.
Consult your rabbi for guidance in the use of these products.

PERMITTED FOODS: A. The following foods require no kosher le-Pesah label if purchased prior to Pesah:
unopened packages or containers of natural coffee without cereal additives (However, be aware that coffees
produced by General Foods are not kosher for Passover unless marked KP); sugar, pure tea (not herbal tea); salt
(not iodized); pepper; natural spices; frozen fruit juices with no additives; frozen (uncooked) vegetables (for
legumes see above); milk; butter; cottage cheese; cream cheese; ripened cheeses such as cheddar (hard),
muenster (semi-soft) and Camembert (soft); frozen (uncooked) fruit (with no additives); baking soda.
B. The following foods require no kosher le-Pesah label if purchased before or during Pesah: Fresh fruits and
vegetables (for legumes see above), eggs, fresh fish and fresh meat.
C. The following foods require a kosher le-Pesah label if purchased before or during Pesah: All baked products
(matzah, cakes, matzah flour, farfel, matzah meal and any products containing matzah); canned or bottled fruit
juices (These juices are often clarified with kitniyot which are not listed among the ingredients. However, if one
knows there are no such agents, the juice may be purchased prior to Pesah without a kosher le-Pesah label);
canned tuna (since tuna, even when packed in water, has often been processed in vegetable broth and/or
hydrolyzed protein--however, if it is known that the tuna is packed exclusively in water, without any additional
ingredients or additives, it may be purchased without a kosher le-Pesah label); wine; vinegar; liquor; oils; dried
fruits; candy; chocolate flavored milk; ice cream; yogurt and soda.
D. The following processed foods (canned, bottled or frozen), require a kosher le-Pesah label if purchased during
Pesah: milk, butter, juices, vegetables, fruit, milk products, spices, coffee, tea, and fish, as well as all foods listed in
Category C.

DETERGENTS: If permitted during the year, powdered and liquid detergents do not require a kosher le-Pesah

MEDICINE: Since hametz binders are used in many pills, the following guidelines should be followed: If the
medicine is required for life sustaining therapy, it may be used on Pesah. If it is not for life sustaining therapy, some
authorities permit, while others prohibit. Consult your rabbi. In all cases, capsules are preferable to pills.

KASHERING OF UTENSILS: The process of kashering utensils depends on how the utensils are used. According
to halakhah, leaven can be purged from a utensil by the same process in which it was absorbed in the utensil
(ke-voleo kakh poleto). Therefore, utensils used in cooking are kashered by boiling, those used in broiling are
kashered by fire and heat, and those used only for cold food are kashered by rinsing.

A. EARTHENWARE (china, pottery, etc.) may not be kashered. However, fine translucent chinaware which has not
been used for over a year may be used if scoured and cleaned in hot water.

B. METAL (wholly made of metal) UTENSILS USED IN FIRE (spit, broiler) must first be thoroughly scrubbed and
cleansed and then made as hot as possible. Those used for cooking or eating (silverware, pots) must be thoroughly
scrubbed and cleaned and completely immersed in boiling water. Pots should not be used for a period of at least 24
hours between the cleaning and the immersion in boiling water. Metal baking utensils cannot be kashered.

C. OVENS AND RANGES: Every part that comes in contact with food must be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned.
Then, oven and range should be heated as hot as possible for a half hour. If there is a broil setting, use it. Self-
cleaning ovens should be scrubbed and cleaned and then put through the self-cleaning cycle. Continuous cleaning
ovens must be kashered in the same manner as regular ovens.

D. SMOOTHTOP ELECTRIC RANGES present a problem. They cannot be covered with foil, nor heated at a high
temperature, nor cleaned with an abrasive cleaner. Consult with the manufacturer on how to clean the smoothtop.
Then discuss with your rabbi if that method of cleaning is adequate enough to kasher the smoothtop. Some will not
be able to be kashered.

MICROWAVE OVENS, which do not cook the food by means of heat, should be cleaned, and then a cup of water
should be placed inside. Then the oven should be turned on until the water disappears. A microwave oven that has
a browning element cannot be kashered for Pesah.

E. GLASSWARE: Authorities disagree as to the method for kashering drinking utensils. One opinion requires
soaking in water for three days, changing the water every 24 hours. The other opinion requires only a thorough
scrubbing before Pesah, or putting them through a dishwasher.
Glass Cookware: There is a difference of opinion as to whether it is to be kashered. One opinion is that it must be
kashered. After a thorough cleansing, there should be water boiled in them which will overflow the rim. The other
opinion is that only a thorough cleansing is required.
Glass Bakeware, like metal bakeware, may not be kashered.

F. DISHWASHER: After not using the machine for a period of 24 hours, a full cycle with detergent should be run.

G. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: If the parts that come into contact with hametz are removable, they can be
kashered in the appropriate way (if metal, follow the rules for metal utensils). If the parts are not removable, the
appliance cannot be kashered. (All exposed parts should be thoroughly cleaned.)

H. TABLES, CLOSETS AND COUNTERS: If used with hametz, they should be thoroughly cleaned and covered,
and then they may be used.

I. KITCHEN SINK: A metal sink can be kashered by thoroughly cleaning and then pouring boiling water over it. A
porcelain sink should be cleaned and a sink rack used. If, however, dishes are to be soaked in a porcelain sink, a
dish basin must be used.

J. HAMETZ AND NON-PASSOVER UTENSILS: Non-Passover dishes, pots and hametz whose ownership has
been transferred, should be separated, locked up or covered and marked in order to prevent accidental use.

                             HOW TO CONDUCT A SEDER IN YOUR OWN HOME
We know that many inexperienced young parents would like to observe the first seder in their own home, yet feel
that they cannot conduct the seder in the traditional manner. We, therefore, print several ideas from American
Judaism which should prove helpful.

