The Semaphore - January 2003 by pengxiuhui


									                        The Semaphore
                                           Newsletter of the Rochester NY Chapter, NRHS                                         January 2003
                                            P.O. Box 23326, Rochester, NY 14692-3326; Published Monthly                         Volume 45, No. 6

        Program for Jan. 16:

 "The Vanishing American"
    This video, currently out-of-
print, was filmed by the Kodak
Camera Club when B&O was
still running steam.
    Please bring any B&O o r
BR&P memorabilia to show on
the rear table.
   Meeting starts at 8:00 with pro-
gram to follow.

  Remember to attend the Year-End
 Party on Saturday, January 11 at the
                                                                  The "Federal", private car of Dave Luca and Janet Dittmer, arrives in the Rochester area via
Chase-Pitkin donates $200                                      way of a freight train. Dave may have more details about its history and the work done on it
 Gift card for NYC flat car                                    over the last many years in the next issue. It looks GREAT; it is now located in Webster.
 restoration.                                                                                                                              (Chris Hauf photo)
                                          by Chirs Hauf
                                                                                                                properly removed will allow the Steam Team
     The R&GV Railroad Museum would like                       Year in Review—2002                              to continue to evaluate these locomotives
to thank Chase-Pitkin for its recent donation                                               by Jeremy Tuke
                                                                                                                with the eventual goal of operation. Work
of a $200.00 gift card to help the museum’s                        The past year has been another fruitful      also progressed on the Plymouth 12-ton
planned restoration of its 1960 Pullman                        and interesting year for the Rochester           critter. This unit arrived in the previous year
Standard PS-1 flat car, NYC 506102. Chris                      Chapter, NRHS. Without the dedicated ef-         and by years end this unit has been disas-
Hauf wrote them to inquire about the possible                  forts of our many volunteers none of the         sembled and the Buda prime mover on it’s
donation of fasteners for the wood deck of                     activities highlighted in this article would     way back together – there is a very high
the flat car. While they were not able to                      have been possible.                              likelihood that this unit may be returned to
donate the fasteners directly and were unable
                                                                   The year began essentially with the          operating condition within the next year!
to fund the entire request of nearly $450.00,
                                                               annual “Year End Party,” which celebrates
they were generous enough to give the
                                                               the accomplishments of the previous year         Winter Campout / Cookout
museum a $200.00 gift card to help fund
                                                               and kicks off the Chapter’s coming year.
nearly half of the cost of the over 1200 4 inch
                                                               This was held at the Rochester & Genesee
by 3/8 inch carriage bolts which are needed                                                                                                   by John Redden
                                                               Valley Railroad Museum on January 5th and
to hold the deck to the car. Anyone want to                                                                         The annual Winter Campout and Cookout
                                                               was well attended.
match their gift so we can acquire all of the                                                                   has been scheduled for February 22. We
fasteners we need to complete the project?                         There were many accomplishments at the       usually have a nice evening meal, followed
                                                               Museum in 2002. In late December 2001 our        by some videos, and we always have a very
     The hope is to undertake the complete
                                                               Army 1654 80-ton centercab finally arrived       good time. After a night in the cabooses, we
restoration of NYC 506102 in 2003 which
                                                               on our property, and by the Fall our motive      have a nice breakfast. Anyone interested in
will include new paint, NYC lettering and a
                                                               power team had the wounded unit operating        the evening Cookout and the optional Ca-
new wood deck giving us a serviceable 50-
                                                               with two traction motors. Running mainte-        boose Sleepover, please contact John Redden
ton flat car for the museum. Most of the
                                                               nance on our fleet of diesels was ongoing        or Dale Hartnett with an RSVP by February
money has been raised for the project, so the
                                                               throughout the year. Another big milestone       15. 388-9124 or 243-0139
museum feels confident it can start and
                                                               was reached with the asbestos removal from
complete the project this year so long as it
                                                               out two steam locomotives, the Vulcan 0-4-0
fits into the museum’s work plan. If you
would like to help with the project or donate
                                                               saddle tanker and the Heisler fireless. This                Library Hours
                                                               was precluded by significant preparation                         2 to 5 PM
to the project, please contact Chris Hauf
                                                               work by our volunteers and a sideways move
( 381-8583). And                                                                                 Sunday, JANUARY 19:
                                                               of the Heisler to get it into the Restoration
t h a n k s a g a i n to C h a s e P i t k i n for t h e i r                                                              Library Phone: 872-4641
                                                               Building for the work. Having the asbestos
Page 2                                                             January 2003                                                               The Semaphore

Young Railfan Recruiting                                                                                      Membership Report
 Night                                                         Condolences                                                                    Janet Ditmer, Chair
                              by Dale Hartnett         John Luca, Dave's father, passed                       Addess Change:
    The Chapter’s Young Railfan group is           away on December 26 following a fall in                       Kevin Kleve
looking for new members!                           his apartment.                                                13 Yarrow Hill
    “Young Railfans” is our term for our               Our sympathy to Dave and his family                       West Henrietta, NY 14586
youth program chartered through the Explor-        for their unexpected loss.
