The Semaphore - June 2003 by pengxiuhui


									                  The Semaphore
                                Newsletter of the Rochester NY Chapter, NRHS                                                         June 2003
                                 P.O. Box 23326, Rochester, NY 14692-3326; Published Monthly                                         Volume 45, No. 10

      Program for June 19:

 Let's Ride the Rails!
  For the next three months (June, July
and August), we have the opportunity
to enjoy the efforts and
accomplishments of our many
volunteers who maintain our equipment
and railroad.
  So come on out on Thursday, June 19
for the first session. Someone will
probably be there by 6:30 to open our
facilities. Soon after, there will be a
train, or maybe a track car or two, for
us to "ride the rails".
  Sometime during these festivities,
there will be a very short business
  Visitors are welcome. In fact, these          What is this contraption? The identity, story and another photo appears on Page 6. (Photo by
sessions are an EXCELLENT                       Harold Crouch)

      Attention                                Webster Passenger Equipment
                                                                                                                                      by                       Dave Luca
 Track Car Operators                           Progress:                                                          cover the new emergency window modules.
    1. Track Car Operators Schedule on                                                                            Plans:
                                                     Its hard to believe that its June and our
Page 2.
                                               Wednesday Webster work sessions have been                           • C o m p l e t e t h e i n s t a l l a t i o n of t e n
    2 . Please read Harold Russell's           t a k i n g p l a c e for two m o n t h s . So f a r ,                emergency window modules.
article on Page 7                              volunteer assistance has been very light.                           • Continue prepping additional windows
                                                     Bob Miner has been busy checking on the                         for glazing replacement.
          Library Hours                        s t a t u s a n d c o n d i t i o n of t h e b a t t e r i e s ,    • Finish diaphragm installation that was
                                               preparing to swap out the defective                                   started last year.
            7 to 9:30 PM                       motor/generator on car #2 with the one from
          Monday, June 23                                                                                          • COT&S the brake systems on three of
                                               the spare car, and assisting with the                                 the cars.
                                               i n s t i l l a t i o n of t h e emergency window
                                               modules.                                                            • Clean and repair the batteries on all
                                                     Janet Dittmer has been stripping paint
                                                                                                                   • Clean, repair and paint the interiors of
    Work Parties on Excursion                  and applying fresh paint to the window
                                                                                                                     all cars.
           Train Set                           frames and parts that are being used on the
                                               emergency window modules.                                           • Swap the motor/generators.
    Every Wednesday, Noon to
        Dusk at Webster.                             Dale Hartnett has been preparing                              • Convert the AC on car #4 to MP39.
    No reservations necessary!                 additional window modules for glazing                               • Acquire and install contactor in the
                                               replacement by removing the old improper                              train line complete circuit.
                                               fastener, tapping the hole and installing the                       • Perform passenger truck tune up on all
              Bulletin                         proper stainless screw holding the module to                          of the cars.
    June 12, 2003 will be the TENTH            the car.                                                           Work Sessions:
Anniversary of R&GV RR Museum and                    Dave Luca h a s b e e n removing a n d                           Every Wednesday from noon u n t i l
NYMT's "Golden Spike" ceremony linking         disassembling the window modules from the                          sundown and every Saturday from 9am on,
the two museums with track.                    cars, preparing the window opening on the                          starting in June. If you can help out but these
    Raise a glass of honor! (via Jim Dierks)   c a r a n d t h e window f r a m e s . Plywood                     days and times don't work for you, please
                                               protective covers are also being made to                           call Dave Luca at 288-0318 or Bob Miner
                                                                                                                  at 671-3589.
Page 2                                                                 June 2003                                                   The Semaphore

        Track Car Assignments                                                                                Congratulations to
          Date                                       TC-3 Operator       Relief Operator                                            Susan and
          TC-1 Operator                                                                                                          Chris Hauf on the
                                                                                                                                 arrival of Allison
          June 15:                                   Cohen*              Irvine/Soble                                            Francis Hauf on
          Achilles                                                                                                               May 6, 2003.
          June 22:                                   Carpenter           Blaesi                                                      Mother and
          Irvine*                                                                                                                daughter are doing
                                                                                                                                 fine; bear with Chris
          June 29:                                   Russell*            Roque                                                   if he is a little
          Blaesi                                                                                                                 bleary-eyed.