            1. Make sure that everyone has a Haggadah. Select the one that you like best and is suited for the
            participants. The seder has been characterized as "a hurried trip through Jewish history via the
            Haggadah - a panoramic cross-section of Jewish life."
            2. Don't feel that your seder must be too formal. You may interpolate into the various parts of the service
            your own comments. You may ask others to do the same. Keep the service moving along, but don't feel
            that it has quite the same formality as a synagogue service. The seder is a unique mixture of the solemn
and the joyful.
3. Study the Haggadah before the night of the seder. Decide in advance which parts you can do in Hebrew and
which in English.
4. Rotate the reading of the parts of the Haggadah among those at the table. Some will read in English; others in
Hebrew. Some will sing the songs in one style; others will use another melody. The very mèlange of the Hebrew
dialects and the variations in the manner of reading portions of the service will illustrate the diversity of Jewish
life and add a special flavor to the proceedings.
5. Have the guest recite as many of the blessings as possible in unison, and even certain segments can be read in
unisons as to engage the attention of everyone.

THE SEDER TABLE should be set as beautifully as possible with flowers, fine silverware and sparkling linen in
addition to lighted candles over which a blessing should be recited.
On the table, there is a decorative plate which contains the symbols of Pesah: the maror, the bitter herb, which
leaves the bitter taste of slavery in our mouths; the haroset, the mixture of apples, nuts and wine, reminiscent of
the mortar used in the work of slave labor in olden days when the Jews made bricks for Pharaoh; the roasted egg
recalls the special sacrifice offered in the Temple on all holidays; the roasted bone stands for the paschal lamb,
which our ancestors ate this night each year before the destruction of the Temple; parsley, eaten to indicate the
Pesah is a spring festival, is dipped in salt water to remind us of the tears of the Hebrew slaves.

               THE AFIKOMAN is another symbol of Passover. Early in the service, the middle matzah of the three
               that are on a plate covered by a napkin is broken in two. One portion is wrapped in a napkin, and is
               hidden until the meal is finished. This portion is known as the afikoman. The custom of hiding the
               afikoman has developed from a desire to keep children who are at the seder alert until the
               conclusion. A prize is given to the child who later finds the afikoman.

THE FOUR QUESTIONS which are asked by the youngest child are -called Mahnishtanah, the first two Hebrew
words of the questions. The narrative of the Haggadah is the reply.

THE CUP OF ELIJAH is kept filled with wine on the table in anticipation of the coming of Elijah pictured as
the herald of the great Messianic era when all men will accept God's rule. During the service, each person
drinks four cups of wine, which symbolize the four-fold promise of redemption which God pledged to Israel.
Elijah is supposed to be the invisible guest who enters spiritually when the door is opened during the seder.

HALLEL. Throughout the seder, we recite certain psalms. Because they are psalms of praise, we speak of them as
Hallel, which is the Hebrew word for praise. These psalms are regarded as the oldest portion of our Haggadah

The seder is an occasion of joyous family reunion. A little effort on your part will bring you the satisfaction of
knowing that you have created an inspiring event in your child's life which will remain a happy memory.

Spring is a time of re-birth and rejuvenation. We see flowers and shrubs blooming all over
Brevard, and some of us with watery eyes and a case of the sniffles can tell you first hand that
“spring has sprung.” It is also during this time that Temple Beth Sholom is busy collecting past
dues and pledges – money needed to keep our synagogue viable and solvent for the remaining of
the fiscal year. Please do everything in your power to complete any outstanding financial
obligations you might have. We need your support.

Speaking of support, one of our special “snowbirds” Natalie Oshins has given me information on
a program she thinks would benefit many of our TBS members. Her synagogue in upstate New
York has created REYUT (meaning friendship) which is a committee made up of volunteers who
visit the sick, support their fellow congregants in times of crisis, participate in educational
programs designed to make them more sensitive to the needs of others and join with other
community groups who have similar needs in this area. We all know members who could use a
visit, a ride to an appointment or to synagogue, food following a funeral, or just a friendly phone
call to inquire about their well-being. Many of you do this already, and we thank you in advance;
however, a few recent incidents have prompted a need to make this an ongoing activity. I will
speak to our Sisterhood and Men’s Club for starters and hope to engage as many of you as
possible in this worthwhile and necessary activity. More information will be available as we take
this plan forward.

There are so many activities happening this month and next. April 10 we have our second
Passover BBQ. Actually, it’s pre-Passover, so we will serve hotdog buns this year. Last year was
amazing—a huge turnout, and we nearly ran out of food! That will not happen this year, we
promise. Make a reservation by contacting Sisterhood or the Men’s Club.

Our Fine Wine event committee is working very hard to make this evening a success. Dawn
Hawkins, aka Decorating Diva, is putting her elegant touch on every facet of this event, so make
sure you plan to attend this special evening Under the Stars on May 7th, at the beautiful home of
Dr. Lee and Eleanor Sheldon.

Our synagogue is the perfect place to continue our spiritual growth, while cultivating new friends
and renewing our ties to our Jewish roots. As we enter this Passover season, may we all enjoy
good health, prosperity and the rewards that come from our continued support of Temple Beth

Chag Sameach!

Barbara Marcus
                 Temple Beth Sholom Religious School
                    A place where our children learn about their heritage while
                       Having fun and growing with their friends and family

The past few weeks have been very busy for our Religious School families. Students in Grades
5, 6 and 7 led Shabbat services beautifully. How proud we all were of our students! Thank you
to all of our Religious School teachers for preparing the children in prayer services.

Our children had their very own Purim Carnival, filled with games and loads of prizes!
Costumes galore filled the building for a morning of fun. A huge thank you to Morah Roy and
the entire Roy family for making the Purim Carnival a reality. Thank you to all of our loyal
Carnival helpers!

The Sanctuary came alive with parades of wonderful costumes for the Megillah Reading. Thank
you to all the wonderful Megillah readers. Thank you everyone for coming out to celebrate.

Our 6th grade class has recently completed a month long Trope class with Rabbi Margolis.
These students met with Rabbi each Wednesday afternoon in March in preparation for their
entrance to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program this coming school year.

I hope you had the opportunity to see many of our children, teens and teachers perform at the
Jewish Festival on March 6th at the Melbourne Auditorium. They were wonderful!

On Wednesday, April 13th, Religious School will hold its annual Model Seder for students in
Grades 3-6. The Seder will be hosted by TBS Sisterhood. Students will take part in our Seder
led by Rabbi Margolis. Everyone is welcome to attend beginning at 4:30 pm.