                                                                                                              Change in e-mail address:
ing Division of the Boy Scouts of America.
                                                                                                                 John Muchler's new e-mail address is:
    Typically, Young Railfans participate in
projects at the Rochester and Genesee Valley     Another "Young Railfan"                               
Railroad Museum alongside museum                  earns his Eagle                                                   Any corrections/address change?
volunteers. The goal is for the youth to learn                                        by Dale Hartnett
                                                                                                                 Moving? In order not to miss any
while developing their skills and interests.         Congratulations to Young Railfan Jesse
                                                 Marks who has earned his Eagle rank, the                     newsletters, please send new information to
    Young Railfans are also eligible to                                                                       Janet AND Dee as well as the date of the
participate other Chapter functions, including   highest rank in scouting.
                                                                                                              move. Thanks, Janet
access to the Library, participation in Chap-        J e s s e i s a m e m b e r of Troop 8 6 i n
                                                                                                                 Please either e-mail Janet corrections to
ter social functions and volunteer on the        Brockport, where he has served in several
                                                                                                              <> or send to Mem-
Empire State Express excursion train set.        leadership positions. Jesse’s scouting career
                                                 began in 1992. Along the way he has earned                   bership Chair, 983 N. Winton Rd., Rochester,
    Membership is open to young men and                                                                       NY, 14609-6824. [This will give quicker
women, ages 14 to 21.                            his Arrow of Light Award, 27 merit badges,
                                                 and attended scout camp five times.                          service over sending to the Chapter's PO
    The cost is $10 per year. Each member is                                                                  Box.]. Please no phone messages. Changes
also required to have appropriate safety gear,       Jesse’s involvement with the Chapter’s                   and omissions will appear in the next issue.
including hard hat and safety shoes.             Young Railfan venture crew began nearly 5
                                                                                                                 To ensure delivery of your newsletter,
                                                 years ago. For his Eagle Project (a project in
    There will be an information night on                                                                     also notify Dee Mowers, 21 Coleman Ave.,
                                                 which he must demonstrate his ability to plan
Tuesday, February 11 (site to be                                                                              Spencerport, NY 14559; e-mail:
                                                 and lead a project to completion) he oversaw
determined). Prospective new members and                                                                      <>.
                                                 the restoration of the Museum’s REA bag-
their parents are invited to attend.
                                                 gage cart.
    For more information, contact Dale Hart-                                                                             Membership Rates:
                                                     Jesse and his dad Charlie (an Assistant                      National + Chapter membership: . $40
nett at 585/243-0139 or e-mail at
                                                 Scoutmaster at Troop 86 and frequent volun-                                                                                        Above as Family membership .... $52
                                                 teer with the Young Railfans) have both
                                                 become Chapter members. Jesse has been                           Local* .................................. $20
Library Report                                   involved in numerous projects at the Mu-                         Local as Family* .................... $29
                 Charles Robinson, Chairman                                                                        (* Holds National membership
                                                 seum and has taken a special interest in the
    The Library will be oopen for your use       WAG Russell snowplow.                                         elsewhere)
on Sunday afternoon January 19, 2003 from                                                                         National only .......................... $20
                                                     Jesse is the third member of the Young
2 to 5 PM. Come out and see us.
                                                 Railfan group to earn the rank of Eagle. The                     National as Family only ............. $23
    This month Jerry Gillette, Gale Smith,       previous Eagles are Brett Hendershott and                        Subscriptions only: ................... $8
Steve Oakley and Bob Miner have continued        Mark Wieczorek.
working on our collections. More books have                                                                                          ******
                                                     The Young Railfans group is organized
been catalogued. Rail items that have been in                                                                     A new National membership category for
                                                 as a venture crew through the Exploring
boxes were added to different parts of the                                                                    students under age 18 was established to
                                                 D i v i s i o n of t h e Boy S c o u t s ’ O t e t i a n a
collection. Jerry has organized many newspa-                                                                  encourage the "rail enthusiasts of tomorrow"
per clippings into broad categories so anyone                                                                 National dues for this membership are
                                                 WXXI-TV Rail Programs
who wants to look up some old newspaper                                                                       $10.00. Rochester Chapter dues are $20.00
articles can easily decide where to look.            "Train Tracking" is a series of travel                   for new new members; total of $30 for this
                                                 programs featuring foreign railroads. All are                category.
