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					                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
2MD KENDYL 23W                          X-[CAN]*17864-        F     MD        23   W   THF
5-STAR AUGUSTA QUEEN 5T                 X-[CAN]AR16036-       F     STAR       5   T   THF
5-STAR FAITH 11P                        X-[CAN]*13763-        F     STAR      11   P   THF
ACC CANDY'S WINEGUM 14W                 X-[CAN]F686568-       F     ACC       14   W   THF
ACC CHOICE 11U                         -[CAN]F685408-         F     ACC       11   U   THF
ACC ELITE WENDYLOU 7W                   X-[CAN]F686567-       F     ACC        7   W   THF
ACC FAIREST FAYE 7T                     X-[CAN]F683976-       F     ACC        7   T   THF
ACC KIT KAT 33U                         X-[CAN]F685637-       F     ACC       33   U   THF
ACC MELBA NIAM 18U                     -[CAN]F685417-         F     ACC       18   U   THF
ACC MINNIE'S SHOWGIRL 4W               -[CAN]F686569-         F     ACC        4   W   THF
ACC PLEASANT DAWN 9U                    X-[CAN]F685383-       F     ACC        9   U   THF
ACC WINDFALL SUSAN 26W                  X-[CAN]*17594-        F     ACC       26   W   THF
ACC WONDERFUL BARONESS 37W              X-[CAN]*17591-        F     ACC       37   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR DOTTIE 9T                    X-[CAN]F684401-       F     PJB        9   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR GO GO GIRL 31S               X-[CAN]F682645-       F     PJB       31   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR JEANETTE 96J                 X-[CAN]F673002-       F     ZWB       96   J   THF
ALTA CEDAR JULIA ANN 15P                X-[CAN]F680728-       F     ZWB       15   P   THF
ALTA CEDAR LADY 25S                     X-[CAN]F682671-       F     PJB       25   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR LILIAN 73P                   X-[CAN]F680733-       F     ZWB       73   P   THF
ALTA CEDAR LORNA 44T                    X-[CAN]F683857-       F     PJB       44   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SCARLET MAY 140W             X-[CAN]F686921-       F     PJB      140   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER GEM 125G              X-F669423-            F     ZWB      125   G   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER GEM 16T               X-[CAN]F683859-       F     PJB       16   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER GEM 19T               X-[CAN]F683858-       F     PJB       19   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER GEM 43S               X-[CAN]F682750-       F     PJB       43   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER GEM 76T              -[CAN]F684382-         F     PJB       76   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER GEM 8T                X-[CAN]F684063-       F     PJB        8   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER MAISIE 153W           X-[CAN]F686923-       F     PJB      153   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER MAISIE 38W            X-[CAN]F686924-       F     PJB       38   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER MAISIE 47T            X-[CAN]F684390-       F     PJB       47   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER MAISIE 86U            X-[CAN]F685274-       F     PJB       86   U   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER MAISIE 9M             X-[CAN]F677771-       F     ZWB        9   M   THF
ALTA CEDAR SUSAN 1T                     X-[CAN]F683939-       F     PJB        1   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SUSAN 45U                    X-[CAN]F685284-       F     PJB       45   U   THF
ALTA CEDAR SUZETTE 50U                  X-[CAN]F685279-       F     PJB       50   U   THF
AR SU LU KELINA 648                     X-[CAN]*16027-        F     DLA      648   S   THF
BAEHR ACRES ROAN ROSE 57T               X-[CAN]F684029-       F     RZL       57   T   THF
BAR 33 BRENDA 6U                        X-[CAN]F685082-       F     DEN        6   U   THF
BAR 33 DAFFODIL 3W                      X-[CAN]F686200-       F     DEN        3   W   THF
BAR 33 IRISH LASSIE 1U                  X-[CAN]F685085-       F     DEN        1   U   THF
BAR 33 PRINCESS 1W                      X-[CAN]F686242-       F     DEN        1   W   THF
BAR 33 PRINCESS 5U                      X-[CAN]F685084-       F     DEN        5   U   THF
BAR P LOUISA 33F                        X-F668768-            F     ZFM       33   F   THF
BELL M 247T                             X-[CAN]F684524-       F     MOH      247   T   THF
BELL M ATHENA 10K                       X-[CAN]F675309-       F     MOH       10   K   THC
BELL M ATHENA 137P                      X-[CAN]F680238-       F     MOH      137   P   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
BELL M ATHENA 18T                       X-[CAN]F684519-       F     MOH       18   T   THF
BELL M ATHENA 26M                       X-[CAN]F677745-       F     MOH       26   M   THF
BELL M ATHENA 36W                      -[CAN]F686534-         F     MOH       36   W   THF
BELL M ATHENA 44S                       X-[CAN]F682958-       F     MOH       44   S   THF
BELL M ATHENA 48T                      -[CAN]F684529-         F     MOH       48   T   THF
BELL M ATHENA 5S                        X-[CAN]F682952-       F     MOH        5   S   THC
BELL M ATHENA 82N                       X-[CAN]F679105-       F     MOH       82   N   THC
BELL M BROOKS BINNIE 32S                X-[CAN]F683516-       F     VJM       32   S   THF
BELL M CRIMSON 120R                     X-[CAN]F681323-       F     MOH      120   R   THC
BELL M CZARINA 19W                      X-[CAN]F686540-       F     RAE       19   W   THF
BELL M ELLA 52W                         X-[CAN]F686525-       F     MOH       52   W   THF
BELL M ELLA ENCHANTED 14P               X-[CAN]F680230-       F     MOH       14   P   THF
BELL M ELLA ENCHANTED 54T               X-[CAN]F684515-       F     MOH       54   T   THF
BELL M ELLY 42T                        -[CAN]F684527-         F     MOH       42   T   THF
BELL M ELLY 55M                         X-[CAN]F677696-       F     MOH       55   M   THF
BELL M ELLY 77R                         X-[CAN]F681317-       F     MOH       77   R   THF
BELL M ELLY 82U                         X-[CAN]F685953-       F     MOH       82   U   THF
BELL M FLORENCE 70U                     X-[CAN]F685959-       F     MOH       70   U   THF
BELL M FLORENCE 75S                     X-[CAN]F682956-       F     MOH       75   S   THF
BELL M FLOWER 22T                       X-[CAN]F684745-       F     MDM       22   T   THF
BELL M FLOWER 49T                       X-[CAN]F684743-       F     MDM       49   T   THF
BELL M GRAND MISSIE 12S                -[CAN]F683344-         F     MDM       12   S   THF
BELL M JOYOUS JADE 25S                  X-[CAN]F682948-       F     MOH       25   S   THF
BELL M KATHRYN 142P                     X-[CAN]F680906-       F     MOH      142   P   THF
BELL M KATHRYN 1S                       X-[CAN]F682764-       F     MOH        1   S   THF
BELL M KATHRYN 30N                      X-[CAN]F678852-       F     MOH       30   N   THF
BELL M KATHRYN 37S                      X-[CAN]F682957-       F     MOH       37   S   THF
BELL M KATHRYN 48W                      X-[CAN]F686539-       F     MOH       48   W   THF
BELL M KATHRYN 68L                      X-[CAN]F676368-       F     MOH       68   L   THF
BELL M LASSIE 30S                       X-[CAN]F683524-       F     GMA       30   S   THF
BELL M LEA 100U                         X-[CAN]F685951-       F     MOH      100   U   THF
BELL M LEA 101W                        -[CAN]F686529-         F     MOH      101   W   THF
BELL M LEA 105T                         X-[CAN]F684521-       F     MOH      105   T   THF
BELL M LEA 121U                         X-[CAN]F685958-       F     MOH      121   U   THF
BELL M LEA 12T                          X-[CAN]F684472-       F     MOH       12   T   THF
BELL M LEA 141T                         X-[CAN]F684522-       F     MOH      141   T   THF
BELL M LEA 145U                         X-[CAN]F685955-       F     MOH      145   U   THF
BELL M LEA 19R                          X-[CAN]F681320-       F     MOH       19   R   THF
BELL M LEA 26L                          X-[CAN]F676364-       F     MOH       26   L   THF
BELL M LEA 43P                          X-[CAN]F680235-       F     MOH       43   P   THF
BELL M LEA 46S                          X-[CAN]F682766-       F     MOH       46   S   THF
BELL M LEA 50K                          X-[CAN]F674680-       F     MOH       50   K   THF
BELL M LEA 74R                          X-[CAN]F681321-       F     MOH       74   R   THF
BELL M LEA 79S                          X-[CAN]F682767-       F     MOH       79   S   THF
BELL M LEA 93N                          X-[CAN]F679101-       F     MOH       93   N   THF
BELL M LUCKY ANNE 102S                  X-[CAN]F682967-       F     AMS      102   S   THF
                      Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                    Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
BELL M MAXINE 10T                        X-[CAN]F684531-       F     RAE       10   T   THF
BELL M MISS ANNE 88R                     X-[CAN]F681748-       F     AMS       88   R   THF
BELL M MISS RUBY 73T                    -[CAN]F684551-         F     AMS       73   T   THF
BELL M MISSIE 34U                        X-[CAN]F685961-       F     MOH       34   U   THF
BELL M MISSIE 61U                        X-[CAN]F685576-       F     AMS       61   U   THF
BELL M MISSIE 6T                         X-[CAN]F684473-       F     RRRM       6   T   THC
BELL M MISSIE 78W                        X-[CAN]F686530-       F     MOH       78   W   THF
BELL M MISTY 4W                          X-[CAN]F686541-       F     RSL        4   W   THF
BELL M MISTY 57P                         X-[CAN]F680243-       F     AMS       57   P   THF
BELL M MISTY 61T                         X-[CAN]F683717-       F     RSL       61   T   THF
BELL M NORMA 111S                       -[CAN]F682943-         F     MOH      111   S   THF
BELL M NORMA 124S                        X-[CAN]F682954-       F     MOH      124   S   THC
BELL M NORMA 33T                         X-[CAN]F684517-       F     MOH       33   T   THF
BELL M PANSY 124L                        X-[CAN]F676366-       F     MOH      124   L   THF
BELL M PANSY 17W                         X-[CAN]F686528-       F     MOH       17   W   THF
BELL M PANSY 28R                         X-[CAN]F681308-       F     MOH       28   R   THF
BELL M PANSY 30T                         X-[CAN]F684528-       F     MOH       30   T   THF
BELL M PANSY 31N                         X-[CAN]F679102-       F     MOH       31   N   THF
BELL M PANSY 36P                         X-[CAN]F680237-       F     MOH       36   P   THF
BELL M PANSY 56R                         X-[CAN]F681307-       F     MOH       56   R   THF
BELL M PANSY 66T                         X-[CAN]F684525-       F     MOH       66   T   THF
BELL M PANSY 70W                         X-[CAN]F686538-       F     MOH       70   W   THF
BELL M PANSY 78U                         X-[CAN]F685952-       F     MOH       78   U   THF
BELL M PENNY 24M                         X-[CAN]F678625-       F     RRRM      24   M   THC
BELL M PENNY 39P                         X-[CAN]F680224-       F     RRRM      39   P   THF
BELL M PENNY 54J                         X-[CAN]F673965-       F     RRRM      54   J   THF
BELL M PENNY 5R                         -[CAN]F681161-         F     RRRM       5   R   THF
BELL M PENNY 9T                          X-[CAN]F684325-       F     RRRM       9   T   THC
BELL M RED MISSIE 7M                     X-[CAN]F678626-       F     RRRM       7   M   THF
BELL M ROSEBUD 84U                      -[CAN]F685679-         F     LWM       84   U   THF
BELL M SALLY 85S                         X-[CAN]F682969-       F     AMS       85   S   THF
BELL M SALLY ANNE 42L                    X-[CAN]F676964-       F     AMS       42   L   THF
BELL M TALCOTT JOYFUL 59P                X-[CAN]F680644-       F     MDM       59   P   THF
BELL M TITAN'S VERA 8K                   X-[CAN]F674673-       F     MOH        8   K   THF
BELL M VERA'S MISTRESS 160T              X-[CAN]F684087-       F     MOH      160   T   THF
BELL M VERA'S MISTRESS 20S               X-[CAN]F682945-       F     MOH       20   S   THF
BELL M VERA'S MISTRESS 34F              -F667525-              F     MOH       34   F   THF
BELL M VERA'S MISTRESS 47T               X-[CAN]F684516-       F     MOH       47   T   THF
BELL M VERA'S MISTRESS 62U               X-[CAN]F685956-       F     MOH       62   U   THF
BELL M VERA'S MISTRESS 74P               X-[CAN]F680226-       F     MOH       74   P   THF
BELL M VICKI 122T                        X-[CAN]F684533-       F     RGM      122   T   THF
BELL M VICKI 151U                        X-[CAN]F685939-       F     RGM      151   U   THC
BELL M VICKI 26P                         X-[CAN]F680222-       F     RGM       26   P   THC
BELL M VICKI 55T                         X-[CAN]F684532-       F     RGM       55   T   THF
BELL M VICKI 64W                         X-[CAN]F686542-       F     RGM       64   W   THF
BELL M VICKI 65H                         X-[CAN]F672273-       F     RGM       65   H   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
BELL M VICKI 69N                       X-[CAN]F679591-       F     RGM      69   N   THF
BELL M VICKI 74L                       X-[CAN]F676849-       F     RGM      74   L   THF
BELL M VICKI 91T                       X-[CAN]F684534-       F     RGM      91   T   THF
BELL M WINONA 16T                      X-[CAN]F684728-       F     GMA      16   T   THF
BENVALE JET STAR 26E                   X-AR4316-             F     FW       26   E   THF
BLEDNOCK CHARITY ROSIE 3K              X-[CAN]F674580-       F     AJT       3   K   THF
BLUEPRINT PURDY SUSAN 1P               X-[CAN]F680000-       F     BLUE      1   P   THC
BODMIN BELLE 26S                       X-[CAN]AR15667-       F     AFBV     26   S   THF
BODMIN BELLE 28T                       X-[CAN]AR16390-       F     AFBV     28   T   THF
BODMIN CHERRY JANE 1T                 -[CAN]AR16388-         F     AFBV      1   T   THF
BODMIN ESTELLE 17P                     X-[CAN]AR13093-       F     AFBV     17   P   THC
BODMIN ESTELLE 20S                    -[CAN]AR15666-         F     AFBV     20   S   THF
BODMIN ESTELLE 3T                      X-[CAN]AR16394-       F     AFBV      3   T   THF
BODMIN GENE 2T                         X-[CAN]AR16399-       F     AFBV      2   T   THC
BODMIN GENE 6T                         X-[CAN]AR16385-       F     AFBV      6   T   THF
BODMIN IMAGE 27T                       X-[CAN]AR16391-       F     AFBV     27   T   THF
BODMIN KATIE 15T                       X-[CAN]AR16395-       F     AFBV     15   T   THF
BODMIN KATIE 17W                       X-[CAN]AR17868-       F     AFBV     17   W   THF
BODMIN MELODY ANN 11T                  X-[CAN]AR16386-       F     AFBV     11   T   THF
BODMIN MELODY ANN 17T                  X-[CAN]AR16389-       F     AFBV     17   T   THF
BODMIN MELODY ANN 21S                  X-[CAN]AR15660-       F     AFBV     21   S   THF
BODMIN MELODY ANN 22U                  X-[CAN]*17101-        F     AFBV     22   U   THF
BODMIN MELODY ANN 33T                  X-[CAN]AR16393-       F     AFBV     33   T   THC
BODMIN PRINCESS 11S                    X-[CAN]*15658-        F     AFBV     11   S   THF
BODMIN PRINCESS 2U                    -[CAN]*17100-          F     AFBV      2   U   THF
BODMIN PRINCESS 7P                     X-[CAN]AR13096-       F     AFBV      7   P   THF
BODMIN SELENA 12T                     -[CAN]AR16402-         F     AFBV     12   T   THC
BODMIN SELENA 23T                      X-[CAN]AR16403-       F     AFBV     23   T   THC
BODMIN SELENA 30T                      X-[CAN]AR16400-       F     AFBV     30   T   THC
BRAEBANK BARON SHEPARDESS 14S          X-[CAN]F683448-       F     RCB      14   S   THF
BRAEBANK LU TRELLE 1T                  X-[CAN]F683997-       F     RCB       1   T   THF
BRAEBANK QK TRUMAY 16T                 X-[CAN]AR16428-       F     RCB      16   T   THF
BREEZY ACRES WHITNEY 9W                X-[CAN]F687157-       F     DJM       9   W   THF
BREEZY ACRES WILLOW ROSE 4W            X-[CAN]F687160-       F     DJM       4   W   THF
BROMELEE B W LUCILLE 28K               X-[CAN]F674724-       F     UFP      28   K   THF
BROMELEE BW LUCILLE 24L                X-[CAN]F676464-       F     UFP      24   L   THF
BROOM RIDGE XENA 1X                    X-[CAN]F687305-       F     BRS       1   X   THF
BUFFALO LAKE FLASH 32P                 X-[CAN]F680171-       F     OBN      32   P   THF
BUTTERFIELD BESSIE 13T                 X-[CAN]F683793-       F     RZN      13   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD BESSIE 14N                 X-[CAN]F679144-       F     RZN      14   N   THF
BUTTERFIELD BESSIE 2S                  X-[CAN]F682701-       F     RZN       2   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD BESSIE 8M                  X-[CAN]F677710-       F     RZN       8   M   THF
BUTTERFIELD CATHY ANN 4K               X-[CAN]F674402-       F     RZN       4   K   THF
BUTTERFIELD DORA 10N                   X-[CAN]F679142-       F     RZN      10   N   THF
BUTTERFIELD DORA 35R                   X-[CAN]F681475-       F     RZN      35   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD DORA 5J                    X-[CAN]F672931-       F     RZN       5   J   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
BUTTERFIELD DORA 6K                    X-[CAN]F674403-       F     RZN       6   K   THF
BUTTERFIELD DORA 8T                   -[CAN]F684392-         F     RZN       8   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD DOTTIE 32T                 X-[CAN]F683803-       F     RZN      32   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD DOTTIE 37R                 X-[CAN]F681479-       F     RZN      37   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD DOTTIE 7P                  X-[CAN]F680052-       F     RZN       7   P   THF
BUTTERFIELD DOTTY 6S                   X-[CAN]F682703-       F     RZN       6   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD ELIZABETH 10J              X-[CAN]F673021-       F     RZN      10   J   THF
BUTTERFIELD ELIZABETH 17R              X-[CAN]F681470-       F     RZN      17   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD ELIZABETH 18P             -[CAN]F680054-         F     RZN      18   P   THF
BUTTERFIELD ELIZABETH 26G              X-F669003-            F     RZN      26   G   THF
BUTTERFIELD ELIZABETH 5S               X-[CAN]F682702-       F     RZN       5   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD EMERALD 14T                X-[CAN]F683794-       F     RZN      14   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD EMERALD 4L                -[CAN]F676927-         F     RZN       4   L   THF
BUTTERFIELD FAIR FREDA 6L              X-[CAN]F677163-       F     RZN       6   L   THF
BUTTERFIELD FORESTER 2R                X-[CAN]F681464-       F     RZN       2   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD GLORIA 16T                 X-[CAN]F683796-       F     RZN      16   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD GLORIA 17J                -[CAN]F673024-         F     RZN      17   J   THF
BUTTERFIELD GLORIA 6P                 -[CAN]F680060-         F     RZN       6   P   THF
BUTTERFIELD LADY 18R                   X-[CAN]F681471-       F     RZN      18   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD LADY 19S                   X-[CAN]F682706-       F     RZN      19   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD LADY LOMOND 15T            X-[CAN]F683795-       F     RZN      15   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD LADY LOMOND 8S            -[CAN]F682704-         F     RZN       8   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD LEAH 15R                   X-[CAN]*14585-        F     RZN      15   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD LEAH 24N                   X-[CAN]*12301-        F     RZN      24   N   THF
BUTTERFIELD LEAH 24T                   X-[CAN]F683798-       F     RZN      24   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAGGIE MAE 1T              X-[CAN]F683787-       F     RZN       1   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 14M                -[CAN]F677792-         F     RZN      14   M   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 18S                 X-[CAN]F682441-       F     RZN      18   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 18T                 X-[CAN]F683797-       F     RZN      18   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 22L                 X-[CAN]F676934-       F     RZN      22   L   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 29T                 X-[CAN]F683804-       F     RZN      29   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 2P                  X-[CAN]F680050-       F     RZN       2   P   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 36J                -[CAN]F673031-         F     RZN      36   J   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 3R                 -[CAN]F681465-         F     RZN       3   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 3T                  X-[CAN]F683788-       F     RZN       3   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 6R                  X-[CAN]F681473-       F     RZN       6   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD MAIDEN 7R                 -[CAN]F681466-         F     RZN       7   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD MARTHA 33S                 X-[CAN]F682709-       F     RZN      33   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD MINNIE 23K                 X-[CAN]F674410-       F     RZN      23   K   THF
BUTTERFIELD MINNIE 28P                -[CAN]F682699-         F     RZN      28   P   THF
BUTTERFIELD MINNIE 7S                  X-[CAN]F682700-       F     RZN       7   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD MINNIE 7T                  X-[CAN]F683790-       F     RZN       7   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD MIS-TEEQ 26S               X-[CAN]F682443-       F     RZN      26   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD NEON SUSAN 27R             X-[CAN]F681477-       F     RZN      27   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD NORMA 1R                  -[CAN]*14575-          F     RZN       1   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD NORMA 9T                   X-[CAN]F683791-       F     RZN       9   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
BUTTERFIELD PICT PERFECT 15M           X-[CAN]*10999-        F     RZN      15   M   THF
BUTTERFIELD PICTUREPERFECT 30T         X-[CAN]F683802-       F     RZN      30   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD SECRET MAID 10M            X-[CAN]*11000-        F     RZN      10   M   THF
BUTTERFIELD SECRET MAID 11R            X-[CAN]*14578-        F     RZN      11   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD SHERRY 23R                 X-[CAN]F681472-       F     RZN      23   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD SHERRY 8R                  X-[CAN]F681467-       F     RZN       8   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD SILVER MAISIE 15N         -[CAN]F679149-         F     RZN      15   N   THF
BUTTERFIELD SILVER MAISIE 23S          X-[CAN]F682442-       F     RZN      23   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SILVER MAISIE 25T          X-[CAN]F683799-       F     RZN      25   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD SILVER MAISIE 29R          X-[CAN]F681478-       F     RZN      29   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD SILVER MAISIE 38J         -[CAN]F673032-         F     RZN      38   J   THF
BUTTERFIELD SILVER MAISIE 5T           X-[CAN]F683789-       F     RZN       5   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD SUSAN 11T                  X-[CAN]F683792-       F     RZN      11   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD WINNETTE 26T               X-[CAN]F683800-       F     RZN      26   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD WINNETTE 28S               X-[CAN]F682707-       F     RZN      28   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD WINNETTE 7K                X-[CAN]F674404-       F     RZN       7   K   THF
BYLAND CINDY BEAUTY 1RD70              X-[CAN]*16606-        F     DLA      21   L   THF
CARMYLE RAGGEDY ANN RR 10P            -[CAN]*13380-          F     CAK      10   P   THF
CARMYLE RED RAGGEDY ANN 12R            X-[CAN]*14552-        F     CAK      12   R   THF
CDK SHY 1S                             X-[CAN]F683098-       F     CDK       1   S   THF
CDK TAM 10T                            X-[CAN]F683956-       F     CDK      10   T   THF
CDK TINA 2T                            X-[CAN]F684418-       F     CDK       2   T   THF
CDK UR THELMA 1T                       X-[CAN]F684162-       F     CDK       1   T   THF
CDK UR TWILIGHT 6T                     X-[CAN]F684163-       F     CDK       6   T   THF
CIRCLE C CLARA 6T                      X-[CAN]F683649-       F     CSC       6   T   THF
CIRCLE C SALLY 7T                      X-[CAN]F683652-       F     CSC       7   T   THF
CIRCLE C SUSANNE 9N                    X-[CAN]F678747-       F     CSC       9   N   THF
CIRCLE M BRANDY'S XTREME 5X            X-[CAN]F687269-       F     BCM       5   X   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S KIT KAT 9K            X-[CAN]F674062-       F     BCM       9   K   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S NUGGET 8N            -[CAN]F678729-         F     BCM       8   N   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S SUGAR PLUM 6S         X-[CAN]F682138-       F     BCM       6   S   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S TRUFFLE 5T           -[CAN]F683536-         F     BCM       5   T   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S ULTRA 5U             -[CAN]F684879-         F     BCM       5   U   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S UTOPIA 7U             X-[CAN]F684882-       F     BCM       7   U   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S WHITESUGAR 6W         X-[CAN]F686084-       F     BCM       6   W   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S WUNDABAR 4W           X-[CAN]F686081-       F     BCM       4   W   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S XTACY 6X              X-[CAN]F687277-       F     BCM       6   X   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S XTRA GOODY 3X         X-[CAN]F687276-       F     BCM       3   X   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S XTRA SUGAR            X-[CAN]F687271-       F     BCM      15   X   THF
CIRCLE M CANDY'S XTRA SWEET            X-[CAN]F687273-       F     BCM      14   X   THF
CIRCLE M ELVIRA 8E                     X-F665100-            F     BCM       8   E   THF
CIRCLE M FLORENCE'S WILLOW 12W         X-[CAN]F686078-       F     BCM      12   W   THF
CIRCLE M FLORENCE'S XTRAVAGANT         X-[CAN]F687274-       F     BCM       7   X   THF
CIRCLE M HAZELLE 11H                   X-[CAN]F670351-       F     BCM      11   H   THF
CIRCLE M JASMIN 2J                     X-[CAN]F672482-       F     BCM       2   J   THF
CIRCLE M LADY 12L                      X-[CAN]F675743-       F     BCM      12   L   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
CIRCLE M LUCILLE 6L                    X-[CAN]F675747-       F     BCM        6   L   THF
CIRCLE M MAGNOLIA 1M                  -[CAN]F677360-         F     BCM        1   M   THF
CIRCLE M MANDY 14M                     X-[CAN]F677353-       F     BCM       14   M   THF
CIRCLE M NAN 15N                       X-[CAN]F678733-       F     BCM       15   N   THF
CIRCLE M NAN'S XTRA CLASS 8X           X-[CAN]F687272-       F     BCM        8   X   THF
CIRCLE M NATALIE 4N                    X-[CAN]F678744-       F     BCM        4   N   THF
CIRCLE M NELLY 7N                      X-[CAN]F678731-       F     BCM        7   N   THF
CIRCLE M NESTA FLASH 20N               X-[CAN]F678775-       F     BCM       20   N   THF
CIRCLE M NORMA'S WHISPER 1W            X-[CAN]F686080-       F     BCM        1   W   THF
CIRCLE M NORMA'S WILDFIRE 7W          -[CAN]F686079-         F     BCM        7   W   THF
CIRCLE M PAISLEY 5P                    X-[CAN]F679794-       F     BCM        5   P   THF
CIRCLE M PAISLEY'S XCLUSIVE            X-[CAN]F687268-       F     BCM       12   X   THF
CIRCLE M PAISLEYS WHIRLWIND 2W         X-[CAN]F686085-       F     BCM        2   W   THF
CIRCLE M PARIS HILTON 11P              X-[CAN]F679791-       F     BCM       11   P   THF
CIRCLE M PIXIE 4P                      X-[CAN]F679793-       F     BCM        4   P   THF
CIRCLE M ROSE'S JEWEL 13J              X-[CAN]*7732-         F     BCM       13   J   THF
CIRCLE M ROSE'S KALIKA 16K             X-[CAN]*8631-         F     BCM       16   K   THF
CIRCLE M ROSE'S SILVER BELL            X-[CAN]F682298-       F     BCM       16   S   THF
CIRCLE M ROSE'S TRILLIUM 2T            X-[CAN]F683538-       F     BCM        2   T   THF
CIRCLE M TESSA 3T                      X-[CAN]F683539-       F     BCM        3   T   THF
CIRCLE M TIGER LILY 11T                X-[CAN]F683537-       F     BCM       11   T   THF
CIRCLE M TOFFEE CANDY 6T               X-[CAN]F683535-       F     BCM        6   T   THF
CIRCLE M TREASURE 8T                   X-[CAN]F683534-       F     BCM        8   T   THF
CIRCLE M TREASURE'S WONDER 17W         X-[CAN]F686082-       F     BCM       17   W   THF
CIRCLE M UNAKA 3U                     -[CAN]F684880-         F     BCM        3   U   THF
CIRCLE M UP BEAT 8U                    X-[CAN]F684881-       F     BCM        8   U   THF
CIRCLE M WASABI 16W                    X-[CAN]F686077-       F     BCM       16   W   THF
CIRCLE M WYNONA 11W                    X-[CAN]F686083-       F     BCM       11   W   THF
CIRCLE M XCITING LILY 18X              X-[CAN]F687275-       F     BCM       18   X   THF
CIRCLE M XTREMELY FINE 11X             X-[CAN]F687270-       F     BCM       11   X   THF
CIRLCE M MELODY 2M                     X-[CAN]F677355-       F     BCM        2   M   THF
CLUTCH WHISKY GIRL 161W                X-[CAN]AR17342-       F     MLY      161   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE 3S                        -[CAN]Z74150-          F     CMS        3   S   THF
CLYTHE MANE AUDREY 37S                -[CAN]F683563-         F     CMS       37   S   THF
CLYTHE MANE BEAUTY 117U                X-[CAN]F686072-       F     CMS      117   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE BEAUTY 12N                 X-[CAN]F679132-       F     CMS       12   N   THF
CLYTHE MANE BEAUTY 23T                 X-[CAN]F684240-       F     CMS       23   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE BESSIE 3R                  X-[CAN]F681635-       F     CMS        3   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE BESSIE 52U                 X-[CAN]F686066-       F     CMS       52   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE CLARA 115U                 X-[CAN]F686074-       F     CMS      115   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE CLARA 21P                  X-[CAN]F680614-       F     CMS       21   P   THF
CLYTHE MANE CLARA 92T                  X-[CAN]F684243-       F     CMS       92   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE FLORA 10S                  X-[CAN]F683554-       F     CMS       10   S   THF
CLYTHE MANE FLORA 67W                  X-[CAN]F687293-       F     CMS       67   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE FLORA 86T                  X-[CAN]F684230-       F     CMS       86   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE IRISH PEGGY 30R           -[CAN]F681965-         F     CMS       30   R   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
CLYTHE MANE JOAN 15N                  X-[CAN]F679130-       F     CMS       15   N   THF
CLYTHE MANE JOAN 1R                   X-[CAN]F681980-       F     CMS        1   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE JOAN 21U                 -[CAN]F686075-         F     CMS       21   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE JOAN 5R                   X-[CAN]F681961-       F     CMS        5   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE MAXINE 121T               X-[CAN]F684242-       F     CMS      121   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE MAXINE 34U                X-[CAN]F686073-       F     CMS       34   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE MAXINE 8P                 X-[CAN]F680616-       F     CMS        8   P   THF
CLYTHE MANE MISSIE 15R                X-[CAN]F681634-       F     CMS       15   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE NORMA 105T                X-[CAN]F684238-       F     CMS      105   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE NORMA 109U                X-[CAN]F686065-       F     CMS      109   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE NORMA 13K                 X-[CAN]F674732-       F     CMS       13   K   THF
CLYTHE MANE NORMA 1N                 -[CAN]F679136-         F     CMS        1   N   THF
CLYTHE MANE NORMA 23S                 X-[CAN]F683566-       F     CMS       23   S   THF
CLYTHE MANE NORMA 31R                 X-[CAN]F681968-       F     CMS       31   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE NORMA 40T                 X-[CAN]F684246-       F     CMS       40   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE NORMA 88U                -[CAN]F686070-         F     CMS       88   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE PAMELA 16N                X-[CAN]F679131-       F     CMS       16   N   THF
CLYTHE MANE PAMELA 25R                X-[CAN]F681963-       F     CMS       25   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE PAMELA 25U                X-[CAN]F686076-       F     CMS       25   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE PAMELA 47P                X-[CAN]F680612-       F     CMS       47   P   THF
CLYTHE MANE PAMELA 53T                X-[CAN]F684241-       F     CMS       53   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE PAMELA 53W                X-[CAN]F687291-       F     CMS       53   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE PANSY 79W                 X-[CAN]F687292-       F     CMS       79   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE PANSY 99T                -[CAN]F684232-         F     CMS       99   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE RUBY 133T                 X-[CAN]F684234-       F     CMS      133   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE RUBY 20W                  X-[CAN]F687296-       F     CMS       20   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE SALLY 26W                 X-[CAN]F687294-       F     CMS       26   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE TILLIE 152T               X-[CAN]F684235-       F     CMS      152   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE TILLIE 19W                X-[CAN]F687297-       F     CMS       19   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE TILLIE 24U                X-[CAN]F686068-       F     CMS       24   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE TRISH 29T                 X-[CAN]F684237-       F     CMS       29   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN ALICE 2S                    X-[CAN]*15396-        F     GAC        2   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN BABE 45S                    X-[CAN]*15743-        F     GAC       45   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 20T                   X-[CAN]*16145-        F     GAC       20   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 21L                   X-[CAN]*10625-        F     GAC       21   L   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 22U                   X-[CAN]*17260-        F     GAC       22   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 24T                   X-[CAN]F684133-       F     GAC       24   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 34S                   X-[CAN]*15761-        F     GAC       34   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 35S                   X-[CAN]*15699-        F     GAC       35   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 39P                   X-[CAN]*13032-        F     GAC       39   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 43S                   X-[CAN]F682529-       F     GAC       43   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 50S                  -[CAN]*15746-          F     GAC       50   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 5T                    X-[CAN]*16147-        F     GAC        5   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN BELLE 6R                    X-[CAN]F681218-       F     GAC        6   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN BRENDA 72W                  X-[CAN]*17469-        F     GAC       72   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 2 2W                X-[CAN]*17456-        F     GAC        2   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 2P                  -[CAN]*12997-          F     GAC       2   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 2U                   X-[CAN]*16863-        F     GAC       2   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 32S                 -[CAN]*15677-          F     GAC      32   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 36T                 -[CAN]F684652-         F     GAC      36   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 68W                  X-[CAN]*17437-        F     GAC      68   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 6S                   X-[CAN]*15542-        F     GAC       6   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 73U                 -[CAN]F686138-         F     GAC      73   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN DUCHESS 73W                  X-[CAN]*17467-        F     GAC      73   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN EC SILVER ROSE 10S           X-[CAN]*15544-        F     GAC      10   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 10R                     X-[CAN]*14259-        F     GAC      10   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 11P                     X-[CAN]*12993-        F     GAC      11   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 14R                     X-[CAN]F681217-       F     GAC      14   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 14W                     X-[CAN]*17331-        F     GAC      14   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 21U                     X-[CAN]*17264-        F     GAC      21   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 21W                     X-[CAN]*17424-        F     GAC      21   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 25N                     X-[CAN]*12143-        F     GAC      25   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 26M                     X-[CAN]*10858-        F     GAC      26   M   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 27R                    -[CAN]F681219-         F     GAC      27   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 2T                      X-[CAN]*16146-        F     GAC       2   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 30T                     X-[CAN]F684651-       F     GAC      30   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 38R                     X-[CAN]*14229-        F     GAC      38   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 39S                     X-[CAN]*15678-        F     GAC      39   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 3G                      X-F668899-            F     GAC       3   G   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 3T                      X-[CAN]*16586-        F     GAC       3   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 45W                     X-[CAN]*17452-        F     GAC      45   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 46N                    -[CAN]F679021-         F     GAC      46   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 53U                     X-[CAN]*17259-        F     GAC      53   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 5L                      X-[CAN]F677310-       F     GAC       5   L   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 63R                     X-[CAN]*14258-        F     GAC      63   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN JANE 71U                    -[CAN]F686136-         F     GAC      71   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN LACEY 30P                    X-[CAN]F679996-       F     GAC      30   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN LACEY 61U                    X-[CAN]*17263-        F     GAC      61   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN LACEY 61W                    X-[CAN]*17443-        F     GAC      61   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN LACEY 67T                    X-[CAN]*16143-        F     GAC      67   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN LILY 22T                     X-[CAN]F684132-       F     GAC      22   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN LILY 27M                     X-[CAN]*10889-        F     GAC      27   M   THC
CRAWFDOWN LILY 4R                      X-[CAN]AR14262-       F     GAC       4   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN LUCY 33W                     X-[CAN]*17436-        F     GAC      33   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN LUCY 43T                     X-[CAN]*16577-        F     GAC      43   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN LUCY 44S                     X-[CAN]*15545-        F     GAC      44   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN LUCY 62S                     X-[CAN]F682875-       F     GAC      62   S   THC
CRAWFDOWN LUCY 65N                     X-[CAN]*12188-        F     GAC      65   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN LYNN 38N                     X-[CAN]*12124-        F     GAC      38   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN LYNN 48S                     X-[CAN]F682876-       F     GAC      48   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN LYNN 59T                     X-[CAN]*16576-        F     GAC      59   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN LYNN 60W                     X-[CAN]*17435-        F     GAC      60   W   THF
                  Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
CRAWFDOWN MAID 11W                   X-[CAN]*17457-        F     GAC      11   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN MAID 14S                   X-[CAN]*15747-        F     GAC      14   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN MAID 16L                   X-[CAN]*10626-        F     GAC      16   L   THF
CRAWFDOWN MAID 23K                   X-[CAN]*9519-         F     GAC      23   K   THF
CRAWFDOWN MAID 24N                   X-[CAN]*12179-        F     GAC      24   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN MAID 28W                   X-[CAN]*17409-        F     GAC      28   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN MAID 59P                   X-[CAN]*13015-        F     GAC      59   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN MAID 69U                  -[CAN]*17266-          F     GAC      69   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 10N             -[CAN]*12166-          F     GAC      10   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 17P              X-[CAN]*13035-        F     GAC      17   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 18R             -[CAN]*14238-          F     GAC      18   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 18W              X-[CAN]*17468-        F     GAC      18   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 19U              X-[CAN]*17267-        F     GAC      19   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 20L              X-[CAN]*10613-        F     GAC      20   L   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 20W              X-[CAN]*17418-        F     GAC      20   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 21T              X-[CAN]*16349-        F     GAC      21   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 24C             -*2630-                F     GAC      24   C   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 28K              X-[CAN]*9521-         F     GAC      28   K   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 30R             -[CAN]*14212-          F     GAC      30   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 32T              X-[CAN]*16347-        F     GAC      32   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 39T             -[CAN]*16595-          F     GAC      39   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 3K               X-[CAN]*9006-         F     GAC       3   K   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 41S              X-[CAN]F682810-       F     GAC      41   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 58W              X-[CAN]*17451-        F     GAC      58   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN MATCHLESS 81W              X-[CAN]*17404-        F     GAC      81   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN MISS LEA 17T               X-[CAN]AR16348-       F     GAC      17   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN MISS LEA 31W               X-[CAN]*17411-        F     GAC      31   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN MISS LEA 48K               X-[CAN]*9529-         F     GAC      48   K   THF
CRAWFDOWN MISS LEA 9S               -[CAN]*15676-          F     GAC       9   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN PETRA 39N                 -[CAN]*12185-          F     GAC      39   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN PETRA GS 49S               X-[CAN]F682873-       F     GAC      49   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN PRICILLA 33T               X-[CAN]F684134-       F     GAC      33   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN R A LUCY 17U               X-[CAN]AR16869-       F     GAC      17   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN ROSE 17L                   X-[CAN]*10624-        F     GAC      17   L   THF
CRAWFDOWN ROSE 38T                   X-[CAN]*16584-        F     GAC      38   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN ROSE 47U                   X-[CAN]*17261-        F     GAC      47   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN ROSE 5W                    X-[CAN]F686341-       F     GAC       5   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN ROSE 9R                    X-[CAN]*14272-        F     GAC       9   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN SUSAN 43W                  X-[CAN]*17453-        F     GAC      43   W   THF
CREEKSIDE LADY LOVE 14U              X-[CAN]F685372-       F     WDB      14   U   THF
CREEKSIDE SUPER SUE 1S               X-[CAN]F682460-       F     GYA       1   S   THF
CREEKSIDE TRINKET 5T                 X-[CAN]F684937-       F     NHL       5   T   THF
CREEKSIDE TRISH 4T                   X-[CAN]F684936-       F     NHL       4   T   THF
DAWNVUE CLARA 23H                    X-[CAN]F673506-       F     AEMM     23   H   THF
DAWNVUE DEBUTANTE 18L                X-[CAN]F676590-       F     AEMM     18   L   THF
DF ETERNITY 7T                       X-[CAN]AR16268-       F     DF        7   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
DIAMOND 48U                           X-[CAN]Z98925-        F     JE       48   U   THF
DIAMOND BARONESS 31L                 -[CAN]F676292-         F     DAN      31   L   THF
DIAMOND BARONESS 39T                  X-[CAN]F683884-       F     DAN      39   T   THF
DIAMOND BARONESS 39U                  X-[CAN]F685998-       F     DAN      39   U   THF
DIAMOND BARONESS 51R                  X-[CAN]F682565-       F     DAN      51   R   THF
DIAMOND CLIPPER HARRIET 5H            X-[CAN]F672365-       F     DAN       5   H   THF
DIAMOND CLIPPER KOLINDA 15K           X-[CAN]F674031-       F     DAN      15   K   THF
DIAMOND CLIPPER MELINDA 36M           X-[CAN]F677499-       F     DAN      36   M   THF
DIAMOND CLIPPER PRECIOUS 9P           X-[CAN]F679969-       F     DAN       9   P   THF
DIAMOND CLIPPER SARAH 65S             X-[CAN]F683879-       F     DAN      65   S   THF
DIAMOND CLIPPER UNIQUE 23U            X-[CAN]F685992-       F     DAN      23   U   THF
DIAMOND DOTTIE 51U                    X-[CAN]F685997-       F     DAN      51   U   THF
DIAMOND DOTTIE 55G                   -[CAN]F670853-         F     DAN      55   G   THF
DIAMOND DOTTIE 57N                   -[CAN]F679181-         F     DAN      57   N   THF
DIAMOND ELIZA DOTTIE 18E              X-F666746-            F     PMU      18   E   THF
DIAMOND EXQUISITELY MAID 34E          X-F665463-            F     DAN      34   E   THF
DIAMOND FLORENCE 25R                  X-[CAN]F681565-       F     DAN      25   R   THF
DIAMOND HILARY SUSAN 47H              X-[CAN]F670763-       F     JE       47   H   THF
DIAMOND JASMINE MAID 6J               X-[CAN]F672867-       F     DAN       6   J   THF
DIAMOND JAZZY SUSAN 16J               X-[CAN]F672868-       F     DAN      16   J   THF
DIAMOND JENNY MAID 3J                 X-[CAN]F672864-       F     DAN       3   J   THF
DIAMOND JULIE BARONESS 8J             X-[CAN]F672876-       F     JD        8   J   THF
DIAMOND KARMA BARONESS 20K            X-[CAN]F674019-       F     DAN      20   K   THF
DIAMOND KIMONA MAID 7K                X-[CAN]F674014-       F     DAN       7   K   THF
DIAMOND LADY BARONESS 1L              X-[CAN]F676298-       F     JD        1   L   THF
DIAMOND LISA SUSAN 38L                X-[CAN]F676301-       F     JE       38   L   THC
DIAMOND LIZZIE MAID 6L                X-[CAN]F676296-       F     JD        6   L   THF
DIAMOND MAID 11U                      X-[CAN]F685993-       F     DAN      11   U   THF
DIAMOND MARC IV SUSAN 17M             X-[CAN]F679773-       F     JILL     17   M   THF
DIAMOND MINNIE 38U                    X-[CAN]Z96968-        F     DAN      38   U   THF
DIAMOND MINNIE KAZIAH 40K             X-[CAN]F674025-       F     DAN      40   K   THF
DIAMOND MINNIE SEARLE 11S             X-[CAN]F682582-       F     DAN      11   S   THF
DIAMOND MINNIE TAMARA 16T             X-[CAN]F683881-       F     DAN      16   T   THF
DIAMOND MINNIE UPPERCLASS 7U          X-[CAN]F684990-       F     DAN       7   U   THF
DIAMOND MINNIE WHIRLWIND 20W          X-[CAN]F686715-       F     DAN      20   W   THF
DIAMOND MINNIE WILDFLOWER 11W         X-[CAN]F686710-       F     DAN      11   W   THF
DIAMOND MISTY SUSAN 5M                X-[CAN]F677500-       F     DAN       5   M   THF
DIAMOND MODEL SUSAN 20M               X-[CAN]F677503-       F     JE       20   M   THC
DIAMOND MONA MAID 15M                -[CAN]F677502-         F     DAN      15   M   THF
DIAMOND MY BARONESS 18M               X-[CAN]F677509-       F     JD       18   M   THF
DIAMOND MYSTICAL SUSAN 30M           -[CAN]F677495-         F     DAN      30   M   THF
DIAMOND NATALIE BARONESS 11N          X-[CAN]F679194-       F     JD       11   N   THF
DIAMOND NEON SUSAN 65N               -[CAN]F679179-         F     DAN      65   N   THF
DIAMOND NEVA BARONESS 67N             X-[CAN]F679202-       F     DAN      67   N   THF
DIAMOND NICELY MAID 64N               X-[CAN]F680791-       F     DAN      64   N   THF
DIAMOND NICOLA SUSAN 23N              X-[CAN]F679178-       F     DAN      23   N   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
DIAMOND NONA MAID 61N                  X-[CAN]F679681-       F     DAN      61   N   THF
DIAMOND NOVEL BARONESS 8N              X-[CAN]F679187-       F     JD        8   N   THF
DIAMOND PARFAIT CANDY 22P             -[CAN]F679976-         F     JD       22   P   THF
DIAMOND PENNY MAID 7P                 -[CAN]F680177-         F     DAN       7   P   THF
DIAMOND PERFECT MAID 45P               X-[CAN]F679978-       F     JE       45   P   THF
DIAMOND PLEASANT DAWN 12P              X-[CAN]F679961-       F     DAN      12   P   THF
DIAMOND POETICAL SUSAN 48P            -[CAN]F679959-         F     DAN      48   P   THF
DIAMOND PRIMROSE BARONESS 2P           X-[CAN]F679977-       F     JD        2   P   THF
DIAMOND PRIZE DOTTIE 41P               X-[CAN]F679983-       F     JE       41   P   THF
DIAMOND RADIANT SUSAN 81R             -[CAN]F681567-         F     DAN      81   R   THF
DIAMOND RAVISHING BARONESS 35R         X-[CAN]F681583-       F     JD       35   R   THF
DIAMOND RAZZY SUSAN 2R                 X-[CAN]F681563-       F     DAN       2   R   THF
DIAMOND REAL HOT CANDY 63R             X-[CAN]F681580-       F     JD       63   R   THF
DIAMOND REVA SUSAN 21R                 X-[CAN]F681557-       F     DAN      21   R   THF
DIAMOND RHYTHMICAL SUSAN 79R           X-[CAN]F681564-       F     DAN      79   R   THC
DIAMOND ROAN MAID 82R                 -[CAN]F681573-         F     DAN      82   R   THF
DIAMOND ROLLO CANDY 9R                 X-[CAN]F681581-       F     JD        9   R   THF
DIAMOND ROMILLY MAID 27R               X-[CAN]F681577-       F     JE       27   R   THF
DIAMOND RONA MAID 32R                  X-[CAN]F681558-       F     DAN      32   R   THF
DIAMOND RONA MAID 52R                  X-[CAN]F682564-       F     DAN      52   R   THF
DIAMOND ROSA 40H                      -[CAN]F672366-         F     DAN      40   H   THF
DIAMOND ROSEBUD SUSAN 54R             -[CAN]F681560-         F     DAN      54   R   THF
DIAMOND RUM CANDY 16R                  X-[CAN]F681582-       F     JD       16   R   THF
DIAMOND SAMANTHA 30S                   X-[CAN]F682581-       F     DAN      30   S   THF
DIAMOND SAMANTHA 5R                    X-[CAN]F681556-       F     DAN       5   R   THC
DIAMOND SAPPHIRE SUSAN 6S              X-[CAN]F682577-       F     DAN       6   S   THF
DIAMOND SENSIBLE SUSAN 38S             X-[CAN]F682757-       F     JD       38   S   THF
DIAMOND SERENE BARONESS 17S            X-[CAN]F682580-       F     DAN      17   S   THF
DIAMOND SHOWY SUSAN 52S                X-[CAN]F682575-       F     JE       52   S   THC
DIAMOND SKITTLES CANDY 57S             X-[CAN]F682585-       F     JD       57   S   THF
DIAMOND SPARKLING SUSAN 19S            X-[CAN]F682578-       F     DAN      19   S   THF
DIAMOND STUNNING MAID 46S              X-[CAN]F682569-       F     JD       46   S   THF
DIAMOND STYLISH BARONESS 4S            X-[CAN]F682584-       F     JD        4   S   THF
DIAMOND SULTRY BARONESS 39S            X-[CAN]F682570-       F     JD       39   S   THF
DIAMOND SUNSET DOTTIE 28S              X-[CAN]F682573-       F     DAN      28   S   THF
DIAMOND SURI BARONESS 9S               X-[CAN]F682567-       F     JD        9   S   THF
DIAMOND SWEET MAID 10S                 X-[CAN]F682571-       F     JE       10   S   THF
DIAMOND TAFFY CANDY 14T                X-[CAN]F683900-       F     JD       14   T   THF
DIAMOND TALLY BARONESS 56T             X-[CAN]F683898-       F     JD       56   T   THF
DIAMOND TAPIOCA CANDY 12T              X-[CAN]F683896-       F     JD       12   T   THC
DIAMOND TAVERN MAID 18T                X-[CAN]F683882-       F     DAN      18   T   THF
DIAMOND TAYLOR MAID 32T                X-[CAN]F683895-       F     JD       32   T   THF
DIAMOND TEMPER SUSAN 21T               X-[CAN]F683888-       F     JE       21   T   THC
DIAMOND TEMPTING MAID 8T               X-[CAN]F685658-       F     JD        8   T   THF
DIAMOND TEQUILA BARONESS 27T           X-[CAN]F683880-       F     DAN      27   T   THF
DIAMOND TERRIFIC BARONESS 13T          X-[CAN]F683893-       F     JD       13   T   THF
                  Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
DIAMOND THE BARONESS 64T             X-[CAN]F683897-       F     JD       64   T   THF
DIAMOND TIFFANY MAID 55T             X-[CAN]F683889-       F     JE       55   T   THF
DIAMOND TRANQUIL DAWN 49T            X-[CAN]F683883-       F     DAN      49   T   THF
DIAMOND TREASURE BARONESS 46T        X-[CAN]F683894-       F     JD       46   T   THF
DIAMOND TRINKET BARONESS 44T         X-[CAN]F683901-       F     JD       44   T   THF
DIAMOND TRUDY MAY 31T                X-[CAN]F683875-       F     DAN      31   T   THF
DIAMOND TRUE BARONESS 51T            X-[CAN]F683899-       F     JD       51   T   THF
DIAMOND TRUFFLE SUSAN 38T            X-[CAN]F685657-       F     JE       38   T   THF
DIAMOND TULIP SUSAN 7T               X-[CAN]F683902-       F     JD        7   T   THF
DIAMOND TWILIGHT DOTTIE 40T          X-[CAN]F683876-       F     DAN      40   T   THF
DIAMOND UME BARONESS 38U             X-[CAN]Z97515-        F     JD       38   U   THF
DIAMOND UNA MAID 46U                 X-[CAN]F685995-       F     DAN      46   U   THF
DIAMOND UNBELIEVABLE SUSAN 26U       X-[CAN]F685994-       F     DAN      26   U   THF
DIAMOND UNEQUALED SUSAN 36U          X-[CAN]F686151-       F     JD       36   U   THF
DIAMOND UNICA MAID 9U                X-[CAN]F685648-       F     DAN       9   U   THF
DIAMOND UNMATCHABLE SUSAN 32U        X-[CAN]F685999-       F     DAN      32   U   THF
DIAMOND UNSTOPPABLE MAID 8U          X-[CAN]F686000-       F     DAN       8   U   THF
DIAMOND UPPITY BARONESS 31U          X-[CAN]F685647-       F     DAN      31   U   THF
DIAMOND UTOPIA SUSAN 10U             X-[CAN]F685996-       F     DAN      10   U   THF
DIAMOND WAKA MAID 1W                 X-[CAN]F686712-       F     DAN       1   W   THF
DIAMOND WALLFLOWER SUSAN 33W         X-[CAN]F686727-       F     JD       33   W   THF
DIAMOND WALNUT DOTTIE 44W            X-[CAN]F686743-       F     JE       44   W   THF
DIAMOND WELCOME DOTTIE 38W           X-[CAN]F686714-       F     DAN      38   W   THF
DIAMOND WHITE DAWN 26W               X-[CAN]F686711-       F     DAN      26   W   THF
DIAMOND WHITNEY MAID 14W             X-[CAN]F686732-       F     JD       14   W   THF
DIAMOND WILLOW SUSAN 9W              X-[CAN]F686709-       F     DAN       9   W   THF
DIAMOND WILMA SUSAN 64W              X-[CAN]F686713-       F     DAN      64   W   THF
DIAMOND WINDSOR BARONESS 18W         X-[CAN]F686479-       F     DAN      18   W   THF
DIAMOND WINE CANDY 39W               X-[CAN]F686723-       F     JD       39   W   THF
DIAMOND WINNETTE 15U                 X-[CAN]Z98928-        F     JE       15   U   THF
DIAMOND WISEST MAID 29W              X-[CAN]F686744-       F     JE       29   W   THF
DIAMOND WISHLIST DOTTIE 35W          X-[CAN]*17638-        F     DAN      35   W   THF
DIAMOND WISTFUL MAID 47W             X-[CAN]F686719-       F     JD       47   W   THF
DIAMOND WONDERFUL BARONESS 63W       X-[CAN]F686720-       F     JD       63   W   THF
DIAMOND WONDERFULLY MAID 58W         X-[CAN]*17639-        F     DAN      58   W   THF
DIAMOND WRITTEN BARONESS 8W          X-[CAN]F686733-       F     JD        8   W   THF
DIAMOND WYNN BARONESS 24W            X-[CAN]F686481-       F     DAN      24   W   THF
DOLAN BROOK KAYE 10K                 X-[CAN]F674696-       F     DBF      10   K   THF
DOUBLE STAR BRE HOT SPICE 43K        X-[CAN]F674604-       F     OP       43   K   THF
DOUBLE STAR DH CHARLOTTE 42R         X-[CAN]F681356-       F     OP       42   R   THC
DOWNLEA KELSEY ROSEMARY 1K           X-[CAN]F674962-       F     RDP       1   K   THF
DOWNSVIEW AMANDA 11W                -[CAN]F686890-         F     PA       11   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW AMANDA 4N                  X-[CAN]F679498-       F     PA        4   N   THF
DOWNSVIEW AMANDA 5U                  X-[CAN]F685794-       F     PA        5   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW BEAUTY 12E                -F666608-              F     PA       12   E   THF
DOWNSVIEW BEAUTY 14T                 X-[CAN]F684424-       F     PA       14   T   THF
                  Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
DOWNSVIEW COLLEEN 1U                 X-[CAN]F685806-       F     PA        1   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW COLLEEN 25W                X-[CAN]F686887-       F     PA       25   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW COLLEEN 26R                X-[CAN]F681702-       F     PA       26   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW COLLEEN 41K                X-[CAN]F679911-       F     PA       41   K   THF
DOWNSVIEW COLLEEN 5R                 X-[CAN]F681708-       F     PA        5   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW COLLEEN 93T                X-[CAN]F684434-       F     PA       93   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 19W                X-[CAN]F686891-       F     PA       19   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 21U                X-[CAN]F685803-       F     PA       21   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 22W               -[CAN]F686897-         F     PA       22   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 23T                X-[CAN]F684432-       F     PA       23   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 25T                X-[CAN]F684431-       F     PA       25   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 26U                X-[CAN]F685804-       F     PA       26   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 27S                X-[CAN]F683110-       F     PA       27   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 29R                X-[CAN]F681713-       F     PA       29   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 30U                X-[CAN]F685796-       F     PA       30   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 36P                X-[CAN]F680704-       F     PA       36   P   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 48N                X-[CAN]F679478-       F     PA       48   N   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 4P                 X-[CAN]F680707-       F     PA        4   P   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 4R                 X-[CAN]F681706-       F     PA        4   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 50G                X-F669637-            F     PA       50   G   THF
DOWNSVIEW DELILAH 51S                X-[CAN]F683120-       F     PA       51   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 10N                 X-[CAN]F679533-       F     BU       10   N   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 11M                 X-[CAN]F678103-       F     BU       11   M   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 12U                 X-[CAN]F685798-       F     PA       12   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 13W                 X-[CAN]F686888-       F     PA       13   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 14U                 X-[CAN]F685809-       F     PA       14   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 16L                 X-[CAN]F676798-       F     BU       16   L   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 16W                 X-[CAN]F686889-       F     PA       16   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 1R                  X-[CAN]F681715-       F     BU        1   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 21M                 X-[CAN]F678134-       F     PA       21   M   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 29J                 X-[CAN]F673374-       F     BU       29   J   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 2K                  X-[CAN]F675041-       F     BU        2   K   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 2T                  X-[CAN]F684428-       F     PA        2   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 30W                 X-[CAN]F686885-       F     PA       30   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 31R                 X-[CAN]F681716-       F     BU       31   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 38P                 X-[CAN]F680713-       F     BU       38   P   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 3T                  X-[CAN]F684440-       F     BU        3   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 42N                 X-[CAN]F679531-       F     BU       42   N   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 43P                 X-[CAN]F680711-       F     BU       43   P   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 4U                  X-[CAN]F685799-       F     PA        4   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 4W                  X-[CAN]F686893-       F     PA        4   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 51J                 X-[CAN]F673388-       F     PA       51   J   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 77W                 X-[CAN]F686899-       F     PA       77   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 7R                  X-[CAN]F681703-       F     PA        7   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 8T                  X-[CAN]F684441-       F     BU        8   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 92T                -[CAN]F684435-         F     PA       92   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 9F                  -F667963-              F     PA        9   F   THF
DOWNSVIEW FARRAH 9R                   X-[CAN]F681714-       F     BU        9   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORESTER 79W               -[CAN]F686901-         F     PA       79   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW GAYLE 22M                   X-[CAN]F678117-       F     PA       22   M   THF
DOWNSVIEW GAYLE 25R                   X-[CAN]F681705-       F     PA       25   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW GAYLE 90T                   X-[CAN]F684437-       F     PA       90   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW GOLDIE 1P                   X-[CAN]F680710-       F     PA        1   P   THF
DOWNSVIEW GOLDIE 2R                   X-[CAN]F681709-       F     PA        2   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW GOLDIE 31T                  X-[CAN]F684430-       F     PA       31   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW GOLDIE 36U                  X-[CAN]F685801-       F     PA       36   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW GOLDIE 5M                   X-[CAN]F678115-       F     PA        5   M   THF
DOWNSVIEW GOLDIE 68F                  X-F667962-            F     PA       68   F   THF
DOWNSVIEW GOLDIE 7S                   X-[CAN]F683119-       F     PA        7   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW JANE 3F                    -F668025-              F     BU        3   F   THF
DOWNSVIEW JANE 76W                   -[CAN]F686902-         F     PA       76   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW JANE 81T                   -[CAN]F684439-         F     BU       81   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW JULIET 36K                 -[CAN]F675045-         F     PA       36   K   THF