Please mark your calendar:

There is NO Religious School on Sunday, April 3 due to Spring Recess
There is NO Religious School on Wednesday, April 20 for Passover observance
There is NO Religious School on Sunday, April 24 for Passover observance
Friday, May 6- Grades 3, 4 and 5 will lead Friday evening services
Friday, May 13- Grades Kindergarten, 1 and 2 will lead Friday evening services

Hard to believe there are only four Sundays remaining in the Religious School year!
               From my home to yours, wishing you all a very Happy Passover!

                                   Ilene S. Herr
                             Religious School Principal

                           5995 N. Wickham Road ▪ Melbourne, Florida 32904 ▪ 321-757-0832

Dear Temple Members,

Brevard Jewish Community School is putting the finishing touches on the 2010-2011 yearbook,
and we have had a fabulous response! The majority of BJCS families have purchased a
yearbook that they will continue to enjoy for years to come.

In addition to advertising in the Temple bulletin, we are inviting Temple members to place full
color advertisements in our hard copy yearbook. Ads are available in the following sizes: 1/8
page, ¼ page, ½ page, full page, or the full page back cover of the yearbook. All proceeds
from these advertisements directly benefit the children of the school and support a well-
rounded academics in a nurturing environment, while providing the foundation and building
blocks of the Jewish education.

Our deadline for advertisements is April 8th. You may contact Sharon or Wray for additional
details. Thank you in advance for your support and consideration.


Sharon Gearin                                Wray Benezra
(321) 720-5923                               (321) 727-8708                 

                               Sisterhood Presents
                        Cards, Bridge, Mah Jongg, etc.
                     When: Sunday, June 5, 2011 from 1-5 pm
                  Where: Temple Beth Sholom Double Classrooms

                                Refreshments Served
                 The cost is $2.00 for members and $3.00 for guests

                                 Call Barbara Needleman

               Message from the Executive Director
                                        #15 – APRIL, 2011
Down to business!

The next three months are both critical to the Temple’s turnaround, and difficult as they are
every year in every synagogue. As I have pointed out in previous months, we collect the majority
of our funding in the summer and early autumn, just after our fiscal year (July 1) begins. As the
months dwindle, so does our cash flow. I remain consistently optimistic that we have a chance to
balance this year’s budget, after assuming prior year debts of approximately $50,000 (2008-2009)
and $14,000 (2009-2010). In other words, we have paid off the amounts due from prior years, and
I still remain hopeful that this year we will not leave any debt to be paid out of next year’s income.
One cannot take a snapshot of our financial life, as it is a rolling continuum; but however artificial
we do work with a July 1-June 30 framework.

In order to make this year successful, a year ahead of the projections that said it would take 3
years to get us back to where we rebuild our savings (for a rainy day) through an annual surplus
(and have no doubts about it, we are on our way to better days); every member must help. Most
of you will be hearing from me or Dawn in the next three months.

We must receive all monies due from our members, whether for this year’s obligations, or from
prior years. Our by-laws state that to be a member in good standing, one must have paid all
amounts due by the end of our fiscal year. Many might say “so what?” The answer is: that isn’t
our way – the way we were raised or taught by our grandparents and parents. It is the obligation
of all of us, as Jews, to maintain our synagogue and Jewish “center” not just for ourselves, but for
the next generations. As our younger members build their lives and raise families, their capacity
may be limited and is traditionally supplemented by the generosity of others. Everyone must help
in some way. Those members with a greater capacity, as was the case when I raised my children,
have been helping and I know will continue to help. But now is the time for everyone to do what
they can to help us….

If you have already paid the amount due on your account, we still must ask for 100%
participation in the annual pledge campaign (otherwise known as the High Holy Day Appeal).
This is the second largest component of our budgeted income (after membership dues), and we ask
all of you who have not yet made a pledge or paid a prior pledge, please do so now, to the best of
your ability. Remember, we still have a donor who will give the Temple $54 for every pledge this
year that increases by at least $54 over last year’s number – let us not waste that opportunity.
Everyone, whether with nominal or large amounts, should help.

Please, participate in the legacy, from generation to generation, of supporting and maintaining our
religion and the entity that keeps Judaism alive for us all in this community. We are not perfect,
and we may not do everything we would like to do in the way that every member wishes, but we
are trying our best. With three months left in our fiscal year, we are looking to collect at least
$120,000 on our current receivables and any new funds we can raise. Support our efforts so that
our Temple remains a true Jewish “Center” for us, our members, and our community.

       Alan M. Rosenberg

      "I ASK YOU, MOSES... "                                      Part 2
       By Shelly Heyman                              Light the candles, bless the wine
                                                        Dip the karpas in the brine
                  Part 1
       Trying, buying and preparing                 While Master, at the head of table
     Festive frocks for Pesach wearing               Starts to tell the ancient fable

   Rubbing, scrubbing, shine and polish              As everyone hangs on each word
   Floors and windows, you can chalish                I quickly run to baste the bird

    Clean the closets, great for rummage              Enraptured sits the total group
    Clean the icebox, varf 'rois chometz              I turn the gas off, stir the soup

    Change the dishes, milchik fleishik             Still, Master in his pompous glory
  Schlepping cartons, darf hobben cheshek            Continues droning on the story

      Butcher, fish store, supermarket                I feel my head's about to split
    Foon leiffen ken men ver'n geharget              Thank G-d I have a chance to sit

        Back again to stove and sink               And more than that, the right divine
      Preparing Pesach food and drink               To take five minutes and recline.

      For Seder guests in half an hour                            Part 3
       (I think I better take a shower)               Seder's over, guests departed
                                                    The last part of the day has started
Throw on some make-up, dress and greet 'em
    I ask you, Moses, this is Freedom?               To clean the mess is all that's left
                                                  Then tomorrow night, the same gesheft.

                                   Ritual Matters


This past month saw continued participation in our ongoing effort to involve our members in
leading services, reading Torah, or Haftarah. Our thanks and recognition go to:

Pat Greeley and Dr. Scott Seminer for their participation as Gabba'im in Ed Birnbaum's
absence; and to

Pam Petrosino, April Petrosino, Michael Rich, Melanie Kaplan, Dr. Mark Dresner, Dr. Neil
Freeman and Diana Seminer, who all read Torah; and to

Dr. Neil Freeman who led Shaharit the Shabbat morning of Brandon Schneider's Bar Mitzvah;
and to

Melanie Kaplan who also read Haftarah; and finally, to

Ziva Bar Navon, Ilene Herr, Brook Deratany Goldfarb, Ronni Minsky, Shlomo Fleishman, and
Dr. Stan Levy, who all read Megilat Esther at our family Purim service.