    The framed Wally Bradley water colors
                                                 schedule for Thursdays at 8:30 PM.
of local electric railways, stations and other                                                                    Current Chapter members who are re-
scenes that were exhibited in the NYMT               Jan. 9: "Portugal"                                       newing before February 1st receive a $9.00
gallery were carefully packed in padded              Jan. 16: "Switzerland MCB"                               Chapter discount IF you are over the age of
boxes and stored in the NRHS archives at             Jan. 23: "Switzerland" Switzerland to                    65.. Please supply your birthday. Otherwise
NYMT for safe keeping. Three boxes of            Italy                                                        the discount is $4 before February 1st.
unorganized archival railroad items were             Jan. 30: "Austria"
removed from the NYMT storage area and                                                                        Contributors to this issue
brought to the library for sorting and proper                                                                    Ron Amberger, Janet Dittmer, Dale
storage. This will keep the library staff busy   How are the Library books arranged?                          Hartnett, Chris Hauf, John Redden, Charles
for a while.                                        By categories; s e e Page 5 for t h e                     Robinson, Joe Scanlon, John Stewart, Jeremy
    Remember come to the library on the          categories. We will take up the Periodicals                  Tuke, Rand Warner.
afternoon of the 19th of January.                and other items at later dates.
The Semaphore                                                   January 2003                                                              Page 3

                                                  Railroad: (Motive, Rolling stock, MOW, ROW)
                                                    John Redden: 388-9124;
                                                  Infrastructure: (Buildings, grounds, shops, construction, communications, signals & power,
                                                    heavy equipment)
                                                    Dave Luca: 288-0318;
                                                  Visitor Experience: (Visitor, Train & Track Car operations, 4-Q Vision, Special events)
                                                    Dale Hartnett: 243-0139;

Christmas Tree Rides a
 Success          by John Redden
                                  by Sunday
    On Saturday December 7, andJohn Redden
December 8, the Chapter successfully ran
Christmas Tree train rides between Remelt’s
Tree Farm (at approximately MP 1.4) and
    The train consisted of our trusty EK-6
and the freshly painted Penn-Central transfer
caboose. Passengers were picked up at
Remelt’s and taken to either Switch 6 or
Industry Yard, where the train was reversed.
The Erie caboose was parked at Remelt’s as
a heated “way station”.
    Steve Huse did the planning, managed the      Left: The Christmas Tree Train consisting of EK-6, PC transfer and Erie cabooses
crews, set up the loading area, handled the       Right: Richard 'Luckey' Luchterhand as Saint Nick (that white beard is genuine!)
interface with Remelt’s, and did the
                                                                                           Photos by Chris Hauf and John Redden, respectively.
ticketing. He also wrote a nice post-trip
report with many details. The trips ran
smoothly, and we had over 75 passengers on        Support Needed for NYC                                Now we need your help. If you can help
the two days. We also had the nice bonus of        Crossing Shanty                                  us financially, please make a check payable
being featured on the front page of the                                         by Dale Hartnett    to “Rochester Chapter-NRHS” and mail to
Henrietta Post the following week.                    Imagine a freshly restored New York           P.O. Box 23326, Rochester, NY 14692.
                                                  Central crossing shanty guarding Reed’s           Please note “Crossing Shanty Fund” on the
    In all, it was a very successful operation.
                                                  Crossing!                                         check.
Thanks to Steve as well as the volunteers
who crewed the trains, including: Jeff                We are very close to that vision becom-           If you’d like to volunteer with this
Carpenter, Chris Hauf, John Redden, Norm          ing reality this summer.                          project, please contact Dale Hartnett at
Shaddick, John Weber, and Rand Warner.                                                              585/243-0139.
                                                      Already the NYC Shanty that George
    Have you renewed YOUR                         Knab recovered from near the Hojack line in
                                                  Walker has received plenty of attention. But
                                                                                                    Work on Crossing Shanty
      Chapter Membership?                         there’s much more to do.                           Continues       by John Redden
   If not, Janet would appreciate                     We will need to re-create sills, joists and       Foreman Dale Hartnett has reported on
    your attention to this detail.                flooring in order to give the building struc-     the considerable progress on the New York
                                                  tural integrity.                                  Central Crossing Watchman’s shanty. All of
Quiz                                                                                                the shutters have been re-installed. About
                                                      Then we will need to remove the entire
    Some railroads named their passenger                                                            90% of the exterior has had its paint stripped,
                                                  roof, replace one rafter and complete the job
trains after birds. Can you match them up?                                                          and much of this has been primed. The next
                                                  with new sheathing and cedar shingles.
