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                Official Publication of the Greystone Homeowners Associations
                                      Newsletter Editor ---- Cristi Holland Lau

                                This current newsletter can be found electronically here:

                                             Greystone HOA
                                         1331 Bedford Drive #103
                                          Melbourne, FL 32940
                                             Phone: 777-7575

                                          January/February 2011

In this issue…
Welcome Committee being formed
Landscaping Tips for harsh weather
I need to rush my Architectural Request
Garage Sale Date March 12
Loose Cat Alert
Solicitor Alert
One-Car Accidents
Bi-Annual Greystone Phone Book

                                          ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

                    WELCOME!                       you may also access our community
                                                   forum by clicking on “Forum” on the
The       Greystone      Homeowners
                                                   left-hand side to receive updates on
Association    welcomes     you     to
                                                   happenings in our community.
Greystone. We hope you will enjoy this
community and are happy you decided
                                                   All homeowners are also invited to
to purchase a home here.
                                                   express any concerns about our
                                                   neighborhood to the board on the
Greystone    is  a    deed    restricted
                                                   Greystone website. If for any reason
community. The restrictions were set
                                                   your question is unanswered on the
up by the developer to keep this a neat,
                                                   web site please contact Fairway
attractive and desirable place to live.
                                                   Management and they will contact a
                                                   board member.
The Association is responsible for
maintenance for all common areas and
                                                   Your board members invite your
lakes. Other responsibilities include:
                                                   questions   and    we    invite  your
collecting    annual      fees,    filing
                                                   involvement    in   our      wonderful
Association     taxes,      maintaining
                                                   community. We have established these
adequate insurance, approving new
                                                   new    procedures    to    allow   all
structures and modification of existing
                                                   homeowners the opportunity to attend
structures, holding board and the
                                                   the annual meeting and hear the
annual members meetings, keeping
                                                   status of the community. Your board
Association records, board elections,
                                                   members, with support from Fairway
publishing a quarterly newsletter,
                                                   Management will respond to all
responding to complaints, setting and
                                                   concerns addressed at the monthly
following an annual budget, paying
                                                   meeting and/or the Website.
bills,   enforcing     our     governing
documents and rules and regulations,
                                                   Each September, the HOA’s Annual
and negotiating contracts.
                                                   Members meeting is held to report to
                                                   homeowners on what and how we are
If you have any questions or would like
                                                   doing. We review our financial status
any information, please phone the
                                                   and     answer       questions    from
Greystone HOA management company,
                                                   homeowners. You are invited to the
Fairway Management at 321-777-7575.
                                                   next Annual meeting. You will receive a
                                                   mailed notice of the date, time and
The   Association   has    Rules   and
                                                   location at least 14 days prior. We
Regulations which must be adhered to
                                                   hope you will be able to attend.
in a Deed Restricted community. You
may find a copy of these Rules and
                                                   Greystone Homeowners       Association
Regulations by going to the Greystone
                                                   Board of Directors
website at www.greystonecomunity.org
and clicking on “Rules” on the left-
hand side of the page. From there, you
can access both the Covenants,
Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) and
an “Approval Form” for submitting any
changes you would like to make to
your home or yard. From this website,