We encourage all of you to participate. Please contact me regarding anything you wish to do, or
you may contact Michael Rich regarding your reading of Torah or Haftarah.

Many of the Temple's Board members have stepped forward to assist as ushers for Shabbat
services. All are encouraged to contact Ilene Herr if you would kindly volunteer to help in this
way. Our thanks to Barbara Marcus, Debbie Hyman, Victoria Chadbourne, Pat Greeley and for
their participation in the ushering program in March.

Those who have been regular attendees of our Thursday Leisure Minyan have just completed
almost 2 years of study of Maimonides' Mishnah Torah on the subject of redemption. We are
now beginning a new course of study focusing on the man himself by reading and discussing a
compilation of his personal letters dealing with a variety of matters. This promises to be
extremely fascinating opportunity to study a rich, meaningful subject not commonly taught. We
invite everyone to join as much as you are able.

Finally, Passover will be celebrated this month, and the schedule of services is in this month's
bulletin. If you are available, please attend all you can so that we may have complete services
throughout the festival.

Gary B: Sack
TBS Ritual Chairman

We would like to take this opportunity to thank TBS and Sisterhood members
for making our efforts at the Jewish Festival such a success. We would
especially like to thank the volunteers who helped sell our Gift Shop
merchandise at this event: Susan Moser, Sheila Golden, Sarah Denaburg,
Deborah Wilde, Pheby Weber, Beth Shaffer, Susan How and Patti Kornberg.

Our Kiddush Luncheon committee is quite busy these days, with preparing
wonderful, tasty dishes for some of the upcoming celebrations at TBS. Our
menu is ever changing, and we are adding new Israeli items for your
enjoyment. Upcoming events include the Men's Club Shabbat and 2 Bar
Mitzvahs. We also are working on the Passover Barbeque.

On June 7, Erev Shavuot, we have an Ice Cream Party following services.

Additionally, we will be making available for purchase our fabulous noodle
kugels. We will include both dairy and pareve selections, with a variety of fruits,
including apple/raisin, pineapple, cherry, blueberry. Large size (9x13) $20,
Small (8x8) $10. Call Flo at 409-0978 to place your order.

As our 2010-2011 season is quickly coming to an end, we are happy to
announce that we will be having an afternoon of Mah Jongg, Bridge or other
games, on June 5th, at TBS. Please see flyer for more information.

We wish all of you and your families, a sweet and happy Pesach.

                               Yours In Sisterhood,

                                     Flo Flax

                        SISTERHOOD MITZVAH CARDS
                      The Perfect Way to Remember Someone
                              "Ideal for all occasions"
                          Call Judy Spellman at 777-1209
                            Contributions this month are:
               From Carolyn and George Rosenfield to Barbara Marcus -
                       Best Wishes for a very happy birthday

             JUDAICA SHOP
 Have you been to our new,          Judaica Silly Bands $5.00
  fabulous Judaica Shop?                  each package
    We have everything a                      In our
    Jewish home needs!                         TBS
                                          Judaica Shop
   If you need to see anything,
          please contact:
      Sheila Golden 779-1777
      Susan Moser 255-4953
        for an appointment.
Please support our Judaica Shop.



Our activities planned for the rest of the year can be broadly divided into three categories:
Religious Activities, TBS Activities and Fun Activities, Listed below is our proposed schedule.

Religious Activities:
       Men’s Club Shabbat will be on Friday evening April 8 and Saturday morning April 9.
       Paul Licker as chairman of the Men’s Club Ritual Committee will be coordinating
       assignments. He can be reached at 431-4385 or at

TBS activities:
       There is a tremendous need for a walkway between the main building and the education
       building social hall. The Men’s Club proposes to adopt this project and raise money to
       finance the construction.

       Yom Ha Shoah Candles should have been received. Donations in memory of the martyrs
       who died during the Holocaust may be made at that time. May 1, 2011 is the Yom Ha
       Shoah Day of Remembrance. Profits from this project will also be applied toward the
       walkway construction.

Fun Activities:
       Our next Movie Night is April 24, 2011. It is "The Pianist." which is about a brilliant
       pianist, a Polish Jew, who witnesses the restrictions Nazis place on Jews in the Polish
       capital, from restricted access to the building of the Warsaw ghetto. As his family is
       rounded up to be shipped off to the Nazi labor camps, he escapes deportation and eludes
       capture by living in the ruins of Warsaw. Our future schedule includes: “Ushpizin” on
       May 8, 2011.

       A Pre-Passover Barbecue is planned for April 10, 2011 at Howard Futch Park. Bob
       Mandel is coordinating efforts with the Sisterhood. Please send in your money as soon as
       you can, so we will know how much food to buy.

       The Men’s Club Golf Tournament will be on May 22, 2011 at the Suntree Country Club.
       We will be keeping the cost the same as last year at $75 for players. Hole Sponsorships
       are available at $100 each, and Team Sponsorships are for sale at $500 each. Contact
       Jim Kincaid at 591-5674 for more details.

                               Mickey Lane,
                          Men’s Club President

                  PASSOVER BARBEQUE
                     ON THE BEACH
                     SPONSORED BY
                  THE SISTERHOOD AND
                       MEN’S CLUB
               Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm at
              Howard F. Futch Park, better known as
                        Paradise Park at
               Paradise Blvd and A1A in Indialantic

                    We will have kosher chicken,
                   hot dogs, vegetables, potatoes,
                  cole slaw, dessert and soft drinks

                 There will be music and organized
                 games with prizes for the children

The cost is $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for children made out to TBS
Sisterhood. Please either send checks to TBS c/o Sisterhood, 5995 N.
             Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32940 or to
                     Deborah Wilde, c/o Flo Flax,
            315 Santa Rosa Ave. SW, Palm Bay, FL 32907