1. Pelican                                                                                          parts to be restored will be the windows, the
                     a. Kansas City Southern          Already 90% of the paint has been
2. Nightingale                                                                                      roof and one rafter. The Young Railfans have
                     b. New Haven,                stripped from the building. The window sills      done a nice job cleaning up and painting the
3. Flying Crow          Lackawanna or             and frames, door and shutters are primed.         smokestack and peak-cap. Charlie Marks has
4. Owl                  Southern Pacific          The thimble and chimney have been restored        created a design for the sills, joists and
5. Hummingbird c. Chicago & North                 and are awaiting the new roof. Windows            flooring that will meet the goals of saving as
                        Western                   sashes are being rehabbed.                        much of the original “fabric” of the building,
                     d. Louisville &
                                                      We estimate that it will require about        keeping its proportions the same, and of
                                                  $1,000 to rebuild the floor and roof on the       course, avoiding costs.
                                                  shanty.                                               Thanks to Dale, Charlie, and everyone
                                                      Already we raised $150. We’ve also            who has helped in moving this restoration
Answers on Page 7                                 received numerous in-kind donations of paint      forward.
                                                  remover and paint.
Page 4                                                        January 2003                                                The Semaphore

Rolling Stock Update
                             by John Redden
    The Burro Crane has had several im-
provements this month. Work on engine
controls has been performed by Bob Mader.
Rand Warner and Dale Hartnett have re-hung
the rear sliding doors, behind the engine
room. Rand, Dale, Charlie Marks, and Dick
Bean have worked on adjusting the Burro
roof fasteners. Dick Bean, Jesse Marks and
John Redden straightened the rear grabiron.
    The Fairmont Track Crane has been wire-
brushed and primed by Mark Wieczorek.
Mark also suggested using the crane for
moving the Buda engine for the Plymouth
locomotive from its former storage spot, over
to a new mounting crib. This saved us a lot
of difficult manual lifting.
    Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo #206
continues to get steady attention from Bernie
Cubitt. He is replacing frame members under
the floor, in preparation for new fabricated
bolsters. Bernie also recently purchased an
interurban-type whistle for 206, thanks to a
find by Rand Warner.                            The Fairmont Track Crane being used to move the Buda engine block. (Ron Amberger photo)

Motive Power Update
                             by John Redden     Steam Locomtives                               Excursion Train Set is back
Gasoline Locomotives                                A Steam Planning meeting was held at        in Webster
                                                the depot, just before Year’s End. Ron
    Bob Miner and Rand Warner recently                                                             OMID returned the Empire State cars to
                                                Amberger, with help from John Redden,
assisted with the setup of Trackmobile #2,                                                     Webster after service as a Santa Clause train.
                                                Kevin Klees, and Rand Warner, produced
for transportation from Webster back to                                                            Much work was accomplished last year;
                                                task lists and rough cost estimates for many
Industry. Thanks to Bob and Rand.                                                              more is planned for this year. One project is
                                                of the various tasks remaining on our two
    The following work has recently been        steam locomotives.                             to replace two windows in each car.
done on the Plymouth locomotive’s Buda                                                             In the mean time: We could be working
                                                Diesel Locomotives
prime mover. Most of this considerable body                                                    on recovering/reupholstering seats. The seats
of work was performed by Kevin Klees at             Dick Holbert recently did an electrical    in two cars were redone when they were
his home shop during the month of               diagnosis on the EK-6, in order to correct     purchased. Along with this purchase came
December: The cylinder head has been            some communications problems. A circuit        seat covering material—and a heavy-duty
cleaned and painted, and its water passages     breaker was found to be tripped, and was       sewing machine. The aim, this year, is to
flushed out. New lifting eye holes have been    reset. John Redden has checked the charging    recover seats in one car, and use the better
machined in the head. A new front bearing       circuits for Ek-9, LV-211 and NKP-79, to       ones to replace sub-par seats in the other
has been machined for the water pump. Four      make sure that they are functioning properly   cars.
out of eight valves and valve seats have been   through the Winter.
                                                                                                   Soliciting volunteers with upholstering
cleaned and lapped. The air compressor drive                                                   knowledge—that includes spouses!
pulley has been machined. The dip stick oil
                                                                                                   Work can be done during the winter at
tube has been fabricated. The idler gear and
                                                                                                                          Webster. One car
water pump drive shaft has been assembled.
                                                                                                                          can be heated and
The front casting has been re-assembled to
                                                                                                                          s e r v e a s a work
the engine. The starter and governor body
                                                                                                                          place; the heated
have been re-attached. The front bearing and
                                                                                                                          nearby Library
seal for the water pump have been installed.
                                                                                                                          Building is also
The oil pump drive shaft has been machined.