          July 6:                                    VanHorn             Lusk

Depot Guides                                          Election Results:                                  Membership Report
   A schedule should be published later.                  In a rather unusual situation from the                                   Janet Dittmer, Chair
                                                      norm, our members were invited to elect            Welcome to this new Member*
Professionalism                                       three trustees from a slate of five! Having         Christopher Burns
                                  by Rand Warner      that many candidates tells us of the vitality       PO Box 92207
   PROFESSIONALISM is alive and well,                 of our Chapter.                                     Rochester, NY 14692; 585-234-3524
and is evident in many aspects of our                     Elected to two-year terms were: Bob   
Chapter and Museum activities:                        Mader and Harold Russell. To finish a one-            Christopher is interested in Trips;
Track Car Operations:                                 year term: Randy Bogucki.                          Publications; Historical research; Museum
     Classroom and hand-on training sessions              Our thanks to John Weber who has so            operations and Track car driver.
a r e h e l d e a c h year for our T r a c k C a r    faithfully served as an officer as well as a       Please add to your roster:
Operators.                                            trustee for a number of years. Also to Joe            David Goodwin, 3211 Sweden Walker
Train Operations:                                     Scanlon for his expertise along construction       Rd., Brockport, NY 14420; 585-673-9366.
   Safety rulebook, air brake, and                                                                          Kevin Klees, 7310 Sandy Shore Dr.,
locomotive operations classes and instruction             And thanks to Beth Krueger who has             Hamiln, NY 14464.
are provided on a regular schedule for our            expressed her interest into getting back into
                                                                                                            George Knab, 10 Gillette Rd.,
Train Crews.                                          the swing of things upon her return from
                                                                                                         Spencerport, NY 14559; 585-352-6276.
Visitor Operations:                                                                                         Raymond Roe, 27 Woodcrest Cir.,
   Classes handouts, and a video                                                                         Fairport, NY 14450; 585-377-3831.
presentation are used each year for our               Library Report                                        Joe Scanlon, 48 Hill Rd., Hilton, NY
Museum Hosts.                                                             Charles Robinson, Chairman
                                                                                                         14468; 585-392-8841;
                                                          The library will be open on Monday
Volunteer Operations:                                                                                    Changes:
                                                      evening June 23 between 7:30 and 9:30
   Periodic training is offered for our               PM for your use. The library is air                     S a m F e r r a r a ' s e-mail address:
volunteers that operate heavy equipment,              conditioned and perhaps by that time we will [no '-']
cranes, and utilize rigging.                          need it. Come on out to research your                   David Flinn's name is incorrect on
Excursion Trainset:                                   favorite rail line.                                roster; please correct the spelling.
   Classroom and hands-on training is                     We have an almost complete collection of            John Hasselwander's phone number is
provided each year for our passenger Train            issues of Trains, Railroad Magazine and its        663-0917; e-mail:
Car Hosts and Support Team.                           later embodiments (except for issues earlier            Alfred Olson III, 7 Union St., Sidney,
Chapter Web Site:                                     than the mid thirties), and NRHS National          NY 13838-1125. [New address]
    A comprehensive, cross-linked, and up-            Railway Bulletins as well as indexes for these
to-date Web Site is maintained for our public         issues. The library also has a variety of          our collection is not particularly rich in
and volunteer awareness.                              railroad video tapes. If perhaps you are           Rochester area railroad photographs.
                                                      traveling outside the US, we do have a             However those working on the project have
Newsletter & Brochures & PR
                                                      variety of international railroad books.           been able to bring some order to the chaotic
   Monthly newsletters, special mailings,
                                                          We are still struggling with our photo         piles of photos.
brochures and media coverage keep our
                                                      collection in trying to come up with some               The process of cataloging our rising
volunteers, members, other rail fans, and rail
                                                      sort of catalog system to make it possible to      collection of books is continuing through the
organizations informed of our progress,
                                                      locate useful photographs. Jerry Gillette has      efforts of Gale Smith. We have not quite
opportunities, and plans.
                                                      been working on this project and has added a       filled our shelves but we are coming close to
Contributors to this issue                            computer listing of broad classes of               it.
   Harold Crouch, Janet Dittmer, Dale                 photographs that we have bunched together.
                                                                                                              Enjoy a comfortable evening reading
Hartnett, Chris Hauf, Lynn Heintz, Dave               At this time, it would be impossible to list all
                                                                                                         about railroads at the library.
Luca, John Redden, Charles Robinson,                  the photographs individually. Unfortunately
Harold Russell, Rand Warner
The Semaphore                                                              June 2003                                                                       Page 3

                                                     Railroad: (Motive, Rolling stock, MOW, ROW)
                                                       John Redden: 388-9124;
                                                     Infrastructure: (Buildings, grounds, shops, construction, communications, signals & power,
                                                       heavy equipment)
                                                       Dave Luca: 288-0318;
                                                     Visitor Experience: (Visitor, Train & Track Car operations, 4-Q Vision, Special events)
                                                       Dale Hartnett: 243-0139;

                                                                                                                      Fire Protection of Property
                             MUSEUM MUSINGS                                                                            and Equipment
                                                                                                                                                     by Rand Warner
                                                                                              by Dale Hartnett
                                                                                                                          Steve Huse of our Safety Committee is a
     At our museum, we currently face an             keep the excursion set running. We do not                        take charge guy who is responsible for fire
interesting dilemma. We need to produce              currently have an alternative for fundraising.                   protection of our property and equipment.