                  Deborah Wilde at 427-7771
               or email her at

                   Believe it or not, the planning has already started for Camp
                   Shemesh. Our dates this year are June 6-July 1. We’re busy
                   scheduling field trips and planning fun familiar and new
                   activities for our campers. Philip Karman and Sharon Deligdish
                   are pleased to have Pamela Stern (kindergarten/first grade
                   teacher at Brevard Jewish Community School) co-direct camp
                   for her third summer. For added fun and input, Deana Austin
                   (pre-kindergarten teacher at BJCS) will be coming in part time
                   to assist with games and projects. Registration forms will be
                   going out soon, and they will also be available in the Temple
                   Beth Sholom office as well as the Lucy Podnos Education

                            April Birthdays
1   Robert Mandel        9   Anne Birnbaum              21   Alexander Tanz
1   Mark Pinsky          9   Samantha Weiser            22   Melissa Herron- Goldman
1   Samuel Moore         9   Esther Glaser              22   Daniel Miller
2   Sandy Weissman      12   Pheby Weber                23   Ciela Santana
3   Werner Marx         12   Marilyn Greenfield         24   Fern Hyatt
3   Bryan Scholl        12   Evan Weber                 26   Jennifer Dresner
4   Deborah Sommer      13   Louie Rosasco              26   Karen Gillet
4   Ronald Flax         13   Chuck Green                26   Anna Falk
4   David Hurwitz       15   Jessica Padowitz           26   Meyer Wolfson
4   Joseph Zimm         15   Arnold Dubin               27   Tova Zimm
4   Isac Friedman       15   Paul Novick                28   Marc Alfant
6   Nat Stember         16   Brittany Pinsky            28   Emanuel Kodsi
6   Keith Sherman       16   Roslyn Levine              29   Sylvia Marsh
7   Andrew Scholl       16   Daniel Sheldon             30   Ashlyn Pinter
                        19   Irina Litwak               30   James Kincaid

     April Anniversaries
April   3    Edward & Anne Birnbaum          April 9          Dr. Murry & Stacey Dweck
April   4    Lester & Ivy Block              April 9          June & Meyer Wolfson
April   6    Lisa & Stuart Liberman          April 11         Arnold & Sandy Dubin
April   6    Mark & Robin Dresner            April 14         Lee & Eleanor Sheldon
April   8    Elliot & Susan Zimmerman        April 27         Maurice & Judy Kodsi
April   9    Ronald & Leona Ziegler          April 30         James & Sunny Kincaid

                               B-Nai Mitzvah

                 April 16            Isaac Hildt
                 May 28              Eliana & Evan Cooper
                 June 4              Jordana Haggard

                                   April 2011 Yahrzeits
                               Yahrzeits will be read at Temple Beth Sholom on Shabbat

                                              April 1 and April 2, 2011
                    For Yahrzeits occurring 27 Adar II – 4 Nisan, corresponding to April 2-April 8
                                             (* denotes memorial plaque)
* Lena Belefant                                                                           27 Adar II
Meir Iflah, father of Pheby Weber                                                         27 Adar II
* Allison Melzer, granddaughter of Lou & Lucille Melzer                                   28 Adar II
Dr. Milton Sheiman, father of Dr. Peter Sheiman                                           28 Adar II
Martin, grandmother of Melissa Herron-Goldman                                             29 Adar II
* Morris Beck, father of Rochelle Heyman and Judi Warhaftig                               1 Nisan
* Bobby Berkowitz                                                                         1 Nisan
* Henry Frank, father of Eileen Goldsmith                                                 1 Nisan
* Sarah Pepper                                                                            1 Nisan
* Ida Sukoff                                                                              1 Nisan
* Jeannette Goldberg                                                                      2 Nisan
* Benjamin Martin                                                                         2 Nisan
Frieda Oshinsky, mother of Robert Oshins                                                  2 Nisan
Dr. Robert Shapiro, father of Dr. Marc Shapiro                                            2 Nisan
Claire Barasch, sister of Irma Post                                                       3 Nisan
* Henry Glass, father of Lucille Melzer                                                   3 Nisan
Alex Nadel, father of Marilyn Greenfield                                                  3 Nisan
* Inge Rothschild                                                                         3 Nisan
Cecile Glasser, wife of Paul Glasser and sister of Jackie Dunkel                          3 Nisan
* Rose Boguslav                                                                           4 Nisan
Harry Davidson, father of Debbie Weiskopf                                                 4 Nisan
* Morris Lynn                                                                             4 Nisan
Joel Stember, father of Dr. Arthur Stember                                                4 Nisan

                               Yahrzeits will be read at Temple Beth Sholom on Shabbat

                                              April 8 and April 9, 2011
                    For Yahrzeits occurring 5 Nisan – 11 Nisan, corresponding to April 9-April 15
                                            (* denotes memorial plaque)
* Helen Eagerman                                                                          5 Nisan
* Charlotte J. Rosenthal                                                                  5 Nisan
* Paul Dubinsky, husband of Vicki Dubinsky                                                6 Nisan
* Betty S. Moser, mother-in-law of Susan Moser                                            6 Nisan
* Abraham Propper                                                                         6 Nisan
* Mollie Sulkis, aunt of Mildred Plasner                                                  6 Nisan
* Mollie Beegun                                                                           7 Nisan
* Anne B. Fisher                                                                          7 Nisan
* Arthur Kaplan                                                                           7 Nisan
* Max Simon                                                                               7 Nisan
* Solomon Cohen                                                                           8 Nisan
* Lillian Eller, mother of Joseph Eller                                                   8 Nisan
* Jack I. Korenblit                                                                       9 Nisan
* Ruth Offenberg                                                                          9 Nisan
* Mollie Pelzman, grandmother of David Pelzman                                            9 Nisan
Anna Radov, sister of Mitzi Kerness                                                       9 Nisan
* David Herstein, father of James Herstein                                                10 Nisan
* Katherine Rhyon                                                                         10 Nisan
Mary Stein, mother of Gerald Stein                                                        10 Nisan
Clarence Wicks, father of Marcia Lebowsky                                                 10 Nisan
* Carol K. Mandel, mother of Dr. Robert Mandel                                            11 Nisan