Finally, the crankcase was hoisted onto a
recently fabricated wooden cradle, using the                                                                                   If you care to
Fairmont track crane. This last job was done                                                                              assist, please call
by Mark Wieczorek, Rand Warner, Kevin,                                                                                    Gale Smith at 544-
and John Redden. Finally, Randy Bogucki                                                                                   6221, or Bob
has started cleanup work on the oil pan. It’s                                                                             Miner at 671-
been another outstanding month of progress                                                                                3589.
on the Buda, thanks to Kevin and is helpers.
The Semaphore                                                      January 2003                                                                           Page 5

      MUSEUM MUSINGS                                        Railroad Perils                                   Library Book Classification
                             By Dale Hartnett                                                                     Charles Robinson devised the following
                                                 Heroism of a Conductor - He Assumes
    At the beginning of a New Year, it’s           the Position of a Cowardly Engineer                        classification categories for our extensive
common for many of us to plan changes in                          and Saves his Train                         collection of books at the Webster Library
our lives.                                                                                                    facility.
                                                      A conductor on a freight and passenger
    I’d suggest that you consider having more    train on the Syracuse and Binghamton Rail-                       There is no published list of the approxi-
fun and make fun possible for more people        road performed a daring feat a few days ago,                 mately 1400 volumes at this time, but the
in 2003!                                         in which a fearful catastrophe was averted.                  computer database can be consulted to
    Our Chapter offers many opportunities             The train, consisting of 24 stock cars and              indicate where your books resides. Instruc-
for railfans to accomplish these objectives.     one passenger car, which was filled with                     tions on how to search the database are at the
    Many churches ask their members to           passengers, was between this station and                     computer.
commit to “stewardship” through offerings of     Whitney Point, going at a tolerable high rate                    The books are arranged on four shelving
time, talent and treasure.                       of speed, when the engineer, William Hardy,                  units in this order:
    I’d like to suggest that you can have fun    discovered a rail entirely out of the track                      1. New York State Railroads
and help others enjoy themselves by offering     some distance ahead.                                             2. Eastern US Railroads
your time, talent and treasure in the coming          He immediately reversed his locomotive,                     3. Western US Railroads
year.                                            but upon second though determined to
                                                                                                                  4. General US Railroads
    Here are some examples:                      attempt running the train over the place
                                                 where the rail was missing, and at once                          5. International Railroads
    Time: Reward yourself by committing to
                                                 turned on a full head of steam. The engineer                     5.1 Canadian Railroads
get involved in more Chapter activities.
Maybe it means attending Chapter meetings        and fireman, however, did not remain to see                      6. Narrow Gauge Railroads
more often, working on one of our many           what success the experiment would meet                           7. Logging Railroads
committees such as Library, Development, or      with, but jumped off the engine, leaving it
                                                                                                                  8. Electric Railroads (Non traction types)
Publicity. Maybe you could learn to operate      without anyone to control it.
                                                                                                                  9. Street, Cable, Rapid Transit and Inter-
a track car, be a museum host or help with            The train bounded over the disconnected
                                                                                                              urban Railroads (a large collection)
ticketing at the NYMT. If you’re looking for     track at a fearful rate of speed, every car
                                                 retaining its position on the track. The                         10. Industrial Railroads
ideas, ask any member of the Board of
Directors.                                       dangerous spot was passed, but with no one                       11. Motive Power
    Talent: We all have gifts. Some people       on the locomotive to control its speed, a most                   12. Passenger Cars
have hands-on skills. Others are excellent       terrible fate awaited the train somewhere.                       13. Freight Cars
planners. Still others may be good writers,      The state of affairs became known to the
                                                                                                                  14. Nonrevenue Cars
speakers or idea people. Whatever your gift      passengers, and a panic was at once raised.
                                                                                                                  15. Railroad Structures
is, it does little good if you don’t share it.        At Whitney Point there was every prob-
                                                 a b i l i t y t h a t t h e t r a c k w ould n o t b e i n       16. Railroad Engineering
Please accept this invitation to share your
gifts with the Chapter.                          readiness for the train, as at the rate it was                   17. Railroad Miscellaneous
    Treasure: Our Chapter takes pride in         going it would reach there some minutes                          18. (open)
getting great leverage out of the money we       before its time. In this extremity, conductor                    19. Directories
have. There are no paid employees. Much of       John Vrooman proved himself to be a hero.                        20. Timetables, Official Guides
what it takes to run the Chapter, Library and    He was in the passenger car at the rear of the
                                                 train, but clambering up the ladder of the                       21. Maps and Atlases
Museum comes from in-kind donations.