DOWNSVIEW JULIET 9W                   X-[CAN]F686886-       F     PA        9   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW LASSIE 15H                  X-[CAN]F671754-       F     PA       15   H   THF
DOWNSVIEW LASSIE 16T                  X-[CAN]F684429-       F     PA       16   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW LASSIE 31L                  X-[CAN]F676801-       F     PA       31   L   THF
DOWNSVIEW LASSIE 6U                   X-[CAN]F685800-       F     PA        6   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW LASSIE 9S                   X-[CAN]F683117-       F     PA        9   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY 13S                    X-[CAN]F683118-       F     PA       13   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY 18K                    X-[CAN]F675044-       F     PA       18   K   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY 21W                    X-[CAN]F686896-       F     PA       21   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY 23S                    X-[CAN]F683115-       F     PA       23   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY 27U                    X-[CAN]F685808-       F     PA       27   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY 35L                    X-[CAN]F678072-       F     PA       35   L   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY 37R                    X-[CAN]F681707-       F     PA       37   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 11U              -[CAN]F685805-         F     PA       11   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 16S               X-[CAN]F683112-       F     PA       16   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 22R               X-[CAN]F681710-       F     PA       22   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 25J              -[CAN]F673386-         F     PA       25   J   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 27K               X-[CAN]F675052-       F     PA       27   K   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 29M               X-[CAN]F678135-       F     PA       29   M   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 2W                X-[CAN]F686894-       F     PA        2   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 4S                X-[CAN]F683122-       F     PA        4   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 56H              -[CAN]F671746-         F     PA       56   H   THF
DOWNSVIEW LUCY ANNE 91T               X-[CAN]F684436-       F     PA       91   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAIDEN 11T                  X-[CAN]F684425-       F     PA       11   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAIDEN 14S                  X-[CAN]F683114-       F     PA       14   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAIDEN 15U                  X-[CAN]F685793-       F     PA       15   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAIDEN 20G                  X-F669633-            F     PA       20   G   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAIDEN 7T 2ND               X-[CAN]F684442-       F     PA        7   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAIDEN 95J                 -[CAN]F679912-         F     PA       95   J   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
DOWNSVIEW MAISIE 11G                   X-F669629-            F     PA        11   G   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAISIE 19U                   X-[CAN]F685807-       F     PA        19   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAISIE 26W                   X-[CAN]F686895-       F     PA        26   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAISIE 28R                   X-[CAN]F681704-       F     PA        28   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW MAISIE 8U                    X-[CAN]F685795-       F     PA         8   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW MATCHLESS 24M                X-[CAN]F678132-       F     PA        24   M   THF
DOWNSVIEW MATCHLESS 2L                 X-[CAN]F676805-       F     PA         2   L   THF
DOWNSVIEW RED ROSE 27T                 X-[CAN]F684433-       F     PA        27   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW RED ROSE 32U                 X-[CAN]F685797-       F     PA        32   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW RED ROSE 33R                 X-[CAN]F681711-       F     PA        33   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW RED ROSE 37P                 X-[CAN]F680705-       F     PA        37   P   THF
DOWNSVIEW RED ROSE 52S                 X-[CAN]F683121-       F     PA        52   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW RED ROSE 5W                  X-[CAN]F686892-       F     PA         5   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW RED ROSE 98T                -[CAN]F684438-         F     PA        98   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROAN ROSE 10T               -[CAN]F684426-         F     PA        10   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROAN ROSE 10U               -[CAN]F685802-         F     PA        10   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROAN ROSE 10W                X-[CAN]F686884-       F     PA        10   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROAN ROSE 33G                X-F669628-            F     PA        33   G   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROAN ROSE 48E                X-F666613-            F     PA        48   E   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROSA 11S                     X-[CAN]F683111-       F     PA        11   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROSA 20T                    -[CAN]F684427-         F     PA        20   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROSA 31U                    -[CAN]F685792-         F     PA        31   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROSELYNN 2J                  X-[CAN]F673377-       F     PA         2   J   THF
DOWNSVIEW ROSELYNN 9N                  X-[CAN]F679520-       F     PA         9   N   THF
DOWNSVIEW SMASH HIT 18D               -F664826-              F     PA        18   D   THF
DOWNSVIEW SMASH HIT 19R                X-[CAN]F681701-       F     PA        19   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW SMASH HIT 42S                X-[CAN]F683109-       F     PA        42   S   THF
DR ROYAL 20T                           X-[CAN]*16282-        F     DR        20   T   THF
E & D DOTTIE 6W                        X-[CAN]F687106-       F     ERV        6   W   THF
E BUTTERFLY MACAPPY LENORA 2L          X-[CAN]F676631-       F     HNC        2   L   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 102T                   X-[CAN]F684333-       F     JAM      102   T   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 111S                   X-[CAN]F683180-       F     JAM      111   S   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 117G                   X-F669702-            F     JAM      117   G   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 28U                    X-[CAN]F685711-       F     JAM       28   U   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 29P                    X-[CAN]F680871-       F     JAM       29   P   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 45W                    X-[CAN]F686975-       F     JAM       45   W   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 4T                     X-[CAN]F684567-       F     JAM        4   T   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 51R                    X-[CAN]F681840-       F     JAM       51   R   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 59W                    X-[CAN]F686965-       F     JAM       59   W   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 60M                    X-[CAN]F678546-       F     JAM       60   M   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 66U                    X-[CAN]F685701-       F     JAM       66   U   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 75U                    X-[CAN]F685724-       F     JAM       75   U   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 85W                    X-[CAN]F686992-       F     JAM       85   W   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 86W                    X-[CAN]F686970-       F     JAM       86   W   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 88S                    X-[CAN]F683142-       F     JAM       88   S   THF
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 92P                    X-[CAN]F680860-       F     JAM       92   P   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR AUGUSTA 97R                   X-[CAN]F681847-       F     JAM       97   R   THF
EIONMOR AUSUSTA 15M                   X-[CAN]F678580-       F     JAM       15   M   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 100S                   X-[CAN]F683170-       F     JAM      100   S   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 108W                   X-[CAN]F687004-       F     JAM      108   W   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 18G                   -F669704-              F     JAM       18   G   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 18T                   -[CAN]F684573-         F     JAM       18   T   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 21R                    X-[CAN]F681848-       F     JAM       21   R   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 37T                    X-[CAN]F684581-       F     JAM       37   T   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 5U                     X-[CAN]F685705-       F     JAM        5   U   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 68S                    X-[CAN]F683150-       F     JAM       68   S   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 76W                    X-[CAN]F686958-       F     JAM       76   W   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 79W                    X-[CAN]F686967-       F     JAM       79   W   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 86T                    X-[CAN]F684562-       F     JAM       86   T   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 87S                    X-[CAN]F683151-       F     JAM       87   S   THF
EIONMOR BEAUTY 96R                   -[CAN]F681818-         F     JAM       96   R   THF
EIONMOR CHEEKY 18P                    X-[CAN]F680872-       F     JAM       18   P   THF
EIONMOR CHEEKY 1R                     X-[CAN]F681828-       F     JAM        1   R   THF
EIONMOR CHEEKY 30T                   -[CAN]F684584-         F     JAM       30   T   THF
EIONMOR CHEEKY 3T                     X-[CAN]F684589-       F     JAM        3   T   THF
EIONMOR CHEEKY 51P                    X-[CAN]F680854-       F     JAM       51   P   THF
EIONMOR CINDERELLA 32M                X-[CAN]F678559-       F     JAM       32   M   THF
EIONMOR CINDERELLA 43R                X-[CAN]F681843-       F     JAM       43   R   THF
EIONMOR CINDERELLA 48N                X-[CAN]F679514-       F     JAM       48   N   THF
EIONMOR CINDERELLA 5S                 X-[CAN]F683172-       F     JAM        5   S   THF
EIONMOR CINDERELLA 60T                X-[CAN]F684582-       F     JAM       60   T   THF
EIONMOR CLARA 109S                    X-[CAN]F683148-       F     JAM      109   S   THF
EIONMOR CORONET 60S                   X-[CAN]F683171-       F     JAM       60   S   THF
EIONMOR CORONET 67S                   X-[CAN]F683161-       F     JAM       67   S   THF
EIONMOR CORONET 99R                   X-[CAN]F681837-       F     JAM       99   R   THF
EIONMOR DELILAH 112S                  X-[CAN]F683169-       F     JAM      112   S   THF
EIONMOR DELILAH 18W                   X-[CAN]F687001-       F     JAM       18   W   THF
EIONMOR DELILAH 1T                    X-[CAN]F684590-       F     JAM        1   T   THF
EIONMOR DONNA 101W                    X-[CAN]F686996-       F     JAM      101   W   THF
EIONMOR DONNA 23S                     X-[CAN]F683178-       F     JAM       23   S   THF
EIONMOR DONNA 30M                    -[CAN]F678551-         F     JAM       30   M   THF
EIONMOR DONNA 36S                    -[CAN]F683158-         F     JAM       36   S   THF
EIONMOR DONNA 38U                     X-[CAN]F685735-       F     JAM       38   U   THF
EIONMOR DONNA 5T                      X-[CAN]F684563-       F     JAM        5   T   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 101T                   X-[CAN]F684574-       F     JAM      101   T   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 113R                   X-[CAN]F681841-       F     JAM      113   R   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 115P                   X-[CAN]F680873-       F     JAM      115   P   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 117S                   X-[CAN]F683181-       F     JAM      117   S   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 16S                    X-[CAN]F683163-       F     JAM       16   S   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 28W                    X-[CAN]F687018-       F     JAM       28   W   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 32R                    X-[CAN]F681864-       F     JAM       32   R   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 32T                    X-[CAN]F684580-       F     JAM       32   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR FARRAH 39W                     X-[CAN]F686980-       F     JAM       39   W   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 3R                      X-[CAN]F681858-       F     JAM        3   R   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 49W                     X-[CAN]F686990-       F     JAM       49   W   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 61W                     X-[CAN]F686983-       F     JAM       61   W   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 80P                    -[CAN]F680835-         F     JAM       80   P   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 84U                     X-[CAN]F685717-       F     JAM       84   U   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 96S                     X-[CAN]F683174-       F     JAM       96   S   THF
EIONMOR FARRAH 97U                     X-[CAN]F685718-       F     JAM       97   U   THF
EIONMOR FLORA 105N                     X-[CAN]F679493-       F     JAM      105   N   THF
EIONMOR FLORA 14S                      X-[CAN]F683175-       F     JAM       14   S   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 118R                 -[CAN]F681838-         F     JAM      118   R   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 15G                   X-[CAN]F673417-       F     JAM       15   G   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 23T                   X-[CAN]F684568-       F     JAM       23   T   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 25R                   X-[CAN]F681825-       F     JAM       25   R   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 31U                   X-[CAN]F685740-       F     JAM       31   U   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 38S                   X-[CAN]F683144-       F     JAM       38   S   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 54W                   X-[CAN]F686984-       F     JAM       54   W   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 58N                  -[CAN]F679508-         F     JAM       58   N   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 59S                  -[CAN]F683165-         F     JAM       59   S   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 5J                    X-[CAN]F673420-       F     JAM        5   J   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 71T                   X-[CAN]F684575-       F     JAM       71   T   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 77S                   X-[CAN]F683155-       F     JAM       77   S   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 8M                   -[CAN]F678558-         F     JAM        8   M   THF
EIONMOR FORESTER 92H                  -[CAN]F671722-         F     JAM       92   H   THF
EIONMOR GOLDIE 108S                    X-[CAN]F683177-       F     JAM      108   S   THF
EIONMOR GUS AUGUSTA 70K                X-[CAN]F675179-       F     JAM       70   K   THF
EIONMOR GUS BEAUTY 42K                -[CAN]F675178-         F     JAM       42   K   THF
EIONMOR GUS RONA 17J                   X-[CAN]F675617-       F     JAM       17   J   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 100T                     X-[CAN]F684583-       F     JAM      100   T   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 15P                      X-[CAN]F680868-       F     JAM       15   P   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 20K                     -[CAN]F675171-         F     JAM       20   K   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 47S                     -[CAN]F683182-         F     JAM       47   S   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 48W                      X-[CAN]F686985-       F     JAM       48   W   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 50S                      X-[CAN]F683159-       F     JAM       50   S   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 50W                      X-[CAN]F686987-       F     JAM       50   W   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 52U                      X-[CAN]F685720-       F     JAM       52   U   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 56R                      X-[CAN]F681842-       F     JAM       56   R   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 70T                      X-[CAN]F684576-       F     JAM       70   T   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 79N                      X-[CAN]F679496-       F     JAM       79   N   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 80U                      X-[CAN]F685737-       F     JAM       80   U   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 89R                      X-[CAN]F681857-       F     JAM       89   R   THF
EIONMOR HAZEL 89U                     -[CAN]F685707-         F     JAM       89   U   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL BEAUTY 34N               X-[CAN]F679490-       F     JAM       34   N   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL BEAUTY 39L              -[CAN]F677076-         F     JAM       39   L   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL BEAUTY 3M                X-[CAN]F678524-       F     JAM        3   M   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL CHEEKY 64L               X-[CAN]F677100-       F     JAM       64   L   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR IDEAL DONNA 12P                X-[CAN]F680845-       F     JAM       12   P   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL HAZEL 13P                X-[CAN]F680858-       F     JAM       13   P   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL JULIE 110M               X-[CAN]F678540-       F     JAM      110   M   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL LILY 52P                 X-[CAN]F680842-       F     JAM       52   P   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL LUCY 59P                 X-[CAN]F680863-       F     JAM       59   P   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL LUCY ANNE 97N            X-[CAN]F679511-       F     JAM       97   N   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL MEDORA 2N                X-[CAN]F679486-       F     JAM        2   N   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL PRIMROSE 114R            X-[CAN]F681811-       F     JAM      114   R   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL ROSEBLOOM 80R            X-[CAN]F681832-       F     JAM       80   R   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL ROSEBLOOM 99N            X-[CAN]F679539-       F     JAM       99   N   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL ROSEMARY 61J            -[CAN]F675616-         F     JAM       61   J   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL RUBY 37M                 X-[CAN]F678536-       F     JAM       37   M   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL SPRINGTIME 21K          -[CAN]F675185-         F     JAM       21   K   THF
EIONMOR LASSIE 24R                     X-[CAN]F681823-       F     JAM       24   R   THF
EIONMOR LASSIE 35P                     X-[CAN]F680848-       F     JAM       35   P   THF
EIONMOR LASSIE 42U                     X-[CAN]F685726-       F     JAM       42   U   THF
EIONMOR LASSIE 57S                    -[CAN]F683143-         F     JAM       57   S   THF
EIONMOR LASSIE 66T                     X-[CAN]F684592-       F     JAM       66   T   THF
EIONMOR LASSIE 70U                     X-[CAN]F685738-       F     JAM       70   U   THF
EIONMOR LASSIE 73W                     X-[CAN]F686997-       F     JAM       73   W   THF
EIONMOR LILY 14T                       X-[CAN]F684586-       F     JAM       14   T   THF
EIONMOR LILY 31R                       X-[CAN]F681853-       F     JAM       31   R   THF
EIONMOR LILY 36U                       X-[CAN]F685736-       F     JAM       36   U   THF
EIONMOR LILY 39S                      -[CAN]F683176-         F     JAM       39   S   THF
EIONMOR LILY 57P                       X-[CAN]F680839-       F     JAM       57   P   THF
EIONMOR LORNA 6W                       X-[CAN]F686966-       F     JAM        6   W   THF
EIONMOR LUCY 105S                      X-[CAN]F683173-       F     JAM      105   S   THF
EIONMOR LUCY 19U                       X-[CAN]F685722-       F     JAM       19   U   THF
EIONMOR LUCY 76N                       X-[CAN]F679545-       F     JAM       76   N   THF
EIONMOR LUCY 88T                      -[CAN]F684561-         F     JAM       88   T   THF
EIONMOR LUCY 92S                       X-[CAN]F683153-       F     JAM       92   S   THF
EIONMOR LUCY ANNE 104R                 X-[CAN]F681870-       F     JAM      104   R   THF
EIONMOR LUCY ANNE 38W                  X-[CAN]F686964-       F     JAM       38   W   THF
EIONMOR LUCY ANNE 65K                 -[CAN]F675188-         F     JAM       65   K   THF
EIONMOR LUCY ANNE 78R                 -[CAN]F681835-         F     JAM       78   R   THF
EIONMOR LUCY ANNE 8T                   X-[CAN]F684577-       F     JAM        8   T   THF
EIONMOR MAIDEN 27W                    -[CAN]F686989-         F     JAM       27   W   THF
EIONMOR MAIDEN 49T                     X-[CAN]F684588-       F     JAM       49   T   THF
EIONMOR MAIDEN 64U                    -[CAN]F685723-         F     JAM       64   U   THF
EIONMOR MAIDEN 76P                    -[CAN]F680832-         F     JAM       76   P   THF
EIONMOR MATCHLESS 3U                   X-[CAN]F685702-       F     JAM        3   U   THF
EIONMOR MATCHLESS 43S                  X-[CAN]F683157-       F     JAM       43   S   THF
EIONMOR MATCHLESS 4U                   X-[CAN]F685742-       F     JAM        4   U   THF
EIONMOR MEDORA 111P                    X-[CAN]F680869-       F     JAM      111   P   THF
EIONMOR MEDORA 117R                    X-[CAN]F681852-       F     JAM      117   R   THF
EIONMOR MEDORA 28T                     X-[CAN]F684557-       F     JAM       28   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR MEDORA 51W                    -[CAN]F687002-         F     JAM       51   W   THF
EIONMOR MEDORA 68U                     X-[CAN]F685732-       F     JAM       68   U   THF
EIONMOR MEDORA 80W                     X-[CAN]F687009-       F     JAM       80   W   THF
EIONMOR MEDORA 87T                     X-[CAN]F684600-       F     JAM       87   T   THF
EIONMOR MEDORA 96W                     X-[CAN]F686994-       F     JAM       96   W   THF
EIONMOR MISS CORONET 46M               X-[CAN]F678542-       F     JAM       46   M   THF
EIONMOR MISS FORESTER 83M              X-[CAN]F678557-       F     JAM       83   M   THF
EIONMOR MISS JANE 44K                  X-[CAN]F675189-       F     JAM       44   K   THF
EIONMOR MISS LASSIE 29M               -[CAN]F678555-         F     JAM       29   M   THF
EIONMOR MISS MATCHLESS 33J            -[CAN]F673452-         F     JAM       33   J   THF
EIONMOR MISS RONA 139H                 X-[CAN]F672489-       F     JAM      139   H   THF
EIONMOR MISS RUBY 92G                  X-[CAN]F674185-       F     JAM       92   G   THF
EIONMOR OAK'S LUCY 87L                 X-[CAN]F677114-       F     JAM       87   L   THF
EIONMOR OAK'S RONA 43M                 X-[CAN]F678565-       F     JAM       43   M   THF
EIONMOR OAK'S RONA 6N                  X-[CAN]F679521-       F     JAM        6   N   THF
EIONMOR OAK'S ROSEMARY 29N            -[CAN]F679524-         F     JAM       29   N   THF
EIONMOR OAK'S ROSEMARY 86M             X-[CAN]F678575-       F     JAM       86   M   THF
EIONMOR PRIDE SONGSTRESS 42F          -F668045-              F     JAM       42   F   THF
EIONMOR PRIMROSE 26T                   X-[CAN]F684599-       F     JAM       26   T   THF
EIONMOR RONA 26W                       X-[CAN]F686961-       F     JAM       26   W   THF
EIONMOR RONA 42W                       X-[CAN]F687008-       F     JAM       42   W   THF
EIONMOR RONA 56T                      -[CAN]F684587-         F     JAM       56   T   THF
EIONMOR RONA 65P                       X-[CAN]F680851-       F     JAM       65   P   THF
EIONMOR RONA 65T                       X-[CAN]F684565-       F     JAM       65   T   THF
EIONMOR RONA 74T                       X-[CAN]F684571-       F     JAM       74   T   THF
EIONMOR RONA 81T                       X-[CAN]F684558-       F     JAM       81   T   THF
EIONMOR RONA 83R                       X-[CAN]F681856-       F     JAM       83   R   THF
EIONMOR ROSEBLOOM 17K                  X-[CAN]F675035-       F     JAM       17   K   THF
EIONMOR ROSEBLOOM 44R                  X-[CAN]F681871-       F     JAM       44   R   THF
EIONMOR ROSEBLOOM 53S                  X-[CAN]F683668-       F     JAM       53   S   THF
EIONMOR ROSEBLOOM 90U                  X-[CAN]F685729-       F     JAM       90   U   THF
EIONMOR ROSEBLOOM 94T                 -[CAN]F684597-         F     JAM       94   T   THF
EIONMOR ROSELYNN 24S                   X-[CAN]F683164-       F     JAM       24   S   THF
EIONMOR ROSELYNN 45U                   X-[CAN]F685716-       F     JAM       45   U   THF
EIONMOR ROSELYNN 46U                   X-[CAN]F685699-       F     JAM       46   U   THF
EIONMOR ROSELYNN 73M                   X-[CAN]F678562-       F     JAM       73   M   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 103U                  X-[CAN]F685733-       F     JAM      103   U   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 106S                  X-[CAN]F683156-       F     JAM      106   S   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 10M                   X-[CAN]F680976-       F     JAM       10   M   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 16U                  -[CAN]F685698-         F     JAM       16   U   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 1W                    X-[CAN]F686960-       F     JAM        1   W   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 21S                   X-[CAN]F683147-       F     JAM       21   S   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 25U                   X-[CAN]F685696-       F     JAM       25   U   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 26J                  -[CAN]F673422-         F     JAM       26   J   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 28R                   X-[CAN]F681824-       F     JAM       28   R   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 28S                   X-[CAN]F683179-       F     JAM       28   S   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 29T                  X-[CAN]F684556-       F     JAM       29   T   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 30W                 -[CAN]F686982-         F     JAM       30   W   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 33P                  X-[CAN]F680855-       F     JAM       33   P   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 33W                  X-[CAN]F686977-       F     JAM       33   W   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 35T                  X-[CAN]F684595-       F     JAM       35   T   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 38T                  X-[CAN]F684572-       F     JAM       38   T   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 42S                  X-[CAN]F683152-       F     JAM       42   S   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 43P                 -[CAN]F680867-         F     JAM       43   P   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 50T                  X-[CAN]F684579-       F     JAM       50   T   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 52T                 -[CAN]F684585-         F     JAM       52   T   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 53W                  X-[CAN]F686962-       F     JAM       53   W   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 55R                  X-[CAN]F681830-       F     JAM       55   R   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 62W                  X-[CAN]F687000-       F     JAM       62   W   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 72G                 -F669708-              F     JAM       72   G   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 79T                  X-[CAN]F684570-       F     JAM       79   T   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 90R                  X-[CAN]F681839-       F     JAM       90   R   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 93T                  X-[CAN]F684593-       F     JAM       93   T   THF
EIONMOR ROSEMARY 97S                 -[CAN]F683146-         F     JAM       97   S   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 102R                     X-[CAN]F681829-       F     JAM      102   R   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 112P                     X-[CAN]F680875-       F     JAM      112   P   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 11U                      X-[CAN]F685727-       F     JAM       11   U   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 12T                      X-[CAN]F684598-       F     JAM       12   T   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 17W                      X-[CAN]F687005-       F     JAM       17   W   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 23P                      X-[CAN]F680874-       F     JAM       23   P   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 23R                      X-[CAN]F681844-       F     JAM       23   R   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 24U                      X-[CAN]F685739-       F     JAM       24   U   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 2S                       X-[CAN]F683154-       F     JAM        2   S   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 2T                       X-[CAN]F684594-       F     JAM        2   T   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 46R                      X-[CAN]F681813-       F     JAM       46   R   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 46T                      X-[CAN]F684564-       F     JAM       46   T   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 47M                     -[CAN]F678550-         F     JAM       47   M   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 48T                      X-[CAN]F684555-       F     JAM       48   T   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 50M                     -[CAN]F678526-         F     JAM       50   M   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 51S                      X-[CAN]F683160-       F     JAM       51   S   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 53J                      X-[CAN]F673428-       F     JAM       53   J   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 58S                     -[CAN]F683162-         F     JAM       58   S   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 61U                      X-[CAN]F685741-       F     JAM       61   U   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 65W                      X-[CAN]F686998-       F     JAM       65   W   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 71W                      X-[CAN]F686959-       F     JAM       71   W   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 84M                      X-[CAN]F678569-       F     JAM       84   M   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 89W                      X-[CAN]F687006-       F     JAM       89   W   THF
EIONMOR RUBY 8U                       X-[CAN]F685730-       F     JAM        8   U   THF
EIONMOR SMASH HIT 36T                 X-[CAN]F684591-       F     JAM       36   T   THF
EIONMOR SMASH HIT 66W                 X-[CAN]F687003-       F     JAM       66   W   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 102W               X-[CAN]F686963-       F     JAM      102   W   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 13R               -[CAN]F681817-         F     JAM       13   R   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 13W                -[CAN]F687007-         F     JAM       13   W   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 19H                -[CAN]F671721-         F     JAM       19   H   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 26S                 X-[CAN]F683149-       F     JAM       26   S   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 34W                 X-[CAN]F686995-       F     JAM       34   W   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 39K                 X-[CAN]F675173-       F     JAM       39   K   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 60P                 X-[CAN]F680849-       F     JAM       60   P   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 64T                 X-[CAN]F684578-       F     JAM       64   T   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 71U                 X-[CAN]F685725-       F     JAM       71   U   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 79R                 X-[CAN]F681834-       F     JAM       79   R   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 8K                  X-[CAN]F675030-       F     JAM        8   K   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 92U                 X-[CAN]F685734-       F     JAM       92   U   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 96T                 X-[CAN]F684560-       F     JAM       96   T   THF
EIONMOR SONGSTRESS 97M                 X-[CAN]F678556-       F     JAM       97   M   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 21N                 X-[CAN]F679541-       F     JAM       21   N   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 22R                 X-[CAN]F681851-       F     JAM       22   R   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 35S                 X-[CAN]F683145-       F     JAM       35   S   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 47U                 X-[CAN]F685728-       F     JAM       47   U   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 55T                 X-[CAN]F684569-       F     JAM       55   T   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 67U                 X-[CAN]F685731-       F     JAM       67   U   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 75R                 X-[CAN]F681859-       F     JAM       75   R   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 78W                 X-[CAN]F686981-       F     JAM       78   W   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 7T                  X-[CAN]F684559-       F     JAM        7   T   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 91M                 X-[CAN]F678533-       F     JAM       91   M   THF
EIONMOR SPRINGTIME 91T                 X-[CAN]F684596-       F     JAM       91   T   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA AUGUSTA 94L              X-[CAN]F677099-       F     JAM       94   L   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA BEAUTY 100U              X-[CAN]F685695-       F     JAM      100   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA BEAUTY 10U               X-[CAN]F685703-       F     JAM       10   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA BEAUTY 14W               X-[CAN]F686969-       F     JAM       14   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA BEAUTY 22W               X-[CAN]F686976-       F     JAM       22   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA BEAUTY 63U               X-[CAN]F685712-       F     JAM       63   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA BEAUTY 74M               X-[CAN]F678523-       F     JAM       74   M   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA BEAUTY 96P              -[CAN]F680844-         F     JAM       96   P   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CHEEKY 34J               X-[CAN]F673444-       F     JAM       34   J   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CHEEKY 88W               X-[CAN]F686968-       F     JAM       88   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CHEEKY 99U               X-[CAN]F685704-       F     JAM       99   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CINDERELLA 16R           X-[CAN]F681866-       F     JAM       16   R   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CINDERELLA 31W           X-[CAN]F686973-       F     JAM       31   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CINDERELLA 32W           X-[CAN]F687010-       F     JAM       32   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CINDERELLA 85U           X-[CAN]F685708-       F     JAM       85   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CORONET 10W              X-[CAN]F686974-       F     JAM       10   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA CORONET 18U              X-[CAN]F685710-       F     JAM       18   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA DONNA 29W               -[CAN]F686971-         F     JAM       29   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA FARRAH 52M               X-[CAN]F678537-       F     JAM       52   M   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA FARRAH 70P               X-[CAN]F680866-       F     JAM       70   P   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA FARRAH 81N               X-[CAN]F679488-       F     JAM       81   N   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA FORESTER 77U             X-[CAN]F685713-       F     JAM       77   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR ULTRA GAYLE 72U                X-[CAN]F685706-       F     JAM       72   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA HAZEL 16W                X-[CAN]F686972-       F     JAM       16   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA HAZEL 31M                X-[CAN]F678522-       F     JAM       31   M   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA JANE 73L                 X-[CAN]F677095-       F     JAM       73   L   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA JANE 99M                 X-[CAN]F678547-       F     JAM       99   M   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA LASSIE 112N              X-[CAN]F679506-       F     JAM      112   N   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA LASSIE 23W               X-[CAN]F686991-       F     JAM       23   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA LILY 112W                X-[CAN]F687208-       F     JAM      112   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA LILY 65U                -[CAN]F685719-         F     JAM       65   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA LILY 87U                 X-[CAN]F685721-       F     JAM       87   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA LORNA 17L                X-[CAN]F677086-       F     JAM       17   L   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA LUCY 71R                 X-[CAN]F681868-       F     JAM       71   R   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA LUCY ANNE 20W            X-[CAN]F686986-       F     JAM       20   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA MEDORA 49U               X-[CAN]F685715-       F     JAM       49   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA MEDORA 62U              -[CAN]F685714-         F     JAM       62   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA MEDORA 91W              -[CAN]F686978-         F     JAM       91   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA MEDORA 98W              -[CAN]F686979-         F     JAM       98   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA RONA 2U                  X-[CAN]F685743-       F     JAM        2   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA RONA 44W                 X-[CAN]F686988-       F     JAM       44   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA ROSEMARY 31H             X-[CAN]F671720-       F     JAM       31   H   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA ROSEMARY 43L             X-[CAN]F677104-       F     JAM       43   L   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA ROSEMARY 5N              X-[CAN]F679482-       F     JAM        5   N   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA ROSEMARY 62J             X-[CAN]F675611-       F     JAM       62   J   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA ROSEMARY 81R             X-[CAN]F681861-       F     JAM       81   R   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA ROSEMARY 87R             X-[CAN]F681855-       F     JAM       87   R   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA ROSEMARY 98U             X-[CAN]F685700-       F     JAM       98   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA RUBY 100P                X-[CAN]F680830-       F     JAM      100   P   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA RUBY 116S                X-[CAN]F683141-       F     JAM      116   S   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA RUBY 15U                 X-[CAN]F685697-       F     JAM       15   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA RUBY 21U                 X-[CAN]F685709-       F     JAM       21   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA RUBY 82K                 X-[CAN]F675170-       F     JAM       82   K   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA RUBY 99L                 X-[CAN]F677081-       F     JAM       99   L   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA SPRINGTIME 106R          X-[CAN]F681860-       F     JAM      106   R   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA SPRINGTIME 99W           X-[CAN]F686993-       F     JAM       99   W   THF
ELITE BUTTERFLY 3G                     X-[CAN]F670283-       F     HNC        3   G   THF
EVERGREEN BLUEJAY'S PANZIE 14X         X-[CAN]F687290-       F     BZR       14   X   THF
EVERGREEN LADY 1X                      X-[CAN]F687289-       F     BZR        1   X   THF
EVERGREEN LADY PANDA 6X                X-[CAN]*17944-        F     BZR        6   X   THF
EVERGREEN LADY'S LADY 5U               X-[CAN]*16700-        F     BZR        5   U   THF
EVERGREEN LCA UTMOST 4U                X-[CAN]*16701-        F     BZR        4   U   THF
EVERGREEN LCA WHITNEY BELLE 1W         X-[CAN]*17246-        F     BZR        1   W   THF
EVERGREEN LCA WISHFUL 11W              X-[CAN]*17247-        F     BZR       11   W   THF
EVERGREEN MISS UNICORN 8U              X-[CAN]*16739-        F     BZR        8   U   THF
EVERGREEN STARDUST 2S                  X-[CAN]F682129-       F     BZR        2   S   THF
EVERGREEN STARR 10S                    X-[CAN]F682132-       F     BZR       10   S   THF
EVERGREEN SWEET KANDI 1S               X-[CAN]F682131-       F     BZR        1   S   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EVERGREEN TWIGGY 11T                   X-[CAN]*16011-        F     BZR       11   T   THF
EVERGREEN WANDA 7W                     X-[CAN]F686130-       F     BZR        7   W   THF
EVERGREEN WHITE DOVE 8W               -[CAN]F686131-         F     BZR        8   W   THF
FANTASY LANE AUGUSTA'S GOLD 7U        -[CAN]F686472-         F     FLR        7   U   THF
FANTASY LANE BUCK CHERRY 14S           X-[CAN]*15521-        F     FLR       14   S   THF
FANTASY LANE CALL GIRL 13S            -[CAN]*15525-          F     FLR       13   S   THF
FANTASY LANE CALL GIRL 1U              X-[CAN]*16947-        F     FLR        1   U   THF
FANTASY LANE DAISY DUKE 5S             X-[CAN]AR15540-       F     FLR        5   S   THF
FANTASY LANE DELIGHTFUL 20S           -[CAN]*16674-          F     FLR       20   S   THF
FANTASY LANE FIGMENT 3R                X-[CAN]*15253-        F     FLR        3   R   THF
FANTASY LANE FLASH 23T                 X-[CAN]F684871-       F     FLR       23   T   THF
FANTASY LANE GOLDIE 4U                 X-[CAN]F686057-       F     FLR        4   U   THF
FANTASY LANE JADED LADY 6S             X-[CAN]AR15541-       F     FLR        6   S   THF
FANTASY LANE JOYFUL 29T                X-[CAN]*16435-        F     FLR       29   T   THF
FANTASY LANE JOYFUL 30T                X-[CAN]*16436-        F     FLR       30   T   THF
FANTASY LANE KISSES 4R                 X-[CAN]F682133-       F     FLR        4   R   THF
FANTASY LANE SUPER NOVA 7S             X-[CAN]AR15537-       F     FLR        7   S   THF
FANTASY LANE TELINA 48T                X-[CAN]F684872-       F     FLR       48   T   THF
FLKRCC DELIGHTFUL 30U                  X-[CAN]*16950-        F     FLR       30   U   THF
FOREST HALL IRISH LASS 40T             X-[CAN]F685018-       F     FHS       40   T   THF
FOREST HALL MISSIE 125W                X-[CAN]F686930-       F     FHS      125   W   THF
FOREST HALL RAGGEDY ANNE 93R           X-[CAN]F683126-       F     FHS       93   R   THF
FOREST HALL SENORITA 15W               X-[CAN]F686932-       F     FHS       15   W   THF
FOREST HALL SUSAN 85U                  X-[CAN]F686929-       F     FHS       85   U   THF
FOREST HALL SUSAN 85W                  X-[CAN]F686931-       F     FHS       85   W   THF
FOXWILLOW RAINBOW 3R                   X-[CAN]*15292-        F     CSW        3   R   THF
FOXWILLOW ROSE 6R                      X-[CAN]F682241-       F     CSW        6   R   THF
FOXWILLOW ROYAL 2R                     X-[CAN]F682242-       F     CSW        2   R   THF
FOXWILLOW SLIPPER 2S                   X-[CAN]F682831-       F     CSW        2   S   THF
FOXWILLOW TEASEL 7T                    X-[CAN]F684419-       F     CSW        7   T   THF
FOXWILLOW THEADORA 6T                  X-[CAN]F684420-       F     CSW        6   T   THF
FOXWILLOW TOPAZ 4T                     X-[CAN]F684421-       F     CSW        4   T   THF
FOXWILLOW UBERRY 23U                   X-[CAN]F685643-       F     CSW       23   U   THF
FOXWILLOW UNDERWOOD 18U                X-[CAN]F685644-       F     CSW       18   U   THF
FOXWILLOW UNIQUE 8U                    X-[CAN]F685051-       F     CSW        8   U   THF
FOXWILLOW UPPER 6U                     X-[CAN]F685052-       F     CSW        6   U   THF
FOXWILLOW URCHIN 3U                    X-[CAN]F685053-       F     CSW        3   U   THF
FOXWILLOW WAXINGMOON 4W                X-[CAN]F686281-       F     CSW        4   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WENDY 26W                    X-[CAN]F687256-       F     CSW       26   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WESSEX 2W                   -[CAN]F686280-         F     CSW        2   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WHISPER 23W                  X-[CAN]F686284-       F     CSW       23   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WILLEMENA 9W                -[CAN]F686282-         F     CSW        9   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WILLOW 12W                  -[CAN]F686285-         F     CSW       12   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WREN 24W                     X-[CAN]F686283-       F     CSW       24   W   THF
FRASER'S APRIL'S NOVA 1N               X-[CAN]F678815-       F     FRA        1   N   THF
FRASER'S JJ'S PATTY 3P                 X-[CAN]F679929-       F     FRA        3   P   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
FRASER'S RUBY'S PHOEBE 5P               X-[CAN]F679931-       F     FRA        5   P   THF
FRASER'S SALSA SUSAN 51S                X-[CAN]F684034-       F     CFF       51   S   THC
FRASER'S TINA RUBY 2T                   X-[CAN]F683645-       F     FRA        2   T   THF
FRASER'S UNIQUE DAISY 1U                X-[CAN]F684945-       F     FRA        1   U   THF
FRASER'S WANDA SUSANNE 6W              -[CAN]F686953-         F     FRA        6   W   THF
FRASER'S WENDY GENEVA 2W               -[CAN]F686086-         F     FRA        2   W   THF
FRASER'S WINNIE RUBY 3W                 X-[CAN]F686087-       F     FRA        3   W   THF
FRASER'S WYNONA RUBY 4W                 X-[CAN]F686088-       F     FRA        4   W   THF
FRASER'S XENA RUBY 2X                   X-[CAN]F687154-       F     FRA        2   X   THF
FRIMLEY CLARE 77R                      -[CAN]Z77973-          F     PU        77   R   THF
FRIMLEY KITTY CLARE 43K                -[CAN]F674013-         F     PU        43   K   THF
FRIMLEY LADY SUSAN 29L                  X-[CAN]F676288-       F     PU        29   L   THF
FRIMLEY MELODY DOTTIE 22M               X-[CAN]F677446-       F     PU        22   M   THF
FRIMLEY NAN SUSAN 2N                    X-[CAN]F679190-       F     PU         2   N   THF
FRIMLEY NORA CLARE 19N                  X-[CAN]F679186-       F     PU        19   N   THF
FRIMLEY NORMA MAY 48N                  -[CAN]F679696-         F     PU        48   N   THF
FRIMLEY NYLA CLARE 14N                  X-[CAN]F679196-       F     PU        14   N   THF
FRIMLEY PAMELA MAY 27P                  X-[CAN]F679985-       F     PU        27   P   THF
FRIMLEY PAULA SUSAN 20P                 X-[CAN]F679986-       F     PU        20   P   THF
FRIMLEY PRETTY CLARE 18P               -[CAN]F679989-         F     PU        18   P   THF
FRIMLEY REBA MAID 3R                    X-[CAN]F681593-       F     PU         3   R   THF
FRIMLEY RENE DOTTIE 72R                 X-[CAN]F681591-       F     PU        72   R   THF
FRIMLEY ROAN SUSAN 85R                  X-[CAN]F681584-       F     PU        85   R   THF
FRIMLEY ROSE SUSAN 33R                  X-[CAN]F681587-       F     PU        33   R   THF
FRIMLEY ROSY DAWN 14R                   X-[CAN]F681590-       F     PU        14   R   THF
FRIMLEY RUBY CLARE 11R                  X-[CAN]F681589-       F     PU        11   R   THF
FRIMLEY SASSY CLARE 13S                 X-[CAN]F682566-       F     PU        13   S   THF
FRIMLEY SCARLET MAY 32S                 X-[CAN]F682589-       F     PU        32   S   THF
FRIMLEY SPRINGTIME DOTTIE 55S           X-[CAN]F682591-       F     PU        55   S   THF
FRIMLEY SUMMER DAWN 64S                 X-[CAN]F682587-       F     PU        64   S   THF
FRIMLEY SUSAN 2S                        X-[CAN]F682588-       F     PU         2   S   THF
FRIMLEY SUSAN 57R                       X-[CAN]F681586-       F     PU        57   R   THF
FRIMLEY TAMMY SUSAN 45T                 X-[CAN]F683904-       F     PU        45   T   THF
FRIMLEY TERABITHIA MAID 5T              X-[CAN]F683907-       F     PU         5   T   THF
FRIMLEY TERRY MAY 52T                   X-[CAN]F683905-       F     PU        52   T   THF
FRIMLEY TOPAZ DOTTIE 59T                X-[CAN]F683903-       F     PU        59   T   THF
FRIMLEY TRELAWNEY CLARE 22T             X-[CAN]F683906-       F     PU        22   T   THF
FRIMLEY ULTRA SUSAN 43U                 X-[CAN]F686149-       F     PU        43   U   THF
FRIMLEY UMBRA MAY                      -[CAN]Z97509-          F     IMP      509   U   THF
FRIMLEY UNA CLARE 5U                    X-[CAN]F686152-       F     PU         5   U   THF
FRIMLEY URANIUM SUSAN 56U              -[CAN]Z97511-          F     PU        56   U   THF
FRIMLEY URBAN MAID 6U                   X-[CAN]F686148-       F     PU         6   U   THF
FRIMLEY WANDA DOTTIE 51W                X-[CAN]F686768-       F     PU        51   W   THF
FRIMLEY WARBRIDE SUSAN 49W              X-[CAN]F686746-       F     PU        49   W   THF
FRIMLEY WEDGEWOOD CLARE 2W              X-[CAN]F686750-       F     PU         2   W   THF
FRIMLEY WENDY MAY 19W                   X-[CAN]F686480-       F     PU        19   W   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
FRIMLEY WHISKEY CLARE 6W               X-[CAN]F686737-        F     PU         6   W   THF
FRIMLEY WILDBERRY CLARE 16W            X-[CAN]F686749-        F     PU        16   W   THF
FRIMLEY WINDY DAWN 48W                 X-[CAN]F686766-        F     PU        48   W   THF
FRIMLEY WINTER DAWN 21W                X-[CAN]F686767-        F     PU        21   W   THF
FRIMLEY WISHFUL SUSAN 4W               X-[CAN]F686747-        F     PU         4   W   THF
FRIMLEY WONDER SUSAN 5W                X-[CAN]F686748-        F     PU         5   W   THF
FRIMLEY WORKING MAID 15W               X-[CAN]F686819-        F     PU        15   W   THF
GAR-LIND ANITA 58S                     X-[CAN]F683256-        F     GMR       58   S   THF
GAR-LIND BARONESS 66U                  X-[CAN]F685660-        F     GMR       66   U   THF
GAR-LIND BERNICE 1P                    X-[CAN]F680543-        F     GMR        1   P   THF
GAR-LIND BERNICE 1T                    X-[CAN]F684083-        F     GMR        1   T   THF
GAR-LIND BERNICE 1U                    X-[CAN]F685661-        F     GMR        1   U   THF
GAR-LIND CATHY JOYFUL 3S               X-[CAN]F683106-        F     GMR        3   S   THF
GAR-LIND CYNTHIA 62U                   X-[CAN]F685389-        F     GMR       62   U   THF
GAR-LIND DAFFODIL 48P                  X-[CAN]F681679-        F     GMR       48   P   THF
GAR-LIND DAFFY 58R                     X-[CAN]F683105-        F     GMR       58   R   THF
GAR-LIND DAISY 46R                     X-[CAN]F682682-        F     GMR       46   R   THF
GAR-LIND DANDY 53U                     X-[CAN]F686654-        F     GMR       53   U   THF
GAR-LIND DOREEN 58T                    X-[CAN]F684474-        F     GMR       58   T   THF
GAR-LIND ELLA 11T                      X-[CAN]F684155-        F     GMR       11   T   THF
GAR-LIND ELLA 11U                      X-[CAN]F685392-        F     GMR       11   U   THF
GAR-LIND ELLA 370U                     X-[CAN]F686657-        F     GMR      370   U   THF
GAR-LIND FANTASIA 15S                  X-[CAN]F683260-        F     GMR       15   S   THF
GAR-LIND FANTASIA 15U                  X-[CAN]F686660-        F     GMR       15   U   THF
GAR-LIND FLOWER 2R                     X-[CAN]F682485-        F     GMR        2   R   THF
GAR-LIND FRANCES 64U                   X-[CAN]F686650-        F     GMR       64   U   THF
GAR-LIND GENDA 45S                     X-[CAN]F684084-        F     GMR       45   S   THF
GAR-LIND GENDA 45T                     X-[CAN]F686046-        F     GMR       45   T   THF
GAR-LIND GENDA 50N                     X-[CAN]F679255-        F     GMR       50   N   THF
GAR-LIND GENDA 50S                     X-[CAN]F682683-        F     GMR       50   S   THF
GAR-LIND HIGHLANDER'S MAE 21R          X-[CAN]F681639-        F     GMR       21   R   THF
GAR-LIND LAD'S ROSEBUD 26T             X-[CAN]F685663-        F     GMR       26   T   THF
GAR-LIND LAD'S SINDY 20T               X-[CAN]F684475-        F     GMR       20   T   THF
GAR-LIND LINDA 10S                     X-[CAN]F683261-        F     GMR       10   S   THF
GAR-LIND LINDA 10U                     X-[CAN]F685664-        F     GMR       10   U   THF
GAR-LIND MADONNA 22K                   X-[CAN]F674969-        F     GMR       22   K   THF
GAR-LIND MADONNA 22R                   X-[CAN]F683108-        F     GMR       22   R   THF
GAR-LIND MADONNA 22S                   X-[CAN]F682479-        F     GMR       22   S   THF
GAR-LIND MADONNA 22U                   X-[CAN]F686648-        F     GMR       22   U   THF
GAR-LIND MAX'S ROSEBUD 26K             X-[CAN]F674970-        F     GMR       26   K   THF
GAR-LIND MAX'S SINDY 43K               X-[CAN]F674979-        F     GMR       43   K   THF
GAR-LIND MAXIM'S SINDY 31T             X-[CAN]F684156-        F     GMR       31   T   THF
GAR-LIND MOTIVATORS SINDY 20S          X-[CAN]F683259-        F     GMR       20   S   THF
GAR-LIND NORMA 4S                      X-[CAN]F683103-        F     GMR        4   S   THF
GAR-LIND NORMA 63S                     X-[CAN]F684085-        F     GMR       63   S   THF
GAR-LIND NORMA 63T                     X-[CAN]F685659-        F     GMR       63   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
GAR-LIND NORMA 63U                    X-[CAN]F686649-       F     GMR       63   U   THF
GAR-LIND PANSY 18S                    X-[CAN]F683262-       F     GMR       18   S   THF
GAR-LIND PATSY 99T                    X-[CAN]F686045-       F     GMR       99   T   THF
GAR-LIND PRINCESS 40R                 X-[CAN]F683104-       F     GMR       40   R   THF
GAR-LIND PRINCESS 51S                 X-[CAN]F683258-       F     GMR       51   S   THF
GAR-LIND RAGGEDY ANN 342M             X-[CAN]F678149-       F     GMR      342   M   THF
GAR-LIND RAGGEDY ANN 342P             X-[CAN]F681638-       F     GMR      342   P   THF
GAR-LIND RAGGEDY ANN 342S             X-[CAN]F683107-       F     GMR      342   S   THF
GAR-LIND RAGGEDY ANN 6T               X-[CAN]F684154-       F     GMR        6   T   THF
GAR-LIND RENO'S ROSEBUD 5T            X-[CAN]F684476-       F     GMR        5   T   THF
GAR-LIND RENO'S SINDY 61T             X-[CAN]F685662-       F     GMR       61   T   THF
GAR-LIND ROSEBUD 26U                  X-[CAN]F686646-       F     GMR       26   U   THF
GAR-LIND ROSEBUD'S CHARM 26R          X-[CAN]F682483-       F     GMR       26   R   THF
GAR-LIND ROSEY 25J                    X-[CAN]F673778-       F     GMR       25   J   THF
GAR-LIND ROSEY 25R                    X-[CAN]F681636-       F     GMR       25   R   THC
GAR-LIND SINDY 31R                    X-[CAN]F681640-       F     GMR       31   R   THF
GAR-LIND SPARKLE 96U                  X-[CAN]F685336-       F     GMR       96   U   THF
GAR-LIND TIFFANY 56S                  X-[CAN]F682481-       F     GMR       56   S   THF
GAR-LIND TRAVELER'S LADY 58M          X-[CAN]F677870-       F     GMR       58   M   THF
GAR-LIND TRENDY SINDY 8S              X-[CAN]F683257-       F     GMR        8   S   THF
GAR-LIND WHITE ROSEBUD 26S            X-[CAN]F683125-       F     GMR       26   S   THF
GLEN ISLAY ROSE 2J                    X-[CAN]*8445-         F     BYR        2   J   THF
GLENFORD BABY BLUE 51U               -[CAN]F685526-         F     XZY       51   U   THF
GLENFORD CATHY 21S                    X-[CAN]F682726-       F     XZY       21   S   THF
GLENFORD FLORA 5U                     X-[CAN]F685473-       F     XZY        5   U   THF
GLENFORD LASS 30S                     X-[CAN]F682727-       F     XZY       30   S   THF
GLENFORD MAXINE 22T                   X-[CAN]F684284-       F     XZY       22   T   THF
GLENFORD MISTY 22P                    X-[CAN]*13587-        F     XZY       22   P   THC
GLENFORD MISTY 23U                    X-[CAN]*16984-        F     XZY       23   U   THF
GLENFORD MISTY 24S                    X-[CAN]F682723-       F     XZY       24   S   THF
GLENFORD PATSY 31T                    X-[CAN]F684280-       F     XZY       31   T   THF
GLENFORD PATSY 37N                    X-[CAN]F679161-       F     XZY       37   N   THF
GLENFORD SUSIE 54U                    X-[CAN]F685507-       F     XZY       54   U   THF
GLENROTHES 9W                         X-[CAN]Z99678-        F     USG        9   W   THF
GLENROTHES AUGUSTA QUEEN 4W          -[CAN]*17232-          F     USG        4   W   THF
GLENROTHES CLARA RAVEN 1U            -[CAN]AR16683-         F     USG        1   U   THF
GLENROTHES CLARA RAVEN 9R             X-[CAN]AR14086-       F     USG        9   R   THF
GLENROTHES COUNTESS 104H              X-[CAN]*6953-         F     USG      104   H   THF
GLENROTHES COUNTESS 20U               X-[CAN]*17121-        F     USG       20   U   THF
GLENROTHES COUNTESS 2S                X-[CAN]*15314-        F     USG        2   S   THF
GLENROTHES ELIZA 20T                  X-[CAN]*16539-        F     USG       20   T   THF
GLENROTHES ELIZA 7R                   X-[CAN]*14085-        F     USG        7   R   THF
GLENROTHES ELIZA 9U                   X-[CAN]*17127-        F     USG        9   U   THF
GLENROTHES ELIZA SYBIL 1S             X-[CAN]*15313-        F     USG        1   S   THF
GLENROTHES ELIZA UNIS 19U             X-[CAN]*17118-        F     USG       19   U   THF
GLENROTHES FANTASIA 21P               X-[CAN]*13858-        F     USG       21   P   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
GLENROTHES FLASHDANCE 12N            -[CAN]AR12646-         F     USG       12   N   THF
GLENROTHES GOLDIE 17T                 X-[CAN]AR16536-       F     USG       17   T   THF
GLENROTHES GOLDILOCKS 15U             X-[CAN]*17119-        F     USG       15   U   THF
GLENROTHES GOLDILOCKS 17S             X-[CAN]*15902-        F     USG       17   S   THF
GLENROTHES LILLIAN 18S                X-[CAN]*15896-        F     USG       18   S   THF
GLENROTHES LILLIAN 21U                X-[CAN]*17120-        F     USG       21   U   THF
GLENROTHES LILLIAN 22S                X-[CAN]*15898-        F     USG       22   S   THF
GLENROTHES LILLIAN 2U                 X-[CAN]*17128-        F     USG        2   U   THF
GSC LIT UP 81U                        X-[CAN]AR16886-       F     GSC       81   U   THF
GSC LITHIUM 71T                       X-[CAN]AR16623-       F     GSC       71   T   THF
GSC POSSESSIVE 97W                   -[CAN]F686473-         F     GSC       97   W   THF
H F ROYAL MINNIE 14T                  X-[CAN]*16242-        F     HNT       14   T   THF
HALL HAVEN BACARDI 6R                 X-[CAN]*14443-        F     NLJ        6   R   THF
HAWKEN WYNONNA 4W                     X-[CAN]F686817-       F     HWK        4   W   THF
HAYMARK DORIS 5M                      X-[CAN]F679865-       F     MAH        5   M   THF
HC BETSY 18M                          X-[CAN]F678093-       F     KYA       18   M   THF
HC CHARITY ROSE 111U                  X-[CAN]F685986-       F     KYA      111   U   THF
HC DAFFODIL 21T                       X-[CAN]AR16355-       F     KYA       21   T   THF
HC DELIGHT 39R                        X-[CAN]*14672-        F     KYA       39   R   THF
HC DELIGHT 82R                        X-[CAN]*14661-        F     KYA       82   R   THF
HC DELIGHTFUL 99P                     X-[CAN]*13477-        F     KYA       99   P   THF
HC DESERT CATHY 108D                 -F662930-              F     KYA      108   D   THF
HC ELSIE'S JADE 20P                  -[CAN]F680321-         F     KYA       20   P   THF
HC ELSIE'S JADE 37M                   X-[CAN]F678095-       F     KYA       37   M   THF
HC ELSIE'S JADE 3P                    X-[CAN]F680545-       F     KYA        3   P   THF
HC FAIREST FAYE 101P                  X-[CAN]*13486-        F     KYA      101   P   THF
HC FAIREST FAYE 22T                   X-[CAN]F684118-       F     KYA       22   T   THF
HC FAIREST FAYE 25L                   X-[CAN]*11163-        F     KYA       25   L   THF
HC FAIREST FAYE 45S                   X-[CAN]*15603-        F     KYA       45   S   THF
HC FAIREST FAYE 75R                   X-[CAN]*14656-        F     KYA       75   R   THF
HC FIRST LADY 110J                    X-[CAN]*8543-         F     KYA      110   J   THF
HC FL ELSIE'S JADE 55T                X-[CAN]*16311-        F     KYA       55   T   THF
HC FL SPARKLE DELIGHT 22U             X-[CAN]F685577-       F     KYA       22   U   THF
HC GERTIE NU 10R                      X-[CAN]*14673-        F     KYA       10   R   THF
HC GERTIE NU 67S                      X-[CAN]*15619-        F     KYA       67   S   THF
HC GWENDOLINE 8P                      X-[CAN]*13485-        F     KYA        8   P   THF
HC GYPSY ROSE 19P                    -[CAN]F680278-         F     KYA       19   P   THF
HC HOT SPICE 27R                      X-[CAN]*14639-        F     KYA       27   R   THC
HC IRISH LASSIE 110U                  X-[CAN]*17189-        F     KYA      110   U   THF
HC IRISH LASSIE 40P                   X-[CAN]F680280-       F     KYA       40   P   THF
HC IRISH LASSIE 46S                   X-[CAN]*15594-        F     KYA       46   S   THF
HC JASMINE MAID 7M                    X-[CAN]F678090-       F     KYA        7   M   THF
HC JEALOUSY PAC 92S                   X-[CAN]*15600-        F     KYA       92   S   THF
HC LADY LOUISA 022S                   X-[CAN]AR16628-       F     KYA       22   S   THF
HC LADY LOUISA 12T                    X-[CAN]*16340-        F     KYA       12   T   THF
HC LADY SOPHIA 1S                     X-[CAN]*15645-        F     KYA        1   S   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
HC LADY SOPHIA 7N                       X-[CAN]*12425-        F     KYA        7   N   THF
HC LEGACY'S DELIGHT 100N               -[CAN]*12777-          F     KYA      100   N   THF
HC MADONNA 24U                          X-[CAN]F685985-       F     KYA       24   U   THF
HC MADONNA 65N                          X-[CAN]F679319-       F     KYA       65   N   THC
HC MARION DELIGHT 16U                  -[CAN]*16836-          F     KYA       16   U   THF
HC MARION DELIGHT 16W                   X-[CAN]*17693-        F     KYA       16   W   THF
HC MARION DELIGHT 32P                   X-[CAN]*13554-        F     KYA       32   P   THF
HC MARION DELIGHT 52W                   X-[CAN]*17703-        F     KYA       52   W   THF
HC MATCHLESS 13W                        X-[CAN]*17796-        F     KYA       13   W   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 11N                       X-[CAN]*12426-        F     KYA       11   N   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 13T                       X-[CAN]F684130-       F     KYA       13   T   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 15S                      -[CAN]AR15706-         F     KYA       15   S   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 16T                       X-[CAN]F684131-       F     KYA       16   T   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 17W                       X-[CAN]F687039-       F     KYA       17   W   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 19T                       X-[CAN]*16333-        F     KYA       19   T   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 29L                       X-[CAN]*11161-        F     KYA       29   L   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 29T                       X-[CAN]*16334-        F     KYA       29   T   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 31R                       X-[CAN]*14658-        F     KYA       31   R   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 36U                       X-[CAN]F685987-       F     KYA       36   U   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 67J                       X-[CAN]*8540-         F     KYA       67   J   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 79W                       X-[CAN]AR17787-       F     KYA       79   W   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 83P                       X-[CAN]*13475-        F     KYA       83   P   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 8T                        X-[CAN]F684105-       F     KYA        8   T   THF