                                ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

               Board of Directors’ Meetings                      If you missed the deadline, please mail $250.00
                                                                 check to Fairway Management 1331 Bedford Drive
The Board of Directors meets at 6:30 PM on the
                                                                 #103 Melbourne, FL 32940. After January,
third Thursday of each month in the offices of
                                                                 residents will be fined a fee. If you are currently
Fairway Management Company. If you would like
                                                                 behind in your annual dues please contact Fairway
to address the Board with a question or a problem
                                                                 Management at 777-7575 to discuss payment
please phone the management company at 777-
                                                                 arrangements in order to avoid legal action.
7575 and leave a message for Horace Edwards, Jr.
with your phone number and topic, you will be
                                                                 Let us work together as a community and make this
added to the meeting agenda. The monthly
                                                                 2011 a year of growth for Greystone.
meetings are the most appropriate forum for
individual homeowner comments and concerns. At
                                                                 Neighborhood News
the beginning of each Board meeting, the president
will briefly open the meeting to comments or
                                                                 There have been two one-car accidents in our
recommendations. The meetings will be held on
                                                                 neighborhood in the past month. In one case,
the following dates: Feb 17, Mar 17, Apr 21.
                                                                 there was damage to parked cars/property.
           HOA Board Meeting Minutes
Our past minutes of monthly board meetings may                   We are sad to report a few Greystone residents
be obtained by contacting 777-7575. You may pick                 have been the victims of auto theft and home
up a copy or they can email a copy to you (By                    burglary. Unfortunately the sheriff’s department
Request Only)                                                    has stated theses are mostly due to residents
                                                                 leaving their cars and garage doors unsecure
                                                                 inviting current and future offenders to roam our
                                                                 streets in the late hours. The local law enforcement
The Presidents Corner:                                           will provide additional patrols as requested but
                                                                 please take the additional time to secure your
I wanted to take a moment on behalf of the board                 vehicles, garage doors and contact your neighbors
members to thank everyone for a wonderful 2010.                  if you see items left unsecure.
We had some enjoyable events organized by
members of the board but none of this is possible                --As always thank you,
without the support of the residents. A special                  Horace, President
thanks to Mrs. Brewton, Mrs. Fleeman, Mrs. Fitch
and Mrs. Elliott ---who all arrange the Christmas                Community Relations
decorations each year in the front entrance of our
                                                                 The last few months of 2010 saw two community
                                                                 activities here in Greystone. The annual Halloween
We also wanted thank the many Greystone
                                                                 Parade took place on October 30 and we had a
residents who provide helpful suggestions on lawn
                                                                 great turnout. Thanks to Jenn King who offered up
care, numbers for reliable contract services and
                                                                 the use of her yard for the Costume Judging
monitor the lights and fountain in Phase I.
                                                                 Contest and for the pictures. Thanks to Cristi and
We are one of the older residential areas these
                                                                 Sydney Lau who mixed up a great concoction of
days but still one of the best places to raise a family
                                                                 "witches brew" for everyone to enjoy.
and retire.
                                                                 Much to the board's disappointment, the annual
Finally, the deadline for the Greystone 2011
                                                                 Christmas celebration had to be majorly revamped
Homeowners annual dues was January 31, 2011.
                                                                 the day of the event. We had planned for a band,
                                              ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

food, and a visit from Santa. Unfortunately, the             a 5000 sq. ft bag of Bonus S Fertilizer ($23). Follow
day started out with plenty of rain, and there was           Scotts instructions; one bag nicely covers most
little hope of it letting up by evening. We had to           Greystone standard lots. Use the whole bag by
make a decision by 11am to avoid any charges for             going over the entire yard and then hit the worst
the food or band, so we made the decision to                 areas a second time. Wash the spreader
cancel. However, Santa still did show up, despite            thoroughly and it will last several years. Reapply
the rain, and handed out presents to neighborhood            fertilizer every 2 months, but alternate each
children under a tent. We were so pleased at the             application using Scotts Bonus S - about $18.00 and
response to this event and hope to schedule it for           Scotts Turf Builder - about $14.00. Thus, your cost
another time and hope for no rain!                           will average about $20 every other month and less
                                                             than 1/2 hour of your time for application. If you
Carrie Foster, Director at Large (2009/2010)                 have an insect problem get 5000 sq. ft Insecticide
                                                             granules (Spectracide is good) - <$10 and apply
                       ADVERTISEMENT                         with your spreader twice per year. Always water in
                                                             any chemicals you put on your lawn - follow
                           Valorie's Animal                  package instructions or apply just before a light
                                                             rain is predicted.
                           Care Services
                                                             For clean up after fertilizing or insecticide, go to
                                                             Lowes and get the small WeedEater 150 MPH gas
     Pet care in your home                                   blower for $70.00 and blow chemicals back onto
     House-sitting, errands and more                         your yard and off all concrete areas. Bonus S (a
                                                             fertilizer and Weed Killer) will not damage any of
     321.508.5351                                            your shrubbery or ornamental plants. DO AVOID
     Licensed and Insured                                    flowering annual flowers/plants.
     Greystone Resident