                                                 freight car next in advance, he ran the whole                    22. Model Railroads
However, we do have several important
projects that are on the verge of taking         length of the runaway train on the tops of the                   23. Miscellaneous
important leaps forward. All that these          cars, and was soon in the locomotive cab,                        Some books, like Erie Power, may be
projects need is a little financial boost.       seized the throttle, and in the next moment                  under Eastern Railroads for Erie, or Motive
Maybe you could help make the difference.        had the train under control.                                 for Motive Power.
In the coming months, we’ll profile several           A less heroic man in charge of the train,                   The larger ones are classified as oversize
projects that need financial help. Please        and it is impossible to tell what the result of              ( O S ) a n d l o c a t e d on a s h e l f t h a t can
consider supporting them with your financial     the extraordinary runaway might have been.                   accommodate them. Also, the brochure types,
contributions.                                        [Rail historian Richard Palmer submitted                which are easily damaged are filed in file
    Whatever you do to help the Chapter will     this article from the November 21, 1871                      cabinets.
be sincerely appreciated. Thank you to all       issue of the New York Times to the Central                       By the way, we are in need of another
who have given of themselves and to our          New York Chapter's Green Block.]                             shelving unit.
benefactors who make our programs
possible.                                        GM locomotive to lay off 900 As result of dried up orders for new locomotives, the London,
    Best wishes for 2003. Remember, you          Ontario GM plant will lay off 62 percent of its work force effective March 31. [Toronto's The
                                                 Globe and Mail website, 12/6/2002.]
Amtrak discounted Lake Shore-run tickets.        GE unveiled a cleaner locomotive. This new unit meets EPA's 2005 emission standards. Cost
The sale was from Dec. 13 to Jan. 6 (sorry);     will be $1.8 to 2.5 million, which is 10% to 15% more than currently locomotives on the
a one-way ticket between New York City and       market. Three of the 4,000HP locomotives have been constructed and will be tested on various
Chicago was $33. [Business Review's              railroads. Regular production is planned for 2005 as the price premium will hinder sales.[Wall
website, 12/10/2002]                             Street Journal, 12/23/2002]
Page 6                                                            January 2003                                                         The Semaphore

                                 Joe Scanlon
    In our last article we noted that our CAT
D8 tractor was equipped with the model 25
double drum rear power unit that would
operate a tractor pan. So after we obtained
the tractor we began to look for a pan. A
number were found, but all needed various
forms of expensive repairs or replacement
tires. They were also different manufacturers,
and we really wanted a CAT 80 pan, which
was the right sized unit for the D8 tractor.
One was found at the liquidation auction of
the Arthur V. Towner Construction Company
on Scottsville Road, but we were signifi-
cantly outbid on auction day.
    Over the years we learned a lot from         As soon as its blanket of snow melts, and as soon as the ground thaws and dries out, this big
Rand Warner including to be patient, and to      pan scoop will be moving dirt big time!                                  (Chris Hauf Photo)
keep looking.
    This past summer Joe Scanlon and the C.      Doodblebug Country                                             Doodlebugs of various (exotic?) types
P. Ward Company performed some crane                                                by Rand Warner         w e r e a l s o u s e d on some of our l o c a l
work for Mr. Ken Podgers of Orleans Sand             Virtually all of Rochester’s Class I rail-            shortlines, including Arcade & Attica, Dans-
& Gravel Company. It turns out that Mr.          roads used gas-mechanical, gas-electric and               ville & Mt. Morris, Prattsburg & Kanona,
Podgers had purchased a CAT D8 tractor           diesel-electric doodlebugs in the 1920s to                Bath & Hammondsport, Marcellus & Otisco,
with a pan, but never used the pan at his        1 9 4 0 s e r a i n a n effort to r e d u c e t r a i n   and possibly Skaneateles Shortline, and Gen-
gravel pit in Hamlin, NY.                        operating costs as labor and materials ex-                esee & Wyoming. Some of these were very
    He offered to donate it to the museum        pense increased at the same time that                     short lived “experiments”.
when he learned that we were looking for         ridership was decreasing.                                      Budd developed the successful RDC
one. Joe went out and inspected the pan, and         B&O operated EMD (?) cars out of the                  diesel-hydraulic in the 1950s, and these were
was surprised to find that this CAT 80 pan       downtown (Nick Tahoe) station, south to                   (and still are) in use all over the country.
was the very one that he had been outbid on      Ashford Junction, and at least as far south as            Many were used in commuter service. Many
at the Arthur V. Towner auction! The Board       Salamanca, and probably beyond.                           have been rebuilt and upgraded with Cum-
of Trustees approved the acceptance of the           The Erie used small, medium and large                 mins diesels. Some are still in use in Canada.
donation, and the pan was delivered to the       doodlebugs built by a variety of vendors, all             I t h i n k B&O may h a v e r u n t h e m i n t o
museum.                                          over New York State. In particular, they ran              Rochester.