(do more restorations).                                 The equations are simple:                                         To this end he has installed and maintains
     At the same time, we need to improve                                                                             over 50 fire extinguishers of various types,
                                                        No new volunteers = Needed work
our CAPACITY to produce (make our                                                                                     scattered throughout our buildings, motive
                                                     doesn’t get done
Restoration Building more functional and                                                                              power, and rolling stock for our Chapter, our
                                                        No restoration building = No future                           Museum, our Excursion Trainset, and our
raise money to do restorations and other
                                                     fun projects                                                     Library.
                                                        No excursions = No money for                                      He has put up necessary brackets and
     The problem is that in doing one, we
                                                     museum                                                           signage at each location, and has put up side
frequently ignore the other.
                                                        Twelve months from now I’d love to be                         barriers, or fencing, as appropriate, to
     For most of us, it’s a heck of a lot more
                                                     able to write a column that looks back on the                    maintain free access to these fire
fun to work on projects that interest us than
                                                     needs from June, 2003 and celebrates how                         extinguishers in case of emergency.
i t i s to do some of t h e tough work of
building for the future. (This might be like                                                                              These fire extinguishers are a critical
saying it’s more fun to spend money on               Greetings,                                                       asset in protecting the integrity of our
oneself today than it is to save for the                  Effective June 30, I will be stepping                       property and equipment, and have already
future).                                             down as Museum Co-Manager and as Safety                          served us from serious loss on one or more
                                                     Co-ordinator. Thanks to everyone who has                         occasions.
     Yet if we fail to build for the future, there
will be no future. (Think of all the young           supported the “Railroad” portion of the                              Steve has also provided classroom and
people who are running up lots of debt and           Museum, in helping to make it the safe and                       hands-on training in use of our various types
not thinking about how they will support             s u c c e s s f u l o p e r a t i o n i t i s today. As a        of fire extinguishers.
themselves in retirement).                           manager, it is very gratifying to see the                            Thanks a lot Steve for providing real
     Here’s the bottom line.                         continuous progress that we make, in so                          leadership and proactive participation.
                                                     many areas.
     If we a r e to have a museum t h a t
functions to its fullest 5, 10 or 20 years from           I will continue as Motive Power                             Traction Dept. Organization
now, we need to work toward that future              S u p e r i n t e n d e n t , r e p o r t i n g to t h e n e w                                  by Rand Warner
today.                                               Museum Co-Manager who will be in charge                              The following people are involved with
     That means that we must do the                  of the Railroad. I will also continue as Track                   our R&GVRRM trolley/traction activities:
following:                                           Foreman for the “Hill Block”.                                        Oversight - John Redden, RR Mgr.
     1. Continue to attract new members and               In making this change, I hope to be able                        Coordinator - Rand Warner
get them involved in our organization in             to b e a more effective c o n t r i b u t o r , i n
                                                     concentrating on a (somewhat) smaller                                M.U. Power Car Foreman - Norm
meaningful ways. (Does anyone want to                                                                                 Shaddick
make membership development his or her               portion of the Museum and its projects. I am
                                                     genuinely grateful for the support that I have                       Line Car Foreman - Rand Warner
mission with the Chapter?)
                                                     received from so many of you in the past 18                          Subway Car Foreman - Dave Luca &
     2. Make our Restoration Building fully          months as Museum Co-Manager.                                     Rand Warner
functional as soon as possible. This will
require hard work in the short run and                    It is my understanding that President                           RL&B Interurban car Foreman - Bernie
provide a high payoff in the long run. But           Tuke will be announcing the appointment of                       Cubitt
there are many steps that must be taken              a new Co-Manager in the near future. I                               Substation Foreman - Rand Warner
starting now if we are to achieve this goal.         believe that the Safety Co-ordinator position                        Overhead Foreman - Scott Gleason
                                                     will be vacant temporarily.
     3. We need a continuing source of funds                                                                              These folks are adding a new dimension
and a program to develop special funds.                   Thanks again,                                               to our R&GVRRM (and NYMT) offering to
Until now, the excursions with the Empire                                                                             the visiting public. Please give them your
State Express passenger set have fulfilled this                                                                       support and encouragement.
need. There’s a lot of work to be done to
Page 4                                                               June 2003                                                         The Semaphore

Motive Power Update                              Norm is also re-designing the oil drains from              Track Department Update
                               by John Redden    t h e m u f f l e r s . And “ T h a n k s ” to R a n d y                                    by John Redden
    The Motive Power volunteers have had a       Bogucki for having some components made                        Our “Big Track Project” for the Spring is
lot of pent-up energy this Winter, waiting for   at a local shop, for new exhaust covers for                nearing completion, at last. It was started
the weather to break. Since we have finally      this locomotive.                                           nearly a year ago, when we removed the frog
gotten some co-operation from Mother             Steam Locomotives                                          from Switch 5, and temporarily replaced it
Nature in the past few weeks, work on the            Ron Amberger had a tool built, and then                with a straight rail, for the main line.