HC MELBA NIAM 98H                       X-[CAN]*8863-         F     KYA       98   H   THF
HC MELODY LADY 29U                      X-[CAN]F686026-       F     KYA       29   U   THF
HC MELODY LADY 38R                      X-[CAN]*14646-        F     KYA       38   R   THF
HC MYRTLE BO 121T                       X-[CAN]F684123-       F     KYA      121   T   THF
HC MYRTLE BO 86R                        X-[CAN]*14659-        F     KYA       86   R   THF
HC ORANGE BLOSSOM 89R                   X-[CAN]*14647-        F     KYA       89   R   THF
HC PICTURE PERFECT 20T                  X-[CAN]AR16332-       F     KYA       20   T   THF
HC PICTURE PERFECT 35W                 -[CAN]*17795-          F     KYA       35   W   THF
HC PICTURE PERFECT 5S                   X-[CAN]F682853-       F     KYA        5   S   THF
HC PICTURE PERFECT 78S                  X-[CAN]AR15614-       F     KYA       78   S   THF
HC PRECIOUS RUBY 8R                     X-[CAN]*14670-        F     KYA        8   R   THF
HC RAGGEDY ANN 1T                       X-[CAN]*16335-        F     KYA        1   T   THF
HC RD SCARLET 77M                      -[CAN]*11348-          F     KYA       77   M   THF
HC ROAN REVA 99U                        X-[CAN]*17042-        F     KYA       99   U   THF
HC ROXIE 66P                            X-[CAN]*13546-        F     KYA       66   P   THF
HC RTR STRAWBERRY KISS 58P             -[CAN]F680411-         F     KYA       58   P   THF
HC SCARLET LASS 1P                      X-[CAN]*13678-        F     KYA        1   P   THF
HC SECRET MAID 11S                      X-[CAN]AR15705-       F     KYA       11   S   THF
HC SECRET MAID 14N                     -[CAN]*12414-          F     KYA       14   N   THF
HC SECRET MAID 18F                     -*5263-                F     KYA       18   F   THF
HC SECRET MAID 81S                      X-[CAN]*15806-        F     KYA       81   S   THF
HC SECRET MAID 9N                       X-[CAN]*12410-        F     KYA        9   N   THF
HC SECRET MAID 9P                      -[CAN]AR13681-         F     KYA        9   P   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
HC SPARKLE DELIGHT 77W                 X-[CAN]F687034-       F     KYA      77   W   THF
HC STRAWBERRY 7T                       X-[CAN]F684247-       F     KYA       7   T   THF
HC STRAWBERRY KISS 71T                 X-[CAN]*16305-        F     KYA      71   T   THF
HC SWEET SUSAN 42S                     X-[CAN]F682710-       F     KYA      42   S   THF
HC TWINKLE DELIGHT 21P                 X-[CAN]*13550-        F     KYA      21   P   THF
HC VARSITY VERA 6P                     X-[CAN]AR13552-       F     KYA       6   P   THF
HERBOURNE ANNE 1W                     -[CAN]F686140-         F     AHWA      1   W   THF
HERBOURNE BAS DORIS 7T                -[CAN]F683989-         F     AHWA      7   T   THF
HERBOURNE BAS GLENDA 14T              -[CAN]F683991-         F     AHWA     14   T   THF
HERBOURNE BAS QUALITY 2U               X-[CAN]F685818-       F     AHWA      2   U   THF
HERBOURNE BAS TRUDY 8T                 X-[CAN]F683985-       F     AHWA      8   T   THF
HERBOURNE DORIS 6R                     X-[CAN]F681382-       F     AHWA      6   R   THF
HERBOURNE G E ROWENA 4R                X-[CAN]F681380-       F     AHWA      4   R   THF
HERBOURNE GINGER 3N                    X-[CAN]F679088-       F     AHWA      3   N   THF
HERBOURNE GINGER BERRY 4G              X-[CAN]F671563-       F     AHWA      4   G   THF
HERBOURNE GINGER MAID 5W              -[CAN]F686141-         F     AHWA      5   W   THF
HERBOURNE GLENDA 3G                    X-F669622-            F     AHWA      3   G   THF
HERBOURNE HB ANNE 9W                   X-[CAN]F686145-       F     AHWA      9   W   THF
HERBOURNE HB DORIS 15U                 X-[CAN]F685749-       F     AHWA     15   U   THF
HERBOURNE HB GINGER MAID 12U          -[CAN]F685748-         F     AHWA     12   U   THF
HERBOURNE HB GINGERMAID 014T           X-[CAN]F683987-       F     AHWA     14   T   THF
HERBOURNE HB GLENDA 10W               -[CAN]F686146-         F     AHWA     10   W   THF
HERBOURNE HB KATIE 19U                 X-[CAN]F685750-       F     AHWA     19   U   THF
HERBOURNE HB MAISIE 18T                X-[CAN]F683986-       F     AHWA     18   T   THF
HERBOURNE HB MAIZIE 7W                -[CAN]F686142-         F     AHWA      7   W   THF
HERBOURNE HB MYRNA 21U                 X-[CAN]F686139-       F     AHWA     21   U   THF
HERBOURNE HB QUEEN 23U                -[CAN]F685745-         F     AHWA     23   U   THF
HERBOURNE HB REENA 22U                 X-[CAN]F685746-       F     AHWA     22   U   THF
HERBOURNE HB ROXIE 14W                -[CAN]F686144-         F     AHWA     14   W   THF
HERBOURNE HB TRENDY 16T               -[CAN]F684496-         F     AHWA     16   T   THF
HERBOURNE JOANNA 8J                    X-[CAN]F673135-       F     AHWA      8   J   THF
HERBOURNE LADY JANET 9S                X-[CAN]F682559-       F     AHWA      9   S   THF
HERBOURNE MAX QUALITY 1F               X-F667048-            F     AHWA      1   F   THF
HERBOURNE NK ANNE 10P                  X-[CAN]F680072-       F     AHWA     10   P   THF
HERBOURNE NK ANNE 14M                 -[CAN]F680067-         F     AHWA     14   M   THF
HERBOURNE NK MAISIE 13M                X-[CAN]F677281-       F     AHWA     13   M   THF
HERBOURNE NK MIRANDA 17M               X-[CAN]F677283-       F     AHWA     17   M   THF
HERBOURNE NK MYRNA 8P                  X-[CAN]F680070-       F     AHWA      8   P   THF
HERBOURNE NK NORAH 7N                  X-[CAN]F679085-       F     AHWA      7   N   THF
HERBOURNE PPG KATIE 19K                X-[CAN]F674808-       F     AHWA     19   K   THF
HERBOURNE PPG LIZA 7L                  X-[CAN]F676057-       F     AHWA      7   L   THF
HERBOURNE PPG QUEEN 13K               -[CAN]F675262-         F     AHWA     13   K   THF
HERBOURNE PRINCESS DORIS 15W           X-[CAN]F686579-       F     AHWA     15   W   THF
HERBOURNE PRINCESS RUBY 13W            X-[CAN]F686147-       F     AHWA     13   W   THF
HERBOURNE QUEEN 23W                   -[CAN]F687253-         F     AHWA     23   W   THF
HERBOURNE RHS GINGER MAID 15P          X-[CAN]F680075-       F     AHWA     15   P   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
HERBOURNE RHS KATE 13N                  X-[CAN]F679090-       F     AHWA     13   N   THF
HERBOURNE RHS REENA 17R                 X-[CAN]F681384-       F     AHWA     17   R   THF
HERBOURNE RHS ROSALIND 16R             -[CAN]F681383-         F     AHWA     16   R   THF
HERBOURNE RHS ROXIE 19R                -[CAN]F681385-         F     AHWA     19   R   THF
HERBOURNE ROSELYNN 1S                   X-[CAN]F682558-       F     AHWA      1   S   THF
HERBOURNE ROSELYNN 26J                  X-[CAN]F673140-       F     AHWA     26   J   THF
HERBOURNE RUBY 5R                       X-[CAN]F681381-       F     AHWA      5   R   THF
HERBOURNE SB ROSELYNN 3T                X-[CAN]F683984-       F     AHWA      3   T   THF
HERBOURNE SB TANTE 5T                   X-[CAN]F683988-       F     AHWA      5   T   THF
HERBOURNE SS DORIS 13T                  X-[CAN]F683990-       F     AHWA     13   T   THF
HERBOURNE SUPER KATE 19N                X-[CAN]F679091-       F     AHWA     19   N   THF
HERBOURNE SVP ANNE 7U                   X-[CAN]F685747-       F     AHWA      7   U   THF
HF AUGUSTA TRUDY 1T                     X-[CAN]*16239-        F     HNT       1   T   THF
HILL HAVEN ALICE 2R                     X-[CAN]AR15188-LR     F     DLA       2   R   THC
HILL HAVEN ALIZA ROSE 17W               X-[CAN]F686279-       F     DLA      17   W   THF
HILL HAVEN AMBER ROSE 23U              -[CAN]*16806-          F     DLA      23   U   THF
HILL HAVEN BECKY 5W                     X-[CAN]*17390-        F     DLA       5   W   THF
HILL HAVEN BRANDY 30U                  -[CAN]*16802-          F     DLA      30   U   THF
HILL HAVEN BREATHLESS 13U              -[CAN]F685088-         F     DLA      13   U   THF
HILL HAVEN BRENNA 29W                   X-[CAN]*17365-        F     DLA      29   W   THF
HILL HAVEN BRIDGET 2P                   X-[CAN]F680066-       F     DLA       2   P   THF
HILL HAVEN CHARLENE                    -[CAN]Z77969-          F                       THF
HILL HAVEN CHARLOTTE ROSE 16T          -[CAN]F683690-         F     DLA      16   T   THF
HILL HAVEN CHERYL ROSE 27W              X-[CAN]*17362-        F     DLA      27   W   THF
HILL HAVEN CINDY BELLE 7W              -[CAN]AR17361-         F     DLA       7   W   THF
HILL HAVEN COLLEEN 14R                  X-[CAN]*14405-        F     DLA      14   R   THF
HILL HAVEN CRYSTAL SKYE 8S              X-[CAN]F682399-       F     DLA       8   S   THC
HILL HAVEN DUCHESS ROSE 3M             -[CAN]*11422-          F     DLA       3   M   THF
HILL HAVEN ELIZABETH ROSE 8R            X-[CAN]*14395-        F     DLA       8   R   THF
HILL HAVEN EMMA 21W                     X-[CAN]F686274-       F     DLA      21   W   THF
HILL HAVEN GABRIELLE 3U                 X-[CAN]F685089-       F     DLA       3   U   THF
HILL HAVEN GEORGIE GIRL 1J              X-[CAN]AR15417-LR     F     DLA       1   J   THF
HILL HAVEN GEORGINA                    -[CAN]Z77970-          F                       THF
HILL HAVEN GLORIA 21R                   X-[CAN]AR14404-       F     DLA      21   R   THC
HILL HAVEN JANELLE 19W                 -[CAN]F686275-         F     DLA      19   W   THF
HILL HAVEN JASMINE 6N                   X-[CAN]*12282-        F     DLA       6   N   THF
HILL HAVEN JEALOUSY PAR 23S             X-[CAN]F682420-       F     DLA      23   S   THF
HILL HAVEN JENNY ROSE 12T               X-[CAN]F683693-       F     DLA      12   T   THF
HILL HAVEN KATHLEEN ROSE 2T             X-[CAN]*16060-        F     DLA       2   T   THF
HILL HAVEN KELLY ROSE 3W                X-[CAN]*17360-        F     DLA       3   W   THF
HILL HAVEN LACEY 18S                    X-[CAN]*15431-        F     DLA      18   S   THC
HILL HAVEN LINDSAY 12S                  X-[CAN]AR15418-LR     F     DLA      12   S   THC
HILL HAVEN LUCKY HANNAH 13W             X-[CAN]*17364-LR      F     DLA      13   W   THF
HILL HAVEN LUCKY HAYLEY 12W             X-[CAN]*17363-LR      F     DLA      12   W   THF
HILL HAVEN LUCKY LADY 27U               X-[CAN]*16800-        F     DLA      27   U   THF
HILL HAVEN MACY 2U                      X-[CAN]F685090-       F     DLA       2   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
HILL HAVEN MANDY 6T                    X-[CAN]F683691-       F     DLA        6   T   THF
HILL HAVEN MARJORIE 25W               -[CAN]F686277-         F     DLA       25   W   THF
HILL HAVEN MARY JANE 20M               X-[CAN]AR11806-       F     DLA       20   M   THF
HILL HAVEN MATHCLESS SNOWDROP          X-[CAN]*11419-        F     DLA        4   M   THF
HILL HAVEN PATRICIA ROSE 20S           X-[CAN]*15424-        F     DLA       20   S   THC
HILL HAVEN PEGGY ANNE 2S               X-[CAN]AR15430-       F     DLA        2   S   THC
HILL HAVEN PEGGY BELLE 5S              X-[CAN]AR15566-       F     DLA        5   S   THC
HILL HAVEN PIPER 10P                  -[CAN]*13104-          F     DLA       10   P   THF
HILL HAVEN RACHEL ROSE 9P             -[CAN]*13105-          F     DLA        9   P   THF
HILL HAVEN REBECCA 5P                  X-[CAN]F680065-       F     DLA        5   P   THF
HILL HAVEN REBECCA JOLIE 6U            X-[CAN]*16801-        F     DLA        6   U   THF
HILL HAVEN ROCHELLE 4R                 X-[CAN]*14396-        F     DLA        4   R   THF
HILL HAVEN ROCKETTE 9W                 X-[CAN]F686278-       F     DLA        9   W   THF
HILL HAVEN RUBY 14S                    X-[CAN]AR15436-LR     F     DLA       14   S   THC
HILL HAVEN SAMANTHA ROSE 9R            X-[CAN]*14403-        F     DLA        9   R   THC
HILL HAVEN SHANNON 29U                 X-[CAN]AR16807-       F     DLA       29   U   THF
HILL HAVEN SIERRA 7S                   X-[CAN]F682398-       F     DLA        7   S   THF
HILL HAVEN STACEY 13T                  X-[CAN]F683692-       F     DLA       13   T   THF
HILL HAVEN STELLA ROSE 6W             -[CAN]*17367-          F     DLA        6   W   THF
HILL HAVEN TINA 15S                    X-[CAN]AR15419-       F     DLA       15   S   THF
HILL HAVEN TRIXIE 7T                   X-[CAN]*16058-        F     DLA        7   T   THF
HILL HAVEN VALENTINA 7P                X-[CAN]*13101-        F     DLA        7   P   THF
HUBERDALE 948 JOYFUL 29M              -[CAN]*12103-          F     DZR       29   M   THF
HUBERDALE AE BRENDA 42P                X-[CAN]*13992-        F     DZR       42   P   THF
HUBERDALE AM BEAUTY 24N                X-[CAN]*12224-        F     DZR       24   N   THF
HUBERDALE CATHY JOYFUL 57L             X-[CAN]*10468-        F     DZR       57   L   THF
HUBERDALE CR MARIAN DELIGHT 6U        -[CAN]F685470-         F     DZR        6   U   THF
HUBERDALE GFSI PENNY 40N               X-[CAN]*12220-        F     DZR       40   N   THF
HUBERDALE GS JOYFUL 2P                 X-[CAN]*13993-        F     DZR        2   P   THF
HUBERDALE HC BRENDA 48T                X-[CAN]AR16483-       F     DZR       48   T   THF
HUBERDALE HC LORA 24R                  X-[CAN]AR14949-       F     DZR       24   R   THF
HUBERDALE I BRENDA 23M                 X-[CAN]*12106-        F     DZR       23   M   THF
HUBERDALE JEALOUSY PAR 20J            -[CAN]*9650-           F     DZR       20   J   THF
HUBERDALE NF SUZETTE 27T               X-[CAN]*16521-        F     DZR       27   T   THF
HUBERDALE PIE AUDREY 23U               X-[CAN]*16998-        F     DZR       23   U   THF
HUBERDALE RP MELODY LADY 25N           X-[CAN]*12234-        F     DZR       25   N   THF
HUBERDALE RP SUZETTE 41P               X-[CAN]*13989-        F     DZR       41   P   THF
HUNT FARMS AUGUSTA TRUDY 128U          X-[CAN]AR16885-       F     HNT      128   U   THF
HUNT FARMS CHLOE 318U                  X-[CAN]*17880-        F     HNT      318   U   THF
HUNT FARMS CINDERELLA GLAMOUR         -[CAN]*7262-           F     HNT       47   G   THF
HUNT FARMS CINDERELLA KATE 35K         X-[CAN]F676593-       F     HNT       35   K   THF
HUNT FARMS ESTELLE 130U                X-[CAN]AR16884-       F     HNT      130   U   THF
HUNT FARMS GLORIOUS MINNIE 19G         X-*6241-              F     HNT       19   G   THF
HUNT FARMS JANE 10E                    X-F665650-            F     HNT       10   E   THF
HUNT FARMS JAUNTY JANE 19J             X-[CAN]*8203-         F     HNT       19   J   THF
HUNT FARMS KATHY 12K                   X-[CAN]*9587-         F     HNT       12   K   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
HUNT FARMS LUCY MAE 19M                X-[CAN]*11518-        F     HNT       19   M   THF
HUNT FARMS MISS ESTELLE 30M            X-[CAN]*11511-        F     HNT       30   M   THF
HUNT FARMS MISS RUTH 301U              X-[CAN]*17879-        F     HNT      301   U   THF
HUNT FARMS MIZ RUTH 32T               -[CAN]AR16243-         F     HNT       32   T   THF
HUNT FARMS PG SYLVETTE 124U            X-[CAN]*16945-        F     HNT      124   U   THF
HUNT FARMS ROBYN 17R                   X-[CAN]*14163-        F     HNT       17   R   THF
HUNT FARMS SALLY 6S                    X-[CAN]*15361-        F     HNT        6   S   THF
HUNT FARMS SANDRA 15S                  X-[CAN]*15365-        F     HNT       15   S   THC
HUNT FARMS SARA 7S                     X-[CAN]*15362-        F     HNT        7   S   THF
HUNT FARMS SARAH 2S                    X-[CAN]*15374-        F     HNT        2   S   THF
HUNT FARMS SHEILA 8S                   X-[CAN]*15357-        F     HNT        8   S   THF
HUNT FARMS SHIRLEY 23S                 X-[CAN]F682219-       F     HNT       23   S   THF
HUNT FARMS SIBYL 14S                   X-[CAN]*15354-        F     HNT       14   S   THC
HUNT FARMS SYLVIA 1S                   X-[CAN]*15367-        F     HNT        1   S   THF
HUNT FARMS VANNA KRISTY 27K           -[CAN]*9586-           F     HNT       27   K   THF
HUNT FARMS WENDY LOU 8L                X-[CAN]*10507-LR      F     HNT        8   L   THF
HURON GROVE GOLDILOCKS 3W             -[CAN]*17773-          F     HGF        3   W   THF
HURON GROVE LILY 8T                    X-[CAN]*16473-        F     HGF        8   T   THC
JASF CELESTE ROSE 4U                   X-[CAN]F685258-       F     MXU        4   U   THF
JASF CHERRY ROSE 7X                    X-[CAN]F687310-       F     MXU        7   X   THF
JASF CINNAMON ROSE 8N                  X-[CAN]F678914-       F     MXU        8   N   THF
JASF CRIMSON ROSE 6R                  -[CAN]F681163-         F     MXU        6   R   THF
JASF CRYSTAL ROSE 5T                   X-[CAN]F683775-       F     MXU        5   T   THF
JASF RANSOM ROSE 8W                    X-[CAN]F686312-       F     MXU        8   W   THF
JT ANNE 70K                            X-[CAN]F675424-       F     JHH       70   K   THF
JT BETSY 18K                           X-[CAN]F674754-       F     JHH       18   K   THF
JT BETSY 21P                           X-[CAN]F680786-       F     JHH       21   P   THF
JT BETSY 22T                           X-[CAN]F684190-       F     JHH       22   T   THF
JT BETSY 33U                           X-[CAN]F685619-       F     JHH       33   U   THC
JT CLIPPER 26N                        -[CAN]F679297-         F     JHH       26   N   THF
JT CLIPPER 48P                         X-[CAN]F680794-       F     JHH       48   P   THF
JT CLIPPER 63P                         X-[CAN]*13774-        F     JHH       63   P   THF
JT CLIPPER 64S                         X-[CAN]F682666-       F     JHH       64   S   THF
JT DAISY 24N                           X-[CAN]F679291-       F     JHH       24   N   THF
JT EPAULETTE 29R                       X-[CAN]*14687-        F     JHH       29   R   THF
JT EPAULETTE 43N                      -[CAN]*12387-          F     JHH       43   N   THC
JT EPAULETTE 56S                       X-[CAN]F683199-       F     JHH       56   S   THF
JT FLORENCE 65N                        X-[CAN]*12385-        F     JHH       65   N   THF
JT GOLDIE 114W                         X-[CAN]F686778-       F     JHH      114   W   THF
JT GOLDIE 15P                         -[CAN]*13780-          F     JHH       15   P   THF
JT GOLDIE 26P                         -[CAN]F680807-         F     JHH       26   P   THF
JT GOLDIE 4T                          -[CAN]F684201-         F     JHH        4   T   THF
JT HEROINE 7U                          X-[CAN]F685622-       F     JHH        7   U   THC
JT HEROINE 94M                         X-[CAN]F677811-       F     JHH       94   M   THF
JT KATE 118S                           X-[CAN]F683220-       F     JHH      118   S   THF
JT KATE 76U                            X-[CAN]F685614-       F     JHH       76   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
JT KATE 91W                           -[CAN]*17553-          F     JHH       91   W   THF
JT KATE 99L                            X-[CAN]F676512-       F     JHH       99   L   THF
JT LINDA 27N                          -[CAN]*12382-          F     JHH       27   N   THF
JT LINDA 58P                          -[CAN]*13783-          F     JHH       58   P   THF
JT MUFFIN 113U                         X-[CAN]F685623-       F     JHH      113   U   THF
JT MUFFIN 11R                          X-[CAN]F681520-       F     JHH       11   R   THF
JT MUFFIN 21R                          X-[CAN]F681524-       F     JHH       21   R   THF
JT MUFFIN 29T                          X-[CAN]F684194-       F     JHH       29   T   THF
JT MUFFIN 33S                         -[CAN]F682665-         F     JHH       33   S   THF
JT MUFFIN 36U                         -[CAN]*17074-          F     JHH       36   U   THF
JT MUFFIN 50K                          X-[CAN]F675422-       F     JHH       50   K   THF
JT MUFFIN 57T                          X-[CAN]F684217-       F     JHH       57   T   THF
JT MUFFIN 58U                          X-[CAN]F685630-       F     JHH       58   U   THF
JT MUFFIN 82N                          X-[CAN]F679311-       F     JHH       82   N   THF
JT REMEMBRANCE 66P                     X-[CAN]F680803-       F     JHH       66   P   THF
JWM BELLE'S COSMOPOLITAN 2T            X-[CAN]F683860-       F     JWM        2   T   THF
JWM BELLE'S DELIGHT 3S                 X-[CAN]F682325-       F     JWM        3   S   THF
JWM GOLDEN STARDUST 1P                 X-[CAN]*13111-        F     JWM        1   P   THF
JWM PERFECT LADY 1U                    X-[CAN]F685173-       F     JWM        1   U   THF
JWM STARDUST 1W                        X-[CAN]*17538-        F     JWM        1   W   THF
JWM STARDUST 2W                        X-[CAN]*17541-        F     JWM        2   W   THF
JWM STARDUST'S DREAM GIRL 4T           X-[CAN]*16131-        F     JWM        4   T   THF
KENLENE D.R.S. FERGI 1W               -[CAN]*17507-          F     KLS        1   W   THF
KENLENE DON'T WORRY 19W                X-[CAN]F686428-       F     KLS       19   W   THF
KENLENE ISLA 11W                       X-[CAN]F686439-       F     KLS       11   W   THF
KENLENE ISLA 7U                        X-[CAN]F685315-       F     KLS        7   U   THF
KENLENE MELODY 10U                     X-[CAN]F685312-       F     KLS       10   U   THF
KENLENE MELODY 15W                     X-[CAN]F686429-       F     KLS       15   W   THF
KENLENE NORMA 20W                      X-[CAN]F686465-       F     KLS       20   W   THF
KENLENE NORMA 4U                       X-[CAN]F685313-       F     KLS        4   U   THF
KENLENE SANDY 10S                      X-[CAN]F682475-       F     KLS       10   S   THF
KENLENE SANDY 2W                       X-[CAN]*17542-        F     KLS        2   W   THF
KENLENE SECRET MAID 14W                X-[CAN]F686467-       F     KLS       14   W   THF
KENLENE SECRET MAID 6T                 X-[CAN]F683874-       F     KLS        6   T   THF
KENLENE TAMMY 4T                      -[CAN]F683870-         F     KLS        4   T   THF
KENLENE TARABETH 1T                    X-[CAN]F683873-       F     KLS        1   T   THF
KENLENE TEARDROP 8T                    X-[CAN]F683872-       F     KLS        8   T   THF
KENLENE TERRY 13T                      X-[CAN]F683869-       F     KLS       13   T   THF
KENLENE TORRIE 2T                     -[CAN]F683877-         F     KLS        2   T   THF
KENMAR ISLA 24J                       -[CAN]F675477-         F     WHY       24   J   THF
KENMAR MAID 62N                        X-[CAN]F680159-       F     WHY       62   N   THF
KENMAR MAUDE 100N                      X-[CAN]F680180-       F     WHY      100   N   THF
KENMAR MAXINE 53K                      X-[CAN]F675802-       F     WHY       53   K   THF
KRCC LUCKY CHARM 404N                  X-[CAN]*12687-        F     KRCC     404   N   THF
KRCC MELODY LADY 418T                  X-[CAN]*16509-        F     KRCC     418   T   THF
LAZY H J KO DUCHESS 1S                 X-[CAN]*15723-        F     LHJ        1   S   THF
                       Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                     Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
LAZY H J MAC BELLE 10T                   -[CAN]F683960-         F     LHJ      10   T   THF
LAZY H J MAC BELLE 23W                    X-[CAN]F686458-       F     LHJ      23   W   THF
LAZY H J MAC DAFFODIL 14W                 X-[CAN]F686461-       F     LHJ      14   W   THF
LAZY H J MAC DUCHESS 17U                  X-[CAN]F685778-       F     LHJ      17   U   THF
LAZY H J MAC DUCHESS 2T                   X-[CAN]F683962-       F     LHJ       2   T   THF
LAZY H J MAC DUCHESS 4W                  -[CAN]F686457-         F     LHJ       4   W   THF
LAZY H J MAC JACQUELINE 14U               X-[CAN]F685777-       F     LHJ      14   U   THF
LAZY H J MAC JACQUELINE 3W                X-[CAN]F686460-       F     LHJ       3   W   THF
LAZY H J MAC SCARLET 7W                  -[CAN]F686459-         F     LHJ       7   W   THF
LAZY H J MATRIX FLORENCE 9W               X-[CAN]F686456-       F     LHJ       9   W   THF
LAZY H J MATRIX JACKIE 10W                X-[CAN]F686463-       F     LHJ      10   W   THF
LAZY H J MATRIX JACKIE 15W                X-[CAN]F686455-       F     LHJ      15   W   THF
LAZY H J NITRO BUCKINGHAM 1T              X-[CAN]F683978-       F     LHJ       1   T   THC
LAZY H J NITRO DUCHESS 8T                -[CAN]F683979-         F     LHJ       8   T   THF
LAZY H J NITRO JACQUELINE 36T             X-[CAN]F683958-       F     LHJ      36   T   THF
LAZY H J NITRO JACQUELINE 4S              X-[CAN]F682805-       F     LHJ       4   S   THF
LAZY H J NITRO JACQUELINE 5T              X-[CAN]F683965-       F     LHJ       5   T   THF
LAZY H J NITRO JOY 18T                    X-[CAN]F683973-       F     LHJ      18   T   THF
LAZY H J NITRO SCARLET 17T               -[CAN]F683974-         F     LHJ      17   T   THF
LAZY H J NITRO VERA 6T                   -[CAN]F683964-         F     LHJ       6   T   THC
LAZY H J PAT BELLE 6R                     X-[CAN]*15215-        F     LHJ       6   R   THF
LAZY H J RIDER BEE 14T                   -[CAN]*16168-          F     LHJ      14   T   THF
LAZY H J RIDER BUTTERFLY 7S               X-[CAN]*15681-        F     LHJ       7   S   THF
LAZY H J RIDER DUCHESS 27S                X-[CAN]*15680-        F     LHJ      27   S   THF
LAZY H J RIDER DUCHESS 3S                 X-[CAN]*15938-        F     LHJ       3   S   THF
LAZY H J RIDER DUCHESS 53R                X-[CAN]*15208-        F     LHJ      53   R   THF
LAZY H J RIDER EMMIE 23S                  X-[CAN]*15940-        F     LHJ      23   S   THF
LAZY H J RIDER JACKIE 10P                 X-[CAN]*13418-        F     LHJ      10   P   THF
LAZY H J RIDER JACKIE 12S                 X-[CAN]*15694-        F     LHJ      12   S   THF
LAZY H J RIDER JACQUELINE 20T             X-[CAN]*16170-        F     LHJ      20   T   THF
LAZY H J RIDER JACQUELINE 7R              X-[CAN]*15203-        F     LHJ       7   R   THF
LAZY H J RIDER JOANNA 21T                 X-[CAN]*16171-        F     LHJ      21   T   THF
LAZY H J RIDER LEA SCARLET 12T            X-[CAN]*16166-        F     LHJ      12   T   THF
LAZY H J RIDER LEA SCARLET 9R             X-[CAN]*15207-        F     LHJ       9   R   THF
LAZY H J RIDER PAM 35S                    X-[CAN]*15682-        F     LHJ      35   S   THF
LAZY H J RIDER PEACHES 29S                X-[CAN]*15689-        F     LHJ      29   S   THF
LAZY H J RIDER ROSEWOOD 26T               X-[CAN]*16164-        F     LHJ      26   T   THF
LAZY H J RIDER ROSEWOOD 5R               -[CAN]*15205-          F     LHJ       5   R   THF
LAZY H J RIDER SUSAN 4T                   X-[CAN]*16162-        F     LHJ       4   T   THF
LAZY H J RIDER TAMARA 7T                  X-[CAN]*16172-        F     LHJ       7   T   THF
LAZY H J RIDER VERA 5S                   -[CAN]*15690-          F     LHJ       5   S   THF
LAZY H J SPECIAL ALICE 38R                X-[CAN]*15212-        F     LHJ      38   R   THF
LEAHY'S UPTOWN GIRL 20U                   X-[CAN]F686258-       F     LFS      20   U   THF
LEAHY'S WHITNEY 16W                       X-[CAN]F686174-       F     LFS      16   W   THF
LEAHY'S WINNIFRED 28W                     X-[CAN]F687285-       F     LFS      28   W   THF
LEDNURA BARONESS EQ 15R                   X-[CAN]*15008-        F     APIN     15   R   THF
                      Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                    Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
LEDNURA DAISY EQ 30S                     X-[CAN]*15796-        F     APIN      30   S   THF
LEDNURA DOTTY 1U                         X-[CAN]F685329-       F     APIN       1   U   THF
LEDNURA GLORIA EQ 7P                     X-[CAN]*13290-        F     APIN       7   P   THF
LEDNURA LADY EQ 5N                       X-[CAN]*11836-        F     APIN       5   N   THF
LEDNURA LADY EQ 9P                       X-[CAN]*13304-        F     APIN       9   P   THF
LEDNURA MAUD VERA EQ 37P                -[CAN]*13303-          F     APIN      37   P   THF
LEDNURA PENNY HS 31F                     X-F667555-            F     APIN      31   F   THF
LEDNURA RAGGEDY ANN EQ 18S              -[CAN]F682955-         F     APIN      18   S   THC
LEDNURA RAGGEDY ANN SS 4N                X-[CAN]F678861-       F     APIN       4   N   THF
LEDNURA VICTORIA SS 21N                 -[CAN]*11829-          F     APIN      21   N   THF
LEHNE AMY 41J                            X-[CAN]F673217-       F     ELF       41   J   THF
LEHNE CANDY 166W                         X-[CAN]*17533-        F     ELF      166   W   THF
LEHNE COOL CASSIDY 25M                   X-[CAN]F677704-       F     ELF       25   M   THF
LEHNE ELSIE 27T                         -[CAN]*16188-          F     ELF       27   T   THF
LEHNE JERRY 6H                           X-[CAN]F671459-       F     ELF        6   H   THF
LEHNE LASSIE 30W                        -[CAN]F687232-         F     ELF       30   W   THF
LEHNE MAID 48T                          -[CAN]F684003-         F     ELF       48   T   THF
LEHNE MAID 62W                          -[CAN]F686514-         F     ELF       62   W   THF
LEHNE MAXINE 34S                        -[CAN]F682459-         F     ELF       34   S   THF
LEHNE MAYFLOWER 106L                     X-[CAN]F676602-       F     ELF      106   L   THF
LEHNE MINNIE 9T                          X-[CAN]F684006-       F     ELF        9   T   THF
LEHNE MISS CANDY 166T                    X-[CAN]F684005-       F     ELF      166   T   THF
LEHNE MISS DUCHESS 129T                 -[CAN]F684004-         F     ELF      129   T   THF
LEHNE MISSY 148P                         X-[CAN]*13202-        F     ELF      148   P   THF
LEHNE SHEBA 8L                           X-[CAN]AR10301-       F     ELF        8   L   THF
LENORAS NATASHA 8N                       X-[CAN]F679276-       F     HNC        8   N   THF
LITTLE CEDAR LISA'S SAMURA1905           X-[CAN]F687211-       F     EEG      905   W   THF
MADARD AR DORIS 17R                      X-[CAN]F681409-       F     MH        17   R   THF
MADARD AR FLOSSY 14N                     X-[CAN]F678795-       F     MH        14   N   THF
MADARD AR MAGGIE 4N                      X-[CAN]F678799-       F     MH         4   N   THF
MADARD EBERT LADY 15G                   -*5951-                F     MH        15   G   THF
MADARD EBERTS CATHY 3P                   X-[CAN]*12936-        F     MH         3   P   THF
MADARD EBERTS SILVER 15N                 X-[CAN]*11805-        F     MH        15   N   THF
MADARD FLINT CINDY 11U                   X-[CAN]F685264-       F     MH        11   U   THF
MADARD FLINT DD WANDA 3U                 X-[CAN]F685269-       F     MH         3   U   THF
MADARD FLINT DELILAH 7T                  X-[CAN]F683841-       F     MH         7   T   THF
MADARD FLINT ELIZABETH 6T                X-[CAN]F683840-       F     MH         6   T   THF
MADARD FLINT FUNNY GIRL 29U              X-[CAN]F685263-       F     MH        29   U   THF
MADARD FLINT MABEL 2U                    X-[CAN]F685252-       F     MH         2   U   THF
MADARD FLINT MARIE 3T                    X-[CAN]F683878-       F     MH         3   T   THF
MADARD FLINT PATSY 1U                    X-[CAN]F685259-       F     MH         1   U   THF
MADARD FLINT RUBY 5U                     X-[CAN]F685209-       F     MH         5   U   THF
MADARD FLINT SILVA 1T                    X-[CAN]F683843-       F     MH         1   T   THF
MADARD FLINTS GEM 4U                     X-[CAN]F685253-       F     MH         4   U   THF
MADARD G DELLA LYNN 21K                  X-[CAN]F675328-       F     MH        21   K   THF
MADARD GF FANNY 25M                      X-[CAN]F678601-       F     MH        25   M   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
MADARD IRENE 18U                      X-[CAN]F685335-       F     MH       18   U   THF
MADARD JH DELLA LEYOTA 10M            X-[CAN]F678607-       F     MH       10   M   THF
MADARD JTF MORNING GLORY 22M          X-[CAN]*11616-        F     MH       22   M   THF
MADARD JTF SUPER GIRL 11M             X-[CAN]F678602-       F     MH       11   M   THF
MADARD LU CAROL 15W                   X-[CAN]F686220-       F     MH       15   W   THF
MADARD LU DAISY 23W                   X-[CAN]F686213-       F     MH       23   W   THF
MADARD LU EMMAS DOT 7U                X-[CAN]F685210-       F     MH        7   U   THF
MADARD LU FANCY 12U                   X-[CAN]F685270-       F     MH       12   U   THF
MADARD LU FLORA 21W                   X-[CAN]F686218-       F     MH       21   W   THF
MADARD LU GERALDINE 14W               X-[CAN]F686211-       F     MH       14   W   THF
MADARD LU JENNY 2W                    X-[CAN]F686202-       F     MH        2   W   THF
MADARD LU LISA 8U                     X-[CAN]F685262-       F     MH        8   U   THF
MADARD LU LOIS 16W                    X-[CAN]F686215-       F     MH       16   W   THF
MADARD LU MADDY 13W                   X-[CAN]F686203-       F     MH       13   W   THF
MADARD LU MADISON 30U                 X-[CAN]F685265-       F     MH       30   U   THF
MADARD LU MASSIE 34U                  X-[CAN]F686214-       F     MH       34   U   THF
MADARD LU MERAL 27W                   X-[CAN]F686219-       F     MH       27   W   THF
MADARD LU ROSEMARY 28U                X-[CAN]F685406-       F     MH       28   U   THF
MADARD LU SANDY 26W                   X-[CAN]F686217-       F     MH       26   W   THF
MADARD MG MARTHA 26K                 -[CAN]*9566-           F     MH       26   K   THF
MADARD N D DENISE 11T                 X-[CAN]F683842-       F     MH       11   T   THF
MADARD ND DAWN 15T                    X-[CAN]F684792-       F     MH       15   T   THF
MADARD ND DORA 19T                   -[CAN]F684791-         F     MH       19   T   THF
MADARD ND FLORENCE 9S                 X-[CAN]F682471-       F     MH        9   S   THF
MADARD ND FLOWER 26T                  X-[CAN]F684789-       F     MH       26   T   THF
MADARD ND LOTTIE 20T                  X-[CAN]F684793-       F     MH       20   T   THF
MADARD ND MARJ 22S                    X-[CAN]F683363-       F     MH       22   S   THF
MADARD ND MONICA 20R                  X-[CAN]F681410-       F     MH       20   R   THF
MADARD ND PAULINE 10S                -[CAN]F682472-         F     MH       10   S   THF
MADARD ND RONDA 26S                  -[CAN]F683362-         F     MH       26   S   THF
MADARD ND VALERIE 29T                 X-[CAN]F684794-       F     MH       29   T   THF
MADARD PPF DEBBIE 18J                 X-[CAN]F673857-       F     MH       18   J   THF
MADARD PPF DOLLY 7J                  -[CAN]F673853-         F     MH        7   J   THC
MADARD PPF SUPER GAYE 13J            -[CAN]F673855-         F     MH       13   J   THF
MADARD R.M. LILLA 18K                 X-[CAN]*9498-         F     MH       18   K   THF
MADARD RBT MYRTLE 9L                  X-[CAN]F675757-       F     MH        9   L   THF
MADARD RM BEAUTY 26J                 -[CAN]*8559-           F     MH       26   J   THF
MADARD RM DHARMA 19J                 -[CAN]F673859-         F     MH       19   J   THF
MADARD SS BUTTERCUP 4W                X-[CAN]F686504-       F     MH        4   W   THF
MADARD SS LAURA 8W                   -[CAN]F686209-         F     MH        8   W   THF
MADARD SS MANDY 9W                    X-[CAN]F686221-       F     MH        9   W   THF
MADARD SS MARGARET 5W                 X-[CAN]F686216-       F     MH        5   W   THF
MADARD SS SANDRA 7W                   X-[CAN]F686204-       F     MH        7   W   THF
MADARD STAR JAN 21U                   X-[CAN]F685267-       F     MH       21   U   THF
MADARD SU LU BETTY-JANE 2S           -[CAN]F682469-         F     MH        2   S   THF
MADARD SU LU CONNIE 6S                X-[CAN]F682470-       F     MH        6   S   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
MADARD SU LU DONNA 25R                 X-[CAN]F682466-       F     MH       25   R   THF
MADARD SUPER GLADYS 5L                 X-[CAN]F675759-       F     MH        5   L   THF
MADARD T FLINT FLORENCE 24S            X-[CAN]F683366-       F     MH       24   S   THF
MADARD TOP CARRIE 11S                  X-[CAN]F682473-       F     MH       11   S   THF
MAJESTIC SUPERMODEL 8S                 X-[CAN]F682279-       F     JAO       8   S   THF
MATLOCK 21S                           -[CAN]Z71256-          F     EEG      21   S   THC
MATLOCK 32S                           -[CAN]Z71334-          F     CDH      32   S   THC
MATLOCK 51S                            X-[CAN]Z71335-        F     CDH      51   S   THF
MATLOCK 56W                            X-[CAN]Z97702-        F     EEG      56   W   THF
MATLOCK 61S                           -[CAN]Z71330-          F     CDH      61   S   THC
MATLOCK 64S                            X-[CAN]Z71284-        F     EEG      64   S   THC
MATLOCK 88S                            X-[CAN]Z71251-        F     EEG      88   S   THC
MATLOCK AMY 68N                        X-[CAN]F678976-       F     EEG      68   N   THF
MATLOCK AMY 69W                       -[CAN]F686193-         F     EEG      69   W   THF
MATLOCK ASHLEY 35R                     X-[CAN]*14385-        F     EEG      35   R   THF
MATLOCK BETSY 30R                      X-[CAN]F681281-       F     EEG      30   R   THF
MATLOCK BETSY 50U                      X-[CAN]F684939-       F     EEG      50   U   THF
MATLOCK CHLOE 34P                      X-[CAN]F680021-       F     CDH      34   P   THF
MATLOCK CHLOE 40W                     -[CAN]F686196-         F     CDH      40   W   THF
MATLOCK D W RAYE 1R                    X-[CAN]F681293-       F     CDH       1   R   THF
MATLOCK DELLA 25H                      X-[CAN]F671043-       F     EEG      25   H   THF
MATLOCK DREAM GIRL 11R                -[CAN]F681334-         F     CDH      11   R   THF
MATLOCK DREAM GIRL 1P                  X-[CAN]F680015-       F     CDH       1   P   THF
MATLOCK DW PRINCESS 79P                X-[CAN]F680033-       F     EEG      79   P   THF
MATLOCK DW ROSEMARY 3R                 X-[CAN]F681335-       F     EEG       3   R   THF
MATLOCK ERICA 26R                     -[CAN]F681289-         F     EEG      26   R   THF
MATLOCK ERICA 34U                     -[CAN]F684980-         F     EEG      34   U   THF
MATLOCK ERICA 78N                     -[CAN]F678969-         F     EEG      78   N   THF
MATLOCK FAIR LADY 70N                  X-[CAN]F678973-       F     EEG      70   N   THF
MATLOCK FANTASY 43N                    X-[CAN]*12534-        F     EEG      43   N   THF
MATLOCK FPM SPECS 1W                   X-[CAN]*17281-        F     CDH       1   W   THF
MATLOCK GAIL'S KALI 63K                X-[CAN]F674765-       F     EEG      63   K   THF
MATLOCK GERALDINE 8G                  -F669611-              F     EEG       8   G   THF
MATLOCK GJ JEANETTE 32N                X-[CAN]F678979-       F     CDH      32   N   THF
MATLOCK GJ MARIANNE 52M                X-[CAN]F677562-       F     CDH      52   M   THF
MATLOCK GJ MARTINI 61M                 X-[CAN]F677561-       F     CDH      61   M   THF
MATLOCK GS ROSELLE 12R                 X-[CAN]F681632-       F     EEG      12   R   THF
MATLOCK GSR NOELLE 11T                 X-[CAN]F684762-       F     CDH      11   T   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL CHLOE 61U                X-[CAN]F684962-       F     CDH      61   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL FANTASY 18U              X-[CAN]*16725-        F     EEG      18   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL JUDY 53U                 X-[CAN]F684951-       F     EEG      53   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL KAREN 37U                X-[CAN]F684968-       F     HDH      37   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL LISA 86U                 X-[CAN]F684947-       F     EEG      86   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL MARIANNE 41U             X-[CAN]F684959-       F     CDH      41   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL MARVA 83U                X-[CAN]F684958-       F     CDH      83   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL MUFFIN 40U               X-[CAN]F684948-       F     EEG      40   U   THF
                  Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
MATLOCK IDEAL NORMA 70U              X-[CAN]F684950-       F     EEG      70   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL SPECS 58U              X-[CAN]F684957-       F     CDH      58   U   THF
MATLOCK INEZ 23P                     X-[CAN]F680031-       F     EEG      23   P   THF
MATLOCK INEZ 77W                     X-[CAN]F686182-       F     EEG      77   W   THF
MATLOCK JACQUELINE 13W               X-[CAN]F686188-       F     EEG      13   W   THF
MATLOCK JASMINE 20J                  X-[CAN]F672902-       F     HDH      20   J   THF
MATLOCK JASMINE 25U                  X-[CAN]F684967-       F     HDH      25   U   THF
MATLOCK JAYLENE 26U                  X-[CAN]F684946-       F     HDH      26   U   THF
MATLOCK JEANETTE 52U                -[CAN]F684956-         F     CDH      52   U   THF
MATLOCK JESSICA 5J                   X-[CAN]F672910-       F     EEG       5   J   THF
MATLOCK JOELLE 35P                   X-[CAN]F680020-       F     CDH      35   P   THF
MATLOCK JUDY 54J                     X-[CAN]F672907-       F     EEG      54   J   THF
MATLOCK JUDY 64P                     X-[CAN]F680041-       F     EEG      64   P   THF
MATLOCK JUDY 68W                     X-[CAN]F686180-       F     EEG      68   W   THF
MATLOCK JUDY 71N                     X-[CAN]F678975-       F     EEG      71   N   THF
MATLOCK KALEIDOSCOPE 40K             X-[CAN]F674763-       F     EEG      40   K   THF
MATLOCK KAREN 47K                    X-[CAN]F674751-       F     HDH      47   K   THF
MATLOCK KATIE 9K                     X-[CAN]F674758-       F     EEG       9   K   THF
MATLOCK KELLY 17U                    X-[CAN]F684954-       F     EEG      17   U   THF
MATLOCK KELLY 3T                     X-[CAN]F683834-       F     EEG       3   T   THF
MATLOCK KELLY 72R                    X-[CAN]F681291-       F     EEG      72   R   THF
MATLOCK KESTREL 45K                  X-[CAN]F674764-       F     EEG      45   K   THF
MATLOCK KH REBECCA 7R                X-[CAN]F681295-       F     EEG       7   R   THF
MATLOCK KH REVA 18R                  X-[CAN]F681633-       F     EEG      18   R   THF
MATLOCK KISS 68K                     X-[CAN]F674766-       F     EEG      68   K   THF
MATLOCK LADY 72U                     X-[CAN]F684963-       F     CDH      72   U   THF
MATLOCK LADY DI 24K                  X-[CAN]F674761-       F     EEG      24   K   THF
MATLOCK LADY DIANE 21R              -[CAN]F681304-         F     EEG      21   R   THF
MATLOCK LADY JENN 25T                X-[CAN]F683819-       F     CDH      25   T   THF
MATLOCK LASS 8W                      X-[CAN]F686186-       F     EEG       8   W   THF
MATLOCK LAURETTE 17N                -[CAN]F678989-         F     CDH      17   N   THF
MATLOCK LAURETTE 51U                -[CAN]F684960-         F     CDH      51   U   THF
MATLOCK LAURETTE 64W                 X-[CAN]F686195-       F     CDH      64   W   THF
MATLOCK LC SPECS 40T                 X-[CAN]*16055-        F     CDH      40   T   THF
MATLOCK LETITIA 26L                  X-[CAN]F675980-       F     EEG      26   L   THF
MATLOCK LETITIA 82W                  X-[CAN]F686183-       F     EEG      82   W   THF
MATLOCK LISA 2W                      X-[CAN]F686178-       F     EEG       2   W   THF
MATLOCK LORI 8L                      X-[CAN]F675962-       F     HDH       8   L   THF
MATLOCK LYNETTE 23N                  X-[CAN]F678978-       F     EEG      23   N   THF
MATLOCK MAGIC MOMENT 70M             X-[CAN]F677573-       F     EEG      70   M   THF
MATLOCK MARGARITA 77M                X-[CAN]F677553-       F     HDH      77   M   THF
MATLOCK MARGARITA 7U                 X-[CAN]F684969-       F     HDH       7   U   THF
MATLOCK MARVA 21M                    X-[CAN]F677557-       F     CDH      21   M   THF
MATLOCK MARY JANE 10W                X-[CAN]F686197-       F     CDH      10   W   THF
MATLOCK MARY JANE 19T                X-[CAN]F684311-       F     CDH      19   T   THF
MATLOCK MARY JANE 22P                X-[CAN]F680016-       F     CDH      22   P   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
MATLOCK MARY JANE 32M                 X-[CAN]F677556-       F     CDH      32   M   THF
MATLOCK MARY JANE 63U                 X-[CAN]F684961-       F     CDH      63   U   THF
MATLOCK MARY KATE 34R                 X-[CAN]*14383-        F     EEG      34   R   THF
MATLOCK MARY-ANN 4M                   X-[CAN]F677571-       F     EEG       4   M   THF
MATLOCK MAXINE 14M                    X-[CAN]F677555-       F     CDH      14   M   THF
MATLOCK MAXINE 21U                    X-[CAN]F684964-       F     CDH      21   U   THF
MATLOCK MAXINE 28R                   -[CAN]F681301-         F     CDH      28   R   THC
MATLOCK MAXINE 81W                    X-[CAN]F686194-       F     CDH      81   W   THF
MATLOCK MAYFLOWER 73T                 X-[CAN]F683822-       F     EEG      73   T   THF
MATLOCK MELBA NIAM 26T                X-[CAN]F683627-       F     EEG      26   T   THF
MATLOCK MELODY 48M                    X-[CAN]F677582-       F     EEG      48   M   THF
MATLOCK MILLICENT 36W                 X-[CAN]F686191-       F     EEG      36   W   THF
MATLOCK MILLICENT 63M                 X-[CAN]F677578-       F     EEG      63   M   THF
MATLOCK MISS SCARLET 57S              X-[CAN]F682255-       F     EEG      57   S   THF
MATLOCK MS SPECS 85S                  X-[CAN]F682276-       F     CDH      85   S   THF
MATLOCK MUFFIN 69M                    X-[CAN]F677574-       F     EEG      69   M   THF
MATLOCK MYSTIQUE 29M                  X-[CAN]F677572-       F     EEG      29   M   THF
MATLOCK MYSTIQUE 78R                  X-[CAN]F681298-       F     EEG      78   R   THF
MATLOCK N L SENORITA 17S              X-[CAN]F682932-       F     EEG      17   S   THF
MATLOCK NAKITA 58N                    X-[CAN]F678980-       F     CDH      58   N   THF
MATLOCK NAKITA 90P                    X-[CAN]F680046-       F     CDH      90   P   THF
MATLOCK NANETTE 32T                   X-[CAN]F683825-       F     EEG      32   T   THF
MATLOCK NANETTE 65N                   X-[CAN]F678974-       F     EEG      65   N   THF
MATLOCK NANETTE 7W                    X-[CAN]F686192-       F     EEG       7   W   THF
MATLOCK NAOMI 3N                     -[CAN]F678814-         F     HDH       3   N   THF
MATLOCK NARCISSUS 8N                  X-[CAN]F679113-       F     EEG       8   N   THF
MATLOCK NATALIE 25N                   X-[CAN]F678983-       F     HDH      25   N   THF
MATLOCK NECTARINE 2N                  X-[CAN]F678966-       F     EEG       2   N   THF
MATLOCK NICHOLE 10N                   X-[CAN]F679112-       F     HDH      10   N   THF
MATLOCK NICKY-RAE 51R                -[CAN]F681288-         F     CDH      51   R   THC
MATLOCK NIKKI 83N                     X-[CAN]F678981-       F     HDH      83   N   THF
MATLOCK NITA 12N                     -[CAN]F678977-         F     EEG      12   N   THF
MATLOCK NL AMY 55R                   -[CAN]F681296-         F     EEG      55   R   THF
MATLOCK NL JOELLE 88R                 X-[CAN]F681287-       F     CDH      88   R   THF
MATLOCK NL JUDY 28T                   X-[CAN]F684763-       F     EEG      28   T   THF
MATLOCK NL KISS 80R                  -[CAN]F681294-         F     EEG      80   R   THF
MATLOCK NL LADY DIANE 53R             X-[CAN]F681282-       F     EEG      53   R   THF
MATLOCK NL LISA 31R                   X-[CAN]*14384-        F     EEG      31   R   THF
MATLOCK NL LISA 80T                   X-[CAN]F683821-       F     EEG      80   T   THF
MATLOCK NL MAGIC MOMENT 47R           X-[CAN]F681299-       F     EEG      47   R   THF
MATLOCK NL RED ROSE 69R               X-[CAN]F681300-       F     CDH      69   R   THF
MATLOCK NL REVA 52R                   X-[CAN]F681303-       F     CDH      52   R   THF
MATLOCK NL ROSA-LEE 82R              -[CAN]*14386-          F     CDH      82   R   THF
MATLOCK NL ROXY 25R                   X-[CAN]F681292-       F     CDH      25   R   THF
MATLOCK NL TIA 23T                    X-[CAN]F683824-       F     EEG      23   T   THF
MATLOCK NOELLE 9N                     X-[CAN]F678967-       F     EEG       9   N   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
MATLOCK NORMA 36R                     X-[CAN]F681290-       F     EEG      36   R   THF
MATLOCK NORMA 52N                     X-[CAN]F679015-       F     EEG      52   N   THF
MATLOCK ORANGE BLOSSOM 87T            X-[CAN]F683835-       F     EEG      87   T   THF
MATLOCK PAIGE 65P                     X-[CAN]F680045-       F     EEG      65   P   THF
MATLOCK PANDORA 12P                   X-F639386-            F     EEG      12   P   THF
MATLOCK PANSY 89P                     X-[CAN]*13087-        F     EEG      89   P   THF
MATLOCK PARTY GIRL 31P                X-[CAN]AR13090-       F     EEG      31   P   THF
MATLOCK PATIENCE 8P                   X-[CAN]F680047-       F     HDH       8   P   THF
MATLOCK PATRICIA 52W                  X-[CAN]F686179-       F     EEG      52   W   THF
MATLOCK PATRICIA 66U                  X-[CAN]F684952-       F     EEG      66   U   THF
MATLOCK PATSY 24P                     X-[CAN]F680019-       F     CDH      24   P   THF
MATLOCK PATSY 82U                     X-[CAN]F684949-       F     EEG      82   U   THF
MATLOCK PAULA 54P                     X-[CAN]F680018-       F     CDH      54   P   THF
MATLOCK PEGGY SUE 92P                 X-[CAN]*13088-        F     EEG      92   P   THF
MATLOCK PHOEBE 28P                    X-[CAN]F680044-       F     EEG      28   P   THF
MATLOCK PICTURE PERFECT 9P            X-[CAN]F680038-       F     EEG       9   P   THF
MATLOCK PRICILLA 4W                   X-[CAN]F686185-       F     EEG       4   W   THF
MATLOCK PRICILLA 52P                  X-[CAN]F680040-       F     EEG      52   P   THF
MATLOCK PRINCESS 45U                  X-[CAN]F684953-       F     EEG      45   U   THF
MATLOCK PROMISE 78P                   X-[CAN]F680042-       F     EEG      78   P   THF
MATLOCK PRUDENCE 66P                  X-[CAN]F680023-       F     CDH      66   P   THF
MATLOCK RACHAEL 75R                   X-[CAN]*14381-        F     CJH      75   R   THF
MATLOCK RAYE 20T                      X-[CAN]F683816-       F     CDH      20   T   THF
MATLOCK REBECCA 23U                   X-[CAN]F684955-       F     EEG      23   U   THF
MATLOCK REBECCA 32W                   X-[CAN]F686187-       F     EEG      32   W   THF
MATLOCK RM PATRICIA 33P               X-[CAN]F680738-       F     EEG      33   P   THF
MATLOCK ROBIN 73R                    -[CAN]F681285-         F     HDH      73   R   THF
MATLOCK ROSEMARY 12T                  X-[CAN]F683833-       F     EEG      12   T   THF
MATLOCK ROYAL 41R                     X-[CAN]F681283-       F     DLH      41   R   THF
MATLOCK RR AMY 16T                    X-[CAN]F683837-       F     EEG      16   T   THF
MATLOCK RR ERICA 45T                  X-[CAN]F683826-       F     EEG      45   T   THF
MATLOCK RR FANTASY 42T                X-[CAN]*16117-        F     EEG      42   T   THF
MATLOCK RR INEZ 62T                   X-[CAN]F683828-       F     EEG      62   T   THF
MATLOCK RR JEANETTE 41T               X-[CAN]F683814-       F     CDH      41   T   THF
MATLOCK RR MARVA 54T                  X-[CAN]F683818-       F     CDH      54   T   THF
MATLOCK RR PANSY 36T                  X-[CAN]F683832-       F     EEG      36   T   THF
MATLOCK RR PATSY 55T                  X-[CAN]F683823-       F     EEG      55   T   THF
MATLOCK RR PRICILLA 31T               X-[CAN]F683831-       F     EEG      31   T   THF
MATLOCK RR TRINITY 68T                X-[CAN]F683827-       F     EEG      68   T   THF
MATLOCK RRG SPECS 10U                 X-[CAN]F684966-       F     CDH      10   U   THF
MATLOCK RUBY 74R                      X-[CAN]F681284-       F     HDH      74   R   THF
MATLOCK SABRINA 22W                   X-[CAN]F686189-       F     EEG      22   W   THF
MATLOCK SABRINA 9S                    X-[CAN]F682337-       F     EEG       9   S   THF
MATLOCK SAPHIRE 62S                  -[CAN]F682258-         F     EEG      62   S   THF
MATLOCK SASSY CLARE 19W               X-[CAN]F686190-       F     EEG      19   W   THF
MATLOCK SASSY SUE 45S                 X-[CAN]F682251-       F     EEG      45   S   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
MATLOCK SATIN N LACE 91S                X-[CAN]F682254-       F     EEG       91   S   THF
MATLOCK SCARLET 76U                    -[CAN]*16726-          F     CDH       76   U   THF
MATLOCK SECRET MAID 8U                  X-[CAN]*16723-        F     CJH        8   U   THF
MATLOCK SENORITA 43S                   -[CAN]F682252-         F     EEG       43   S   THF
MATLOCK SERENA 59S                      X-[CAN]F682274-       F     HDH       59   S   THF
MATLOCK SHANIA 22S                      X-[CAN]*15384-        F     CDH       22   S   THF
MATLOCK SHERRY 4T                       X-[CAN]F683809-       F     CJH        4   T   THF
MATLOCK SHIRLEY 79U                     X-[CAN]F684965-       F     CDH       79   U   THF
MATLOCK SHYANNE 24S                    -[CAN]F682245-         F     EEG       24   S   THF
MATLOCK SHYANNE 62W                     X-[CAN]F686184-       F     EEG       62   W   THF
MATLOCK SONNET 93S                      X-[CAN]F682250-       F     EEG       93   S   THF
MATLOCK SOPHIA 78S                     -[CAN]F682260-         F     EEG       78   S   THF
MATLOCK SPARKLE 54S                    -[CAN]F682277-         F     CDH       54   S   THF
MATLOCK SPARKLE 96S                     X-[CAN]F682339-       F     EEG       96   S   THF
MATLOCK SPECS 14K                       X-[CAN]F674749-       F     CDH       14   K   THF
MATLOCK STELLA 68S                     -[CAN]F682247-         F     EEG       68   S   THF
MATLOCK SUE 14S                         X-[CAN]F682340-       F     HDH       14   S   THF
MATLOCK SUGAR 31S                      -[CAN]F682217-         F     DLH       31   S   THF
MATLOCK SUGAR N SPICE 19S               X-[CAN]F682256-       F     EEG       19   S   THF
MATLOCK SUMMER 34S                     -[CAN]F683123-         F     HDH       34   S   THF
MATLOCK SUNSHINE 38S                    X-[CAN]F682257-       F     EEG       38   S   THF
MATLOCK SUZETTE 9S                      X-F642258-            F     EEG        9   S   THF
MATLOCK SYMPHONY 4S                     X-[CAN]F682338-       F     EEG        4   S   THF
MATLOCK TORRIE 27T                      X-[CAN]F683813-       F     HDH       27   T   THF
MATLOCK TWINKLE 10K                     X-[CAN]F674748-       F     CDH       10   K   THF
MATLOCK TWINKLE 17W                    -[CAN]F686198-         F     CDH       17   W   THF
MATLOCK UNIQUE 39U                      X-[CAN]F684943-       F     DLH       39   U   THF
MATLOCK WAVERLEY 15W                   -[CAN]F686199-         F     CDH       15   W   THF
MATLOCK WENDY 6W                       -[CAN]F686176-         F     CJH        6   W   THF
MATLOCK WINETTE 41W                    -[CAN]F686177-         F     CJH       41   W   THF
MATLOCK YOLANDE 13P                     X-[CAN]F680017-       F     CDH       13   P   THF
MCBETH CHOICE 19T                       X-[CAN]F683723-       F     GB        19   T   THF
MCBETH DAFFODIL 16U                     X-[CAN]F685306-       F     GB        16   U   THF
MCBETH DAFFODIL 3T                     -[CAN]F683724-         F     GB         3   T   THF
MCBETH JAY JAY 22U                      X-[CAN]F685310-       F     GB        22   U   THF
MCBETH JAY JAY 30W                      X-[CAN]F686400-       F     GB        30   W   THF
MCBETH MADI 34W                         X-[CAN]F686410-       F     GB        34   W   THF
MCBETH MAGGIE 2S                        X-[CAN]F682514-       F     GB         2   S   THF
MCBETH MILLIE 20W                       X-[CAN]F686401-       F     GB        20   W   THF
MCBETH MINNIE 3U                        X-[CAN]F685309-       F     GB         3   U   THF
MCBETH NORMA 33W                        X-[CAN]F686399-       F     GB        33   W   THF
MCBETH ROSALIE 19U                      X-[CAN]F685308-       F     GB        19   U   THF
MCBETH ROSALIE 6W                       X-[CAN]F686398-       F     GB         6   W   THF
MCBETH ROSE 18U                         X-[CAN]F685307-       F     GB        18   U   THF
MCBETH SWEET SUSAN 17W                  X-[CAN]F686402-       F     GB        17   W   THF
MF IRISH LASSIE AV129                   X-[CAN]F677224-       F     MAX      129   L   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
MF PICTURE PERFECT BP114                X-[CAN]F677225-       F     MAX      114   L   THF
MIDA FAIR LADY 37U                      X-[CAN]*17016-        F     MIDA      37   U   THF
MIDA JAYNE EW 17T                      -[CAN]F684823-         F     MIDA      17   T   THF
MISTY HILLS ROYAL MAGDALENE 6L          X-[CAN]F676180-       F     AFTM       6   L   THF
MURIDALE ANGEL 29T                      X-[CAN]F685638-       F     BSX       29   T   THF
MURIDALE BLUE JAY 104U                  X-[CAN]F685477-       F     BSX      104   U   THF
MURIDALE BLUE JAY 12T                   X-[CAN]F684036-       F     BSX       12   T   THF
MURIDALE BLUE JAY 19N                   X-[CAN]F679222-       F     BSX       19   N   THF
MURIDALE CLASSIC 19J                   -[CAN]F673305-         F     BSX       19   J   THC
MURIDALE COLLEN 55S                     X-[CAN]F683019-       F     BSX       55   S   THF
MURIDALE COLLENA 25K                    X-[CAN]F674934-       F     BSX       25   K   THF
MURIDALE COLLENA 62S                    X-[CAN]F683034-       F     BSX       62   S   THF
MURIDALE CUJO SLEW DOWN 3D              X-F663634-            F     BSX        3   D   THF
MURIDALE DELIGHT 27M                    X-[CAN]F678016-       F     BSX       27   M   THF
MURIDALE DELIGHT 29W                    X-[CAN]F686683-       F     BSX       29   W   THF
MURIDALE DELIGHT 6R                     X-[CAN]F681419-       F     BSX        6   R   THF
MURIDALE DIAMOND 37R                    X-[CAN]F681422-       F     BSX       37   R   THC
MURIDALE DOLLY 25G                      X-F669264-            F     BSX       25   G   THF
MURIDALE DOWN 5L                        X-[CAN]F676560-       F     BSX        5   L   THF
MURIDALE ELLY 18G                       X-F669261-            F     BSX       18   G   THF
MURIDALE ELLY 4S                        X-[CAN]F683085-       F     BSX        4   S   THF
MURIDALE ELLY 71P                      -[CAN]F680371-         F     BSX       71   P   THF
MURIDALE ELLY 76L                       X-[CAN]F676576-       F     BSX       76   L   THF
MURIDALE ESTILL 45S                    -[CAN]F683035-         F     BSX       45   S   THF
MURIDALE ESTILL 61U                     X-[CAN]F685524-       F     BSX       61   U   THF
MURIDALE ESTILL 69W                     X-[CAN]F686694-       F     BSX       69   W   THF
MURIDALE ESTILL 8K                      X-[CAN]F674919-       F     BSX        8   K   THF
MURIDALE FERGIE 77T                     X-[CAN]F684048-       F     BSX       77   T   THF
MURIDALE GOOSE 13T                      X-[CAN]F684159-       F     BSX       13   T   THF
MURIDALE GOOSE 32R                      X-[CAN]F681433-       F     BSX       32   R   THF
MURIDALE GOOSE 82W                      X-[CAN]F686707-       F     BSX       82   W   THF
MURIDALE HOLLY 11K                      X-[CAN]F674916-       F     BSX       11   K   THF
MURIDALE HOLLY 31T                      X-[CAN]F684037-       F     BSX       31   T   THF
MURIDALE HOLLY 79W                      X-[CAN]F686686-       F     BSX       79   W   THF
MURIDALE IDA 104W                       X-[CAN]F686695-       F     BSX      104   W   THF
MURIDALE IDA 6P                        -[CAN]F680353-         F     BSX        6   P   THF
MURIDALE IRIS 19U                       X-[CAN]F685515-       F     BSX       19   U   THF
MURIDALE IRIS 9P                       -[CAN]F680356-         F     BSX        9   P   THF
MURIDALE JACI 62U                       X-[CAN]F685453-       F     BSX       62   U   THF
MURIDALE JANET 58S                      X-[CAN]F683017-       F     BSX       58   S   THF
MURIDALE JANET 59S                      X-[CAN]F683081-       F     BSX       59   S   THF
MURIDALE JANET 71N                      X-[CAN]F679226-       F     BSX       71   N   THF
MURIDALE JANET 79T                      X-[CAN]F684039-       F     BSX       79   T   THF
MURIDALE JANET 7U                       X-[CAN]F685492-       F     BSX        7   U   THF
MURIDALE JAY JAY 39P                    X-[CAN]F680877-       F     BSX       39   P   THF
MURIDALE JEANEY 8T                      X-[CAN]F684043-       F     BSX        8   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
MURIDALE JEANY 20W                    X-[CAN]F686680-       F     BSX      20   W   THF
MURIDALE JEANY 34J                    X-[CAN]F673486-       F     BSX      34   J   THF
MURIDALE JEANY 42U                    X-[CAN]F685452-       F     BSX      42   U   THF
MURIDALE JENNY 18H                    X-[CAN]F671817-       F     BSX      18   H   THF
MURIDALE JENNY 56R                    X-[CAN]F681427-       F     BSX      56   R   THF
MURIDALE JENNY 67W                    X-[CAN]F686679-       F     BSX      67   W   THF
MURIDALE JESSIE 48R                  -[CAN]F681423-         F     BSX      48   R   THF
MURIDALE JESSIE 86T                  -[CAN]F684045-         F     BSX      86   T   THF
MURIDALE JOEL 12F                     X-F667823-            F     BSX      12   F   THF
MURIDALE JULIA 17T                    X-[CAN]F684052-       F     BSX      17   T   THF
MURIDALE JULIA ANN 83W                X-[CAN]F686681-       F     BSX      83   W   THF
MURIDALE MADDI 94M                    X-[CAN]F678037-       F     BSX      94   M   THF
MURIDALE MADI 35T                     X-[CAN]F684047-       F     BSX      35   T   THF
MURIDALE MADI 73W                     X-[CAN]F686949-       F     BSX      73   W   THF
MURIDALE MAG 27S                      X-[CAN]F683026-       F     BSX      27   S   THF
MURIDALE MAGDALENE 67S                X-[CAN]F683080-       F     BSX      67   S   THF
MURIDALE MAGDALONE 56W                X-[CAN]F686688-       F     BSX      56   W   THF
MURIDALE MARBLE 2P                    X-[CAN]F680352-       F     BSX       2   P   THF
MURIDALE MARBLE 80T                   X-[CAN]F684049-       F     BSX      80   T   THF
MURIDALE MB IRIS 13S                  X-[CAN]F683078-       F     BSX      13   S   THF
MURIDALE MILLIE 38S                   X-[CAN]F683028-       F     BSX      38   S   THF
MURIDALE MJ MOLLIE 78S                X-[CAN]F683079-       F     BSX      78   S   THF
MURIDALE MJ SIENA 67U                 X-[CAN]F685482-       F     BSX      67   U   THF
MURIDALE MJ SUSIE 71U                 X-[CAN]F685484-       F     BSX      71   U   THF
MURIDALE MOCHA 37S                    X-[CAN]F683027-       F     BSX      37   S   THF
MURIDALE MOCHA 57W                    X-[CAN]F686693-       F     BSX      57   W   THF
MURIDALE MOLINARI 24W                 X-[CAN]F686770-       F     BSX      24   W   THF
MURIDALE MOLINARI 8P                 -[CAN]F680355-         F     BSX       8   P   THF
MURIDALE MOLLIE 41T                   X-[CAN]F684733-       F     BSX      41   T   THF
MURIDALE MOLLIE 5W                    X-[CAN]F686697-       F     BSX       5   W   THF
MURIDALE MOLLIE 6J                    X-[CAN]F673226-       F     BSX       6   J   THF
MURIDALE ORCHID 44P                   X-[CAN]F680366-       F     BSX      44   P   THF
MURIDALE P B IRIS 8J                 -[CAN]F673228-         F     BSX       8   J   THF
MURIDALE PENNY 10S                    X-[CAN]F683031-       F     BSX      10   S   THF
MURIDALE PENNY 17N                    X-[CAN]F679230-       F     BSX      17   N   THF
MURIDALE PENNY 7W                     X-[CAN]F686772-       F     BSX       7   W   THF
MURIDALE POSEY 50N                    X-[CAN]F679219-       F     BSX      50   N   THF
MURIDALE POSEY 60U                    X-[CAN]F685478-       F     BSX      60   U   THF
MURIDALE POSEY 76W                    X-[CAN]F686950-       F     BSX      76   W   THF
MURIDALE QUEEN 96U                    X-[CAN]F685455-       F     BSX      96   U   THF
MURIDALE QUEENIE 42W                  X-[CAN]F686687-       F     BSX      42   W   THF
MURIDALE QUEENY 43K                   X-[CAN]F674928-       F     BSX      43   K   THF
MURIDALE RB IRIS 13U                  X-[CAN]F685523-       F     BSX      13   U   THF
MURIDALE RED 83M                      X-[CAN]F678032-       F     BSX      83   M   THF
MURIDALE RED CEDAR 94U                X-[CAN]F685481-       F     BSX      94   U   THF
MURIDALE RED WILLOW 93U               X-[CAN]F685480-       F     BSX      93   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
MURIDALE ROAN SUE 16N                  X-[CAN]F679213-       F     BSX       16   N   THF
MURIDALE ROAN SUE 48W                  X-[CAN]F686691-       F     BSX       48   W   THF
MURIDALE ROBBY 12P                    -[CAN]F680357-         F     BSX       12   P   THF
MURIDALE ROBIN 57G                     X-[CAN]F671181-       F     BSX       57   G   THC
MURIDALE ROSE 11U                      X-[CAN]F685454-       F     BSX       11   U   THF
MURIDALE ROSE 27R                      X-[CAN]F681430-       F     BSX       27   R   THF
MURIDALE ROSE 50P                      X-[CAN]F680878-       F     BSX       50   P   THF
MURIDALE ROSE 80J                      X-[CAN]F673658-       F     BSX       80   J   THF
MURIDALE SASHA 61P                     X-[CAN]F680367-       F     BSX       61   P   THF
MURIDALE SB IDA 49S                    X-[CAN]F684738-       F     BSX       49   S   THF
MURIDALE SB SUE 16S                    X-[CAN]F683083-       F     BSX       16   S   THF
MURIDALE SIENA 42P                     X-[CAN]F680363-       F     BSX       42   P   THF
MURIDALE SISSY 114U                    X-[CAN]F685519-       F     BSX      114   U   THF
MURIDALE SISSY 43L                     X-[CAN]F676557-       F     BSX       43   L   THF
MURIDALE SISSY 50G                     X-F669256-            F     BSX       50   G   THF
MURIDALE SISSY 80W                     X-[CAN]F686685-       F     BSX       80   W   THF
MURIDALE SLEW 4L                       X-[CAN]F676561-       F     BSX        4   L   THF
MURIDALE SLEW 5R                       X-[CAN]F681418-       F     BSX        5   R   THF
MURIDALE SLEW 6U                       X-[CAN]F685522-       F     BSX        6   U   THF
MURIDALE SLEW 88W                      X-[CAN]F686771-       F     BSX       88   W   THF
MURIDALE SLEW 9H                       X-[CAN]F671776-       F     BSX        9   H   THC
MURIDALE SODA 25R                      X-[CAN]F681429-       F     BSX       25   R   THF
MURIDALE SONYA 31S                     X-[CAN]F683084-       F     BSX       31   S   THF
MURIDALE SONYA 44W                    -[CAN]F686774-         F     BSX       44   W   THF
MURIDALE SUSIE B 74W                   X-[CAN]F686705-       F     BSX       74   W   THF
MURIDALE SUSIE D 17R                   X-[CAN]F681428-       F     BSX       17   R   THF
MURIDALE SUSIE SUE 32U                 X-[CAN]F685514-       F     BSX       32   U   THF