    The pan was parked in our parking lot        doodlebugs out of Rochester after the electric                 Budd’s successful RDC was followed by
awaiting the return of the D8 from Worden’s      powered trains quit in 1934 until the end of              the consistently unsuccessful SPV-2000 in
Ag Service. Upon the return of the D8, both      passenger service in 1940.                                the 1980s. None are currently in service
units were moved up the hill to prepare to           The Lehigh Valley had a large fleet of                anywhere at this time.
move dirt. The D8 is now in the restoration      doodlebugs in all sizes. They ran in various                   Just the past couple of years, diesel-
building being given an oil change and           areas of New York state, including from                   hydraulic DM4 cars are coming back again
installing some small parts.                     Rochester to Rochester Junction, and from                 into the USA from foreign builders for short
    So when the weather improves, we’ll be       Rochester Junction to Honeoye Falls, and                  runs and commuter services.
able to employ some 1940’s technology to         possibly beyond to Lima or Hemlock.                            A double ended, self-contained, roller
move a significant amount of earth. Without          The Pennsy ran doodlebugs into their                  bearing, gas or diesel, electric or hydraulic
any help, the D8 and tractor pan can self        passenger station on West Main Street,                    doodlebug; Brill, EMD, RDC or otherwise is
load, haul and spread 20 cubic yards of earth    across from the present Morse Lumber                      a very flexible vehicle. It requires no
per load. In the process, the Rochester &        Company. The Pennsy units ran at least as                 servicing facilities, no run-around, nor wye
Genesee Valley Railroad Museum will train        far as Olean and probably beyond.                         or turntable, and can go virtually anywhere
a new generation of CAT skinners!                    The New York Central did not operate                  that steel rails lead.
                     Thanks to Mr. Ken Podg-     doodlebugs into Rochester, but I do believe                    Should there be such a doodlebug in our
ers of Orleans Sand & Gravel, Inc. for this      they were briefly used on the “Peanut Line”               future?
significant donation. And thanks to George       through Honeoye Falls. They were also used
Worden, Art Mummery, Dan Waterstraat and         elsewhere by NYC within the state.                        DONATION WANTED:
Scott Gleason for their tireless work on the         We currently know of some surviving                      Needed: About 80 square feet of 5/4”
D8 to get it ready to go to work. This spring    doodlebug examples from NYC, Erie, PRR                    tongue and groove flooring. Conact Dale
you should see some very neat earthmoving        and LV. Does anyone know about B&O?                       Hartnett (585/243-0139).
with antique equipment!
The Semaphore                                                           January 2003                                                                    Page 7

Freight Fleet - Its History                             modern cars with mechanical, diesel-dried             Operational Possibilities
                                  by Rand Warner        refrigeration, thus dispensing with the need                                           by Rand Warner
NYCRR #497862 Flat Card - 1907                          for on-line icing facilities. After trucking the           The combined trackage of our intercon-
                                                        car in to R&GVRM, we have been using it               nected R&GVRM and NYMT has the poten-
    This car, our oldest freight car, was
                                                        for storage capacity for our Museum. The car          tial for many special events for our visitors.
acquired from Kodak Park RR about 1974,
                                                        needs cosmetic restoration.
and was stored on the LA&L RR for many                                                                             If you visualize our main line with
years at Lakeville and South Lima before                MDT #14053 Steel Reefer - 1958                        branches, or splits at each end; Switch #6 for
being moved by train to R&GVRM. This car                    This car, discovered in Enola, PA, was            R&GVRM and the Loop Switch for NYMT,
needs very extensive repair and restoration             last used for maintenance support by MDT              you can imagine various i n t e r e s t i n g
before return to service as an operating                Service personnel at the large freight yard. It       scenarios:
freight car. We have considered it for static           is an all-steel car with ice bunkers at each          1. Lehigh Valley RR
display.                                                end, aided by circulating fans powered from                NYMT loop switch represents branch to
PRR #747603 Hopper Car - 1909 Series H21
                                                        a wheel driven alternator. After moving this          Rochester and R&GVRM Switch #6 repre-
                                                        car to R&GVRM in 1993, it was featured in             sents branch to Naples.
    This four-bottom coal car was originally
                                                        a special event at NYMT, where we loaded a
a 70-tonner, and was later upgraded to 100-                                                                   2. New York Central RR
                                                        ton of ice into it through the roof hatches,
ton capacity with new trucks. It was acquired                                                                      NYMT loop switch represent branch to
                                                        and explained operation of the car to our
from Libby-Owens Glass in Brockport, in the                                                                   Charlotte and R&GVRM Switch #6 repre-
                                                        visitors as they watched. The car has since
late 1980s, and trucked in on a large low boy                                                                 sents branch to Lyons to Geneva.