                              Yahrzeits will be read at Temple Beth Sholom on Shabbat

                                          April 15 and April 16, 2011
                  For Yahrzeits occurring 12 Nisan – 18 Nisan, corresponding to April 16-April 22
                                           (* denotes memorial plaque)
* Nathan Friedland, husband of Charlotte Friedland                                      12 Nisan
* Rose Goldstein, mother of Stanley Goldstein                                           12 Nisan
Hyman Hirschcorn, grandfather of Irwin Pinsky, great grandfather of Mark Pinsky         12 Nisan
* Myron P. Jacovitz                                                                     12 Nisan
* Samuel Korenblit                                                                      12 Nisan
* Barnett Norinsky                                                                      12 Nisan
* Philip Silberg                                                                        12 Nisan
Todd Glaser, grandson of Burt & Esther Glaser                                           13 Nisan
* Mary Levine                                                                           13 Nisan
* H. Robert Rosenblum, husband of Harriett Rosenblum                                    13 Nisan
Meyer Rosenfield, brother of George Rosenfield                                          13 Nisan
* Sara Sinclair                                                                         13 Nisan
Helene Marx, mother of Werner Marx                                                      13 Nisan
Fannie Boreth, mother of Dorothy Sitkoff, grandmother of Donna Sitkoff                  14 Nisan
* Janice Gouz                                                                           14 Nisan
* Elias Gurev, father of Sylvia Shapiro                                                 14 Nisan
Seymour Mainwold, father of Suzanne Mainwold & Diane Mainwold                           14 Nisan
* Henry Bloomingdale                                                                    15 Nisan
Ida Levine, mother-in-law of Roslyn Levine                                              15 Nisan
* Jayne Nochumowitz, mother of Marlene Fawcett                                          15 Nisan
Harry Sack, father of Gary Sack                                                         15 Nisan
* Nathan Braverman                                                                      16 Nisan
Barbara Connellan, mother of Barbara Marcus                                             16 Nisan
* Mary Hugo                                                                             16 Nisan
Lillian Perlman, sister-in-law of Roslyn Levine                                         16 Nisan
* Milton Phillips, father of Patti Kornberg                                             16 Nisan
Bella Manecofsky, mother of Irma Dubowsky                                               17 Nisan
Jean Plasner, mother-in-law of Millie Plasner                                           17 Nisan
Regina Schott, sister of Harriett Rosenblum                                             17 Nisan
Joseph Glaser, father of Burt Glaser                                                    18 Nisan

                              Yahrzeits will be read at Temple Beth Sholom on Shabbat

                                          April 22 and April 23, 2011
                  For Yahrzeits occurring 19 Nisan – 25 Nisan, corresponding to April 13-April 29
                                           (* denotes memorial plaque)
* Edgar B. Peck                                                                         19 Nisan
Stanley Garber, nephew of Meyer Garber                                                  19 Nisan
* Samuel Rosenberg                                                                      19 Nisan
* Frank Brenner, father of Carol Hittner                                                20 Nisan
* Hugh Greenberg, father of Susan How                                                   20 Nisan
* Ruth Greenwald                                                                        20 Nisan
Anna Stein, grandmother of Alan Rosenberg                                               20 Nisan
* Samuel S. Cohen                                                                       21 Nisan
Rachel Stember, mother of Dr. Arthur Stember                                            21 Nisan
* Chaim Kalvaria                                                                        22 Nisan
Jewell Staum, mother of Myra Staum                                                      22 Nisan
Abraham Koch, father of Ruben Koch                                                      23 Nisan
* Samuel Maiofes                                                                        24 Nisan
Samuel Shuman, father of Mark Shuman                                                    24 Nisan
* Rose L. Blank, aunt of David Pelzman                                                  25 Nisan
Sally Levin, sister of Reba Zweigbaum                                                   25 Nisan

                   Gifts and Contributions
       Temple Beth Sholom Gratefully Acknowledges the
         Following for Their Generous Contributions:

                                   IN MEMORY
                                LINDA MARGOLIS

Dr. Marc Shapiro                                    Michael and Roma Kahn
Dr. Mickey and Karen Lane                           Daniel and Sheila Stern
Dr. Neal and Shelly Freeman                         Gary and Sheryl Richter
Judge Lisa Davidson                                 Jerry and Barbara Perlmutter
Dr. Robert and Gloria Mandel                        Dr. Lyle and Greer Saltzman
Pat Lesmeister                                      Kim Fischer
Eric Perlman and Heidi Grobe                        Elliot and Patricia Kornberg
Artie and Lynda Richum                              Scott and Rebecca Sabetsky
Irwin and Ronni Minsky and Family                   Ed and Anne Birnbaum
Pat Lesmeister                                      Tom and Gloria Tinker
Robert and Susan Rothenberg                         Jim and Susan How
Steven and Yvonne Katz                              Larry and Jackie Stevens

                               YAHRZEIT DONATION
Marvin & Marcia Lebowsky in memory of Marvin’s father Herman Lebowsky
Steven & Regina Friedman in memory of Irving Friedman
Roselyn Goldings in memory of her husband Max Goldings
Stan & Bernice Levy in memory of Bernice’s mother Rebecca Hauser
Susan Wood in memory of her grandfather Alexander Oppler
Dr. Neal & Shelly Freeman in memory of Liz Davis’ husband Howard Davis
Louise Stein in memory of her father David Mendelson

                                   GENERAL FUND
On Purim -Gary Sack in honor of Rabbi Margolis, all who I learn from & my students.
Thank you for allowing me to learn, teach, daven & do what I do.
The Rosasco Family Thank You to Alan & Dawn for preparing all the Purim Baskets.
Robert & Gail Horstmann in memory of Howard Davis, husband of Liz Davis
Irma Post Get Well Wishes to my husband Larry.
Irwin & Ronni Minsky & Family in memory of Nat Kantor, father of Roz Kantor.
Mrs. Minsky wishes Mazel Tov to Samantha Chamberlain on her Bat Mitzvah. I am very
proud of you.
Stan Lee & Marsha Kromash in memory of Bess Kromash, mother of Stan Lee
Robert & Susan Rothenberg in honor of Scott & Kimberly’s engagement, Jennifer’s
Birthday & Ryan’s promotion Mazel Tov
Lyle & Greer Saltzman in memory of Liz Davis’ husband, Howard Davis
Elliot & Patti Kornberg in memory of Robert Dubowsky, husband of Irma Dubowsky