MURIDALE SUZZETTE 66U                  X-[CAN]F685476-       F     BSX       66   U   THF
MURIDALE SWAN 54N                      X-[CAN]F679218-       F     BSX       54   N   THF
MURIDALE TASHA 36U                     X-[CAN]F685483-       F     BSX       36   U   THF
MURIDALE ULTIMATE SUE 53T              X-[CAN]F684044-       F     BSX       53   T   THF
MURIDALE VICTORIA 53N                  X-[CAN]F679229-       F     BSX       53   N   THF
MURIDALE WILLOW 98N                    X-[CAN]F679224-       F     BSX       98   N   THF
NEW BEGINNINGS ELSIE'S JADE           -[CAN]F672614-         F     GDC       23   J   THF
NEW BEGINNINGS GRACIE MAY 6G           X-F668695-            F     GDC        6   G   THF
NEW BEGINNINGS JUMANJI 21J             X-[CAN]*7862-         F     GDC       21   J   THF
NORTHERN BUTTERFLY ULILLY 22U          X-[CAN]F686001-       F     HNC       22   U   THF
NORTHERN BUTTERFLY URANIA 10U          X-[CAN]F686004-       F     HNC       10   U   THF
NORTHERN LEGEND URSEL 26U              X-[CAN]F686006-       F     HNC       26   U   THF
NORTHERN REFLECTION BUTTERFLY          X-[CAN]F681955-       F     HNC        6   R   THF
NORTHERN SUMMER BUTTERFLY 11S          X-[CAN]F682596-       F     HNC       11   S   THF
NORTHERN TERRAIN BUTTERFLY 4T          X-[CAN]F685400-       F     HNC        4   T   THF
NORTHERN THETIS BUTTERFLY 5T           X-[CAN]F685101-       F     HNC        5   T   THF
NORTHERN TWILIGHT BUTTERFLY 3T         X-[CAN]F685102-       F     HNC        3   T   THF
NORVYK KATHY MAY 8K                    X-[CAN]F674078-       F     MJCJ       8   K   THF
O G P BOS LAVENDER 104M                X-[CAN]F677485-       F     OGP        4   M   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
O G P ENYA 9N                          X-[CAN]*11690-        F     OGP       9   N   THF
O G P EVITA 51L                        X-[CAN]*9799-         F     OGP      51   L   THF
O G P OPHELIA 3K                       X-[CAN]*8947-         F     OGP       3   K   THF
PAINTEARTH ALICE 24M                   X-[CAN]F677385-       F     HAS      24   M   THF
PAINTEARTH ALICE 42T                   X-[CAN]F683576-       F     HAS      42   T   THF
PAINTEARTH ALICE 42U                   X-[CAN]F684895-       F     HAS      42   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ANITA 95W                   X-[CAN]F686124-       F     HAS      95   W   THF
PAINTEARTH CANDY 80R                   X-[CAN]F681143-       F     HAS      80   R   THF
PAINTEARTH CATHY ANN 37P               X-[CAN]F679829-       F     HAS      37   P   THF
PAINTEARTH CATHY ANN 37S               X-[CAN]F682177-       F     HAS      37   S   THF
PAINTEARTH CATHY ANN 37W               X-[CAN]F686108-       F     HAS      37   W   THF
PAINTEARTH DEE 29S                     X-[CAN]F682175-       F     HAS      29   S   THF
PAINTEARTH DEE 47U                     X-[CAN]F684916-       F     HAS      47   U   THF
PAINTEARTH DEE 47W                     X-[CAN]F686122-       F     HAS      47   W   THF
PAINTEARTH DORA 18T                    X-[CAN]F683575-       F     HAS      18   T   THF
PAINTEARTH DORA 18W                    X-[CAN]F686127-       F     HAS      18   W   THF
PAINTEARTH DORA 7P                     X-[CAN]F679814-       F     HAS       7   P   THF
PAINTEARTH DORA 7S                     X-[CAN]F682193-       F     HAS       7   S   THF
PAINTEARTH DORA 7U                    -[CAN]F685056-         F     HAS       7   U   THF
PAINTEARTH DORA 7W                     X-[CAN]F686112-       F     HAS       7   W   THF
PAINTEARTH DUCHESS 14H                 X-[CAN]F670802-       F     HAS      14   H   THF
PAINTEARTH DUCHESS 14U                 X-[CAN]F684887-       F     HAS      14   U   THF
PAINTEARTH DUCHESS 34R                 X-[CAN]F681130-       F     HAS      34   R   THF
PAINTEARTH DUCHESS 49S                 X-[CAN]F683074-       F     CHAD     49   S   THF
PAINTEARTH DUCHESS 50T                 X-[CAN]F684027-       F     CHAD     50   T   THF
PAINTEARTH DUCHESS 51U                 X-[CAN]F685449-       F     CHAD     51   U   THF
PAINTEARTH DUCHESS 52W                 X-[CAN]F686395-       F     CHAD     52   W   THF
PAINTEARTH EVITA 85U                   X-[CAN]F684892-       F     HAS      85   U   THF
PAINTEARTH FAIR LADY 76F               X-F667110-            F     HAS      76   F   THF
PAINTEARTH FAIR LADY 76T               X-[CAN]F683572-       F     HAS      76   T   THF
PAINTEARTH FAIRY LAND 38T              X-[CAN]F683577-       F     HAS      38   T   THF
PAINTEARTH FAIRYLAND 35W               X-[CAN]F686128-       F     HAS      35   W   THF
PAINTEARTH FAIRYLAND 38M               X-[CAN]F677383-       F     HAS      38   M   THF
PAINTEARTH FAIRYLAND 38U               X-[CAN]F684896-       F     HAS      38   U   THF
PAINTEARTH FANCY CHAIN 15R             X-[CAN]F681117-       F     HAS      15   R   THF
PAINTEARTH FANCY CHAIN 15S             X-[CAN]F682173-       F     HAS      15   S   THF
PAINTEARTH FANCY CHAIN 15U             X-[CAN]F684888-       F     HAS      15   U   THF
PAINTEARTH FANCY CHAIN 3E              X-F666214-            F     HAS       3   E   THF
PAINTEARTH FANCY CHAIN 3J              X-[CAN]F672666-       F     HAS       3   J   THF
PAINTEARTH FANCY CHAIN 63U             X-[CAN]F684885-       F     HAS      63   U   THF
PAINTEARTH FANCY CHAIN 77U             X-[CAN]F684912-       F     HAS      77   U   THF
PAINTEARTH GOLDIE 1T                   X-[CAN]F683584-       F     HAS       1   T   THF
PAINTEARTH HONEY 16U                   X-[CAN]F684918-       F     HAS      16   U   THF
PAINTEARTH HONEY 16W                   X-[CAN]F686123-       F     HAS      16   W   THF
PAINTEARTH HONEY 33S                   X-[CAN]F682186-       F     HAS      33   S   THF
PAINTEARTH HONEY 33T                   X-[CAN]F683592-       F     HAS      33   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
PAINTEARTH HONEY 33U                  X-[CAN]F685055-       F     HAS       33   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ISLA 30U                   X-[CAN]F684910-       F     HAS       30   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ISLA 30W                   X-[CAN]F686116-       F     HAS       30   W   THF
PAINTEARTH ISLA 32R                   X-[CAN]F681119-       F     HAS       32   R   THF
PAINTEARTH ISLA 32S                   X-[CAN]F682174-       F     HAS       32   S   THF
PAINTEARTH ISLA 32W                   X-[CAN]F686106-       F     HAS       32   W   THF
PAINTEARTH JOY 61W                    X-[CAN]F686118-       F     HAS       61   W   THF
PAINTEARTH JOY 64R                    X-[CAN]F681116-       F     HAS       64   R   THF
PAINTEARTH KARA 17M                   X-[CAN]F677388-       F     HAS       17   M   THC
PAINTEARTH KARA 17N                   X-[CAN]F678704-       F     HAS       17   N   THF
PAINTEARTH KARA 25U                   X-[CAN]F684909-       F     HAS       25   U   THF
PAINTEARTH KARA 27R                   X-[CAN]F681138-       F     HAS       27   R   THF
PAINTEARTH KARA 27T                   X-[CAN]F683578-       F     HAS       27   T   THC
PAINTEARTH KARA 27U                   X-[CAN]F684900-       F     HAS       27   U   THF
PAINTEARTH LADY DIANE 31S             X-[CAN]F682180-       F     HAS       31   S   THF
PAINTEARTH LADY DIANE 31U             X-[CAN]F684917-       F     HAS       31   U   THF
PAINTEARTH LADY LOMOND 22K            X-[CAN]F674700-       F     HAS       22   K   THF
PAINTEARTH LADY LOMOND 22M            X-[CAN]F677400-       F     HAS       22   M   THF
PAINTEARTH LADY LOMOND 22P           -[CAN]F679820-         F     HAS       22   P   THF
PAINTEARTH LADY LOMOND 57U            X-[CAN]F684919-       F     HAS       57   U   THF
PAINTEARTH LADY LOMOND 58S            X-[CAN]F682320-       F     HAS       58   S   THF
PAINTEARTH LADY LOMOND 58T            X-[CAN]F683585-       F     HAS       58   T   THF
PAINTEARTH LASS 36W                   X-[CAN]F686119-       F     HAS       36   W   THF
PAINTEARTH LILIAN 73T                 X-[CAN]F683586-       F     HAS       73   T   THF
PAINTEARTH LILLIAN 69W                X-[CAN]F686125-       F     HAS       69   W   THF
PAINTEARTH LILLIAN 73S                X-[CAN]F682194-       F     HAS       73   S   THF
PAINTEARTH LORELIE 26S                X-[CAN]F682182-       F     HAS       26   S   THF
PAINTEARTH LORELIE 6U                 X-[CAN]F684915-       F     HAS        6   U   THF
PAINTEARTH LUCY 13T                   X-[CAN]F683573-       F     HAS       13   T   THF
PAINTEARTH LUCY 4R                    X-[CAN]F681111-       F     HAS        4   R   THF
PAINTEARTH LUCY 4W                    X-[CAN]F686114-       F     HAS        4   W   THF
PAINTEARTH MAID 62R                   X-[CAN]F681140-       F     HAS       62   R   THF
PAINTEARTH MAID 62S                   X-[CAN]F682189-       F     HAS       62   S   THF
PAINTEARTH MAID 62T                   X-[CAN]F683579-       F     HAS       62   T   THF
PAINTEARTH MAID 62U                   X-[CAN]F684901-       F     HAS       62   U   THF
PAINTEARTH MAID 67W                   X-[CAN]F686117-       F     HAS       67   W   THF
PAINTEARTH MAIDEN 61E                 X-F665510-            F     HAS       61   E   THF
PAINTEARTH MAIDEN 64U                 X-[CAN]F684913-       F     HAS       64   U   THF
PAINTEARTH MAIDEN 64W                 X-[CAN]F686121-       F     HAS       64   W   THF
PAINTEARTH MAUDE 100R                 X-[CAN]F681145-       F     HAS      100   R   THF
PAINTEARTH MAUDE 100S                 X-[CAN]F682192-       F     HAS      100   S   THF
PAINTEARTH MAUDE 100U                 X-[CAN]F684904-       F     HAS      100   U   THF
PAINTEARTH MAUDE 100W                 X-[CAN]F686111-       F     HAS      100   W   THF
PAINTEARTH MAXIME 24R                 X-[CAN]F681146-       F     HAS       24   R   THF
PAINTEARTH MAXIME 3U                  X-[CAN]F684908-       F     HAS        3   U   THF
PAINTEARTH MAXIME 3W                  X-[CAN]F686115-       F     HAS        3   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
PAINTEARTH MAXINE 24U                 -[CAN]F684903-         F     HAS       24   U   THF
PAINTEARTH MAXINE 89N                  X-[CAN]F678697-       F     HAS       89   N   THF
PAINTEARTH MISTY 83U                   X-[CAN]F684889-       F     HAS       83   U   THF
PAINTEARTH MISTY 83W                   X-[CAN]F686107-       F     HAS       83   W   THF
PAINTEARTH NINA 66U                    X-[CAN]F684899-       F     HAS       66   U   THF
PAINTEARTH NORMA 2L                    X-[CAN]F676002-       F     HAS        2   L   THF
PAINTEARTH NORMA 2R                    X-[CAN]F681113-       F     HAS        2   R   THF
PAINTEARTH NORMA 2U                    X-[CAN]F684906-       F     HAS        2   U   THF
PAINTEARTH NORMA 9N                    X-[CAN]F678687-       F     HAS        9   N   THF
PAINTEARTH NORMA 9R                   -[CAN]F681128-         F     HAS        9   R   THF
PAINTEARTH PAIGE 65S                   X-[CAN]F683616-       F     HAS       65   S   THF
PAINTEARTH PATSY 68U                   X-[CAN]F684921-       F     HAS       68   U   THF
PAINTEARTH PEARL 91S                   X-[CAN]F682188-       F     HAS       91   S   THF
PAINTEARTH PEARL 92K                   X-[CAN]F674708-       F     HAS       92   K   THF
PAINTEARTH PEARL 92R                   X-[CAN]F681108-       F     HAS       92   R   THF
PAINTEARTH PEARL 97T                   X-[CAN]F683591-       F     HAS       97   T   THF
PAINTEARTH PEARL 97U                   X-[CAN]F685054-       F     HAS       97   U   THF
PAINTEARTH PEARL 97W                   X-[CAN]F686109-       F     HAS       97   W   THF
PAINTEARTH PERIDOT 012W                X-[CAN]F686133-       F     HAS       12   W   THF
PAINTEARTH PERIDOT 12R                 X-[CAN]F681129-       F     HAS       12   R   THF
PAINTEARTH PERIDOT 12U                 X-[CAN]F684907-       F     HAS       12   U   THF
PAINTEARTH PERIDOT 12W                 X-[CAN]F686132-       F     HAS       12   W   THF
PAINTEARTH PETUNIA 155U                X-[CAN]F685058-       F     HAS      155   U   THF
PAINTEARTH PETUNIA 55U                 X-[CAN]F685057-       F     HAS       55   U   THF
PAINTEARTH REBECCA 120R                X-[CAN]F681109-       F     HAS      120   R   THF
PAINTEARTH REBECCA 120S                X-[CAN]F682170-       F     HAS      120   S   THF
PAINTEARTH REBECCA 75U                 X-[CAN]F684920-       F     HAS       75   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ROBERTA 28N                 X-[CAN]F678693-       F     HAS       28   N   THF
PAINTEARTH ROBERTA 28U                 X-[CAN]F684886-       F     HAS       28   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ROBERTA 33G                 X-F669488-            F     HAS       33   G   THF
PAINTEARTH ROBIN 93P                   X-[CAN]F679828-       F     HAS       93   P   THF
PAINTEARTH ROBIN 94J                   X-[CAN]F672676-       F     HAS       94   J   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSALEEN 2 48W              X-[CAN]F686110-       F     HAS       48   W   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSALEEN 47M               -[CAN]F677396-         F     HAS       47   M   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSALEEN 48U                X-[CAN]F684897-       F     HAS       48   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 23S                 X-[CAN]F682190-       F     HAS       23   S   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 23T                 X-[CAN]F683580-       F     HAS       23   T   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 49U                 X-[CAN]F684914-       F     HAS       49   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 50W                 X-[CAN]F686120-       F     HAS       50   W   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 78U                 X-[CAN]F684894-       F     HAS       78   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 88S                 X-[CAN]F682195-       F     HAS       88   S   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 8K                  X-[CAN]F675322-       F     HAS        8   K   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 8M                 -[CAN]F677394-         F     HAS        8   M   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 8S                  X-[CAN]F682178-       F     HAS        8   S   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 8T                 -[CAN]F683574-         F     HAS        8   T   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSEBUD 8U                  X-[CAN]F684890-       F     HAS        8   U   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
PAINTEARTH ROSELYNN 79T                 X-[CAN]F683587-       F     HAS      79   T   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSELYNN 79U                 X-[CAN]F684905-       F     HAS      79   U   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSELYNN 79W                 X-[CAN]F686113-       F     HAS      79   W   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSELYNN 81M                 X-[CAN]F677391-       F     HAS      81   M   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSELYNN 82P                -[CAN]F679826-         F     HAS      82   P   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSELYNN 82S                 X-[CAN]F682187-       F     HAS      82   S   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSELYNN 82T                 X-[CAN]F683581-       F     HAS      82   T   THF
PAINTEARTH ROSELYNN 82U                 X-[CAN]F684898-       F     HAS      82   U   THF
PAINTEARTH SELENE 20R                   X-[CAN]F681112-       F     HAS      20   R   THF
PAINTEARTH SELENE 20S                  -[CAN]F682172-         F     HAS      20   S   THF
PAINTEARTH SELENE 20W                   X-[CAN]F686105-       F     HAS      20   W   THF
PAINTEARTH SELENE 21T                   X-[CAN]F683588-       F     HAS      21   T   THF
PAINTEARTH SHERRY 2W                    X-[CAN]F686134-       F     HAS       2   W   THF
PAINTEARTH SINDY 43R                    X-[CAN]F681125-       F     HAS      43   R   THF
PAINTEARTH SINDY 43U                    X-[CAN]F684891-       F     HAS      43   U   THF
PAINTEARTH SINDY 53T                    X-[CAN]F683589-       F     HAS      53   T   THF
PAINTEARTH SPECS 11K                    X-[CAN]F674698-       F     HAS      11   K   THF
PAINTEARTH STARDUST 87R                 X-[CAN]F681144-       F     HAS      87   R   THF
PAINTEARTH STARDUST 87T                 X-[CAN]F683582-       F     HAS      87   T   THF
PAINTEARTH STARDUST 87U                 X-[CAN]F684902-       F     HAS      87   U   THF
PAINTEARTH STARDUST 89N                 X-[CAN]F679273-       F     CHAD     89   N   THF
PAINTEARTH TINA 21W                    -[CAN]F686126-         F     HAS      21   W   THF
PARK LANE PATSY 56T                    -[CAN]F684149-         F     FJV      56   T   THF
PARK LANE SUSIE 28U                     X-[CAN]F685206-       F     FJV      28   U   THF
PIC-A-SPOT RAMONA 6R                    X-[CAN]F681175-       F     PIC       6   R   THF
PL AUGUSTA MAGGIE 3R                    X-[CAN]F681415-       F     PLF       3   R   THF
PL LILY BROADHOOKS 8R                   X-[CAN]*14541-        F     PLF       8   R   THF
PL TAPESTRY 7R                          X-[CAN]F681414-       F     PLF       7   R   THF
POPLAR DELL 26U                         X-[CAN]Z79245-        F     AHPW     26   U   THF
POPLAR LANE FANTASY 7N                  X-[CAN]*11943-        F     PLF       7   N   THF
POPLAR LANE HARMONY 6N                  X-[CAN]F678933-       F     PLF       6   N   THF
PRAIRIE PRIDE BRANDY 3M                 X-[CAN]*10990-        F     PPJ       3   M   THF
PRAIRIE PRIDE CRACKLE 1N                X-[CAN]*12471-        F     PPJ       1   N   THF
PRAIRIE PRIDE MISS GOODNESS 2T          X-[CAN]F683886-       F     PPJ       2   T   THF
PRAIRIE PRIDE MISS GRACIOUS 1T          X-[CAN]F683885-       F     PPJ       1   T   THF
PRAIRIE PRIDE MISS GRATEFULL            X-[CAN]F683887-       F     PPJ       3   T   THF
PRAIRIE PRIDE MISS HANNA 2U             X-[CAN]F684883-       F     PPJ       2   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL BAJA ROSA 11J             X-[CAN]F675395-       F     PHF      11   J   THF
PROSPECT HILL ERIN 9L                   X-[CAN]F676919-       F     PHF       9   L   THF
PROSPECT HILL FANCY CHAIN 71W          -[CAN]F687050-         F     PHF      71   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL KAREN 3J                  X-[CAN]F673633-       F     PHF       3   J   THF
PROSPECT HILL LADY WRENIA 16W           X-[CAN]F686450-       F     PHF      16   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL LINDA 34J                 X-[CAN]F687051-       F     PHF      34   J   THF
PROSPECT HILL LINDA 51U                 X-[CAN]F687301-       F     PHF      51   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL LINDA 54W                 X-[CAN]F687052-       F     PHF      54   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL RAVISA 48R                X-[CAN]F687028-       F     PHF      48   R   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
PROSPECT HILL RAYNA 31R               X-[CAN]F681915-       F     PHF       31   R   THF
PROSPECT HILL RUTHIE 21R              X-[CAN]F681875-       F     PHF       21   R   THF
PROSPECT HILL SPECS WINK 17W          X-[CAN]F686438-       F     PHF       17   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL SPECS WYNN 2W           X-[CAN]F686446-       F     PHF        2   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL TARA 23T                X-[CAN]F684415-       F     PHF       23   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL TAREN 3T                X-[CAN]F684416-       F     PHF        3   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL TERIN 2T               -[CAN]F684394-         F     PHF        2   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL TESS 1T                 X-[CAN]F684870-       F     PHF        1   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL UCINDA 14U              X-[CAN]F685204-       F     PHF       14   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL UDELE SPECS 15U         X-[CAN]F685203-       F     PHF       15   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL UMMI 8U                 X-[CAN]F685183-       F     PHF        8   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL UMMIX 1X                X-[CAN]F687267-       F     PHF        1   X   THF
PROSPECT HILL UNO CATHY ANN 1U        X-[CAN]F685412-       F     PHF        1   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL URAYNA 24U              X-[CAN]F685202-       F     PHF       24   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL URIN 31U                X-[CAN]F685179-       F     PHF       31   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL VISA'S ELITE 50U        X-[CAN]F687302-       F     PHF       50   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL VONNIE 43U              X-[CAN]F685201-       F     PHF       43   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL WEDNESDAY 37W           X-[CAN]F686414-       F     PHF       37   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WEISA 53W               X-[CAN]F687029-       F     PHF       53   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WHIMISICAL 4W           X-[CAN]F686422-       F     PHF        4   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WHITNEY 18W             X-[CAN]F686415-       F     PHF       18   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WHO CATHYANN 10W        X-[CAN]F686412-       F     PHF       10   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WILLOW MAID 15W         X-[CAN]F686413-       F     PHF       15   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WINDY 3W                X-[CAN]F686449-       F     PHF        3   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WINNIFRED 47W           X-[CAN]F686424-       F     PHF       47   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WISE MAE 32W            X-[CAN]F686423-       F     PHF       32   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WOMOND 44W              X-[CAN]F686417-       F     PHF       44   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WOW CANDY 26W          -[CAN]F686447-         F     PHF       26   W   THC
PROSPECT HILL WREN 14W                X-[CAN]F686448-       F     PHF       14   W   THF
RAFTER W BLACK ROBIN                  X-[CAN]Z78342-        F     IMP      342   U   THF
RAFTER W SST'S MIA 2W                -[CAN]F686502-         F     WIS        2   W   THF
RAMSHOLT BUCKINGHAM 24G               X-F669143-            F     WEX       24   G   THF
RB GLENDA 43RD                        X-[CAN]F675733-       F     MH        43   K   THF
RED ROSE 14W                          X-[CAN]Z98134-        F     MLM       14   W   THF
RED ROSE BB CRYSTAL 3W                X-[CAN]F686373-       F     MLM        3   W   THF
RED ROSE BIG RED ANNE 19T             X-[CAN]F683718-       F     MLM       19   T   THF
RED ROSE BIG RED MINNIE 2S            X-[CAN]F683438-       F     MLM        2   S   THF
RED ROSE BODACIOUS DAFFODIL 8U       -[CAN]F685592-         F     MLM        8   U   THF
RED ROSE BONANZA SODA 7U              X-[CAN]F685591-       F     MLM        7   U   THF
RED ROSE BUSTER ROAN LADY 3S          X-[CAN]F682261-       F     MLM        3   S   THF
RED ROSE EL BONITO COUNTESS 5R       -[CAN]*14327-          F     MLM        5   R   THF
RED ROSE EL BONITO RAGGEDY ANN       -[CAN]*14323-          F     MLM        7   R   THF
RED ROSE EQ ANNABELLE 9W              X-[CAN]*17497-        F     MLM        9   W   THF
RED ROSE EQ ANNE 17W                  X-[CAN]F686376-       F     MLM       17   W   THF
RED ROSE EQ RAGGEDY ANN 12W           X-[CAN]*17496-        F     MLM       12   W   THF
RED ROSE EQ ROAN LADY 10W             X-[CAN]F686374-       F     MLM       10   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
RED ROSE EVEREST MISS LEA 19U          X-[CAN]F685047-       F     MLM      19   U   THF
RED ROSE EVEREST MISS LEA 9U           X-[CAN]F685050-       F     MLM       9   U   THF
RED ROSE EVEREST RAGGEDY ANN           X-[CAN]*16792-        F     MLM      15   U   THF
RED ROSE G S DAFFODIL 11P              X-[CAN]F679894-       F     MLM      11   P   THF
RED ROSE G S RAGGEDY ANN 2P            X-[CAN]*12967-        F     MLM       2   P   THF
RED ROSE G S RAGGEDY ANN 4R            X-[CAN]*14320-        F     MLM       4   R   THF
RED ROSE GOLD SPEAR SALLY 1P           X-[CAN]*12971-        F     MLM       1   P   THF
RED ROSE GOLDEN ANNE 13L               X-[CAN]*10117-        F     MLM      13   L   THF
RED ROSE GUS ROAN LADY 6J              X-[CAN]F672783-       F     MLM       6   J   THF
RED ROSE KING OF HEARTS LADY           X-[CAN]F678938-       F     MLM      17   N   THF
RED ROSE M P ROAN LADY 22R             X-[CAN]F681238-       F     MLM      22   R   THF
RED ROSE MASTERPIECE MISS LEA          X-[CAN]*14329-        F     MLM      17   R   THF
RED ROSE MAVERICK DAFFODIL 18R         X-[CAN]F681275-       F     MLM      18   R   THF
RED ROSE MAVERICK MARY POPPIN          X-[CAN]F683716-       F     MLM       8   T   THF
RED ROSE MAVERICK ROAN LADY            X-[CAN]F681274-       F     MLM      12   R   THF
RED ROSE MR GUS COUNTESS 2K           -[CAN]*8954-           F     MLM       2   K   THF
RED ROSE ROAN LADY 23T                 X-[CAN]*16126-        F     MLM      23   T   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN ANNE 12U              X-[CAN]F685049-       F     MLM      12   U   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN DAFFODIL 10T          X-[CAN]F683721-       F     MLM      10   T   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN DAFFODIL 20T          X-[CAN]F683722-       F     MLM      20   T   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN GLORIA 8S             X-[CAN]F682324-       F     MLM       8   S   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN MINNIE 2W             X-[CAN]F686375-       F     MLM       2   W   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN MINNIE 6U             X-[CAN]F685048-       F     MLM       6   U   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN RAGGEDY ANN           X-[CAN]*15286-        F     MLM       9   S   THF
RED ROSE S D ROAN LADY 24S             X-[CAN]F682463-       F     MLM      24   S   THF
RED ROSE S ULTRA MISS LEA 20S          X-[CAN]F682321-       F     MLM      20   S   THF
RED ROSE S ULTRA MISS LEA 21S          X-[CAN]F682322-       F     MLM      21   S   THF
RED ROSE SASK ULTRA LEILA 11R          X-[CAN]F681237-       F     MLM      11   R   THF
RED ROSE SHOSHONE CRYSTAL 4J           X-[CAN]F672786-       F     MLM       4   J   THF
RED ROSE SHOSHONE ROAN LADY            X-[CAN]F685404-       F     MLM      13   U   THF
RED ROSE SOLOIST ROAN LADY 19W         X-[CAN]*17495-        F     MLM      19   W   THF
RED ROSE T B MISS LEA 13T              X-[CAN]F683719-       F     MLM      13   T   THF
RED ROSE T B ROAN LADY 11T             X-[CAN]F683720-       F     MLM      11   T   THF
RED ROSE T DRIVER ANNABELLE            X-[CAN]*12960-        F     MLM      23   P   THF
RED ROSE T.D. DAFFODIL 5L              X-[CAN]*9955-         F     MLM       5   L   THF
RED ROSE TURBO MISS LEA 20H            X-[CAN]*6825-         F     MLM      20   H   THF
RED ROSE ULTIMATE ANNE 7S              X-[CAN]F682262-       F     MLM       7   S   THF
RED ROSE ULTIMATE COUNTESS 5S         -[CAN]*15394-          F     MLM       5   S   THF
RED ROSE ULTIMATE ROAN LADY            X-[CAN]F682263-       F     MLM      17   S   THF
RED ROSE ULTRA DAFFODIL 19N            X-[CAN]F678937-       F     MLM      19   N   THF
RED ROSE ULTRA MISS LEA 15N            X-[CAN]*11953-        F     MLM      15   N   THF
RED ROSE VARSITY RAGGEDY ANN           X-[CAN]AR10718-       F     MLM       7   M   THF
RED ROSE VENTURE RED LADY 5T           X-[CAN]*16125-        F     MLM       5   T   THF
RENOSA CATHY 5W                        X-[CAN]F686346-       F     UIS       5   W   THF
RENOSA CATHY 6R                        X-[CAN]F681337-       F     UIS       6   R   THF
RENOSA CATHY 7N                        X-[CAN]F679121-       F     UIS       7   N   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
RENOSA CHOICE 15S                       X-[CAN]F682525-       F     UIS       15   S   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 16N                       X-[CAN]*12269-        F     UIS       16   N   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 16R                       X-[CAN]F681340-       F     UIS       16   R   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 16S                       X-[CAN]F682527-       F     UIS       16   S   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 19K                       X-[CAN]*9262-         F     UIS       19   K   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 19R                       X-[CAN]F681336-       F     UIS       19   R   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 1R                        X-[CAN]*14005-        F     UIS        1   R   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 1W                        X-[CAN]*17482-        F     UIS        1   W   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 21P                       X-[CAN]F680106-       F     UIS       21   P   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 22F                       X-*5019-              F     UIS       22   F   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 25H                       X-[CAN]F671222-       F     UIS       25   H   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 2N                        X-[CAN]*12265-        F     UIS        2   N   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 2R                        X-[CAN]*14424-        F     UIS        2   R   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 2S                        X-[CAN]F682519-       F     UIS        2   S   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 3G                        X-*5997-              F     UIS        3   G   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 5K                        X-[CAN]*9254-         F     UIS        5   K   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 5S                        X-[CAN]F682521-       F     UIS        5   S   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 6N                        X-[CAN]*12267-        F     UIS        6   N   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 6W                        X-[CAN]F686347-       F     UIS        6   W   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 7M                        X-[CAN]*10924-        F     UIS        7   M   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 7R                        X-[CAN]*14416-        F     UIS        7   R   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 8R                        X-[CAN]*14418-        F     UIS        8   R   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 9P                        X-[CAN]*13162-        F     UIS        9   P   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 9R                        X-[CAN]*14422-        F     UIS        9   R   THF
RENOSA CHOICE 9W                        X-[CAN]*17486-        F     UIS        9   W   THF
RENOSA ELITE 3W                         X-[CAN]*17483-        F     UIS        3   W   THF
RENOSA ELITE 5R                         X-[CAN]*14419-        F     UIS        5   R   THF
RENOSA ELITE 7W                         X-[CAN]*17485-        F     UIS        7   W   THF
RENOSA ELITE 8P                         X-[CAN]*13157-        F     UIS        8   P   THF
RENOSA ELITE 9N                         X-[CAN]*12263-        F     UIS        9   N   THF
RENOSA LIZA 10W                         X-[CAN]F686345-       F     UIS       10   W   THF
RENOSA LIZA 13R                         X-[CAN]F681338-       F     UIS       13   R   THF
RENOSA LIZA 1P                          X-[CAN]F680108-       F     UIS        1   P   THF
RENWICK MAID 13W                        X-[CAN]F686669-       F     OJR       13   W   THF
RENWICK MAID 18W                        X-[CAN]F686672-       F     OJR       18   W   THF
RENWICK MAID 3T                         X-[CAN]F683605-       F     OJR        3   T   THF
RENWICK MAID 5W                         X-[CAN]F686667-       F     OJR        5   W   THF
RENWICK MAID 6T                         X-[CAN]F683598-       F     OJR        6   T   THF
RENWICK MAID 7T                         X-[CAN]F683606-       F     OJR        7   T   THC
RHS QUEENS 319                         -[CAN]AR17932-         F     MAX      319   W   THF
RIVER ACRES CATHY JOYFUL 57S            X-[CAN]F683237-       F     SPG       57   S   THF
RIVER ACRES DAFFODIL 43S                X-[CAN]F683250-       F     SPG       43   S   THF
RIVER ACRES TALCOTT JOYFUL 40U          X-[CAN]F686818-       F     SPG       40   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE 23W                        -[CAN]Z99723-          F     JFO       23   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 24W                        -[CAN]Z99725-          F     JFO       24   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 25S                        -[CAN]Z73201-          F     JFO       25   S   THF
                      Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                    Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
RIVER RIDGE 28W                         -[CAN]Z99721-          F     JFO      28   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 30W                         -[CAN]Z99733-          F     JFO      30   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 37W                         -[CAN]Z99711-          F     JFO      37   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 41T                         -[CAN]Z75294-          F     JFO      41   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE 49T                         -[CAN]Z75300-          F     JFO      49   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 12U                    X-[CAN]F685828-       F     JFO      12   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 13R                    X-[CAN]F681779-       F     JFO      13   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 14K                    X-[CAN]F674786-       F     JFO      14   K   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 15S                    X-[CAN]F683274-       F     JFO      15   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 16J                    X-[CAN]F673548-       F     JFO      16   J   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 16S                    X-[CAN]F683273-       F     JFO      16   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 17R                    X-[CAN]F681787-       F     JFO      17   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 17U                    X-[CAN]F685833-       F     JFO      17   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 1W                     X-[CAN]F687128-       F     JFO       1   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 22S                    X-[CAN]F683265-       F     JFO      22   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 24U                    X-[CAN]F685831-       F     JFO      24   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 26U                    X-[CAN]F685830-       F     JFO      26   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 27R                    X-[CAN]F681782-       F     JFO      27   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 28L                    X-[CAN]F675920-       F     JFO      28   L   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 28T                    X-[CAN]F684174-       F     JFO      28   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 29J                    X-[CAN]F673551-       F     JFO      29   J   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 30T                    X-[CAN]F684173-       F     JFO      30   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 33K                    X-[CAN]F674781-       F     JFO      33   K   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 41S                    X-[CAN]F683275-       F     JFO      41   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 44K                    X-[CAN]F674783-       F     JFO      44   K   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 45M                    X-[CAN]F678186-       F     JFO      45   M   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 46R                    X-[CAN]F681778-       F     JFO      46   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 5T                     X-[CAN]F684185-       F     JFO       5   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE BROOK 8T                     X-[CAN]F684176-       F     JFO       8   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE COLLEEN 31E                  X-F666280-            F     JFO      31   E   THF
RIVER RIDGE HAPPY 18R                   -[CAN]F681783-         F     JFO      18   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE HAPPY 19K                   -[CAN]F674787-         F     JFO      19   K   THF
RIVER RIDGE HAPPY 19U                   -[CAN]F685838-         F     JFO      19   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE HAPPY 26S                    X-[CAN]F683271-       F     JFO      26   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE HAPPY 26T                    X-[CAN]F684175-       F     JFO      26   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE HAPPY 31L                    X-[CAN]F675922-       F     JFO      31   L   THF
RIVER RIDGE HAPPY 48S                    X-[CAN]F683268-       F     JFO      48   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE HAPPY 7T                     X-[CAN]F684186-       F     JFO       7   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE JILL 22P                     X-[CAN]F680755-       F     JFO      22   P   THF
RIVER RIDGE JILL 28U                     X-[CAN]F685837-       F     JFO      28   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE JILL 42T                     X-[CAN]F684183-       F     JFO      42   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE JILL 6W                      X-[CAN]F687126-       F     JFO       6   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE LADY 20R                     X-[CAN]F681791-       F     JFO      20   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE LADY 2N                      X-[CAN]F679549-       F     JFO       2   N   THF
RIVER RIDGE LADY 31U                     X-[CAN]F685834-       F     JFO      31   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE LOLA 10W                     X-[CAN]F687125-       F     JFO      10   W   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
RIVER RIDGE LOLA 8U                     X-[CAN]F685832-       F     JFO        8   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE MAISIE 24S                  X-[CAN]F683270-       F     JFO       24   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE MAISIE 49L                  X-[CAN]F675917-       F     JFO       49   L   THF
RIVER RIDGE PHOEBE 18W                 -[CAN]F687127-         F     JFO       18   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE QUEEN 19T                   X-[CAN]F684189-       F     JFO       19   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE QUEEN 29U                   X-[CAN]F685836-       F     JFO       29   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE QUEEN 7P                    X-[CAN]F680756-       F     JFO        7   P   THF
RIVER RIDGE ROSETTE 102S                X-[CAN]F683277-       F     JFO      102   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE ROSETTE 18U                 X-[CAN]F685827-       F     JFO       18   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE ROSETTE 2S                  X-[CAN]F683276-       F     JFO        2   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE ROSETTE 7R                  X-[CAN]F681776-       F     JFO        7   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE ROSETTE 8J                  X-[CAN]F673544-       F     JFO        8   J   THF
RIVER RIDGE SHERRIE 10R                 X-[CAN]F681780-       F     JFO       10   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE SHERRIE 11P                 X-[CAN]F680758-       F     JFO       11   P   THF
RIVER RIDGE SHERRIE 30U                 X-[CAN]F685829-       F     JFO       30   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE SHERRIE 36J                 X-[CAN]F673553-       F     JFO       36   J   THF
RJ CCS CLASSY ENIA 116T                 X-[CAN]AR16609-       F     DLA      139   T   THF
ROCK HILL AUGUSTA PHOENIX 9P           -[CAN]F680900-         F     KM         9   P   THF
ROCK HILL WILDA MAID 3W                 X-[CAN]F687121-       F     KM         3   W   THF
ROCKDELL 6W                            -[CAN]Z98102-          F     KTG        6   W   THF
ROCKDELL BREHDA 32U                     X-[CAN]F685126-       F     KKC       32   U   THF
ROCKDELL BRENDA 40T                     X-[CAN]F683936-       F     KKC       40   T   THF
ROCKDELL BRENDA 40U                     X-[CAN]F685137-       F     KKC       40   U   THC
ROCKDELL BRENDA 44S                     X-[CAN]F682439-       F     KKC       44   S   THF
ROCKDELL BRENDA 57P                     X-[CAN]*13204-        F     KKC       57   P   THC
ROCKDELL BRENDA 59H                     X-[CAN]*7087-         F     KKC       59   H   THF
ROCKDELL BRENDA 60W                     X-[CAN]F686371-       F     KKC       60   W   THF
ROCKDELL BRENDA 61U                     X-[CAN]F685144-       F     KKC       61   U   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 102D                X-F663636-            F     PJG      102   D   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 10T                 X-[CAN]F683945-       F     KTG       10   T   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 11R                 X-[CAN]*14469-        F     KKC       11   R   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 12P                 X-[CAN]*13206-        F     KKC       12   P   THC
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 13W                 X-[CAN]F686372-       F     KKC       13   W   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 16S                 X-[CAN]F682426-       F     KKC       16   S   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 21T                 X-[CAN]F683942-       F     KKC       21   T   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 21W                 X-[CAN]F686351-       F     KKC       21   W   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 28U                 X-[CAN]F685139-       F     KKC       28   U   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 2P                  X-[CAN]*13211-        F     KKC        2   P   THC
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 30S                 X-[CAN]F682423-       F     KTG       30   S   THC
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 32S                 X-[CAN]F682433-       F     KKC       32   S   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 34U                 X-[CAN]F685125-       F     KKC       34   U   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 37R                 X-[CAN]*14452-        F     KKC       37   R   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 41M                 X-[CAN]*10789-        F     KKC       41   M   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 45N                 X-[CAN]F678943-       F     KTG       45   N   THC
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 47T                 X-[CAN]F683935-       F     KKC       47   T   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 47W                 X-[CAN]F686368-       F     KKC       47   W   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 54W              X-[CAN]F686379-        F     KKC      54   W   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 62U              X-[CAN]F685124-        F     KTG      62   U   THC
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 63U              X-[CAN]F685132-        F     KKC      63   U   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 6R               X-[CAN]*14467-         F     KKC       6   R   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 72M              X-[CAN]*10775-         F     KKC      72   M   THF
ROCKDELL BUCKINGHAM 96L              X-[CAN]*10175-         F     KKC      96   L   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLEEN 10W                X-[CAN]F686363-        F     KKC      10   W   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLEEN 11W                X-[CAN]F686355-        F     KKC      11   W   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLEEN 14P                X-[CAN]*13212-         F     KKC      14   P   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLEEN 31U                X-[CAN]F685129-        F     KKC      31   U   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLEEN 39W                X-[CAN]F686366-        F     KKC      39   W   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLEEN 43S                X-[CAN]F682440-        F     KKC      43   S   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLEEN 58P                X-[CAN]*13205-         F     KKC      58   P   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLEEN 66K                X-[CAN]*9239-          F     KKC      66   K   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLENE 18P                X-[CAN]*13208-         F     KKC      18   P   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLENE 19U                X-[CAN]F685135-        F     KKC      19   U   THF
ROCKDELL CHARLENE 8R                 X-[CAN]*14456-         F     KKC       8   R   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 11S               X-[CAN]F682445-        F     KKC      11   S   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 14N               X-[CAN]F678942-        F     KKC      14   N   THC
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 15J               X-[CAN]F672983-        F     GLG      15   J   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 15S               X-[CAN]F682428-        F     KKC      15   S   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 16R               X-[CAN]*14455-         F     KKC      16   R   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 24U               X-[CAN]F685141-        F     KKC      24   U   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 25S               X-[CAN]F682446-        F     KKC      25   S   THC
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 2M                X-[CAN]*10769-         F     GLG       2   M   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 34W               X-[CAN]F686367-        F     KKC      34   W   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 38T               X-[CAN]F683948-        F     KKC      38   T   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 3T                X-[CAN]F683947-        F     KKC       3   T   THF
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 3U                X-[CAN]F685143-        F     KKC       3   U   THC
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 4L                X-[CAN]F676496-        F     GLG       4   L   THC
ROCKDELL FAIR LADY 59U               X-[CAN]F685127-        F     KKC      59   U   THF
ROCKDELL FIRST LADY 34T              X-[CAN]F683943-        F     KKC      34   T   THF
ROCKDELL FIRST LADY 4W               X-[CAN]F686370-        F     KKC       4   W   THF
ROCKDELL HOPE 2 19N                  X-[CAN]*11967-         F     KKC      19   N   THF
ROCKDELL HOPE 27U                    X-[CAN]F685142-        F     KKC      27   U   THF
ROCKDELL HOPE 31S                    X-[CAN]F682436-        F     KKC      31   S   THF
ROCKDELL HOPE 45W                    X-[CAN]F686361-        F     KKC      45   W   THF
ROCKDELL HOPE 57W                    X-[CAN]F686352-        F     KKC      57   W   THF
ROCKDELL HOPE 61J                    X-[CAN]*8166-          F     PJG      61   J   THF
ROCKDELL HOPE 8U                     X-[CAN]F685131-        F     KKC       8   U   THF
ROCKDELL HOPE 9S                     X-[CAN]F682430-        F     KKC       9   S   THF
ROCKDELL HOT SPICE 62W               X-[CAN]F686353-        F     KKC      62   W   THF
ROCKDELL LADY DIANE 15W              X-[CAN]F686369-        F     KKC      15   W   THF
ROCKDELL LADY DIANE 30T              X-[CAN]F683934-        F     KKC      30   T   THF
ROCKDELL LILAC 18L                   X-[CAN]*10187-         F     KKC      18   L   THF
ROCKDELL LILAC 19R                   X-[CAN]*14448-         F     KKC      19   R   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
ROCKDELL LILAC 1M                     X-[CAN]*10772-         F     KKC       1   M   THF
ROCKDELL LILAC 2 47U                  X-[CAN]F685138-        F     KKC      47   U   THF
ROCKDELL LILAC 23W                    X-[CAN]F686381-        F     KKC      23   W   THF
ROCKDELL LILAC 28W                    X-[CAN]F686356-        F     KKC      28   W   THF
ROCKDELL LILAC 7R                     X-[CAN]*14459-         F     KKC       7   R   THF
ROCKDELL MADGE 20M                    X-[CAN]*10796-         F     KKC      20   M   THC
ROCKDELL MADGE 36T                    X-[CAN]F683940-        F     KKC      36   T   THC
ROCKDELL MADGE 59F                    X-*5388-               F     KKC      59   F   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 10S                   X-[CAN]F682424-        F     KTG      10   S   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 11T                   X-[CAN]F683944-        F     KTG      11   T   THC
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 11U                   X-[CAN]F685120-        F     KTG      11   U   THC
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 13R                   X-[CAN]*14476-         F     KTG      13   R   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 18S                   X-[CAN]F682425-        F     KTG      18   S   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 19S                   X-[CAN]F682429-        F     KKC      19   S   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 1R                    X-[CAN]*14480-         F     KTG       1   R   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 2 16W                 X-[CAN]F686378-        F     KTG      16   W   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 21N                   X-[CAN]*11969-         F     KKC      21   N   THC
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 21U                   X-[CAN]F685122-        F     KTG      21   U   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 23J                   X-[CAN]F672984-        F     KKC      23   J   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 26S                   X-[CAN]F682422-        F     KTG      26   S   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 32M                   X-[CAN]F677483-        F     KTG      32   M   THC
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 33W                   X-[CAN]F686348-        F     KTG      33   W   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 35W                   X-[CAN]F686349-        F     KTG      35   W   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 37J                   X-[CAN]F672991-        F     KKC      37   J   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 3P                    X-[CAN]F680126-        F     KTG       3   P   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 41U                   X-[CAN]F685123-        F     KTG      41   U   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 45M                   X-[CAN]*10786-         F     KKC      45   M   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 5T                    X-[CAN]F683946-        F     KTG       5   T   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 5U                    X-[CAN]F685121-        F     KTG       5   U   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 91K                   X-[CAN]F675596-        F     KTG      91   K   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 93J                   X-[CAN]*8169-          F     KTG      93   J   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 95L                   X-[CAN]*10194-         F     KTG      95   L   THF
ROCKDELL MYRTLE 9U                    X-[CAN]F685119-        F     KTG       9   U   THF
ROCKDELL NORMA 11P                    X-[CAN]*13249-         F     KKC      11   P   THC
ROCKDELL NORMA 14U                    X-[CAN]F685128-        F     KKC      14   U   THF
ROCKDELL NORMA 1S                     X-[CAN]F682438-        F     KKC       1   S   THC
ROCKDELL NORMA 26U                    X-[CAN]F685134-        F     KKC      26   U   THC
ROCKDELL NORMA 36W                    X-[CAN]F686354-        F     KKC      36   W   THF
ROCKDELL NORMA 59K                    X-[CAN]*13248-         F     KKC      59   K   THF
ROCKDELL ROSE 18M                     X-[CAN]*11428-         F     KKC      18   M   THF
ROCKDELL ROSEBUD 35U                  X-[CAN]F685145-        F     KKC      35   U   THF
ROCKDELL RUBY ROSE 42T                X-[CAN]F683937-        F     KKC      42   T   THF
ROCKDELL RUBY ROSE 56U                X-[CAN]F685133-        F     KKC      56   U   THF
ROCKDELL RUBY ROSE 9P                 X-[CAN]*13209-         F     KKC       9   P   THF
ROCKDELL SUPREME 15R                  X-[CAN]*14466-         F     KKC      15   R   THF
ROCKDELL SUPREME 18U                  X-[CAN]F685140-        F     KKC      18   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
ROCKDELL SUPREME 20U                   X-[CAN]F685136-       F     KKC       20   U   THF
ROCKDELL SUPREME 39T                   X-[CAN]F683941-       F     KKC       39   T   THF
ROCKDELL SUPREME 42P                  -[CAN]*13210-          F     KKC       42   P   THF
ROCKDELL SUPREME 85L                   X-[CAN]*10164-        F     KKC       85   L   THF
ROCKING L BERNICE 1W                  -[CAN]F687210-         F     DL         1   W   THF
ROCKING L SUZE 3W                      X-[CAN]F687069-       F     DL         3   W   THF
ROSEGARLAND DAWN 5U                    X-[CAN]F685072-       F     DNY        5   U   THF
ROSEGARLAND DAWN 6M                    X-[CAN]F677638-       F     DNY        6   M   THF
ROSEGARLAND DAWN 9U                    X-[CAN]F685064-       F     DNY        9   U   THF
ROSEGARLAND DELLA 5M                   X-[CAN]*10966-        F     DNY        5   M   THF
ROSEGARLAND DORA 30U                   X-[CAN]F685074-       F     DNY       30   U   THF
ROSEGARLAND MISS STAMPEDER 20T         X-[CAN]F684256-       F     SUV       20   T   THF
ROSEGARLAND PEARL 16U                  X-[CAN]F685067-       F     PLS       16   U   THF
ROSEGARLAND ROBIN 15T                  X-[CAN]F683844-       F     PLS       15   T   THF
ROSEGARLAND ROYAL ROAN 24T             X-[CAN]F683845-       F     PLS       24   T   THF
ROSEGARLAND TRIXIE 2U                  X-[CAN]F686008-       F     DNY        2   U   THF
ROSEGARLAND WINNETTE 1U               -[CAN]F686007-         F     DNY        1   U   THF
ROSEGARLAND WINNETTE 5N                X-[CAN]F678924-       F     DNY        5   N   THF
RS CATHY JOYFUL 72K                    X-[CAN]*9611-         F     RS        72   K   THF
SASKVALLEY 310R                        X-[CAN]Z55692-        F     AEN      310   R   THF
SASKVALLEY 507U                        X-[CAN]Z90143-        F     AEN      507   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 542U                        X-[CAN]Z90149-        F     AEN      542   U   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 152J                   X-[CAN]F674297-       F     AEN      152   J   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 177M                   X-[CAN]F677962-       F     AEN      177   M   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 183P                   X-[CAN]F680316-       F     AEN      183   P   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 237K                   X-[CAN]F675685-       F     AEN      237   K   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 241M                   X-[CAN]F677991-       F     AEN      241   M   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 357S                   X-[CAN]F683486-       F     AEN      357   S   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 361W                  -[CAN]F687161-         F     AEN      361   W   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 414R                   X-[CAN]F682106-       F     AEN      414   R   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 426T                   X-[CAN]F684371-       F     AEN      426   T   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 42R                    X-[CAN]F682084-       F     AEN       42   R   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 445S                   X-[CAN]F683465-       F     AEN      445   S   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 44M                   -[CAN]F677998-         F     AEN       44   M   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 44W                    X-[CAN]F687167-       F     AEN       44   W   THF
SASKVALLEY ANNE 78U                    X-[CAN]F685919-       F     AEN       78   U   THF
SASKVALLEY AURORA 116K                 X-[CAN]F675669-       F     AEN      116   K   THF
SASKVALLEY AURORA 202S                 X-[CAN]F683470-       F     AEN      202   S   THF
SASKVALLEY AURORA 358P                 X-[CAN]F680319-       F     AEN      358   P   THF
SASKVALLEY AURORA 389W                 X-[CAN]F687188-       F     AEN      389   W   THF
SASKVALLEY AURORA 64N                  X-[CAN]F679399-       F     AEN       64   N   THF
SASKVALLEY BLOSSOM 206S                X-[CAN]F683460-       F     AEN      206   S   THF
SASKVALLEY BLOSSOM 211U                X-[CAN]F685926-       F     AEN      211   U   THF
SASKVALLEY BLOSSOM 226S                X-[CAN]F683475-       F     AEN      226   S   THF
SASKVALLEY BLOSSOM 22W                 X-[CAN]F687205-       F     AEN       22   W   THF
SASKVALLEY BLOSSOM 387T                X-[CAN]F684373-       F     AEN      387   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY BLOSSOM 52L                 X-[CAN]F676695-       F     AEN       52   L   THF
SASKVALLEY BRENDA 311S                -[CAN]F683472-         F     AEN      311   S   THC
SASKVALLEY DAISY 186R                  X-[CAN]F682082-       F     AEN      186   R   THF
SASKVALLEY DAISY 68W                   X-[CAN]F687177-       F     AEN       68   W   THF
SASKVALLEY DARLING 110N                X-[CAN]F679393-       F     AEN      110   N   THF
SASKVALLEY DARLING 227T                X-[CAN]F684364-       F     AEN      227   T   THF
SASKVALLEY DARLING 313P                X-[CAN]F680297-       F     AEN      313   P   THF
SASKVALLEY DARLING 67W                 X-[CAN]F687170-       F     AEN       67   W   THF
SASKVALLEY DARLING 70M                 X-[CAN]F677988-       F     AEN       70   M   THF
SASKVALLEY DARLING 93W                 X-[CAN]F687202-       F     AEN       93   W   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 103R                   X-[CAN]F682094-       F     AEN      103   R   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 111T                   X-[CAN]F684359-       F     AEN      111   T   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 118P                   X-[CAN]F680289-       F     AEN      118   P   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 12K                    X-[CAN]F675686-       F     AEN       12   K   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 151T                   X-[CAN]F684348-       F     AEN      151   T   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 153L                   X-[CAN]F676726-       F     AEN      153   L   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 173W                   X-[CAN]F687178-       F     AEN      173   W   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 192P                   X-[CAN]F680320-       F     AEN      192   P   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 21W                    X-[CAN]F687201-       F     AEN       21   W   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 255M                   X-[CAN]F677965-       F     AEN      255   M   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 263T                   X-[CAN]F684360-       F     AEN      263   T   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 319R                   X-[CAN]F682087-       F     AEN      319   R   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 326S                   X-[CAN]F683468-       F     AEN      326   S   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 42J                    X-[CAN]F674280-       F     AEN       42   J   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 461S                   X-[CAN]F683476-       F     AEN      461   S   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 514U                   X-[CAN]F685983-       F     AEN      514   U   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 65R                    X-[CAN]F682081-       F     AEN       65   R   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 70N                    X-[CAN]F679396-       F     AEN       70   N   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 82U                    X-[CAN]F685893-       F     AEN       82   U   THF
SASKVALLEY DORA 96W                    X-[CAN]F687191-       F     AEN       96   W   THF
SASKVALLEY FLOWER 2W                   X-[CAN]F687194-       F     AEN        2   W   THF
SASKVALLEY HEROINE 149T                X-[CAN]F684343-       F     AEN      149   T   THC
SASKVALLEY HEROINE 171W                X-[CAN]F687190-       F     AEN      171   W   THF
SASKVALLEY HEROINE 260S                X-[CAN]F683484-       F     AEN      260   S   THF
SASKVALLEY HEROINE 354T                X-[CAN]F684365-       F     AEN      354   T   THF
SASKVALLEY HEROINE 48R                 X-[CAN]F682103-       F     AEN       48   R   THF
SASKVALLEY HEROINE 77U                 X-[CAN]F685908-       F     AEN       77   U   THF
SASKVALLEY HEROINE 91U                 X-[CAN]F685922-       F     AEN       91   U   THF
SASKVALLEY IRIS 250T                   X-[CAN]F684353-       F     AEN      250   T   THF
SASKVALLEY JENNIE 152P                -[CAN]F680327-         F     AEN      152   P   THF
SASKVALLEY JENNIE 164T                 X-[CAN]F684349-       F     AEN      164   T   THF
SASKVALLEY JENNIE 167W                 X-[CAN]F687186-       F     AEN      167   W   THF
SASKVALLEY JENNIE 193U                 X-[CAN]F685909-       F     AEN      193   U   THF
SASKVALLEY JENNIE 196S                 X-[CAN]F683493-       F     AEN      196   S   THF
SASKVALLEY JENNIE 271N                 X-[CAN]F679409-       F     AEN      271   N   THF
SASKVALLEY JENNIE 38S                  X-[CAN]F683463-       F     AEN       38   S   THF
                      Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                    Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY JENNIE 450U                   X-[CAN]F685916-       F     AEN      450   U   THF
SASKVALLEY JOSIE 172W                    X-[CAN]F687185-       F     AEN      172   W   THF
SASKVALLEY JUDY 90N                      X-[CAN]F679398-       F     AEN       90   N   THF
SASKVALLEY LASS' PRIDE 108L              X-[CAN]F676725-       F     AEN      108   L   THF
SASKVALLEY LASS'PRIDE 92N                X-[CAN]F679417-       F     AEN       92   N   THF
SASKVALLEY LILA 101W                     X-[CAN]F687179-       F     AEN      101   W   THF
SASKVALLEY LILA 344R                     X-[CAN]F682075-       F     AEN      344   R   THF
SASKVALLEY LILA 352U                     X-[CAN]F685901-       F     AEN      352   U   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 107H                     X-[CAN]F672065-       F     AEN      107   H   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 118R                     X-[CAN]F682102-       F     AEN      118   R   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 26K                      X-[CAN]F675688-       F     AEN       26   K   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 309U                     X-[CAN]F685906-       F     AEN      309   U   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 31J                      X-[CAN]F674274-       F     AEN       31   J   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 326T                     X-[CAN]F684340-       F     AEN      326   T   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 353U                     X-[CAN]F685930-       F     AEN      353   U   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 379T                     X-[CAN]F684378-       F     AEN      379   T   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 412U                     X-[CAN]F685915-       F     AEN      412   U   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 436U                     X-[CAN]F685932-       F     AEN      436   U   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 49P                      X-[CAN]F680299-       F     AEN       49   P   THF
SASKVALLEY LILY 75M                      X-[CAN]F677971-       F     AEN       75   M   THF
SASKVALLEY LORI 140R                     X-[CAN]*15239-        F     AEN      140   R   THF
SASKVALLEY LORI 275U                     X-[CAN]F685904-       F     AEN      275   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MAGGIE 256M                   X-[CAN]F677978-       F     AEN      256   M   THF
SASKVALLEY MAGGIE 281W                   X-[CAN]F687176-       F     AEN      281   W   THF
SASKVALLEY MAGGIE 374S                   X-[CAN]F683487-       F     AEN      374   S   THF
SASKVALLEY MAGGIE 73R                    X-[CAN]F682110-       F     AEN       73   R   THF
SASKVALLEY MAGGIE 84P                    X-[CAN]F680290-       F     AEN       84   P   THF