locomotives has really taken-off.                re-built, to assist us in dis-assembling the                   What started as a “frog rebuild” has
Gasoline Locomotives                             running gear on the Heisler Fireless                       turned into one of the bigger track projects
    Kevin Klees has re-installed all of the      locomotive. Thanks, Ron.                                   that the Museum has undertaken in recent
remaining components on the Buda gasoline            The Motive Power Department is indeed                  years. Consider the following: The frog now
engine for the Plymouth model BL. The            fortunate to have such a wide variety of                   has about $200 worth of new bolts and other
completed engine is a sight to behold, with      talented people that are ready, willing, and               hardware, as well as seventeen new, home-
dozens of newly-manufactured, rebuilt,           able to donate their services. Our thanks to               made one-inch rivets, that were formed while
repaired, replaced, and repainted                                                                           they were white-hot. Five (or is it six?) large
components. He is now rigging the engine to      Rolling Stock Update                                       (and heavy!) switch timbers have been pulled
operate on a custom-built test stand. His                                              by John Redden       out and replaced. Both guardrails have been
latest work includes debugging the ignition                                                                 pulled, spike holes plugged, and guardrails
                                                     Larry Baker continues his steady work on
circuitry, and continuing restoration on the                                                                re-installed with new grade-eight bolts. Many
                                                 the Dansville & Mt. Morris Fairmont
drive train components and sander valves and                                                                tie-cribs have been cleaned of their old, dirty
                                                 speeder. Its wheels have been removed,
linkages.                                                                                                   ballast, and re-poplulated with new, clean
                                                 checked out, and replaced. He has also been
                                                                                                            ballast. Two versions of a Bogucki-designed
Diesel Locomotives                               repairing and replacing brake-rigging
                                                                                                            ballast cleaner have been put to great use,
    Motive Power owes a huge “THANK              components.
                                                                                                            cleaning many cubic yards of fouled ballast.
YOU” to all Chapter Members who donated              The Fairmont track crane has been
                                                                                                                A new drainage ditch has been dug into
cash toward the new batteries for the 45-ton     completed, and has been removed from the
                                                                                                            the East edge of the track structure, running
RG&E 1941. These batteries arrived in late       building. It is now officially back in service!
                                                                                                            parallel to the track for over one-hundred
May, and were installed by Dick Holbert and      T h e f i n a l work i n c l u d e d n e w wooden
                                                                                                            feet. Fresh ballast has been ordered from the
Jim Johnson. We are genuinely grateful to all    decking that was cut and installed by Jeremy
                                                                                                            quarry, delivered, and brought up to the work
of the donors (one person donated twice!)        T u k e . Also, C h r i s Hauf a c q u i r e d a n d
                                                                                                            site. The Kodak Tamper has been brought in,
    In other 1941 news, Dick Holbert and Art     installed some beautiful vinyl lettering for
                                                                                                            to properly stabilize the track in one of the
Mummery have completed the installation of       the crane. We believe that this is the first
                                                                                                            most critical areas on our railroad. The
the rebuilt alternators. And the Electrical      piece of railroad rolling stock to carry the
                                                                                                            switch points and switch stand have been
Team has started work on the cabling for the     R&GV RR museum logo, and it looks very
                                                                                                            adjusted. All track has been gauged, and as
batteries. Neil Bellenger has started work on    nice.
                                                                                                            this is written, is being aligned and the cross-
a new seat for this engine, so we will have a        Bernie Cubitt and Dick Bean have been                  level checked. A conduit that passes under
genuine engineers seat when it goes back         continuing work on the Rochester, Lockport                 the switch has been removed, a new trench
into service later this year.                    & Buffalo interurban car. They have cleaned-               dug, and a new conduit has been placed in a
    Dick Holbert has completed a thorough        up and painted the truss rods that will be                 bed of sand. Finally, the headwall for the
diagnosis and taken corrective action on         installed at a later date. Bernie also acquired            culvert that passes directly under the switch
some electrical problems with the 1654.          several very large heavy-duty tarps, for use               is being torn down and rebuilt with new
Thanks to his work, both load meters now         on the 206.                                                materials and clean stone. Significantly, this
operate properly, and problems with the              Dick Bean reports that the Burro Crane                 labor has been performed in one of the more
wheel slip circuit and automatic sanders have    has had its engine started again. Work on the              difficult-to-access locations on our Railroad.