                                                        been outfitted as a display of MDT car shops
trailer. For several years sit sat on wood                                                                    3. Erie Railroad
                                                        at East Rochester, showing car building
stringers, west of LA&L RR. Using our
                                                        technology and reefer technology.                          NYMT Loop Switch represents junction
newly acquired Army crane, and with the
                                                        Conrail #715424 Flat Car - 1960                       at Avon and R&GVRM Switch #6 represents
cooperation of Conrail, it was craned onto
                                                            This car was acquired from Conrail in             junction at Corning.
trucks and moved into our R&GVRM yards
in the early 1990s. This car has already been           1999, and came by rail to R&GVRM. It is a             4. Pennsylvania Railroad
used several times in ballast service, and is in        55-foot flat car, with a cast steel frame, on              NYMT Loop Switch represents junction
relatively good condition. It needs paint and           roller bearing trucks, and in generally good          at Stanley to Sodus Point and Canadaiqua,
lettering to be presentable.                            condition. The wood decking needs replace-            a n d R&GVRM r e p r e s e n t s j u n c t i o n a t
                                                        ment and we have acquired a Kodak “Dollars            Hinsdale.
FGEX #50220 Wood Reefer - 1926
                                                        for Doers” grant to address that cost. The car             You can probably construct other
    This rare wood car, in complete and
                                                        is presently carrying track panels for Switch         examples.
restorable condition, was found abandoned at
                                                        #7, to be installed north of the Restoration               Image running a “Lehigh Valley Day” or
the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal in
                                                        Building. This car could actually be main-            a “New York Central Day” featuring simu-
Buffalo. Its last use there had been to support
                                                        tained or interchange or interchange service          lated road operations and real road
maintenance of other, more modern, reefer
                                                        if we so desired.                                     equipment.
cars at the terminal. The car was trucked in
to R&GVRM in 1996. A year ago, the car                                                                             We have already done timetable opera-
                                                        Answers to Quiz on Page 3
was prime painted by Kodak personnel as                                                                       tions using track cars. Think what we could
part of “Volunteers-Make-a-Difference Day”.                1-e, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b, 5-d                            do with trains!!
Now we need to finish coat it in proper                    [Ed. If it's any consolation, I did not get
color, repair some wood, and letter it.                 even one.]
                                                                                                              Reminiscing ...
Meanwhile, the car is giving good service for              [ U t i c a & M o h a w k Valley C h a p t e r ,
storage capacity.                                       NRHS's Tower Topics, Jan 2003.]                           Paul Keysor of Cato, NY submitted his
                                                                                                              memory of railroads to Reminisce, a maga-
Kodak Park RR #52 Tank Car - 1930
                                                        WNY&P closes gap.                                     zine devoted to memories.
    This tank car may have started life with
                                                                                                                  "The small town of Phelps, New York
GATX, the privately owned tank car fleet. It                On December 18, 2002, The Western
                                                        New York and Pennsylvania Railroad sched-             was the only one our train passed through
was used by Kodak both at Tennessee
                                                                                                              where the kids didn't throw stones at the
E a s t m a n , a n d l a t e r a t Kodak P a r k i n   uled it first train between Wellsville and
                                                        Hornell.                                              train. The kids were so nice, our engineer
Rochester. It was acquired in 1995 from
                                                                                                              brought candy, and all summer he tossed it
Kodak and moved in by rail. The car is in                   Full service is expected in late spring over      out to the kids who stood by the tracks.
good condition, needing only replacement of             the 187-mile line between Meadville to
wood platform planking and wood tank                    Hornell. About two trains a week now make                 "In that same town, a little girl set up a
saddles. The car was repainted almost com-              the trip from Meadville to Corry.                     lemonade stand in front of her house, which
pletely over the winter of 2002 and now                                                                       was on the other side of the road from the
                                                            Considerable work stills needs to be done         tracks.
needs lettering to be presentable.                      on signaling and at grade crossings.
MDT #12549 Steel Reefer - 1954                          [ website]                                      "One day I said to the engineer, 'Let's
                                                                                                              stop for a lemonade.'
   This car was acquired from the Niagara
Frontier Food Terminal in Buffalo in 1996.
This ice-cooled car was last used for mainte-
                                                           A Happy, Healthy                                       "We did, and you should have seen the
                                                                                                              look on the little girl's face."
nance support at the above yard. It was build              and Prosperous                                         [Submitted by Rand Warner; Oh, those
                                                                                                              were the days!]
in East Rochester at the Despatch Shops. It
was displaced in reefer service by more
                                                             New Year to
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