SASKVALLEY MARBLE 275W                   X-[CAN]F687200-       F     AEN      275   W   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 117S                 X-[CAN]F683461-       F     AEN      117   S   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 141L                -[CAN]F676727-         F     AEN      141   L   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 170J                -[CAN]F674299-         F     AEN      170   J   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 212U                 X-[CAN]F685927-       F     AEN      212   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 218U                 X-[CAN]F685898-       F     AEN      218   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 243W                 X-[CAN]F687171-       F     AEN      243   W   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 258L                -[CAN]F676712-         F     AEN      258   L   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 25M                  X-[CAN]F677993-       F     AEN       25   M   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 263N                 X-[CAN]F679420-       F     AEN      263   N   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 30K                  X-[CAN]F675689-       F     AEN       30   K   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 310S                 X-[CAN]F683469-       F     AEN      310   S   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 32R                  X-[CAN]F682093-       F     AEN       32   R   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 355T                 X-[CAN]F684380-       F     AEN      355   T   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 35H                 -[CAN]F672063-         F     AEN       35   H   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 395S                 X-[CAN]F683481-       F     AEN      395   S   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 409W                 X-[CAN]F687174-       F     AEN      409   W   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 418R                 X-[CAN]F682099-       F     AEN      418   R   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 423U                 X-[CAN]F685913-       F     AEN      423   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 448T               X-[CAN]F684370-       F     AEN      448   T   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 448U               X-[CAN]F685931-       F     AEN      448   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 499U               X-[CAN]F685924-       F     AEN      499   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 538U               X-[CAN]F685982-       F     AEN      538   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MARIANNE 81P                X-[CAN]F680335-       F     AEN       81   P   THF
SASKVALLEY MISTRESS 289W               X-[CAN]F687183-       F     AEN      289   W   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 112W                 X-[CAN]F687195-       F     AEN      112   W   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 119R                 X-[CAN]F682097-       F     AEN      119   R   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 15M                  X-[CAN]F677959-       F     AEN       15   M   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 174R                 X-[CAN]F682115-       F     AEN      174   R   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 195S                 X-[CAN]F683492-       F     AEN      195   S   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 19U                  X-[CAN]F685899-       F     AEN       19   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 21T                  X-[CAN]F684367-       F     AEN       21   T   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 290W                 X-[CAN]F687204-       F     AEN      290   W   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 377T                 X-[CAN]F684342-       F     AEN      377   T   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 3U                   X-[CAN]F685912-       F     AEN        3   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 500U                 X-[CAN]F685905-       F     AEN      500   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 59P                  X-[CAN]F680339-       F     AEN       59   P   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 6U                   X-[CAN]F685891-       F     AEN        6   U   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 83N                  X-[CAN]F679373-       F     AEN       83   N   THF
SASKVALLEY MYRTLE 99T                  X-[CAN]F684352-       F     AEN       99   T   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 122M                  X-[CAN]F677966-       F     AEN      122   M   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 138H                  X-[CAN]F672789-       F     AEN      138   H   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 165T                  X-[CAN]F684350-       F     AEN      165   T   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 34P                  -[CAN]F680300-         F     AEN       34   P   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 434U                  X-[CAN]F685923-       F     AEN      434   U   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 526U                  X-[CAN]F685981-       F     AEN      526   U   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 76W                   X-[CAN]F687173-       F     AEN       76   W   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 94N                   X-[CAN]F679376-       F     AEN       94   N   THF
SASKVALLEY NORMA 97W                   X-[CAN]F687166-       F     AEN       97   W   THF
SASKVALLEY PAPRIKA 272W                X-[CAN]F687172-       F     AEN      272   W   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 124P                  X-[CAN]F680298-       F     AEN      124   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 182W                  X-[CAN]F687187-       F     AEN      182   W   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 192K                 -[CAN]F675673-         F     AEN      192   K   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 19R                   X-[CAN]F682091-       F     AEN       19   R   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 205S                  X-[CAN]F683473-       F     AEN      205   S   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 219N                  X-[CAN]F681979-       F     AEN      219   N   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 226T                  X-[CAN]F684356-       F     AEN      226   T   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 244N                  X-[CAN]F679404-       F     AEN      244   N   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 250M                  X-[CAN]F677963-       F     AEN      250   M   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 255K                  X-[CAN]F675513-       F     AEN      255   K   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 260L                  X-[CAN]F680395-       F     AEN      260   L   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 271W                  X-[CAN]F687164-       F     AEN      271   W   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 274U                  X-[CAN]F685921-       F     AEN      274   U   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 285R                  X-[CAN]F682109-       F     AEN      285   R   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 353R                  X-[CAN]F682079-       F     AEN      353   R   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY PATSY 369P                  X-[CAN]F680302-       F     AEN      369   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 36M                   X-[CAN]F677995-       F     AEN       36   M   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 384W                  X-[CAN]F687180-       F     AEN      384   W   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 41W                   X-[CAN]F687198-       F     AEN       41   W   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 437T                  X-[CAN]F684366-       F     AEN      437   T   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 442T                  X-[CAN]F684368-       F     AEN      442   T   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 469S                  X-[CAN]F683488-       F     AEN      469   S   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 477T                  X-[CAN]F684377-       F     AEN      477   T   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 51S                   X-[CAN]F683483-       F     AEN       51   S   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 51T                   X-[CAN]F684372-       F     AEN       51   T   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 56J                   X-[CAN]F674295-       F     AEN       56   J   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 74M                  -[CAN]F677975-         F     AEN       74   M   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 81H                   X-[CAN]F671058-       F     AEN       81   H   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 87M                  -[CAN]F677996-         F     AEN       87   M   THF
SASKVALLEY PATSY 95W                   X-[CAN]F687163-       F     AEN       95   W   THF
SASKVALLEY PEGGY 184R                  X-[CAN]F682101-       F     AEN      184   R   THF
SASKVALLEY PEGGY 37M                   X-[CAN]F677979-       F     AEN       37   M   THF
SASKVALLEY PEGGY 413W                 -[CAN]F687165-         F     AEN      413   W   THF
SASKVALLEY PEGGY 465T                  X-[CAN]F684363-       F     AEN      465   T   THF
SASKVALLEY PEGGY 99P                   X-[CAN]F680303-       F     AEN       99   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PRINCESS 7R                 X-F639715-            F     AEN        7   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 114L            X-[CAN]F676715-       F     AEN      114   L   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 126W            X-[CAN]F687162-       F     AEN      126   W   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 134K            X-[CAN]F675670-       F     AEN      134   K   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 144T            X-[CAN]F684354-       F     AEN      144   T   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 154L            X-[CAN]F676703-       F     AEN      154   L   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 155M            X-[CAN]F677960-       F     AEN      155   M   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 161N            X-[CAN]F679394-       F     AEN      161   N   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 163N            X-[CAN]F679377-       F     AEN      163   N   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 186W            X-[CAN]F687193-       F     AEN      186   W   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 192J            X-[CAN]F674285-       F     AEN      192   J   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 195U            X-[CAN]F685929-       F     AEN      195   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 197R            X-[CAN]F683482-       F     AEN      197   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 200U            X-[CAN]F685918-       F     AEN      200   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 210R            X-[CAN]F682107-       F     AEN      210   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 212R            X-[CAN]F682085-       F     AEN      212   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 214M            X-[CAN]F677987-       F     AEN      214   M   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 215K            X-[CAN]F675674-       F     AEN      215   K   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 233P            X-[CAN]F680338-       F     AEN      233   P   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 23P             X-[CAN]F680291-       F     AEN       23   P   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 241U            X-[CAN]F685896-       F     AEN      241   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 244S            X-[CAN]F683459-       F     AEN      244   S   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 245R            X-[CAN]F682089-       F     AEN      245   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 257M            X-[CAN]F677969-       F     AEN      257   M   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 261M            X-[CAN]F677984-       F     AEN      261   M   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 274T            X-[CAN]F684369-       F     AEN      274   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 288W            X-[CAN]F687189-       F     AEN      288   W   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 28P             X-[CAN]F680323-       F     AEN       28   P   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 2F              X-F667606-            F     AEN        2   F   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 306W            X-[CAN]F687168-       F     AEN      306   W   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 310U            X-[CAN]F685928-       F     AEN      310   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 323T            X-[CAN]F684375-       F     AEN      323   T   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 325W            X-[CAN]F687169-       F     AEN      325   W   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 328U            X-[CAN]F685920-       F     AEN      328   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 332R            X-[CAN]F682074-       F     AEN      332   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 337W            X-[CAN]F687206-       F     AEN      337   W   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 340U            X-[CAN]F685911-       F     AEN      340   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 341S            X-[CAN]F683477-       F     AEN      341   S   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 354R            X-[CAN]F682090-       F     AEN      354   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 354W            X-[CAN]F687192-       F     AEN      354   W   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 367S            X-[CAN]F683494-       F     AEN      367   S   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 368T            X-[CAN]F684362-       F     AEN      368   T   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 375T            X-[CAN]F684376-       F     AEN      375   T   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 376S            X-[CAN]F683485-       F     AEN      376   S   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 376U            X-[CAN]F685903-       F     AEN      376   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 380U            X-[CAN]F685914-       F     AEN      380   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 385S            X-[CAN]F683489-       F     AEN      385   S   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 406T            X-[CAN]F684358-       F     AEN      406   T   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 412W            X-[CAN]F687175-       F     AEN      412   W   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 423T            X-[CAN]F684361-       F     AEN      423   T   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 440S            X-[CAN]F683478-       F     AEN      440   S   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 464U            X-[CAN]F685892-       F     AEN      464   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 506U            X-[CAN]F685894-       F     AEN      506   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 50R             X-[CAN]F682121-       F     AEN       50   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 512U            X-[CAN]F685925-       F     AEN      512   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 54P             X-[CAN]F680332-       F     AEN       54   P   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 57H             X-[CAN]F675462-       F     AEN       57   H   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 71K             X-[CAN]F675675-       F     AEN       71   K   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 74R             X-[CAN]F682112-       F     AEN       74   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANN 90U             X-[CAN]F685910-       F     AEN       90   U   THF
SASKVALLEY RAGGEDY ANNE 1T             X-[CAN]F684344-       F     AEN        1   T   THF
SASKVALLEY ROSE 1U                     X-[CAN]F685902-       F     AEN        1   U   THF
SASKVALLEY ROSE 43W                    X-[CAN]F687181-       F     AEN       43   W   THF
SASKVALLEY ROSEY 168W                  X-[CAN]F687203-       F     AEN      168   W   THF
SASKVALLEY ROSEY 272T                  X-[CAN]F684346-       F     AEN      272   T   THF
SASKVALLEY SADIE 299W                  X-[CAN]F687184-       F     AEN      299   W   THF
SASKVALLEY SADIE 7U                    X-[CAN]F685900-       F     AEN        7   U   THF
SASKVALLEY SINDY 167U                  X-[CAN]F685907-       F     AEN      167   U   THF
SASKVALLEY SINDY 210W                  X-[CAN]F687197-       F     AEN      210   W   THF
SASKVALLEY SINDY 353W                  X-[CAN]F687182-       F     AEN      353   W   THF
SASKVALLEY SINDY 42T                  -[CAN]F684347-         F     AEN       42   T   THF
SASKVALLEY VICTORIA 53T                X-[CAN]F684379-       F     AEN       53   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY VICTORIA 8J                X-[CAN]F674291-       F     AEN        8   J   THF
SASKVALLEY VILMA 107N                 X-[CAN]F679392-       F     AEN      107   N   THF
SASKVALLEY WILMA 102R                 X-[CAN]F682083-       F     AEN      102   R   THF
SASKVALLEY WILMA 224W                 X-[CAN]F687199-       F     AEN      224   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WILMA 59T                  X-[CAN]F684357-       F     AEN       59   T   THF
SCHOOLVIEW 12B IRISH PEGGY 11J        X-[CAN]F673885-       F     BHM       11   J   THF
SCHOOLVIEW 17H BESSIE 6K              X-[CAN]F675819-       F     BHM        6   K   THF
SCHOOLVIEW 1E VALENTINE 3J            X-[CAN]F673882-       F     BHM        3   J   THF
SCHOOLVIEW 29C CROCUS 35J             X-[CAN]F672883-       F     BHM       35   J   THF
SCHOOLVIEW MIS-TEEQ 2N                X-[CAN]F680377-       F     GLM        2   N   THF
SCHOOLVIEW MS SPRINGFIELD 46M         X-[CAN]F677414-       F     BHM       46   M   THF
SCOTSDALE AMY STAR 6S                 X-[CAN]*15321-        F     FW         6   S   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA ADA 9S              X-[CAN]F682135-       F     FW         9   S   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA ALLORA 2S           X-[CAN]F682136-       F     FW         2   S   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA ANITA 7S            X-[CAN]AR15260-       F     FW         7   S   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA HELORA 15D          X-F664071-            F     FW        15   D   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA HOLLY 11D          -F662998-              F     FW        11   D   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA LILY 14G            X-F669639-            F     FW        14   G   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA MILLIE 25H          X-[CAN]F671163-       F     FW        25   H   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA RHODA 13L           X-[CAN]AR9959-        F     FW        13   L   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA RITA 2L             X-[CAN]F676747-       F     FW         2   L   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA RUBY 21L           -[CAN]F676062-         F     FW        21   L   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA TORA 10N            X-[CAN]*11773-        F     FW        10   N   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA TRUDY 1N            X-[CAN]F678776-       F     FW         1   N   THF
SCOTSDALE AUGUSTA VELDA 2P            X-[CAN]F679786-       F     FW         2   P   THF
SCOTSDALE GOLDIE 23H                  X-[CAN]*7038-         F     FW        23   H   THF
SCOTSDALE JAVA AUGUSTA 1M             X-[CAN]F677335-       F     FW         1   M   THF
SCOTSDALE JOYCE AUGUSTA 21E           X-F665987-            F     FW        21   E   THF
SCOTSDALE KELINA 4F                   X-F666983-            F     FW         4   F   THF
SCOTSDALE MANDORA 6H                  X-[CAN]F670491-       F     FW         6   H   THF
SCOTSDALE NADINE AUGUSTA 12J          X-[CAN]F672521-       F     FW        12   J   THF
SCOTSDALE PEGGY BROADHOOKS 11K       -[CAN]*8895-           F     FW        11   K   THF
SCOTSDALE PIERRETTE 19K               X-[CAN]*8897-         F     FW        19   K   THF
SCOTSDALE PRIMA ALMA 1S               X-[CAN]*15322-        F     FW         1   S   THF
SCOTSDALE PRIMA DONNA 17K             X-[CAN]*8896-         F     FW        17   K   THF
SCOTSDALE PRIMA VESTA 12P             X-[CAN]*12863-        F     FW        12   P   THF
SCOTSDALE ROSE 6L                     X-[CAN]AR9961-        F     FW         6   L   THF
SCOTSDALE RUBY BROADHOOKS 8L          X-[CAN]F676059-       F     FW         8   L   THF
SCOTSDALE STACEY 22M                 -[CAN]AR10668-         F     FW        22   M   THF
SCOTSDALE SYLVETTE 5M                 X-[CAN]*10665-        F     FW         5   M   THF
SCOTSDALE TARA BROADHOOKS 11N         X-[CAN]*11771-        F     FW        11   N   THF
SCOTSDALE TELINA 17N                  X-[CAN]F678778-       F     FW        17   N   THF
SCOTSDALE TOBEY 18N                   X-[CAN]*11776-        F     FW        18   N   THF
SCOTSDALE TRACY AUGUSTA 2N            X-[CAN]F678779-       F     FW         2   N   THC
SCOTSDALE VERA BROADHOOKS 1P          X-[CAN]F679789-       F     FW         1   P   THF
SDTRK FOXY 02T                        X-[CAN]*16186-        F     SDTK       2   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
SDTRK PERFECT MATCH 01U               X-[CAN]*16937-        F     SDTK      1   U   THF
SDTRK SHE'LL BE COOL 04S              X-[CAN]AR15299-       F     SDTK      4   S   THF
SDTRK SIENGLRITA 05R                  X-[CAN]*14348-        F     SDTK      5   R   THF
SEMIAHMOO LORRETTA 1L                -[CAN]*9824-           F     SS        1   L   THF
SEMIAHMOO MACY 1M                     X-[CAN]F677363-       F     SS        1   M   THF
SEMIAHMOO MERIGNE 5M                  X-[CAN]*10682-        F     SS        5   M   THF
SEMIAHMOO NAOMI 6N                    X-[CAN]F678719-       F     SS        6   N   THF
SEMIAHMOO NUGGET 7N                   X-[CAN]*11725-        F     SS        7   N   THF
SEMIAHMOO NUTELLA 1N                 -[CAN]F678721-         F     SS        1   N   THF
SEMIAHMOO PAPRIKA 4P                  X-[CAN]F679861-       F     SS        4   P   THF
SEMIAHMOO PARTY GIRL 16P             -[CAN]F679910-         F     SS       16   P   THF
SEMIAHMOO PENNY 5P                    X-[CAN]*12917-        F     SS        5   P   THF
SEMIAHMOO PETAL 11P                   X-[CAN]*13797-        F     SS       11   P   THF
SEMIAHMOO PRECIOUS 10P                X-[CAN]*13796-        F     SS       10   P   THF
SEMIAHMOO RASCAL 1R                   X-[CAN]*14117-        F     SS        1   R   THF
SEMIAHMOO REDHEAD 4R                  X-[CAN]*14112-        F     SS        4   R   THF
SEMIAHMOO REGAL 8R                    X-[CAN]*14110-        F     SS        8   R   THF
SEMIAHMOO RITA 15R                    X-[CAN]F681459-       F     SS       15   R   THF
SEMIAHMOO RUNWAY 5R                   X-[CAN]*14111-        F     SS        5   R   THF
SEMIAHMOO SALSA 5S                    X-[CAN]*15345-        F     SS        5   S   THC
SEMIAHMOO SAMBA 4S                    X-[CAN]*15344-        F     SS        4   S   THC
SEMIAHMOO SENORITA 2S                 X-[CAN]F682316-       F     SS        2   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO SEQUEL 6S                   X-[CAN]*15346-        F     SS        6   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO SERENITY 11S               -[CAN]F682314-         F     SS       11   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO SHOWCASE 3S                -[CAN]F682315-         F     SS        3   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO SUSIE 18S                   X-[CAN]F682214-       F     SS       18   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO SWEET PEA 14U              -[CAN]*16685-          F     SS       14   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO TABATHA 9T                  X-[CAN]*16205-        F     SS        9   T   THC
SEMIAHMOO TANGO 6T                    X-[CAN]F683727-       F     SS        6   T   THC
SEMIAHMOO TESSA 7T                    X-[CAN]*16204-        F     SS        7   T   THC
SEMIAHMOO TIFFANY 12T                 X-[CAN]F683674-       F     SS       12   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TILLY 15T                   X-[CAN]F683673-       F     SS       15   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TRIXIE 3T                   X-[CAN]F683725-       F     SS        3   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TULSA 4T                    X-[CAN]F683726-       F     SS        4   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO U-WISH 13U                 -[CAN]*16695-          F     SS       13   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO ULTIMATE 12U               -[CAN]*16691-          F     SS       12   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO ULTRA 10U                  -[CAN]*16689-          F     SS       10   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO UMA 2U                     -[CAN]*16694-          F     SS        2   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO UNICORN 15U                 X-[CAN]*16688-        F     SS       15   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO UPBEAT 3U                   X-[CAN]*16692-        F     SS        3   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO UPSCALE 4U                 -[CAN]*16728-          F     SS        4   U   THC
SEMIAHMOO UPTOWN GIRL 8U              X-[CAN]F684970-       F     SS        8   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO URSULA 1U                   X-[CAN]*16693-        F     SS        1   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO WANDA 11W                   X-[CAN]*17322-        F     SS       11   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WENDY 5W                    X-[CAN]F686239-       F     SS        5   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WHITNEY 8W                  X-[CAN]*17320-        F     SS        8   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SEMIAHMOO WILLOW 10W                   X-[CAN]F686238-       F     SS        10   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WILMA 2W                     X-[CAN]*17325-        F     SS         2   W   THC
SEMIAHMOO WINNIE 4W                   -[CAN]F686240-         F     SS         4   W   THF
SHADYBROOK LASSIE 23T                  X-[CAN]AR16505-       F     MAX       23   T   THF
SHADYBROOK ALANA 21R                  -[CAN]*14897-          F     MAX       21   R   THF
SHADYBROOK ALENA 23P                   X-[CAN]*13516-        F     MAX       23   P   THF
SHADYBROOK ALEXA 20N                   X-[CAN]*12483-        F     MAX       20   N   THF
SHADYBROOK ALICIA 15S                 -[CAN]F682655-         F     MAX       15   S   THF
SHADYBROOK ALICIA 48K                  X-[CAN]*8914-         F     MAX       48   K   THF
SHADYBROOK ANNIE 55K                   X-[CAN]*8908-         F     MAX       55   K   THC
SHADYBROOK BELINDA 881H                X-[CAN]F672093-       F     MAX      881   H   THC
SHADYBROOK BUTTERCUP 1L                X-[CAN]F676016-       F     MAX        1   L   THC
SHADYBROOK BUTTERNUT 47R               X-[CAN]*14868-        F     MAX       47   R   THC
SHADYBROOK CHLOE 61N                   X-[CAN]*12461-        F     MAX       61   N   THF
SHADYBROOK CHLORIS 41S                 X-[CAN]*16019-        F     MAX       41   S   THF
SHADYBROOK CLARITY 94R                 X-[CAN]F681648-       F     MAX       94   R   THC
SHADYBROOK COLLETTE 1H                -[CAN]*6646-           F     MAX        1   H   THF
SHADYBROOK COLOGNE 19T                 X-[CAN]*16301-        F     MAX       19   T   THF
SHADYBROOK COLONIE 12T                 X-[CAN]*16300-        F     MAX       12   T   THF
SHADYBROOK CONNIE 35W                  X-[CAN]F687283-       F     MAX       35   W   THF
SHADYBROOK CUMBERLAND 36R              X-[CAN]*14907-        F     MAX       36   R   THC
SHADYBROOK CUMBERLAND 47N             -[CAN]*12742-          F     MAX       47   N   THC
SHADYBROOK CUMBERLAND 48N              X-[CAN]*12745-        F     MAX       48   N   THF
SHADYBROOK CUMBERLAND 52N              X-[CAN]*12743-        F     MAX       52   N   THC
SHADYBROOK CUMBERLAND 55N             -[CAN]*12744-          F     MAX       55   N   THC
SHADYBROOK CUMBERLAND 65U              X-[CAN]*16758-        F     MAX       65   U   THF
SHADYBROOK DELIGHT 43T                 X-[CAN]F684097-       F     MAX       43   T   THF
SHADYBROOK DELJA 39R                   X-[CAN]*14861-        F     MAX       39   R   THF
SHADYBROOK EDIE 45P                    X-[CAN]*13509-        F     MAX       45   P   THC
SHADYBROOK ELLIE 34N                   X-[CAN]*12418-        F     MAX       34   N   THC
SHADYBROOK EMMA 47W                    X-[CAN]F687284-       F     MAX       47   W   THF
SHADYBROOK EMPRESS 32W                 X-[CAN]F687064-       F     MAX       32   W   THF
SHADYBROOK EMPRESS 91M                 X-[CAN]F678823-       F     MAX       91   M   THF
SHADYBROOK EMPRESSA 41W               -[CAN]*17959-          F     MAX       41   W   THF
SHADYBROOK FAIR LADY 12U               X-[CAN]AR16757-       F     MAX       12   U   THF
SHADYBROOK FANCY 55T                   X-[CAN]F683758-       F     MAX       55   T   THF
SHADYBROOK FAST LADY 72M               X-[CAN]*11574-        F     MAX       72   M   THF
SHADYBROOK FAWCETT 5T                  X-[CAN]AR16108-       F     MAX        5   T   THF
SHADYBROOK FRANCESCA 19P              -[CAN]F679896-         F     MAX       19   P   THC
SHADYBROOK FRANCY 12R                  X-[CAN]*14342-        F     MAX       12   R   THF
SHADYBROOK FRANTASTIC 9N              -[CAN]F678905-         F     MAX        9   N   THF
SHADYBROOK GERALDINE 54M               X-[CAN]*11458-        F     MAX       54   M   THF
SHADYBROOK GERANIUM 103S               X-[CAN]*15569-        F     MAX      103   S   THF
SHADYBROOK GOLDEN SURPRISE 64U         X-[CAN]F685398-       F     MAX       64   U   THF
SHADYBROOK ILONA 63S                   X-[CAN]F682650-       F     MAX       63   S   THF
SHADYBROOK ILSA 25U                    X-[CAN]AR16747-       F     MAX       25   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SHADYBROOK INA 83T                     X-[CAN]F683756-       F     MAX       83   T   THF
SHADYBROOK IRENE 72W                   X-[CAN]*17820-        F     MAX       72   W   THF
SHADYBROOK IRIS 21T                   -[CAN]*16294-          F     MAX       21   T   THF
SHADYBROOK IRMA 28P                   -[CAN]*13355-          F     MAX       28   P   THF
SHADYBROOK ISABELLE 74L                X-[CAN]F678621-       F     MAX       74   L   THF
SHADYBROOK ISABELLE 78U                X-[CAN]*16766-        F     MAX       78   U   THF
SHADYBROOK ISOBEL 36T                  X-[CAN]AR16157-       F     MAX       36   T   THF
SHADYBROOK ISOBEL 37N                  X-[CAN]*12291-        F     MAX       37   N   THF
SHADYBROOK ISOBEL 66R                  X-[CAN]*14905-        F     MAX       66   R   THF
SHADYBROOK IVORY 59M                  -[CAN]*11571-          F     MAX       59   M   THF
SHADYBROOK JOYLYN 59S                  X-[CAN]F683309-       F     MAX       59   S   THC
SHADYBROOK JUANITA 72P                 X-[CAN]*13935-        F     MAX       72   P   THC
SHADYBROOK LACEY 86R                   X-[CAN]*14886-        F     MAX       86   R   THF
SHADYBROOK LADY 21N                    X-[CAN]*12452-        F     MAX       21   N   THF
SHADYBROOK LADY 63N                   -[CAN]F679691-         F     MAX       63   N   THF
SHADYBROOK LASSIE 52S                 -[CAN]F682660-         F     MAX       52   S   THF
SHADYBROOK LETITIA 92N                 X-[CAN]*12464-        F     MAX       92   N   THC
SHADYBROOK LEXI 6U                    -[CAN]*16761-          F     MAX        6   U   THF
SHADYBROOK LINA 22T                   -[CAN]*16293-          F     MAX       22   T   THF
SHADYBROOK LINDA 8N                    X-[CAN]*12358-        F     MAX        8   N   THF
SHADYBROOK LINDY 29T                   X-[CAN]AR16378-       F     MAX       29   T   THF
SHADYBROOK LONA 33T                    X-[CAN]*16295-        F     MAX       33   T   THF
SHADYBROOK LUCINDA 4P                  X-[CAN]*12973-        F     MAX        4   P   THC
SHADYBROOK LUCINDA 56T                 X-[CAN]F683755-       F     MAX       56   T   THF
SHADYBROOK LYNN 30R                    X-[CAN]*14855-        F     MAX       30   R   THF
SHADYBROOK MAGGIE 13P                  X-[CAN]*12975-        F     MAX       13   P   THF
SHADYBROOK MARCOVA 18M                 X-[CAN]F678308-       F     MAX       18   M   THF
SHADYBROOK MARIA 18P                   X-[CAN]*13354-        F     MAX       18   P   THC
SHADYBROOK MARIGOLD 12P                X-[CAN]*12976-        F     MAX       12   P   THC
SHADYBROOK MARINA 31N                  X-[CAN]*12290-        F     MAX       31   N   THC
SHADYBROOK MARINA 7T                   X-[CAN]F683760-       F     MAX        7   T   THF
SHADYBROOK MARITA 8T                   X-[CAN]F683763-       F     MAX        8   T   THF
SHADYBROOK MARNIE 19R                  X-[CAN]*14863-        F     MAX       19   R   THC
SHADYBROOK MEGAN 66S                   X-[CAN]F682418-       F     MAX       66   S   THF
SHADYBROOK MELINDA 33N                 X-[CAN]*12467-        F     MAX       33   N   THC
SHADYBROOK MILLICENT 66M               X-[CAN]*11578-        F     MAX       66   M   THF
SHADYBROOK MILLIE 97R                  X-[CAN]*14884-        F     MAX       97   R   THF
SHADYBROOK MISTY 104S                  X-[CAN]F682651-       F     MAX      104   S   THF
SHADYBROOK MIZ RUTH 68M                X-[CAN]*11573-        F     MAX       68   M   THF
SHADYBROOK MIZZY 88R                   X-[CAN]*14885-        F     MAX       88   R   THF
SHADYBROOK NICOLETTE 94P              -[CAN]F680284-         F     MAX       94   P   THF
SHADYBROOK OCTOBER 114S                X-[CAN]F685882-       F     MAX      114   S   THC
SHADYBROOK OPHELIA 18R                 X-[CAN]*14881-        F     MAX       18   R   THC
SHADYBROOK PANDORA 6N                 -[CAN]*12741-          F     MAX        6   N   THC
SHADYBROOK PAULA 50R                  -[CAN]F681646-         F     MAX       50   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PEANUT 74P                 -[CAN]*13507-          F     MAX       74   P   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SHADYBROOK PENNY 67R                  -[CAN]*14858-          F     MAX       67   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PEONY 89T                  -[CAN]F683805-         F     MAX       89   T   THF
SHADYBROOK PERCHANCE 75P               X-[CAN]*13528-        F     MAX       75   P   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 246M               -[CAN]*11811-          F     MAX      246   M   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 249M                X-[CAN]*11814-        F     MAX      249   M   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 254M                X-[CAN]*11813-        F     MAX      254   M   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 32T                 X-[CAN]*16100-        F     MAX       32   T   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 4R                  X-[CAN]*14890-        F     MAX        4   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 57W                 X-[CAN]*17958-        F     MAX       57   W   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 66T                 X-[CAN]*16289-        F     MAX       66   T   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 74T                 X-[CAN]AR16381-       F     MAX       74   T   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 76S                 X-[CAN]F682555-       F     MAX       76   S   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 76T                 X-[CAN]AR16382-       F     MAX       76   T   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 79T                 X-[CAN]AR16374-       F     MAX       79   T   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT 80T                 X-[CAN]AR16384-       F     MAX       80   T   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT GOLD 206M           X-[CAN]*11812-        F     MAX      206   M   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT GOLDENDROP          X-[CAN]F685395-       F     MAX       54   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT GOLDENROD           X-[CAN]F685396-       F     MAX       62   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT LADY 55U            X-[CAN]*16762-        F     MAX       55   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT SKY 47U             X-[CAN]*16906-        F     MAX       47   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECT TOO 59W             X-[CAN]AR17827-       F     MAX       59   W   THF
SHADYBROOK PESTO 9P                    X-[CAN]*13502-        F     MAX        9   P   THF
SHADYBROOK PETRA 62L                   X-[CAN]*10340-        F     MAX       62   L   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTORIAL 13N              -[CAN]*12458-          F     MAX       13   N   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURE 201M                X-[CAN]AR11809-       F     MAX      201   M   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURE 80R                -[CAN]*14892-          F     MAX       80   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURE 91R                 X-[CAN]*14893-        F     MAX       91   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURE PERFECT 39E         X-*4477-              F     MAX       39   E   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURE PERFECT 65W         X-[CAN]*17936-        F     MAX       65   W   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURE PERFECT 66W         X-[CAN]*17343-        F     MAX       66   W   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURE PERFECT 68W         X-[CAN]*17937-        F     MAX       68   W   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURES REFLECTION         X-[CAN]*16764-        F     MAX       11   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURESQUE 15U             X-[CAN]AR17245-       F     MAX       15   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURESQUE 4J             -[CAN]*7889-           F     MAX        4   J   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURESQUE 72R             X-[CAN]*14409-        F     MAX       72   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURESQUE 74W             X-[CAN]F687282-       F     MAX       74   W   THF
SHADYBROOK PICTURESQUE 78T            -[CAN]AR16383-         F     MAX       78   T   THF
SHADYBROOK PIXIE 85S                   X-[CAN]F682656-       F     MAX       85   S   THF
SHADYBROOK POPCORN 53U                 X-[CAN]*17131-        F     MAX       53   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PRESTO 73G                  X-*5603-              F     MAX       73   G   THF
SHADYBROOK PRINCESS 71R                X-[CAN]*14864-        F     MAX       71   R   THC
SHADYBROOK PURE SURPRISE 63U           X-[CAN]F685397-       F     MAX       63   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PUREFECT 31U                X-[CAN]*16765-        F     MAX       31   U   THF
SHADYBROOK PURITY 78S                  X-[CAN]F683307-       F     MAX       78   S   THF
SHADYBROOK QT 64T                      X-[CAN]F683759-       F     MAX       64   T   THF
SHADYBROOK QT 92R                      X-[CAN]*14860-        F     MAX       92   R   THC
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SHADYBROOK QUINANA 90P                  X-[CAN]*13505-        F     MAX       90   P   THF
SHADYBROOK QUINCE 80H                   X-[CAN]*6926-         F     MAX       80   H   THC
SHADYBROOK QUTEE 43W                    X-[CAN]*17352-        F     MAX       43   W   THF
SHADYBROOK RAINBOW 23N                  X-[CAN]*12419-        F     MAX       23   N   THF
SHADYBROOK RENA 16U                     X-[CAN]AR16755-       F     MAX       16   U   THF
SHADYBROOK RENA 18T                     X-[CAN]F683761-       F     MAX       18   T   THF
SHADYBROOK RENATOO 17U                 -[CAN]AR16756-         F     MAX       17   U   THF
SHADYBROOK RODEO LASS 96M               X-[CAN]AR11810-       F     MAX       96   M   THF
SHADYBROOK ROSEANNE 53K                 X-[CAN]F674443-       F     MAX       53   K   THF
SHADYBROOK ROSEMARY 34R                -[CAN]*14883-          F     MAX       34   R   THC
SHADYBROOK ROSETTA 9R                   X-[CAN]*14345-        F     MAX        9   R   THC
SHADYBROOK ROSINA 16P                   X-[CAN]F680285-       F     MAX       16   P   THC
SHADYBROOK ROSINA 6T                    X-[CAN]F683762-       F     MAX        6   T   THC
SHADYBROOK ROYAL RUTH 62M              -[CAN]F678480-         F     MAX       62   M   THC
SHADYBROOK RUTH 54N                    -[CAN]F679697-         F     MAX       54   N   THF
SHADYBROOK RUTH 59R                    -[CAN]*14906-          F     MAX       59   R   THF
SHADYBROOK RUTHIE 11R                   X-[CAN]*14857-        F     MAX       11   R   THF
SHADYBROOK SCARLET 53R                  X-[CAN]*14408-        F     MAX       53   R   THF
SHADYBROOK SURPRISE 18W                 X-[CAN]*17345-        F     MAX       18   W   THF
SHADYBROOK SURPRISE 95P                 X-[CAN]*13952-        F     MAX       95   P   THF
SHADYBROOK SURPRISE ME 92S             -[CAN]F683308-         F     MAX       92   S   THF
SHADYBROOK TEENA 5P                     X-[CAN]*13503-        F     MAX        5   P   THF
SHADYBROOK TESSI 82R                    X-[CAN]*14887-        F     MAX       82   R   THF
SHADYBROOK TESSITURA 90M                X-[CAN]*11576-        F     MAX       90   M   THF
SHADYBROOK TESTA 3T                     X-[CAN]*16098-        F     MAX        3   T   THF
SHADYBROOK TINA 1R                     -[CAN]*14856-          F     MAX        1   R   THF
SHADYBROOK TRINA 79U                    X-[CAN]*17132-        F     MAX       79   U   THF
SHADYBROOK TURA 83R                     X-[CAN]*14888-        F     MAX       83   R   THF
SHADYBROOK UNA 31R                      X-[CAN]*14859-        F     MAX       31   R   THC
SHADYBROOK UNA 32N                      X-[CAN]*12463-        F     MAX       32   N   THC
SHADYBROOK VALENCIA 5R                  X-[CAN]*14407-        F     MAX        5   R   THC
SHADYBROOK VALENTINA 10N                X-[CAN]*11860-        F     MAX       10   N   THF
SHADYBROOK VALENTINE 9T                 X-[CAN]F683754-       F     MAX        9   T   THF
SHADYBROOK VELMA 71M                    X-[CAN]*11170-        F     MAX       71   M   THC
SHADYBROOK VIOLET 53P                   X-[CAN]*13363-        F     MAX       53   P   THC
SHADYBROOK VITA 71K                     X-[CAN]*8918-         F     MAX       71   K   THC
SHADYBROOK WINNIE 33P                  -[CAN]*13515-          F     MAX       33   P   THF
SHAMROCK GAYLE 18G                      X-F669224-            F     AMK       18   G   THF
SHAMROCK JANET 37J                      X-[CAN]F673189-       F     AMK       37   J   THF
SHAROM DELILAH 107U                     X-[CAN]F685440-       F     STB      107   U   THF
SHAROM TRIXIE 67T                       X-[CAN]F683729-       F     STB       67   T   THF
SHAROM ULANDA 109U                     -[CAN]F685445-         F     STB      109   U   THF
SHAROM UMA 103U                         X-[CAN]F685443-       F     STB      103   U   THF
SHAROM UTANYA 104U                     -[CAN]F685444-         F     STB      104   U   THF
SHAROM WIXIE 136W                      -[CAN]F686945-         F     STB      136   W   THF
SILVERWILLOW BIG-N CORRINE 24U          X-[CAN]F685665-       F     CEL       24   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
SILVERWILLOW FESTUS JEWEL 2R           X-[CAN]F681257-       F     CEL       2   R   THF
SILVERWILLOW MONTY CORRINE 1S          X-[CAN]F682351-       F     CEL       1   S   THF
SILVERWILLOW MONTY FANCY 3S            X-[CAN]F682360-       F     CEL       3   S   THF
SILVERWILLOW MONTY JEWEL 21S           X-[CAN]F682359-       F     CEL      21   S   THF
SILVERWILLOW MONTY ROBIN 11S           X-[CAN]F682362-       F     CEL      11   S   THF
SILVERWILLOW TRANS FANCY 30W           X-[CAN]*17731-        F     CEL      30   W   THF
SIX S KATHY 83K                        X-[CAN]F674594-       F     RCS      83   K   THF
SIX S LEAH 55L                         X-[CAN]*10101-        F     RCS      55   L   THF
SIX S LOLA 32L                        -[CAN]F676323-         F     RCS      32   L   THF
SIX S MARILYN 75M                     -[CAN]F677756-         F     RCS      75   M   THF
SIX S NANETTE 26N                      X-[CAN]F679001-       F     RCS      26   N   THF
SIX S NATASHA 46N                     -[CAN]*12077-          F     SCD      46   N   THF
SIX S NAYLA 64N                        X-[CAN]F679009-       F     RCS      64   N   THF
SIX S NINA 13N                        -[CAN]F678952-         F     RCS      13   N   THF
SIX S PHOEBE 31P                      -[CAN]F680194-         F     RCS      31   P   THF
SIX S RACHEL 14R                       X-[CAN]F681656-       F     SCD      14   R   THF
SIX S RAMONA 31R                       X-[CAN]*14901-        F     SCD      31   R   THF
SIX S RHONA DOTTIE 30R                 X-[CAN]F681660-       F     SCD      30   R   THF
SIX S ROMAINE 46R                      X-[CAN]F681668-       F     RCS      46   R   THF
SIX S ROSALIND 65R                     X-[CAN]F681672-       F     RCS      65   R   THF
SIX S ROSANNE 67R                      X-[CAN]F681673-       F     RCS      67   R   THF
SIX S ROSE 55R                         X-[CAN]F681670-       F     RCS      55   R   THF
SIX S ROXANNE 74R                     -[CAN]F681674-         F     RCS      74   R   THF
SIX S SADIE 21S                        X-[CAN]F682902-       F     SCD      21   S   THF
SIX S SELENA 29S                       X-[CAN]F682904-       F     SCD      29   S   THF
SIX S SHIRLEY 63S                      X-[CAN]F682908-       F     SCD      63   S   THF
SIX S TABITHA 49T                      X-[CAN]F683744-       F     RCS      49   T   THF
SIX S TAMARA RCS 10T                   X-[CAN]F683740-       F     RCS      10   T   THC
SIX S TAMMY 42T                        X-[CAN]F683742-       F     RCS      42   T   THC
SIX S TANYA 15T                        X-[CAN]F683751-       F     RCS      15   T   THF
SIX S TARA 18T                         X-[CAN]F683733-       F     SCD      18   T   THF
SIX S TEDDIE 38T                       X-[CAN]F683748-       F     RCS      38   T   THF
SIX S TERRI 28T                        X-[CAN]F683736-       F     SCD      28   T   THF
SIX S TESS 37T                         X-[CAN]F683738-       F     SCD      37   T   THC
SIX S THELMA 23T                       X-[CAN]F683735-       F     SCD      23   T   THC
SIX S THERESA 20T                      X-[CAN]F683734-       F     SCD      20   T   THF
SIX S THORA 43T                       -[CAN]F683743-         F     RCS      43   T   THF
SIX S TIFFANY 32T                      X-[CAN]F683977-       F     SCD      32   T   THF
SIX S TIMI 50T                         X-[CAN]F683739-       F     SCD      50   T   THF
SIX S TINA 26T                         X-[CAN]F683752-       F     RCS      26   T   THF
SIX S TOBY 27T                         X-[CAN]F683745-       F     RCS      27   T   THF
SIX S TONYA 36T                        X-[CAN]F683747-       F     RCS      36   T   THC
SIX S TRACY 33T                       -[CAN]F683746-         F     RCS      33   T   THF
SIX S TRISTA 40T                      -[CAN]F683749-         F     RCS      40   T   THC
SIX S TULIP 11T                        X-[CAN]F683741-       F     RCS      11   T   THF
SIX S TWYLA 14T                        X-[CAN]F683750-       F     RCS      14   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SIX S UGERTRUDE 42U                   X-[CAN]F685011-       F     RCS       42   U   THF
SIX S UKLAUDIA 23U                    X-[CAN]F685005-       F     RCS       23   U   THF
SIX S ULARISSA 46U                   -[CAN]F685001-         F     SCD       46   U   THC
SIX S ULEANNE 45U                     X-[CAN]F685012-       F     RCS       45   U   THF
SIX S UNA 28U                         X-[CAN]F685008-       F     RCS       28   U   THF
SIX S UNANETTE 47U                    X-[CAN]F685013-       F     RCS       47   U   THF
SIX S UPRIMROSE 53U                   X-[CAN]F685003-       F     SCD       53   U   THF
SIX S WAN 22W                        -[CAN]F686498-         F     SCD       22   W   THC
SIX S WANDA 10W                       X-[CAN]F686482-       F     RCS       10   W   THF
SIX S WARILYN 48W                    -[CAN]F686492-         F     RCS       48   W   THF
SIX S WIBBY 44W                       X-[CAN]F686495-       F     RCS       44   W   THF
SIX S WILMA 32W                      -[CAN]F686487-         F     RCS       32   W   THF
SIX S WONDERFUL 18W                   X-[CAN]F686475-       F     RCS       18   W   THF
SIX S WREN 42W                       -[CAN]F686490-         F     RCS       42   W   THF
SIX S WRENE 24W                       X-[CAN]F686499-       F     SCD       24   W   THF
SIX S WRISTA 39W                     -[CAN]F686489-         F     RCS       39   W   THF
SIX S WYNNE 29W                       X-[CAN]F686486-       F     RCS       29   W   THF
ST BETSY 81N                          X-[CAN]F679308-       F     SCT       81   N   THF
STAR P HAZEL 45U                     -[CAN]F685422-         F     RAY       45   U   THF
STAR P JOSIE 1R                       X-[CAN]F681461-       F     RAY        1   R   THF
STAR P JOSIE 29S                      X-[CAN]F682927-       F     RAY       29   S   THF
STAR P LASS 25T                       X-[CAN]F684169-       F     RAY       25   T   THF
STAR P LASS 3S                        X-[CAN]F682929-       F     RAY        3   S   THF
STAR P LASS 44U                       X-[CAN]F685584-       F     RAY       44   U   THF
STAR P PIXIE 46T                      X-[CAN]F684167-       F     RAY       46   T   THF
STAR P RAGGEDY ANN 17S                X-[CAN]F682935-       F     RAY       17   S   THF
STAR P ROSE 11U                       X-[CAN]F685581-       F     RAY       11   U   THF
STAR P WINONA 58U                     X-[CAN]F685391-       F     RAY       58   U   THF
SUNNYDALE AUGUSTA HILDA 1T            X-[CAN]*16184-        F     RN         1   T   THF
SUNNYDALE AUGUSTA KATE 15W            X-[CAN]F686407-       F     RN        15   W   THF
SUNNYDALE AUGUSTA MELODY 13U          X-[CAN]F685587-       F     RN        13   U   THF
SUNNYDALE GOLD DELLA 11U              X-[CAN]F685348-       F     RN        11   U   THF
SUNNYDALE MARY DELLA 10W              X-[CAN]F686406-       F     RN        10   W   THF
TAMARACK SHOTGUN 1W                   X-[CAN]F686878-       F     SLJ        1   W   THF
TC SWEET CLARA AV007                  X-[CAN]F675869-       F     MAX        7   K   THC
TEAGHLACH LILY 203N                   X-[CAN]F679548-       F     FLZ      203   N   THF
TEAGHLACH MEDORA 201M                 X-[CAN]F678583-       F     FLZ      201   M   THF
TEAGHLACH MEDORA 8J                   X-[CAN]F673413-       F     FLZ        8   J   THF
THIS WAY THAT WAY M'M 49M             X-[CAN]F677609-       F     DSC       49   M   THF
TRIPLE E MAGIC 6M                     X-[CAN]*10912-        F     EEE        6   M   THF
TRIPLE E MARVEL 9M                    X-[CAN]*10914-        F     EEE        9   M   THF
TRIPLE E PRETTY PENNY 15P             X-[CAN]*12831-        F     EEE       15   P   THF
TRIPLE J WILD ROSE 5S                 X-[CAN]F682376-       F     COX        5   S   THF
TRIPLE PLAY DAWN 11'05                X-[CAN]F681105-       F     TPCC      11   R   THC
ULURU BELLE 50U                       X-[CAN]*16744-        F     UBR       50   U   THF
ULURU BELLE 50W                       X-[CAN]*17336-        F     UBR       50   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
ULURU CHOICE 13W                       X-[CAN]F686262-       F     UBR       13   W   THF
ULURU CHOICE 23W                       X-[CAN]F686250-       F     UBR       23   W   THF
ULURU CHOICE 25U                       X-[CAN]F684992-       F     UBR       25   U   THF
ULURU CROCUS 12U                       X-[CAN]Z78036-        F     UBR       12   U   THF
ULURU CROCUS 7U                        X-[CAN]F685025-       F     UBR        7   U   THF
ULURU GLORIA 51U                       X-[CAN]F684996-       F     UBR       51   U   THF
ULURU JOYOUS JADE 5U                   X-[CAN]F685255-       F     UBR        5   U   THF
ULURU JOYOUS JADE 6U                   X-[CAN]F685256-       F     UBR        6   U   THF
ULURU LUCY 29W                         X-[CAN]F686247-       F     UBR       29   W   THF
ULURU MAID 11U                         X-[CAN]F684995-       F     UBR       11   U   THF
ULURU NICOLE 24W                       X-[CAN]F686243-       F     UBR       24   W   THF
ULURU PENNY MAID 10W                  -[CAN]F686248-         F     UBR       10   W   THF
ULURU PENNY MAID 11T                  -[CAN]F683711-         F     UBR       11   T   THF
ULURU PICTURESQUE 31W                  X-[CAN]*17337-        F     UBR       31   W   THF
ULURU RAGGEDY ANN 13U                  X-[CAN]F685254-       F     UBR       13   U   THF
ULURU SALLY ANNE 9U                    X-[CAN]F684993-       F     UBR        9   U   THF
ULURU SILVER ROSE 21U                  X-[CAN]*16742-        F     UBR       21   U   THF
ULURU SUSAN 11W                        X-[CAN]F686244-       F     UBR       11   W   THF
ULURU SUSAN 20U                        X-[CAN]F684994-       F     UBR       20   U   THF
ULURU TRUE BLUE LUCY 2T                X-[CAN]F683712-       F     UBR        2   T   THF
ULURU TWINKLE DELIGHT 18T              X-[CAN]*16093-        F     UBR       18   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z44965-        F     CDH       51   N   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z45632-        F     KYA        1   N   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z48629-        F     CDH       48   P   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z53435-          F     MAX       56   R   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z73268-          F     MAX       69   S   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z73271-        F     MAX       94   S   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z74173-          F     IMP      173   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z74943-        F     KKC        1   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z74945-        F     KKC       28   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z74968-        F     KTG       14   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z74970-        F     KTG       37   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z75172-        F     MAX       53   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z75173-        F     MAX       68   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z75697-        F     AEN      470   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z75698-        F     AEN      460   T   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z78359-        F     IMP      359   U   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z78665-        F     BSX       38   U   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z79279-        F     MAX       89   U   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z83430-          F     JFO       37   U   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z83445-          F     JFO       16   U   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z83453-          F     JFO       11   U   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z96722-          F     TAW        8   U   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99559-        F     KYA       32   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99955-        F     AEN      414   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99966-        F     AEN      411   W   THF
                  Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo           TH Result
UNNAMED                              X-[CAN]Z99967-        F     AEN       6W     THF
UNNAMED                              X-[CAN]Z99969-        F     AEN     209 W    THF
UPHILL B DORA 16W                    X-[CAN]F686335-       F     TPA      16 W    THF
UPHILL B DORA 8T                     X-[CAN]F684013-       F     TPA       8T     THF
UPHILL CATHY JOYFUL 20W              X-[CAN]F686340-       F     TPA      20 W    THF
UPHILL CATHY JOYFULL 24U            -[CAN]F685379-         F     TPA      24 U    THF
UPHILL CROCUS 13W                    X-[CAN]*17395-        F     TPA      13 W    THF
UPHILL DAFFY 2W                      X-[CAN]F686342-       F     TPA       2W     THF
UPHILL ELSIE 23S                     X-[CAN]*15670-        F     TPA      23 S    THF
UPHILL ELSIE 30T                     X-[CAN]*16214-        F     TPA      30 T    THF
UPHILL ELSIE 8W                      X-[CAN]*17480-        F     TPA       8W     THF
UPHILL ISLA 6P                       X-[CAN]*13439-        F     TPB       6P     THF
UPHILL LASS 24T                      X-[CAN]F684009-       F     TPA      24 T    THF
UPHILL LIZA 17U                      X-[CAN]F685382-       F     TPB      17 U    THF
UPHILL MAXINE 10T                    X-[CAN]F684012-       F     TPA      10 T    THF
UPHILL MAXINE 22R                    X-[CAN]*14512-        F     TPA      22 R    THF
UPHILL PRINCESS 15W                  X-[CAN]F686337-       F     TPA      15 W    THF
UPHILL PRINCESS 22T                  X-[CAN]F684008-       F     TPA      22 T    THF
UPHILL PRINCESS 23T                  X-[CAN]F684011-       F     TPA      23 T    THF
UPHILL PRINCESS 28S                  X-[CAN]F682769-       F     TPA      28 S    THF
UPHILL RAGGEDY ANN 26W               X-[CAN]F686333-       F     TPA      26 W    THF
UPHILL ROBERTA 23W                  -[CAN]F686334-         F     TPA      23 W    THF
UPHILL ROBERTA 2T                   -[CAN]F684007-         F     TPA       2T     THF
UPHILL ROSE 14T                      X-[CAN]F684015-       F     TPA      14 T    THF
UPHILL ROSE 18S                      X-[CAN]F682768-       F     TPA      18 S    THF
UPHILL ROSE 19S                      X-[CAN]F682775-       F     TPA      19 S    THF
UPHILL ROSE 24W                      X-[CAN]F686338-       F     TPA      24 W    THF
UPHILL ROSE 27S                      X-[CAN]F682773-       F     TPA      27 S    THF
UPHILL ROSE 2S                       X-[CAN]F682776-       F     TPA       2S     THF
UPHILL ROSE 30W                      X-[CAN]F686339-       F     TPA      30 W    THF
UPHILL ROSE 4W                       X-[CAN]F686344-       F     TPA       4W     THF
UPHILL ROSE 5R                      -[CAN]*14523-          F     TPA       5R     THF
UPHILL ROSE 6W                       X-[CAN]*17479-        F     TPA       6W     THF
UPHILL ROSE 8U                       X-[CAN]F685375-       F     TPA       8U     THF
UPHILL SILVER ROSE 1M                X-[CAN]*10655-        F     TPA       1M     THF
UPHILL SILVER ROSE 8S                X-[CAN]F682780-       F     TPA       8S     THF
UPHILL SILVER SYLVIA 12W             X-[CAN]F686336-       F     TPA      12 W    THF
UR UNDER THE TABLE 11U               X-[CAN]F685666-       F     CDK      11 U    THF
UR URSULA 10U                        X-[CAN]F685668-       F     CDK      10 U    THF
UR UTA 8U                            X-[CAN]F685667-       F     CDK       8U     THF
UR WILMA 2W                          X-[CAN]F686513-       F     CDK       2W     THF
W S BIRDIE MAE 2P                    X-[CAN]F681073-       F     SAZ       2P     THF
W S MISTY SUE 3P                     X-[CAN]F681075-       F     SAZ       3P     THF
WAUKARU MARGIE 220                   X-[CAN]*16610-        F     DLA     220 M    THF
WAUKARU MELITA ROSE 700              X-[CAN]*16608-        F     DLA    7007 T    THF
WAUKARU SWEET RANSOM 4101           -[CAN]*16607-          F     DLA    4101 P    THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
WILD ACRES GCM LISA 13L               X-[CAN]*10136-        F     ANDC      13   L   THF
WILD ACRES W1R TINA 5T               -[CAN]F684142-         F     ANDC       5   T   THF
WINALOT BETH JULIETTE 9K              X-[CAN]*9672-         F     XXY        9   K   THF
WINALOT GEM 15M                       X-[CAN]F679150-       F     XXY       15   M   THF
WINALOT ISABELLE 2M                   X-[CAN]*11015-        F     XXY        2   M   THF
WINALOT ST ROBIN 3F                   X-*5146-              F     XXY        3   F   THF
WINGFIELD REQUISITE SUSAN 4R          X-[CAN]F681991-       F     NSP        4   R   THF
WL FARRAH 03                          X-[CAN]*16074-        F     MAX       68   N   THF
WOLF WILLOW CROCUS NICOLE 8N          X-[CAN]F678903-       F     EKR        8   N   THF
WOLF WILLOW NATALIA ROSIE 5N          X-[CAN]F678901-       F     EKR        5   N   THF
WOLF WILLOW PAULA SUSAN 8P            X-[CAN]F679779-       F     EKR        8   P   THF
WOLF WILLOW RASPBERRY CROCUS          X-[CAN]F681195-       F     EKR        1   R   THF
WOLF WILLOW ROAN DELIGHT 11R          X-[CAN]F681196-       F     EKR       11   R   THF
WOLF WILLOW ROSALIE 12R               X-[CAN]F681192-       F     EKR       12   R   THF
WOLF WILLOW ROSE 5R                  -[CAN]F681198-         F     EKR        5   R   THF
WOLF WILLOW STARLET MAID 9S           X-[CAN]F682203-       F     EKR        9   S   THF
WOLF WILLOW STRAWBERRY ROSE 3S        X-[CAN]F682202-       F     EKR        3   S   THF
WPS SELENE 428                        X-[CAN]F675665-       F     HAS      428   G   THF
YELLOW ROSE ELLA 106H                 X-[CAN]F671621-       F     EVS      106   H   THF
YELLOW ROSE ELLA 11N                 -[CAN]F679346-         F     EVS       11   N   THF
YELLOW ROSE MARIE 137S                X-[CAN]*15949-        F     EVS      137   S   THF
YELLOW ROSE NORMA 63L                 X-[CAN]F676759-       F     EVS       63   L   THF
YELLOW ROSE PETUNIA 78U               X-[CAN]F686039-       F     EVS       78   U   THF
YELLOW ROSE ROSALEEN 42S              X-[CAN]F683432-       F     EVS       42   S   THF
YELLOW ROSE SINDY 876R                X-[CAN]F681722-       F     LVS      876   R   THF
2MD WYNSUM 10W                        X-[CAN]AR17863-       M     MD        10   W   THF
ACC 12W                               X-[CAN]Z98576-        M     ACC       12   W   THF
ACC 19W                               X-[CAN]Z98571-        M     ACC       19   W   THF
ACC 21W                              -[CAN]Z98574-          M     ACC       21   W   THC
ACC 27W                               X-[CAN]Z98575-        M     ACC       27   W   THF
ACC 31W                               X-[CAN]Z98572-        M     ACC       31   W   THF
ACC GENERAL 4U                        X-[CAN]M473648-       M     ACC        4   U   THF
ACC JUMPIN JACK 2U                    X-[CAN]M473649-       M     ACC        2   U   THF
ACC LEGEND 1U                         X-[CAN]M473647-       M     ACC        1   U   THF
ACC ULYSSES 19U                       X-[CAN]AR16965-       M     ACC       19   U   THF
ACC WARHORSE 30W                     -[CAN]*17592-          M     ACC       30   W   THF
ACC WESTON 16W                        X-[CAN]M474339-       M     ACC       16   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR 62S                       -[CAN]Z71961-          M     PJB       62   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR CASANOVA 29T               X-[CAN]M473089-       M     PJB       29   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR CHALLENGER 13T             X-[CAN]M473103-       M     PJB       13   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR CODE RED 62W               X-[CAN]M474602-       M     PJB       62   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR CODE RED 91W               X-[CAN]M474604-       M     PJB       91   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR CODE-RED 24S               X-[CAN]M472138-       M     PJB       24   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR EXCLUSIVE 3S               X-[CAN]M472158-       M     PJB        3   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR FIRST BLOOD 76U            X-[CAN]M473924-       M     PJB       76   U   THF
ALTA CEDAR GROUND CONTROL 70T        -[CAN]M473083-         M     PJB       70   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
ALTA CEDAR HSF SWAGGER 103W          -[CAN]M474607-         M     PJB      103   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR LAD'S LEGACY 35P           X-[CAN]M471349-       M     PJB       35   P   THF
ALTA CEDAR LAD'S LEGACY 64S           X-[CAN]M472491-       M     PJB       64   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR MAJOR GENERAL 1S          -[CAN]M472216-         M     PJB        1   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR MAXIM 3R                   X-[CAN]M471602-       M     PJB        3   R   THF
ALTA CEDAR MISTER GUS 36W             X-[CAN]M474592-       M     PJB       36   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR MR GUS 66W                 X-[CAN]M474593-       M     PJB       66   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRAIRIE STORM 47R          X-[CAN]M471566-       M     ZWB       47   R   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRAIRIE STORM 50S          X-[CAN]M472155-       M     PJB       50   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRAIRIE STORM 51T         -[CAN]M473084-         M     PJB       51   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRAIRIE STORM 58T          X-[CAN]M473080-       M     PJB       58   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRAIRIE STORM 61T          X-[CAN]M473092-       M     PJB       61   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRIMO 18T                  X-[CAN]M473093-       M     PJB       18   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRIMO 27T                  X-[CAN]M473100-       M     PJB       27   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRIMO 33T                  X-[CAN]M473085-       M     PJB       33   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRIMO 41T                  X-[CAN]M473094-       M     PJB       41   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR PRIMO 59W                  X-[CAN]M474606-       M     PJB       59   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR ROYAL ADVISOR 38P          X-[CAN]M471178-       M     ZWB       38   P   THF
ALTA CEDAR ROYAL ADVISOR 60S          X-[CAN]M472143-       M     PJB       60   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR ROYALTY 58K                X-[CAN]M468545-       M     ZWB       58   K   THF
ALTA CEDAR SAMURAI 46T                X-[CAN]M473081-       M     PJB       46   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SHERMAN 7S                -[CAN]M472147-         M     PJB        7   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR SIGNATURE 119N             X-[CAN]M470543-       M     ZWB      119   N   THF