been corrected. Once the changes were made,      chassis and “house” is nearing completion.                     This work has been done, over a period
Dick documented his work with appropriate        When the Burro is moved outside, we will be                of about a year, by a very large group of
labeling on the cables, and created a nice       installing the boom.                                       people. Your Author is proud to have been
schematic of the work changes that he made.          If you haven’t seen the WAG snow plow                  associated with this project, and with these
Thank you, Dick. Jim Johnson and Dick also       lately, you’re in for a surprise. It has spread            people. It has been one of the most satisfying
checked out the rotating electrical gear, as     its wings. We believe that for the first time              Team Efforts in recent memory. We have
part of its routine Spring startup.              since its retirement from service in 1979, its             tried to remember all of the volunteers who
    Norm Shaddick and Ron Amberger have          wings have been operated pneumatically.                    have contributed their labors to this job, and
done some nice clean-up and touch-up             Using “shop air” from the Restoration                      the list covers nearly all of our regular
painting on the 1843, around the grabirons,      Building, they were opened, in order to give               volunteers at the Museum. We are truly
hand-rails and steps, as well as some areas of   Foreman Jesse Marks the opportunity to                     grateful that such a large group has chosen to
the hood and cab. Norm and John Redden           assess the wood siding that has remained                   contribute their efforts toward completing
succeeded in pre-lubricating and starting the    hidden for many years. With this                           this important project.
1843 for the first time this Spring. Dick        information, he will be able to complete his
Holbert and Jim Johnson completed the            estimates for the repairs to the exterior of the
Spring startup, by checking out the various      plow. If you happen to visit the Restoration
rotating electrical components on 1843.          Building this Summer, be sure to stop by and
The Semaphore                                                        June 2003                                                                 Page 5

Track & right-ofway Dept.                          Railway Express Truck                                   Thanks to ...
 Organizatioin                                                                          by Lynn Heintz
                                                                                                               Al Pastorell for arranging donation and
                                by Rand Warner         There is good news about our 1939 Ford
                                                                                                           transportation of soda pop cooler from Paul
     The following people are providing            Railway Express truck. As reported before
leadership and support to our Track &              the motor in it is not the original and needs
                                                   some work. Rand Warner conversed with a                     Tim Schiefen for bringing in Steve
R.O.W. infrastructure:
                                                   fellow car club member last fall about our              Harvey for grinding motor valves for our
    Acting Supt. Rand Warner                                                                               TrackMobile and our yellow compressor on
                                                   search for a motor that was like the one that
    Trackwork Advisor - Dick Holbert                                                                       rubber.
                                                   came in our truck when it was built. I had a
    Trackwork Co-ordinator - Randy Bogucki         conversation in January with this same                      Walter Morey for donation of a 4-wheel
    Trackwork Assistant - Sam Swisher              gentleman and he returned a call in March to            track car and a pair of 250-ton rated rigging
    Drainage Consultant Civil Engineers - Joe      notify me that he had happened upon a                   chokers.
Scanlon, Tom McTighe                               person that indeed had what we were looking                 Lynn Heintz for motor work on our REA
    Section Foremen:                               for. When I journeyed to investigate it, the            truck.
                                                   question was offered about donation. The                    Dan Waterstraat for donation of cost of
    J o h n R e d d e n - D e p o t yard through
                                                   man is Fred Ryan and he agreed to donate it             16.9 x 24 tire for Ford fork lift.
Switch #6
                                                   to our c a u s e . F r e d o b t a i n e d i t from a
    Jeremy Tuke - Restoration Barn area                                                                        Rand Warner for donating barrel and
                                                   collector who liberated it from the back of a
trackage                                                                                                   milk can to replace those that “disappeared”
                                                   local Ford dealer where it was used, coupled
                                                                                                           from REA Express Cart
    Rand Warner - Switch # 6 to S-Curves           to a standby generator. It probably saw little
                                                   use after it was setup as such.                             Dan Dimpfl for donating lumber for
    Dave Luca - S-Curves through NYMT
                                                                                                           NYC Crossing Shanty
Loop Switch                                            There are two scenarios that may pertain
                                                   to this motor. Ford had a program slogan "In                Charlie Harshbarger, Jim Johnson and
    Dale Hartnett - NYMT Loop Switch to
                                                   by eight, out by five" during the flathead V-           Dick Holbert for cleaning out the Baggage
road crossing (West Leg)
                                                   8’s heyday. If you dropped your car off on              Room at the museum
    Mark Pappalardo - Road Crossing to
                                                   your way to work it would have an                           The track car operators and museum
NYMT Loop Switch (East Leg)
                                                   overhauled motor installed and ready to go              guides who do such a wonderful job hosting
    Randy Bogucki - NYMT Yard leads and                                                                    our guests
                                                   by five o’clock. This may be the origin of                                                  RW & DH
barn trackage.