In March of last year, a homeowner used the
online Greystone message board seeking advice on
reviving their lawn after the particularly cold
winter. The following response was provided by
another resident on the procedure and types of
products they used to restore and maintain a
healthy lawn. It is reprinted as a courtesy and is
not intended by the resident or the Board to be an
endorsement of one product over another.
Greystone has had frosts with freezes which kills            Sidewalk Update:
the desirable grasses on the surface but lets a lot of
the weeds flourish. However, now is the time                 Over the last several weeks Brevard County has
(March timeframe) to fertilize to bring the good             been replacing many of our sidewalks. As of today,
grasses back.                                                the sidewalks have been completed and they look
                                                             great. If your sidewalk is in need of repair, please
Go to Home Improvement/Hardware store and buy                contact us and we will call Brevard County to
a <$30 Scott Speedy Green Broadcast Spreader and             inspect your sidewalks.-- Kimberly Yeager Luczynski

                                          ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

Secretary’s Corner:

(NEW: Welcoming Committee) The HOA is
forming a Welcoming Committee and we are
looking for folks interested in welcoming our new
neighbors. If you would like to be part of this new
group, please send Cary Brunger your name/phone
number at mygreystonehoa@gmail.com. We will
host a get together to go over your ideas.
Suggestions so far include having a neighborhood
party to welcome new neighbors.

New to the neighborhood? Many of our residents               Architecture:
communicate real-time concerns on a Yahoo Group
– this is an easy way to get an email out to a large #       Suppose you are in a hurry to have your house
of residents at one time. (dogs loose, solicitors            painted (the painters are showing up on Monday)
watch, etc.)                                                 or a roof replaced…. Yes, the HOA can expedite
                                                             your request for anything requiring an
Sign up at Yahoo Groups:                                     Architectural Control-Home Modification Request
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GreystoneCommu                 form:
Keep in mind – the Yahoo Group is for your                   pproval_request.pdf
convenience to get word out quickly to those using
the Yahoo Group – this is not the official HOA               Either fax/mail/email the completed form, and
Board of Directors forum – therefore there will be           included samples (or URLs for online viewing of the
no responses from HOA board members on the                   sample colors, etc.) to:
yahoo group emails. The HOA board members will
respond to all questions/concerns at the following           Email: diane@fairwaymgmt.com
official location only:                                      or Regular Mail/Drop off in person:
www.greystoneCommunity.org (Click Forum) or                  Greystone HOA
you may call: 321-777-7575 and leave a message               1331 Bedford Drive #103
for Horace Edwards, Jr.                                      Melbourne, FL 32940

                     ADVERTISEMENT                           If you have questions about whether or not you
                                                             need to complete a form - Call us at: 321-777-7575
                                                             View Greystone’s CCR&Rs at
              LOSE WEIGHT!                                   www.greystoneCommunity.org and click “Rules”
           Fast, Safe,                                       on the left-hand side of the page. From there, you
                                                             can access both the Covenants, and the Conditions
       Dr. Recommended.                                      & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
 Call recorded hotline for info.
     800-210-TRIM (8746)                                     Secretary, Cristi Holland Lau

 Call Rob to get started today!
                                          ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

Pet Reminders                                                Solicitors – Beware

Most of our residents are very good about keeping            We’ve had multiple reports within the last 30 days
their dogs on leashes (it is a law), and occasionally        regarding unsolicited visitors knocking on our
we have some escape their homes and we spend                 residents’ doors. Some have said they are there
time finding the owners.                                     regarding Urban Development.

