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					                                                      Region IX

With many Program Directors retiring and schools changing names or affiliations, we thought you would like to
know about Clinical Laboratory educational opportunities in Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Region IX has
ten programs for training of clinical laboratory students. Changes are summarized below and we invite you to
connect to each school website.

In Washington there are four Associate programs and three Bachelor level programs. Heritage University in Toppenish
was the former Central Washington University and then Yakima Regional Hospitals’ Program, but is now a part of the
Heritage University system. The new Program Director is Terese Abreu. The Sacred Heart Program is now called the
Providence Sacred Heart Program. The University of Washington has an interim Program director, Cara Calvo due to
the upcoming retirement of Mary Lampe. Another retirement of Ann O’Neil at Clover Park Technical College has new
faculty onboard, Mikelle Newry. No changes at Shoreline Community College. Wenatchee Valley College in
Wenatchee has a new Program Director, Pamela Wilson-McNamara, replacing David Abbott. Several new programs,
awaiting accreditation, have been in place approximately six years at Edmonds Community College, in Lynnwood.
Erika Ferreri is in charge of the Phlebotomy and Clinical Lab Assistant programs. At the time the Edmonds CC program
started, there were no CLA programs in the state of Washington, and by creating the CLA program there was a career
ladder established for the other laboratory programs. Edmonds is working with Cascadia, Everett and Shoreline
Community Colleges as part of a federal Healthcare Education-to-Career Opportunities (HECO) grant project to provide
workforce training for high demand occupations in healthcare with the help of the community college system. Workers
seeking to move up healthcare pathways can begin with Phlebotomy and progress to degrees in Medical Technology.

Oregon has no changes at the Oregon Health and Sciences University – Oregon Institute of Technology. The
Associate program at Portland Community College has a new Program Director, Jeff Josifek.

The state of Alaska, originally started with a two year Associate Program at the University of Anchorage. The current
programs are associated with the University of Alaska and provide both a Associate and Bachelors level programs for
students. They have recently added certificate programs in Phlebotomy, Clinical Assistant as well as graduate courses in
Flow Cytometry. Heidi Mannion and Steve Pyle are the Directors at University of Alaska.

Many subtle changes have occurred in Region IX’s laboratory education programs, but we are excited that no programs
have closed and that we have recently gained one new program. Region IX laboratory workers and educators are truly
committed to our profession!


    Heritage University CLS Program

        Contact: Terese Abreu

    Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

        Contact: Cynthia Hamby

    University of Washington

        Contact: Cara Calvo
        web site:
   Clover Park Technical College

         Contact: Mikelle Newry

   Edmonds Community College

         Contact : Erika Ferreri
         websites: and

   Shoreline Community College

         Contact: Molly Morse

   Wenatchee Valley College

         Contact: Pamela Wilson-McNamara

   Oregon Health and Sciences Univeristy – Oregon Institute of Technology

         Contact: Marian Ewell

   Portland Community College

         Contact: Prog Director, Jeff Josifek

   University of Alaska Anchorage

         Contact: Heidi Mannion or Steve Pyle