                            GENERAL FUND (continued)
Stuart & Jo Ann Farb in honor of our Brandon Schneider’s Bat Mitzvah and our Aliya
Jeff & Barbara Marcus & Jim & Sonny Kincaid get well wishes to Larry Post & Natalie
Dawn, Jim Brooke & Jamie Hawkins. Thank you to Alan Rosenberg & his family, Carol
Rosasco & her family, Marvin & Marcia Lebowsky for thinking of us with the wonderful
Purim gift

                          Happy Birthday Barbara Marcus
                                      Gail Azia
                               Ed & Anne Birnbaum
                                   Lisa Davidson
                                  Arline Gottesfeld
                                    Pat Greeley
                                   Barbara Hass
                                   Mitzi Kerness
                               Jim & Sunny Kincaid
                                   Pat Lesmeister
                                 Sarah Lieberman
                                    Susan Moser
                                Barbara Needleman
                               Bob & Natalie Oshins
                            Jerry & Barbara Perlmutter
                                 Larry & Irma Post
                         Francine Jacobs and Robert Shebar
                             Seymour & Sybil Wilensky

                           RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY
              Mark Schneider in honor of his son Brandon's Bar Mitzvah
                          LUCY PODNOS EDUCATION

                              RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
                            Eric Perlman & Heidi Grobe

                               PRAYER BOOK
                          MARK PLASNER LIBRARY
                            TORAH RESTORATION
                       MARILYNN ZIMMERMAN KITCHEN
                            NEW CONSTRUCTION
                              CAMP SHEMESH
                             CHEVRA KADISHA

                     LEISURE MINYAN & KIDDUSH FUND
           Jim & Rosalie Herstein in memory of Jim’s mother Toni Herstein

                     Refuah Sh'leima
                                                                                         Our prayers
       Ed Birnbaum                     Carol Hittner                                     go out to
       Penny Farmer                    Roz Marx                                          Arthur Morris
       Carmen Gutin                    Jean Most                                         and family
       Howard Gutin                    Fritzi Nozik                                      for the loss
       Sandra Goldmacher               Natalie Oshins                                    of Arthur's
       Don Goldmacher                  Beth Shaffer                                      father Sam

             Teresa K. Brigance                                Maxine Nohrr
                                            DMD, MS

        Orthodontics for Children and Adults
        Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics        236 Fifth Avenue

                                                                                             V IRTUOSO
                                                               Indialantic, FL 32903
3760 N. Wickham Road, Suite 1                                  Tel: (321) 676-1770
Melbourne, FL 32935                                            Fax: (321) 722-0521           SPECIALISTS IN THE ART OF TRAVEL
T (321) 242-9900                                               (800) 367-4309
F (321) 242-4631                   Email:


               Law Offices of Geoffrey P. Golub, P.A.

A Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert

Located in Melbourne, Fla., Geoffrey Golub is one of just under 365 attorneys in
the state of Florida who is a Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert
( He
is an experienced attorney who is an expert in Criminal Trial Law, and he will
fight for your legal rights. He has handled thousands of cases. Though he
specializes in Criminal Trial Law, he also practices other areas of Law. Call the
office whenever you need legal counsel - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based on
      advertisements. You deserve the best representation possible. Call today to
      discuss your case and find out what can be done for you.

                         CRIMINAL DEFENSE / TRIAL LAW
       All Felonies * All Misdemeanors * Drug Crimes * Sex Crimes * Plea in Absentia
  Domestic Violence * Battery / Assault * DUI / DWI * Juvenile Crimes * Criminal Appeals
        Sealing & Expungement of Criminal Record * Violation of Probation Hearings
   Violation of Community Control Hearings * Modifications of Probation* Bond Hearings
  Legal Research Urban Legal Myths * Sentence Modification Hearings * Forfeiture Hearings
   Driver License Hearings Habitual Traffic Offender Hearings * Traffic Citations / Hearings
         Animal Control Citations / Hearings * Injunction Hearings* Repeat Violence
                      Domestic Violence Injunctions * Dating Violence*
                       LANDLORD / TENANT LAW / FORECLOSURE
  Residential & Commercial Evictions * Draft & Review Leases * Three & Seven Day Notices
                                UNEMPLOYMENT HEARINGS
                                    Unemployment Appeals
                             REAL ESTATE LICENSE HEARINGS
                                       CIVIL LAWSUITS
                          Civil Appeals * Small Claims * Civil Defense
                   Personal Injury * Dog Bite Defense * Credit Card Defense


Mt. Hebron Garden at Florida Memorial Gardens
              and Funeral Home

           For Information please call.:
        Eileen Pollard, Family Counselor
     Phone (321) 636-5054 or (321) 917-8547
5959 South US Highway 1 Rockledge, FL 32955

                              OF BREVARD
At the Cancer Centers of Brevard, we welcome you into a caring
“family” of both patients and staff. Our multidisciplinary approach to
Radiation & Medical Oncology Services reflects our commitment to
  a comprehensive patient evaluation and targeted therapy. We also
 specialize in the diagnosis and therapy of Hematological Diseases.
  Should there be a need for our expertise, we encourage you to visit
   our centers or attend one of our monthly support group meetings.

    Radiation Oncology                        Hematology/Oncology
    Silas J. Charles, M.D.                    Giuseppe Palermo, M.D.
    Fe V.S.J. Pancito, M.D.                   Isaac Esseesse, M.D.
    Todd V. Panarese, M.D.                    Carl Tahn, M.D.
    Ravi A. Shankar, M.D.                     Dr Germaine Blaine
    Nicola Ally, M.D.

                          Radiation Physics
                        Daljit S. Saini, M.S., D.A.B.R.


