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									                                                                         “Athletic Committee Annual Report”
                                                                                   4-20-11 FS Agenda
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                                         April 11, 2011

Committee Members: Elizabeth Felix (Medicine), Chair; Marvin Dawkins (Arts & Sciences);
Joshua Gundersen (Arts & Sciences); Jenifer McCafferty (Medicine); Hari Natarajan (Business);
Michele Raya (Medicine); Don Stacks (Communication); Warren Whisenant (Education);
Ronald Zollo (Engineering)

Meetings: The Committee has held six meetings during the academic year (Sept. 15, 2010; Oct.
22, 2010; Nov. 19, 2010; Dec. 10, 2010; Feb. 18, 2011; Apr. 8, 2011), with a planned final
meeting at the beginning of May, 2011. Meetings were held in the Hall of Fame Conference
Room in the Hecht Athletic Center.

Committee activities: At meetings, the committee would listen to the Athletic Director’s
reports/updates, and updates on the compliance and academic programs within the Athletic
Department, and discuss issues or opinions with the Athletic Director and other Athletic
Department staff. In between meetings, the committee would “discuss” via email any relevant
and time-dependent topics.
The committee recorded its opinions, in our meeting minutes, that the search for a new head
football coach, and a new athletic director, should include only candidates with a strong record
of support for academic achievement and professional conduct. These opinions were expressed
to then-athletic director Mr. Hocutt regarding the football hire, and Nerissa Morris (Vice
President, Human Resources) who is intimately involved in the search for a new AD.
The chair attended the Board of Trustees Athletic Advisory Committee meeting on Oct., 21,
2010, and sent a summary report of the meeting to the Faculty Senate. The chair will also attend
the BOT meeting on April 28, 2011.

Athletic Director’s Reports: At the majority of meetings, the Athletic Director, Mr. Kirby
Hocutt, reported on new items throughout the year, and updated the committee on existing plans
and accomplishments at each meeting.
At two meetings, the committee met head coaches of UM Athletics teams: Andrew Carter (new
head rowing coach); Al Golden (new head football coach).
Mr. Hocutt updated the committee on an ongoing compliance issue at each meeting: an internal
audit by the UM Athletic Department in fall of 2009 found improper text messages had been sent
to recruits. These violations were immediately reported the NCAA compliance office and the
Athletics Department issued sanctions on coaches that were in violation. During the 2010/2011
academic year, the NCAA had completed an investigation, and, as of the April 8, 2011 meeting,
a draft form of the NCAA report had been sent to the UM Athletics Department and was being
prepared in its final form by the NCAA.
Mr. Hocutt reported on the firing of the women’s soccer coach and the search and hire of a new
coach (Tom Anagnost). Mr. Hocutt also reported to the committee regarding the dismissal of the
head football coach and the search for and hiring of a new coach (Al Golden). The athletic
                                                                         “Athletic Committee Annual Report”
                                                                                   4-20-11 FS Agenda
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department also commenced a search for a new head men’s basketball coach to replace Frank
Haith, who left the University in early April, after accepting the head coaching position at the
University of Missouri. The acting athletic director, Tony Hernandez, is charged with finding his
Mr. Hocutt also updated the committee at each meeting on the plans and the status of private
financing for major facilities upgrades for the Athletics Department, including expanded
academic areas and computer upgrades, increased training facilities, and new/expanded locker
room facilities.