ALTA CEDAR SIGNATURE 14S              X-[CAN]M472142-       M     PJB       14   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR SIGNATURE 17S              X-[CAN]M472148-       M     PJB       17   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR SIGNATURE 18S              X-[CAN]M472145-       M     PJB       18   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR SIGNATURE 40S             -[CAN]M472144-         M     PJB       40   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR SIGNATURE 41S              X-[CAN]M472490-       M     PJB       41   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR SIGNATURE 74T              X-[CAN]M473095-       M     PJB       74   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR SILVER LINING 75S          X-[CAN]M472215-       M     PJB       75   S   THF
ALTA CEDAR SPECIAL AGENT 80T          X-[CAN]M473086-       M     PJB       80   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR STORM 146W                 X-[CAN]M474599-       M     PJB      146   W   THF
ALTA CEDAR TANGO 81U                  X-[CAN]M473925-       M     PJB       81   U   THF
ALTA CEDAR TOMCAT 21T                 X-[CAN]M473104-       M     PJB       21   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR TOP DOG 11T                X-[CAN]M472741-       M     PJB       11   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR TRADEMARK 59T             -[CAN]M473082-         M     PJB       59   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR TRADITION 5T               X-[CAN]M472742-       M     PJB        5   T   THF
ALTA CEDAR ULTIMATE 012M              X-[CAN]M469795-       M     ZWB       12   M   THF
ALTA CEDAR ULTIMATE 130K             -[CAN]M468315-         M     ZWB      130   K   THF
AR SU LU GILLETTE 654                 X-[CAN]*16653-        M     HNT      654   S   THF
AR SU LU MASTER 626                   X-[CAN]M472625-       M     MH       100   S   THF
ARMSTONG EXPRESS 9A018X               X-[CAN]*9517-         M     GAC       99   J   THC
BALMORAL OAKS 15W                    -[CAN]Z99150-          M     TAW       15   W   THF
BALMORAL OAKS CLANDEBOYE 17T          X-[CAN]M472906-       M     TAW       17   T   THF
BALMORAL OAKS GEM 18S                 X-[CAN]M471825-       M     TAW       18   S   THF
BAR 33 ULTRA 3U                       X-[CAN]M473612-       M     DEN        3   U   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
BAR 33 UNIVERSAL CODE-RED 2U            X-[CAN]*16831-        M     DEN        2   U   THF
BAR 33 WALKING TALL 4W                  X-[CAN]M474099-       M     DEN        4   W   THF
BAR 33 WISEGUY 2W                       X-[CAN]*17333-        M     DEN        2   W   THF
BELL M DOLLAR 18W                      -[CAN]M474324-         M     RRRM      18   W   THF
BELL M 200T                             X-[CAN]M472884-       M     MOH      200   T   THF
BELL M 43T                             -[CAN]M472886-         M     RRRM      43   T   THF
BELL M ANDY'S PRIDE 108W                X-[CAN]M474312-       M     MOH      108   W   THF
BELL M APPOLLO 12L                      X-[CAN]M469117-       M     MOH       12   L   THF
BELL M BATTER UP 15U                    X-[CAN]M473975-       M     MOH       15   U   THF
BELL M BIG RED 101R                     X-[CAN]M471436-       M     MOH      101   R   THF
BELL M CASH 21W                         X-[CAN]M474308-       M     MOH       21   W   THF
BELL M CHANCELLOR 38T                   X-[CAN]M472883-       M     MOH       38   T   THF
BELL M DASH TO FAME 144W                X-[CAN]M474310-       M     MOH      144   W   THF
BELL M DELIVERANCE 2T                   X-[CAN]M472882-       M     MOH        2   T   THF
BELL M FORTY FIVE BELOW 3W              X-[CAN]M474321-       M     RRRM       3   W   THF
BELL M FREE AGENT 8S                    X-[CAN]M472483-       M     RGM        8   S   THF
BELL M GAME ON 25T                      X-[CAN]M473209-       M     RGM       25   T   THF
BELL M HERO 29S                         X-[CAN]M472324-       M     MOH       29   S   THF
BELL M ICEBERG 51P                      X-[CAN]M470990-       M     MOH       51   P   THF
BELL M LAD 100W                         X-[CAN]M474322-       M     RRRM     100   W   THF
BELL M LEGAL TENDER 11T                 X-[CAN]M472913-       M     RRRM      11   T   THF
BELL M LEON 35U                         X-[CAN]M473967-       M     MOH       35   U   THF
BELL M LIMITED EDITION 93J              X-[CAN]M468201-       M     MOH       93   J   THF
BELL M MAVERICK 24S                     X-[CAN]M472482-       M     MOH       24   S   THF
BELL M METEOR 14T                       X-[CAN]M473200-       M     MOH       14   T   THF
BELL M MICK 104S                        X-[CAN]M472321-       M     MOH      104   S   THF
BELL M MR INCREDIBLE 53R                X-[CAN]M471356-       M     RRRM      53   R   THF
BELL M NAPOLEON 57S                     X-[CAN]M472325-       M     MOH       57   S   THF
BELL M PHASER 93S                       X-[CAN]M472336-       M     RGM       93   S   THF
BELL M RED BARON 117P                   X-[CAN]M470989-       M     MOH      117   P   THC
BELL M RED CLOUD 23S                    X-[CAN]M472316-       M     MOH       23   S   THF
BELL M RED CLOUD 86S                    X-[CAN]M472317-       M     MOH       86   S   THF
BELL M RED ROCKER 108S                  X-[CAN]M472318-       M     MOH      108   S   THF
BELL M RED ROCKET 60S                   X-[CAN]M472323-       M     MOH       60   S   THF
BELL M REVOLUTION 57R                   X-[CAN]M471433-       M     MOH       57   R   THF
BELL M ROYAL 105R                       X-[CAN]M471437-       M     MOH      105   R   THF
BELL M SARGEANT 48S                     X-[CAN]M471900-       M     RSL       48   S   THF
BELL M SECRET WEAPON 41W                X-[CAN]M474323-       M     RRRM      41   W   THC
BELL M SHARPIE 95R                      X-[CAN]M471432-       M     MOH       95   R   THF
BELL M SHREK 54P                        X-[CAN]M470987-       M     RRRM      54   P   THF
BELL M SUPREME EDITION 40M              X-[CAN]M469784-       M     MOH       40   M   THF
BELL M TORQUE 44T                       X-[CAN]M473207-       M     MOH       44   T   THF
BELL M TRACKER 114T                     X-[CAN]M473202-       M     MOH      114   T   THF
BELL M TRADESMAN 12W                    X-[CAN]M474317-       M     MOH       12   W   THF
BELL M TRADESMAN 28W                    X-[CAN]M474318-       M     MOH       28   W   THF
BELL M WHISPER 60W                      X-[CAN]M474311-       M     MOH       60   W   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
BIG SKY KX ADICTIVE 7T                  X-[CAN]*16190-        M     TGK        7   T   THF
BIRDTAIL G GUS 15U                     -[CAN]M473964-         M     ARM       15   U   THF
BIRDTAIL G GUS 1W                       X-[CAN]M474533-       M     ARM        1   W   THF
BODMIN DAZZLER 24T                      X-[CAN]*16420-        M     AFBV      24   T   THF
BODMIN GOLD SPEAR 15N                   X-[CAN]M470748-       M     AFBV      15   N   THF
BODMIN GRADUATE 13T                     X-[CAN]AR16398-       M     AFBV      13   T   THC
BODMIN GRADUATE 16T                     X-[CAN]AR16397-       M     AFBV      16   T   THC
BODMIN GRADUATE 23W                    -[CAN]AR17865-         M     AFBV      23   W   THF
BODMIN GRADUATE 31T                     X-[CAN]AR16396-       M     AFBV      31   T   THC
BODMIN GRADUATE 7T                      X-[CAN]AR16392-       M     AFBV       7   T   THF
BODMIN HIGHLINE 40H                     X-[CAN]M467944-       M     AFBV      40   H   THF
BODMIN HYLITE 9L                        X-[CAN]M468809-       M     AFBV       9   L   THF
BODMIN OPTIMUM 5T                       X-[CAN]M472952-       M     AFBV       5   T   THF
BODMIN RED VARSITY 16W                  X-[CAN]AR17866-       M     AFBV      16   W   THF
BODMIN RED VARSITY 18W                  X-[CAN]AR17867-       M     AFBV      18   W   THF
BRAEBANK IRON RANGE 14U                 X-[CAN]M473531-       M     RCB       14   U   THF
BRAEBANK VICTOR 29U                     X-[CAN]M473515-       M     RCB       29   U   THF
BUFFALO LAKE BART 28U                   X-[CAN]M473867-       M     OBN       28   U   THF
BUFFALO LAKE RAZOR 4S                  -[CAN]M472723-         M     OBN        4   S   THF
BUFFALO LAKE SAMSON 18S                 X-[CAN]M472075-       M     OBN       18   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD ABLE SEAMAN                 X-M461819-            M     RZN       23   A   THF
BUTTERFIELD RUBICON 19R                 X-[CAN]M471527-       M     RZN       19   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD RUNNYMEDE 39R               X-[CAN]M471530-       M     RZN       39   R   THF
BUTTERFIELD SAGITTARIUS 13S             X-[CAN]M472180-       M     RZN       13   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SAVANAROLA 27S              X-[CAN]M472177-       M     RZN       27   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SHAMAN 24S                  X-[CAN]M472182-       M     RZN       24   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SHORTSTOP 25S               X-[CAN]M472176-       M     RZN       25   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SICAMOUS 10S                X-[CAN]M472172-       M     RZN       10   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SIMILKAMEEN 1S              X-[CAN]M472170-       M     RZN        1   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SOOTHSAYER 11S              X-[CAN]M472173-       M     RZN       11   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SPARTACUS 4S                X-[CAN]M472171-       M     RZN        4   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD SPEEDWELL 15S               X-[CAN]M472174-       M     RZN       15   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD STANDFAST 21S               X-[CAN]M472175-       M     RZN       21   S   THF
BUTTERFIELD TAMERLANE 22T               X-[CAN]M472712-       M     RZN       22   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD TANTALUS 20T                X-[CAN]M472711-       M     RZN       20   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD TESTOSTERONE 2T             X-[CAN]M472708-       M     RZN        2   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD TIBERIUS 23T                X-[CAN]M472713-       M     RZN       23   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD TIGHT ASS 19T               X-[CAN]M472710-       M     RZN       19   T   THF
BUTTERFIELD TZOUHALEM 10T               X-[CAN]M472709-       M     RZN       10   T   THF
BYLAND SPARKLER 3IA65                   X-M464027-            M     MAX       85   C   THF
BYLAND STEADFAST                        X-[CAN]*10580-        M     MAX      350   H   THF
BYLAND TURBO                            X-M464833-            M     CS         3   D   THF
CCS EQUITY 214L                         X-[CAN]*10380-        M     APIN      47   L   THF
CDK TORO 7T                             X-[CAN]M472803-       M     CDK        7   T   THF
CF VARSITY X                            X-[CAN]AR9516-        M     RDP       30   K   THC
CIRCLE M GHOST RIDER 10G               -M466375-              M     BCM       10   G   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
CIRCLE M KNIGHT RIDER 12K            -[CAN]M468215-         M     BCM       12   K   THF
CIRCLE M MAGNET 7M                    X-[CAN]M469566-       M     BCM        7   M   THF
CIRCLE M MR T 1T                      X-[CAN]M472574-       M     BCM        1   T   THF
CIRCLE M MR X 2X                     -[CAN]M474798-         M     BCM        2   X   THF
CIRCLE M PARAGON 6P                  -[CAN]M470777-         M     BCM        6   P   THF
CIRCLE M REAL THUNDER 4T              X-[CAN]M472575-       M     BCM        4   T   THF
CIRCLE M SWEEPSTAKE 12S               X-[CAN]M471832-       M     BCM       12   S   THF
CIRCLE M TOP BRASS 12T                X-[CAN]M472577-       M     BCM       12   T   THF
CIRCLE M TORNADO 7T                   X-[CAN]M472576-       M     BCM        7   T   THF
CIRCLE M TOUCHDOWN 10T               -[CAN]M472573-         M     BCM       10   T   THF
CIRCLE M ULTIMATE 4U                  X-[CAN]M473391-       M     BCM        4   U   THF
CIRCLE M ULYSSES 6U                   X-[CAN]M473390-       M     BCM        6   U   THF
CIRCLE M UMBERTO 1U                   X-[CAN]M473392-       M     BCM        1   U   THF
CIRCLE M UPHILL 2U                    X-[CAN]M473394-       M     BCM        2   U   THF
CIRCLE M UPROAR 10U                   X-[CAN]M473393-       M     BCM       10   U   THF
CIRCLE M WABASH 5W                    X-[CAN]M474035-       M     BCM        5   W   THF
CIRCLE M WARHAWK 10W                  X-[CAN]M474032-       M     BCM       10   W   THF
CIRCLE M WARLOCK 18W                 -[CAN]M474037-         M     BCM       18   W   THF
CIRCLE M WARLORD 15W                  X-[CAN]M474039-       M     BCM       15   W   THF
CIRCLE M WARRIOR 8W                   X-[CAN]M474038-       M     BCM        8   W   THF
CIRCLE M WHISKEY 13W                  X-[CAN]M474033-       M     BCM       13   W   THF
CIRCLE M WRANGLER 3W                  X-[CAN]M474036-       M     BCM        3   W   THF
CIRCLE M XCALIBUR 17X                 X-[CAN]M474800-       M     BCM       17   X   THF
CIRCLE M XCELL 20X                    X-[CAN]M474801-       M     BCM       20   X   THF
CIRCLE M XCESS 21X                    X-[CAN]M474802-       M     BCM       21   X   THF
CIRCLE M XPLOSIVE 1X                 -[CAN]M474799-         M     BCM        1   X   THF
CIRCLE M XRAY 4X                      X-[CAN]M474797-       M     BCM        4   X   THF
CIRLCE M WINCHESTER 14W               X-[CAN]M474034-       M     BCM       14   W   THF
CLUTCH WHEEL PIN 103W                 X-[CAN]*17341-        M     MLY      103   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE 1S                       -[CAN]Z74130-          M     CMS        1   S   THF
CLYTHE MANE 36R                      -[CAN]Z54722-          M     CMS       36   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE 43S                      -[CAN]Z74129-          M     CMS       43   S   THF
CLYTHE MANE 7R                        X-[CAN]Z54724-        M     CMS        7   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE MAXIM 24W                 X-[CAN]M474807-       M     CMS       24   W   THF
CLYTHE MANE PAUL 25P                  X-[CAN]M471131-       M     CMS       25   P   THF
CLYTHE MANE PETROS 14P                X-[CAN]M471115-       M     CMS       14   P   THF
CLYTHE MANE POWER HOUSE 17U           X-[CAN]M474025-       M     CMS       17   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE REWARD 20R                X-[CAN]*15137-        M     CMS       20   R   THF
CLYTHE MANE ROSS 6R                   X-[CAN]M471758-       M     CMS        6   R   THC
CLYTHE MANE SNOWMAN 2S                X-[CAN]M472601-       M     CMS        2   S   THF
CLYTHE MANE SPARTAN 15S               X-[CAN]M472591-       M     CMS       15   S   THF
CLYTHE MANE TANGO 1T                  X-[CAN]M472950-       M     CMS        1   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE TERRY 136T                X-[CAN]M472943-       M     CMS      136   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE THUNDER 130T              X-[CAN]M472947-       M     CMS      130   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE TOBY 104T                 X-[CAN]M472945-       M     CMS      104   T   THF
CLYTHE MANE TRADITION 112T            X-[CAN]M472949-       M     CMS      112   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
CLYTHE MANE ULTIMA 48U                 X-[CAN]M474031-       M     CMS       48   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE UPGRADE 46U                X-[CAN]M474030-       M     CMS       46   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE UPPER DECK 56U             X-[CAN]M474027-       M     CMS       56   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE USHER 92U                  X-[CAN]M474026-       M     CMS       92   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE WHITE OUT 76U              X-[CAN]M474029-       M     CMS       76   U   THF
CLYTHE MANE WRANGLER 9W                X-[CAN]M474808-       M     CMS        9   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 11T                         -[CAN]*16591-          M     GAC       11   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN 13W                          X-[CAN]M474181-       M     GAC       13   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 14T                          X-[CAN]*16554-        M     GAC       14   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN 17S                         -[CAN]*15696-          M     GAC       17   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 18P                          X-[CAN]*13017-        M     GAC       18   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN 18S                         -[CAN]*15756-          M     GAC       18   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 18T                          X-[CAN]M473282-       M     GAC       18   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN 19R                          X-[CAN]*14219-        M     GAC       19   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN 19S                          X-[CAN]*15772-        M     GAC       19   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 20S                          X-[CAN]*15773-        M     GAC       20   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 29S                         -[CAN]*15774-          M     GAC       29   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 31T                          X-[CAN]M473284-       M     GAC       31   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN 32W                          X-[CAN]*17477-        M     GAC       32   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 36N                          X-[CAN]*12174-        M     GAC       36   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN 37N                          X-[CAN]*12186-        M     GAC       37   N   THF
CRAWFDOWN 37T                          X-[CAN]*16543-        M     GAC       37   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN 38S                          X-[CAN]*15782-        M     GAC       38   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 42S                          X-[CAN]*15777-        M     GAC       42   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 49W                          X-[CAN]*17460-        M     GAC       49   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 53R                          X-[CAN]*14236-        M     GAC       53   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN 63W                          X-[CAN]*17446-        M     GAC       63   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 64T                          X-[CAN]*16567-        M     GAC       64   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN 67S                          X-[CAN]*15764-        M     GAC       67   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 69R                          X-[CAN]*14244-        M     GAC       69   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN 69W                         -[CAN]*17420-          M     GAC       69   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 70S                          X-[CAN]*15753-        M     GAC       70   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 74W                          X-[CAN]*17414-        M     GAC       74   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 78S                         -[CAN]M472265-         M     GAC       78   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN 81T                          X-[CAN]*16592-        M     GAC       81   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN 83W                         -[CAN]*17397-          M     GAC       83   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 85T                          X-[CAN]*16559-        M     GAC       85   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN 86W                          X-[CAN]*17416-        M     GAC       86   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN 9W                           X-[CAN]*17444-        M     GAC        9   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN BOAKE 12R                   -[CAN]*14227-          M     GAC       12   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN CHARMER 29T                  X-[CAN]*16144-        M     GAC       29   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN CHARMER 2R                  -[CAN]*14265-          M     GAC        2   R   THF
CRAWFDOWN CHARMER 66W                  X-[CAN]*17461-        M     GAC       66   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN COUNT 25W                    X-[CAN]*17434-        M     GAC       25   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN DAYTONA 500T                 X-[CAN]*16174-        M     GAC      500   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN EAGLE 47T                    X-[CAN]*16546-        M     GAC       47   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
CRAWFDOWN EAGLE J 37S                 -[CAN]M472262-         M     GAC      37   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN FIGHTER PILOT 1W             X-[CAN]*17433-        M     GAC       1   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN HERCULES 7S                  X-[CAN]*15543-        M     GAC       7   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN KOOL PLAYER 44P              X-[CAN]AR13009-       M     GAC      44   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN LENARD 6L                    X-[CAN]*10616-        M     GAC       6   L   THF
CRAWFDOWN PILOT 25U                    X-[CAN]*17332-        M     GAC      25   U   THF
CRAWFDOWN POP KIWI 16P                 X-[CAN]*13049-        M     GAC      16   P   THF
CRAWFDOWN RED BARON 8W                 X-[CAN]*17450-        M     GAC       8   W   THF
CRAWFDOWN RED EAGLE 1L                 X-[CAN]M470081-       M     GAC       1   L   THF
CRAWFDOWN SONIC 12S                   -[CAN]*15567-          M     GAC      12   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN STEEL 11S                    X-[CAN]*15742-        M     GAC      11   S   THF
CRAWFDOWN TOP GUN 63T                  X-[CAN]*16191-        M     GAC      63   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN TOTAL 90T                   -[CAN]*16558-          M     GAC      90   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN TURBO 10T                    X-[CAN]M472779-       M     GAC      10   T   THF
CRAWFDOWN TURBO JET 15J                X-[CAN]*8112-         M     GAC      15   J   THF
CREEKSIDE TORQUE 13T                   X-[CAN]M473264-       M     NHL      13   T   THF
CROOKED POST GOLD MINE 1S              X-[CAN]M471956-       M     SLU       1   S   THF
CROOKED POST GOLD SPEAR 34N            X-[CAN]M470562-       M     SLU      34   N   THF
CROOKED POST NETWORK 40S               X-[CAN]M472049-       M     SLU      40   S   THF
DF GOLD EAGLE 0019                     X-[CAN]*11417-        M     MAX      19   K   THF
DF IGNITION 17P                       -[CAN]*13199-          M     DF       17   P   THF
DF PREMIUM 15W                         X-[CAN]*17559-        M     DF       15   W   THF
DIAMOND 18S                            X-[CAN]Z71810-        M     DAN      18   S   THF
DIAMOND 29R                           -[CAN]Z53354-          M     DAN      29   R   THF
DIAMOND 34R                            X-[CAN]M471572-       M     DAN      34   R   THF
DIAMOND 45N                            X-[CAN]M470463-       M     DAN      45   N   THF
DIAMOND 50S                            X-[CAN]Z71807-        M     DAN      50   S   THF
DIAMOND 54N                            X-[CAN]M470459-       M     JD       54   N   THF
DIAMOND 61R                            X-[CAN]Z71803-        M     DAN      61   R   THF
DIAMOND 64R                            X-[CAN]Z71777-        M     DAN      64   R   THF
DIAMOND 8P                            -[CAN]M470871-         M     DAN       8   P   THF
DIAMOND CAPTAIN MARK 27C               X-M463603-            M     PMU      27   C   THF
DIAMOND IDEAL 17T                      X-[CAN]M472758-       M     DAN      17   T   THF
DIAMOND IDEAL 22T                     -[CAN]M472755-         M     DAN      22   T   THF
DIAMOND JOLT 39U                      -[CAN]Z97518-          M     JD       39   U   THF
DIAMOND JOLT 44U                       X-[CAN]Z97514-        M     JD       44   U   THF
DIAMOND JOLT 45U                       X-[CAN]Z98926-        M     JE       45   U   THF
DIAMOND JOLT 47U                       X-[CAN]Z98920-        M     JE       47   U   THF
DIAMOND JOLT 54U                       X-[CAN]M473999-       M     DAN      54   U   THF
DIAMOND LABYRINTH 26L                  X-[CAN]M469079-       M     JE       26   L   THF
DIAMOND LAREDO 41L                    -[CAN]M469076-         M     DAN      41   L   THF
DIAMOND LARIAT 44L                    -[CAN]M469077-         M     DAN      44   L   THF
DIAMOND LEGEND 30U                     X-[CAN]M473994-       M     DAN      30   U   THF
DIAMOND LEGEND 36T                     X-[CAN]M472760-       M     DAN      36   T   THF
DIAMOND LEGEND 36U                     X-[CAN]Z96969-        M     DAN      36   U   THF
DIAMOND LEGEND 4T                      X-[CAN]M472759-       M     DAN       4   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
DIAMOND LEGEND 53T                     X-[CAN]M472763-       M     DAN      53   T   THF
DIAMOND LEGEND 9T                      X-[CAN]M472875-       M     DAN       9   T   THF
DIAMOND MARTIN 24M                     X-[CAN]M469693-       M     JD       24   M   THF
DIAMOND MASTERPIECE 37M               -[CAN]M469694-         M     DAN      37   M   THF
DIAMOND MATTHIAS 23M                  -[CAN]M469690-         M     JD       23   M   THF
DIAMOND MONARCH 40M                    X-[CAN]M469681-       M     DAN      40   M   THF
DIAMOND MONSTER BASH 21M              -[CAN]M469692-         M     JD       21   M   THF
DIAMOND NORTHERN GOLD 5N               X-[CAN]M470457-       M     DAN       5   N   THF
DIAMOND PANTHER 58T                   -[CAN]M472767-         M     DAN      58   T   THF
DIAMOND PRIMO 60T                      X-[CAN]M472776-       M     JD       60   T   THF
DIAMOND PROPHECY 21P                   X-[CAN]M470882-       M     JD       21   P   THF
DIAMOND RADICAL LEGEND 10R             X-[CAN]M471578-       M     DAN      10   R   THF
DIAMOND RADICAL LEGEND 20R             X-[CAN]M471593-       M     JD       20   R   THC
DIAMOND REAL LEGEND 22R                X-[CAN]M471573-       M     DAN      22   R   THF
DIAMOND REGAL 15T                      X-[CAN]M472766-       M     DAN      15   T   THF
DIAMOND REGAL 46W                      X-[CAN]M474426-       M     DAN      46   W   THF
DIAMOND REGAL 52W                      X-[CAN]M474419-       M     DAN      52   W   THF
DIAMOND REGAL 53U                      X-[CAN]Z97516-        M     JD       53   U   THF
DIAMOND REGAL 65T                      X-[CAN]M472765-       M     DAN      65   T   THF
DIAMOND REGAL LEGEND 4R                X-[CAN]M471581-       M     DAN       4   R   THF
DIAMOND REWARD 23R                    -[CAN]M471582-         M     DAN      23   R   THF
DIAMOND REWARDING LEGEND 28R           X-[CAN]M471577-       M     DAN      28   R   THF
DIAMOND RISING 1U                     -[CAN]Z97521-          M     JD        1   U   THF
DIAMOND RISING 22U                     X-[CAN]M473998-       M     DAN      22   U   THF
DIAMOND RISING LEGEND 1R               X-[CAN]M471576-       M     DAN       1   R   THF
DIAMOND RODEO 19T                      X-[CAN]M472773-       M     JE       19   T   THF
DIAMOND RODEO 29T                      X-[CAN]M472761-       M     DAN      29   T   THF
DIAMOND RODEO 30T                      X-[CAN]M472762-       M     DAN      30   T   THF
DIAMOND RODEO LEGEND 15R               X-[CAN]M471594-       M     JD       15   R   THF
DIAMOND ROYAL LEGEND 6R                X-[CAN]M471592-       M     JD        6   R   THF
DIAMOND SHERMAN 30W                   -[CAN]M474429-         M     DAN      30   W   THF
DIAMOND SHERMAN 57U                    X-[CAN]Z97520-        M     JD       57   U   THF
DIAMOND SIGNATURE'S LEGEND 7S          X-[CAN]M472110-       M     DAN       7   S   THF
DIAMOND SILVER LEGEND 24S              X-[CAN]M472104-       M     DAN      24   S   THF
DIAMOND SIZZLING LEGEND 15S            X-[CAN]M472100-       M     JD       15   S   THF
DIAMOND SNAZZY LEGEND 8S               X-[CAN]M472115-       M     DAN       8   S   THF
DIAMOND SOLITAIRE 44S                  X-[CAN]M472116-       M     JD       44   S   THF
DIAMOND SOUTHERN LEGEND 5S             X-[CAN]M472114-       M     DAN       5   S   THF
DIAMOND SOUTHERNBOUND 22S              X-[CAN]M472101-       M     DAN      22   S   THF
DIAMOND SOUTHWIND 27S                  X-[CAN]M472109-       M     JE       27   S   THF
DIAMOND SPECTACULAR LEGEND 35S         X-[CAN]M472105-       M     JE       35   S   THF
DIAMOND STORM 54S                      X-[CAN]M472107-       M     JE       54   S   THC
DIAMOND SUCH A LEGEND 29S              X-[CAN]M472113-       M     DAN      29   S   THF
DIAMOND SUN LEGEND 12S                 X-[CAN]M472103-       M     DAN      12   S   THF
DIAMOND SUPREME LEGEND 1S              X-[CAN]M472112-       M     DAN       1   S   THF
DIAMOND SURE LEGEND 20S                X-[CAN]M472111-       M     DAN      20   S   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
DIAMOND TEMPERATURE 65W                X-[CAN]M474431-       M     DAN       65   W   THF
DIAMOND TEMPERATURE RISING 28T         X-[CAN]M472799-       M     DAN       28   T   THF
DIAMOND THE LEGEND 37T                 X-[CAN]M472771-       M     JE        37   T   THF
DIAMOND TIDE A RISING 2T               X-[CAN]M472800-       M     DAN        2   T   THF
DIAMOND TIME BOMB 20T                  X-[CAN]M472764-       M     DAN       20   T   THF
DIAMOND TITAN 57W                      X-[CAN]M474420-       M     DAN       57   W   THF
DIAMOND TORQUE 25T                     X-[CAN]M472754-       M     DAN       25   T   THF
DIAMOND TOTALLY REGAL 47T              X-[CAN]M472774-       M     JE        47   T   THF
DIAMOND TREASURY RISING 1T             X-[CAN]M472798-       M     DAN        1   T   THF
DIAMOND TRUE NORTH 11T                 X-[CAN]M472757-       M     DAN       11   T   THC
DIAMOND UNSUNG LEGEND 33U              X-[CAN]M473995-       M     DAN       33   U   THF
DIAMOND UNTOLD LEGEND 17U              X-[CAN]M474000-       M     DAN       17   U   THF
DIAMOND UP AND COMING 55U             -[CAN]M473997-         M     DAN       55   U   THF
DIAMOND UPRISING 24U                   X-[CAN]M474074-       M     JD        24   U   THF
DIAMOND UPWARD BOUND 29U               X-[CAN]M474073-       M     JD        29   U   THF
DIAMOND URBAN LEGEND 28U               X-[CAN]M473993-       M     DAN       28   U   THF
DIAMOND VIEW JASPER 1M                 X-[CAN]*13085-        M     DVF        1   M   THF
DIAMOND WAR ADMIRAL 10W                X-[CAN]M474524-       M     DAN       10   W   THF
DIAMOND WARHEAD 50W                   -[CAN]M474430-         M     DAN       50   W   THF
DIAMOND WARRIOR 31W                    X-[CAN]M474425-       M     DAN       31   W   THF
DIAMOND WAY COOL 7W                    X-[CAN]M474446-       M     JD         7   W   THF
DIAMOND WIKIPEDIA 12W                  X-[CAN]M474502-       M     DAN       12   W   THF
DIAMOND WINALOT 37W                    X-[CAN]M474421-       M     DAN       37   W   THF
DIAMOND WINCHESTER 28W                -[CAN]M474428-         M     DAN       28   W   THF
DIAMOND WINNING LEGEND 13W             X-[CAN]M474469-       M     JE        13   W   THF
DOUBLE BAR A REDHOT ADMIRAL 7N         X-[CAN]M470622-       M     DBA        7   N   THF
DOUBLE C CROOKED SABASTEIN 3S          X-[CAN]M471916-       M     RVC        3   S   THF
DOUBLE C DREAM TROY 406T               X-[CAN]M472586-       M     RVC      406   T   THF
DOUBLE C MAJOR UKON 130U               X-[CAN]M473388-       M     RVC      130   U   THF
DOUBLE STAR DH ROCKET 18R              X-[CAN]M471455-       M     OP        18   R   THF
DOWNLEA CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICR         X-[CAN]*6766-         M     RDP       10   H   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 10S                    X-[CAN]M472401-       M     PA        10   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 11R                    X-[CAN]M471642-       M     PA        11   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 13U                   -[CAN]M473891-         M     PA        13   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 15S                    X-[CAN]M472403-       M     PA        15   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 15T                   -[CAN]M473162-         M     BU        15   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 17S                    X-[CAN]M472406-       M     PA        17   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 18R                    X-[CAN]M471643-       M     PA        18   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 18U                   -[CAN]M473886-         M     PA        18   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 19T                   -[CAN]M473156-         M     PA        19   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 1S                     X-[CAN]M472405-       M     PA         1   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 1T                     X-[CAN]M473167-       M     PA         1   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 20S                   -[CAN]M472407-         M     BU        20   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 22U                   -[CAN]M473890-         M     PA        22   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 24T                   -[CAN]M473150-         M     PA        24   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 25U                   -[CAN]M473889-         M     PA        25   U   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 26P                  -[CAN]M471158-         M     PA       26   P   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 2U                   -[CAN]M473888-         M     PA        2   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 32R                   X-[CAN]M471651-       M     PA       32   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 34P                   X-[CAN]M471156-       M     PA       34   P   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 34R                   X-[CAN]M471648-       M     PA       34   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 3R                    X-[CAN]M471650-       M     PA        3   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 3S                    X-[CAN]M472404-       M     PA        3   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 6T                   -[CAN]M473158-         M     PA        6   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 94T                   X-[CAN]M473164-       M     BU       94   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 96T                   X-[CAN]M473166-       M     BU       96   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 97T                   X-[CAN]M473161-       M     PA       97   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW CHIEF 9T                   -[CAN]M473154-         M     PA        9   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 12T                 X-[CAN]M473163-       M     BU       12   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 13T                 X-[CAN]M473157-       M     PA       13   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 21T                 X-[CAN]M473153-       M     PA       21   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 24U                 X-[CAN]M473887-       M     PA       24   U   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 25M                 X-[CAN]M469982-       M     BU       25   M   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 26T                 X-[CAN]M473159-       M     PA       26   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 28T                 X-[CAN]M473151-       M     PA       28   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 29T                 X-[CAN]M473155-       M     PA       29   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 30T                 X-[CAN]M473152-       M     PA       30   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 6S                  X-[CAN]M472402-       M     PA        6   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 8R                  X-[CAN]M471657-       M     PA        8   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW FORAGER 95T                 X-[CAN]M473165-       M     BU       95   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 15W         -[CAN]M474575-         M     PA       15   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 17W         -[CAN]M474573-         M     PA       17   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 18W         -[CAN]M474577-         M     PA       18   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 23W         -[CAN]M474571-         M     PA       23   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 24W          X-[CAN]M474578-       M     PA       24   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 27W          X-[CAN]M474583-       M     PA       27   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 6W           X-[CAN]M474574-       M     PA        6   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 7W          -[CAN]M474586-         M     PA        7   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 40 8W          -[CAN]M474581-         M     PA        8   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 63 12W         -[CAN]M474576-         M     PA       12   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 63 14W         -[CAN]M474580-         M     PA       14   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 63 20W          X-[CAN]M474579-       M     PA       20   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 63 28W          X-[CAN]M474572-       M     PA       28   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 63 3W           X-[CAN]M474582-       M     PA        3   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 63 78W          X-[CAN]M474584-       M     PA       78   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW MASTERPIECE 63 80W          X-[CAN]M474585-       M     PA       80   W   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 10M                 X-[CAN]M469980-       M     BU       10   M   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 12R                 X-[CAN]M471644-       M     PA       12   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 12S                 X-[CAN]M472409-       M     BU       12   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 13R                 X-[CAN]M471652-       M     PA       13   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 14R                 X-[CAN]M471653-       M     PA       14   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 15R                 X-[CAN]M471647-       M     PA       15   R   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 18S                 X-[CAN]M472399-       M     PA        18   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 19S                 X-[CAN]M472396-       M     PA        19   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 21R                 X-[CAN]M471660-       M     BU        21   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 21S                 X-[CAN]M472398-       M     PA        21   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 22S                 X-[CAN]M472397-       M     PA        22   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 23R                 X-[CAN]M471645-       M     PA        23   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 25S                 X-[CAN]M472400-       M     PA        25   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 27R                 X-[CAN]M471655-       M     PA        27   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 29S                 X-[CAN]M472395-       M     PA        29   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 35R                 X-[CAN]M471646-       M     PA        35   R   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 5S                  X-[CAN]M472408-       M     BU         5   S   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 5T                  X-[CAN]M473160-       M     PA         5   T   THF
DOWNSVIEW PROPHET 6R                  X-[CAN]M471656-       M     PA         6   R   THF
DRS BIG AL 3S                         X-[CAN]M474515-       M     DRS        3   S   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 114S                    X-[CAN]M472414-       M     JAM      114   S   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 15R                     X-[CAN]M471696-       M     JAM       15   R   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 16H                     X-[CAN]M467648-       M     JAM       16   H   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 20S                     X-[CAN]M472428-       M     JAM       20   S   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 27S                    -[CAN]M472420-         M     JAM       27   S   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 30R                     X-[CAN]M471703-       M     JAM       30   R   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 41R                     X-[CAN]M471705-       M     JAM       41   R   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 44S                     X-[CAN]M472424-       M     JAM       44   S   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 5W                      X-[CAN]M474649-       M     JAM        5   W   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 60R                     X-[CAN]M471699-       M     JAM       60   R   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 77W                     X-[CAN]M474650-       M     JAM       77   W   THF
EIONMOR CHIEF 81W                     X-[CAN]M474648-       M     JAM       81   W   THF
EIONMOR CHIEFTAN 40W                  X-[CAN]M474646-       M     JAM       40   W   THF
EIONMOR CHIEFTAN 52W                  X-[CAN]M474647-       M     JAM       52   W   THF
EIONMOR CHIEFTAN 55U                  X-[CAN]M473860-       M     JAM       55   U   THF
EIONMOR CHIEFTAN 63R                  X-[CAN]M471704-       M     JAM       63   R   THF
EIONMOR FORAGER 1P                    X-[CAN]M471217-       M     JAM        1   P   THF
EIONMOR FORAGER 3P                    X-[CAN]M471218-       M     JAM        3   P   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 102U               X-[CAN]M473842-       M     JAM      102   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 12R                X-[CAN]M471702-       M     JAM       12   R   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 12S                X-[CAN]M472431-       M     JAM       12   S   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 18R                X-[CAN]M471706-       M     JAM       18   R   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 20T                X-[CAN]M473234-       M     JAM       20   T   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 21W                X-[CAN]M474643-       M     JAM       21   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 26U               -[CAN]M473839-         M     JAM       26   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 32S                X-[CAN]M472429-       M     JAM       32   S   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 33T                X-[CAN]M473232-       M     JAM       33   T   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 34T                X-[CAN]M473238-       M     JAM       34   T   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 40S                X-[CAN]M472432-       M     JAM       40   S   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 41S                X-[CAN]M472427-       M     JAM       41   S   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 41T                X-[CAN]M473252-       M     JAM       41   T   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 41U                X-[CAN]M473850-       M     JAM       41   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 45T                 X-[CAN]M473228-       M     JAM       45   T   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 47W                 X-[CAN]M474640-       M     JAM       47   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 52L                 X-[CAN]M469448-       M     JAM       52   L   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 54U                 X-[CAN]M473851-       M     JAM       54   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 55W                 X-[CAN]M474641-       M     JAM       55   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 56W                 X-[CAN]M474645-       M     JAM       56   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 57W                 X-[CAN]M474633-       M     JAM       57   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 58U                 X-[CAN]M473843-       M     JAM       58   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 60U                -[CAN]M473847-         M     JAM       60   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 62L                 X-[CAN]M469443-       M     JAM       62   L   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 69S                 X-[CAN]M472430-       M     JAM       69   S   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 69U                 X-[CAN]M473861-       M     JAM       69   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 6T                  X-[CAN]M472678-       M     JAM        6   T   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 6U                  X-[CAN]M473849-       M     JAM        6   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 70G                -[CAN]M467007-         M     JAM       70   G   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 74U                -[CAN]M473855-         M     JAM       74   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 74W                 X-[CAN]M474638-       M     JAM       74   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 75W                 X-[CAN]M474642-       M     JAM       75   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 7W                 -[CAN]M474631-         M     JAM        7   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 81U                 X-[CAN]M473836-       M     JAM       81   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 83T                 X-[CAN]M473242-       M     JAM       83   T   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 84W                 X-[CAN]M474636-       M     JAM       84   W   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 88U                 X-[CAN]M473859-       M     JAM       88   U   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 89T                 X-[CAN]M473243-       M     JAM       89   T   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 90P                 X-[CAN]M471215-       M     JAM       90   P   THF
EIONMOR HIGHLANDER 93S                 X-[CAN]M472422-       M     JAM       93   S   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 11W                      X-[CAN]M474635-       M     JAM       11   W   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 17U                      X-[CAN]M473853-       M     JAM       17   U   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 1S                       X-[CAN]M472413-       M     JAM        1   S   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 34U                      X-[CAN]M473854-       M     JAM       34   U   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 40U                     -[CAN]M473840-         M     JAM       40   U   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 44U                      X-[CAN]M473845-       M     JAM       44   U   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 50P                      X-[CAN]M471201-       M     JAM       50   P   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 57U                     -[CAN]M473841-         M     JAM       57   U   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 61M                      X-[CAN]M470132-       M     JAM       61   M   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 69R                      X-[CAN]M471707-       M     JAM       69   R   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 72S                      X-[CAN]M472411-       M     JAM       72   S   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 77R                      X-[CAN]M471692-       M     JAM       77   R   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 79S                      X-[CAN]M472412-       M     JAM       79   S   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 82T                      X-[CAN]M473254-       M     JAM       82   T   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 95U                      X-[CAN]M473858-       M     JAM       95   U   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 97W                      X-[CAN]M474629-       M     JAM       97   W   THF
EIONMOR IDEAL 9W                       X-[CAN]M474627-       M     JAM        9   W   THF
EIONMOR LONE STAR 24W                  X-[CAN]M474630-       M     JAM       24   W   THF
EIONMOR MARQUIS 86G                    X-M466797-            M     JAM       86   G   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 103T              -[CAN]M473237-         M     JAM      103   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 109R               X-[CAN]M471697-       M     JAM      109   R   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 10T                X-[CAN]M473230-       M     JAM       10   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 16T               -[CAN]M473229-         M     JAM       16   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 24T               -[CAN]M473239-         M     JAM       24   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 27T               -[CAN]M473236-         M     JAM       27   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 36K                X-[CAN]M468600-       M     JAM       36   K   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 40T                X-[CAN]M473240-       M     JAM       40   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 43T               -[CAN]M473235-         M     JAM       43   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 47P               -[CAN]M471213-         M     JAM       47   P   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 51T               -[CAN]M473233-         M     JAM       51   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 54S                X-[CAN]M472421-       M     JAM       54   S   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 56S               -[CAN]M472435-         M     JAM       56   S   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 59T                X-[CAN]M472680-       M     JAM       59   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 61P                X-[CAN]M471209-       M     JAM       61   P   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 63T                X-[CAN]M473231-       M     JAM       63   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 65S                X-[CAN]M472417-       M     JAM       65   S   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 66S                X-[CAN]M472426-       M     JAM       66   S   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 75P               -[CAN]M471212-         M     JAM       75   P   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 75S                X-[CAN]M472425-       M     JAM       75   S   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 80S                X-[CAN]M472415-       M     JAM       80   S   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 80T               -[CAN]M473250-         M     JAM       80   T   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 84S               -[CAN]M472418-         M     JAM       84   S   THF
EIONMOR MASTERPIECE 95T               -[CAN]M473348-         M     JAM       95   T   THF
EIONMOR MR GUS 80C                     X-M464139-            M     JAM       80   C   THF
EIONMOR MR GUS 85C                     X-M464147-            M     JAM       85   C   THF
EIONMOR PORT-O-CALL 60H                X-[CAN]M467564-       M     JAM       60   H   THF
EIONMOR PROPHET 17T                    X-[CAN]M473249-       M     JAM       17   T   THF
EIONMOR PROPHET 67T                    X-[CAN]M473247-       M     JAM       67   T   THF
EIONMOR PROPHET 8P                     X-[CAN]M471216-       M     JAM        8   P   THF
EIONMOR ROCKET 29U                     X-[CAN]M473857-       M     JAM       29   U   THF
EIONMOR ROCKET 76T                     X-[CAN]M473253-       M     JAM       76   T   THF
EIONMOR ROYAL PIPER 22T                X-[CAN]M473248-       M     JAM       22   T   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 120R                     X-[CAN]M471701-       M     JAM      120   R   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 12U                      X-[CAN]M473863-       M     JAM       12   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 13S                      X-[CAN]M472433-       M     JAM       13   S   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 13T                      X-[CAN]M473245-       M     JAM       13   T   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 15W                      X-[CAN]M474632-       M     JAM       15   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 19T                      X-[CAN]M473251-       M     JAM       19   T   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 1U                      -[CAN]M473856-         M     JAM        1   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 21T                      X-[CAN]M473241-       M     JAM       21   T   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 25S                      X-[CAN]M472434-       M     JAM       25   S   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 25W                      X-[CAN]M474634-       M     JAM       25   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 27U                      X-[CAN]M473852-       M     JAM       27   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 2M                       X-[CAN]M470124-       M     JAM        2   M   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 31T                      X-[CAN]M473246-       M     JAM       31   T   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 32U                     -[CAN]M473844-         M     JAM       32   U   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
EIONMOR ULTRA 33U                     X-[CAN]M473862-       M     JAM      33   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 35U                    -[CAN]M473838-         M     JAM      35   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 36W                     X-[CAN]M474637-       M     JAM      36   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 43U                     X-[CAN]M473837-       M     JAM      43   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 45M                     X-[CAN]M470133-       M     JAM      45   M   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 48U                     X-[CAN]M473848-       M     JAM      48   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 49J                     X-[CAN]M468016-       M     JAM      49   J   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 4W                      X-[CAN]M474628-       M     JAM       4   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 61L                     X-[CAN]M469444-       M     JAM      61   L   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 83U                    -[CAN]M473846-         M     JAM      83   U   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 84N                     X-[CAN]M470652-       M     JAM      84   N   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 8C                      X-M464141-            M     JAM       8   C   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 93W                     X-[CAN]M474639-       M     JAM      93   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 94W                     X-[CAN]M474644-       M     JAM      94   W   THF
EIONMOR ULTRA 9T                      X-[CAN]M473244-       M     JAM       9   T   THF
EMERALD BIGTIME 49B                   X-M462742-            M     CEK      49   B   THF
EVERGREEN LCA ULTIMATE 3U             X-[CAN]*16699-        M     BZR       3   U   THF
EVERGREEN PG WASHINGTON 5W            X-[CAN]M474066-       M     BZR       5   W   THF
EVERGREEN PS TRUE COMPETITOR          X-[CAN]AR16154-       M     BZR      10   T   THF
EVERGREEN RESTLESS 12R                X-[CAN]M471317-       M     BZR      12   R   THF
EVERGREEN SCORPIO 7S                 -[CAN]M472260-         M     BZR       7   S   THF
EVERGREEN SHAKESPEARE 8S              X-[CAN]M471829-       M     BZR       8   S   THF
EVERGREEN SUE'S PANZER 10X            X-[CAN]M474806-       M     BZR      10   X   THF
FANTASY LANE BICENTENIAL 23U          X-[CAN]*17221-        M     FLR      23   U   THF
FANTASY LANE CAPTAINMORGAN 14T        X-[CAN]M472848-       M     FLR      14   T   THF
FANTASY LANE HIGH VOLTAGE 5T          X-[CAN]*16244-        M     FLR       5   T   THF
FANTASY LANE MASTER CHARGE 9U         X-[CAN]M473628-       M     FLR       9   U   THF
FANTASY LANE NESTER 2R                X-[CAN]*15252-        M     FLR       2   R   THF
FANTASY LANE PRIDE 6U                 X-[CAN]M473627-       M     FLR       6   U   THF
FANTASY LANE ROCKET 2U                X-[CAN]*16948-        M     FLR       2   U   THF
FANTASY LANE SECRET AGENT 16U         X-[CAN]*17220-        M     FLR      16   U   THF
FANTASY LANE SECRET DESIRE 11S        X-[CAN]*15522-        M     FLR      11   S   THF
FANTASY LANE SO HOT 1T                X-[CAN]*16221-        M     FLR       1   T   THF
FANTASY LANE TOBY 25S                 X-[CAN]M472057-       M     FLR      25   S   THF
FOUR POINT RED ROCK 20P               X-[CAN]*14075-        M     AEBY     20   P   THC
FOUR POINT SILVERADO 18W              X-[CAN]M474701-       M     AEBY     18   W   THF
FOXWILLOW REGAL 1R                    X-[CAN]M471888-       M     CSW       1   R   THF
FOXWILLOW RINGO 5R                    X-[CAN]M471889-       M     CSW       5   R   THF
FOXWILLOW SOVEREIGN 3S                X-[CAN]M472253-       M     CSW       3   S   THF
FOXWILLOW SPARTACUS 1S                X-[CAN]M472567-       M     CSW       1   S   THF
FOXWILLOW TAURUS 5T                   X-[CAN]M473144-       M     CSW       5   T   THF
FOXWILLOW TAYBERRY 2T                 X-[CAN]M473009-       M     CSW       2   T   THF
FOXWILLOW THEKING 3T                  X-[CAN]M473143-       M     CSW       3   T   THF
FOXWILLOW THUNDER 1T                  X-[CAN]M473010-       M     CSW       1   T   THF
FOXWILLOW TORNADO 8T                  X-[CAN]M473141-       M     CSW       8   T   THF
FOXWILLOW TRAINER 9T                  X-[CAN]M473142-       M     CSW       9   T   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
FOXWILLOW ULTRASONIC 13U              X-[CAN]M473474-       M     CSW       13   U   THF
FOXWILLOW ULYSEUS 11U                 X-[CAN]M473477-       M     CSW       11   U   THF
FOXWILLOW UMBER 16U                   X-[CAN]M473812-       M     CSW       16   U   THF
FOXWILLOW UNICORN 1U                  X-[CAN]M473519-       M     CSW        1   U   THF
FOXWILLOW UNION JACK 2U               X-[CAN]M473522-       M     CSW        2   U   THF
FOXWILLOW UNITED KINGDOM 10U          X-[CAN]M473475-       M     CSW       10   U   THF
FOXWILLOW URANIUM 4U                  X-[CAN]M473478-       M     CSW        4   U   THF
FOXWILLOW URSAMAJOR 14U               X-[CAN]M473476-       M     CSW       14   U   THF
FOXWILLOW WADER 8W                    X-[CAN]M474152-       M     CSW        8   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WALRUS 3W                   X-[CAN]M474155-       M     CSW        3   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WAVE 20W                   -[CAN]M474146-         M     CSW       20   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WEALD 6W                    X-[CAN]M474149-       M     CSW        6   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WELLINGTON 7W               X-[CAN]M474153-       M     CSW        7   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WESTMINSTER 5W              X-[CAN]M474156-       M     CSW        5   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WHIRLWIND 14W               X-[CAN]M474154-       M     CSW       14   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WHITEGOLD 17W               X-[CAN]M474150-       M     CSW       17   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WICKET 28W                  X-[CAN]M474791-       M     CSW       28   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WIDGEON 21W                 X-[CAN]M474151-       M     CSW       21   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WILLYWONKA                  X-[CAN]Z98024-        M     IMP       24   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WINTER 22W                  X-[CAN]M474147-       M     CSW       22   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WOODRUFF 15W               -[CAN]M474145-         M     CSW       15   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WOODS 18W                   X-[CAN]M474157-       M     CSW       18   W   THF
FOXWILLOW WORSHIP 13W                 X-[CAN]M474148-       M     CSW       13   W   THF
FRASER'S C MARK'S STRIKER 1S          X-[CAN]M471818-       M     FRA        1   S   THF
FRASER'S STRIKER'S UTAH 2U            X-[CAN]M473414-       M     FRA        2   U   THF
FRASER'S STRIKERS WALKER 1W          -[CAN]M474041-         M     FRA        1   W   THF
FRASER'S XMAN 3X                     -[CAN]M474765-         M     FRA        3   X   THF
FRASER'S XTRA 4X                      X-[CAN]M474766-       M     FRA        4   X   THF
FRIMLEY 25S                           X-[CAN]Z71802-        M     PU        25   S   THF
FRIMLEY 46R                           X-[CAN]Z53379-        M     PU        46   R   THF
FRIMLEY 74R                          -[CAN]Z53380-          M     PU        74   R   THF
FRIMLEY CAPTAIN LANCE 25L             X-[CAN]M469071-       M     PU        25   L   THC
FRIMLEY IDEAL 26T                    -[CAN]M472778-         M     PU        26   T   THF
FRIMLEY JOLT 49U                      X-[CAN]Z97508-        M     PU        49   U   THF
FRIMLEY LEGEND 10T                    X-[CAN]Z74920-        M     PU        10   T   THF
FRIMLEY LEGEND 4U                     X-[CAN]M474071-       M     PU         4   U   THF
FRIMLEY MATRIX                        X-[CAN]Z98930-        M     IMP      930   W   THF
FRIMLEY NERO 40N                      X-[CAN]M470474-       M     PU        40   N   THF
FRIMLEY PISCES 35P                    X-[CAN]M470890-       M     PU        35   P   THF
FRIMLEY PRIMO 63T                     X-[CAN]M472777-       M     PU        63   T   THF
FRIMLEY RED GOLD 12R                  X-[CAN]M471601-       M     PU        12   R   THF
FRIMLEY REGAL 16U                     X-[CAN]Z97513-        M     PU        16   U   THF
FRIMLEY SETTLER 56S                   X-[CAN]M472117-       M     PU        56   S   THF
FRIMLEY SHERMAN 45W                   X-[CAN]M474500-       M     PU        45   W   THF
FRIMLEY SMOKING GUN 49S               X-[CAN]M472118-       M     PU        49   S   THF
FRIMLEY TITAN 60W                     X-[CAN]M474473-       M     PU        60   W   THF
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
FRIMLEY TITAN RISING 34T              X-[CAN]M472801-       M     PU        34   T   THF
FRIMLEY UNION RISING 13U              X-[CAN]M473817-       M     PU        13   U   THF
GAFA CAPTAIN MACBEST 6G               X-M466704-            M     GAFA       6   G   THC
GAFA HIGHLANDER 23M                   X-[CAN]M470112-       M     GAFA      23   M   THF
GAR-LIND CAPTAIN RENO 19S             X-[CAN]M472266-       M     GMR       19   S   THF
GAR-LIND LAD 22T                      X-[CAN]M473188-       M     GMR       22   T   THF
GAR-LIND MAXIM 18T                    X-[CAN]M473653-       M     GMR       18   T   THF
GAR-LIND MAXIM 47T                    X-[CAN]M472914-       M     GMR       47   T   THC
GAR-LIND MAXIM 8T                     X-[CAN]M473187-       M     GMR        8   T   THF
GAR-LIND ROUGHNECK 56U                X-[CAN]M473652-       M     GMR       56   U   THF
GAR-LIND ULTRABRIGHT 47L              X-[CAN]M469456-       M     GMR       47   L   THC
GFS RED CLOUD 186                     X-[CAN]M470951-       M     MBS      186   L   THF
GLEN HOLLOW IMPACTER 113M             X-[CAN]M469851-       M     ALG      113   M   THF
GLEN ISLAY TRADEMARK 41K              X-[CAN]M468623-       M     BYR       41   K   THF
GLENFORD MAJOR 17T                    X-[CAN]M472983-       M     XZY       17   T   THF
GLENFORD MAX 37K                      X-[CAN]M468734-       M     XZY       37   K   THF
GLENFORD PETE 63U                     X-[CAN]M473707-       M     XZY       63   U   THF
GLENFORD PRINCE 28T                   X-[CAN]M472982-       M     XZY       28   T   THF
GLENROTHES 12W                       -[CAN]Z99679-          M     USG       12   W   THF
GLENROTHES ROAN RANGER 3M             X-[CAN]*10959-        M     USG        3   M   THF
GLENROTHES WALCOTT 1W                 X-[CAN]*17230-        M     USG        1   W   THF
GLENROTHES WENTWORTH 3W               X-[CAN]*17231-        M     USG        3   W   THF
GLORY-JAY MC GAMALIEL 8G              X-[CAN]M466923-       M     JGC        8   G   THF
GOLDWIN BURWASH 4H                    X-[CAN]M467754-       M     AEHF       4   H   THF
GREENLANE SINISTER 27S                X-[CAN]AR15793-       M     AWAC      27   S   THF
GSC RON BURGANDY 2S                   X-[CAN]M472352-       M     GSC        2   S   THC
GVR ENFORCER 110                      X-[CAN]M470160-       M     GVR      110   L   THF
HAWKEN DUKE 28R                       X-[CAN]M471629-       M     HWK       28   R   THC
HAWKEN KING TUTT 7T                   X-[CAN]AR16096-       M     HWK        7   T   THC
HAWKEN TREY 12T                       X-[CAN]AR16095-       M     HWK       12   T   THC
HC CHALKTALK 49U                     -[CAN]AR17187-         M     KYA       49   U   THF
HC FL PATRIOT 71U                     X-[CAN]M473771-       M     KYA       71   U   THF
HC FL RED CHIEF 116U                 -[CAN]*17043-          M     KYA      116   U   THF