                                                   our new motor, or it may have just been a
    These people are responsible for               motor in very good condition when it was
planning, construction, maintenance, repairs,      put to use in the back of the Ford garage.
inspections, budgets, and communications of                                                                 •   Operable skid steer loader.
                                                       The original motor in our '39 truck was a
track & R.O.W. issues. Please give them                                                                     •   Ballast hopper car.
                                                   60 hp just like the new donation. They were
your support and encouragement.
                                                   Ford's attempt at economy in the 30’s. They              •   Ballast regulator.
                                                   were overated and under powered. But when                •   Main line tamper.
Railway Express Truck                              setup with a govenor and used for local
                Foremen: Dick Bean, Lynn Heintz
                                                                                                            •   Flat bed truck with knuckle boom
                                                   delivery, as with Railway Express, it was
    Our 1939 Ford REA truck was originally         ideal. The reason for this search was
equipped with a V-8 60-hp engine. As we            because three years ago Bill McClary of                  •   Diesel powered tie inserter/remover.
received it, the truck had been refitted with a    Lockport donated a box of new parts for a 60             •   J-bars or hook bars for trackwork at
V-8 85-hp engine.                                  hp flathead. This donation would cost about                  switch frogs.
    Lynn Heintz has just recently acquired a       $1000 if purchased. Included were most of                •   C-yokes and wedges for guard rails at
prototype V-8 60-hp engine, which would            the internal parts that would be replaced                    switches.
help us to make our truck more authentic.          during rebuild of any such motor. This                   •   Good 80# DU switch points, guard
    Earlier, we had been given a large stock       month it will be torn down to assess any                     rails and frogs.                   RW
of V-8 60-hp engine parts, which we could          machine work that might be needed and get
not use interchangeablely with our V-8 85-hp       estimates for it. Searching for parts for the
engine.                                            ‘39 has led me to E-bay where I found some                      Wanted: YOU!!!
                                                   info on the Railway Express Agency. It was                  Last year, the Chapter used TicketMaster
    Lynn now has the V-8 60-hp engine at
                                                   interesting to learn that Rwy.Ex. celebrated            to sell tickets for the Excursion Train. The
home, along with the mating parts, and will        100 years in 1939 and put out promotional
rebuild the engine, as necessary, to make it                                                               response was much less than we would like.
                                                   info for it and their exhibit at the 1939                   Hence, we would like to return to our
functional for our truck.                          World’s Fair. If anyone has more information
    We now have a complete set of engine                                                                   past 'proven' method. But to do so, we need
                                                   on Rwy.Ex. or its operations I/we would be              a number of volunteers — plus a coordinator
and drive-line parts to make this truck run.       interested in at the least studying it to obtain        to handle the phone and mail queries and
    What we really need now is a good set of       more facts for future displays on the Rwy.Ex.           orders. The biggest share of this endeavor
front fenders for the body.                        Fred Ryan understands the restoration                   can be done in your home.
    Who can help us with body parts and/or         process well. He is part owner of a shop, in
                                                   Clarkson, called Northampton Restorations                   For more information, please contact
body work for this historic artifact?                                                                      Jeremy Tuke at; or
    Call Lynn Heinz at 768-6984 or Dick            where they specialize in wood and metal
                                                                                                           585-359-8944. Your volunteering will
Bean at 293-2131.                                  antique, repair and refinishing.
                                                                                                           greatly assist the Chapter financially.
Page 6                                                                       June 2003                                                             The Semaphore

                                                                                                               Calling All Modelers ...
                                                                                                                                                           by Chris Hauf
                                                                                                                   We need a little help. Currently, we have
                                                                                                               renewed the exhibit being built inside of the
                                                                                                               R&GV Railroad Museum's MDT steel
                                                                                                               refrigerator car #14053. The exhibit has
                                                                                                               been put together by Chris Hauf and is full
                                                                                                               of pictures and other ephemera from MDT
                                                                                                               and beyond. However, we are missing some
                                                                                                               3 dimensional examples of MDT's
                                                                                                               refrigerator car fleet. So, we are looking for
                                                                                                               a little help in two ways. And that is where
                                                                                                               you, as modelers, come in.
                                                                                                                   F i r s t , t h e e x h i b i t i n c l u d e s a s e t of
                                                                                                               photographs that show the construction of
   This photograph shows the four ducts, from the dryer, attached to the reefer hatches. (Photo                MDT wood on steel refrigerator car #6000.
by Harold Crouch)                                                                                              The museum would love to have a model of
                                                                                                               that car to add to the exhibit. Can anyone
                                                                                                               help? The car is pictured here and the
     A Refrigerator Car Equipment Experiment                                                                   museum has a few more in our collection.
