Aquatic Rehabilitation Therapy Course at ECU _2_ by liwenting


									  Aquatic Rehabilitation
at East Carolina University
                  RCTX 5000
Theoretical Foundations of Aquatic Rehabilitation

• Intended for RT, OT, PT, Adaptive PE, Speech
    and other Allied Health Professionals
•   Become confident and competent in Halliwick,
    WATSU, Bad Ragaz, Ai Chi, Ai Chi Ne, and
    various other aquatic therapy techniques
•   Learn properties of water, principles of Aquatic
    Therapy, movement mechanics
•   Clinical design, treatment options, risk
    management, safety, leadership and training
    and facility design and management
In pool classroom
• Located at the PCMH
    Rehab Pool
•   State of the art aquatic
•   93 degree water
•   Lift and ramp accessible
•   Aquatic equipment
    available for all
Bad Ragaz Technique
WATSU® Technique
Ai Chi Ne
•   Learn balance
•   Great 1:1 technique
•   Provides focus
•   Great with patients
    with neurological
•   Improved respiratory
•   Calming
                     RCTX 5001
         Applied Techniques in Aquatic Rehabilitation

• Review diagnostic categories of orthopedic impairments,
    neurological impairments, development disabilities,
    musculoskeletal disorders and cardiopulmonary disorders
•   Identify strengths/needs of specific patient types
•   Identify appropriate aquatic therapy interventions
•   Demonstrate aquatic therapy interventions related to
    specific land-based problems
•   Discuss documentation, reimbursement and the
    continuum of care in aquatic therapy
Developing trunk stability
Discussing patient concerns
Facilitating trunk elongation
Relearning leisure pursuits
Safety, safety, safety
Reciprocal arm movements
Confident, competent therapists
    Check out RCTX 5000 & 5001
• Both courses taught at Pitt County Memorial
    Hospital Rehab. Pool
•   36 hours
•   Weekends only (3 weekends per semester)
•   Experiential training for competent development
    of intervention skills and aquatic therapy
•   Great prep for the ATRI Aquatic Therapy
    certification exam
    – ECU has plans to host the ATRI certification exam
 Aquatic Therapy
 Certificate Program
• Certificate Requirements (12 hours)
• RCTX 5000 Theoretical Foundations of Aquatic Rehabilitation (3)
    RCTX 5001 Applied Techniques in Aquatic Rehabilitation (3)
    RCLS 5100 Aquatics Facilities Management (3)
•   Choose 3 hours (min.):
    RCLS 5101 Waterfront Facility Operations (3)
    EXSS 5904 Adaptive Aquatics (2)
    Other courses related to disability, aquatics, or health approved
    by Certificate Director
•   National certifications required in First Aid and CPR.
To Get Started….
• All students must be Undergraduate Seniors or Graduate
    Students enrolled at East Carolina
•   For those not enrolled at ECU, please visit to complete
    an on-line application
    – Non-degree earning students may enroll as a “non-degree”
      earning student to complete certificate program
• After receiving notice of your application status, contact
    the RCLS departmental secretary at (252) 328-4640 to
•   Specific fees and course weekends can be located at
        For more information

• Contact
• Instructor donna Mooneyham, MAEd,
• Dr. David Loy, ECU RT Faculty Member

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