Search for new Athletic Director: In February of 2011, Mr. Hocutt resigned form his position as
Athletic Director to take the AD job at Texas Tech University. The acting athletic director is
Tony Hernandez, the deputy athletic director, who has been on the UM athletic department staff
since 1998. At the April 8th, 2011 meeting, Ms. Nerissa Morris (Vice President, Human
Resources) reported to the committee regarding the search process for a new AD, and asked
committee members opinions regarding important qualities in assessing candidates from the
faculty’s perspective, and asked for the consultation of the committee chair (Dr. Felix) when
invited candidates are interviewed. Dr. Felix did meet with the first candidate on April 11, 2011,
and with the President to discuss the candidate. It is expected that other candidates will be
interviewed on campus in the near future, and a final decision will be made by the President
(with consultation from many other relevant parties) before the start of the new academic year

Compliance: Mr. David Reed reported to the committee at each meeting regarding compliance.
Other than the text messaging violations, no major compliance issues were reported. The
compliance team provides a large number of training opportunities for athletes, coaches, family
members, and boosters throughout the year, and has been commended by the ACC and NCAA
for their compliance program.

Academics: Mr. David Wyman, or another member of the academic staff, reported at each
meeting on academic progress. Most meeting included a handout of accomplishments and
semester GPAs and cumulative GPAs for each sport. At the Nov. 19th, 2010 meeting, Dr.
Barbara Straton (learning specialist for the Athletic Department) attended the meting and
reported on many of the academic programs available to student-athletes, including
accommodations and the freshman academic success transition (FAST) program.

Title IX: The committee is currently waiting for the final report for 2011 compliance with Title
IX from the outside consulting agency that conducts this investigation each year. We have
reviewed the participation and athletic scholarship numbers for this year: 53.3% of varsity
athletic participants are women (compared to 51.3% undergraduate enrollment rates); and 46.7%
are men (48.7% male enrollment). Scholarship totals favor the men at $5.4 million compared to
women at $4.5 million. This is primarily due to approximately half of the women’s rowing
scholarships going unawarded this year – due a change in the coaching staff of this sport (11.5
scholarships out of 20 awarded). It is expected that these scholarships will be fully awarded
within the next one to two years with new freshman rowers, thus pulling scholarship totals to
within 1% of total athletic scholarship dollars awarded to male athletes.
                                                                          “Athletic Committee Annual Report”
                                                                                    4-20-11 FS Agenda
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When the final, full title IX compliance report is completed (should be end of April), it will be
distributed to the committee for our review and discussion at our final meeting of the academic

Selected Athletic Department accomplishments and accolades reported to the committee:
      The graduation success rate reported for 2009-2010 was at 86% for student athletes,
       higher than the general student population at UM
      Football team received the American Football Coaches Association Academic
       Achievement Award (highest graduation success rate among NCAA bowl-eligible
       schools) last year (2009/2010)
      Completion of plans to expand athletic facilities using new and existing space, and
       securing of private donations for the full cost has been completed
      Several athletes received Academic All American honors and 4.0 GPAs during the
       2010/2011 school year
      Head women’s basketball coach (Katie Meier) received the ACC and AP National Coach
       of the Year Award. Shenise Johnson (guard) received ACC Player of the Year award
      Head track and cross-country coach (men and women), Amy Deem, was named the US
       Olympic women’s track coach for 2012 games
      Brittany Viola won her second NCAA championship on the 10 meter platform

Student-athlete disciplinary actions:
      In fall of 2010, a baseball player was arrested for possession with intent to sell marijuana,
       and a search of his apartment also turned up human growth hormone. He has been
       dismissed from the baseball team and the school. Immediately after his arrest, the entire
       baseball team was tested for performance-enhancing drugs and street drugs on 3 separate
       occasions (1 unannounced). Only one student-athlete tested positive for street drugs, and
       was dismissed from the team. No baseball team players tested positive for performance-
       enhancing drugs. The Athletics Department also has an ongoing drug testing policy of
       testing all student-athletes at least 3 times a year. Additional tests can be conducted at any
       time if suspicion is raised.
      During spring break of 2011, a football player was arrested in Coconut Grove and
       charged with resisting an officer with violence and battery on an officer. He was
       immediately suspended from the team, and after completing a number of imposed
       requirements (anger management classes, alcohol education, etc.), has been reinstated for
       practicing with the team. He will not be allowed to play in a game until his charges/case
       has been concluded.

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