                                              by Harold Crouch                                                     Second, the exhibit could use some other
     For many, many years, ice type                              In due course, the modifications were         m o d e l s of some of t h e o t h e r types of
refrigerator cars from the West Coast,                       completed and the first car was to be dried       refrigerator cars MDT built from all wood
Chicago and other places were unloaded in                    out. At this time, I went to Wheehawken           cars, to wood with steel ends like the #6000
New York City, only to be back-hauled                        from Collinwood Laboratory bringing a             to all steel cars like the R&GV RR
empty for re-loading.                                        recording type humidagraph unit. It didn’t        Museum's MDT #24053 or the East
     In the early 1960s, MDT conceived the                   take long to melt the remaining ice in the ice    Rochester built MDT #12549. Can anyone
idea of “drying” out some of these cars so                   bunkers, but it took three days to dry out the    help here?
that non-perishable lading could be loaded                   wood interior lining of the car. As expected,         Any models could be donated or loaned
for the back haul movement. Accordingly,                     the humidity took a steep droop initially, but    to the museum. All cars would be kept in a
East Rochester Car Shop had the R.C. Black                   gradually came up to ambient conditions as        locked display case for the duration of the
Co. of E a s t R o c h e s t e r ( w h e r e else??)         the car dried out.                                exhibit which may be as long as three years.
construct a heating system for “drying out’                      Several cars were thus dried out, but then        If you can help, please feel free to contact
the cars.                                                    it was found that there were enough “dry”         Chris             Hauf           (585-381-8583;
     The equipment consisted of a large                      cars received from interchange to cover the Cars of all scales
propane fired combustor which discharged                     available west bound lading requirement.          are welcome! And the modelers and model
into a large motor driven blower. The blower                     Thus the equipment was soon retired and
in turn, discharged through ducting to the ice               eventually scrapped! The End of a Noble
hatches on the car. The two center doors                     Experiment!
b e i n g l e f t open for v e n t i l a t i o n . T h i s                       ******
equipment was mounted on a forty foot flat                       ------ Several months ago, I went to
car.                                                         Florida for the Florida Live Steamers meets
     On completion, the equipment was sent to                at Parish and Largo. While in Florida
NYC’s High Bridge Yard in the Bronx in                       stopped at Cape Canaveral to check the valve
New York City. However, before operations                    setting on the steam engine before its next
could begin, the New York City Fire Dept.                    dispatchment to Mars! Found the lead off a
required some modifications. First of all, the               bit on one side, but a washer on the valve
Fire Dept. required that a steel plate be put
down over the wood deck of the flat car.                     No Replies Received!
Then the electric motor driving the blower                       1. No one sent a 'guess' for the admittedly
was to be changed to the totally enclosed fan                poor reproduction of this dryer pictured in
cooled type and some changes in the controls                 the May issue.
were also required.                                              2. Also, this Editor has not received an
     The railroad was reluctant to make all                  invitation to 'judge' (or at least sample) the
these changes, so moved the equipment                        pie crust recipe, also in the May issue.
across the Hudson River to the Car Dept. at                                                                        Builder's photos of Merchants Despatch
Wheehawken, NJ (West Shore). However,                                                                          Transportation ice bunker refrigerator car
                                                                  Work Parties on Excursion                    #6000. The car was built in March of 1936
the Wheehawken Fire Dept. was of like mind                               Train Set
as the New York City Fire Dept. and so                                                                         in East Rochester and was part of Lot #742.
                                                                   Every Wednesday, Noon                       The car has a steel frame with steel ends, but
made the same requirements.
                                                                    to Dusk at Webster.                        wooden sides. (Chris Hauf photos)
The Semaphore                                                        June 2003                                                                        Page 7

Track Car Operations: 2003                             Track car operators are expected to                violent allergic reaction to the sting. You
                               by Harold Russell   prepare their track car for the day’s                  should fill out an incident report if this
   May 18th saw the opening of the 2003            operations in a relaxed, thoughtful and                happens.
Track Car Season. Here are some notes and          careful manner. A safety run must be made              The Officer of the Day
comments for those of you who are our              to the Industry Depot before the public is
                                                                                                              Remember that the Officer of the Day is
Track Car Operators.                               accommodated. This is not an option.
                                                                                                          in charge of all museum operations for the
                                                       Always check the track car’s engine oil            day you work. He should be kept informed
                                                   level before starting, during the day and              of all operating irregularities and problems
   The weekday scheduling (typically school        when closing up for the day. Shutdown
groups) is the responsibility of Dave Soble. I                                                            that arise.