Let’s all remember to keep our dogs and cats on              If you have any question as to whom the person is,
leashes when we are walking them.                            you can always contact a non-emergency
                                                             telephone number and request that a deputy
For our cat owners,                                          escort them out if you've asked them to leave and
Please contain your cats within your house or                they don't go.
screen porch. We have had incidents lately where
free roaming cats are fighting with cats contained
within their screened porches and screen porches
have been damaged.

We hope all pet owners know and respect the law
and concerns of their neighbors. To read more
about the laws, go to:

                           Would you like to advertise in this newsletter?
                                              Fees: Full page: 25.00
                                                 1/2 page: 20.00
                                                 1/4 page: 15.00
                                          (Smallest) Business Card: 10.00

                             Your AD Here
     Send us an e-version of your ad to mygreystonehoa@gmail.com and forward a check to:
                               Greystone HOA (Attn: Advertising)
                                  1331 Bedford Drive Suite 103
                                       Melbourne FL 32940

                                            by the following dates:
                                     October Newsletter (Deadline: Oct 10)
                                     January Newsletter (Deadline: Jan 10)
                                      April Newsletter (Deadline: Mar 30)
                                       July Newsletter (Deadline: July 10)

                                          ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

                           Greystone Residents Referrals for local businesses/services

A/C & HEATER UNITS: 1) Weather Engineers, 2) Randy Maars Aurora Rd 3) Polar Air - Robert Goldsmith 321-254 8729 4)
Able Air 5) Deck-aire & Heat David Decker 6) Gabbard Air – Robert Gabbard 403-6190, 7) Extreme Air and Electric
owner Bob Miller 321-508-7628 (c) 321-255-1855 (o)

FREEZER REPAIR - Olsen Appliance 321-773-4350.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR - Kitchen/bath Remodeling, flooring, tile, cabinets, doors, windows, etc - Diamond Home
Builders - Dan Bray - 321-960-4044

GREETING CARDS (Homemade by Julia Ramsey) pamramz@aol.com

HANDYMAN – 1) Steven Preisendanz 321-674-0293 LIC#885016895, 2)Joe Chida 321-848-3656 , 3) Lenny Gerland 243-

INSURANCE – Ballard Insurance Agency, - Home *Auto*Flood*Business 321.255.2220

IRRIGATION - Evergreen Irrigation 321-951-7796.

LAWN SERVICE/MAINTENANCE 1) Simpson 321-259-1084, 2) Kevin Montague lawn service ( cell 759-0603, home 759-
6475 3) Taylor Flowers is the service tech Mike and Jacque Flowers are the owners 321-254-1929..
Flowersturfandpestinc.com. $47-54 4) Raintree Pest Control James (owner)321-723-5388 5) Ground professionals is a
local family owned business. Mark or Annette Rutkowski 321 254 1224 6) M & M landscaping, 7) Trescapes – Jaime 626-

PAINTER - Kevin McCarthy Painting 321-795-0039

PC REPAIR – 1) In-home “The Computer Guy" 321-574-0451 (H) 321-505-4976(C) Patrick Frye

PLUMBING – 1) Sun Plumbing www.sunplumbing.com 321-725-2460 2) Jim Carroll 321-302-2131 3) Dave's Plumbing

POOL SERVICE/MAINTENANCE: 1) Pinch A Penny, 2) T.K.'s Pool Service Tom Kowalak 321-795-8801, 3) Paradise Pool

ROOFING - BE SURE TO USE OWENS & CORNING 130 m.p.h. shingles - they once were known as Weatherguards now
called Duration Premium Shingles. 1) HIPPO 2) ALAN HOUGH 321-480-5954(C) 321- 837-1838(O) 3) Ralph Carpenter
Roofing 259-2460, 4)DO NOT use R & D ROOFING

SCREEN REPAIR - Gary Yackel 321-779-1291 2) Pool enclosure screen and aluminum: Tripod Aluminum, Inc 729-9695,
3) Quality Aluminum and Screen Chris Chaille 321-951-8814

TREE CUTTING AND REMOVAL SERVICE: WW Tree LLC, Joe Williams/Will Williams, wwtreellc@gmail.com, 321-403-6297