HC FL SILVER BULLET 75S               X-[CAN]M472214-       M     KYA       75   S   THF
HC FL TOUCHDOWN 123T                  X-[CAN]*16343-        M     KYA      123   T   THF
HC FREE SPIRIT 126U                   X-[CAN]M473505-       M     KYA      126   U   THF
HC GOLD NUGGET 28N                    X-[CAN]M470544-       M     KYA       28   N   THF
HC GOLD STANDARD 98S                  X-[CAN]M472169-       M     KYA       98   S   THF
HC LANDMARK 130U                      X-[CAN]M473988-       M     KYA      130   U   THF
HC LAREDO 140U                        X-[CAN]M473760-       M     KYA      140   U   THF
HC LOGAN 127L                         X-[CAN]*10440-        M     KYA      127   L   THF
HC MASTERPLAN 28U                     X-[CAN]M473990-       M     KYA       28   U   THF
HC MERGER 93M                         X-[CAN]*11350-        M     KYA       93   M   THF
HC MIST PLUS 32U                     -[CAN]AR17184-         M     KYA       32   U   THF
HC MIST'S RETURN 13R                 -[CAN]M471585-         M     KYA       13   R   THF
HC NEUTRON 122N                       X-[CAN]AR13473-       M     KYA      122   N   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
HC NO FEAR 32N                        -[CAN]*12411-          M     KYA       32   N   THF
HC NORTHERN GOLD 20N                   X-[CAN]M470545-       M     KYA       20   N   THF
HC NOTATION 5N                         X-[CAN]*12396-        M     KYA        5   N   THF
HC REAL MCCOY 150R                     X-[CAN]*14731-        M     KYA      150   R   THF
HC RED ROCK 67R                        X-[CAN]*14665-        M     KYA       67   R   THF
HC REMINGTON 51R                       X-[CAN]*14660-        M     KYA       51   R   THF
HC ROYAL TREASURE 150T                 X-[CAN]*16338-        M     KYA      150   T   THF
HC SECRET AGENT 51S                    X-[CAN]*15646-        M     KYA       51   S   THF
HC SENTINEL 29S                        X-[CAN]*15641-        M     KYA       29   S   THF
HC SOLID SILVER 8S                     X-[CAN]*15592-        M     KYA        8   S   THF
HC SPARTACUS 112U                      X-[CAN]M473987-       M     KYA      112   U   THF
HC SPECIAL EDITION 62S                 X-[CAN]*15618-        M     KYA       62   S   THF
HC SPECIAL EFFECTS 41S                 X-[CAN]*15617-        M     KYA       41   S   THF
HC SPRINGSTEIN 19S                     X-[CAN]*15643-        M     KYA       19   S   THF
HC STALWART 59S                        X-[CAN]*15596-        M     KYA       59   S   THF
HC STARSEARCH 33S                      X-[CAN]*15628-        M     KYA       33   S   THF
HC TALMADGE 130T                       X-[CAN]*16320-        M     KYA      130   T   THF
HC TENTH DEGREE 65T                    X-[CAN]*16329-        M     KYA       65   T   THF
HC TIMELINE 17T                        X-[CAN]AR16341-       M     KYA       17   T   THF
HC TOBAGO 72T                          X-[CAN]*16337-        M     KYA       72   T   THF
HC TRADEMARK 18T                      -[CAN]AR16354-         M     KYA       18   T   THF
HC TRANSITION 48T                      X-[CAN]M472898-       M     KYA       48   T   THF
HC TRIBUTE 113T                        X-[CAN]M472903-       M     KYA      113   T   THF
HC TRIUMPH 14T                         X-[CAN]M473331-       M     KYA       14   T   THF
HC TROUBADOUR 52T                      X-[CAN]M472892-       M     KYA       52   T   THF
HC ULTIMATE 96U                        X-[CAN]*17204-        M     KYA       96   U   THF
HC WAGER 11W                           X-[CAN]M474673-       M     KYA       11   W   THF
HC WALL STREET 119W                    X-[CAN]M474669-       M     KYA      119   W   THF
HC WARTIME 15W                         X-[CAN]*17692-        M     KYA       15   W   THF
HC WATERLOO 38W                        X-[CAN]M474661-       M     KYA       38   W   THF
HC WELCOME 87W                         X-[CAN]M474663-       M     KYA       87   W   THF
HC WELLS FARGO 85W                     X-[CAN]M474737-       M     KYA       85   W   THF
HC WENDELL 115W                        X-[CAN]M474539-       M     KYA      115   W   THF
HC WESTERN PIONEER 1W                  X-[CAN]*17889-        M     KYA        1   W   THF
HC WHATEVER 49W                        X-[CAN]M474671-       M     KYA       49   W   THF
HC WHITE KNIGHT 113U                   X-[CAN]M473986-       M     KYA      113   U   THF
HC WHITE KNIGHT 12W                    X-[CAN]*17799-        M     KYA       12   W   THF
HC WHITE OUT 39W                       X-[CAN]*17794-        M     KYA       39   W   THF
HC WINCHESTER 107W                     X-[CAN]M474668-       M     KYA      107   W   THF
HC WINSOME 34W                        -[CAN]M474536-         M     KYA       34   W   THF
HERBOURNE ABLE 3S                      X-[CAN]M472094-       M     AHWA       3   S   THF
HERBOURNE BAS SEASPRAY 7S              X-[CAN]M472095-       M     AHWA       7   S   THF
HERBOURNE BAS TRADER 9T                X-[CAN]M472817-       M     AHWA       9   T   THF
HERBOURNE BAS UPPER DECK 4U            X-[CAN]M473897-       M     AHWA       4   U   THF
HERBOURNE BT MAX 5M                    X-[CAN]M469533-       M     AHWA       5   M   THF
HERBOURNE BUNDY 10R                    X-[CAN]M471474-       M     AHWA      10   R   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
HERBOURNE BUNDY 10S                    X-[CAN]M472097-       M     AHWA     10   S   THF
HERBOURNE BUNDY 12S                    X-[CAN]M472098-       M     AHWA     12   S   THF
HERBOURNE BUNDY 12T                   -[CAN]M472818-         M     AHWA     12   T   THF
HERBOURNE BUNDY 1T                     X-[CAN]M472815-       M     AHWA      1   T   THF
HERBOURNE BUNDY 23P                    X-[CAN]M470982-       M     AHWA     23   P   THF
HERBOURNE BUNDY 4T                     X-[CAN]M472816-       M     AHWA      4   T   THF
HERBOURNE BUNDY 8S                     X-[CAN]M472096-       M     AHWA      8   S   THF
HERBOURNE H B WESLEY 19W               X-[CAN]M474346-       M     AHWA     19   W   THF
HERBOURNE HB TARTAN 27T                X-[CAN]M473199-       M     AHWA     27   T   THF
HERBOURNE HB TUNDRA 23T                X-[CAN]M472819-       M     AHWA     23   T   THF
HERBOURNE HB UPPERCUT 11U              X-[CAN]M473866-       M     AHWA     11   U   THF
HERBOURNE PRINCE 12W                   X-[CAN]M474069-       M     AHWA     12   W   THF
HERBOURNE SD MERRILL 6M                X-[CAN]M469534-       M     AHWA      6   M   THF
HERBOURNE SVP UNLIMITED 6U             X-[CAN]M473864-       M     AHWA      6   U   THF
HERBOURNE SVP ULTRA 8U                 X-[CAN]M473865-       M     AHWA      8   U   THF
HERBOURNE TURBO JUNIOR 5J              X-[CAN]M467926-       M     AHWA      5   J   THF
HERBOURNE WALKER 11W                   X-[CAN]M474070-       M     AHWA     11   W   THF
HERBOURNE WINSTON 2W                   X-[CAN]M474067-       M     AHWA      2   W   THF
HERBOURNE WOODROW 16W                 -[CAN]M474068-         M     AHWA     16   W   THF
HILL HAVEN AVENGER 20W                 X-[CAN]*17373-        M     DLA      20   W   THF
HILL HAVEN BAILEY 10U                  X-[CAN]AR16810-       M     DLA      10   U   THF
HILL HAVEN CANYON 12U                  X-[CAN]*16805-        M     DLA      12   U   THF
HILL HAVEN CHALLENGER 26W              X-[CAN]*17372-        M     DLA      26   W   THF
HILL HAVEN CHARGER 1R                 -[CAN]*14399-          M     DLA       1   R   THF
HILL HAVEN COMMANDER ALEX 13S          X-[CAN]*15420-        M     DLA      13   S   THC
HILL HAVEN DENALI 20U                  X-[CAN]M473635-       M     DLA      20   U   THF
HILL HAVEN ETHAN 22W                   X-[CAN]M474133-       M     DLA      22   W   THF
HILL HAVEN EVERWOOD 11W                X-[CAN]*17374-        M     DLA      11   W   THF
HILL HAVEN EXPRESS 18U                 X-[CAN]M473496-       M     DLA      18   U   THF
HILL HAVEN FLEETWOOD 15W               X-[CAN]*17369-        M     DLA      15   W   THF
HILL HAVEN FRASER 10R                  X-[CAN]*14392-        M     DLA      10   R   THF
HILL HAVEN FRONTIER PRIDE 19S          X-[CAN]*15427-        M     DLA      19   S   THF
HILL HAVEN GENERAL 14T                 X-[CAN]M472659-       M     DLA      14   T   THF
HILL HAVEN GEORGE 20T                  X-[CAN]AR16059-LR     M     DLA      20   T   THF
HILL HAVEN GOLD CAPTAIN 3R             X-[CAN]*14393-        M     DLA       3   R   THF
HILL HAVEN GOLD JACK 10S               X-[CAN]M471994-       M     DLA      10   S   THF
HILL HAVEN GOLD ROBBER 26U            -[CAN]*16803-          M     DLA      26   U   THF
HILL HAVEN GOLDIES WINDSTAR 1M        -[CAN]*16020-          M     DLA       1   M   THF
HILL HAVEN HARKIN 18T                  X-[CAN]AR16057-       M     DLA      18   T   THF
HILL HAVEN HERCULES 15R                X-[CAN]*14391-        M     DLA      15   R   THF
HILL HAVEN ICEMAN 22U                 -[CAN]*16809-          M     DLA      22   U   THF
HILL HAVEN KINGSTON 32W                X-[CAN]M474134-       M     DLA      32   W   THF
HILL HAVEN KNIGHTHAWK 1U               X-[CAN]M473492-       M     DLA       1   U   THF
HILL HAVEN LUCKY STRIKE 15T            X-[CAN]*16105-        M     DLA      15   T   THF
HILL HAVEN MINUTEMAN 8U                X-[CAN]*16819-        M     DLA       8   U   THF
HILL HAVEN NUGGET 24U                  X-[CAN]M473494-       M     DLA      24   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo        TH Result
HILL HAVEN OMAHA 14W                   X-[CAN]M474142-       M     DLA      14 W THF
HILL HAVEN PANZER 11U                  X-[CAN]M473490-       M     DLA      11 U THF
HILL HAVEN PRESTON 24W                -[CAN]*17366-          M     DLA      24 W THF
HILL HAVEN RANGER 1S                   X-[CAN]M471993-       M     DLA       1 S THF
HILL HAVEN REBEL 5U                    X-[CAN]*16798-        M     DLA       5 U THF
HILL HAVEN RED LABEL 4T                X-[CAN]M472696-       M     DLA       4 T THF
HILL HAVEN REMINGTON 3T                X-[CAN]*16102-        M     DLA       3 T THF
HILL HAVEN REMUS 2W                    X-[CAN]M474140-       M     DLA       2 W THF
HILL HAVEN RINGO 4S                   -[CAN]M471995-         M     DLA       4 S THF
HILL HAVEN ROCKY BALBOA 9T             X-[CAN]M472661-       M     DLA       9 T THF
HILL HAVEN ROMULUS 1W                  X-[CAN]M474139-       M     DLA       1 W THF
HILL HAVEN RUDY 16W                    X-[CAN]M474143-       M     DLA      16 W THF
HILL HAVEN SABER 8T                    X-[CAN]AR16104-       M     DLA       8 T THF
HILL HAVEN SCHOLAR 3N                  X-[CAN]AR12280-       M     DLA       3 N THC
HILL HAVEN SCOUT 17S                  -[CAN]Z77971-          M     DLA      17 S THC
HILL HAVEN SILVERADO 10T               X-[CAN]*16061-        M     DLA      10 T THF
HILL HAVEN STOUT 11T                   X-[CAN]M472738-LR     M     DLA      11 T THF
HILL HAVEN SUNDANCE 3S                 X-[CAN]AR15423-       M     DLA       3 S THC
HILL HAVEN TAHOE 7U                    X-[CAN]M473491-       M     DLA       7 U THF
HILL HAVEN TOBY 11S                    X-[CAN]AR15429-LR     M     DLA      11 S THC
HILL HAVEN TOMCAT 6S                   X-[CAN]*15425-        M     DLA       6 S THF
HILL HAVEN TRACTION 28U                X-[CAN]*16818-        M     DLA      28 U THF
HILL HAVEN TYLER 16S                   X-[CAN]AR15422-       M     DLA      16 S THF
HILL HAVEN WHITE SOX 25U               X-[CAN]AR16797-LR     M     DLA      25 U THF
HILL HAVEN WINCHESTER 14U              X-[CAN]*16799-        M     DLA      14 U THF
HJM TATE 90T                           X-[CAN]M472639-       M     HJM      90 T THF
HORSESHOE VALLEY SIMCOE LAD 8S         X-[CAN]M473369-       M     HSV       8 S THF
HUNT FARMS MAINLINER 21M               X-[CAN]*11517-        M     HNT      21 M THF
HUNT FARMS MASTER CHARGE 20M           X-[CAN]M470079-       M     HNT      20 M THF
HUNT FARMS MASTER KEY 26M              X-[CAN]*11521-        M     HNT      26 M THF
HUNT FARMS PARRY 20P                   X-[CAN]*13150-        M     HNT      20 P THF
HUNT FARMS PAYCHECK 13P               -[CAN]*13142-          M     HNT      13 P THC
HUNT FARMS ROYALTY 3T                  X-[CAN]*16240-        M     HNT       3 T THF
HUNT FARMS ROYALTY 8R                  X-[CAN]*14162-        M     HNT       8 R THF
HUNT FARMS SCOTT 9S                    X-[CAN]*15355-        M     HNT       9 S THF
HUNT FARMS SHERWIN 21S                 X-[CAN]M471931-       M     HNT      21 S THF
HUNT FARMS SPIRO 13S                   X-[CAN]*15363-        M     HNT      13 S THF
HUNT FARMS STAR 39S                    X-[CAN]M471934-       M     HNT      39 S THF
HVR GOLD 002 3119                      X-[CAN]*16652-        M     HNT    3119 N THF
JANELL'S ORION 4P                      X-[CAN]*13391-        M     CCV       4 P THF
JANELL'S RW BIG RED 12M                X-[CAN]M469705-       M     CCV      12 M THF
JANELL'S TURBO 3U                      X-[CAN]M473821-       M     CCV       3 U THF
JASF 6X                               -[CAN]Z116429-         M     MXU       6 X THF
JASF PIONEER 10W                       X-[CAN]M474767-       M     MXU      10 W THF
JASF RANSOM PAYOFF 4T                  X-[CAN]M473829-       M     MXU       4 T THF
JERLIND BOSTON 58R                     X-[CAN]*14123-        M     JER      58 R THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
JERLIND LAD 38T                         X-[CAN]M472635-       M     JER       38   T   THF
JSF ADDICTED 82U                        X-[CAN]*17225-        M     RCB       82   U   THF
JT 24U                                 -[CAN]Z78851-          M     JHH       24   U   THF
JT BURWASH 101P                         X-[CAN]M471193-       M     JHH      101   P   THF
JT KING 6K                              X-[CAN]M468486-       M     JHH        6   K   THC
JT MAGIC 30M                            X-[CAN]M469803-       M     JHH       30   M   THF
JT MAJESTIC 45M                         X-[CAN]M469805-       M     JHH       45   M   THF
JT PRINCE 42P                           X-[CAN]M471137-       M     JHH       42   P   THF
JT RED HOT 106R                         X-[CAN]M471539-       M     JHH      106   R   THF
JT SALUTE 82S                           X-[CAN]M472150-       M     JHH       82   S   THF
JT SELECT 35S                           X-[CAN]M472162-       M     JHH       35   S   THC
JT SENTRY 68S                           X-[CAN]M472149-       M     JHH       68   S   THF
JT SHAKER 19S                          -[CAN]*15586-          M     JHH       19   S   THF
JT STINGER 16S                          X-[CAN]M472437-       M     JHH       16   S   THF
JT SUPREME 95S                          X-[CAN]M472166-       M     JHH       95   S   THF
JT TAHOE 17T                            X-[CAN]M472927-       M     JHH       17   T   THF
JT THOR 58T                             X-[CAN]M472934-       M     JHH       58   T   THF
JT THUNDER 72T                          X-[CAN]M472938-       M     JHH       72   T   THF
JT TORNADO 36T                         -[CAN]*16367-          M     JHH       36   T   THF
JT TRACKER 55T                          X-[CAN]M472928-       M     JHH       55   T   THF
JT TRANSFORMER 90T                      X-[CAN]M472926-       M     JHH       90   T   THF
JT TRENT 27T                            X-[CAN]M472931-       M     JHH       27   T   THF
JT TROJAN 95T                           X-[CAN]M472929-       M     JHH       95   T   THF
JT TROPHY 101T                          X-[CAN]M472936-       M     JHH      101   T   THF
JT TROY 112T                            X-[CAN]M472935-       M     JHH      112   T   THF
JT TUCKER 25T                           X-[CAN]M472932-       M     JHH       25   T   THF
JT UGLY JOE 10U                         X-[CAN]M473807-       M     JHH       10   U   THF
JT ULTRAWASH 2U                         X-[CAN]M473795-       M     JHH        2   U   THF
JT VENTURE 7M                           X-[CAN]*11048-        M     JHH        7   M   THF
JT WAIVER 21W                           X-[CAN]M474296-       M     JHH       21   W   THF
JT WALLY 101W                           X-[CAN]M474293-       M     JHH      101   W   THF
JT WALTER 75W                           X-[CAN]M474300-       M     JHH       75   W   THF
JT WALTON 36W                           X-[CAN]M474301-       M     JHH       36   W   THF
JT WARBUCKS 69W                         X-[CAN]M474331-       M     JHH       69   W   THF
JT WHITEFOOT 89W                        X-[CAN]M474297-       M     JHH       89   W   THF
JT WINNER 71W                           X-[CAN]M474305-       M     JHH       71   W   THF
JWM BAD CAT 1S                          X-[CAN]M471941-       M     JWM        1   S   THF
JWM CADILLAC 3T                        -[CAN]*16139-          M     JWM        3   T   THF
JWM COWBOY UP 1T                        X-[CAN]M472743-       M     JWM        1   T   THF
JWM FROM ME 2U                          X-[CAN]M473536-       M     JWM        2   U   THF
JWM PIONEER'S REVENGE 3U                X-[CAN]*16887-        M     JWM        3   U   THF
JWM STRRRICTLY BUSINESS 2S              X-[CAN]*15377-        M     JWM        2   S   THF
KENLENE APOLLO 9U                       X-[CAN]M473608-       M     KLS        9   U   THF
KENLENE COOL HAND 2R                    X-[CAN]*15246-        M     KLS        2   R   THF
KENLENE NETWORK 6U                      X-[CAN]M473611-       M     KLS        6   U   THF
KENLENE TROJAN 10T                      X-[CAN]M472745-       M     KLS       10   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
KENLENE TROY 12T                       X-[CAN]M472744-       M     KLS       12   T   THF
KENLENE ULTIMATE 2U                    X-[CAN]M473607-       M     KLS        2   U   THF
KENLENE UNIQUE 20X                     X-[CAN]M474789-       M     KLS       20   X   THF
KENLENE UNIQUE 3U                      X-[CAN]M473609-       M     KLS        3   U   THF
KENLENE WARLORD 9W                     X-[CAN]M474231-       M     KLS        9   W   THF
KENLENE WILD THING 22W                 X-[CAN]M474260-       M     KLS       22   W   THF
KENLENE WILLIE 6W                     -[CAN]M474235-         M     KLS        6   W   THF
KENLENE WINGMAN 18W                    X-[CAN]M474258-       M     KLS       18   W   THF
KENLENE WINSTON 16X                    X-[CAN]*17927-        M     KLS       16   X   THF
KENLENE WRANGLER 13W                   X-[CAN]M474230-       M     KLS       13   W   THF
KENLENE WYATT 7W                       X-[CAN]M474236-       M     KLS        7   W   THF
KETTLEVIEW STATESMAN 3S                X-[CAN]M472376-       M     RNK        3   S   THF
LAZY H J KNOCKOUT 2S                   X-[CAN]*15724-        M     LHJ        2   S   THF
LAZY H J MAC 13U                       X-[CAN]M473880-       M     LHJ       13   U   THF
LAZY H J MAC 19S                      -[CAN]M472234-         M     LHJ       19   S   THF
LAZY H J MATRIX 24W                    X-[CAN]M474249-       M     LHJ       24   W   THF
LAZY H J MATRIX 32W                    X-[CAN]M474251-       M     LHJ       32   W   THF
LAZY H J PROGRESSOR 2W                 X-[CAN]M474256-       M     LHJ        2   W   THF
LAZY H J RIDER 15T                     X-[CAN]*16165-        M     LHJ       15   T   THF
LAZY H J RIDER 32S                    -[CAN]*15688-          M     LHJ       32   S   THF
LAZY H J ULTRA 7U                      X-[CAN]M473512-       M     LHJ        7   U   THF
LEAHY'S RED RORY 15R                   X-[CAN]*14360-        M     LFS       15   R   THF
LEDNURA 27W                           -[CAN]Z98751-          M     APIN      27   W   THF
LEDNURA EVEREST EQ 4S                  X-[CAN]*15802-        M     APIN       4   S   THF
LEHNE FRICKIN SWEET 61T               -[CAN]M472831-         M     ELF       61   T   THF
LEHNE MR THICK 59T                     X-[CAN]M472830-       M     ELF       59   T   THF
LEHNE POWERPLAY 33T                    X-[CAN]M472833-       M     ELF       33   T   THF
LEHNE ROCKIN RED 161T                 -[CAN]M472832-         M     ELF      161   T   THF
LEHNE ROYAL MARK 166P                  X-[CAN]M471495-       M     ELF      166   P   THF
LEHNE TRANSFORMER 8T                   X-[CAN]*16189-        M     ELF        8   T   THF
LOCUST VIEW T-BONE 11T                 X-[CAN]M472698-       M     SJRB      11   T   THF
MADARD 10U                             X-[CAN]Z78372-        M     MH        10   U   THF
MADARD 13U                             X-[CAN]Z78373-        M     MH        13   U   THF
MADARD 14U                             X-[CAN]Z78378-        M     MH        14   U   THF
MADARD 26U                             X-[CAN]Z78377-        M     MH        26   U   THF
MADARD FLINT GOLIATH 4T                X-[CAN]M472727-       M     MH         4   T   THF
MADARD FLINT MONARCH 14T               X-[CAN]M472732-       M     MH        14   T   THF
MADARD FLINT NEW FRONTIER 5T           X-[CAN]M472733-       M     MH         5   T   THF
MADARD FLINT PATRICK 12T               X-[CAN]M472728-       M     MH        12   T   THF
MADARD FLINT ROCKY 10T                 X-[CAN]M472729-       M     MH        10   T   THF
MADARD FLINT SUPERMAN 6U               X-[CAN]M473585-       M     MH         6   U   THF
MADARD FLINTSTONE 9T                   X-[CAN]M472731-       M     MH         9   T   THF
MADARD LU BLIZZARD 35U                 X-[CAN]M474102-       M     MH        35   U   THF
MADARD LU COMMANDER 12W                X-[CAN]M474107-       M     MH        12   W   THF
MADARD LU GOLIATH 18W                  X-[CAN]M474289-       M     MH        18   W   THF
MADARD LU MAJOR 20W                    X-[CAN]M474105-       M     MH        20   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
MADARD LU MAN OF WAR 17W               X-[CAN]M474103-       M     MH        17   W   THF
MADARD N D FIREBALL 8T                 X-[CAN]M472730-       M     MH         8   T   THF
MADARD ND FLOYD 18R                    X-[CAN]M471494-       M     MH        18   R   THF
MADARD SS DIPLOMAT 10W                 X-[CAN]M474106-       M     MH        10   W   THF
MADARD SS FIREBALL 6W                  X-[CAN]M474100-       M     MH         6   W   THF
MADARD SS SUPERMAN 11W                 X-[CAN]M474104-       M     MH        11   W   THF
MADARD STAR PHILIP 19U                 X-[CAN]M473584-       M     MH        19   U   THF
MADARD STEER 25W                       X-[CAN]Z97762-        M     MH        25   W   THF
MADARD SU LU MONARCH 1S                X-[CAN]M472026-       M     MH         1   S   THF
MADARD TOP FLINT 15P                   X-[CAN]M471283-       M     MH        15   P   THF
MAJESTIC TOMCAT'S WINNING ACE          X-[CAN]M474700-       M     JAO        5   W   THF
MAJESTIC VISA'S BEST BUY 9P            X-[CAN]M470757-       M     JAO        9   P   THF
MAJESTIC VISA'S REBEL 7R               X-[CAN]M471338-       M     JAO        7   R   THF
MAJESTIC VISA'S SAMURAI 11S            X-[CAN]M471942-       M     JAO       11   S   THF
MAJESTIC VISA'S TUCKER 4T              X-[CAN]M472829-       M     JAO        4   T   THF
MANITOBA SUNRISE                       X-M453785-            M     AHWA       8   N   THF
MATLOCK 18W                            X-[CAN]Z97723-        M     CDH       18   W   THF
MATLOCK 200P                          -[CAN]Z77972-          M     EEG      200   P   THC
MATLOCK 21W                            X-[CAN]Z97720-        M     CDH       21   W   THF
MATLOCK 24W                           -[CAN]Z97714-          M     EEG       24   W   THF
MATLOCK 27W                            X-[CAN]Z97698-        M     HDH       27   W   THF
MATLOCK 29W                           -[CAN]Z97697-          M     HDH       29   W   THF
MATLOCK 2R                             X-[CAN]Z52814-        M     EEG        2   R   THF
MATLOCK 39R                            X-[CAN]Z52803-        M     EEG       39   R   THF
MATLOCK 3S                             X-[CAN]Z71327-        M     HDH        3   S   THF
MATLOCK 3W                             X-[CAN]Z97710-        M     EEG        3   W   THF
MATLOCK 45R                           -[CAN]Z52801-          M     EEG       45   R   THF
MATLOCK 46W                            X-[CAN]Z97719-        M     CDH       46   W   THF
MATLOCK 48S                            X-[CAN]Z71255-        M     EEG       48   S   THF
MATLOCK 48W                           -[CAN]Z97717-          M     CDH       48   W   THF
MATLOCK 49W                            X-[CAN]Z97716-        M     EEG       49   W   THF
MATLOCK 53W                            X-[CAN]Z97699-        M     HDH       53   W   THF
MATLOCK 54W                            X-[CAN]Z97724-        M     CDH       54   W   THF
MATLOCK 55W                            X-[CAN]Z97701-        M     EEG       55   W   THF
MATLOCK 57W                            X-[CAN]Z97713-        M     EEG       57   W   THF
MATLOCK 58W                            X-[CAN]Z97726-        M     CDH       58   W   THF
MATLOCK 5U                             X-[CAN]Z78004-        M     EEG        5   U   THF
MATLOCK 60W                            X-[CAN]Z97725-        M     CDH       60   W   THF
MATLOCK 62R                            X-[CAN]Z52783-        M     EEG       62   R   THF
MATLOCK 66W                            X-[CAN]Z97700-        M     EEG       66   W   THF
MATLOCK 67R                            X-[CAN]Z52805-        M     EEG       67   R   THF
MATLOCK 67S                           -[CAN]Z71262-          M     EEG       67   S   THF
MATLOCK 67W                            X-[CAN]Z97722-        M     CDH       67   W   THF
MATLOCK 69S                            X-[CAN]Z71283-        M     EEG       69   S   THC
MATLOCK 73W                           -[CAN]Z97703-          M     EEG       73   W   THF
MATLOCK 75S                            X-[CAN]Z71338-        M     CDH       75   S   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
MATLOCK 78W                             X-[CAN]Z97715-        M     EEG      78   W   THF
MATLOCK 86S                             X-[CAN]Z71336-        M     CDH      86   S   THF
MATLOCK 92S                            -[CAN]Z71333-          M     CDH      92   S   THF
MATLOCK 9W                              X-[CAN]Z97712-        M     EEG       9   W   THF
MATLOCK DW PLAYER 25P                   X-[CAN]M470920-       M     EEG      25   P   THF
MATLOCK DW RENEGADE 15R                 X-[CAN]M471424-       M     EEG      15   R   THF
MATLOCK FREDRICK 3F                     X-M466125-            M     HDH       3   F   THF
MATLOCK HERCULES 62U                    X-[CAN]M473418-       M     HDH      62   U   THF
MATLOCK IDEAL 28U                       X-[CAN]M473419-       M     HDH      28   U   THF
MATLOCK KENT 2K                         X-[CAN]M468492-       M     EEG       2   K   THF
MATLOCK LC TRAKKER 29T                  X-[CAN]*16151-        M     CDH      29   T   THF
MATLOCK LEGEND 61L                      X-[CAN]M468898-       M     CDH      61   L   THF
MATLOCK MACHO-MAN 23M                   X-[CAN]M469721-       M     EEG      23   M   THF
MATLOCK MAJOR 36M                      -[CAN]M469717-         M     EEG      36   M   THF
MATLOCK MARIO 16M                       X-[CAN]M469739-       M     HDH      16   M   THF
MATLOCK MICKEY 67U                      X-[CAN]M473416-       M     EEG      67   U   THF
MATLOCK NAVAHO 14N                      X-[CAN]M470416-       M     HDH      14   N   THF
MATLOCK NEW DESIGN 16W                  X-[CAN]M474089-       M     EEG      16   W   THF
MATLOCK NITRO 1N                       -[CAN]M470354-         M     EEG       1   N   THF
MATLOCK NL BIG-N-RICH 58R               X-[CAN]M471427-       M     EEG      58   R   THF
MATLOCK NL PRIDE 41P                    X-[CAN]M470916-       M     EEG      41   P   THF
MATLOCK NL RAZZLE DAZZLE 54R            X-[CAN]M471428-       M     EEG      54   R   THF
MATLOCK NL REBEL ROUSER 16R            -[CAN]M471624-         M     EEG      16   R   THF
MATLOCK NORTHLANDER 30N                -[CAN]M470361-         M     EEG      30   N   THF
MATLOCK PEPPER 60P                      X-[CAN]M470913-       M     HDH      60   P   THF
MATLOCK POWER DRIVE 57P                -[CAN]M470917-         M     EEG      57   P   THF
MATLOCK POWER PLAY 62P                  X-[CAN]M470919-       M     EEG      62   P   THF
MATLOCK PRINCE 63P                     -[CAN]M470915-         M     EEG      63   P   THF
MATLOCK REBEL RAUSER 14U                X-[CAN]M473433-       M     HDH      14   U   THF
MATLOCK RED BARON 70R                  -[CAN]M471426-         M     EEG      70   R   THF
MATLOCK RED HEAT 47S                    X-[CAN]M471891-       M     EEG      47   S   THF
MATLOCK RED ROCK 70T                    X-[CAN]*16116-        M     CDH      70   T   THF
MATLOCK RED WRYDER 43W                  X-[CAN]M474090-       M     EEG      43   W   THF
MATLOCK REVOLUTION 9R                   X-[CAN]M471429-       M     EEG       9   R   THF
MATLOCK RICOCHET 33R                    X-[CAN]M471422-       M     HDH      33   R   THF
MATLOCK RISK TAKER 38U                  X-[CAN]M473417-       M     EEG      38   U   THF
MATLOCK ROOKIE 24R                      X-[CAN]M471425-       M     EEG      24   R   THF
MATLOCK RR RASCAL 52T                   X-[CAN]M472722-       M     EEG      52   T   THF
MATLOCK RR TARGET 63T                   X-[CAN]M472720-       M     EEG      63   T   THF
MATLOCK RR TROOPER 35T                  X-[CAN]M472724-       M     EEG      35   T   THF
MATLOCK RUFFIAN 10T                     X-[CAN]M472721-       M     EEG      10   T   THF
MATLOCK SARGENT 25S                     X-[CAN]M471892-       M     EEG      25   S   THC
MATLOCK SARGENT 4U                      X-[CAN]M473589-       M     EEG       4   U   THF
MATLOCK SC MAXWELL 1M                   X-[CAN]M469716-       M     CDH       1   M   THF
MATLOCK SF LEVI 3L                      X-[CAN]M468900-       M     CDH       3   L   THF
MATLOCK SHOGUN 28S                      X-[CAN]M471890-       M     CMH      28   S   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
MATLOCK SHOTGUN 2S                      X-[CAN]M471903-       M     CDH        2   S   THF
MATLOCK SHOWDOWN 20S                    X-[CAN]M471950-       M     EEG       20   S   THF
MATLOCK SIDEKICK 6S                     X-[CAN]*15383-        M     EEG        6   S   THF
MATLOCK SILVER BULLET 84S               X-[CAN]M471901-       M     HDH       84   S   THF
MATLOCK SONIC 58S                       X-[CAN]M471902-       M     HDH       58   S   THF
MATLOCK SPM ULYSSES 24U                 X-[CAN]M473588-       M     CJH       24   U   THF
MATLOCK STRIKER 56S                     X-[CAN]M471894-       M     EEG       56   S   THF
MATLOCK SUNDANCER 37S                   X-[CAN]M472072-       M     EEG       37   S   THF
MATLOCK TITANIUM 2T                     X-[CAN]M472719-       M     HDH        2   T   THF
MATLOCK TOUCHDOWN 57T                   X-[CAN]M472717-       M     HDH       57   T   THF
MATLOCK TRISTAN 60T                     X-[CAN]M472718-       M     HDH       60   T   THF
MATLOCK ULTIMATUM 44U                   X-[CAN]M473415-       M     EEG       44   U   THF
MATLOCK UNLIMITED 6U                    X-[CAN]M473432-       M     EEG        6   U   THF
MATLOCK VIPER 16U                       X-[CAN]M473413-       M     CJH       16   U   THF
MATLOCK WAGER 33W                       X-[CAN]M474093-       M     EEG       33   W   THF
MATLOCK WALKER 23W                      X-[CAN]M474095-       M     EEG       23   W   THF
MATLOCK WALKMAN 35W                    -[CAN]M474098-         M     CDH       35   W   THF
MATLOCK WARDEN 70W                      X-[CAN]M474096-       M     EEG       70   W   THF
MATLOCK WARRIOR 26W                     X-[CAN]M474097-       M     CDH       26   W   THF
MATLOCK WATCHMAN 79W                    X-[CAN]M474087-       M     HDH       79   W   THF
MATLOCK WHITE KNIGHT 39P                X-[CAN]M470914-       M     EEG       39   P   THF
MATLOCK WINGMAN 25W                     X-[CAN]M474088-       M     HDH       25   W   THF
MATLOCK WRAMBO 61W                      X-[CAN]M474092-       M     EEG       61   W   THF
MATLOCK WRAZIN KANE 38W                 X-[CAN]M474094-       M     EEG       38   W   THF
MATLOCK WRENAGADE 14W                   X-[CAN]M474091-       M     EEG       14   W   THF
MATLOCK ZION 7Z                         X-M461325-            M     EEG        7   Z   THF
MCBETH BALBOA 13T                      -[CAN]M472685-         M     GB        13   T   THF
MCBETH BUSTER 7T                        X-[CAN]M472682-       M     GB         7   T   THF
MCBETH CASPER 6S                        X-[CAN]M472059-       M     GB         6   S   THF
MCBETH DUFF 7S                          X-[CAN]M472060-       M     GB         7   S   THF
MCBETH MAJOR LEROY 15T                  X-[CAN]M472683-       M     GB        15   T   THF
MCBETH MATRIX 4U                        X-[CAN]M473604-       M     GB         4   U   THF
MCBETH RED BULL 23U                     X-[CAN]M473606-       M     GB        23   U   THF
MCBETH ROCKY 16T                        X-[CAN]*16090-        M     GB        16   T   THC
MCBETH ROCKY 8T                         X-[CAN]M472684-       M     GB         8   T   THF
MCBETH RUFFIAN 32W                      X-[CAN]M474209-       M     GB        32   W   THF
MCBETH SOVEREIGN 14W                    X-[CAN]M474214-       M     GB        14   W   THF
MCBETH SOVEREIGN 8U                     X-[CAN]M473605-       M     GB         8   U   THF
MCBETH STANDOFF 19W                     X-[CAN]M474212-       M     GB        19   W   THF
MCBETH STANDOFF 21W                    -[CAN]M474213-         M     GB        21   W   THF
MCBETH STANDOFF 5W                      X-[CAN]M474211-       M     GB         5   W   THF
MORRISH CHIEF 2M                       -[CAN]M469808-         M     HNC        2   M   THF
MURIDALE 101W                           X-[CAN]Z98853-        M     BSX      101   W   THF
MURIDALE 17W                           -[CAN]Z98855-          M     BSX       17   W   THF
MURIDALE 52W                           -[CAN]Z98860-          M     BSX       52   W   THF
MURIDALE 89W                            X-[CAN]Z98918-        M     BSX       89   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
MURIDALE 97W                          X-[CAN]Z98932-         M     BSX       97   W   THF
MURIDALE BARNEY 62W                   X-[CAN]M474616-        M     BSX       62   W   THF
MURIDALE BLUE SEAL 41W                X-[CAN]M474491-        M     BSX       41   W   THF
MURIDALE BONANZA 100W                 X-[CAN]M474400-        M     BSX      100   W   THF
MURIDALE BONANZA 103U                 X-[CAN]M473719-        M     BSX      103   U   THF
MURIDALE BONANZA 39S                  X-[CAN]M472864-        M     BSX       39   S   THF
MURIDALE BONANZA 47W                  X-[CAN]M474410-        M     BSX       47   W   THF
MURIDALE BONANZA 85W                  X-[CAN]M474411-        M     BSX       85   W   THF
MURIDALE BRIGGS 105W                  X-[CAN]M474620-        M     BSX      105   W   THF
MURIDALE BRIGGS 18W                   X-[CAN]M474621-        M     BSX       18   W   THF
MURIDALE BRIGGS 25W                   X-[CAN]M474617-        M     BSX       25   W   THF
MURIDALE BRIGGS 86W                   X-[CAN]M474618-        M     BSX       86   W   THF
MURIDALE BRIGGS 91T                   X-[CAN]M473333-        M     BSX       91   T   THF
MURIDALE BUSTER 14K                   X-[CAN]M468530-        M     BSX       14   K   THF
MURIDALE BUSTER 2ND 76P               X-[CAN]M472863-        M     BSX       76   P   THF
MURIDALE CHET 20G                     X-M466614-             M     BSX       20   G   THF
MURIDALE CHET 21K                     X-[CAN]M469563-        M     BSX       21   K   THF
MURIDALE CHINOOK 45M                  X-[CAN]M469926-        M     BSX       45   M   THF
MURIDALE CHUB 75U                     X-[CAN]M473688-        M     BSX       75   U   THF
MURIDALE COB 95W                      X-[CAN]M474622-        M     BSX       95   W   THF
MURIDALE CORNET 4R                    X-[CAN]M471500-        M     BSX        4   R   THF
MURIDALE DART 20P                     X-[CAN]M471073-        M     BSX       20   P   THF
MURIDALE DIESEL 77W                   X-[CAN]M474398-        M     BSX       77   W   THF
MURIDALE GANDER 95U                   X-[CAN]M473740-        M     BSX       95   U   THF
MURIDALE GANG BUSTER 1W               X-[CAN]M474407-        M     BSX        1   W   THF
MURIDALE GENE 2W                      X-[CAN]M474406-        M     BSX        2   W   THF
MURIDALE GRECKO 18P                   X-[CAN]M471072-        M     BSX       18   P   THF
MURIDALE HANK 3P                      X-[CAN]M471069-        M     BSX        3   P   THF
MURIDALE HAWK 49W                     X-[CAN]M474399-        M     BSX       49   W   THF
MURIDALE HUEY 8U                      X-[CAN]M473816-        M     BSX        8   U   THF
MURIDALE IDA 16U                      X-[CAN]M473726-        M     BSX       16   U   THF
MURIDALE JESSIE 50W                   X-[CAN]M474417-        M     BSX       50   W   THF
MURIDALE JOLT 44S                     X-[CAN]M472355-        M     BSX       44   S   THF
MURIDALE JUG 47U                      X-[CAN]M473691-        M     BSX       47   U   THF
MURIDALE JULES 19S                    X-[CAN]M472353-        M     BSX       19   S   THF
MURIDALE JUMBO 70P                    X-[CAN]M471221-        M     BSX       70   P   THF
MURIDALE KLONDIKE 56T                 X-[CAN]M472866-        M     BSX       56   T   THF
MURIDALE KUJO 98W                     X-[CAN]M474394-        M     BSX       98   W   THF
MURIDALE LIGHTNING 65U                X-[CAN]M473720-        M     BSX       65   U   THF
MURIDALE LIMERICK 5S                  X-[CAN]M472860-        M     BSX        5   S   THF
MURIDALE MASTER 24M                   X-[CAN]M469925-        M     BSX       24   M   THF
MURIDALE MATT 74P                     X-[CAN]M471222-        M     BSX       74   P   THF
MURIDALE MOCHA 78U                    X-[CAN]M473725-        M     BSX       78   U   THF
MURIDALE MYTH BUSTER 29R              X-[CAN]M471507-        M     BSX       29   R   THF
MURIDALE PROFILE 11P                  X-[CAN]M471070-        M     BSX       11   P   THF
MURIDALE QUINCY 41R                   X-[CAN]M471504-        M     BSX       41   R   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
MURIDALE RED BULL 22S                   X-[CAN]M472382-       M     BSX      22   S   THF
MURIDALE RED COAL 67R                   X-[CAN]M471505-       M     BSX      67   R   THF
MURIDALE RETRO 96S                     -[CAN]M472865-         M     BSX      96   S   THF
MURIDALE ROBERT 35U                     X-[CAN]M473721-       M     BSX      35   U   THF
MURIDALE ROCKFORD 90P                   X-[CAN]M471223-       M     BSX      90   P   THF
MURIDALE SCOUT 68U                      X-[CAN]M473717-       M     BSX      68   U   THF
MURIDALE SEAL 23W                       X-[CAN]M474418-       M     BSX      23   W   THF
MURIDALE SEAL 64P                       X-[CAN]M471220-       M     BSX      64   P   THF
MURIDALE SEAL 87W                       X-[CAN]M474403-       M     BSX      87   W   THF
MURIDALE SHAMROCK 36R                   X-[CAN]M471503-       M     BSX      36   R   THF
MURIDALE SONALTA 71T                    X-[CAN]M472862-       M     BSX      71   T   THF
MURIDALE THOR 28T                       X-[CAN]M472859-       M     BSX      28   T   THF
MURIDALE TOUCHDOWN 63T                  X-[CAN]M473332-       M     BSX      63   T   THF
MURIDALE TRANSIT 26W                    X-[CAN]M474414-       M     BSX      26   W   THF
MURIDALE ULTIMA 1S                      X-[CAN]M472354-       M     BSX       1   S   THF
MURIDALE ULTIMA 83U                     X-[CAN]M473689-       M     BSX      83   U   THF
MURIDALE ULTIMATE 52S                   X-[CAN]M472861-       M     BSX      52   S   THF
MURIDALE ULTIMATE 62P                   X-[CAN]M471219-       M     BSX      62   P   THF
MURIDALE ULTRA 27W                      X-[CAN]M474492-       M     BSX      27   W   THF
MURIDALE VANTAGE 16W                    X-[CAN]M474412-       M     BSX      16   W   THF
MURIDALE VICTOR 41U                     X-[CAN]M473718-       M     BSX      41   U   THF
MURIDALE VOGEL 21W                      X-[CAN]M474395-       M     BSX      21   W   THF
MURIDALE WALLY 20T                      X-[CAN]M472858-       M     BSX      20   T   THF
MURIDALE WALTZ 68W                      X-[CAN]M474402-       M     BSX      68   W   THF
MURIDALE WASABI 66W                     X-[CAN]M474396-       M     BSX      66   W   THF
NICOL LARADO 3L                         X-[CAN]M469292-       M     BFN       3   L   THF
NJM RED KIWI 4M                         X-[CAN]*11114-        M     NJM       4   M   THF
NORTHERN LEGEND 3N                      X-[CAN]M470509-       M     HNC       3   N   THF
NORTHERN RAMBLER 9R                     X-[CAN]M471749-       M     HNC       9   R   THF
NORTHERN SUN 8S                         X-[CAN]M472120-       M     HNC       8   S   THF
NORTHERN WARLORD 4W                     X-[CAN]M474368-       M     HNC       4   W   THF
NORTHERN WELLINGTON 31W                 X-[CAN]M474366-       M     HNC      31   W   THF
NORTHERN WOODHAVEN 24W                  X-[CAN]M474365-       M     HNC      24   W   THF
OA DIAMOND BOMBER 42B                   X-M462337-            M     RNO      42   B   THC
PAINTEARTH BARNEY 32T                   X-[CAN]M472605-       M     HAS      32   T   THF
PAINTEARTH BART 9W                      X-[CAN]M474051-       M     HAS       9   W   THF
PAINTEARTH BUCKEYE 43P                 -[CAN]M470796-         M     HAS      43   P   THF
PAINTEARTH BUCKSHOT 28S                 X-[CAN]M471855-       M     HAS      28   S   THF
PAINTEARTH BUDDY 32U                   -[CAN]M473479-         M     HAS      32   U   THF
PAINTEARTH DYNAMITE 61U                 X-[CAN]M473408-       M     HAS      61   U   THF
PAINTEARTH EXCELSIOR 26N                X-[CAN]M470199-       M     HAS      26   N   THF
PAINTEARTH FRED 89T                     X-[CAN]M472603-       M     HAS      89   T   THC
PAINTEARTH GARY 9T                      X-[CAN]M472604-       M     HAS       9   T   THC
PAINTEARTH GENERAL 1U                   X-[CAN]M473402-       M     HAS       1   U   THF
PAINTEARTH GRAND FINALE 014S            X-[CAN]M471857-       M     HAS      14   S   THF
PAINTEARTH GRANDEUR 14S                 X-[CAN]M471856-       M     HAS      14   S   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
PAINTEARTH HARD CASE 2T                X-[CAN]M472609-       M     HAS        2   T   THF
PAINTEARTH HARD CASE 93U               X-[CAN]M473399-       M     HAS       93   U   THF
PAINTEARTH HARD ROCK 21P               X-[CAN]M470797-       M     HAS       21   P   THF
PAINTEARTH IMPULSE 48S                 X-[CAN]M471865-       M     HAS       48   S   THF
PAINTEARTH JACK 22T                    X-[CAN]M472602-       M     HAS       22   T   THF
PAINTEARTH JACKPOT 24S                 X-[CAN]M471869-       M     HAS       24   S   THF
PAINTEARTH JACKPOT 81S                 X-[CAN]M471863-       M     HAS       81   S   THF
PAINTEARTH MASTER PLAN 89S             X-[CAN]M471867-       M     HAS       89   S   THC
PAINTEARTH MO 67U                     -[CAN]M473407-         M     HAS       67   U   THF
PAINTEARTH MR CITATION 20P             X-[CAN]M470795-       M     HAS       20   P   THF
PAINTEARTH MR MAJESTIC 17U            -M457569-              M     HAS       17   U   THF
PAINTEARTH NAPOLEON 64S                X-[CAN]M471859-       M     HAS       64   S   THF
PAINTEARTH NELSON 16S                  X-[CAN]M471858-       M     HAS       16   S   THF
PAINTEARTH OUTBREAK 27S                X-[CAN]M471866-       M     HAS       27   S   THF
PAINTEARTH PADRE 97P                   X-[CAN]M470789-       M     HAS       97   P   THF
PAINTEARTH PRIME CUT 93N               X-[CAN]M470323-       M     HAS       93   N   THF
PAINTEARTH PRIME RIB 93R               X-[CAN]M471332-       M     HAS       93   R   THF
PAINTEARTH PRIME RIB 93S               X-[CAN]M471860-       M     HAS       93   S   THF
PAINTEARTH PROVIDER 43S                X-[CAN]M471862-       M     HAS       43   S   THF
PAINTEARTH RAMA 53U                    X-[CAN]M473406-       M     HAS       53   U   THF
PAINTEARTH RAMBLER 71U                 X-[CAN]M473401-       M     HAS       71   U   THF
PAINTEARTH RAMET 4U                    X-[CAN]M473403-       M     HAS        4   U   THF
PAINTEARTH RAMSHORN 21U                X-[CAN]M473404-       M     HAS       21   U   THF
PAINTEARTH REGAL LAD 28R               X-[CAN]M471331-       M     HAS       28   R   THF
PAINTEARTH ROCKER 4T                   X-[CAN]M472610-       M     HAS        4   T   THF
PAINTEARTH SOLUTION 9S                 X-[CAN]M471864-       M     HAS        9   S   THF
PAINTEARTH SUPER STORM 50W            -[CAN]M474207-         M     CHAD      50   W   THF
PAINTEARTH TOASTER 30T                 X-[CAN]M472611-       M     HAS       30   T   THF
PAINTEARTH TOTAL 100T                  X-[CAN]M472612-       M     HAS      100   T   THF
PAINTEARTH TROOPER 37T                 X-[CAN]M472606-       M     HAS       37   T   THF
PAINTEARTH VISION MAKER 10W            X-[CAN]M474064-       M     HAS       10   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WABASH 34W                  X-[CAN]M474062-       M     HAS       34   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WALLACE 28W                 X-[CAN]M474048-       M     HAS       28   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WALTER 58W                  X-[CAN]M474058-       M     HAS       58   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WARLOCK 25W                 X-[CAN]M474061-       M     HAS       25   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WARSAW 73W                  X-[CAN]M474060-       M     HAS       73   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WATERLOO 30R                X-[CAN]M471339-       M     HAS       30   R   THF
PAINTEARTH WATSON 40W                  X-[CAN]M474059-       M     HAS       40   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WEBSTER 27W                 X-[CAN]M474054-       M     HAS       27   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WESLEY 85W                  X-[CAN]M474052-       M     HAS       85   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WESTON 53W                  X-[CAN]M474063-       M     HAS       53   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WHISTLER 38W                X-[CAN]M474053-       M     HAS       38   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WICHITA 87W                 X-[CAN]M474056-       M     HAS       87   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WILLIE 15W                  X-[CAN]M474049-       M     HAS       15   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WILSON 93W                  X-[CAN]M474050-       M     HAS       93   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WINSTON 24W                 X-[CAN]M474057-       M     HAS       24   W   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
PAINTEARTH WOLFE 62W                    X-[CAN]M474055-       M     HAS       62   W   THF
PAINTEARTH WYOMING 57W                  X-[CAN]M474065-       M     HAS       57   W   THF
PARK LANE MAXIMUS 3M                    X-[CAN]M470076-       M     FJV        3   M   THF
PARK LANE RALPH 14S                     X-[CAN]M472464-       M     FJV       14   S   THF
PARK LANE RAY 14P                       X-[CAN]M471098-       M     FJV       14   P   THF
PL SOLID GOLD 3U                        X-[CAN]*16677-        M     PLF        3   U   THF
POPLAR LANE SHOCCWAVE 4N                X-[CAN]M470333-       M     PLF        4   N   THF
PRAIRIE PRIDE SIR HENRY 1U              X-[CAN]M473395-       M     PPJ        1   U   THF
PRAIRIE SKY PRIDE 1R                    X-[CAN]*14756-        M     CFB        1   R   THF
PROSPECT HILL 17T                      -[CAN]Z76011-          M     PHF       17   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL DEJA VU TORPEDO           X-[CAN]M473117-       M     PHF       21   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL GOLD UFFIAN 3U            X-[CAN]M473811-       M     PHF        3   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL H L RUFUS 5R              X-[CAN]M471714-       M     PHF        5   R   THF
PROSPECT HILL H L SHADOW 21S            X-[CAN]M472462-       M     PHF       21   S   THF
PROSPECT HILL H L SHAMROCK 1S           X-[CAN]M472459-       M     PHF        1   S   THF
PROSPECT HILL H L SUNDANCE 25S          X-[CAN]M472461-       M     PHF       25   S   THF
PROSPECT HILL HARD ROCK TARO            X-[CAN]M473114-       M     PHF       18   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL HL SURETHING 16S          X-[CAN]M472460-       M     PHF       16   S   THF
PROSPECT HILL ROMOND H.L. 32R           X-[CAN]M471713-       M     PHF       32   R   THF
PROSPECT HILL TAURUS 30T                X-[CAN]M473112-       M     PHF       30   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL TRUELOCK 9T               X-[CAN]M473098-       M     PHF        9   T   THF
PROSPECT HILL ULICK 27U                 X-[CAN]M473553-       M     PHF       27   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL ULTRA VISA 40U            X-[CAN]M473539-       M     PHF       40   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL ULTRABRIGHT 26U           X-[CAN]M473658-       M     PHF       26   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL ULYSSES 12U               X-[CAN]M473552-       M     PHF       12   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL UMAR 13U                  X-[CAN]M473537-       M     PHF       13   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL UNEQUALED 2U              X-[CAN]M473656-       M     PHF        2   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL URI 29U                   X-[CAN]M473543-       M     PHF       29   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL USHER 37U                 X-[CAN]M473554-       M     PHF       37   U   THF
PROSPECT HILL VISA'S MIRAGE 9M          X-[CAN]M469509-       M     PHF        9   M   THF
PROSPECT HILL WADE 42W                  X-[CAN]M474217-       M     PHF       42   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WAITE 34W                 X-[CAN]M474223-       M     PHF       34   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WAKEFIELD 5W              X-[CAN]M474227-       M     PHF        5   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WALKER 25W                X-[CAN]M474244-       M     PHF       25   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WESSEX 41W                X-[CAN]M474221-       M     PHF       41   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WESSON 27W                X-[CAN]M474243-       M     PHF       27   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WESTON 21W                X-[CAN]M474222-       M     PHF       21   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WINCHESTER 28W           -[CAN]M474220-         M     PHF       28   W   THF
PROSPECT HILL WINDSOR 13W               X-[CAN]M474245-       M     PHF       13   W   THC
PROSPECT HILL WYATT 22W                 X-[CAN]M474242-       M     PHF       22   W   THF
R K 22U                                 X-[CAN]M473409-       M     RKC       22   U   THF
R K NONSENSE 105N                       X-[CAN]*11846-        M     RKC      105   N   THF
R K SONNY 424R                          X-[CAN]*14527-        M     RKC      424   R   THF
RAFTER W EM MASTERPIECE 3W             -[CAN]M474288-         M     WIS        3   W   THF
RAFTER W P S FESTUS 1U                  X-[CAN]M473557-       M     WIS        1   U   THF
RAFTER W YOUNG BLOOD 1T                 X-[CAN]M473016-       M     WIS        1   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
RB RED RYDER 3RD                       X-[CAN]*9663-         M     LHJ      26   K   THF
RED ROSE 11W                           X-[CAN]Z98136-        M     MLM      11   W   THF
RED ROSE 16W                           X-[CAN]Z98132-        M     MLM      16   W   THF
RED ROSE 1N                            X-[CAN]Z44848-        M     MLM       1   N   THF
RED ROSE 4W                           -[CAN]Z98135-          M     MLM       4   W   THF
RED ROSE 8W                            X-[CAN]Z98133-        M     MLM       8   W   THF
RED ROSE AVIATOR VERNONLEE 15W         X-[CAN]*17498-        M     MLM      15   W   THF
RED ROSE BB RONALDO 1W                 X-[CAN]M474191-       M     MLM       1   W   THF
RED ROSE BUSTER BATES 11S              X-[CAN]M471896-       M     MLM      11   S   THF
RED ROSE BUSTER BROWN 1T               X-[CAN]M472677-       M     MLM       1   T   THF
RED ROSE BUSTER MCMAHON 1S             X-[CAN]M471940-       M     MLM       1   S   THF
RED ROSE BUSTER SOLOIST 12T            X-[CAN]*16088-        M     MLM      12   T   THF
RED ROSE D V DESANTOS 15T              X-[CAN]*16128-        M     MLM      15   T   THF
RED ROSE D V PREOCCUPIED 4T            X-[CAN]*16129-        M     MLM       4   T   THF
RED ROSE EQ SARGENT PEPPER 13W         X-[CAN]M474192-       M     MLM      13   W   THF
RED ROSE EQ WILLIAM 5W                 X-[CAN]*17598-        M     MLM       5   W   THF
RED ROSE EVEREST 20U                   X-[CAN]M473487-       M     MLM      20   U   THF
RED ROSE EVEREST 23P 14U               X-[CAN]*16790-        M     MLM      14   U   THF
RED ROSE EVEREST ON-TIME 16U           X-[CAN]*16791-        M     MLM      16   U   THF
RED ROSE G S CONDUCTOR 23R             X-[CAN]*14325-        M     MLM      23   R   THF
RED ROSE G S COUNT ON ME 3P            X-[CAN]*12969-        M     MLM       3   P   THF
RED ROSE GOLD SPEAR RUFFIAN            X-[CAN]M470834-       M     MLM      22   P   THF
RED ROSE M P DEMOCRAT 6R               X-[CAN]M471395-       M     MLM       6   R   THF
RED ROSE M P GHOSTRIDER 8R            -[CAN]*14337-          M     MLM       8   R   THF
RED ROSE MAVERICK ARNOLD 23S           X-[CAN]M471939-       M     MLM      23   S   THF
RED ROSE MAVERICK MCGAFFIN 6S          X-[CAN]M471937-       M     MLM       6   S   THF
RED ROSE PIONEER POSTMASTER 7W         X-[CAN]M474193-       M     MLM       7   W   THF
RED ROSE PIONEER ROAN LAD 10U          X-[CAN]M473488-       M     MLM      10   U   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN CRISIS 12S            X-[CAN]M471883-       M     MLM      12   S   THF
RED ROSE RUFFIAN PREMONITION 7         X-[CAN]*16089-        M     MLM       7   T   THF
RED ROSE SALUTE SINGLE-MALT 3U        -[CAN]AR16787-         M     MLM       3   U   THF
RED ROSE SHOSHONE BURGESS 1U           X-[CAN]M473654-       M     MLM       1   U   THF
RED ROSE STORM DAZZLER ANTON           X-[CAN]*11986-        M     MLM      11   N   THF
RED ROSE TRUE BLUE DYNAMO 6W           X-[CAN]*17494-        M     MLM       6   W   THF
RED ROSE TRUE BLUE REVOLUTION          X-[CAN]M472676-       M     MLM       2   T   THF
RED ROSE ULTIMATE CLIMAX 4S           -[CAN]M471895-         M     MLM       4   S   THF
RED ROSE ULTIMATE LEBOLD 18T           X-[CAN]M472675-       M     MLM      18   T   THF
RED ROSE VENTURE FIRST-CUT 2U         -[CAN]*16789-          M     MLM       2   U   THF
RED ROSE VENTURE FIRST-TIME 5U        -[CAN]*16788-          M     MLM       5   U   THF
RED ROSE VENTURE MURANO 14T            X-[CAN]*16127-        M     MLM      14   T   THF
RED ROSE VENTURE OFF-LIMITS 4U         X-[CAN]*16804-        M     MLM       4   U   THF
RENOSA HIGH STAKES 10L                 X-[CAN]M469168-       M     UIS      10   L   THF
RENOSA LUCKY STRIKE 2W                 X-[CAN]*17484-        M     UIS       2   W   THF
RENOSA LUCKY STRIKE 8W                 X-[CAN]*17481-        M     UIS       8   W   THF
RENOSA PRIDE 10S                       X-[CAN]M472065-       M     UIS      10   S   THF
RENOSA PRIDE 12N                      -[CAN]*12270-          M     UIS      12   N   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
RENOSA PRIDE 16P                        X-[CAN]*13158-        M     UIS      16   P   THF
RENOSA PRIDE 2L                         X-[CAN]*10142-        M     UIS       2   L   THF
RENOSA PRIDE 7P                         X-[CAN]*13161-        M     UIS       7   P   THF
RENOSA PRIDE 8S                        -[CAN]M472064-         M     UIS       8   S   THF
RENOSA PRIDE 9S                         X-[CAN]M472067-       M     UIS       9   S   THF
RENWICK MIST 11W                        X-[CAN]M474387-       M     OJR      11   W   THF
RENWICK MIST 12S                        X-[CAN]M471989-       M     OJR      12   S   THF
RENWICK MIST 14S                        X-[CAN]M471990-       M     OJR      14   S   THF
RENWICK MIST 15T                        X-[CAN]M472615-       M     OJR      15   T   THF
RENWICK MIST 17T                        X-[CAN]M472616-       M     OJR      17   T   THF
RENWICK MIST 18S                        X-[CAN]M471987-       M     OJR      18   S   THF
RENWICK MIST 18T                        X-[CAN]M472621-       M     OJR      18   T   THF
RENWICK MIST 19T                        X-[CAN]M472619-       M     OJR      19   T   THF
RENWICK MIST 1P                         X-[CAN]M470815-       M     OJR       1   P   THF
RENWICK MIST 23S                        X-[CAN]M471984-       M     OJR      23   S   THF
RENWICK MIST 24S                        X-[CAN]M471985-       M     OJR      24   S   THF
RENWICK MIST 2T                         X-[CAN]M472617-       M     OJR       2   T   THF
RENWICK MIST 2W                        -[CAN]M474507-         M     OJR       2   W   THF
RENWICK MIST 3U                         X-[CAN]M473617-       M     OJR       3   U   THF
RENWICK MIST 4S                         X-[CAN]M471991-       M     OJR       4   S   THF
RENWICK MIST 5T                         X-[CAN]M472620-       M     OJR       5   T   THF
RENWICK MIST 8S                         X-[CAN]M471981-       M     OJR       8   S   THF
RENWICK MIST 8T                         X-[CAN]M472614-       M     OJR       8   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE 11W                        -[CAN]Z99715-          M     JFO      11   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 15W                        -[CAN]Z99729-          M     JFO      15   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 18T                        -[CAN]Z75320-          M     JFO      18   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE 19W                        -[CAN]Z99709-          M     JFO      19   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 21S                        -[CAN]Z73188-          M     JFO      21   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE 22W                        -[CAN]Z99727-          M     JFO      22   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 27W                        -[CAN]Z99726-          M     JFO      27   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 29W                        -[CAN]Z99732-          M     JFO      29   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 33S                        -[CAN]Z73198-          M     JFO      33   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE 33W                        -[CAN]Z99710-          M     JFO      33   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 34W                        -[CAN]Z99708-          M     JFO      34   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 36W                        -[CAN]Z99707-          M     JFO      36   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 45S                        -[CAN]Z73180-          M     JFO      45   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE 46S                        -[CAN]Z73187-          M     JFO      46   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE 46T                        -[CAN]Z75299-          M     JFO      46   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE 4W                         -[CAN]Z99728-          M     JFO       4   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE 51T                        -[CAN]Z75297-          M     JFO      51   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE 5S                         -[CAN]Z73199-          M     JFO       5   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE 9W                         -[CAN]Z99722-          M     JFO       9   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE PAYOFF 1P                   X-[CAN]M471186-       M     JFO       1   P   THF
RIVER RIDGE RICO 39R                    X-[CAN]M471680-       M     JFO      39   R   THF
RIVER RIDGE SENATOR 4S                  X-[CAN]M472454-       M     JFO       4   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE SIGNET 36S                  X-[CAN]M472452-       M     JFO      36   S   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
RIVER RIDGE SONIC 50S                   X-[CAN]M472453-       M     JFO      50   S   THF
RIVER RIDGE TAZ 1T                      X-[CAN]M472918-       M     JFO       1   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE TEDDY 39T                   X-[CAN]M472921-       M     JFO      39   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE TOMMY 6T                    X-[CAN]M472922-       M     JFO       6   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE TRIBUNE 10T                 X-[CAN]M472919-       M     JFO      10   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE TRIUMPH 12T                 X-[CAN]M472916-       M     JFO      12   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE TRUMP 24T                   X-[CAN]M472920-       M     JFO      24   T   THF
RIVER RIDGE ULTRA 1U                    X-[CAN]M473900-       M     JFO       1   U   THF
RIVER RIDGE WALKER 14W                  X-[CAN]M474697-       M     JFO      14   W   THF
RIVER RIDGE WINNER 5W                   X-[CAN]M474696-       M     JFO       5   W   THF
ROCK HILL SPARTACUS 7S                  X-[CAN]M472091-       M     KM        7   S   THF
ROCKDELL 12W                           -[CAN]Z98106-          M     KTG      12   W   THF
ROCKDELL 17W                           -[CAN]Z98120-          M     KKC      17   W   THF
ROCKDELL 1W                            -[CAN]Z98126-          M     KKC       1   W   THF
ROCKDELL 23S                            X-[CAN]Z71541-        M     KTG      23   S   THF
ROCKDELL 24W                           -[CAN]Z98117-          M     KKC      24   W   THF
ROCKDELL 30W                           -[CAN]Z98104-          M     KTG      30   W   THF
ROCKDELL 31W                           -[CAN]Z98101-          M     KTG      31   W   THF
ROCKDELL 35S                            X-[CAN]Z71564-        M     KKC      35   S   THF
ROCKDELL 38W                           -[CAN]Z98112-          M     KKC      38   W   THF
ROCKDELL 42W                           -[CAN]Z98114-          M     KKC      42   W   THF
ROCKDELL 43W                           -[CAN]Z98115-          M     KKC      43   W   THF
ROCKDELL 46W                           -[CAN]Z98128-          M     KKC      46   W   THF
ROCKDELL 47S                            X-[CAN]Z71566-        M     KKC      47   S   THF
ROCKDELL 49W                           -[CAN]Z98130-          M     KKC      49   W   THF
ROCKDELL 51W                           -[CAN]Z98109-          M     KKC      51   W   THF
ROCKDELL 53W                           -[CAN]Z98107-          M     KKC      53   W   THF
ROCKDELL 56W                           -[CAN]Z98125-          M     KKC      56   W   THF
ROCKDELL 58W                           -[CAN]Z98108-          M     KKC      58   W   THF
ROCKDELL 5W                            -[CAN]Z98121-          M     KKC       5   W   THF
ROCKDELL 7W                             X-[CAN]Z98124-        M     KKC       7   W   THF
ROCKDELL 8S                            -[CAN]Z71567-          M     KKC       8   S   THF
ROCKDELL 9W                            -[CAN]Z98122-          M     KKC       9   W   THF
ROCKDELL LINCOLN 14S                    X-[CAN]M472010-       M     KKC      14   S   THF
ROCKDELL NETWORK 20W                    X-[CAN]M474190-       M     KKC      20   W   THF
ROCKDELL NETWORK 48W                    X-[CAN]M474188-       M     KKC      48   W   THF
ROCKDELL NEUTRON 41S                    X-[CAN]*15473-        M     KKC      41   S   THF
ROCKDELL PADRE 12T                      X-[CAN]M472789-       M     KKC      12   T   THF
ROCKDELL PADRE 15U                      X-[CAN]M473540-       M     KKC      15   U   THF
ROCKDELL PADRE 23U                      X-[CAN]M473511-       M     KKC      23   U   THF
ROCKDELL PADRE 35T                      X-[CAN]M472790-       M     KKC      35   T   THC
ROCKDELL PADRE 3W                       X-[CAN]M474189-       M     KKC       3   W   THF
ROCKDELL PADRE 4U                       X-[CAN]M473510-       M     KKC       4   U   THF
ROCKDELL PADRE 50T                      X-[CAN]M473261-       M     KTG      50   T   THF
ROCKDELL PADRE 7S                       X-[CAN]M472011-       M     KKC       7   S   THF
ROCKDELL PRESCOTT 23R                   X-[CAN]*14454-        M     KKC      23   R   THC
                   Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                 Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
ROCKDELL PRESCOTT 35P                 X-[CAN]M470953-       M     KKC       35   P   THC
ROCKDELL PRIDE 13S                    X-[CAN]M472009-       M     KKC       13   S   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 18T                    X-[CAN]M472796-       M     KKC       18   T   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 20R                    X-[CAN]*14574-        M     KKC       20   R   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 22S                    X-[CAN]M472008-       M     KKC       22   S   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 2R                     X-[CAN]*14451-        M     KKC        2   R   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 30R                    X-[CAN]*14471-        M     KKC       30   R   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 33T                    X-[CAN]M472797-       M     KKC       33   T   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 38P                    X-[CAN]*13217-        M     KKC       38   P   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 39P                    X-[CAN]*13215-        M     KKC       39   P   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 50K                    X-[CAN]*9236-         M     KKC       50   K   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 5R                     X-[CAN]*14449-        M     KKC        5   R   THF
ROCKDELL PRIDE 73L                    X-[CAN]*10174-        M     KKC       73   L   THF
ROCKDELL RAMPAGE 6U                   X-[CAN]M473508-       M     KTG        6   U   THF
ROCKDELL SAWYER 48S                   X-[CAN]M472007-       M     KTG       48   S   THF
ROCKDELL ULTRA 22W                    X-[CAN]M474194-       M     KTG       22   W   THF
ROCKDELL VANDAL 2U                    X-[CAN]M473509-       M     KTG        2   U   THF
ROCKING L SPECTRUM 6W                 X-[CAN]M474681-       M     DL         6   W   THF
RORY O'MORE 30R                       X-[CAN]*15142-        M     XXY       30   R   THF
RT TROPHY 30T                         X-[CAN]M472941-       M     RNT       30   T   THF