                                                   should also not be hurried. As a courtesy, the
have the responsibility for the season’s           Track Car’s fuel tank should be topped off.            New Operators
twenty-five weekend spots.                                                                                     New operators are expected to be present
                                                   Your Lunch
   Each Sunday we operate two track cars,                                                                 for at least one day under the tutelage of
TC-1 and TC-3. One is designated primary               Plan on bringing your lunch. NYMT has              experienced operators. This means the full
and the other secondary. This equalizes the        a refrigerator for your use. It is located             day from start to finish. They should be
wear. If the number of passengers is low,          across from the visitor’s rest room. It                taught the proper start up and shutdown
only the primary car will run with the other       contains soda that you can purchase. Just put          procedures for the track cars and how handle
remaining as stand-by at the New York              your donation in the container provided.               the public. Only when this requirement is
Museum of Transportation.                          NYMT is a ‘carry-in, carry’-out facility. Do           satisfied, and when the new operator feels
                                                   not leave any lunch waste in the waste                 r e a d y , h e or s h e can b e s c h e d u l e d for
Changes this Year.                                 containers. Take it home with you. We have             additional dates.
    In the past we have only had about 15 to       many four-legged varmints who are attracted
20 qualified track car operators. Filling the      to this waste.                                         Picking an Operating Date.
year’s schedule was difficult. This year                                                                      All operators have been notified of the
                                                   Your Passengers
however, we have 52 operators with 50 track                                                               Track Car Operating opportunities open this
car operating opportunities. Clearly, someone         It i s i m p o r t a n t t h a t you m a k e your   year. Dave Soble uses the telephone to
might be left out and I feel a responsibility to   presentation to the visitors as confident and          contact the weekday operators. I prefer to use
give everyone an operating opportunity.            professional as possible. Do not hurry your            E-Mail or US Mail.
What to do?                                        presentation. Tell them as an example:
                                                                                                              All Sunday operators have been notified
The Relief Operator                                 ? how long the track is,                              of the opportunities available. I look for you
                                                    ? that they will be taking an escorted tour of        to contact me with the dates you prefer to
    First, I have created the position of Relief
Operator thus increasing the number of               another rail museum at the end of the line,          serve. At this writing, our schedule is full
operating opportunities to 75. The Relief           ? that you will pick them up for the return           through June. I have potentially four open
Operator can operate 1/3rd the time on each          in one-half hour,                                    dates in July; and seven each in August,
track car so that the day’s operating time is       ? the rails came from the old subway,                 September and October.
equally divided between all three operators.        ? we are unique in that the rail line connects        Conclusion
This change will give the TC-1 and TC-3              two separate rail museums, etc.                         Before your operating session, I suggest
operators a chance to have a relaxing lunch            Be extra kind to the children. Tell them           you reread the Track Motor Car Operator
and take a potty break and add an extra            to watch for animals on the way, etc.                  Training Materials and General Information
element of safety to our operations. We                                                                   pamphlet. You received this at your training
encourage you to bring a friend or family          The Rainy Day
m e m b e r along w i t h you w h e n you a r e        The rainy day will put extra stress on
                                                                                                             Operating the track car can be a fun
scheduled to operate the track car. They are       your operations. Try to keep the trailer as dry
                                                                                                          experience and we want you to enjoy it as
welcome to assist in the gift shop. Or you         as possible. I sometimes bring old towels
                                                                                                          much as possible. Do not be hesitant to pass
could assist during the times your relief is       from home to dry off the seats. When
operating.                                         appropriate, keep the trailer covered. TC-3
                                                   has two-wheel drive. To get traction it is
                                                   sometimes necessary to sand the rails on the
    Secondly some of our very enthusiastic
operators have signed up for multiple dates.
                                                   grade up to NYMT. Do not try to ‘make’ this                                                 Corner
                                                   hill by speeding up before you reach it.
In the spirit of fairness I have told them all
                                                       If a torrential downpour is threatened, it
that they could get bumped off any date(s) in
                                                   is better not to operate. Do not operate when               In May, the ballot mailing was made of a
excess of three. No one who has taken the
                                                   there is a threat of lightning.                        Friday, and most were delivered locally on
classes and done the hands-on training this
                                                   Bees                                                   following Monday. Then the following
spring will be denied an opportunity to
                                                                                                          Tuesday the May issue was mailed, with
operate.                                               During the warm weather these varmints
                                                                                                          delivery the next week! Figure that out!
The Operating Day                                  are a constant nuisance. As a preventative
                                                   measure, you should spray any cracks of the                 Because my laser printer was producing
   The Sunday operating day starts at 10:00                                                               'dirty' copy, which 'mudded' photos, went out
                                                   track car and trailer at the beginning of the
AM when the museum opens and closes at                                                                    an purchased a new one. A toner cartridge
                                                   day - and again if necessary. Cans of the
about 5:00 PM. Weekday operating times                                                                    costs $60, the imaging drum: $150. A new
                                                   spray are available at each museum. Be
vary but you are encouraged to arrive at                                                                  copier, with toner and drum. is $200. Laser
                                                   aware of first aid procedures if a passenger is
NYMT at least one hour before the                                                                         printers are being marketed like ink jets!
                                                   stung and that some people can have a
scheduled starting time.
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