                                            ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

                                                                               Greystone Homeowners Association
              Important Numbers                                                Board of Directors Jan 2011-Dec 2012
                                                                                   Horace Edwards, Jr, President
Non-emergency Sheriff:               633-7162
Emergency                                 911                                     Maria Peterson, Vice President
Animal Control                       633-2024                                       Cristi Holland Lau, Secretary
Ordinances                           633-2024                                  Kimberly Yeager Luczynski, Treasurer
After hours (Animal Control)         633-9880                                     Cary Brunger, Director-at-Large

Sheriff’s Litter Hot Line                        537-6801
Utilities Division City of Melbourne             953-6216                  Address of Fairway Management Company:
Greystone Homeowners Association                 777-7575                        1331 Bedford Drive Suite 103
                                                                                      Melbourne FL 32940
                         Schools                                                          321-777-7575
Longleaf Elementary                      242-4700
Johnson Middle School                    242-6430
Eau Gallie High School                   242-6400
Brevard County School Board http://www.brevard.k12.fl.us/

                             Tennis Courts
                           Court Reservations:
Fee Avenue Complex                               321-674-5720
Sarno/Jimmy Moore                                321-255-4613
Beginner’s Tennis is held at both Sarno & Fee every Monday evening
                          6pm ($40/six wks)

                     Golf Courses:
Mallards Landing (Lake Washington) 321-255-4606
Crane Creek Reserve (New Haven) 321-674-5716
Tee Time Reservations: http://direct.e-golf.net/melbourne

          Public Swimming Pools Nearby
Sherwood Park Pool

   Recreational Centers (Sports/Fitness Classes, etc.)
        Eau Gallie Civic Center: (321) 255-4608
         Viera Community Center 321-433-4891

                                                    ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

                           ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

                           GARAGE SALE
                                     MARCH 12, 2011
                                      (8AM – 12PM)


                       Send your home address to
               mygreystonehoa@gmail.com if you plan to
              participate this year. We will post the map in
             advance of the event so you can verify that we
            included your home marked. Get the map here:
                                   We will post the map as early as March 3rd 2011.

     These maps help visitors know that there are homes with items for sale
          even in the back of the neighborhood and how to get there.
                                          ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
Greystonian January 2011

                                       Upcoming Events:
                             Holidays for Public Schools: February 21 – Presidents Day
                                Eau Gallie Little League Opening Day - February 26
                                  Garage Sale: March 12 (Saturday 8am – 12pm)
                                 Spring Break for Public School: March 28 – April 1
                                     April Greystone Newsletter – April 16/17th
                                               Easter Holiday April 24th
                                 (Expected Easter Parade in Greystone: April 23rd)
                                  Planning Begins for Greystone 2011 Phone Book
                                          Last Day of Public School: May 23

                               PHONE BOOK NOTICE:
 We will begin working this year’s version of the Greystone Phone Book. If you are interested
 in advertising or know anyone that would like to have their business highlighted in the phone
 book – this is a great way for people throughout the year to see your business. The prices are
    the same as the newsletter. Please send us your ad to mygreystonehoa@gmail.com for
inclusion in this year’s phone book. The HOA will begin planning the phone book development
                                   after the Garage Sale event.

                                    Ideas for Advertising:
                 Tutoring, Pet Care, House Cleaning, Local Business, Computer Repair, Etc.

                           MY LISTING IN THE PHONE BOOK:
  Some residents opt to include a cell phone in lieu of a home phone so when we contact you
 (either by telephone or at your house), please let us know what phone number you prefer to
 have listed. If you would like to send in your phone number via email (Include a Subject Line:
 PHONEBOOK:), Please include Owner’s Name , Home or Cell Telephone #, Street Address, (If
         there are 2 owners, please include both names) mygreystonehoa@gmail.com

                                           ~ A Deed Restricted Community ~
ENTRANCE / EXIT                    ENTRANCE / EXIT

                  = Traffic Flow                     = Traffic Flow
                  = Garage Sale                      = Garage Sale

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