SASKVALLEY 129S                      -[CAN]Z73750-          M     AEN      129   S   THF
SASKVALLEY 14S                        X-[CAN]Z73770-        M     AEN       14   S   THF
SASKVALLEY 179P                      -[CAN]Z49282-          M     AEN      179   P   THF
SASKVALLEY 17R                        X-[CAN]Z55646-        M     AEN       17   R   THF
SASKVALLEY 194S                       X-[CAN]Z73757-        M     AEN      194   S   THF
SASKVALLEY 209R                       X-[CAN]Z55644-        M     AEN      209   R   THF
SASKVALLEY 274S                       X-[CAN]Z73713-        M     AEN      274   S   THF
SASKVALLEY 280U                       X-[CAN]Z90134-        M     AEN      280   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 2U                         X-[CAN]Z90128-        M     AEN        2   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 320U                       X-[CAN]Z90133-        M     AEN      320   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 341U                       X-[CAN]Z90112-        M     AEN      341   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 406U                       X-[CAN]Z90148-        M     AEN      406   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 441S                       X-[CAN]Z73764-        M     AEN      441   S   THF
SASKVALLEY 470U                       X-[CAN]Z90150-        M     AEN      470   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 472U                       X-[CAN]Z90123-        M     AEN      472   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 475U                       X-[CAN]Z90145-        M     AEN      475   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 483S                       X-[CAN]Z73691-        M     AEN      483   S   THF
SASKVALLEY 484S                       X-[CAN]Z73749-        M     AEN      484   S   THF
SASKVALLEY 484U                       X-[CAN]Z90142-        M     AEN      484   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 523U                       X-[CAN]Z90132-        M     AEN      523   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 541U                       X-[CAN]Z90130-        M     AEN      541   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 545U                       X-[CAN]Z90151-        M     AEN      545   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 546U                       X-[CAN]Z90141-        M     AEN      546   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 56U                        X-[CAN]Z90146-        M     AEN       56   U   THF
SASKVALLEY 85U                        X-[CAN]Z90144-        M     AEN       85   U   THF
SASKVALLEY BONANZA 219M               X-[CAN]M469921-       M     AEN      219   M   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY BROADWAY 164L               X-[CAN]M469272-       M     AEN      164   L   THF
SASKVALLEY CADILLAC 20K                X-[CAN]M468702-       M     AEN       20   K   THF
SASKVALLEY CLYDE 12E                  -M465368-              M     AEN       12   E   THF
SASKVALLEY DESIGN 34M                  X-[CAN]M469922-       M     AEN       34   M   THF
SASKVALLEY DUKE 40R                    X-M455175-            M     AEN       40   R   THF
SASKVALLEY DYNAMO 34K                  X-[CAN]M468703-       M     AEN       34   K   THF
SASKVALLEY GOVERNOR 15L                X-[CAN]M469297-       M     AEN       15   L   THF
SASKVALLEY HEAT 345P                   X-[CAN]M471042-       M     AEN      345   P   THF
SASKVALLEY HOTSHOT 161P                X-[CAN]M471033-       M     AEN      161   P   THF
SASKVALLEY JACKPOT 72L                -[CAN]M469289-         M     AEN       72   L   THF
SASKVALLEY JUMBO 24M                   X-[CAN]M469904-       M     AEN       24   M   THF
SASKVALLEY KINGPIN 242P                X-[CAN]M471019-       M     AEN      242   P   THF
SASKVALLEY NASA 113N                   X-[CAN]M470581-       M     AEN      113   N   THF
SASKVALLEY NAVAJO 153M                 X-[CAN]M469899-       M     AEN      153   M   THF
SASKVALLEY NEW LINE 253N               X-[CAN]M470596-       M     AEN      253   N   THF
SASKVALLEY NEXT ONE 329N               X-[CAN]M470593-       M     AEN      329   N   THF
SASKVALLEY NIXON 223N                  X-[CAN]M470595-       M     AEN      223   N   THF
SASKVALLEY NUGGET 267N                 X-[CAN]M470594-       M     AEN      267   N   THF
SASKVALLEY PATRIOT 188P                X-[CAN]M471051-       M     AEN      188   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PHANTOM 15P                 X-[CAN]*13529-        M     AEN       15   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PIONEER 126P                X-[CAN]M471053-       M     AEN      126   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PISTON 186P                 X-[CAN]M471026-       M     AEN      186   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PLATINUM 184P               X-[CAN]M471031-       M     AEN      184   P   THF
SASKVALLEY POWER 215P                  X-[CAN]M471044-       M     AEN      215   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PRESTIGE 1P                 X-[CAN]M471057-       M     AEN        1   P   THF
SASKVALLEY PRIMO 40P                   X-[CAN]M471022-       M     AEN       40   P   THF
SASKVALLEY RADAR 88R                  -[CAN]M471811-         M     AEN       88   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RADICAL 394R                X-[CAN]M471792-       M     AEN      394   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAMBLER 98R                 X-[CAN]M471810-       M     AEN       98   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAMROD 155R                 X-[CAN]M471806-       M     AEN      155   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RANGER 374R                 X-[CAN]M471789-       M     AEN      374   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RANSOM 229R                 X-[CAN]M471799-       M     AEN      229   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RASCAL 205R                 X-[CAN]M471800-       M     AEN      205   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RASPUTIN 185R               X-[CAN]M471795-       M     AEN      185   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RATTLER 318R                X-[CAN]M471803-       M     AEN      318   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RAWHIDE 68R                 X-[CAN]M471805-       M     AEN       68   R   THF
SASKVALLEY REBATE 7R                  -[CAN]M471814-         M     AEN        7   R   THF
SASKVALLEY REBEL 173R                  X-[CAN]M472528-       M     AEN      173   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RECKLESS 139R               X-[CAN]M471812-       M     AEN      139   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RECOIL 99R                  X-[CAN]M471813-       M     AEN       99   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RECRUIT 243R                X-[CAN]M471802-       M     AEN      243   R   THF
SASKVALLEY REGAL 76R                   X-[CAN]M471804-       M     AEN       76   R   THF
SASKVALLEY REVENUE 378R                X-[CAN]M471808-       M     AEN      378   R   THF
SASKVALLEY REVOLUTION 330P             X-[CAN]M471021-       M     AEN      330   P   THF
SASKVALLEY REWARD 198R                 X-[CAN]M471809-       M     AEN      198   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RIPPER 260R                 X-[CAN]M471793-       M     AEN      260   R   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY ROCKET 309R                X-[CAN]M471796-        M     AEN      309   R   THC
SASKVALLEY RODEO 334R                 X-[CAN]M471801-        M     AEN      334   R   THF
SASKVALLEY ROGUE 122R                 X-[CAN]M471807-        M     AEN      122   R   THF
SASKVALLEY ROOSTER 114M               X-[CAN]M469917-        M     AEN      114   M   THF
SASKVALLEY ROUGHNECK 154R             X-[CAN]M471791-        M     AEN      154   R   THF
SASKVALLEY ROYAL 40R                  X-[CAN]M471798-        M     AEN       40   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RUMBLE 305R                X-[CAN]M471797-        M     AEN      305   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RUSTLER 287R               X-[CAN]M471794-        M     AEN      287   R   THF
SASKVALLEY RUTHLESS 308R              X-[CAN]M471788-        M     AEN      308   R   THF
SASKVALLEY SAFARI 449S                X-[CAN]M472522-        M     AEN      449   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SAVAGE 245S                X-[CAN]M472525-        M     AEN      245   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SCOTSMAN 366S              X-[CAN]M472540-        M     AEN      366   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SCOUNDREL 2S               X-[CAN]M472556-        M     AEN        2   S   THC
SASKVALLEY SCOUT 39S                  X-[CAN]M472550-        M     AEN       39   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SELECT 220S                X-[CAN]M472521-        M     AEN      220   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SENATOR 94S                X-[CAN]M472546-        M     AEN       94   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SENTRY 246S                X-[CAN]M472545-        M     AEN      246   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SEQUEL 59S                 X-[CAN]M472530-        M     AEN       59   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SERGEANT 407S              X-[CAN]M472529-        M     AEN      407   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SHADOW 319S                X-[CAN]M472532-        M     AEN      319   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SHADOW 320S                X-[CAN]M472544-        M     AEN      320   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SHAMELESS 228S             X-[CAN]M472531-        M     AEN      228   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SHERIFF 46S                X-[CAN]M472538-        M     AEN       46   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SHOTGUN 144S               X-[CAN]M472548-        M     AEN      144   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SHOWDOWN 377S              X-[CAN]M472541-        M     AEN      377   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SIGNAL 462S                X-[CAN]M472535-        M     AEN      462   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SILVER 51M                 X-[CAN]M469915-        M     AEN       51   M   THF
SASKVALLEY SKIRMISH 227S              X-[CAN]M472553-        M     AEN      227   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SOLO 188S                  X-[CAN]M472524-        M     AEN      188   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SPLENDID 146S              X-[CAN]M472534-        M     AEN      146   S   THF
SASKVALLEY STAKEHOLDER 204S           X-[CAN]M472527-        M     AEN      204   S   THF
SASKVALLEY STALWART 219S              X-[CAN]M472533-        M     AEN      219   S   THF
SASKVALLEY STAMPEDE 128S              X-[CAN]M472539-        M     AEN      128   S   THF
SASKVALLEY STANDARD 231S              X-[CAN]M472519-        M     AEN      231   S   THF
SASKVALLEY STEER 211R                 X-[CAN]Z55686-         M     AEN      211   R   THF
SASKVALLEY STEER 349R                 X-[CAN]Z55660-         M     AEN      349   R   THF
SASKVALLEY STEER 370R                 X-[CAN]Z55648-         M     AEN      370   R   THF
SASKVALLEY STEER 58R                  X-[CAN]Z55653-         M     AEN       58   R   THF
SASKVALLEY STEWARD 293S               X-[CAN]M472543-        M     AEN      293   S   THF
SASKVALLEY STOCKMAN 454S              X-[CAN]M472536-        M     AEN      454   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SUCCESS 334S               X-[CAN]M472537-        M     AEN      334   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SULTAN 119S                X-[CAN]M472547-        M     AEN      119   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SUPERB 185S                X-[CAN]M472520-        M     AEN      185   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SUPREME 232S               X-[CAN]M472526-        M     AEN      232   S   THF
SASKVALLEY SYMBOL 294S                X-[CAN]M472551-        M     AEN      294   S   THF
SASKVALLEY TACO 14T                   X-[CAN]M473037-        M     AEN       14   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY TAILGATE 107T              X-[CAN]M473044-        M     AEN      107   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TALENT 374T                X-[CAN]M473031-        M     AEN      374   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TALON 50T                  X-[CAN]M473038-        M     AEN       50   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TAMALE 15T                 X-[CAN]M473027-        M     AEN       15   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TAMARACK 407T              X-[CAN]M473042-        M     AEN      407   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TANDEM 34T                 X-[CAN]M473045-        M     AEN       34   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TANGO 225T                 X-[CAN]M473049-        M     AEN      225   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TANK 292T                  X-[CAN]M473043-        M     AEN      292   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TANKARD 186T               X-[CAN]M473034-        M     AEN      186   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TARGET 476T                X-[CAN]M473066-        M     AEN      476   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TARIFF 461T                X-[CAN]M473026-        M     AEN      461   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TARMAC 291T                X-[CAN]M473053-        M     AEN      291   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TASK FORCE 105T            X-[CAN]M473032-        M     AEN      105   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TASKMASTER 378T            X-[CAN]M473030-        M     AEN      378   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TATTOO 425T                X-[CAN]M473056-        M     AEN      425   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TAURUS 90T                 X-[CAN]M473055-        M     AEN       90   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TEAMSTER 112T              X-[CAN]M473062-        M     AEN      112   T   THF
SASKVALLEY THUNDER 405T               X-[CAN]M473057-        M     AEN      405   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TIMBER 304T                X-[CAN]M473067-        M     AEN      304   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TIMELESS 150T              X-[CAN]M473048-        M     AEN      150   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TINGLE 324T                X-[CAN]M473035-        M     AEN      324   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TITAN 52T                  X-[CAN]M473061-        M     AEN       52   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TITANIC 18T                X-[CAN]M473029-        M     AEN       18   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TOKEN 398T                 X-[CAN]M473040-        M     AEN      398   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TOM CAT 441T               X-[CAN]M473064-        M     AEN      441   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TOMCAT 155P                X-[CAN]M471024-        M     AEN      155   P   THF
SASKVALLEY TOPDOG 436T                X-[CAN]M473065-        M     AEN      436   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TORNADO 252L               X-[CAN]M469263-        M     AEN      252   L   THF
SASKVALLEY TORNADO 252T               X-[CAN]M473058-        M     AEN      252   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TORPEDO 462T               X-[CAN]M473072-        M     AEN      462   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TRACER 17T                 X-[CAN]M473054-        M     AEN       17   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TRADEMARK 65T              X-[CAN]M473073-        M     AEN       65   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TRADITION 106T             X-[CAN]M473051-        M     AEN      106   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TRANSPORT 399T             X-[CAN]M473052-        M     AEN      399   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TRAPPER 166T               X-[CAN]M473076-        M     AEN      166   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TRIBUNE 81T                X-[CAN]M473036-        M     AEN       81   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TRIUMPH 403T               X-[CAN]M473070-        M     AEN      403   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TROOPER 397T               X-[CAN]M473074-        M     AEN      397   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TROUBLE 234T               X-[CAN]M473078-        M     AEN      234   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TUDOR 346T                 X-[CAN]M473059-        M     AEN      346   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TUGBOAT 152T               X-[CAN]M473063-        M     AEN      152   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TUNGSTEN 471T              X-[CAN]M473046-        M     AEN      471   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TURBO 187T                 X-[CAN]M473069-        M     AEN      187   T   THF
SASKVALLEY TYCOON 275T                X-[CAN]M473060-        M     AEN      275   T   THF
SASKVALLEY ULLYSSES 299U              X-[CAN]M473944-        M     AEN      299   U   THF
SASKVALLEY ULTIMATE 377U              X-[CAN]M473946-        M     AEN      377   U   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY ULTRA 12J                   X-[CAN]M468295-       M     AEN       12   J   THF
SASKVALLEY UNCLE SAM 502U              X-[CAN]M473947-       M     AEN      502   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNCONDITIONAL 216U          X-[CAN]M473939-       M     AEN      216   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNDERCOVER 366U             X-[CAN]M473934-       M     AEN      366   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNDERDOG 531U               X-[CAN]M473980-       M     AEN      531   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNICORN 150U                X-[CAN]M473933-       M     AEN      150   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNIQUE 335U                 X-[CAN]M473935-       M     AEN      335   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNIVERSAL 194U              X-[CAN]M473949-       M     AEN      194   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNLIKELY 463U               X-[CAN]M473942-       M     AEN      463   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNLIMITED 348U              X-[CAN]M473950-       M     AEN      348   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UNREAL 458U                 X-[CAN]M473940-       M     AEN      458   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UPTOWN 89U                  X-[CAN]M473932-       M     AEN       89   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UTOPIA 338U                 X-[CAN]M474047-       M     AEN      338   U   THF
SASKVALLEY UTOPIA 528U                 X-[CAN]M473982-       M     AEN      528   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VAGABOND 5U                 X-[CAN]M473958-       M     AEN        5   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VAGRANT 168U                X-[CAN]M473938-       M     AEN      168   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VALID 449U                  X-[CAN]M473956-       M     AEN      449   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VALOR 145U                  X-[CAN]M473945-       M     AEN      145   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VANGUARD 115U               X-[CAN]M473943-       M     AEN      115   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VAQUERO 401U                X-[CAN]M473960-       M     AEN      401   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VARMINT 173U                X-[CAN]M473959-       M     AEN      173   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VARSITY 533U                X-[CAN]M473962-       M     AEN      533   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VENTURE 462U                X-[CAN]M473951-       M     AEN      462   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VERDICT 413U                X-[CAN]M473961-       M     AEN      413   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VERDICT 513U                X-[CAN]M473952-       M     AEN      513   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VETERAN 529U                X-[CAN]M473981-       M     AEN      529   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VICE 400U                   X-[CAN]M473937-       M     AEN      400   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VICTOR 27U                  X-[CAN]M473954-       M     AEN       27   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VIGILANTE 28U               X-[CAN]M473931-       M     AEN       28   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VILLAIN 55U                 X-[CAN]M473948-       M     AEN       55   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VIPER 326U                  X-[CAN]M473936-       M     AEN      326   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VISION 535U                 X-[CAN]M473984-       M     AEN      535   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VLADIMIR 298U               X-[CAN]M473953-       M     AEN      298   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VOLCANO 57U                 X-[CAN]M473941-       M     AEN       57   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VOODOO 84U                  X-[CAN]*17178-        M     AEN       84   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VOYAGEUR 213U               X-[CAN]M473963-       M     AEN      213   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VULCAN 329U                 X-[CAN]M473955-       M     AEN      329   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VULTURE 281U                X-[CAN]M474046-       M     AEN      281   U   THF
SASKVALLEY VULTURE 496U                X-[CAN]M473983-       M     AEN      496   U   THF
SASKVALLEY WABASH 324W                 X-[CAN]M474711-       M     AEN      324   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WALL STREET 4W             -[CAN]M474724-         M     AEN        4   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WALLACE 108W                X-[CAN]M474721-       M     AEN      108   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WALLOP 397W                 X-[CAN]M474714-       M     AEN      397   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WALRUS 362W                 X-[CAN]M474734-       M     AEN      362   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WALTON 109W                 X-[CAN]M474735-       M     AEN      109   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WAMPUM 254W                 X-[CAN]M474712-       M     AEN      254   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SASKVALLEY WANDERER 222W               X-[CAN]M474726-       M     AEN      222   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WARDEN 5W                   X-[CAN]M474725-       M     AEN        5   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WARRANT 269W                X-[CAN]M474720-       M     AEN      269   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WARRIOR 20W                 X-[CAN]M474713-       M     AEN       20   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WATCHMAN 94W                X-[CAN]M474731-       M     AEN       94   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WATERLOO 225W               X-[CAN]M474729-       M     AEN      225   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WAVE 274W                   X-[CAN]M474733-       M     AEN      274   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WELLINGTON 307W             X-[CAN]M474727-       M     AEN      307   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WHITEWASH 152W              X-[CAN]M474718-       M     AEN      152   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WHOLESALE 114W              X-[CAN]M474728-       M     AEN      114   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WILDERNESS 54W              X-[CAN]M474732-       M     AEN       54   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WILSON 347W                 X-[CAN]M474715-       M     AEN      347   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WINCHESTER 113W             X-[CAN]M474730-       M     AEN      113   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WINDSOR 406W               -[CAN]M474716-         M     AEN      406   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WONDERFUL 3W                X-[CAN]M474723-       M     AEN        3   W   THF
SASKVALLEY WRANGLER 220W               X-[CAN]M474719-       M     AEN      220   W   THF
SCOTSDALE 19N                          X-[CAN]Z44387-        M     FW        19   N   THF
SCOTSDALE BERNARD JAMES 18J            X-[CAN]M467977-       M     FW        18   J   THF
SCOTSDALE BLUE BARON 15S               X-[CAN]*15330-        M     FW        15   S   THF
SCOTSDALE PRESCOTT 9K                  X-[CAN]M468351-       M     FW         9   K   THC
SCOTSDALE ROBERTSON 20L                X-[CAN]*9966-         M     FW        20   L   THF
SCOTSDALE ROLLO 5L                     X-[CAN]AR9960-        M     FW         5   L   THF
SCOTSDALE TONY 22N                     X-[CAN]*11767-        M     FW        22   N   THF
SCOTSDALE TYLER 7N                     X-[CAN]*11768-        M     FW         7   N   THF
SCOTSDALE TYSON 5N                     X-[CAN]*11772-        M     FW         5   N   THF
SCOTSDALE WALKER 9R                    X-[CAN]*14172-        M     FW         9   R   THF
SCOTSDALE WARNER 2R                    X-[CAN]M471369-       M     FW         2   R   THF
SCOTSDALE WINSTON 5R                   X-[CAN]M471370-       M     FW         5   R   THF
SDTRK GIBSON'S FINEST 20U              X-[CAN]*16938-        M     SDTK      20   U   THF
SDTRK H.D. 01T                         X-[CAN]*16185-        M     SDTK       1   T   THF
SDTRK M.V.P. 03T                       X-[CAN]*16114-        M     SDTK       3   T   THF
SDTRK MATCHMAKER 06W                   X-[CAN]*17523-        M     SDTK       6   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO GRINGO 9L                    X-[CAN]M468847-       M     SS         9   L   THC
SEMIAHMOO PRINCE 13P                   X-[CAN]M470810-       M     SS        13   P   THF
SEMIAHMOO REGIS 13R                    X-[CAN]M471523-       M     SS        13   R   THF
SEMIAHMOO SATCHMO 17S                  X-[CAN]M471926-       M     SS        17   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO SENOR 1S                    -[CAN]M471928-         M     SS         1   S   THC
SEMIAHMOO SEVEN 7S                     X-[CAN]*15347-        M     SS         7   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO SPICY 10S                    X-[CAN]M471929-       M     SS        10   S   THC
SEMIAHMOO SPUTNIK 16S                  X-[CAN]M471880-       M     SS        16   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO SULTAN 12S                   X-[CAN]M471927-       M     SS        12   S   THF
SEMIAHMOO TACO 5T                     -[CAN]M472689-         M     SS         5   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TAM O'SHANTER 2T            -[CAN]M472688-         M     SS         2   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TEXAS 13T                   -[CAN]M472647-         M     SS        13   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TIMBER 17T                   X-[CAN]M472649-       M     SS        17   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TITUS 11T                    X-[CAN]M472650-       M     SS        11   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
SEMIAHMOO TOBY 14T                     X-[CAN]M472648-       M     SS       14   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TONTO 1T                     X-[CAN]*16046-        M     SS        1   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TORO 8T                     -[CAN]*16045-          M     SS        8   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TROY 16T                     X-[CAN]M472646-       M     SS       16   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO TURBO 10T                    X-[CAN]*16044-        M     SS       10   T   THF
SEMIAHMOO UBER 11U                    -[CAN]*16687-          M     SS       11   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO UBETCHA 5U                   X-[CAN]*16686-        M     SS        5   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO ULYSSES 9U                   X-[CAN]*16690-        M     SS        9   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO UNCLE SAM 7U                 X-[CAN]*16729-        M     SS        7   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO UNITED 16U                   X-[CAN]M473389-       M     SS       16   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO UPGRADE 6U                   X-[CAN]M473420-       M     SS        6   U   THF
SEMIAHMOO WADE 15W                     X-[CAN]*17319-        M     SS       15   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WALKER 6W                   -[CAN]*17321-          M     SS        6   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WALT 9W                     -[CAN]*17326-          M     SS        9   W   THC
SEMIAHMOO WEBSTER 16W                  X-[CAN]*17329-        M     SS       16   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WESTON 14W                   X-[CAN]*17328-        M     SS       14   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WILEY 1W                     X-[CAN]M474116-       M     SS        1   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WILLY 13W                    X-[CAN]*17324-        M     SS       13   W   THC
SEMIAHMOO WINSTON 3W                  -[CAN]M474117-         M     SS        3   W   THF
SEMIAHMOO WYATT 12W                    X-[CAN]*17323-        M     SS       12   W   THF
SHADYBROOK ALEXANDER 69R               X-[CAN]*14865-        M     MAX      69   R   THF
SHADYBROOK ANCHOR 26N                  X-[CAN]*11900-        M     MAX      26   N   THF
SHADYBROOK BUCKEYE 77R                 X-[CAN]M471628-       M     MAX      77   R   THF
SHADYBROOK BUCKY 31H                   X-[CAN]*7396-         M     MAX      31   H   THF
SHADYBROOK CENTURION 18L               X-[CAN]*9897-         M     MAX      18   L   THC
SHADYBROOK DISTINCTION 46U             X-[CAN]M473892-       M     MAX      46   U   THF
SHADYBROOK DREAMER 2H                  X-[CAN]M467112-       M     MAX       2   H   THF
SHADYBROOK EAGLE DRIVE 16R             X-[CAN]*14894-        M     MAX      16   R   THF
SHADYBROOK EASTWOOD 89P                X-[CAN]*13360-        M     MAX      89   P   THF
SHADYBROOK ELDORADO 43R                X-[CAN]*14904-        M     MAX      43   R   THC
SHADYBROOK EMPEROR 28S                 X-[CAN]M472003-       M     MAX      28   S   THF
SHADYBROOK FRONTIER 17R                X-[CAN]M471416-       M     MAX      17   R   THC
SHADYBROOK FRONTIER 37S               -[CAN]M472467-         M     MAX      37   S   THF
SHADYBROOK GRIDIRON 13T                X-[CAN]*16298-        M     MAX      13   T   THF
SHADYBROOK INDY 21U                    X-[CAN]*16763-        M     MAX      21   U   THF
SHADYBROOK IROC 69T                    X-[CAN]*16642-        M     MAX      69   T   THF
SHADYBROOK IROC 87S                   -[CAN]*15555-          M     MAX      87   S   THF
SHADYBROOK IRONMAN 13W                 X-[CAN]*17811-        M     MAX      13   W   THF
SHADYBROOK IZZY 45W                   -[CAN]*17350-          M     MAX      45   W   THF
SHADYBROOK JA CANADIAN GOLD 26         X-[CAN]M472715-       M     MAX      26   T   THF
SHADYBROOK JACK 11H                    X-[CAN]*6924-         M     MAX      11   H   THF
SHADYBROOK LAKOTA 11W                  X-[CAN]*17813-        M     MAX      11   W   THF
SHADYBROOK LANDSTAR 59T                X-[CAN]M473275-       M     MAX      59   T   THF
SHADYBROOK LAST CHANCE 70S             X-[CAN]*15554-        M     MAX      70   S   THF
SHADYBROOK LEUTENANT 72S               X-[CAN]*15913-        M     MAX      72   S   THF
SHADYBROOK LEXUS 10T                  -[CAN]*16292-          M     MAX      10   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo            TH Result
SHADYBROOK LIMITED 8W                  X-[CAN]*17812-        M     MAX       8   W   THF
SHADYBROOK LIMITED EDITION 4T          X-[CAN]*16099-        M     MAX       4   T   THF
SHADYBROOK LINEMAN 64S                 X-[CAN]*15905-        M     MAX      64   S   THF
SHADYBROOK LION HEART 40N              X-[CAN]*12284-        M     MAX      40   N   THF
SHADYBROOK MACK 74R                    X-[CAN]*14882-        M     MAX      74   R   THF
SHADYBROOK MAGISTRATE 23R              X-[CAN]*14880-        M     MAX      23   R   THC
SHADYBROOK MAGNITUDE 85T               X-[CAN]M472694-       M     MAX      85   T   THF
SHADYBROOK MAGNUM 7R                   X-[CAN]*14344-        M     MAX       7   R   THC
SHADYBROOK MATRIX 55P                  X-[CAN]*13526-        M     MAX      55   P   THF
SHADYBROOK MESSIER 49R                 X-[CAN]*14898-        M     MAX      49   R   THF
SHADYBROOK MILLENNIUM 16K              X-[CAN]*8679-         M     MAX      16   K   THF
SHADYBROOK OPTIMUM 75F                 X-*4863-              M     MAX      75   F   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECTION 35S              X-[CAN]*15441-        M     MAX      35   S   THF
SHADYBROOK PERFECTION 87R             -[CAN]*14891-          M     MAX      87   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PILLAR 81N                  X-[CAN]M470541-       M     MAX      81   N   THF
SHADYBROOK POINTER 46R                 X-[CAN]*14874-        M     MAX      46   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PRECISION 13R               X-[CAN]*14343-        M     MAX      13   R   THF
SHADYBROOK PROSTAR 46W                 X-[CAN]*17821-        M     MAX      46   W   THF
SHADYBROOK QUATTRO 48T                 X-[CAN]M473274-       M     MAX      48   T   THF
SHADYBROOK RENEGADE 97S                X-[CAN]*15570-        M     MAX      97   S   THF
SHADYBROOK ROYAL MARC 32H              X-[CAN]M467113-       M     MAX      32   H   THC
SHADYBROOK SCOTTY 83K                  X-[CAN]M468361-       M     MAX      83   K   THF
SHADYBROOK SENTINEL 82P                X-[CAN]M471017-       M     MAX      82   P   THF
SHADYBROOK SOLEDAD 30T                -[CAN]AR16156-         M     MAX      30   T   THF
SHADYBROOK VALENTINO 2W                X-[CAN]*17347-        M     MAX       2   W   THF
SHADYBROOK VALIDATION 9U               X-[CAN]AR16760-       M     MAX       9   U   THF
SHADYBROOK VIP 56U                     X-[CAN]*16768-        M     MAX      56   U   THF
SHADYBROOK WESTWIND 37P                X-[CAN]M471018-       M     MAX      37   P   THF
SHADYBROOK WHITE GOLD 73W              X-[CAN]M474679-       M     MAX      73   W   THF
SHAROM RED TORNADO 5T                 -[CAN]M472693-         M     STB       5   T   THF
SHAROM SENATOR 77S                     X-[CAN]M471853-       M     STB      77   S   THF
SHAROM STORMFRONT 81S                 -[CAN]M471852-         M     STB      81   S   THF
SHAROM TUCKER 12T                      X-[CAN]M472690-       M     STB      12   T   THF
SHAROM UNIVERSAL 88U                   X-[CAN]*17092-        M     STB      88   U   THF
SHAROM URANIUM 38U                     X-[CAN]M473675-       M     STB      38   U   THF
SHAROM WAR PAINT 31W                   X-[CAN]M474612-       M     STB      31   W   THF
SHAROM WINDAGO 12W                    -[CAN]M474611-         M     STB      12   W   THF
SHAROM WOLVERINE 38W                   X-[CAN]M474613-       M     STB      38   W   THF
SILVERWILLOW MONTY CORY 4S             X-[CAN]M471972-       M     CEL       4   S   THF
SILVERWILLOW NORTHERN DAN 1R           X-[CAN]M471846-       M     CEL       1   R   THF
SILVERWILLOW SOLUTION FANCY 2U         X-[CAN]M473600-       M     CEL       2   U   THF
SILVERWILLOW TRANS JAKE 29W            X-[CAN]*17733-        M     CEL      29   W   THF
SILVERWILLOW TRANS M CORY 9W           X-[CAN]*17730-        M     CEL       9   W   THF
SIX S PANTHER 35P                      X-[CAN]M470981-       M     SCD      35   P   THF
SIX S PHANTOM 66P                      X-[CAN]M471439-       M     RCS      66   P   THC
SIX S RANGER 12R                       X-[CAN]M471845-       M     SCD      12   R   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
SIX S ROCKY 13R                         X-[CAN]*15278-        M     SCD       13   R   THF
SIX S SAMSON 25S                        X-[CAN]M472301-       M     SCD       25   S   THF
SIX S SLAMMER 37S                       X-[CAN]M472302-       M     SCD       37   S   THF
SIX S TELSTAR 17T                       X-[CAN]M473128-       M     RCS       17   T   THF
SIX S TELSTAR 48T                       X-[CAN]M473124-       M     RCS       48   T   THC
SIX S TERRIFIC 52T                      X-[CAN]M473125-       M     RCS       52   T   THF
SIX S THOR 13T                          X-[CAN]M473134-       M     SCD       13   T   THC
SIX S THUNDER 25T                       X-[CAN]M473131-       M     SCD       25   T   THF
SIX S TITAN 16T                        -[CAN]M473127-         M     RCS       16   T   THF
SIX S TOMCAT 41T                       -[CAN]M473121-         M     RCS       41   T   THF
SIX S TOMMY 47T                         X-[CAN]M473123-       M     RCS       47   T   THC
SIX S TOPFLITE 29T                      X-[CAN]M473132-       M     SCD       29   T   THF
SIX S TOPGUN 19T                        X-[CAN]M473129-       M     RCS       19   T   THC
SIX S TORNADO 22T                       X-[CAN]M473126-       M     RCS       22   T   THC
SIX S TRANSFORMER 24T                   X-[CAN]M473136-       M     SCD       24   T   THF
SIX S TRUCKER 45T                       X-[CAN]M473122-       M     RCS       45   T   THC
SIX S TURBO 21T                         X-[CAN]M473130-       M     RCS       21   T   THF
SIX S TURBOCHARGER 31T                  X-[CAN]M473133-       M     SCD       31   T   THC
SIX S ULYSSES 25U                       X-[CAN]M473438-       M     SCD       25   U   THF
SIX S ULYSSES 34U                      -[CAN]M473448-         M     RCS       34   U   THF
SIX S ULYSSES 38U                       X-[CAN]M473444-       M     SCD       38   U   THF
SIX S ULYSSES 40U                       X-[CAN]M473451-       M     RCS       40   U   THF
SIX S WHEELER 37W                       X-[CAN]M474267-       M     RCS       37   W   THF
SIX S WHITE OWL 35W                     X-[CAN]M474266-       M     RCS       35   W   THF
SIX S WHITE OWL 36W                     X-[CAN]M474283-       M     SCD       36   W   THF
SIX S WINDIGO 51W                       X-[CAN]M474272-       M     RCS       51   W   THF
SIX S WYOMING 41W                       X-[CAN]M474284-       M     SCD       41   W   THF
SJP DUKE LANDER 32U                     X-[CAN]M473657-       M     SJP       32   U   THF
SJP HIGHLANDERS SEGUNDO 17S             X-[CAN]M472436-       M     SJP       17   S   THF
SJP MASTERPIECE JAIL BREAK 2W          -[CAN]M474695-         M     SJP        2   W   THF
SS RUSHMORE                             X-*2906-              M     RCS       49   B   THF
ST SUPERMAN 58S                         X-[CAN]M472151-       M     SCT       58   S   THF
STAR P ANDY 10P                         X-[CAN]M471039-       M     RAY       10   P   THF
STAR P IDOL 8T                          X-[CAN]M472998-       M     RAY        8   T   THF
STEELE BROOKE REVOLUTION 4U             X-[CAN]M473426-       M     DLP        4   U   THF
STEELE BROOKE SMOKIN-GUN 17X            X-[CAN]M474790-       M     DLP       17   X   THF
SUNNYDALE GOLD SPEAR 1S                 X-[CAN]M472034-       M     RN         1   S   THF
TAX MAN 31T                             X-[CAN]M473090-       M     RZN       31   T   THF
TEAGHLACH MASTERPIECE 204N              X-[CAN]M470665-       M     FLZ      204   N   THF
TETRAHEDRON 35T                         X-[CAN]M473096-       M     RZN       35   T   THF
TRIPLE E PRIOR 19P                      X-[CAN]*12836-        M     EEE       19   P   THF
TRIPLE J CENTURIEN 11U                  X-[CAN]M473465-       M     COX       11   U   THF
TRIPLE J MARC IV 3U                     X-[CAN]M473466-       M     COX        3   U   THF
TRIPLE J PIONEER 5W                     X-[CAN]M474120-       M     COX        5   W   THF
TRIPLE J PURE SOLUTION 5U               X-[CAN]AR16834-       M     COX        5   U   THF
TRIPPY 33T                             -[CAN]M473091-         M     RZN       33   T   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
TS K-KIM APOLLO 61S                    X-[CAN]AR16350-       M     GAC      661   S   THF
TUTSHI LAKE 34T                        X-[CAN]M473140-       M     RZN       34   T   THF
TWIN MAPLE TOP GUN 3T                  X-[CAN]M472667-       M     PVD        3   T   THF
TWIN MAPLE ULYSSES 16U                 X-[CAN]M473591-       M     PVD       16   U   THF
TWIN MAPLE UNCLE BUCK 10U              X-[CAN]M473590-       M     PVD       10   U   THF
TWIN MAPLE UNCLE BULLY 6U              X-[CAN]M473621-       M     PVD        6   U   THF
ULURU 27W                              X-[CAN]Z97831-        M     UBR       27   W   THF
ULURU BUSTER 6T                        X-[CAN]M472672-       M     UBR        6   T   THF
ULURU EQUITY 51W                       X-[CAN]*17335-        M     UBR       51   W   THF
ULURU EQUITY 52W                       X-[CAN]M474124-       M     UBR       52   W   THF
ULURU RANCHERO 10T                     X-[CAN]M472670-       M     UBR       10   T   THF
ULURU RANCHERO 12T                    -[CAN]M472671-         M     UBR       12   T   THF
ULURU RANCHERO 1T                      X-[CAN]M472669-       M     UBR        1   T   THF
ULURU ROCKY 17T                        X-[CAN]M472687-       M     UBR       17   T   THF
ULURU ROCKY II 5T                      X-[CAN]M472686-       M     UBR        5   T   THF
ULURU ROCKY LINE 9T                    X-[CAN]*16092-        M     UBR        9   T   THF
ULURU RUFFIAN 9W                       X-[CAN]M474125-       M     UBR        9   W   THF
ULURU STANDOFF 22W                     X-[CAN]M474122-       M     UBR       22   W   THF
ULURU ULTIMATE 17U                     X-[CAN]M473583-       M     UBR       17   U   THF
ULURU ULYSSES 15U                      X-[CAN]M473429-       M     UBR       15   U   THF
ULURU UNIQUE 10U                       X-[CAN]M473428-       M     UBR       10   U   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z40122-          M     DAN        8   L   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z40125-        M     DAN        3   L   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z40723-        M     EEG       67   M   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z43253-          M     IMP      253   M   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z44948-        M     EEG       26   N   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z44957-        M     EEG       55   N   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z44960-        M     EEG       66   N   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z44961-        M     EEG       20   N   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z44966-          M     CDH       38   N   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z44975-          M     EEG       82   N   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z46098-          M     AEN      334   N   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z47983-          M     IMP      983   P   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z48634-        M     HDH       51   P   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z48646-          M     EEG       18   P   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z48651-        M     EEG        2   P   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z48836-        M     KKC       22   P   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z48837-        M     KKC       60   P   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z48839-        M     KKC       47   P   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z48840-          M     KKC       37   P   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z49254-          M     MAX       70   P   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z49256-          M     MAX       69   P   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z49257-        M     MAX       42   P   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z49773-          M     JHH       30   P   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z50140-          M     JHH      114   P   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z52788-        M     HDH       22   R   THF
          Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                        Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z52806-          M     CDH       44   R   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z52939-          M     KKC       18   R   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z53457-        M     MAX       55   R   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z53458-          M     MAX       90   R   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z53460-        M     MAX       24   R   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z53464-        M     MAX       32   R   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z53471-        M     MAX       61   R   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z53472-        M     MAX       70   R   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z54344-          M     JFO       23   R   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z54346-          M     JFO       11   R   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z54362-          M     JFO        2   R   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z66409-          M     IMP      409   S   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z71482-        M     MAX      101   S   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z71906-        M     MAX       96   S   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z71908-        M     MAX       89   S   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z71909-        M     MAX      109   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z71911-          M     MAX       93   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z71913-          M     MAX       54   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z73231-          M     PHF       34   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z73243-          M     PHF       23   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z73244-          M     PHF        4   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z73262-          M     MAX       55   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z73264-          M     MAX       91   S   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z73269-        M     MAX       74   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z73270-          M     MAX       22   S   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z73272-        M     MAX       81   S   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z73274-        M     MAX       77   S   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z73282-        M     MAX       99   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z73289-          M     MAX      102   S   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74162-          M     IMP      162   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74166-          M     IMP      166   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74172-          M     IMP      172   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74176-          M     IMP      176   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74178-          M     IMP      178   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74180-          M     IMP      180   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74182-          M     IMP      182   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74185-          M     IMP      185   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74186-          M     IMP      186   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74187-          M     IMP      187   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74188-          M     IMP      188   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74791-          M     MAX       70   T   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74802-        M     MAX       71   T   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74865-          M     CJH        1   T   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74867-        M     CDH       18   T   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74873-        M     CDH       71   T   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74874-        M     CDH       81   T   THF
          Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                        Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo        TH Result
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74876-        M     CDH       5 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74879-        M     EEG      84 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74882-          M     EEG      43 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74883-        M     EEG      53 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74884-          M     EEG      39 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74886-          M     EEG      75 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74887-          M     EEG      65 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74890-          M     EEG      66 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74921-        M     IMP     921 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74940-        M     KKC      27 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74944-        M     KKC      15 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74948-        M     KKC      31 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74950-        M     KKC      43 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74963-        M     KKC      24 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74964-        M     KKC      44 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74966-          M     KKC      46 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z74969-        M     KTG      22 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z74983-          M     CDK       9 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z75041-        M     IMP      41 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z75187-          M     MAX      90 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z75355-          M     JHH      91 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z75393-          M     CMS      36 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z75398-          M     CMS      80 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z75399-          M     CMS      11 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z75400-          M     CMS      70 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z75401-          M     CMS     102 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z75546-        M     AEN     296 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z76700-        M     YKM       7 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z76953-          M     IMP     953 T THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z76955-          M     IMP    2955 T THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77876-        M     EEG      37 U THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z77877-          M     EEG      35 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77878-        M     EEG      32 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77932-        M     EEG      54 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77945-        M     EEG      71 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77946-        M     EEG      84 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77947-        M     EEG      20 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77948-        M     EEG      46 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77949-        M     EEG      42 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77950-        M     EEG      75 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77952-        M     EEG      65 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77953-        M     EEG      49 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77954-        M     EEG      77 U THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77955-        M     EEG      68 U THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z77956-          M     EEG      11 U THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z77957-          M     CDH      47 U THF
          Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                        Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77958-        M     CDH       69   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77959-        M     CDH       60   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z77962-        M     CDH       22   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z77964-          M     CDH       13   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z77965-          M     HDH       48   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78065-          M     MAX       14   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78066-        M     MAX       88   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78203-        M     DLA       21   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78226-        M     KTG       60   U   THC
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78227-        M     KKC       49   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78228-        M     KKC       50   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78229-        M     KKC       30   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78236-        M     KKC       42   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78237-        M     KKC       33   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78238-        M     KKC       10   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78246-        M     KKC       57   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78250-        M     KKC        7   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78251-        M     KKC       12   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78252-        M     KKC       52   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78253-        M     KKC       39   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78255-        M     KKC       22   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78257-        M     KKC       45   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78258-        M     KKC       65   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78259-        M     KKC       38   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78262-        M     KKC        1   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78263-        M     KKC       36   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78264-        M     KKC       48   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78348-          M     IMP      348   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78352-        M     LFS       11   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78360-        M     IMP      360   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78385-        M     CDK        5   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78386-        M     CDK       15   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78387-        M     CDK        6   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78486-        M     ACC       15   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78491-        M     ACC       30   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78662-        M     BSX       86   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78664-          M     BSX       91   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78666-          M     BSX      110   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78667-          M     BSX      112   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78668-          M     BSX       46   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78747-          M     BSX       79   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78748-          M     BSX       88   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78750-        M     BSX       34   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78751-          M     BSX      108   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78753-          M     BSX       50   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78757-        M     BSX       39   U   THF
          Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                        Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78758-          M     BSX      109   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78760-          M     BSX       48   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78764-        M     BSX       29   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z78765-          M     BSX       15   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78766-        M     BSX       17   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78768-        M     BSX        2   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z78769-        M     BSX       97   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z79274-        M     MAX       34   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z79275-          M     MAX       41   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z79276-        M     MAX       84   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83428-          M     JFO       23   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83429-          M     JFO       27   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83431-          M     JFO       22   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83432-          M     JFO       35   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83434-          M     JFO        7   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83438-          M     JFO       33   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83440-          M     JFO       34   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83442-          M     JFO       14   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83443-          M     JFO       32   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83444-          M     JFO       25   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83448-          M     JFO        3   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83449-          M     JFO        2   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z83450-          M     JFO       15   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z97281-          M     CMS       81   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z97283-          M     CMS        8   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z97284-          M     CMS       50   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z97285-          M     CMS       14   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z97512-        M     PU        18   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z97656-          M     IMP      656   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z97764-        M     MH        22   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z97765-        M     MH         1   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z97859-        M     MAX       30   W   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z97981-          M     IMP      981   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z98054-        M     MXU        4   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z98227-        M     IMP      227   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z98433-        M     IMP      433   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z98434-        M     IMP      434   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z98919-        M     IMP      919   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z98923-        M     IMP      923   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z98924-          M     IMP      924   U   THF
UNNAMED                     -[CAN]Z98998-          M     DL         2   U   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z99558-        M     KYA       28   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z99632-        M     MAX       37   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z99634-        M     MAX       56   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z99956-        M     AEN      386   W   THF
UNNAMED                      X-[CAN]Z99957-        M     AEN      305   W   THF
                    Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                  Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99958-        M     AEN      312   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99959-        M     AEN      280   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99960-        M     AEN      352   W   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z99961-          M     AEN      380   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99962-        M     AEN      282   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99963-        M     AEN      346   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99964-        M     AEN      387   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99965-        M     AEN      365   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99971-        M     AEN       86   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99972-        M     AEN      226   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99973-        M     AEN      363   W   THF
UNNAMED                                X-[CAN]Z99974-        M     AEN      366   W   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z116289-         M     CMS       66   W   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z116290-         M     CMS       42   W   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z116291-         M     CMS      122   W   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z116293-         M     CMS       25   W   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z116295-         M     CMS       56   W   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z116296-         M     CMS       97   W   THF
UNNAMED                               -[CAN]Z116297-         M     CMS       78   W   THF
UPHILL ANCHORMAN 20T                   X-[CAN]M472842-       M     TPA       20   T   THF
UPHILL ANCHORMAN 26S                   X-[CAN]M472225-       M     TPA       26   S   THF
UPHILL ANCHORMAN 7T                    X-[CAN]M472836-       M     TPA        7   T   THF
UPHILL BUSTER 9W                       X-[CAN]M474178-       M     TPA        9   W   THF
UPHILL GOLD RESERVE 4U                 X-[CAN]*16963-        M     TPA        4   U   THF
UPHILL MAGNUM 21S                     -[CAN]M472226-         M     TPA       21   S   THF
UPHILL MAX 10U                         X-[CAN]M473645-       M     TPA       10   U   THF
UPHILL MAX 13T                         X-[CAN]M472837-       M     TPA       13   T   THF
UPHILL MAX 13U                        -[CAN]M473641-         M     TPA       13   U   THF
UPHILL MAX 15U                         X-[CAN]M473639-       M     TPA       15   U   THF
UPHILL MAX 22W                         X-[CAN]M474180-       M     TPA       22   W   THF
UPHILL MAX 28W                         X-[CAN]M474175-       M     TPA       28   W   THF
UPHILL MAX 29W                         X-[CAN]M474177-       M     TPA       29   W   THF
UPHILL MAX 4T                          X-[CAN]M472844-       M     TPA        4   T   THF
UPHILL MONUMENT 23U                    X-[CAN]Z78497-        M     TPA       23   U   THF
UPHILL PATRIOT 3W                      X-[CAN]M474186-       M     TPA        3   W   THF
UPHILL RENO 21T                        X-[CAN]M472834-       M     TPA       21   T   THC
UPHILL STOCKMAN 13M                    X-[CAN]*10650-        M     TPA       13   M   THF
UPHILL WALKIN TALL 1W                  X-[CAN]M474183-       M     TPA        1   W   THF
UPHILL WARLORD 25W                     X-[CAN]*17396-        M     TPA       25   W   THF
UPHILL WINTERHAWK 7W                   X-[CAN]M474176-       M     TPA        7   W   THF
UR WHITEY 67W                          X-[CAN]*17562-        M     CDK       67   W   THF
UR WYES 55W                            X-[CAN]*17561-        M     CDK       55   W   THF
UR WYLIE 9W                            X-[CAN]*17560-        M     CDK        9   W   THF
WAUKARU CAPTAIN KIWI X                 X-[CAN]*9621-         M     GAC       75   K   THF
WHEELER'S BIG JACK 2U                 -[CAN]M473623-         M     LME        2   U   THF
WHEELER'S CHIEFTAIN 1T                -[CAN]M473290-         M     LME        1   T   THF
                     Canadian Shorthorn Association TH Results as of July 12, 2010

Name                                   Reg. #                 Sex   Tattoo             TH Result
WHR BLOODSTONE 7109                    X-[CAN]AR16861-        M     GAC      109   T   THF
WINALOT KANNON 7K                      X-[CAN]*10208-         M     XXY        7   K   THF
WINALOT NITRO 11N                      X-[CAN]*13613-         M     XXY       11   N   THF
WINALOT RODNEY 1R                      X-[CAN]*14819-         M     XXY        1   R   THF
WOLF WILLOW PALE RIDER 1P              X-[CAN]M470769-        M     EKR        1   P   THF
Y KNOT TRY LEGEND CANDY 1T             X-[CAN]M473330-        M     YKM        1   T   THF
YELLOW ROSE DONAVON 715S               X-[CAN]M472498-        M     EVS      715   S   THF
YELLOW ROSE DUDLY 876U                 X-[CAN]M474003-        M     LVS      876   U   THF

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