   1430 S. Pine St.                                       107 Longwood Ave.
   Melbourne, FL                                          Rockledge, FL
   (321) 952-0898                                         (321) 636-2111

   215 Cone Rd.                                           8075 Spyglass Hill Rd.
   Merritt Island, FL                                     Suite 103
   (321) 453-7440                                         Viera, FL
                                                          (321) 255-2606
   240 N. Wickham Rd.
   Melbourne, FL                                          505 N. Washington Ave.
   (321) 752-4811                                         Titusville Medical Plaza
                                                          Suite 204
   13050 US Highway 1                                     Titusville, FL
   Sebastian, FL                                          (321) 383-2210
   (772) 589-1995

 T Ziadie, MD., LLC
 Board Certified Internal Medicine

                                        Phone: 321-459-5543
255 N. Sykes Creek Pkwy., - Suite #3      Fax: 321-455-6537
 Merritt Island, FL 32953    e-mail:

       A Kinder, Gentler Divorce                                     Painting ▪    Sewing        ▪ Trompe l'oeil ▪ Murals
            Brooke Deratany Goldfarb
                   Harvard Law, JD
                Florida Supreme Court
  Certified Family Mediator & Collaborative Lawyer
                    P: 321-626-2858
                    503 5th Ave., Suite 105                              
                     Indialantic, FL 32903
                                                                     Victoria Chadbourne                                  321-507-7365

                   Invitations by Renee                                               Wealth Care LLC
                                   Wedding                                      Steven Podnos MD, MBA, CFP
                                   Bar and Bat Mitzvah                           Fee-Only Wealth Management
                                   Personal Stationery
    Discounted Prices              Birth Announcements                 Tel: (321) 543-1099 • Fax: (815) 301-3777
                                   Envelopes Addressed                 405 Sims Way • Merritt Island, FL 32952
Renee Schneider                    Calligraphy Service              
(321) 254-8488
                                   Wedding Consultant                     Email:

                                  Suzanne Mainwold                                 Kosher Done Right
                                                                                    Orlando's Only GLATT
                                       Gemologist / Appraiser
                                                                                    Kosher Catering & Marketplace
                                       Watch & Jewelry Repair

                                                                                       Call for Information & Ordering
                                                                                                     Weddings, Dinners, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs,
                                                                                                     Luncheons, Party Trays, Shiva Platters,
 981C East Eau Gallie Boulevard                                                                                   Bris & Business Meetings
 Melbourne, FL 32937                                                                                                       Groceries
                                                    Hours                                                          Snacks, Cholov Yisrael Dairy.
 321-777-9794                          Tues-Fri 10am-6pm                                                             Deli & Bakery, Israeli foods
 321-777-9784 Fax                           Sat 10am-4pm               KOSHER KATS MARKETPLACE
                                                                                              744 W. State Rd.
              j{xÇ lÉâËäx bâàzÜÉãÇ à{x bÜw|ÇtÜç                                             Longwood, FL 32750
                                                                                      All food prepared under Rabbinical supervision

                                                                             April 2011
     Sunday                 Monday                  Tuesday              Wednesday                  Thursday                   Friday                 Saturday
                                                                                                                               1       7:22pm         2
                                                                                                                                                      Tazri’a Hachodesh
                                                                                                                                                       Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                                                            9:30 am

                                                                                                                               Shabbat Service 6 pm
                                                                                                                               26 Adar II             27 Adar II
     3                      4                       5                    6                          7                          8       7:26pm         9
     no religious school        5-7 B'nai Mitzvah   Rosh Chodesh                                        Leisure Minyan 10 am                                 Metzora
                                      Class         Nisan                                                                                                   Men’s Club
                            Rosh Chodesh                                 Religious School 4:30-6                                                          Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                                     Men’s Club
                                                                                                                                                             9:30 am
                                                    6:30-7:30 Adult Ed                                                             Shabbat Service
                                                       7:30 Minyan                                      7 TBS Board Meeting            6 pm
     28 Adar II             29 Adar II              1 Nisan              2 Nisan                    3 Nisan                    4 Nisan                5 Nisan

     10                     11                      12                   13                         14                         15      7:30pm         16

         Religious School                                                                               Leisure Minyan 10 am                          Achrei Mote
            9-12:15 am                                                                                                                                      Bar Mitzvah
                                5-7 B'nai Mitzvah   6:30-7:30 Adult Ed          Model Seder                                          Bar Mitzvah            Isaac Hildt
                                      Class            7:30 Minyan              Grades 3-6                                           Isaac Hildt          Shabbat Service
                                                                                                        7:15 pm Sisterhood
                                                                                                              Meeting          Shabbat Service 6 pm           9:30 am
     6 Nisan                7 Nisan                 8 Nisan              9 Nisan                    10 Nisan                   11 Nisan               12 Nisan

     17                     18                      19                   20                         21                         22       7:34pm        23
         Religious School                                                                            Leisure Minyan 10 am                                 Shabbat Service
            9-12:15 am                                                                                                                                       9:30 am
                                No B'nai Mitzvah                              no religious school   Pesach III (CH''M)         Pesach IV (CH''M)
                                     Class                                                                                     Shabbat Service 6 pm   Pesach V (CH''M)
                            Erev Pesach             Pesach I             Pesach II
     13 Nisan               14 Nisan                15 Nisan             16 Nisan                   17 Nisan                   18 Nisan               19 Nisan
     24                     25                      26                   27                         28                         29       7:38pm        30
     Pesach VI              Pesach VII              Pesach VIII                                      Leisure Minyan 10 am                             Kedoshim
     (CH''M)                                        Yizkor                                                                                                Shabbat Service
     no religious school        No B'nai Mitzvah                         Religious School 4:30-6                                                             9:30 am
                                     Class          6:30-7:30 Adult Ed
                                                       7:30 Minyan                                                             Shabbat Service 6 pm
     20 Nisan               21 Nisan                22Nisan              23 Nisan                   24 Nisan                   25 Nisan               26 Nisan
5995 N. Wickham Road                                                                       Non-Profit
                                                     DATED MATERIAL                      Organization
Melbourne, FL 32940-2003
                                                                                        US Postage Paid
Phone: (321) 254-6333                                                                    Melbourne, FL
                                                                                         PERMIT #11
Return Service Requested

                                                                 2472 Minton Road
                                                              W. Melbourne, FL 32904

                                                        321.768.7776       321.777.3563
                                                                Open 9-6 Mon - Friday
                                                                    9-2 Saturday


                                Serving Brevard Since 1989              We do fresh flowers for all occasions

             R       National Realty                             Don't forget to visit
                                                                    our web site at
                     of Brevard, Inc.

                        Pheby Weber
                          Broker - Associate
                       "Multi-Million Dollar Club"
                            Je parle francais
                                                                 It is maintained by
                              (321) 757-5432
                              (321) 698-3458
                                                                     Mark Dresner
             NationalRealty: (321) 773-4466                         and hosted by
             Toll Free:
                            1 (800) 328-6641
                             (321) 773-2264                     Craig & Terry Mayers
         1404 Highway A1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937


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